i was frm a middle class family .i was 28yrs when i joind a college as job of teacher.i use to teach biology to and maths to students of class ten n nine. i didnt have any intrest in sex or marrage i was semsiour to my work.but i had big breast whivh constantly make me embares my sister says i have cute face perfect body.let come to story
a month before exm two studets of class 9 asked me for help in maths. (joshua & rahul) i lnew they both live near my bld so told them to meet me at home i gave them addrress. as soon as i reached home i changend cloth wore a gawn it was a hot day . at 3 they both came n i offerd them a cup of tea n i some their problem . suddenly joshua asked me mam can i use jr toilet i said yes ofcource then they went.
as diwali vaccation had started .i didnt have to go 7 pm agaib they both came n said they had a problem in maths i solved it exnd them . then rahul ask me can he use toilet . i laughed … u both go alterntly haahahahahaha
then he came back rahul insterted a some chip in his phone they were very rich. next thing shocked me!!!
he opend a video ……my bathing video …. i was shell shocked!!
tears rolled my face…. i never expected him do this
next thing he did was slaping me
i was still in dilema thinking wht the hell is going on?
suddnely i slaped him back.i tried to capture the phone n break it but all in vein!
the nest thing i remember they forced me to bed i resisted a lot i just scrachter rahul with my nails..
still they used their power n they put a handkerchief on my mouth ……………
the next thing i remmber is i was naked i was cold!!1
with my back bra n jasmine panty on …
i slowy opend my eyes……
i saw two boys hands on their penis masterbating…and making cheap sounds…
joshua rushed to me n said
joshua-hey!bitch at last u woke up see my 6inch white cock hows it?
me-(slowly remmberd everything)why are u doing this to me?
rahul-u r now our salve….u do whtever we say..k we love u mam..plzz coprate we all will enjoy
me-shut the hell up n untie me? u mother fucker
rahul-oooo bitch calm down ! we know u are a virgin ! 
he swich on my masssager n put it on my ***** i was embaresssd
but i slowly start losing control on my body …i never ever had sex or any thing like that i was never intrested but suddenly i was feeling heaven i was unwantedly mouning n i came !!!

i was in great shame i came infront of my students!
rahul-mam wow u came so fast now lets procceed
he start kissing me i did not co oprate still he suck my neck he gave me my life first smooch
their joshua started removing my bra 
both the boys started suck my melons….
i was enjoying it … for a moment i felt it was not so bad as i thoghut!!
then joshua removed his pant n told me to take that white cock in my mouth i didnt do that it felt like yakkkkkkkk!!!
but they forced me … in start i didnt like but latter i started liking it then..
joshua placed his hands on my head and started jerking me with his cock in my mouth u can say throut fuck!!
i was exausted … 
he came in my mouth i tried to sit but they forced me to drink!!
it was salty… 
rahul was just sucking n sucking my breast like a baby..! i loved it
i soon starteed enjoing *** joshua”s penies tasted good i still remmber his tast it was big white creamy yum!!! lets go back to story
joshua removed my panty n started sucking my ***** it felt like i m in heaven!!!
rahul now moved to my armpits….i used to shave every day my armpits to avoid irritation!!
it was jigling…
i loved this both boys!!
i was in 7th heaven…… 
this bastards were cute but never expected this things frm them….
in collegeing carrier i never had such encouter as for a 10thstd student i never expected this and even they were so damn rich theyr parents payed no attention to them.lets get back to story
i was enjoying it but felt asshamed of wht was happening…. i had a good pair of breast even now my breast are in great position little shaggy 😛 
joshue now started licking my asshole i was really really ashamed at that time….
rahul was just licking my armpits ….neck…….he was just in heaven of my breast..
but suddenly he stoped that and gave me a french kisssss….
this time i cooprated as i was in tune….
we were exchanging saliva he had really cute face with yum lips i liked that….he kissed me for 15 mins or so
i was uncomfortable as i was tied by ropes my hands n legs to bed…. i was enjoying it but soon i realised wht i was doing after that i shouted at them to stop this non sense ….
then joshua warned me that he ill post my video on net
i was blackmailed by that damn video.rahul now remove his pant he was on his undies now he removed his penis from corner of undies ..
it was not so white as joshua it was little brown but bigger then joshua.. it was full of viens … 
rahul now placed his dick on my mouth i resisted it but he forced me ..
