My Indian Wife's Date

A short story to share with you all some recent adventures of my Indian hotwife. She is 34 years old, 5’7, 120lbs with great natural 36D’s and a round firm ass that drives men wild. I am white, mid 30’s as well. We have played a few times in the past, but lately she has been interested in trying something new. Following some hot online play with an older couple, she was hungry for some older cock. We tried in vain for several weeks to find a local couple that was in their mid-50s but was unsuccessful. Not wanting to deny her this fun, I told her to go ahead and see if she could find a single guy that piques her interest. She put out some ad’s on craigslist and on a few online sites.
After a few days, she received an impressive amount of response. She settled on around 5 and began to talk to them online. Finally she decided to go ahead and meet one. The guy she chose was named Ben, but she referred to him as the Viking, as he was a large man of Scandinavian origin, 53 years old, with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. Perfect for what she was looking for. She arranged to meet him for lunch downtown on a Thursday afternoon. She told me that they had a pleasant conversation, and that he was very handsome, and very non-aggressive. He invited her to his company Christmas party that was to be held the following evening. We had not planned on going right into a date for her, but she was clearly excited about what may lie in store. She let it slip that she was sure he was well hung, and was obviously very interested to test this hypothesis.

That night we discussed the possibility of her accompanying him on the date. After assuring ourselves that his life and work were far enough removed from our own to not cause problems, I agreed that she should go. She was glowing with excitement. I decided not to have sex with her that night, so that I could watch the excitement build.
On Saturday she was abuzz with anticipation. We talked about what she would wear and how she should act at the party. I told her to just act natural, as if she was this older studs young girlfriend. She was very wrapped up in the fantasy of this.
The Viking called to arrange a time to meet. She agreed to meet him at the nearest subway station at 7:30 that evening. She had already made an arrangement to have herself waxed this afternoon before coming home to get ready for the party. After returning from the salon, she was clearly glowing with anticipation of what her newly waxed pussy would be used for later that evening.
She showered and dressed in a not too short, but very tight skirt that showed off her amazing curves and firm ass. Underneath she wore a light blue thong and matching lace bra. The bra squeezed her large breasts together and made them almost spill out of the tight top she was wearing. I was in awe of my beautiful wife and the soft curves that her new friend would be enjoying that night.
She kissed me anxiously before leaving, but I assured her it was alright, and I wanted her to enjoy her evening. She smiled and said: Evening? I will see you for lunch!. We laughed and she left for the party.
As she retold me later with some of my own ideas to fill in the details, she made her way to the subway station and waited to meet her date. He was there when she arrived, and was dressed handsomely with flowers. He immediately drew her in close for a kiss and squeezed her ass firmly. She was already on fire and they had just met. He took her on the train to a nice hotel downtown where the party would be held. He introduced her as his new girlfriend, and they met many of his friends and colleagues. The men were studying every inch of his new exotic beauty, and clearly some of the older women were noticeably upset with his latest choice of such a young woman. They danced and drank, and she said he treated her respectfully. After many glasses of champagne, she was loose and ready to go through with all the things they had talked about online during their initial discussions. She pulled him near as if to whisper and sucked his earlobe and told her she needed to be taken somewhere very soon so she could unwrap her present. He turned flush red and quickly said his goodbyes to his colleagues and friends.
In the cab she sat draped across his lap. His stark white hands were all over her legs and thighs. She was enjoying the contrast between skin tones and couldn’t wait to see that large white cock spreading her delicate brown lips. Soon they were back at his apartment.
Once inside he grabbed her close and tongued her mouth hungrily. He danced her to the bedroom, and flung her on the bed. Quickly she jumped up and told him, that as a young girl, she should go first and give her present to him. He smiled and stood there as she slowly undressed him to his boxers. She was hungry to unwrap her present but wanted to live out her first fantasy with an older man.
She pushed him on his back and stood over him. She slowly unzipped her tight black skirt, releasing it to the floor after peeling it slowly over her curves. She lifted off her tight shirt revealing her barely covered breasts with dark soft nipples. She noticed the large tent that had formed in his boxers. She asked if he was ready to see his present? He agreed, and she slowly peeled off her thong to revel her completely shaved pussy. He had told her in their chat that he had never had and Indian woman and had never had a completely shaved pussy, tonite he would get both.
