My Servant, Uma

Uma is the lady who comes to wash vessels and clean our house. She must be around 40, a widow, whose husband used to ill treat her, and has a daughter who is happily married, and a son who is a waster. Uma is dark, with tobacco stained teeth, medium built, and a very winsome smile when she does. I am nearing 50, and have my own business which is doing well. Once, my wife had to go to Bangalore to visit her parents and she was off for a month, leaving me to take care of the house and the children, who, by the was working in the media, and have very long working hours. I am always sex starved. And this time for me was God given, and I made sure I would make the best use of it without having to leave the house. That noon, when Uma came to work, I made her a cup of tea and asked her to join me at the table. Reluctantly she did, and we started talking about her life. I saw that she was pretty frustrated in life, particularly on her sex life. As we were talking my thighs were touching hers, and she did not seem to mind. So I pressed a little more. I was surprised when she responded, with a smile on her dark face, her eyes lighting up. At that time I knew there would be no disturbance, but still I disconnected the phone, and putting my mobile off, I asked her to join me in the bedroom. She asked me if ‘Bhabhi’ would mind! I said what she did not know did not matter. She followed me with a shy smile. As we entered the room, I closed the door, and taking hold of her in a warm embrace, I first kissed her on her head. She lifted her face, showing me her half open mouth, and drew my face down to her lips, which I started kissing, slowly first and then finding that she was not having any bad odor, dug my tongue into her mouth. 

She took it most eagerly and started sucking on it wildly, at the same time releasing copious volumes of her saliva into my mouth, which I eagerly lapped up. After a few minutes, she took over and the process was reversed, with me sucking her tongue, and my hand dropping down to remove her sari from her shoulder, and hastily removing her blouse buttons. She had no bra. She did not require it. Her breasts were not all that big must be around 34. She probably could not afford it. All of it came into my enclosed hand. I started massaging it in a circular motion. Her kissing intensified, and now, breathing heavily she was like a wild cat, tugging away at my clothes, and removing them at a speed that I never knew was possible. I was left in my briefs. She was eyeing the erect pole of my manhood, all of 7″ long, waiting to be released. I knew she wanted to go down on me. But I hadn’t finished yet the preliminaries, and continued massaging her breasts, and soon, I started sucking her right breast, flicking my tongue on her taught nipples. ” Saab. Bandh math karo. Choosna. Aur jor lago. Danth se keench. Aur dono ko karo. Math chodo. Haiiiiiiii. Hssssss.” And she held me tight. It was enough impetus for me to continue sucking her, teasing her nipples, licking her areola, and slurping away at her breasts. Slowly my hand went down to her navel and removed her sari knot. There was no petticoat, and my hand moved between her legs. 

At that she spread her thighs and my hand went to her cunt, slowly parting her cunt lips, and playing with her hole. She pulled my head towards her and with her moist lips started kissing me all over my face, leaving wet marks. Then drawing me close, and with a smile, she thrust her tongue once again into my mouth and went on a kissing spree, which took my breath off. When I tried to come off to catch my breath she asked. “Kyon Saab. Accha nahin laga?” So now I deep throated her with my tongue allowing her to suck on it while my finger continued what it was doing on her cunt, when I found my finger getting wet. She had exuded her juices. I then thrust my finger inside and started moving it around, probing, and gently scratching at its sides. 
She went ballistic. “Haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii.
Saab. Dus saal ke baad meri paani nikalrahehai. Bahut mazaa aye. Jara dabake karma. Aur andar dalna. Aur gumana. Mere saab. Bahut pyaara aarahahai abse.” She said, squirting my finger and palm with her cunt juices. I was tempted to go down on her and suck and lick her cunt, but I wasn’t too sure whether she was clean and was hygienic there. 

I would leave that for the next time I thought. I then started massaging her clit and in a circular motion, slowly at first, and then increasing the speed, till she started groaning and mouthing endearments that I never knew existed! She freed herself and slowly going down she took hold my erect prick and started licking it at first and then suddenly she took it in her mouth her tongue going all over it with a flicking motion. I had reached the heavens. I held onto her head hard and started playing with her hair, scratching her head all along. When I felt I was going to come, I said, “Uma. Abhi bus karo. Naitho moo me sub aajayaga.” Hum abhi tumko choodna chatha hoon.” Slowly she let go and came under me and started kissing my nipples and teasing them between her stained teeth. I could control no more. Placing myself between her thighs, I started kissing her armpits, her face, her lips, and her neck and went down till her belly button. When I lifted my head she asked, “Kyon Saab. Humko nahin chaatna chaata?” 

“Aisa nahin meri Uma. Bahut dhill arahihen chaatnekilyen. Magar aaj hum aapki andar aana chaatha hoon. Abhi control nahin kar sakta hu” hearing this, she again drew my head towards her and started kissing me deep in my mouth, leaving her tobacco smell with her saliva. I at last positioned myself between her legs and gently parted her thighs. She was thin, but with what we had gone through the past hour, she had responded and her cunt was beautifully swollen, responsive and oozing with her juices. 

“Haste aane meri malik. Dus saal ke upar hogaye aadmi humko chodhke. Uski upar aapki lund bi bahut bada hai. Dhire se aayi meri saab.” And in deference, positioning myself right in front of her welcoming cunt, entered her gently, very gently. But what surprised me was that suddenly she thrust herself with such force that my entire manhood went into her, with aloud ‘Hssssssssssssssss. 
Saab. Itna saal ke pyaas the, abhi nikhal rahin hai.”
And then I went pumping her, gently at first and then later, thrust after thrust I rammed into her. She was ecstatic and was mouthing, “meri marad. Meri jaan. Kya lund hai aapke. Aur kya jor se humko chod rahe hai. Bahut din ka baad humko milrahi hai ye such. Aur jor se malik. Tokho aur jor se. Meri choot aapke liye thdapa rahi hai.” As she was saying this, I felt her squirting her fluids drenching my cock in a warm sticky fluid, leaving me with much pleasure. Almost simultaneously, I too started discharging my self, and having a woman after so long, it was spurting into her. Her legs were around me as were her hands on my shoulder, digging her fingers into my shoulders. We lay like that for some time and she was again kissing me on my lips, mouthing sweet words, while I lay next to her sucking her breasts. 

Then as we got up, she told me she would be ready for me again the next day. I said I would be waiting, but first she has to have a bath. She coyly agreed.

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