he then started moving his dick in and out in and out at high speed… i didnt put my tongue on that dick but this bastard again blackmailed me!! 
i wanted to vormit at that time but soon i started enjoying ..i was becomeing a slut .. now joshua regained his cock size n placed it on my virgina ..
he slowly pushed it in … i screamd at once “nooooooo plzzz joshua wear a condom plzz” joshua at once removed his cock he said he didnt have a condom.. rahul said areee yaar mere pant ke jeb me dekh..
at start he wasnt even able to install it… 
i said wait rahull plzz ..joshue untie me i will worn u properly..
josua- i know u willll run away
no no i wont u have my clip?
i did this becouse of only one reson…if he hadnt worn properly i may become prgtnt 
nthey untied me now i was cooprting n enjoy the scene … he slowly insterted in my virgina!!!!
soon after some time his whole dick was in my blood came as he broke my heymen!!
i started enjoying it!!! it wasnt painfull much…
this children shown me a new path of life…
rahul said u bastard (joshua) i wanted to take virginity (he trashed his cock in my mouth )
they started fighting …..joshua removed his cock i was revealed ..
then suddenly rahul came back started sucking my back n his dick was wet with my saliva ….which he started insterting in my ass!!!!
it was most painfull thing….. it may look easy in porns but its damn painfull!!
they started double penitrating me….
i was also enjoying rahul satrted a smoch with me …..
now i came at once they both also came in next 5 mins…. 
we all exhousted took a deep nap …. 
i woke up , i stod on my legs but it was quit painful all blood was there on my legs.. i tied my hair….
they both woke up …. this motherfucker started commenting now..
jushoa- thank u bitch for such a nic e itme 
rahul- wow mam whta armpit u have nice figure i hope we have it again.. 
i slapped them both grabed phone…but stoped for a while…this boys showd me a new world i thought to leave them so i did…. 
me- rahul joshua promis me u wil not say anything to anyone then we can have it everyday ………only if u get 90% in daily test 
rahul n joshua overjoyed gave me a tight hugg .all were naked ..
we all had a bath.. now this bastard were ready for 3rd sesion!! in bathroom i gave blowjob to joshua n fucked rahul as he pleased begged whtever he could..
i enjoy the day they left my room…
i was tierd n slept on bed watching t.v ..
i thought to my self wow this boys were awsome they shown me seventh heaven..
soon i started tution in blgd..
joshua n rahul joined it….latter few more students came joind..all were topper..
i started it becoz i needed money to pay rent n college salary wasnt enough even though it was very much as i had to do eveything…
in one few weaks i had 10 students..
every day i used to take tests..
i used to send all boy on time n joshua n rahul late after all had gone we used to start the game at that point of life it wasnt any problem i was enjoing my life in as a teacher..
it was sunday 6 pm i sent all kids home exept this two kids..
i started loving haveing all this @@@ it revieled me from all my stress..
i soon as all kids gone rahul use to come n kiss me ..
we use to go to bedroom joshua removed my pants ..
as i stoped wesaring panty … n bra also ..
rahul became a great kisser his juicy lips i loved them he was master in smoching..
i was wet from down joshua started licking my pussy..
whers i rahul removed my top i was totally naked
me- its cheating kids…. u too get naked why me alone… 😛
joshua removed his pant n this shamefull boys dont even wear undergarment when i asked them they sayd even u told wear.. haahahaahaah
i blushed….rahul removed his pant he had his underwear..he removed his penis from corner of V cut panty or whtever … 
he had a nice cock his was biggest he sat on my tummy n placed his penis inbetween my boobs n started fucking them… i asked his wht r u doin?
he said miss just suck the top its herting ….this is called tit fucking..
there joshua started sucking my ass i said him stop this is digusting..
he said everything is fair in war n love miss!! 
they were smarter then me in this activities lol!
i was enjoy it alot …. joshua came to me n said to suck his white dick i loved sucking dicks ….omg! not now ha!
he removed his dick frm my mouth n said..
rahul lets try somthing diffrent i m bored by this …
rahul like wht?
joshua thought n said how about armpit fucking …then two cocks in misses mouth as same time ..? think out of box yaar!!
i was shocked how this kids are so smart in this activities.. ..
