My website traffic suddenly going down। solution by feel।anterwassna feel।

Hiii friends today i am to share with you very important knowledge.
my friend ask me a problem.He make a
new website 1 month ago.20 to 25 days his website working fine but suddenly his blog traffic going to down. He lost his site traffic by 80%.
this same problem come with every new website maker.Because they not have knowledge about this.

So first you need to know why your website traffic going down suddenly.
-G00gle have two powerfull security scans who protect online stuff
1.pegvin scen.
2.Panda scan.
-If you copy your stuff from another website then pegvin scan punished you.
– If you have too much mistake like sleeping mistake than panda scan punished you and your website traffic going down.
-First you relax because it’s not a spam or attack.
-Your traffic going down it’s your own falt.
-If your traffic down that mean you are put other people’s stuff on your website. that’s a big reason for down traffic.
-You not follow g00gle terms and conditions.
-May be your posts are only Copy and Past ;).You copy your posts from another websits.
– You can’t copy your posts from another website because online security knows everything,But if you do that than they punished you by decrease your site traffic.

So what I do to recover my traffic back.
First delete all post that you copy from another website.
Your blog must be unic and posts are also unic.
Start your website with a different but interesting idea.
Don’t make sleeping mistake in your post.
Never put another website links and stuff.
Plaza must read g00gle terms and conditions.
So friends make a your own unic blog with complete honestly. and enjoy your traffic. share your things with peoples. Thanks keep visiting for future updates.

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