My name is Ramesh (44 years), my wife is Saroj (40 years). We both are in Govt jobs. We live in Hissar (Haryana). We have one son and one daughter; both live in hostel and are away from us. I am regular reader of N8story since last about one year and like to read incest stories, specially brother sister relations.
My wife is of holy nature and I dare to talk to her about incest or relations with some other person. She is having a great figure (38, 30 and 36). On my choice she often very exposing dresses when with me and very formal cloths while on duty.
About one month ago (15 May 2011) there was our marriage anniversary. We had a lot of outing the whole day. We came back at about 8 pm with packed dinner. We had our bath and thereafter she wore a Rajasthani Dress (Lehanga, sleeveless and fully exposing choli). Her breasts were fully exposed in that dress. I took many kisses of her forehead, lips as she was looking dam sexy.
We were about to start our dinner, a door bell rang and before we could react, her brother Raj (28 years, unmarried) came in. She hugged him and he presented some dresses to her. He informed us that he had got some job in our city and will join tomorrow. We asked him to join us in dinner and he sat in our front chair.
I noticed that he was a little drunk and paying much attention towards her exposed breasts. After dinner we took ice cream and a little portion fell in between of her breasts. He got up and tried to clean with his hanky but she got up and went to the bathroom. I thought of a plan to see his activities.
After making an excuse to see my friend in nearby hospital, I left them alone and asked them I will lock the main door from outside and will come back soon. After about 10 minutes I rang on her mobile and told her that I will not be able to come for minimum two hours.
I came in from boundary wall and sate on a gallery window. Both of them were sitting on bed and were chatting. She was now in a pink Saree and I was able to hear their conversation.
Raj: Didi what you will gift me on occasion of my new job.
Saroj: What you want Bhai (Brother).

Raj: Promise you will give me.
Saroj: Yes Bhai, ask anything, your didi has a lot of money.
Raj: Didi, do you remember, I was ten when your son was born.

Saroj: Of course Bhai. Your Jijju (Sister in Law) was away during
those days and you stayed with me for almost six months.
Raj: Many times I drank your milk didi.

Saroj: Yes Bhai, I remember because at that time little baby was
not able to drink the whole. But what do you mean for it ?

Raj: Didi, I want to drink today also. Please didi, I have seen your
Breasts today after many years.

Saroj: Are you mad. Here is no milk today. I am going to my
Bedroom. You sleep here. Your Jijju will come soon.
She tried to get up from bed. He caught her Saree Pallu and when she came down, the whole saree was in her brother`s hand. And now she was again in her exposing Blouse (Choli). Her breasts were trying to jump out with her breath.
He got up and caught her from behind. She tried to get rid off and she actually cried. He put him palm on her mouth and torn her cholli and Lehanga (Petticot). She was in bra and panty only and her mouth was closed with her brother`s hand.

Raj: Now you can cry. I know, my Jijju will come after two hours
and what you will say to neighbors. If someone will come  here, I will run away and commit suicide.
She sat on the floor and was weeping bitterly. Her mouth was full of tears. He came near her started kissing her face. He unhooked her bra and laid her on the floor. She was lying idle and was not protesting but was weeping bitterly. He started sucking her breasts. He continued sucking her breast one by one for about 15 minutes and she was still weeping. When he tried to lower his mouth towards naval and put his hand on her panty. She got up and ran towards gate.
Saroj: No Raj, it is enough now. You go out from here. I am like your mother. Don`t think more unless I will kill you. She picked up a cricket bat from corner and hit on his hand. Blood started coming out and he was still smiling.
Raj: Didi, you can kill me but if I will remain alive, I will do all.
She was frightened to see blood. She got a dettole bottle and started cleaning his blood. He was sitting on the floor and she cleaning his blood. Suddenly he got up and and started removing his own cloths. My heart came out. Once I thought to go in but again remain sitting there.

Saroj: Oh, Oh mother, save me today. What is my brother
thinking. I am his elder sister. Oh save me today.
Raj: Didi, I have never done it with any girl. Please help me.
Saroj: No Bhai. It is sin. Oh my. You are a man or donkey. Such a long. No-no you can not be a man. Go out from here.
I was also surprised to see such a long and thick tool. It was almost double as that of mine. I also never saw such a heavy penis. He caught her again and forcefully torn her panty and laid her on floor. Little blood was still coming from his head. His sister was protesting but was not crying loudly. Both were fully nacked now.

Saroj: Bhai I will die. Don`t do it. Your rod will kill me No lady
can bear it. Please let me go. Your Jijju will kill both of us.
Raj: Didi, please. I will do slowly.
Saroj: Raj, please leave me. Ok, you can suck my breasts for hours. But keep it away from me. Let me first apply some medicine. On your head and thereafter you can only suck my breasts.
Raj: My head is all right didi Ok come on your bed and let me suck breasts only. She was half laid on bed and he started sucking her breasts. She closed her eyes. After sometime, she started moaning. Slowly her hand reached to her brother`s rod. She started, Rest in next.

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