He sat up to grab her, but she forced him down. She told him that a man of age should be fed in bed. She climbed slowly up over his face and planted her wetness on his tongue. Her legs pinned his arms to the bed and she grinded slowly on his tongue. He lapped eagerly at her smooth hairless brown lips. Exposing her pink clit to the furious licking of his tongue. She eased off his arms and allowed him to get his first full contact with her ass. He squeezed and rubbed her ass as he lapped at her, driving her closer to the edge. She ground down harder on his tongue and grabbed his hair as she thrashed to her first of many orgasms.
She said that she had another gift to give him, actually two. With that, she released her breasts from the fabric of her bra and slid down to feed a nipple into his wet hungry mouth. He eagerly sucked and nibbled at the soft brown areolas and teased her nipples to full erection. She was ready to get her present.
Taking a cue from her performance, he flipped her on her back and gave her another long lick before straddling her face and pulling down his boxers. She said that when he unleashed it, his large cock flopped right on her lips. She was enthralled by its size and the thought of what it would feel like filling her up very soon. He had shaved his balls for her, as she asked. After standing to full remove his boxers he settled back down with his cock in front of her hungry mouth. She teased the head with her tongue and then dove straight down to her favorite area, his balls. Stroking his shaft she swallowed each of his large balls into her mouth. Swirling them about and sucking them gently.. He was bucking hard against her face, clearly enjoying the treatment of his new young brown slut. Aftet a short period, he begged her to suck him. She obliged and took as much as she could into her mouth. He fed his Viking rod deep into her throat, deeper than she thought she would take. She told him to cum in her mouth. He declined and said he had other plans. With that, he moved down between her legs and held them high and wide.
He inspected every inch of her body before pressing himself against her tight hole. She said there was great pressure and then it just popped inside, filling her fully in an instant. She sat up to watch this white monster disappearing into her hot insides. She would see her brown lips clinging to his old thick cock with every stroke. He pushed her back and began to suck her tits and bite them with increased force as he pounded her waxed married pussy.
He began to get very aggressive and asked if she liked his white cock in her brown cunt. She answered yes and bucked harder against him to show her intent to not be outdone by this old man. He scooped her legs up and pinned them over his shoulders raising her ass up off the bed. Pounding her deeper and harder she screamed and she felt his huge tool burying itself deeper into her tight young pussy with every stroke. He leaned down and kissed her and she felt as if his tongue would suffocate her as his cock was angrily pounding her vagina. She could feel the beginning of a huge orgasm building as she felt him begin to pulse. Her screams clearly indicated that she was ready to burst. To help her along, he rolled her on his stomach and put a pillow under her hips. He quickly reentered her and resumed his pistoning of her box. This time he squeezed and slapped her ass as he fucked her. Licking a finger he slid a single digit into her ass, massaging her as he slowly pushed his cock in and out of her pussy. She begged for him to fuck her harder. Spreading her wide with his legs, he initiated his final assault, slamming his old body against her soft brown ass as she came in a massive fit of shivering and unintelligible moaning.
He kept fucking her, and she begged for him to be gentle as she was so sensitive. He asked if he could have her ass, but she declined. He said that he would have to do the next best thing. Bringing her to her knees her now pounded her furiously doggie style. Reaching under and squeezing her breast tightly as he slammed her. She could hear him moaning and getting close. She was sure he was going to flood her completely. She awaited the sensation of this old man’s cum filling her young Indian cunt. She pushed hard against him, encouraging his balls to release their seed. Just as he was about to cum, he withdrew and held his cock tight against her asshole, pushing part of his tip into her tight hole. She collapsed with surprise and he held it there as he came in spasms, filling her ass with his cum.
He collapsed next to her and pulled her near. They kissed and he pushed her head down to his cock. She gladly cleaned him up and sucked her juices off his smooth balls. She asked him why he didn’t cum in her pussy, and why in her ass? He told her, “To prepare you for what I have for u next, my little brown slut.”
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