i sat folded my legs then jpshua inserted his penis in my left underarm n rahul in right ..
rahul- mis hold even more tight !
i holded even more tighter!!
now they started moving it in n out out…
they were enjoying it for sure n it was jiggling for me…!!!
they did it for 5 min or so on..then they came forwarrd n both insterted theyr penis in my mouth i wasnt able to take it but hoowever did it!
they said me to suck it..
it was smelling kiknky but i sucked it i loved it!! 
they both cam in my mouth i drank all…
rahul- get ready for second round..
me- what..
and joshua started smoch .. rahul started sucking my breast like baby..
i enjoyed it musch after 20 min they regained theyr size n said.. mam i have an idea .. rahul said-( he slept on bed ) mam sit on penis n sleep on me 
i sat on his penis it was painfulll i start while enteering then i slep on his as he was shorter then me my boobs were hanging over him..he suck it ..
then now lo beholdd……basterd joshua without warning instart his dick in my ass n both started sucking me from two holes!!!
i was in seventh heaven i loved that techniue..
joshua psuhed his two third penis in my ass n started pounding on me!!
i slept on rahul he inseeteted his full cock in my pussy.. 
me-ahha ahahhhhhhhh boys faster faster..
joshua- yes miss here u go started fucking me fasterrrr
they fucked me for a long time then i came on rahul penis they were on endge but removed there penis from pussy n ass ..
rahul miss now act like a horse i acted so then rahul inserted his penis in my ass ..
me- aahhh ahhhhhhhhhh wht doggy styl?
joshua no mam its horse style n he started fucking my mouth ..
joshua’s cock tasted bad as he fucked me in ass but i controlled it
rahul kept fucking me…
joshua removed his penis n went down my boobs and inserted penis in my pussy 
me-ahhhhhhhhhh joshua wht are u boyz doing ..
one was ride me on top frm by back sucking my neck n back(rahul)
one was fucking my pussy from down n sucking my boobs n armpits…
then we all came one by one ..
rahul- miss today we invented so many styled of fucking hahahahahaa
me- ya lets take a bath…..
rahul n joshua no miss we are let they woren their shirt pant n rushed to their home.. i took bath n slept ..
i woke up 5am as i have college again the day began
but i like that horse style this was amazing!!!! this life style continued til3 month in this journey we dicovered many position.we used to have sex every day but as that past i got serious with their studies. i alowed them to to dirty thing only for 30 min as it was there board they had to consentrate more on studies…
this relived not only my but their stress….
one it happend so …when prelims got over after last exam…
they rushed to me in name of studing by telling their mom wrong info..
they knocked the door i opend it …..they rushed in but hugged me tigght n sayd…
mam exm over at least now lets have a long session plzzzz from last 10 days fucking mam plzzz……..
theyr cute chikna face made me say ok …
but at one condition i bought condoms this time use them i dont wnt too get pregtnt….
thy blushed 
i was wearing a grey colour t-shiter i did wear bra or panty (at that part of life i was realy lazy) 
i was on dieting i lost few kg weigth..
rahul-wow mam u look thinner then before…
joshua sitting on my sofa -ya mam u even more sexy…
at that time i was not so fat nor thin it was ok as hmmmmm like married women after children… lol
joshua removed his shirt n pant…
rahul too removed his pant n moved his dick from his corner of this undies…as usall he does…
me-hmmm ur penis has grown bigger indeed…… 
joshua -mam suck it plzz its hurting..
i raised my hands tied my hair …
rahul- wow mam ur armpits as usuall are soo hot !!
shut up!!
i took joshua cock in hand n rahuls in another ..kissed them both ….
then i start sucking the head slowly there there…. u hear the moan..ahh
then rahul cock head but seddenly this fools cought my head inserted ther dicks in my mouth at same time !!!
i wasnt able to breath they were close to cuming but removed them…
joshua removed my t-shirt…i slept on my big bed n rahul removed my pant 
now joshua started sucking my breast …bithing nipple badly oowwww it hurts…
n rahul start licking my pussy i instely became wet as after so many days we r having this… 
now johsua licked my whole breast n rahul moved up to my neck n started smooch n he too start sucking nipple…………i dont understand why they love it so much while i hate them for bieng so big ………
it felt great….. rahul start bitting sucking clean my right boob
n josua my left boob then they moved up n started lickng my armpit….
