My Young Wife And A Married Relative

I married my wife Priya 3 years ago, we are currently living in London, we both are originally from South India. I completed my studies in the UK and currently working, I went to India and married Priya, it was a proposed marriage by the parents but I was extremely lucky to have Priya as my wife, she is so beautiful and sexy. Priya was 24 at that time and had completed her studies in India, she is from a very decent family. I then brought Priya to London, she took a while to adapt to foreign life.
I was busy with my work, Priya was so boring in the day time, we then decided her to start a part time course. She also decided to learn to drive, just to pass her time during the weeks. She was new to the country and naturally very shy especially with men. I therefore arranged a far relative of mine for her driving lesson. His name is Karthik, he is an engineer and a qualified driving instructor too, he is married and he was in his mid thirties at that time but he is very handsome and charming. I never thought about any danger at that time.

Priya felt comfortable taking driving lesson from Karthik as he was a big brother to her, not only he was a relative of mine but also Priya knows his wife and children too and felt very comfortable. I was very busy with my work at that time and didn’t pay much attention on Priyas. Suddenly Karthik lost his main engineer job and decided to do driving lesson full time until he find a job in his profession. He then started giving driving lessons during week days day time instead of week end and evenings. Priya also shown keen interest and wanted to get her driving license and her own car quick. At that time she was taking at least 3 to 4 lessons a week. Karthik normally pick her at our home and drop her back at home after lesson.
One day when I came back from work I noticed Priya was bit nervous, very hesitantly she asked “can I stop taking driving lesson from Karthik?” I got shocked and asked why, she couldn’t answer straight initially but after few minutes she said very nervously “I think he has wrong intention towards me” I asked why, what happened? She then looked very scared and pretended nothing serious but just not feeling comfortable with him. She also was worried that Karthik was my relative and she didn’t want any break up within families. I told her to not to worry and take it easy.
I thought about it again and again that night and I was very confused. Suddenly I started having a strange feeling inside me, imagining Priya with Karthik. I even had a dream that night Karthik kissing Priya. Gradually I started enjoying the feeling of imagining Priya with Karthik. Next few days Priya canceled her driving lessons as she really had fever for few days.
Following week I encouraged her to continue her driving lesson, mainly to fulfill my desire. She was initially showed reluctant but couldn’t refuse totally. She was nervous and looked scared in the following days but she continued her driving lesson. In the mean time without Priya knowing I managed to buy two hidden cameras, I installed one in our bed room and one in the sitting room without Priya aware, kept the recorder in the loft where Priya has no access to it.
After few days one night in bed while we were having fun I asked her how her driving lesson going, after initial hesitance she said that Karthik becoming more naughty towards her, I asked her to explain more. She said he is indirectly touching her while teaching her driving and often praising and describing her beauty and her body but she said that with a naughty smile instead of nervous or scare that I wasn’t expected. I then asked what did you do, she hesitantly said that she was scared but couldn’t do anything. Strangely I enjoyed the feeling of Karthik paying attention on Priyas body.
I then hesitantly said to her not to make a big fuss out of this and manage it until she pass her driving test, she looked at me with surprise but didn’t say anything. That indicated me that she might like Karthik’s attention on her but I wasn’t completely sure. After few days one day she hesitantly said that Karthik is repeatedly asking her to allow him to kiss her, I smiled at her and asked what did she say to him? She angrily said that she said no to him. I asked her “if you allowed him to kiss you, would he stop nagging you?” she said “I don’t know” after few hesitance I courageously said “Priya…why don’t you allow him to kiss you once to stop him nagging further?” she looked at me angrily and asked “what are you talking about Rahul…I am a married girl”. After long conversation, I managed to persuade her half heartedly, also made her believe her that this is only to stopping him nagging further and her to successfully complete her driving lesson. On her next driving lesson I told her to allow him to fulfill his wish, she was reluctant and so nervous but I again encouraged her and made her believe that was nothing wrong.
I went to work on that day, Karthik suppose to come to pick Priya up at 10am. They both were unaware of the hidden cameras in my house. I phoned Priya at home around 3pm and asked how did the driving lesson go, she hesitantly replied “ok”, I then asked what else happened, she initially said “nothing”, after a while she hesitantly agreed to explain when I come home. I knew that something must have happened between Karthik and her. I eagerly waited and came home at about 6 pm, she looked nervous but pretends to be normal. After making her relax I slowly started asking her about Karthik, after initial hesitance she nervously admitted that he kissed her on that day, she repeatedly claimed that he just kissed her for couple of minutes in the sitting room and nothing else happened but I had a feeling of she was lying due to fear. She also claimed that she didn’t enjoy that and she only did it because I told her to do it.
On the following day after Priya gone to college, I nervously started viewing the hidden camera recording from the previous day. As I suspected Priya had lied to me and couldn’t believe my eyes seeing those recording. Looked like she had told him in the car during lesson that she was ready for kiss from him on that day. They entered into the sitting room after driving lesson, it was a hot summer day and she was wearing a small summer coat on top of a pink top and full length cotton leggings. They both sat on the sofa very close to each other and chatted for few minutes. Karthik then slowly moved his face close to her face and one of his hands was around her waist and other was fiddling with her fingers. She looked very nervous but didn’t see any resistance from her. He slowly and smoothly gave a kiss on her cheek, she turned her face away in shyness but didn’t show real resistance.
