My marriage

So it all started few weeks back when my marriage was fixed. I belong from rural/semi-urban area but I have long studied & worked in delhi. So when I heard my marriage was fixed with a local girl, I wasn’t very happy. I wanted a smart, modern girl who can give me company and dont embarass me in front of friends.

Unfortunately, I had no say over this marriage so I agreed somewhat disapprovingly. I had to meet the girl and family before marriage, so I secured few days leave from job and went my place. I was cursing myself thinking how it will feel to present my village wife in front of my friends n collegues in delhi. I didnt even tell my friends/collegues that I was going to get married!

All those unpleasant feeling evaporated when I first saw Richa. Well, she was indeed a small town girl – spent all her life there, done graduation from local college and hardly could speak english. Those things didn’sext matter really – because I was madly in love with her (or her looks and figure) in first look.

She was petite but pretty with a curvy figure to die for. Fair with long dark hair, she made me hard in first look. When I visited her house, she was dressed in conservative saree, but I could imagine her body below that. And all the pleasure I am going to get from it!

Our marriage was non-descriptive – typical small town marriage – and I wont bore you with details. After marriage she moved to our house. Eben though I wanted to enjoy her, we have a joint family and we hardly had privecy. On top of that she was very shy natured and it was evident that no one has touched her till date.

In delhi I was sharing room with friends. I decided to leave my bride at home for few days and rent a new seperate room. I still didn’t tell friends that I was married already … I wanted to have some private times first & than break the news to them. I just made excuse that I needed to shift to Noida as I found a new job. This was not entirely false, I indeed had a good job offer in Noida which I didn’t accept earlier as I needed to move out from my current shared accomodation & with my salary, it would have been hard to manage decent house.

My friends were sorry to let me go. Noida was far from my current place (we stayed near gurgaon) and my moving out meant we will hardly meet frequently. I made sorry face but I wasn’t too displeased. I wont need friends for new few months anyway.

But who knew finding a decent house is so hard. Rents were obscenely high & beyond my reach. I was getting desperate. When I was thinking whether idea of quiting shared home was correct or not, by chance I got a decent flat within my budget.

Well, it was really not a full flat really. It was just 2 small rooms on roof of a big housing complex – apparently they built it to accomodate society manager (a paid employee of society). Current manager was a old fellow who lived at his own house and hence the rooftop rooms were lying vacant. Society members had decided to rent it out & add some extra income for society fund.

It was not great but it fitted my budget & I knew there were many others who will not hesitate to pay a bit more for this. So I agreed to take it immediately. Only problem was, the bathroom. It was just a makeshift arrangement on one corner of roof beside a huge water tank- made with corrugated sheets in a shabby way. Inside of it was small & dingy & I was afraid my wife will not like it at all. Especially, since I noticed earlier that she really takes long time to take her bath.

To my relief, she was so happy to move out with me that she didn’t make any complain about the small bedrooms or that slum type bathroom. We settled down quickly … and what a time it was! We spent most of time in bed … & I fucked her till my cock pained. I’ll tell you those stories some other day but for now, it was heaven to enjoy a innocent virgin girl.

She was shy & expected me to do all the hard work, but who cared. I was only too happy to oblige.

Anyway, it was a sunday afternoon after lunch. We had a long good sex, after which my wife preferred to sleep. Since it was rooftop room, it was too hot inside & I came out for a smoke. The roof was huge, our rooms only covered a tiny part of it. However, rest of roof wasn’t empty … solar panels, unused water tanks etc were dumped here and there. There was also another shnaty on one corner of roof, God knows why it was made but currently sweepers, guard etc from apartment complex used it as resting place. I doubt during evening they use to play cards and drink there – but they never created any nuisence, so I had no reason to complain.

That was a hot day, so to save myself from sun, I walked near shanty wall to get shadow. There were few people inside, talking and laughing. Just out of curosity, I tried to hear what they were saying. The shanty wall was just made of plywood, so I could hear them almost clearly.

