My Sister

Hello friends This is Shabdkumar telling u about mi sister who proved as greatest asset to me during the course of mi lonelyness.
I am shabdkumar 25 male living in Kanpur alongwith mi parents and mi sister who was around two years elder to me. The story is around 5 years back when we shifted to new colony We were all new to colony our father shifted to Mumbai for seeking some business and mother who was teacher use to remain absent from home from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and we both study in a local college from 7.00 am to shift to accomodate either of us will miss last period and come back by 9.30 and will make mom free for college.
During the day time she will cook for me and we watch tv and sleep during the day. But one day one of college friend of mi sister visited our house and requested sister for watching a bluemovie on our tv plus vcd. I was asked to bring sweets from Budhsen the famous Kanpur halwai and was immediately despatched. I took mi cycle and went to Birhana road kanpur for fetching the sweets and came back after around one and half hours. in the meantime they have seen the movie and were quite and calm. The refreshment was placed before both the bitches and they enjoyed telling the scenes from the film and were enjoying the refreshment also and laughing at me for making me fool.
The college friend left and I was now full control of house and enquired from sister what is cooking in the house . She didnot replied but only embraced me and kissed me deeply. i was surprised at her behaviour she never didso before but today was definately she was different from other days. She informed me that they have seen a movie which was very hot and is still invcd player and she wanted to see again with me. I said ok i will see it with u and we placed two big pillows and started vcd and the film started it was about the brother fucking sister in absence of parents and father fucking daughter in absence of mother and brother.
I didnot control mi self and slided mi hand in the shirt she mi sister was wearing and started pressing her boobs she herself opened the hook of bra and both the boobs were free now and i was fully enjoying them she lifted her shirt and showed me her boob and requested me to suck it lick the father is sucking her daughters’ . I was following her aadesh as she was senior to me. mi sucking of her boobs was making me horny and hot and also this was clearly visible from down pant showing hard bulge.
She came forward and unjipped mi pant and started rubbing mi dick which was being touched by any woman for the first time so it was like iron hard and fully erected. We both were in the middle of film where the brother is enteri9ng his dick inside the cunt of his sister and i too was doing the same .
With every stroke made by him to her sister i too was doing the same . but after few minutes strokes i came and the picture was continuing to have heavy strokes. mi sister asked me about mi coming and he the film star is still continuing. then i told her about the difference between the film and the reality.
Then after few hours but before the mummy arrival we fucked again and sister asked me to return the vcd to her friend at given address which i did and thanked the friend of mi sister while coming back from the vcd shop.she smiled and thanked also me and requested me to spend few minutes with her for a cup of tea . I obiliged her and during the course of tea i told her everything happened. She showed her interest for enjoying fucking i promised her to come to mi house during midday and i will fuck her too
So let us see what happens next till then bye…………….

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