My husband’s Boss

My husband’s Boss
My husband came home one day in a very devastating case, he was very upset, very sad, did not talk at all, did not even smile, he refused to have his meal, only drinking lots of alcohol and smoking a lot.
I tried my best to be nice to him and make things easy on him, doing my best to know what is wrong, till he finally told me the problem; he said he lost his job! Which was real shocking news to me, I know how much Mark; my husband loves his job, he also earns a tremendous amount of money from it.
Mark and I have been married for a few years, living a very happy, classic husband and wife life, no kids yet, he is 38 years old and I am 27 years old, age difference was never an issue between us, as we were in deep love when we started going out together, ended up happily married.
By saying a classic life with my husband, I meant we had never had anything sexual outside our marriage, neither of us did or to my knowledge, I know I have not had anything to do with another man ever since I met Mark and started going out with him, I have a very sexy, attractive body, I had a few eyes following me here and there, but never paid any attention as I was fully satisfied and happy with Mark, I was truly loyal to him according to my standards by then.
I am not saying I am a totally inexperienced woman, I did have a few sexual encounters with other men before my relationship started with my Husband, I was even curious about girls too, but all of that stopped after I met Mark, all I was thinking about was my husband, how to please him and keep him happy and satisfied.
I even stopped wearing sexy, revealing clothes, all I wore since I met him were clothes that did not show or even outline my body, except in a few cases during parties, and that was upon his own request and demands, as per him it was for him to be proud of me showing his friends and work colleagues how proud he is, of his beautiful wife.
Back to Mark’s problem, I worked so hard and did my best to make him talk, finally he admitted of making a huge mistake with the company financial statement, that was unforgettable and he was suspended by his boss who told him he would be presented to a legal committee within the next few days, he was so sure of the committee’s decision, it would be terminating him at least, that is if he did not have a law suit against him from the company on the bosses demands.
I fully understood the situation, I knew how much it hurts him, knowing how much he loved his Job, besides him saying “Honey, we would be totally broke till I find another job, and I have lots of commitments with my salary.
I asked him “Mark, anybody else knows about it so far other than your boss?” he said “no, not yet, or not until tomorrow morning” I asked again “can the boss do anything about it?” He nodded his head saying “yes if he wanted to, it would not be easy thought, and why would he do it for me?”
I said “have you tried your best to get out of it with the boss?” he said “Honey, I tried everything I could, I even went on my knees in front of him beginning him, I know he likes me very much, but it looks like, not enough to let go and forgive me”
I was silent for a moment, took the drink from his hand and sipped on it, then looked him in the eyes saying “Mark, can I try too?” he said “No way Lisa, I do not want you to humiliate yourself in front of him, it is enough I did it myself, I love you enough to make you avoid such situation, besides, you do not know the man enough”
I looked him in the eyes again, making my look go deep in his eyesight, I sighted a little and said “Mark, I love you much more than I love myself, I love you enough to scarify my whole life for you, not a little humiliation, my humiliation is seeing you in this situation, baby, do you trust me enough to give me full authority to act and do my best to get you out of it?”
He was very hesitant and avoided answering me.
Before I go on with this conversation, I want to say something about our life together, Mark and I trust each other very much, the jealousy between us is never a protective or damaging one, it is barely enough to add some spices to our life, he was never jealous of me doing anything with, or in front of other people, neither has ever interfered with the way I dress, he even used to ask me to be generous in revealing more and more of my body, unlike some husbands who would not want their wives showing any part of their bodies.
I remember attending a few parties for his company where his boss and some of his colleagues where present with their wives, he has always wanted me to look the best and even the sexiest, asking me to show more of my body parts, legs, cleavage and so on.
I remember a few times when his boss, the one he was talking about, showed some interest in my body, he even flirted with me a few times, but I have never given him any attention, neither did I make him upset, but I made it clear to him of the distance between us, especially when he was partially drunk trying to outline how sexy I looked and how nice my legs and ass looked.
Back to my conversation with my husband, I remembered the flirts his boss was trying with me and the passes he made over me, and that sounded like the beginning of how I would try to handle the situation, I had on mind to do anything it takes to let my loving poor husband get his job back, even if I had to use my body.
That was what I was trying to explain to Mark, but without being explicit, as I was hoping it would not go that far, but knowing men in general and what they are usually after, and what would a woman’s body make them do to change whatever decision’s they had on mind, I knew I may have to sacrifice and take a little more than my morals would allow me, but I knew it was worth it.