They were obviously taking lunch break from their work & passing crude jokes & remarks among themselves. One guy said “Pata hai, Aaj 502 ke madam ek naya murga ghar layee thi. (Do you guys know that madam of apt 502 brought a new guy home?) “

Somebody else said “Aare isme kya nayee baat hai … madam to har mahine me do-tin baar naya naya lund ghar laati hai! bechara pati … use pata bhi nahi ki office jane ke baad uske biwi kya kya gul khilati hai … (What’s new in that .. madam brings 2-3 new guys every month anyway. Poor hubby has no idea what his wife is doing after he goes office!”

To this one guy said “Such me, yeah saab accche ghar ki bahi betiyan raando se kaam nahi … (Really, these wives & daughters of good family are nothing less than whores …)”

Everybody laughed to this. With mild surprise, I realized that I actually know the couple of 502 – the lady was around 40, a plump bossy punjabi woman. The husband was rather timid. He was also cashier of society & that’s how I met him when I was introduced to him by apt manager. But I never suspected his wife is something like that – if what the guys are saying is true.

I should have turned back & returned, but sho doesn’t love gossip – that too of this kind? So I kept listening.

Another guy was speaking now “Aare vo saab randio ki baat choro, market me nayee chammak chollo ayee hai yeah jante ho kya? (forget those whores, do you guys know about new heroine in market)”

Lot of guys started egearly togather “Kaun hai bhai yeah maal (who is that girl)” … “kaab ayye market me (when she came)” … “kaun si apt (which apt)?” etc.

“Aare no apartment re” the guy responded “Ehi kone ki chhad wali ghar me ayye hai … isi hafte ayee hai (she came in that roof corner room .. this week only she came)”

To my shock, I realized they are talking about my wife!!

“Electric ki kaam karwane bulaya tha …” the guy continued “heroine kitchen me thi. kya makhmali maal thi yaar … ek jhalak dekha, salwar me dekh kar hi lund bamabam ho gya!” (Went to the room for some electric work. She was in kitchen. What a buttery body she had … I just saw a glimpse … seeing her in salwar itself my dick became hard)

Oh, now I knew who this bastard was. He was the electrician boy society has employed … around 28-29 age, dark ugly & looked like street rowdy. I indeed called him to fit ceilling fan few days back & Richa was in kitchen most probably.

“Aur kuch dekha kya bhai (Did u see anything else)?” someone enquired

“Nahi re” electrician guy made tsk tsk sound “chhad ki kone me bathroom hai, dekha hai? Saali udhar nahane jati hai. Bathroom ki diwar me chhed kiya tha … lekin andar andher hai yaar, kuch nahi dikhai di (Did u guys notice the bathroom at corner of roof? Our heroine goes there to take bath. I made a hole in wall, but you can see nothing inside … too dark)”

Bastard! I was thinking. But – to my surprise – I was rock hard down there.

I almost ran back to home. I couldn’t think anything else. Those low level guys talking about my wife had made me horny. I just wanted to fuck Richa now. And fuck her bad!

Richa was lying on bed … trying to sleep I guess. I literally jumped on her & started striping her. Without even bothering to make her complete nude, I just pulled down her panty & start fucking her violently. At same time, I was massaging her boobs over her bra – like I am kneeding atta. She must be surprised to see my lust … and I guess it was painful too for her. But like a good submissive wife she didn’t protest & let me hump her as I wanted. It didn’t took long. With the heat of her pussy on my cock & the dirty talks of those guys in my head – I blasted my cum in her womb soon. I never cummed so much in life! Than I fell asleep ..
From next day I was doing everything as per normal routine, still sunday’s incident kept spinning in my head. I did feel a bit guilty about the sexual pleasure & exitement I was getting thinking of some low class people making lewd comments on my wife. I did love her and as husband, I was supposed to protect her from everything.

I tried to push this thought in backburner. It came back with double force. As all cuckolds will know, thought of wife sharing is addictive. Once the idea goes in your mind, it is very very hard – if not impossible – to get over it. Same happened to me. I used to wake up from sleep at morning thinking about those guys & get hard. I will get temporary relief fucking my wife. Than I will go to office. While working or talking with collegues, again I think about what those guys will do if they get my beutiful wife in their hand – and I get exited again.

I return back from office at night, like a horny animal – and fuck my wife again. THan I go to sleep & dream about my sexy wife … nude & helpless among a crowd of dirty sweepers and labors.