they sttoped their…
they made me sleep on side n rahul slept beside me facing me n joshua back..
rahul gave a beutifull frech kiss n joshua raised my hand suck my arm n armpits n neck n back…
then slowly rahul kissing me by exchanging saliva …he inserted his penis in my virgina…
n joshua lubricated his penis n inserted in my ass..oww that hurts me 
they started jerking me in …out in out….
they fucked me for 20mins sucking my lips breast neck…ooo whole body..
they stood up…
inserted both dicks in my mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhh it was disgougting!!!
kinky kinky taste….
i sucked it clean they told me to spit on ther penis i did so then made me sleep in missionory mossion n i thought they will fuckk one at a time or one in ass one in pussy i was wrong!!!
they wore condom which i forgot to tell them in forst fuck…
i wonderd wtf they r doing …
then …behold………rahul inserted his penis in one shot in my pussy it gave a jerk to me..
then omg…….joshua too inserted his dick in my pussy slwoly slowy!!!
it was very very paainful!
ahhhh ahhha hhhhhhhh fuck me boyzzzz ahhhhh
yes misssss
it was hard for them to moved ther dicks but the presure so much that withing 10mins they came then this bastard i thought its over inserted whole cock!!!
i came alot then they slowly removed their penis…..
n the condom was mixed with 3 cums!!!
atlast it was over them we had a smooch n bye bye see u never u devils i said while they were goin…..
in my lonely life they sparked light!
soon there board began n no more sex till 30 days.!!! in this 30 days i got ………..
in next update….. but the next update includes blackmail …force sex…..n rape….bdms……… we had this till next month…….soon there board exams started and we stoped all this..i was lonely at home i was getting horny …i woke up at 5 am took bath i came naked into hall and start watching TV . i thought to not weaar anything n roam in home naked as i m alone . i watch tv for long time rubbing my pussy at same time….i was think of rahul fucking me …..ahhha ahhhhhhhh i was about to climax suddenly door belll rang…..
i woke up in shock i wore my short and grey carbon t shrit n rushed …
it was amit my father’s brother son….my cousin.
i welcomed him.he cam sat had water .he was married about 39 to naina..
she was goood looking had a perfect body …they have a daughter 15 yr old

i dont know how they were married i used ask him but he used to turn it around n skip it…
today i wanted to know how at any cost ….i asked him this time.he said!!
amit-ooh sis listen now dont ask again ill tell u but keep it secret plz
he start explaning….
as u know to do my software engg. i went to banglore i had a frnd sryash he had a sister naina. i always treated her like my sister..she too treated me next to her brother..i didnt have any sexual args for her…but suddenly everything changed..
it was her 18th b’day i took a presnt went to his home…
ooh my she was just sooo hot at that time i cant explain it she had big boobs i never thought that….i suddenly started feeling atraction to her.. when she bent i saw her cleavage it was like everst …..i loved her ass …..
me-aa.a..aa bro just control..
ohh yaa i couldnt sleep that night i rememberd her body n masterbated 3 times that night from that day i used to masterbate watching her…but i want her!!! so…i planed to…..rape her… 
i first capured her while she went to market then i made her lose consiescience then i tied her to my bed i also tied a black cloth to her eyes..
i removed my cock and fucked her mouth then i fucked her ass …she was juss cring n cring,,,,
i was in lust…..then i fucked her in her virgina she was virgin ….just leave that…leave it.
i took her to place i kidnapped her n latter she was admited in hospital…
after few month she was discharged ……she stoped talking to anyone..
but soon after 2 yrs she became normal….she was seen by second preception in society …as she was rap…….her family memeber decided to marry her quikly to someone but no one acpted her….then i went to her brother n i said i will mary her….then sryash said….thank u very much we actully decided to marry her to u but after that incident i thought u wont acpt her ” 
i felt damned at that time….
he finished explaining ….
amit- happy now? 
amit-its ok. i actully came here to ask cam eplz take care of my daughter kalpana? 
me- ofcourse …..ill be so happy to get a roomate that also a young girl!!!
amit – ok ..ok we will be back after 1 month….its a forein trip .
me- great enjoy….. 
then he left i was hot after hearing that all i masterbated once twice trice that night ….

