My Wife Used By My Boss

Hi guys this is Suresh, here to continue my life experience with my hot wife Akshara.
Please read my previous part –“cuckold Indian couple with hot negro in Kerala resort” to know about me and my wife and our cuckold lifestyle, this is the continuation of my life events.
After the hotel incident, Akshara and I became very comfortable with this lifestyle and Akshara knew her limits, she didn’t cheat me. She would openly point at a guy sitting in front of us and tease me “i would love to sleep with him”. Things went on fine, she would bring dates on cpl of nights have romantic chat with him in our bedroom. I would be secretly seeing without his knowledge and jack off seeing them make love. Once he leaves, i would clean my wife’s pussy with my tongue and make her throbbing pussy relax. Sometimes I being a bi-sexual i would take part with her date and it would become a hot 3some.
This incident which followed is something which took my life to another level.
It was getting hectic at work and my boss scolds me a lot for me delayed performance.6 months went like that and one day my boss called me to his private room. My boss is a 40 year old man – manager, he was short 5.5 and had a small tummy. But his arms and chest were gym fit. He called me and said softly “Suresh, i think i need to tell this, we need to cut some people from this company as there is heavy recession, i am sorry…” I did not know what to say. I said “but Prem, i can do whatever to increase performance, please have a second thought, also i am married and we have just started a life…” saying this i had a lump in my throat and i excused and went to drink water outside.

I had left the phone on the table. When i returned my boss was having the phone, he looked up to me and said “your wife called… That’s why i had to attend “. I remained blank. Then he asked smiling “who is the seminude actress in the mobile wallpaper”. I just then remembered – oh god it was Akshara in her bed, i had taken it after her date had left last week. I stammered “Prem,…. That’s my wife”. Prem was shocked “wow, she is very good man, looks like an actress, lucky u” he said and winked. I said lowly “yes Prem, she is good” i sensed what he was thinking; i thought this could be the opportunity and said “she is also good at bed” and smiled. He saw my for a minute and said, “come lets go out to cafeteria”
We walked and he said “Suresh, i could let u keep this job, even offer u a promotion.. But..”. I knew , i said “yes?” he said nervously “i would like to taste your wife, don’t mistake me, i felt you were willing to share her , as you kept nude photo of her in mobile, come on no husband keeps it”
I took a deep breath and said “ Prem i am ok with it , will talk to my wife about this, but first i need to confirm my name in promotion list, once it is done u can have my wife”. Prem had a big smile on his face.
That night i went inside home, i could see Akshara was with someone inside room, could hear her moaning loud “aaammmaaah yess there, right there hit there only baby, wowww, aaaah” . I opened the door and found it was her gym trainer Alif. I had had 3some with them many times; also he would come over when i am out at office or out of town and give Akshara nice company. I smiled and waved “hi Alif”, he said “hi sissy boy,,aaaahhh, what’s up, close the door man, cant u see I am busy with your wife”, he was holding her hips in missionary , my wife’s legs were up in the air and resting on his shoulders, he was fucking her rock hard and squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples nicely. Both of them nude, she smiled and said “honeeyy aaahhhmmmm its ok da, what’s up ,all fine , u look dullllllllllll….Ahh fuck, slow down Alif, wow , keep pounding me slow da, speaking with my hubby”
I smiled at my wife and removed my clothes and just came in my undies. I sat near her, she was spreading her arms and lying down, Alif was fucking her and sucking her boobs nicely. I kissed her face, pushed Alif’s face for a moment and kissed lips, neck, cheeks and armpits and licked them. I sucked and kissed her boobs for a moment and started “darling, i need to talk with you alone… Something important” . She said “ohh…Uffff.. Ok.. Give me 10 mins dear…Aaaahh, Alif, common man lets finish, aaahh fuck me fasttt , oh god,,, yessss right there baby thats the spot, hit me hard here aaahhha aaaahhhaa wooowwww haaaa”.
I could see she was in bliss, ” i thought quietly “fuck you Alif, you manage to bang my wife nicely each time at the right spot where i cannot even think of reaching, anyway i cannot do it, you have the right to do.” i saw them making love, but tonight i did not jerk off. Alif was sucking her boobs nicely and cummed inside her, with protection. Alif was done in 10 min and then had a quick chat with both of us. He sensed something was important between us and left immediately “hey Suresh, take care man, am leaving, take care of your sexy doll also” and he kissed my wife’s lips and he left.
Akshara was still nude and was spreading her legs and rubbing her clit. “Little help here… baby? My clit is waiting for your cleaning tongue.. Mmmmmaa”. I came beneath sat between her legs beneath the bed. She was on top of bed spreading her legs and showing her swollen fucked pussy. I started licking her clit slowly steadily, licked her thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, kissed them; i could smell Alif’s cock there. She moaned “babbbyyy, don’t make me horny aaaaaaaah again, its enuff ff”. I gave a last kiss to her clit and smiled.
I started to her “Aks, i am out of the job now” , Akshara was now shocked she exclaimed “wtf ! Are you kidding?” i said “yes Aks, my boss said it is due to recession, but then after 10 minutes he said he would give me promotion and keep me”. Akshara was puzzled “what is wrong with him?”
I said “he says he wants to sleep with you and have you, he said he could give me promotion and everything….So  …I…” Akshara was now angry “you just traded me, great!”
