My Mother

I m shakeel from karachi again. This is my true faqing insedent with my aunty who is my mothers cousin sister and she is widow since 5 years. but I love her with my early age before her marriage. well she have a nice figure very round and soft pair of tits and very hot red cunt hole in between her silky and long legs.As I told you that she is widow and she have four children so she have some problem of money is very much in every month. whenever I go to her home to meet her I gave her some money and some other things I give her. once I asked her that what is ur bra size and she told me that she have 38d. I said ok then my next trip I brougtha lacey bra of english company and give it to her and told her that if she have to wear it now for me that how is looking in this bra but she refuce me and say its not good . one day when I go to her home she was alone there and all the children goes to college this day I also buy a bra which was front open bra so i gave it to her and some of body spray I just spray one of them on her under arms and neck and her breast. oh baby that is so soft mmmmmmmmm I love that she is now on her bed room and laying on bed with her nite sute when I do this to touch her breast she take alittle moane hhhhhhhhh,,,,mmmmn please dooooonnnnnt dooooo it .But today I got a chance and I dont want to lose it so I rub her tits and her bally very gentlly she dose not move and dont stop me so I feel bolder and just take her face inmy hand and kiss on her lips wow what a lip thay are thay have very much rus of life which give me a plesure of life so I suck her lips and she also suck mine after few min I enter my cold tounge into her mouth and she take my tounge into her and strat suck it hungrily. my hand now reach her ups and downs and checkout every part of her body she is now in full of my under I just slid her pajama cuz its with elastic band on her bally. wow I saw her newly shaved puzi which is fully wet and dripping with hot and salty water.I strat to make her made so I make kisses on her every part of body inch by inch and suck it with my tounge and made her more sexy and more horny to ready a nice faq. when I reached her puzi she sepraeded her lage for me and here I saw full view of her tight pink love hole and hungrilly entered my tounge into her this red hot hole and find a new pleasure of life when I suck her salty juice of life oh baby I love it I lick her puzi for 20 min and during this she grrabed my hard rock dick in her hand and rub it very softly which make it very hard slowly . now she begging me oh plz jano faq me enter it in to me and crush me oh baby just faq me plz so i take my 6.5″ lund in my hand and adjust it on her cunt lips and push a one light strok and my half lund enter into her puzi with out any resistant now I take back it and again do it now due to her slippry cunt I dont feel and hasart to enter my full lund into her red hot hole and mmmmmmmmmmm I feel very much great of my life in heavean ooohhhhhhhhhh man i love it I slowly make my speed faster and faster and also she start to talke dirty like ohhhhh u mother fuker chood mujhay par daye me choot yeh 5 saal say piyasiee hai oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh jano zor zor say karo and she cum with great plasure all of these word make me more wild and i faq her more wild and faster ,after 25min I feel, I am cumimg so I tell her that I am cuming honey so she tell me plz filled my thirsty puzi with your cum and i cum in her and she again cum with me.Any female can mail me to fulfill their satisfaction if they are not supported, want secret relations or have friendship or chatting with me. I promised to maintain the secrecy and be obedient.specialy from any city of bahawal pur divition and lahore and mainly Hope you like my story. Awaiting for your mail at

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