next day kalpana came she was so cute looking girl she was wearing a T which was till her navel n shoulder area cloth was cut it exposed her shoulder armpit lines she wore a really short pant….
she was collage going girl ….i made her home…..i had a small room in whcih computer was there i gave it to her..

the days passed i loved her company…..we used to eat watch tv study same time midnight once i woke up undermoon light she was looking soo pretty she had good pair of breast and she was very fair…..icould see her nipple poking out .she didnt wear bra..
it may be a wet dream…lol
but suddenly one mrning she wore etra odinary cloths…she wore extremy small cloth her wholle body was quit visible she wore no bra maybe even panty..
i asked her reson….she skipped it n ran away…
i also went to college as normal…
but when i came i saw her crying!!
i was shocked,,,,,,
i asked her wht happend? why are u crying ? did someone say something to u?
she saw me hugged me tight n started crying even more harder ….
then i made her stable,,,,
i asked wht happnd ….
atlast she spoke……she said….
didi, one boy in collage named aditya captured my naked photos i dont know frm where he got that,,,,then started blackmailing me…one first day he said me not to wear bra n gave red panty to me to wear…i did so..then he made me sit at back sit n started rubbing by pussy over pant… he kept doing it …after collage he took me to bathroom n and and he forced me to remove my shirt then he sucked my…..then i ran away next day he called me i didnt pick up then he messgad me to wear as smmal cloths as possible without bra or panty ! i did so . today he ….he ,,,,,,he made me suck his…….th….then he started blackmail me with video….he inserted a small phone in my ….n n….n he called that phone,,,,that ohone in my virgina started vibrating…… was very painfull then she showed me her swollenpussy….today he even tried to have sex with me i ran away now he has meesga me to have sex with him….. 
i was very angry very much 
i saayed her to tell me where he lives …..
he was a slam guy….i went to his home n peeped throgh the key hole…
omg!!! he was seeing my niece blowjon n boobs video…. n fucking a elderly women of my age or more…
i knocked door. …..he came out in towel…..i sayed i m saleswomen…
i sell womens lingris is ur mom or sis home…
he-ya hey mom chek this bitch out…
i was shocked it was same wome who was fucking him…
she looked sad i understood that he forced her…!!
i took her out explained everything to her….she said that he is not her son her hubby adoted her now he doing this he must be jailed…her mom said her son that she willl be back in 2hr
then behaving sluty i enter her small rooom i said hello… want to buy somthing..
he rushed to me kissed me by force made me lie on flore he removed all my cloths n starrt fucking me,,,,,, he had a really big full of viens cock of 10inch!!!
i started enjoing it,,,,,then remmeber why i came here..
he – wow randi u hott and started sucking boobs..
he instered his whole dick in me it was very painfull ….then he removed it start forbly fucking my thoart . he came loads in then i slapped him i placed handkerchief under his nose which i had borrewd frm her mom then i took his phone crushed it deleted all files i splashed lcd on flor n her mom enter n said to me to call police ….it was a plan by us…….he was jailed for lifetime for raping her mom n tring to kill her ….we made up new story like he was forcing her to have sex n kill her then i enter smash him on head report to police like this…..
he was jailed n now my niece was safe…….. i was happy……
then i said kalpana not to worry i didnt find his house lets see tmrw… 
and as u know he was jailed ….kalpana was very happy me too…   that night i didnt get sleep while kalpana was sleep so heavy after her big mess over head was gone!! only i know how i did! i tried sleeping but use ..
then i gone into kalpana’s room to use computer….it was 2 am…..
while i was browsing i saw the browsing history 😛 just for fun….
i just seriously shocked !!!! she was watching porns i know its normal for her age but lesbian porns?…..i thought she fear from boys n so on…….but it wasnt ok…
she watched so many lesbian porn omg! i was mere shocked….
i thought to talk to her at night as both will be free …while sleeeping..
i logged to my fb acc….Oops no one online….
i started to think wht to do ?play game? nah i dont like it? then how about sex games 😛 i searched for it i found all good games i played then i came ….
still i couldnt get sleep it was 4 i switch off computer n slept on bed n after some time i slept….offf
i woke up at 11 am omg! but everything was prepared by kalpana i was happy she reduced my work…..
i went to docter after breakfast….while kalpana went to her collage…..