I was still waiting for Mark’s answer, although I had decided to do it, no matter what he would decide, even if it cost me my marriage later on when he discovered the sacrifice I am willing to make or intend to do, but he looked me in the eyes again saying “Lisa, you know how much I trust and love you, I would not object to anything you would do, no matter what, but only if you do it out of your own interest, not for me or because of me”
As if Mark knew exactly what I had on mind, but his words relaxed me and made me much more comfortable with my plan, I looked at him, smiled and kissed him on the lips saying “Trust me baby, I have some self-confidence and I am sure I will be able to break the good news to you, but I hope it would not hurt you afterwards?” I hesitated a little then continued “may be what I may do hurt our relation or marriage, but even if it did, I am willing to sacrifice anything including my life or my marriage to get you out of this situation”
He smiled in the middle of all the hurt feeling he had, but his words felt so good deep inside of me when he said “Honey, as much as I have always wanted you to do what you have on mind, but I have wanted it as a decision of yours for the fun of it, never as sacrifice or as a price of something for me or my job”
I noticed his tears running down, I wiped them saying “men do not show tears Mark” but I made no further comments, simply I did not want to lie to him, because he understood exactly what I have on mind, and approved of it, anything else I would say to deny it would be a big lie.
Yes openly, what I had on mind is to use my sexuality, my femininity, my body, even sex, anything that would get my beloved husband his job back was on the line, weather I like or enjoy or not, it was not my pleasure I was concerned with at all.
It was a little after 7;00PM, but I know My husband’s boss stays late at the office so did my husband once in a while, I figured it would be the best time to catch him alone to do some outrageous seductive acts or offers to him without humiliating myself in front of his secretary or other staff.
I let my husband alone for his drinks, got up, went to another room and called William, My husband’s boss on his cell phone, I lied again when I pretended that I did not know what happened to my husband and I was leaving my sister’s house.
“Hello Bell” I said, his closer friends call him Bill and I wanted to make myself closer friend by then, if I could of course, he answered “His Lisa” I said “I am in the area of your office, just left my sister’s house we had a birthday party for her, I was wondering if Mark is still there with you?, I want to pick him up, may be share a drink with you guys?”
He was very serious saying “you mean you have not heard from Mark yet today?” I said “No, anything wrong” I lied of course, he seemed like searching for words when I interrupted his mumbling and said “Look I am only a few minutes away, so can I drop by, even if he is not there now?”
He said “Oh yes sure you can, by all means” I smiled saying “I know your office boy have left already, but it is ok, my sister gave me a bottle of champagne from the party, if you guys have glasses we can share it?”
As soon as I hanged the phone, I put on a very sexy, light material dress, it is knee length but had a slit to its front side, which I left the buttons purposely open, somehow a naughty decision I made, leaving the panties at home, the dress was low cut, I had put on a bra that lifted my tits up showing most of my cleavage, the bra was transparent and very lite, along with the light material of my dress it would hide nothing of my poking nipples.
I knew for damn sure that I looked very slutty in this outfit and very inviting too, that might get me in trouble, but I was determined to get my husband his job back, no matter what the price would be, with such a boss, my body would be the price and I was just preparing it as I understood the decision was not easy so I wanted to seduce him enough to make it.
The office was only a few minutes from our house by car, so I got in my car and drove there, parked in their inner parking, did not want anybody to see me seminude in the street and took the elevator to the office.
William greeted me alone in the office, I knew the office boy usually stays late with him to serve him, but the comment I made about the drinks made him ask him to leave as I have expected, so he did.
As soon as I walked through the door, William’s eyes were mesmerized on my body, he seemed to lose control of himself, did not know where to look, my cleavage and semi showing tits, which were a little to the big size, fully round and stand alone, firm tits, or my full round silky soft legs, or my ass which I was wiggling purposely walking in.
I started walking slowly as if I was drunk and losing control, I smiled saying “I guess we had too many drinks during my sister’s party, please forgive me” he seemed to like it, as my way of walking was showing him more than he was dreaming to see.
I chose the sofa opposite from his desk to sit on, as he was standing behind his desk, greeting me, the bottle of champagne was still in my hand when he started saying “Mark went through….” I interrupted him as I relaxed on the sofa, letting the dress slit opening right between my legs, showing most of my legs and inner thighs and said.
“you can tell me about Mark later my dear, don’t you want to share this bottle with me, I know I had some drinks already, but it is beyond working hours I am sure you can have some, why don’t you show me where the glasses are, and let me get three glasses for us” I acted as if I wanted to get up, being drunk, or acting so, I made sure my legs part a little showing a little flash of my bare pussy to his eyes.
