My Wife’s X Boyfriend

It was a normal weekend, my wife and i, who have been married now for nearly 3 years decided that we are going to spend Saturday night at a bar in town. She does not drink much, but for some reason this Saturday, she wanted to party like when we used to date one another.
We started to get changed in our apartment at around 9pm, my wife was already on her 3rd glass of white wine, i was sipping on strong vodka with lemonade.
I got myself ready and changed and was waiting in our lounge area for her. A few minutes of waiting she called my name from the bedroom, “jaan” she shouted, i got up and walked into our room.
She was standing before me, in a short black dress, strapless. She asked, “How do i look?” I did not know what to say, i felt my penis filling up and my trousers becoming tight. She then said, guess what….. I’m not wearing a bra or any pants….. I did not believe her, at first, i was annoyed, i asked her to prove it and show me. She slipped her dress off, and she was right, nothing underneath, her breasts were pert, and nipples were hard, her pussy was fresh and shaved with just a little hair leading its way down to her clitoris.
I walked over to her and having sucked my thumb, grabber her ass and forced my thumb into her, she moaned like she wanted me to fill her pussy up with my no erect penis.
I pulled her closer and was forcing my second finger into her ass; this made her legs shake while i was sucking her amazing breasts. She came, her pussy was so wet, and the juice was going down her leg.
I stopped and told her to put her dress on, let’s go out and have some fun!
She looked at me, deep into my eyes and said, do you want me to suck your penis? I said no, not yet, if you do that now, we will never go out. She dressed, we booked a taxi and 5 minutes later it was here.

As we walked towards the taxi, i was behind her, and i could see her legs looked wet from the juice from her tight pussy. As we got into the taxi, i could see the taxi driver was looking at my wife and did not notice me. We sat in the cab and my wife knew he was looking so she decided to sit in the middle of the back seat with her legs slightly open. The taxi drive, looking through his mirror could not believe what he was seeing. I knew what was going on and ignored it.
I asked him to take us to a bar we always go to, within what should have been 5 minutes and ended up being 20, we got there, and he took us the long way round so he could see my wife’s pussy for longer.
It was a good idea as he did not charge us, we got to the bar, the taxi man asked if we wanted picking up when we finish, i said sure, got his number and we walked in. The taxi man looked as though he is going to go and masturbate somewhere thinking of fucking my wife. I hated that he saw her pussy, but my penis was so hard, i began to like it.
Into the club we went, it was so busy, full of Indians and some reason black men and women too. The bar was busy, we were lucky to have a table booked in advance and we got taken over and placed our drinks order.
Our waiter was a young man, late 20’s tall guy and quite good looking. He was a mix of black and white. My wife went to the bathroom as i mentioned to her to wipe herself down and i would order the drinks.
The waiter name was Ryan, he introduced himself and said he would be looking after us for the evening and whenever we needed anything, just wave our hands. I ordered large vodka for me, and for my wife, i ordered a bottle of champagne. She loves champagne; it makes her feel drunk very quickly. I knew that after a few glasses, she would be in full party mood. Anyway, he took my order and went off. A few minutes later, I was looking around for my wife.
I looked in the distance, and she was chatting to someone near the bar, i could not make out whom, but i could see her moving close to them dancing with the music. I could see a man’s hand on her bum and her moving close, this made me angry again, but in a weird way, i wanted to see how far she would go.
I could make out that the guy was tall, possibly black, but his hands were moving on my wife’s bum and making their way slowly up the side of her dress. My penis by this time was huge, bursting even, but i remained relaxed.
He turned slightly, it was our waiter, omg, and our waiter was running his hands on my wife’s bum under her dress, who knows, maybe even pushing his fingers inside her. I closely watched, watching her, watching to see if she would pull away, she did not, in fact, i saw her move close, hold this Ryan guy tight and let out a huge “aaaaaaaahaaah” her mouth was open and i can’t be certain, but i saw his tongue go right into her mouth. I know for sure she came, I’ve seen that face before.
A minute or two later, she arrived at our table, smiling looking at me like nothing happened. She did not know all this time i was watching. I said nothing, but my penis was about to explode. Her legs were all wet, i knew for sure she had just had an orgasm, and by the look of it, it was a big one too.
She leaned over to me and said, guess, what, i thought she’s going to confess, my heart was pumping hard, waiting for her to tell me. She said, i think i just saw someone i know, i said who? She replied, well, don’t get angry, but before we got married, i used to date someone, i was ok with that, i know everyone has a past, but we never really discussed it before. She carried on, please don’t be angry, but the guy who is coming to our table, i looked up, it was Ryan with our drinks, i said yes…, she said, well, me and Ryan, we used to live together while in unit and he used to be my boyfriend. My initial thought was no, but the sexual feelings i was getting made me want to know more.
I asked her, how long were you with him, she said 4 years, i was shocked, i said but he is black! What were you thinking, she said it just happened, deep down he had been with my wife longer than me, he knew her more than me and this made me a little upset, but this sexual feeling would not go.