It continued for a week & showed no sign of waning off. At end I gave up to the realization that I am indeed a pervert (in common sense) who likes to have dirty fantasies on his own wife. Once I realized & accepted this, next question remained is what I was going to do about it. I knew I cant stop it. And if I did nothing & continued similar way like today, than my career was going to be screwed up because for last 1 week, I couldn’t finish one single work without mistakes.

So only option was to try out something – in a safe way – and of course, without my wife’s knowledge … for I was very sure that she was going to commit suicide if I told her what fantasies I have on her.

I decided to give the guys a good show. I was sure it will be a treat for them to see my pretty wife’s assets – something they could never dream of seeing. However, I would also not allow any kind of risk on my wife’s privecy & modesty. And last – but not least – I will ensure that my ass is never on fire – which means, neither the guys, nor my wife will ever suspect my involvement in the whole drama.

With such criterions in mind, I went into business quickly. I started with inspecting the bathroom. As I said earlier, it was in a corner, beside a huge water tank. There was narrow gap between the tank & walls of bathroom – I assumed this space is somewhere from which the bastards will try to peep inside. The bathroom wall was made of old corrogated sheet, so it wasn’t hard to drill holes at all in it.

Just beside the bathroom was another small room – sharing common wall with bathroom on one side & slightly longer in length, extending till the water tank. I guess it was being used for storing staff sometime before when roof construction was going on but it was empty now. It had its own door with lock – but luckily for me, when society manager handed me keys for my room & bathroom, it also contained a spare key – which fitted perfectly in it.

I drilled 2 holes, both at the last end of this room, one in bathroom wall & another in wall of extended portion. Through bathroom hole I would be able to see what my wife was doing. Through another hole, I would be able to see what the guys were doing. Best part – none of them could see me!

Next was handling the wife. Richa was in kitchen as usual, preparing lunch. “Richa darling, guess what – I fixed a bulb in our bathroom…” I said.

“Oh yeah?” she said casually.

“Yes .. the bathroom floor is too slipary. I was afraid you may slip sometime in darkness. And I don’t want to happen that to my pretty wife, do I?”

Richa giggled “Oh come on. You think too much. It’s not so dark during day … I can do alright even without bulb.”

“No darling …” I grabbed her weist from behind & pulled her body close “Promise to me that from tomorrow you will always light the bulb when you go in. Please … for me?”

Richa was a bit surprised at my egearness. And happy too I guess. Which wife don’t like a caring husband?

“Ok baba … I’ll do that. Happy?” she smiled “Now let me finish the cooking. I am hungry. Go watch TV”

Happy more than you know baby! I can’t wait for tomorrow!!

Next day – sunday morning – I woke up as usual with a raging erection. But unlike other days, I didn’t hump my wife. I wnted to save my energy for fun part later in day.

Around 11 o’clock, when Richa went in kitchen, I dressed up and told Richa that I was going out to meet some friend. I also told her I’ll take 2-3 hours & return for lunch by 2PM.

I did go out of home, but didn’t leave the apartment complex. I had no plan to meet any friend. Instead, I waited 20-30 minutes in ground floor and than took lift & staircase to come back to roof. I was very careful that no one – neither my wife, nor any stray labors/workers on roof see me. I wasnt anticipating any problems there anyway. Richa will be engaged in kitchen. Workers usually are occupied with work during morning & none of them comes to roof. Since Richa always go shower to fixed time – around 12 or so, I was expecting her lovers to starting coming only around 11.45 or so. That still leaves plenty of time for me.

Quietly I opened lock & slipped inside the narrow store room beside bathroom. I locked the door inside. Of course, it doesn’t have a lock hanging outside anymore, but I didn’t think anyone will notice that. Even if someone does & knocks, so what? I can always make any excuse of being here. Well, it probably won’t be too convincing – but at least no one is going to think that it’s me who is setting up my own wife’s strip show!

I looked through hole outside. No guys were there. They will come today, I was sure about it. I just have to be patient.

But it was really hot inside the narrow room without any ventlation & I was sweating profusely. My whole shirt was drenched wet. I had to open it & keep aside. Time passed slowly. I looked through holes again & again. Neither the guys came outside, nor my wife entered bathroom.