He was shocked, his eyes widened, I even felt a little move between his legs as if his cock was waking up, but his eyes were concentrating on my crotch without any shame, he seemed to be convinced I was drunk, not knowing what is going on and that was his chance.
He came closer to me, took the bottle from my hand saying “No Lisa, you just have a seat, I will get the glasses, he went to the inner kitchen got a couple of glasses and came out again, he pulled a chair on the other side of the coffee table in the middle and sat on it, I guess he did not sit next to me hoping he would get a couple of flashes of my pussy by being in front of me.
He poured us the drinks, lifted his glass while I lifted mine saying “cheers to Lisa’s charming visit to our office” we both laughed loud, he seemed to forget about Mark as he did not want to spoil the situation, and I wanted him to do so anyway as I wanted a chance to get closer and seduce him more, before going back to Marks job situation.
He was asking me about the party I was in at my sister’s house and commenting that it sounded like an open party from the way I was dressed stressing he was not used to me dressed like that, I laughed saying “I am sorry, may be it is way too much, I did not intend to pass by the office looking like this, but I had to park the car all the way inside to avoid being raped”
He laughed saying “Oh, I do not blame you, whoever sees you like this and does not act quick would be out of mind” I liked his words which meant I was getting closer to what I want, I acted generously by flashing my pussy a couple of quick times to his eyes while we were chatting and laughing.
He was trying to hide his hard on which was clearly showing under his pants, during those flashes I made to his eyes, showing him my inner thighs, my pussy and my tits, with my poking hardening nipples through the light material of my bra and dress, he seemed to not worry about hiding his hard on any more, he downed at least three drinks in his throat while I was still having one, he probably wanted to feel comfortable with alcohol to make his next move, which I knew was coming soon, but I was waiting for it anyway.
He came around, sat next to me, placed his hand on my thighs right away and started rubbing trying to work his way to my pussy so fast, I held his arm stopping him saying softly with the least struggling power I could use “What are you doing bill? Mark might show up any minute, he is my husband”
He leaned closer pushing his hand further till his fingers were rubbing my bare, already wet pussy, it looks like the act I was doing was turning me on as well, he said “Don’t you worry about Mark, he is not coming, I will explain later, but let’s enjoy the moment Lisa please”
I loosened my hand over his arm a little let out a moan when he started rubbing my pussy while his fingers were parting my wet pussy lips trying to invade my slit and go inside of my pussy.
Spreading my legs further for him to get in between, sending out a long loud moan and saying in a sexy voice while moaning “are you sure he is not coming?” he smiled saying “Yes I am sure, we will talk about him later” I spread my legs further while he was getting closer and closer to my pussy.
As of a sudden he got on his knees between my legs, lifted my dress up to my waist, parting my legs and started kissing his way upwards on my inner thighs till I felt his tongue over my clit licking and kissing my pussy, I moaned higher this time saying “why isn’t my husband coming in, did he leave already, he usually stays late with you in the office”
Now it was my chance as I got him that close to my pussy to open up the subject of my husband, he lifted his head up, replaced his tongue with his fingers in my pussy and said “up to a few minutes ago, Mark was not coming back to this office ever, but things have changed, I guess it is negotiable”
I loved it when he said this, I even spread my legs wider for him to have more access to my pussy, I rubbed my tit letting it slip outside the bra and dress, when he saw me doing that, his hand went up to my tit, he was rubbing my tit pinching my hard nipple while the other hand was slipping its fingers deep in my pussy, and his mouth was munching on my hard clit, I was getting higher and higher in happiness, first for the accomplishment I have gotten already, secondly I started to enjoy another man play with my pussy for the first time since I met Mark.
I held his head bringing it up to my tits, while I was searching for his buckle to get his dick out, I succeeded in letting his, very hard cock spring out showing a lovely sized thick cock, I pushed him back a little bit, held his cock in my hand massaged it a little, lowered my head to it and sucked it between my lips massaging it first with my tongue before I wrapped my lips around it slipping further down till he moaned louder.
I got his cock out of my mouth and looked at him while he was rubbing and sucking my tits and nipples and said “so what is wrong with Mark, why wasn’t he coming back here anymore?” he held my head with both of his hands and pushed it to his cock forcing me to take it again in my mouth pushing my head further down till I took him so deep in my throat.
He said “I guess he lost his job, but that was before I got my dick in his wife’s mouth which had made some changes already, by the time I get this dick in your lovely pussy he would be an employee again with us”
Those words made me so hot, made my whole body jiggle and twist while I was sucking him, oh, I want to feel his cock in me so fast, I want to hear the news of my hubby getting his job back, I also was so horny that I wanted fucked too.
