My Milky Boobs

I am 29 year old NRI living in London with my husband.He is doctor.My father is a retired doctor in Mumbai.After six months i was coming back to my home in new Delhi. My husband was supposed to come with me but at the last minute i had to come alone.
The plane landed on the airport.I hired a taxi to take me home. The driver started asking me whether i would need a hotel.i said no but he went on pestering me that he knows lots of good hotels.i told him to take me to my home,and i am not a tourist.he stopped in the middle of the road and parked the car near a small wooden stall and started smoking biri.It went on for fifteen minutes. i got angry and scolded him for wasting my time.then just before reaching my home he said he cant go anymore.I really hate this guy.i had to carry my luggage for ten minutes to reach my home.
I rang the calling bell and a young woman opened the door.she told me she was the new maid who lives with my middle aged parents and younger brother along with her husband who is my father’s taxi driver.i didn’t like strangers in my home.The maid was not good looking but she was hot and young.In the night the driver came home bringing my was a happy family reunion.the driver was short height but strong with dark brown complexion.
That night at midnight when everyone was asleep i heard some sound from the maid’s room.The door was half open.i peeped and saw that the couple were having sex.he started telling his wife,madam is so sexy,i wish i could fuck her hard.I cant believe such a fair and beautiful woman is staying in the same house with me.

After few days we used to cook and serve the males.The maid went to her native place as her grand mother expired.And my brother and mother went to Mumbai for two days.i was the only lady in house.i had serve the driver in his room and when i used to bend down to give food on his plates he used to look at my cleavage.That night i wore a sleeveless low cut blouse after my father slept and asked him to eat on the dining table as it is difficult for me to bend down each time.
He sat on the table and started appreciating my beauty.he said you have become more healthy after marriage as i have seen your old photo album.even your breast size has increased.I dropped my pallu and asked him do you like my breats. he got up and grabbed my breasts over my blouse and pressed them.then he hugged me and kissed me.he took me to the garage and locked the door.he made me lie on the floor after removing my saree.i was not wearing anything inside.
He rubbed my vagina with his two fingers and made me cum.Then he opened my blouse and kissed my breasts one by one.He became naked and pushed his erect penis inside my vagina.Holding my waist he went on having sex.I started to moan as he prssed my breasts and went on having sex.He hugged me hard and i hugged him. We rolled on the floor without separating our genitals.Sometimes i was over him and fucking him as my hanging breasts were were grabbed by him;sometimes he was over me and fucked me pressing my breasts.
After ten minutes he filled my vagina with his semen.I continued to have sex with my father’s driver whenever I got the chance.
My father’s maid eventually found out what i was doing with her husband.She started to blackmail me by threatening to expose the matter to mu husband.I was really scared and didn’t know what to do.I gave her my gold jewellery and diamond ring.I asked her driver husband to control her.he became furious and slapped her and returned all my jewellery.
I was so happy.i satisfied him in every physical way.i used to suck his dick.he fucked me in doggie style;he fucked my asshole.and i used to breastfeed him holding his head : One night while having hardcore sex i told him that i was pregnant but i dont know who is the father , as few months ago when i last came to India from London i had physical relationship with him .Externally everyone knew me as a good character woman.people used to tell my husband ‘your wife is beautiful inside and outside’.
He told me that is the reason why your breast is producing milk when i suck your nipples.I told my lover driver that If the baby is yours i will have to do abortion as my doctor husband might do a dna test to find out the truth.He is a very hot tempered person.
I asked him that i want to do group sex and keep the matter secret.Does he know anyone.He told me he wants to see me fucked by other men and he will arrange other driver and helpers.In real life only two persons were involved but for fun in the story i am going to mention five drivers and helpers.After two days during the night he drove me to a deserted place.It was a highway where nobody lived. he went left and stopped in front of an old broken house.
There were two rooms and no doors and windows.We went to the roof by climbing the stairs carefully.I looked everywhere there was nobody nearby and it was pitch black everywhere.I asked him.this is a dangerous place what if some goondas come here and try to rape me.He replied relax jaaneman nobody knows about this place. My friends are waiting in the room below. we went inside and found five ugly lower class men sitting on the floor smoking and drinking.
Looking at me they all took off their clothes .i never saw so many men with erect penis.Then they rubbed their penis in my butt.One of them kissed me and pressed my breasts.they took off my top and brought my pant down.I had nothing else on my body as i was prepared for this.After that they all hugged and pressed me at the same time.
All of them kissed my lips and breasts.They sucked my pink nipples and drank my breast milk.My breasts were wet with their saliva. Then i lied on the floor.The driver inserted his penis in my vagina and went on fucking me.I asked him to fill his juice in my vagina.The rest three drivers and helpers also.when the last one came near i felt as if i knew him.Yes he is the wicked ugly driver who brought me home from airport and created all trouble.I cant let him have sex with me.
When he brought his face close to mine he recognized me. you are the beautiful rich woman whom i wanted to fuck so much.I ran outside naked.All of chased me asking not to go in the bushes as their could snakes. . i went to the grass and waited there. The wicked driver came near and removed my hands which were covering my breasts.He pinched both my nipples hard.I moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh.He slapped my breasts hard.Others laughed.Then he again pinched my nipples.
All these touch made me horny.I suddenly desired to fuck him.he slapped my breasts again and i laughed.I raised my chest and asked to play with my breasts.He pressed and sucked my nipples. He gave gentle bites on my breasts.The man i hated kissing and pinching my nipples made me increase my sexual frustration.I pushed him on the grass and positioned my vagina on his penis and went on going up and down. My breasts were shaking heavily.
We came at the same time and my vagina was filled with the sperm of the wicked driver

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