my sexy neighbour

I am Aji 22 yrs unmarried guy living in Ernakulam. I have completed my B. Com and working here in a reputed firm. I am wheatish colour with average looking 5 ‘6 height, 62kg weight and have a sports man body. I am here narrating a Real Encounter with my neighbour ambily chechy. I cannot describe her because in short she is an Angel with shaped body and whitish color. Now I am not making u bored, let me come to the story as I am writing for the first time I dont know how to start. My neighbour ambily chechy is married She is 37 yrs, with good looking and white rice colur. and has 2 children a Boy aged 15 and a girl aged 13. Her husband is working at dubai and comes to thier home only 2 times in a year. She is working here in a firm as AM. So as a neighbour she often comes to our house and used to hav friendly talks and help my mom in cooking to. her son nandu is a good friend of me and she also likes me as I helps nandu I studies as he is satisfactory in studies. So she tells me that, aji “evane onnu sradhikkane eethuneravum kaliyannu, onnum padikkunnilla” I told her ok aunty. I dont hav any sexy mind till that day, I did not seen her as a sexy minded lady but on the next day when my parents went for a marriage of my mums relative they said me that ” ennu nee hotelil poyi food kazhicho ” evide onnum vachittilla “. As I am feeling headache I had taken leave and when my parents were ready to go 4 marriage ambily aunty came to my mum and asked Chechi kalyanathinu poovaanoo mum said ” athe ambily ambily chechi asked” athentha ningalu randuperum mathram povunne mum said” ajikku nalla thalavedhana athu kondu avan leave eduthu veetil undu mum asked” ambily innu poovunnille. ambily said” ella chechi sunday work cheythatu kondu compensatory leave eduthu mum asked” kuttikalooo ambily chechi ” avaru collegeil pooyi ok then we are going ok said ambily then they went for marriage and ambily chechi gone to her house.
As I was feeling strong head ache I went to lie on the bed, After some time I heard a knock on the door it was ambily chechi. I opened the door she was wearing a green churidar.she asked me ” enthu patti aji” I said ” nalla thalavedana”. She asked me “enthenkillum tablet kazhicho” I said “aa kazhichu. She said that she is feeling bored as ther is nobody so she came to chat with me but in this situation she said me to take rest and she went to see T.V…. I was lying on the bed. when I turned to wards the hall I saw that she is sitting and her churidars buttons is seemed to be unhooked her cleavege is clearly visible to me. She is watching theTV and I was watching her breast. After some time she stood up and said that she is going to her home and invites me to hav lunch. I refused and said her that I will go to hotel But she told me as u r ill, how will u go to hotel so u come to my home as I have arranged lunch there I said’ ok By 1.30 pm I went to here house to hav lunch,i rang the calling bell and she opened the door.
The picture made me shocked. She was not wearing her churidar pant and she is putting oil in her body to hav bath I looked at her bottom and found round white shaped thighs is moving to and fro. my dick was 90 degree at that time. She invites me and said to wait 10 min as she is going to hav bath. I said ok and watched Tv. But my minnd was Still juggling with here thighs and churidar buttons. After a moment I heard Sound of showers. my mind suddenly changed and I stood up and went to the bathroom side which is nearby her Bed room.I was shivering as I thought if she suddenly opens the door she will caught me and loose the impressionin me but with a little confidence I look towards the bathroom. I cant see her bath but I found a hole near the bath room lock.
Through that hole I looked it was a memorable momemnt in my life I saw that she is slowly putting soap in her body I cant wait my dick again starts up and I took my dick and start to masturbate. She is still applying soap. Her boobs is very large and it pointed towrds me and I think the milk inside is hungry to come out. I cannot see her pussy hole as it look like a jungle with lot of hairs.i was ready to cum but to my unlucky, my legs shivered and touched in the bath room door. She heard the sound and she opened the door. I was terribly shoked with what to do. when she openes the door she was also shocked seeing that I am hanging my dick she cannot hav any attention as seeing my 7 inch rod. I runned back to my home and close the door and lyed on the bed Thinking about the incident. So many matters are coming in to the mind 1.whether she will tell to my mum 2. whether she will say this to her son 2.whether she slaps me and tells me not to come to her house. I was thinking and got tensed.
But after sometime I heard a phone bell ranging I took and it was ambily chechi. She with little angry voice told me to come to her house. I said I wont but she ordered me other wise she told me that she will tell this to my mum. I said I will come to your house. I went to her house and rang the bell she came ith angry face and I was shivering and called me inside and locked the door. She said me ” vaa lunch kazhikkam ” With out any hesitation I agreed to hav lunch. I was not looking at her and she has been watching me she asked me “eppo thudangi ee sheelam” I said ” chechi ariyathe pattiyatha’ melil aavarthikkilaa. chechi dayavayi aaroodum parayaruthu. She asked me ” ennikku ninte athrem ulla oru makan undu ennittano nee engane enne nokkunnathu. I replied ” chechi eni ngan aavarthikkilla sorryyy chechi…………….. She said with a little smile ok but dont repeat it Now You hav the food. I was taking a deep breath as I saw her small smile in her face. I was having food while that time I found that she is keeping her legs in my legs I was frustuated I cannot waait for a long.