Few more minutes looked like Karthik tried to persuaded her to relax, he then slowly turned her face towards his and with little struggle placed his lips on hers, the first kiss lasted a minute or so and she looked very nervous during that period. She then pointed out windows and garden doors, Karthik then stood up and after little resistance managed to make her agree to go upstairs to the bedroom. I now switched to the bedroom camera and my adrenalin was pumping in excitement.
Karthik entered first and Priya followed him nervously into the bedroom, I also had voice recorder installed in the bedroom, I could now clearly hear their conversation too. Karthik said the kiss was so sweet and wanted to kiss her again and again, without waiting for her permission he gently pushed her against the wall and held her head with his both hands, placed his lips again on hers, she now stood still motionlessly, he took full advantage of it and kissed her passionately. He continued kissing her for couple of minutes, his right hand then slowly moved down while his left hand was still holding her head. Karthik managed to overcome a slight resistance from her and started to feel her breasts with his right hand outside her dress and that continued for further few minutes.
After few minutes of kissing and cuddling Karthik seemed to have more control over Priya and she looked very nervous and helpless. I was enjoy watching the recording and wished for these to happen, however I had a strange mixed feeling inside me seeing Karthik taking advantage of my young wife’s naivety and innocence. I also started to realise that Karthik was going to go much further on that day and I was very jealous of him for being successful on lead Priya to that situation especially having the opportunity of enjoying a sexy girl of nearly 10 years younger than him. Even though I enjoyed the feeling of Priya being with another man I felt slight angry towards him because he was a respected relative of our family and never imagined him having this sort of intention on Priya.
Karthik seemed realise that Priya was almost in his hand and started to freely talking to her about sex, Priya looked very uncomfortable and scared but couldn’t resist. He praised her beauty and her body, heard him saying “you so sweet Priya…I am dying to enjoy every inch of you sweetie, hope you wouldn’t mind, please be relaxed, this is just between us” no response from Priya. He then courageously asked Priya to com and sit on the bed, after few resistance and hesitance he managed to made her to sit on the edge of the bed, he stood in front of her and lifted her head, smiled at her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.
He sat next to her very closely on the bed, started talking to her smoothly to persuade her to agree further. He then slowly started to undo her coat buttons, he succeeded after little struggle and made her to take her coat off. She looked very sexy in the sleeveless sexy pink top and tight leggings. He turned her face towards him and started to kiss her again, his right hand now overcame resistance from Priya and started fondling her breasts outside her dress. He then slowly inserted his left hand into her top from the back and felt her skin, he then started lifting her top with his both hands. Once again Priya’s little resistance was over powered and even Priya ended up helping him removing her top through her head. Priya now sat on the bed with real shyness just wearing a black lace bra and dark brown leggings, she wasn’t looking at him and her hands were crossed to her chest.
Karthik stood up in front of her and removed his shirt casually, Priya turned her face away in shyness and may be with little scared too. He then slowly pushed Priya on bed and quickly placed his body on top of her that Priya didn’t expect, before she realise he firmly held her both hands above her head against the bed and started kissing her but this time looked bit roughly. She looked helpless and obeyed his wish, he then kissed her cheek, ears, neck and his right hand started squeezing her breast outside her bra. Kissing, cuddling and squeezing continued for few minutes. Priya’s resistance gradually came down and Karthik started taking full control over her.
After few minutes he lifted her and made her stand, with a smile at her his hands slowly reached her back, Priya must have realised what’s going to happen next. He quickly pulled her towards him and held her firmly, her hands trapped between their bodies. Karthik comfortably reached her bra hooks, Priya tried to take her hands away to stop him but Karthik held her very tightly and she failed with her attempt. She finally said “please don’t”, he smiled at her and asked “why Priya”, she replied “I am scared…please this is enough”, he spend next few minutes comforting and persuading her. Finally he managed to remove bra hooks without major struggle. Priya now looked almost given up with her resistance, Karthik then slowly slid her bra straps from her shoulders and looked at her, she turned her face away in shyness and anger but stood calmly without showing any resistance.
Karthik slowly and gently removed her bra through her hands without any resistance from her, Priya kept her hands crossed to her chest and was looking down in real shyness. Saw Karthik eyes were lit up and he looked in real joy but Priya looked so nervous. Karthik said “Priya… please relax and don’t be shy any more, I want you to enjoy too please”, she slowly replied “I am scared about this”, he asked “why Priya, I am not a stranger, I am a relative and you are very safe… please trust me”. While further comforting her Karthik gently turned her around and grabbed her from behind, he then turned her face to one side and started kissing her passionately. Continued kissing her, his hands slowly landed on her hands that were kept crossed to her chest.

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