Our drinks came; i had to say something to this man, Ryan i said, Rita (my wife’s name) just told me how you both know each other. He looked at me in shock, but in a confident tone, replied, yes, we know each other very well, we used to live together in unit He placed our drinks on the table, looked at my wife and asked her if she wanted anything else, the question was not bad, but the way he said it, he was allot taller and bigger than me, he definitely goes to the gym, his muscles were showing through his shirt. Rita replied, no Ryan, not just yet, but maybe later, while listening to all this, i could not help but say what i saw. Ryan i said, i noticed you met Rita at the bar, Rita almost spat her drink out, she knew right then that i saw everything. I put my hand on Rita’s leg, wiped my finger where it was wet and showed it to him. Ryan, why my wife’s leg is wet, i said. He leaned closer to me, said, its wet because i was fingering her in front of you, i knew you were watching and i wanted to feel her warm pussy again. I was taken aback by this. Rita could hear all of this and stepped in, Ryan, please stop; she looked at me, wanted to say something, and then the words i never thought i would hear came out. She said, well, if you was what was happening, why did you not come over and do anything about it, Ryan looking at us both said, Rita, maybe he wanted to watch, she looked at me, is that true she said, did you want to watch me, did you want to see another man push their fingers in me? She spread her legs apart on her seat and showed her wet pussy, Ryan was looking at it, i was looking at it, she said you both have fucked me, Ryan, you have done it for longer, and my husband is good, but your penis is so fat and long, i want you both. She looked at me and said, raj (my name) i know you are horny; i can see it in your trousers. Were here to party, life is too short, let’s do something bad tonight and tomorrow we can forget all about it.
My heart was pounding, the excitement of knowing my wife wants to fuck Ryan and Ryan wants to fuck her. He was black though, my Indian wife with a black man.
I sat back, Ryan standing over us, i took a sip, the club was so busy, but we were in a private area, i said to Ryan, ok Ryan, show me your cock, (British slang for penis) he looked around, unzipped his trousers and pulled out the fattest cock i have seen, it was huge, Rita was staring at it licking her lips, i could see he had some pre cum at the tip of his penis, rata looked at him and said, oh my god Ryan, it’s got bigger. She did not notice me; i was looking at it too and had thoughts in my head of that cock being pushed inside her from when she was at unit, his hands and lips all over her. He makes her cum; and she sucking his tool. His cock was big, it looked smooth, I’ve never looked at another man’s cock before, but for some reason, his looked very good indeed.
I asked him to put it away, said to him, let us finish our drinks Ryan, were going to drink, dance, talk, and were going to leave by 1am. Come and see us before we go. He went away, with a big smile on his face; i knew he was feeling like the main man here. I’m not small, but this guy was bigger, i have a big cock, but his was bigger. Looking at my wife i was that she just wanted to fuck. Wearing her dress which was so short, no underwear, i was starting to want it too. I wanted to see her fuck. We had never done anything like this before. Never…
We went to the dance floor, an hour had passed, she was tipsy, i was feeling drunk too. She danced with me, moving her body on me, touching my hard cock through my trousers. She asked me, raj, can we call Ryan back to ours…. I said, yes….. No sooner had i said yes, she grabbed me and began to moan, thank you raj, thank you, you won’t regret it, and I’ll make sure you get the best fun. Looking over her shoulder as she held me, i could see Ryan, standing there, watching us, and giving me a wink and a smile, in an arrogant way. I smiled back. I was drunk by now, so nothing mattered. I lifted her dress slightly, knowing he could see, and spread her cheeks apart, showing her ass and her pussy. Rita knew what i was doing and got her finger and pushed it inside herself from behind. Ryan could not take it; he walked over on the dance floor. We were dancing together, Rita facing me and Ryan behind her, his hands over her, around her waist, Rita’s hands one on my cock over my trousers, and the other behind her, her dress, was lifting, i could tell something was happening, all of a sudden, heard, “aaaaaah ooh aaaaaaaaahaaaaaa” i looked at her, her eyes were rolling back, i looked at Ryan, his face looked like he was in ecstasy!, this is it, it’s happening, were in a club, lucky we are in a private area where not too many people are, i moved my hand round Rita’s bum and stopped suddenly. I was now touching Ryan, something big, hard and fat was moving in and out of my wife, she was moaning so loud by now, he was beginning to push deeper into her, i could feel his cock moving, it was long, and it pushed deep.
I pushed him back, hard, he exited her, she looked at me as to say “what!” i shouted at him, not here. And not without my permission, my chest was beating, my senses were all alert, Rita sat back down, her pussy was so wet, she wanted more. Ryan looked at me, i was his erect cock, it was huge, i can’t explain how huge, but this thing was massive. I said to him, I’m calling the taxi, were going to go now, are you going to come? He looked at me, and said, what do you think?
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