She was looking me as shaking her legs to my legs. I asked her “entha chechi ethu. She replied ” ninakku enne venoooooooo?” I was shoked hearing that. I didnt said any thing she asked me” did u hav any sexual affair with any body ? I said” ella she said me ” njan oru kollamayittu sex enthanennu arinittilla. ayal eni next yearil mathramee varukayullu. ennikku iniyum kaathu nilkan vayya. athu kondu can u plz help me? hearing this I was at heaven. I said “sure ” the she said to finished the lunch fast we finished the lunch and washed the hands and face and she told me to go to the bed room as she went to close the doors and windows.I waited in the bed room thinking about fucking an angel for the first time.she came to the room and locked the bed room. She said me to come near her ? I went near by and she suddenly hugged me and kissed me telling that she is a lucky girl in the world. that she was praying god to find anyone to hav sex. She kissed in my lips, I was in heaven at that time. She was eating my lips. I Cannot hav time to control my self itoo hugged her and hold my hand on her butts. She was really sexy and she said me ” ente dress azhikku aji” She was wearing churidar, when I take off that I saw black bra and green panties.I was wondred to see a women in front of me with fully naked. my dick got stand up she noticed a huge bulge on my pants she asked me ” njan ninte dress ooritharatte as she was waiting to hang and suck my 7inch dick. She take off and when she touched my dick I was at heaven.
I cannot explain my mind at that time she told me ” ethu onnu ente vaayil ettu tharumoo. I told yes,i took my dick and put it in to her mouth she suck my dick like a child eating chocobar and she sucks it for 10 mins.after that she told me to go to the bed I lyed on the bed. this time she take off the bra and panty and she again suck my dick as I cannot controll I told her to hav 69 position. She agreed like a child and I took her pussy to my mouth she was really sexy and with that feeling she was also sucking my dick harder…then after sometime her lot of juices fell into my face with that time I also had a good cum she kept her finger on my dick and cleaned my cum my taking it in to the mouth. and she went to spit it in to the wash basin. I also went to her and washed my face. while washing she hugged from behind and said that she didnt hav such feeling in her entire life. I started to squeeze her boobs and she started to moan, I had her one nipple in my mouth and my other hand was busy in squeezing her left boob, she was saying, “Oh Aji squeeze it harder, suck it, I want to melt in your arms. Then I started to kiss her passionately I put my tongue in her mouth, later she told me she never get kissed like this before. Then She came on top of me I was lying on my front and she started to kiss my hairs on my back she also put her teeth and I got that enjoyable pain of love bites. She saidme that she wants more.
I was also thinking abt her sexy behaviour again she took my cock and hav to and fro action by this time my cock again starts up and she requested me to put my cock in her pussy. I took my cock and slowly pushes to and fro. She is now moaning like a child and this time she told me that ” aji onnu sppedil cheyuu aaaaaaahhhh…..pleasee…..please/……..ohhhh goooood…… fuck me ajiiiii. keep ur whole dick in to my pussy. I started to give the whole cock into her pussy while having that I give a strong push to her pussy. She stood up sayinnnnng…..plz ajiiiiiiiii…..enne onnu kolluuu pla aaaah ayyooooooo ajiiiiiiiii u r gooooood ohh plz. After 20 min asked her to turn back as I was to fuck her Ass. By now she was exhausted and I kissed her and then she turned.
That when I kissed her back and then saw another beautiful sight her ASS. It was big jutting out and soft. I just kissed her ASS all over while she lay there and also inserted my tongue in the slit a bit.Then I did something which I reccommend all of you if you have a girlfriend with a big ASS to do. The feeling is too good to miss. I just separated her ASS cheeks put my dick there and lay down on top of her. The ASS cheeks closed on top of my dick and after sometime she asked me to fuck herASS I became hungry and pulled and pussed my dick inside once more she was moaning in a good sound this time. After few minutes I was about to cum now when I said that she told me that aji plz ennikku ninte palu venam plzzaji ennikku tharooooooooooo hearing this and her moaning my cum hav loaded and I took my dick and give it to her. She hold it and sucks my cockagain, After a moment a good load of cum came to her mouth and she openedher mouth and sucks it. it was a heavenly feeling I haaaaaaavv….. then she cleans and we both hugged and lyed each other in naked. After an hour she wakes and told me that her children will come now so I hav to vacate and she too hav to cook some food.
Then I stand up and she takes my dresses and wears me and I too did the same. after that she told me not to tell any one and she requested me to give atleast One shot in a day so after 10o’clock when my parents slept. I will jump to her wall and through the back door I got inside and fuck her. She was satisfied with me andtold me that no body can play like you. we continued our relation till last year and a sudden disaster came as her husband is transfrred from dubai to Oman and he is getting family accomadation there so he came to ernakulam last year and takes her and children from me.She thanked me to hav a nice Relation with me and said me that, when ever she gets an oppurtunity she will come and in any way if I am married at that time I must full fill her. after 2 monts she called me and again 3 times she called me now she is not calling and As I said in the first I cannot found remedy But I can help u……….. This is the first sex relation that happend to me.
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