Just when I was giving up hope & started thinking that I am a stupid to mix up fantasy with reality, I saw a human figure appearing outside. It was our electician – but not alone. With him was a young boy – 16/17 year old. I haven’t seen the boy before but he must be some labor too. Both of them came very cautiously & than peeped inside bathroom through hole. Finding it dark & empty, they looked at each other. The young boy asked something to electrician, who in return whispered something back & indicated towards wrist … perhaps telling the boy to wait. 

Like me, they both stood there … impatiently waiting for show to begin. Soon 3 more guys joined. I knew two of them. One was a 40 something guy named Izaz, he was one of the apartment guards. Second man was plumber … his name was hari or something. Third guy was oldish … I didn’t know him, but from his ash blue dirty uniform, he seemed like one of the sweepers apartment society employed.

This 5 low lifes completed audience of today’s show. All of us egearly waited for heroine to come in scene. It didn’t take long. After 10 minutes, bathroom door opened & my wife entered inside.

“Please dont keep it dark Richa darling …Light it up” I was praying … & click! Like a good girl, my dear wife switched the light on thus everything in my plan fall in place. From now on, it will be her show all along!

The moment light was on, the guys outside went into tizzy … in less than 2 seconds, each of the men had their eyes glued to some hole in wall.

I was feeling very excited. I suddenly realized that how badly I wanted to see my Richa having her bath …. and how badly I wanted these pervert bastards to see my Richa naked. The very thought sent a shiver through my body.

Richa was wearing a simple cream color cotton saree. Her long hair was casually tied on top in a bun. Even in that she looked like a simple but pretty housewife. On that day she was around 27 yrs old, but did not look a day over 20. She had 34 size breasts and a very flat tummy and then an ass to die for. She had a body that any girl of 20 would like to have!

She was carrying towel & a set of salwar kamiz in her hand, which she put on clothe hanger. Than she opened the water tape & started filling the bucket.

While bucket was filling, she started taking out her saree. First she pulled off her sari from her shoulders, showing us her full blouse-covered breasts. She was wearing a light yellow blouse that day. Then she pulled her sari from her hips. She was wearing a yellow petticoat inside. She thrown the saree inside another bucket – probably to wash later. 

Now my beautiful wife was standing under bright buld, wearing only blouse & petticoat. Her milky flat tummy glowed in bright light. Then she opened her hair & the slik cascaded down her shoulder till her waist. She looked every bit of a an angel – sent down in earth to fulfill the lust of 5 horny men standing outside. 

She took a mug of water & bent her head down, letting her hair cover her face. She let the cool water soak into her hair and run down her face. She kept drenching her hair with mugs of water till it was fully wet & dipping water.

Than she reached out and grabbed the shampoo bottle. Water from her wet hair had already made her blouse wet & semi transparent. I could clearly she outline of her breast & nipples poking out hard under the blouse. She poured a large amount of shampoo in her hand, and began to work the lather into her hair. Suds trailed down her back, running over her ass, hips, and calves. The lather piled on top of her wet clevage like small clouds.

I looked outside. All the men had their eyes fixed in holes but it was evident that they were exited. Most of them were rubbing cock over their pants n dhotis. The young guy – apparently the most impatient one – had already taken his cock out of pant n shaking it.

Unware of the guys looking at her sexy body, my wife kept rubbing shampoo in her hair and when done, she started unhooking buttons of her blouse one by one. Richa usually didn’t wear bra or panty while at home – and she was not wearing them that day either. As little by little her fabulous boobs got exposed, I can imagine what was going through the mind of guys outside. Even me – her hubby, who sees her nude everyday – was getting aroused. First reason was, my wife was shy/conservative type & never agreed to get nude under light. For us, sex was always in semi dark. Secondly – she never stripped herself in bed. I always had to take her clothes out.

But here, she thought she was alone & naturally she had no shame in taking her clothes out. It was so natural … much better than an professional porn star making b grade bathroom scene in a mallu movie. 

Unbuttoning her blouse only took few seconds, but to me it seemed like hours. When last button was unhooked, she got rid of the blouse in one move, releasing her gorgeous breasts out.