“Come on Aks, we have done this so many times…It is for us, for both of us, i love you da”. She said “that is because you and I decided on the bulls together, it was mutual” then my wife looked down and kept silent for a minute. I kissed her lips and hugged her; her boobs were still sweaty due to the fucking session. I smelt her sweat and kissed her boobs and armpit area. She moved away and went out. I sat in bed, hoping for some answer. She came in with a juice and poured in two glasses. We started drinking, she started “ok fine, let’s get this over with, maybe i may enjoy him, show his pic”. I showed her his pictures. She was ok.
Then the day arrived. My name was 1st in the promotion list; most of my office colleagues were surprised. I was very happy. That evening Prem called me in his cabin “Suresh boy, now it’s your time to keep the promise” and smiled “i will tell u what dress she should wear and give other instructions tonight, be ready, if u don’t oblige, i have all the right to terminate you, i have made of that arrangements also” he said sternly. I said softly “ok Prem”.
That night arrived, i received a sms from Prem “shave her armpits and pussy”, i shaved everything for my wife, she just lay there on bed, and she was only 50% interested. Prem had instructed her to be in a transparent black sari and nothing inside, not even a panty. Akshara was dressed in that for me.
The doorbell rang. I said “Aks please open the door”, she went and opened. Prem came in smiled at my wife. Aks smiled back, a courtesy smile. Then Prem locked the door and had a look at Akshara top to bottom “woooow, what a lucky guy your husband must be Akshara, u look very gorgeous” and he laid a hand on her cheeks and neck. Akshara looked down and said “thanks, Prem” and smiled.
Prem said “come on feel free Akshara, i won’t do this if u don’t like, ok u wanna see me nude?, wanna see my cock ? You have all right, just ask if you want to”
Akshara was slowly getting comfortable; she said let’s have a chat and then called me “honey bring us the wine”. Prem removed his shirt and pants and was with underwear alone.
I came with wine, Prem smiled at me. Then we had a round. Akshara started “Prem show me your cock” . Prem’s cock was by now throbbing seeing my wife in such a sexy dress, Prem removed his underwear; his cock came out jumping; now he was completely nude, his cock was quite big, but not as big as Alifs.
My wife held it and said “nice cock” and smiled, Prem said smiling “i think a lady like you needs nice sex worshipping first, rather than me just using you”. He removed my wife’s sari in front of me fully now, she was completely nude. “Akshara turn around and lie on the sofa”, my wife obliged smiling at me. My cock was leaking pre cum by now, i removed all my clothes and sat on the chair opposite and started rubbing my cock seeing them.
Prem started kissing and licking her back, neck, ears, back all the way to her ass hole. Then he spread her ass widely and started licking her asshole deep,deep, very deep, my wife started moaning “aaaaah ,mmmm,wow,,,aah, nice Prem, u really know how to turn on a girl”. Prem was now vigorously licking her asshole and started kissing it. “Wow ,,aah,,aah, aah, aah, aah,” Akshara was moaning rhythmically for his tongue strokes.
Then Prem instructed “turn around sweetie”, Akshara turned and spread her legs wide smiling. I was happy as this was going smooth; Akshara was not prepared for a direct sex with my boss.
Prem started licking my wife’s leg pits and kissed them. He kissed all the way to her inner thighs then her outer thighs and then her labia, my wife was wild now “aaahh , Premmm, fuck me da,,..Wow”.
Now Prem started licking her clit, and started biting and kissing it. “aahh, fuck me pls, this is turning me very on”. I was almost ready to shoot, but i controlled by not rubbing my cock, i had to see the full session and then cum.
Prem then put her legs on his shoulders and started licking her deeeeeep inside the pussy and licking and drinking her juices. He was lapping them like a thirsty dog lapping water. “aaaahh hfuck…..!! Fuck me man!!!Hajahjahhah” my wife shouted.
Then he went up and started sucking her boobs madly, biting her nipples. He started licking and kissing her armpits. My wife was moaning slowly “aah, yes yes  yesssss”. He bit her armpits slightly and squeezed her boobs very hard from the back. Akshara gave a mild jerk now and jumped.
Now Prem knew she was ready and came up, he thrust his cock deep and started fucking her slowly. “aaaah, yessss, not much big as Alifs, but still aaah better than aaah my husband..Aah woow”. My wife was holding his arms and scratching his back in missionary style. He started fucking her hard and fast now , Prem shouted “fuck kkkk this bitch, do this for your husband’s bosss, aaaaaaahhahhaaaaahhhhh”
He fucked her for nearly 40 minutes. He is a late cummer i thought. Finally he ejaculated outside “aaaahhahhah, wow, Akshara bitch baby, u rock!!!!!!”
I cummed. At the same time I was waiting for him. It was a nice experience for all 3 of us. He then lied on my wife’s boobs and slept on it sucking her nipples. Akshara was kind of ok with this, as she did this because she loved me and also loved this session to an extent.
After that day Prem would come to our house occasionally, only when i am there, he would take part in our 3somes which became 4somes now. But he would only involve in licking and lubricating my wife’s pussy and turn her on; he never fucked her, as he felt this was perfect for him. The bull or the lovers whom I and my wife choose will do the main fucking session.
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