My Hubby Make Me To Fuck Her Friend

Hi readers, I am moonmoon. Stating how husband make me to fuck his friend. This story is based on a true incident. Let me first describe me. I am not white like milk. I am brown in color. I have waxed legs, round ass, perfect round little shaggy boobs with brown medium nipple. My figure is 36-30-38 and has a long straight black, silky, very thick hair covering my waist. I have a daughter of 3 years.
My husband love me and lot. He does anything for me. So now it’s my turn to do him a favor. And he states that his dream is that, to watch another guy fucking me in front of him. So as I love him I agree.
On a Saturday while he is in off duty we sent our kid with the maid to their grand mom’s place for the entire day. In the evening he called his friend, Debjit, who used to love to eye me while he sees me. He asked him if he was free and could come over to his place for sometimes. He didn’t tell him why and Debjit came within 30 minutes. I was very tensed and nervous. He made me wear a low neck deep cut pink tank top, black padded bra, black g-string panty and a black long skirt below. And make a bun. And I put on my pink ear ring. I make a facial and put my pink lip stick on. The entire house was decorated with flowers, room freshener. It was very sexy environment. I opened the door for him and offered him a seat. He was running out of idea he was here.
He was very shy, thin, long, fair man with curly hair. My black padded bra under pink top was visible. He was just watching me from very first meet on that day. And his eyes were scanning my whole body and it’s each and every part. I said hello to him and take a seat facing him. My husband sits just beside me. 
He was very nervous while saw me in this dress gently I asked him for food. As he was watching my curves he just denies me. Instantly my hubby grabs me tightly and gives me a deep smooch with a horny sound. That poor guy didn’t know what is going to be. He was such simple guy that my hubby has to start something more for him. I was getting horny mow. After he whispered me to take him, I instantly sat beside him. I first kiss on his lips gently; he remains silent. Again I kiss on his lips and give him a deep smooch. He didn’t move a little bit even after that. My hubby was such astonished that he came to me, took me up and put off my pink tank top. And put his tongue into my mouth and licking my tongue. I was responding on his kiss. We hug us very tightly. He was pumping my butts. And my boobs under my black bra were rubbing against his shirt. Now that made him horny and he was sucking his lips with loud sound.
Consequently I go to him and put my melons into his mouth and ordered him, “Rip me apart.” My husband laughed and said, “O, I like that.” Debjit Got up and grab me tightly and open my bun with one hand while her other hand started pumping my ass. My sexy hair flew to my waist.
He took me in his arms and we went to our bedroom before my hubby, and he lay me on the bed which was full of rose petals. My hair was scattered on the bed. Then, after removing t-shirt and jeans he climbed up upon me. Now his huge bulge is visible to me under his drawer. He was smooch me. After sawing this, my hubby gets horny and he caught my bra strap and pulled it out. And then after that debjit pounced on my melons and start to suck like a hungry dog. I was moaning loudly in pleasure. After almost 10minutes I knelt down and I removed his drawer and grab his penis. It was not as big as my hubby, but it was clean, pink. My hubby was sitting on a chair and watching us.
I removed his foreskin and started the blowjob. He was pumping my boobies and pinching tits. I go to kitchen and brought chocolate sauce and rub over her fair dick. And again start to licking. Now his dick was taste good. In sometimes the sauce was finished.
Then he removed my g-string. My pussy was wet already and flooded the g-string. He pushed me on the bed. After knelt down he apart my legs in both side and started to lick my pussy with his experienced tongue. I was going insane. Suddenly he became wild and increased his speed.
I was shouting loudly and loose my control -Aaaaah, liiick, liiiick, liiick mee haaarrred. I was losing control of my body, my boobs were bouncing and swatting profusely. Then he stands beside the bed and pull me. I hold his dick and put it into my love hole. He starts fucking. I was moaning loudly and the whole room was filled with my horny sound. After 10minutes we go to the doggy style. In one hand he was pulling my hair and pumping my butts with other. Some time pumping my melons hardly with hand.
After that we again took the 1st style. Suddenly he increases his speed. It was unbearable to me. I was shouting more loudly. After 5minutes it became more unbearable and I asked him to stop. But he was not in a mood of stop. He covered my mouth with his strong hand and become more fast. I was unable to say anything and just make sound like-mmmmmmmmmmmm. 
I try to push him, but he was such strong like a beast, I become a small water drop in front of him, After 10 minutes he cummed inside my pussy and fell on me. I was fully satisfied. But due to pain I shout to her, “you fucking dog. How dare you to fuck me like this?” Debit’s cum was dripping from my love hole. Surprisingly mu hubby stands up and come to me. Debjit was finished and lie beside me like a sleeping man.I said, “No baby, no more.” But he told, “I want you to fuck you now honey and make my monster calm.”

I was moaning again, but now, it was in pain. His swollen monster making me pays. And his big strong hand was squeezing out the milky boobies. He fucked me with all his force almost 20minutes and cummed inside. As my hubby gets up, then I saw debjit with full erected dick and saying that he wants me once more. I said, “Fuck that dog out.” Before I stand up he caught my hand on the bed and stated it again.
This time he put his tongue into my mouth and started to lick my tongue. I was now in his brutal control. Hands on the bed, mouth filled with his tongue, dick inside pussy. I was moaning in pain. He again cummed inside. And then it was over. I was slept for whole night with nude body and scattered hair on the bed. In the morning I found myself on the bed between nude debjit and nude hubby. Debjit was resting his head on my boobies.

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