Her breasts were the size of a tennis ball hanging out of her body. Her areolas were coin sized and light brown in colour with the nipples peeking out. Though not very large, her breasts were firm and were not hanging loose! Water was dripping like a stream from both her nipples.

By now, all the men outside had taken their cock out & shaking it. The young boy was shagging furiously & making faces. From his look, it seemed like he won’t last long.

My diva wife was now soaping her breasts. First she rubbed soap on her right breast covering it with foam. Than it was turn of her left breast. her hands moved up and carefully cupped the boobs hidden under the layers of glistening foam. She seemed to be squeezing them and moving the fingers around her nipples, for little by little the foam slid away, dipping down, exposing in full view her glorious tits again.

She seemed to enjoy her tit massage. She was humming some song smiling, maybe thinking of some past incident. Playfully she pulled both her nipples … making her magnificint boobs protruding forward like cones.

This was too much for the younger boy. He was obviously lesser experienced than rest & most probably never expected to see a higher class pretty woman bathing nude. With a loud grunt, he started cumming. I could clearly see jets of white cum sprout of his cock & hit the wall. He came almost for 20 seconds, before he collapsed exhausted on ground. He looked at other guys with shamed & guilty face. He was aware of the mistake he made by making sound – but of course he just cudn’t resist it.

Other men, of course, had no time to pay attention to him. They were busy shagging their cocks. The boy indeed had made a big sound & for few seconds I was terrorized that Richa must have heard it too. I could hear the sound clearly myself.

Luckily the water tape was still on & sound of running water hid the sound boy made. Richa couldn’t hear anything. After taking care of her boobs, she had now put her attention towards legs. She put her left leg on a plastic stoll, pulled her petticoat up exposing entire leg & thigh. Her milky white thigh was wet and glistering. Than she bent down & soaped her exposed leg. 

As she did this, her ass was pointing up. Her peticoat was fully wet now & hugged her body tightly. One can see the impression of the two cheeks of my Richa’s plump ass through the wet, semi transparent petticoat. I was sure the guys outside were getting almost fainted with joy.All of them were shagging vigorously.

“Please drop the petticoat Richa …” I prayed “give the guys the climax scene. Make them mad in lust on your body darling … show them how beautiful you are …”

As if to answer my prayer, Richa stood up & pulled the knot of her petticoat and it fell to her knees. Oh what a sight it was! My sexy Richa’s cunt was now exposed before our eyes!

Richa had a jungle of pubic hair between her legs. Frankly speaking, I liked shaved cunt & I have asked her to do it couple of times. But being conservative type, she always refused. Growth of pubic hair now covered her pussy. But it was never dirty. My wife was very sensitive about cleanliness & like rest of her body, she took good care of her pussy. Her pubic hair was long, but silky, soft & always clean.

I knew Richa was going to wash her pussy now. Oh, I could not believe my luck … I was going to expose my Richa’s cunt …. her cunt lips .. Richa’s vagina in all its naked glory …. to a bunch of dirty low level guys! “Yesss … Be a good girl … show the guys what you got there darling ..!” I whispered.

Like an obedient student, slowly Richa opened her legs. She spread her legs wide as if to give clear view of her cunt. I could make out the cunt lips that peeked from behind the dark black hair that covered Richa’s cunt area. She brought her fingers to her pussy and rubbed her fingers over her cunt lips. I could see her cunt lips open. The pink opening of my Richa’s cunt was exposed for everyone see.

Richa opened her pussy with the fingers of her left hand and slowly with her right hand, she applied soap between her legs. She lathered her public hair with soap and than pulling the pussy lips wide open, rubbed the soap between it.

What a scene it was. Her cunt lips were pink in color. And the inside part seemed to be almost deep red in color, like a watermelon. It was something that every able bodied men in world would die to enter once.

Richa kept rubbing her cunt with soap & washing it for long time. Frequently, she will put some soap in her finger & than put it deep inside her cunt. Being familiar with her finicky habits I knew that she was doing it to clean inside, but to others it probably seemed like she was fingering her pussy.

