My sister Seema

Hi I am Rahul how I message my sister explain in brief. My sister name is Seema. She is 26-32-28 in figures. She is 22 years old. I was in 20 years now. The incident happened 1 years ago.

When she grow in 16 years I constantly staring at her body every moment. When I first look my sister body in age 14.She wore a sameez while bathing her boobs r not so good. But while increase in age her boobs growing good. My sexual life come when she is at her age 19.I don’t escape any lovely moment with her. When she watching TV on the floor .I sat back side of her over sofa. And glancing at her boob’s cleavage. Many time’s I do these kind of experience. We sleep in the night in a double bed. So I don’t want any kind of chance to watch her.

I start a new thing to touch her 32 size breast. While she is sleeping after an hour I start my Job. One day she sleep deeply I want touch her boobs in dim light. So I came closer to her at her side then stare at her breast. Then slowly kept my hand over breast then stop my hand some time my god that is very soft like sponge. Then just press a little bit. Ohhhhhh. Then again press .I want to find her breast pointed part. I again said that no one in that room but parents r at home. And they know I am a innocent boy. So I do these kind of things. Then I again move my finger over her breast to find her harden part.after3 minutes I find. I touch that with great pleasure. Nipple I harden quickly .So, I touch that with great pleasure but after 10 secs my hand slip with her movement. Then she sleeps on her belly. Then I don’t do anything at that night.

In the morning, I don’t look towards her .But she talks to me like anything was not happened. So in the next day I again start my regular job with her. Then as the night before she again slept like that. Then after five days gone, she bathing in the bathe room called me for soap so I do that while gave her she is in towel her upper part of body seen to me. I look towards that while watching her bathe flesh she covered with that with door. I feel ashamed due to that day. But after one month again I lost my ashamed stare at her body like wise.

One night I got courage step get her boobs I touch that and press. Then squeeze like ball without escape so she don’t want to resist that as I know She is awake so she do these kind of things. Touch her boobs then circle around her nipple. After that while I go to that boob she again side her back to me. She does these thing as she doesn’t know anything. But I stop at that place because as she know. This things happened many times.

After 10 times I go to her with bold steps. To press her I quickly insert my finger into her nighty then press her boobs then my bold step was that I insert my fingers into her bra and touch her nipples. And that is so hardened. I pull that nipples out of her bra and nighty and suck harder. She moaning likes ahhahahh then before I go to that other boobs she slept in her belly. And call my name but I show that I am asleep. So she again sleeps. So I stop at that place.

In the morning I don’t5 look at her but she told me the past night is very good she saw good dream. While listening this I am happy .After few days that our parents gone to uncle house for a day. On that day she is looking sexy. She goes to bathroom in smiling face. After five she opened the door and said to message oil over her body. Because of winter days .So, I find t5his chance and quickly go that place. She is in Scott an d blouse. So I said where I start messaging. She said from my back .but I said how I message u r wearing top so, she said put off my top. So, I do that my gored her fleshy body seen at that moment. I start messaging her back and said can I message ur belly she said yaa. I again start from navel to bra. Then I said that much she said no so, I ask whether I message ur boobs .she smile and said yes then I opened her bra hook. My god her total breast seen to me. I quickly star messaging over her breast she moaned ahahgh.

Then circle around her nipple that is harden then I lost my control and move my mouth to suck her nipples then press hard then quickly opened her Scott, panties she don’t resist. I opened my pant insert my penis into her sweet pussy and in 15 stroked jerked in her. She also enjoyed and cummed embracing me with great force. We both do these sex regularly

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