docter said its normal ur thinking alot its due to too much stress…
he gave me sleeping pills n said to use it when its only neccesary

at night

i changed my cloths i wore a gown n kalpna wore shorts it was summer starting…..
me-kalpna i want to decuss with u something very importent plzz sit here( on bed)
ok said my dear niece
i asked her about that whole incident ….
she put head down in emmbarsment….
me- dont worry i m there i m just saying its wring!! why dont u get some frnds roam with them but study too!
kalpana- ya but i feel attraction toward women 
me-its becoz u fear about boys…
kalpna- ok i stop watching them at one condition 
me- wht is tht?
kalpana-i want…..u….to….to…too….have lesbian withe be me one time plz
i was shocked…….
i thought n sayed…… ok…. 
so how to start i asked….
she rushed to me n kissed me ….
yum…they tasted really good ahhh they tasted like strawberry to me soft red cute face yum…..
but i acted as not intressted…
then she continu to kiss me for 10 min or so then she made me sleep on bed started sucking my neck face…
i removed my nighty….
i wasnt wearing any bra or panty///// she too removed he cloths…
i slept on bed she again gave me french kiss it wasnt perfect like my favrite 
i spread my legs she was in between my lega her body
i was enjoying it very much
she look so pretty i start kissing her harder n harder 
me- kalpana u r kising wrong way wait ill show u….
i kept my lips on her lips n showed her how to kiss we started exchanging saliva….
she moved down …..
kalpana- wow didi u have so nice huge boobs …..see i have so small one… 
she placed her lips on breast tip kissed it then placed her tougne n licked it..
it was making me hornier n hornier….
then start sucking my breat hungrily like a small baby…. sucking harder for milk 
i was in heaven again…..
i was wet from down she then moved to my right breast my my she sucked my breast for 30 min n was sucking n sucking….then she stopped she made me spread my arm n started suking armpit n licking it….
i thought to show her heaven too 
i cought her made her sleep n kissed her deeply then sucked her neck ..
her whole body was so fair same colour ..
my i placed my boobs on her n her spit on my wet boobs stuck to her….i was pressing my brest n sucking her lips at same time ahhhhhha hhhhhh didi wow u r awsome….
me-last time!!
i also now moved my pussy to her n moved it …sis i m cuming i m cuming…
i woke up i didnt want her too cum so quikly then i made sit n lift her n made her site on me i let her leg go around me there both pussys was meeting eac other ahhh ahhhhaaaaahaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH
u rock didi said my dear niece!
i was about to cum then she made me on my back raised my legs started licking my pussy ….ahhahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
she sucked so well exectly on ma g-spot i came immideiatly….
i thought to give her the plesure … return…….
i made sleep on her back in kept my ass on her mouth ….. n started sucking n fingering her……….. 
she enjoyed it very much soon she too came …
we were very much tierd so with out cloths we slept on bed…..ahhhhhhhh it felt me very good atlast i can be open with by niece

we did it everyday….with new styles 

then one i thought her how to find a good boyfrnd ….how to make frndship openly n also we become more open so while sleeping oor sometime even without cloths we used to roam in house….
sometime this little angel used to suck my breast while watch tv n i used to finger her….
i couldnt resist her beuty…..sooon she got a boyfrnd who was topper like her …both became frns but we did wht used to be done i dont know why she liked my breast so much while sleeping too she used to suck them n sleep …..i loved her very much ….then it went on for rest or days soon she was gone to her home again i was left homealone!!

sooon the boards got over…
as useual i was teaching students of 9th science…rahul appeard in coridor i stoped teaching n said them to do homework n i stoped class i went to rahul…
me-wht happend u here…..i mean u in college u hated college the most… 
rahul- ya…..but i miss it alot….
me-so sad its to late …..
rahul- miss i willl come at ur home at 5 today i want to say somthing to u..
me-ok fine…
then bell rang student packed bag rushed to hallway …
i reached home…took bath ….as u all know i didnt bra that day also…
my nipples were poking they became hard i was feeling horney…
suddenly bell rang i warped towel around my self n open the door..
it was rahuls mother…rahul has one sister named divya she is about 19 …her mom looks as high society women look like…
me-wow whta surprise …..poojaji…
pooja(mother of rahul)-ohh nothing n i have a seat,,, n sorry for disturbing…
me- it ok just come in welcome…
pooja-actully i want u to take care of my both childrens…becoz we are going to bussiness trip to usa with his father so…plz can u…..
