My Little Sexy Sister [english]

I am sri from vizag in India. I am 18 n my sister is 15 My father was clerk in a private company. We are middle class family. I have sister named sujatha. At this incident happens 2 yrs ago every day my father was drunk and come late to home. Mother served food to him. But every day with an cause my father was beating my mother. She cried alot and went to sleep. I and my sister sleep in ground on a mat. With a 6 feet ditance one bed is there. My father used to sleep along with my mother. One day my friend show a nude picture book to me. I feel very hot inside of me. I rubbed my cock on my short nikkar(off pant) . I feel my cock was erect. No body is there in that time in my class room. That. At that night some sound i heared like slow…. Pain. Like thishard hard i opened my eyes my father was laying on mother . She crying like me. But she also some time jerking upwards….. I feeel my cock errect… I peep all the fucking. Some time my mother refused when my fater hardly fucking and increase his speed i feel my mother unable to hold his speed. She tried to puss him out but my father pressed her towards coat and fucking mercelessly. Suddenly my mother cried . She told finishing fuck hard….ooh she cried louder and she relax but my father fucking very hard at this time my mom murmering enough…enough….stop…stop… But my father make it faster than time to time… Suddenly he jercked and shouted louder tahn mother an both are sticked for awhile.
At that time a hot breath was passing from my neck. I turned and found it was my sis. She also watching all this. Both are close our eyes because my mother went for pissing.. After 1 hour my parrents are slept. My sis put her hand on my cock and rubbibg it. I feel hot. At the same time i rubbed her pussy on her cloths i feel she was heat. Brother doing like this mornig alaram rings. At that time we sleep. Whwn i awake the time was morninh 11’0 clock my mother went to market. My father went to office. I went bathroom for pissing my sister was there. She put a tooth bressh on her pussy and try to do some thing. I went back and pressed he shoulders. She suddenly turned back. I took her to fathers bed. I closed the doors . I removed her cloths. She was young so she doent wear any underware her pussy was very little than which was in nude pic. I spread her legs. I found a button between her pussy lips later i donnt know what was that. I pinched . My sis cried and shivered. I try to rub that one she feel happy. For 5 min i doing like this my sis was pissing i feel but later i know that was juicess. I licked it very good taste and smelled i suck all with my mouth at that time my sis shivering and jerking towards me. I feel my cock was erect. I place between her lips i found twoholes. First hole i tried to insert it was not going. Down one more biggerone i found. I put my cock inside it was not going i told my sis close her mouth. I jeked my nob of cock went. Her pussy sweels nicely. But she try to push hime off like my mother. Anothe time i lay down on her and closed her mouth with my mouth and take my cock little bit back and hardly pushed. She cried loudly. I affried. She was weeping with paiin and she told took that out i massaged her small boobs with my hand she feels happy at that time i didnot moving after some time i take my cock littel bit out and presssed in she cried again but slowelly i start moving in and out slowely she also reduse her weep and enjoying ..she told good it doit…doit…i slowelly make it faster……
Suddenly my sis also moving her hip towars me and back i feel she was also doing likeme. Suddenly my sis make her move fast and hug me tightly i feel very strength inside her . I saw her face her eyes was off closed amd murmerd alot suddenly she murmer mmmm plaese fasterrrrrr plzz do it fasterrrr brotherrrrrrr
And hug and tight her legs around my wesit. She stoped her moves. I feel very tight to move that time but i pussed her toward bed and incressed speed suddenly i feel i am comming out comming out….commingoooottttttttt. I jerk towards her total cock inserted her pussy and i am cumming inside her she also crieedoohhhh stop…stop…but i pressed two more long jerks and sleep on her… And sleeping 20 mins. She feel she want to pissing. At that time we found her pussy was bleeding a big red blood spot on the bed seet we found i feel afraid. She went to bath room. I cleen my cock and open the door and i went to road . Afternoon i came to house my sister was sat on a mat side of varandha. After two days a function was done by my father and mother.I know she matured. After one month later we daily when our fathr an mother went out we enjoyed sex. Till today we are enjoying that….Any body their own experinces with her mother,sis,brother,father,uncle,childs please mail

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