My hot Jijaji

I am 35 yrs married working woman in Bangalore. My husband is 45 working in Bangalore. We have a10 yr old college going son. We are happy family. We are from North and have very few friends here. Last week my bahnoi 35 who is married to my sister 30 yrs came from Mumbai to stay for a week to complete one project. He stayed with us.
In the evening we watched TV and had dinner together. He used to sleep in bedroom next to our bedroom. Morning I am very busy cooking and sending son to college and carry our food tiffin leaving our home by 9.30 am. It was Fridayand my jiju wanted to go for sight seeing,I took leave for a day. We went around on my scooter as I go to office everyday on scooter. We saw Lalbagh,Vidhan Soudha,Cubbon Park,Ulsoor Lake and had our Lunch in Hotel.After lunch jijoo
said he had light headache so we went home by 3 pm. I made tea and jijju changed his clothes to night dress payjama. I told him to lie down in my bedroom. He is a very nice man. I also changed my dress and wore nightie to be more comfortable, I applied vicks on his forehead and he felt great relief. I was little tired so I also felt sleepy. I lied down on reverse direction.
After half an hour, I noticed that he was half sleeping and there was bulge on his payjama. I asked him, if he needed some thing. He nodded and came closer. He said He was grateful that I had taken pains to show him Bangalore. He wanted to show him some thing nice. I said some on, dont be shy. He took my hand in his hand and kissed it. I was excited but I did not react. Jijoo you so nice and handsome,pls show me yr munna. In north we call cock as munna. He said you open my payjama and see it yrself. I dared to pull his nada and lo it was so big inside his panty.
I took it out and grabbed it. He came closer and kissed me. He told,Saliji you are so bold and beatiful,I always thought of you when I make love to yr sister.Today you have fulfilled my dream but promise me that you will reveal it to yr sister.
Now he realised that I was thrilled and willing. He asked me to remove my nightie. I followed what he said.Then he came to me,grabbed my breasts 36 covered by small bra. I asked him to unhook my bra. He kissed my breasts and sucked it like a college boy. I had pulled his underwear so he was naked. He removed his banian. I hinted him to pull my panty. He was astonished to see my clean shaven cunt. He kissed and started sucking my cunt. I also took his hard penis 6 inch im my mouth.. We continued 69 for half an hour and drank juices to hearts content.
We were getiing disperate. It was 4 pm and our son was expected at 5pm. He made me lie on the bed and slowly entered, sucking and rubbling my breasts. I was wet so his entire munna went inside. I told him not to hurry but give me slow thrusts so that I can respond every thrust and enjoy. He was very obedient and followed. We continued for 15 minutes in missionary position. I told him to take out and he lie down and I roed on top of him I was more exciting. I was feeling whole cock stroking inside me. I was kissing sucking his nipples and moaning. I told his to increase thrusts but he was getting restless.So once again we came to earlier position and increased his speed.At long last he busted inside me. I was crying fuck more, fuck more. Then we slept till there was a bell at the door. I can never forget my best experience in life which happened without any pre planning.
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