I guess a beautiful wet angel playing with her wet cunt was too much for the guys outside. Unable to control themselve after seeing my wife’s beauty, the older man (one I thought was sweeper) starting cumming. He was followed by my electrician friend. Within a span of few seconds, all four men cummed one after another … spraying their juice wildly across wall & floor. After they finished, they fall down on ground exhausted. After shagging so intensely under hot midday sun, obviously they didn’t have any energy left in them anymore.

My penis had become very hard inside my pajamas. My cock was now standing erect making a tent. As I was seeing the men cumming one after another … I started to cum myself. Even without touching my cock! I could feel wet hot liquid inside my underwear & the intensity of ejaculation was so much that everything became blurred. Next thing I knew, I was seating on floor … panting heavily like an animal.

When I regained my composure & looked through the hole again, Richa had finished her bath & was gone already. So were the guys outside.

After putting up my shirt I came out from the dingy room carefully, so that no one sees me. I walked to the back of bathroom, where guys were enjoying today’s show.

Dried up cum had made patches on floor. I looked at them. Without even knowing it, my innocent wife had forced five cocks of different size & age to blast cum. I felt so proud of my wfe. I only wished they blasted it on her body, instead wasting on floor & wall. How pretty she will look, drenched in fresh cum from five horny cocks!

Today’s show was a success. And I was sure this was just a beginning! 

As I thought, Richa’s bath show was superhit & a houseful for every day from that day onward. Due to office, I coudn’t check it during weekdays, but during weekends, I always made sure to make some excuse to go out & than quietly slip in my hidden place to see my wife stripping inside bathroom & her lovers shagging outside.

The audience wasn’t same always – every time some new faces will join old folks. In next 1.5 months, I think every sweeper, labor, apartment workers and vendors around the place have seen my wife nude & shagged at least 10 times in her name. When I went out along with my wife, I could always find some low level guys on road looking at her with dirty eyes & them whispering & smiling between themselves. More often than not, I’ll recognize them as one of the audience. 

The backside of bathroom has become real dirty by now. It stinked of cum. The corrugate sheet wall had became almost black with dried cum. The floor has become sticky. Everyday fresh coat of cum covered the earlier layer. In this 1.5 months, I guess guys have ejaculated almost 2 bucket full of cum … may be more.

In short, my wife has became a public whore – and best part was, she had no idea about it. She didn’t know how many cocks ejaculating everyday seeing her sexy, naked body.

I was proud of her accomplishment … & things were going great. Unfortunately, it turned little nasty by end of second month. Not all of the audience were happy with just watching & shagging. One day I saw some bastard has wriiten “Randi Richa Bhabhi Ki Nangi show – Roz 12 waje (whore Richa’s nude show – daily 12 o’clock)” with chalk on bathroom wall. Soon more comments & dirty jokes appeared on wall … all targeting my wife. They were accompanied by hand drawn dirty pictures of boobs, pussy & ass (apparently depicting my wife) and cocks with name tags like “Raju” “Munna” “sridhar” etc.

If this was not enough, one sunday I saw a guy trying to aim him mobile camera through hole & trying to make a video of my wife bathing. Apparently he didn’t succed, as later he shaked his head sadly watching the recording. But I was sure with few day’s trial, it won’t be too hard to record. And than, nothing prevents it going viral and maybe spread in internet also someday.

Now, it was fine to see low class guys watching & enjoying my wifes nude body but it was not ok to have her nude pictures & videos in internet. I had no intention of making her an internet whore. At least, not yet. I couldn’t take risk of such scandal.

So I made mind to change home. The roof top rooms were just temporary arrangement … anyway I had to move out to something better sooner or later. In these few months, I got a promotion & good increment with it – so I could afford better house now. Luckily enough, I found one soon – this time a proper 2 bhk flat – and far from my current location.

We moved in few days. I am sure it was saddest day for all the labors & workers in the area. Hopefully, my wife has given them enough of show till date, to keep their cock hard & juicing every time they think about her. After all, they probably would never be seeing a middle class housewife baring her assets to them again in life.

The incident of rooftop house finishes here. But for me, it was just beginning of my wife sharing & cuckold adventures. But those stories are for some other day – only if you guys want to hear them 

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