me- why not! ofcourse i am just so bored at home alone…..
pooja- ok thank u very much here take this cheque 
it had about 50k rupee…..i asked why she said we will be off for about 1month.
so plz keep it with u…
i resisted but i took atlast ……rahul family is very rich,as i told u earlier.
i stood up suddenly my towel sliped…. i got naked infront of pooja…
me-ooh no…sorry….
pooja- wow u look so …hot u have big boobs indeed hahahahaha..
me-ooh thnk u (i didnt get wht she was tring to say)
pooja now came forward n touched my bare breast fodeld with it…
pooja- are u a virgin?
me-yes(lie…his bastart son took my virginity)
pooja-wow they look sweet yummy ,,,,ur tits are grt….
pooja started explaing her sexual life….
i am very unlucy after rahuls birth his father never fucked me or even kissed once…….n go on …
then she said which shoke my brain-ca…n u plz do lesbian with me!
me-ohh mam no i cant mam how can i? plz
pooja she removed her purse put dildo on table removed 10k n gave me…..
plzzz dhanashree understand ,,,,,,,only a women can understand how i m…
i agreed atlast….. she fondel with my boobs sucked my pussy then she fucked me with dildo in pussy….then she got naked…..
wow she was 45 but she looked 30……she had bigger breast then i have,,,…they weere little shagy.. her pussy was shaved…
then made me suck her pussy she came twice then we had kissing session…
we were wet with swet …then she said to bang her …..rape her tied her to corner of bed n told me to hit her over pussy butt boobs with dido…
she tied a black cloth on her eyes …
suddenly bell rang …
she said to close door…….bedroom
i warped towl n opend door…..
it was rahul….
he pend door i closed his mouth n said him in his ear to go back home…
he didnt he said he wanted to fuck me….
i said no.not now… 
he kissed then i sayed him his mom is in bedroom….
rahul-wht is she doing here?
she wanted to talk somthing…
ok ill sit here finish it fast
i rushed to bed room to say pooja her son has come…
but she was in no mood she was lost in lust……..
she said to make her come quikly…i paid u 10k u bitch
i was socked by her language
pooja-ahh randi kamini chod moje…..
i inserted whole dildo in one shot in anger in her pussy,,,,
rahul came to bedroom n was shocked to see her mother tied to bed strip on eyes,,,
i explnd him everything slowy in his ears…..while fucking his mother with dido
then rahul removed his pant he kissed me n said go lie next to her….ill fuck u both tomight…..
i was shocked she is ur mother….
still beb just go n lie next to her i fuck her n u both i wanted to fuck her frm when …..
i laid next to her…. rahul inserted his cock in his mother cunt….
pooja-ahhhhhhhh u bitch ahhhh wht r u doing fucking me with wht ,,,,,,
me-hmmmm.dildi with one finger too in….
rahul fucked her so fast she came in no time….
then he started sucking his moms breast he sucked them for 20 mins!!
i told him to hurry then he kissed her….
pooja-wow dhanashree u r pure whore….
it just hit my mind i got angry i slaped her ass very hard….. took dildo n inserted in her mouth,,,,, started sucking her milk boobs ….
now rahul slowing insterd his dick in my ass omg! this family is made up of sexiest or wht….i thought
i was fucking pooja with dildo n sucking her boobs
atlast he i came…..i rmoved his dick out….
then i gave him job n he too came……

offffff he ran away i untied pooja she was now normal…she apolojized for her words….n gave me extra 2k …….

next morning pooja with her son rahul and her daughter divya….
let me discribe divya she is cute pretty girl with black hair n she was thin but not very thin she had good pair of breast she was fair in short she waas perfect ….
i told then their rooms i gave my computer room to divya n restroom to rahul.
when gone in with their things pooja came to me can said sorry for yesterdays things….and she asked me .-was any body exept us there in room plz be honest i dont the thing which put in was a dildo n how can a dildo shot? 
me-(i was shocked i was not knowing wht to say) ah…a it wa..s r.a..h.ul who had u.i mean he blackmaild me i couldnt stop him… i m sorry….
she was so shocked she went pale….