After pushing my head down taking his dick to the hilt in my throat, up and down a few times, then I pulled my head away taking his cock out of my mouth, he helped me get on my back on the sofa, got rid of my dress and undressed himself so quick, threw his clothes on the floor, positioned himself between my legs and started rubbing his lovely cockhead to my pussylips.
He pushed it in and was sliding in my pussy step by step till he was in me to the balls, he pulled out slowly then back in at once, started fucking me hard and deep, I was moaning and screaming while his moans were getting louder too, my first orgasm was building up in my body, soon enough I was shaking and trembling while he continued fucking me till the last drop of my pussy juices splashed on his dick inside of me.
He slowed his action a little and I said “so what is it with Mark, you did not tell me yet?” he pulled his dick out of me, lifted my legs up till my knees were on my chest, started looking at both of my pussy and ass which were fully facing him now, he licked both of them alternatively while I was still waiting for his answer.
He put the tip of his tongue in my ass hole, pushing further, and then replaced his tongue with his finger pushing it further in my ass, while sucking my clit, he got up again, held his dick in his hand and started rubbing its wet head to my asshole saying “he will explain to you the details, but he is about to get his job totally back” smiling and rubbing his cockhead to my asshole, as if he was telling me he will fuck my ass before Mark gets his job back.
I have never had a cock up my ass before, but Mark shoved a finger or two a few times, shoved an anal blog in my ass once or twice while fucking my pussy, but never fucked me there, my body kind a tensed as he was ready to bush, I said “I have never been fucked in my ass before” he smiled saying what a waste, it is a lovely ass, don’t you think it is worth Mark getting the job back?”
I smiled nodding, relaxing a little while he started pushing his dick in my ass, there was pain, lots of pain, but I kept telling him not to stop I wanted it over with so fast, he was sliding in my ass, his cock was not small, it was long and thick too, but I was determined to take it in me, I was there for Mark’s job, and would not hesitate now.
Finally he was in me, but I felt as if my ass was filled with black pepper, so much burning and pain, he was still for a few moments, then I gave him the ok to go on, he was pulling out again then back in, the pain was getting less and less and I started to feel some pleasure attached to it, finally I felt my ass was stretched enough adopting to his dick.
He started pounding my ass, fucking me fast again, deep and hard, he was ready to cum when I gave him the ok sign to cum in my ass, he was shooting his load deep inside my ass, his cock felt even thicker than it was, he stopped motion when he stopped shooting his cum inside me, but kept his dick in me to the hilt.
He smiled at me, kissed me on the lips then started pulling his soft cock out of me, saying “Your lucky husband has just got his job back, but if you want him to keep the job no matter what he does, you have to promise me of doing this frequently?”
I smiled saying “you got that, you can fuck me anytime, you have just made up my day, I know mike likes you and loves his job more than anything in the world” he smiled saying “I was going to ask you to tell him to be more careful next time, but if your body is the price for his mistakes, please ask him to make more serious mistakes, we both laughed loud and I answered “you can have my body without any mistakes bill”
As soon as I walked home with a huge smile on my face, Mark was fully drunk, he looked at me, looked me up and down and asked “what happened? Did he humiliate you and refused?” I hugged Mark saying “honey, you got your job back; all of the events and mistakes you did, were fully erased”
He hugged me so close, could not hide how happy and relieved he was, he put his mouth closer to my ear whispering “did he fuck you? How good was he? I hope he did not hurt you?” I kept silent for a moment, embarrassed to answer, and I did not want to lie to him.
Mark kissed me on the lips saying “honey, I have always wanted another man to fuck you, it is not as bad as you think, I just feel guilty it was a price for getting my job back, but I hope it was not as bad” I felt a lot more comfortable and said “honey, I got your job back didn’t i?” he said “Yes, but how was his cock? Did he fuck your ass?” I nodded with a naughty smile saying “he was great Mark, it did not hurt at all, and yes he fucked my ass and I loved it too”
Mark hugged and kissed me much closer and warmer, he was stripping me off of my clothes, we ended up fully naked, he gave me one of his best fucks ever, he even fucked me in the ass this time for the first time, as we were done relaxing in each other’s arms, he kissed my lips asking “did he make you promise of anything?” I said “yes, he wanted me to do it more often as a protection to you keeping your job, regardless of what you do” he hugged and kissed me again whispering “can I be there when he fucks you next time?”

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