i asked her how did she know it..she said..i just …..gueessed…. omg ! i fucked my own son wht have i done..i told her to hold it……….i told to leave it i will handle him ill make him understand… 
but how will i face him….!! i sayed just act normal… leave it ill speek to him…
pooja- actully i am ashamed for that dau i m sorry 
n she went…..
ohhh were the hell i m stuck …..
i talked with them n told them the places where things are kept….
divya sat on my comp n i started watching tv…
rahul cam sat next to me…..
rahul-miss i am very upset….wht have done yesterday plz forgive me….i fucked my own mom lust changes everything i m sorry…
he hugged me …..
me -its ok beta just leave it n never ever think f it again
ok said rhul
it 7 pm i started cooking dinner … finished till 7.45..
i went to divyas room i gave her cloths which i had gotten as a gifft but they were very small she saw them n became very happy they were very expensive but not my size they were very small they would fit her perectly…
she stood up she told me to lock the door.. i went outside she called me in…she said plz stay here n tell me how these look…
she removed her cloths now she was in bra n panty they were black in colour…
then she wore the cloths i gave it was black deigned salwar with red pant both made up of cotten…. she asked me how i look…. i said wow u look live princess
we had some gossiping then she asked me a wierd question anty do u have a boyfrdn i sayd no n left her room by saying i m in hurrry but rahul enterd as i was leaving he said wow didi these cloths u look like devil-angel hahahaha divya took a book throwed at him …..he ran away n came to me n started rubbing his dick over my pant…..
i asked him wht r u doing …..n why did u get so big hardon…. he made me turn facing him…. 
rahul kissd me while rubbing his dick over my pussy….. we kissed each other for 10 min n i broke it n asked him why so horny tody he told nothing,just ur so sexy in this mexi i want to fuck ur ass n come in ur pussy ..
i diened it ……then he said somthing about divya …i ignored it n went…
i served them dinner n i sat to have dinner stil rahul had his prick hard n was staring at divya cleavage ,,,,,
me- ah divya give that…
rahul got distracted n start eating,…..

soon we all finished dinner i washed utensils….
it was bedtime….i had only one bed very big i told them we all have to sleep here on this king size bed it was very big…
i slept on one corner n divya on another n rahul in middle…. as soon as i closed my eyes i slept… deep sleep….
studdenly at mid night i woke up i saw rrahul was licking somthing i thought it was dream when i moved my head little up i saw he sucking his sister armpits while divya was sleeping in deep sleep……rahul was suking her armpit n masterbating at same time i shock him wht hell r u doing u!!! 
he kissed me strted rubing his cock over my pussy then he remove my pant little down n enterd my pussy slowing n started fucking me ……
me-ahhhahhha rahul stopd it !! still he continued….
i told him only one time some fast…
he moved my leg up n started fuckeing me faster…n saidu bitch shut up!!
i didnt say anything…. then removed his penis frm my pussy then removed my shirt up till my nipple n started suckking them then i closed n warned him not now!!! hw now aggaint inserted his dick in my pussy n start sucking my arms neck lipsss……
then he made me turn n face opposite to him i didnt understood wht was he doing then he enterd his cock in my anus n start fucking it ….it wasnt paining much as i had in everyday …..
he started fingering my pussy sooon in 10min i came followd by him he came in my ass n packed my cloths to normal n slept facing her sis….. 
ooh atlastover…..
i slept soon in no time….
when woke up rahuls mouth was on divyas armpits i moved it n made sleep straight,,,,,
but he woke up …..he stood up n warned….
n said mam wow when did u took bath why early….. even i didnt know why,,,,
leave it go n have a bath now….
but moved me to bathroom wall n removed my pant inserted his penis in my pussy frm behind ….n said morning sex..
i also wanted it as at night i didnt enjoy much,,,,he removed my shert n start squeezing my boobs…..ahhhahahhah slowing i moaned so that divya doesnt wake up…
soon he start pounding me heavily …..
he was about to come i removed his penis frm my pussy i came n my cum was falling down while…….he shot his jets outside which fell on dirctly on his sister mouth ewwwww rahul wht the hell are u doing n mam why the hell r u fucking my brother…!!!! 
i was shocked till the core of my heart…..
i had no explaination n rahul packe dhis dick in ….he tried speeking …but divya shouted at him…

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