My encounter with my Neighbour

It was Nov 2005 when we got shifted into our new home. I was very excited & overjoyed.Within a few days we got ourselves settled. We have two galleries-one in front & the other at left side.I used to sit usually at front gallery early in the morning studying.One day I opened the side gallery early in the morning & saw a beautiful girl sitting in our neighbour’s gallery.My heart thumped for a while seeing a so cute & beautiful girl as our neighbour.She was about 20 yrs of age,very fair with brownish eyes,long brownish hair & a very well tanned body.Soon our eyes met & she didn’t refrain.In fact after some time she gave me a smile, so does me.From that day I used to sit everyday in the morning & we were sightseeing each other well,though the galleries were very near we didn’t talk.Then I asked one of nearby friends about her & he told me that her name is Fatema & she flirts with everyone around & even calls some guy at home too.This shook me a little but I wasn’t seriously involved.In fact I thought getting in bed with such a hottie girl wud be fascinating but I knew this was not possible.
As we know nothing is Impossible in this world.One day as I opened the gallery she greeted me & asked me if I could come at her home in hate evening.I hesitated.Then she told me that her family members had gone out of station for attending a wedding & that I will have to come over the gallery to her room.I thought YES, this is the chance I should not miss & so I agreed.
At 7pm it was dark. I told my parents that I am going out,instead I went upstairs & went to the gallery. Her door was open. I crossed the gallery easily & entered the room. She was standing in dark blue Salwaar Kamiz & with red lipstick on her lips,she looked damn hot.We sat on the bed side by side. We talked for sometime.Then with courage I put my over her shoulders & kissed her cheeks.She looked straight into my eyes & I kissed her lips.Then suddenly we began to kiss passionately & soon we were liplocking.The taste of her ips alongwith the lipstick was awsome.I sucked her lips hard so does she.I was surprised that she was a perfect kisser.Then we started playing with our tongues.Her tongue massaging my tongue & we kissed deeper & deeper.I removed her dupatta & began caressing her boobs.Her nipples were so hard that I cud feel them over her clothes.Soon I put my hand under her Kameez & found her bra & unlocked it.She too began opening my shirt.I found the zip of her kameez & unzipped it completely & slowly pulled it down along with the bra.The sight of her perfect breasts made my cock very hard.Though they were tiny,the shape & curves made me mad.I grabbed her boobs & began kissing them.The nipples were so erect & hard & tasty too.I began wriggling my tongue over her tits.She started moaning.I bit her nipples with my teeth & sucked them harder.My hand went over her Shalwaar.Here she offered some resistance but soon gave up. I untied the knot & pulled it down fast.To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panties & the sight of hairy pussy made my blood rush.I pulled off my pant & underwear & now we both were completely naked.The sight of Her firm breasts,curvy body & juicy cunt I can never forget in my life.I started kissing her navel & going down I went over her pussy.Her cunt was fully wet.The hairs around had also become wet.I began to kiss around the bush.It was lovely hairy pussy.As I kissed her clitoris she spread her legs wide so that I could get my tongue inside the tongue went deep inside & I began to lick it.I cud taste the mucus that was coming out of her vagina.It was so tasty that I began to swallow it. As I licked it deeper & harder she began to moan loudly.For sometime I fingered her & again licked it deep.She was enjoying & of course me too.The I took out my tongue & went over her mouth.She was eagerly waiting to taste her own mucus & I gave her as I kissed her deep in her mouth along with my saliva.She licked my mouth completely with her tongue.She appeared to be very thirsty.The manner in which she licked my tongue was unforgettable.My cock had become completely wet & hard so I shoved it in her pussy.During this process I came to know that she was not a VIRGIN.Anyway I didn’t care about it as my cock went inside her, a sudden feeling of hottness gripped me.Her vagina had become very hot with mucus coming out continuously.I thrust deep inside & began gliding in & out of her pussy.She began to moan so loudly that I feared if anyone heard her.I fucked her harder & deeper.Her firm boobs were juggling with joy.I began sucking them as I fucked her faster & harder.She was becoming so wet that some mucus was falling on the bed.Now I also began to moan.”OH Fatema OOHHH I luv U………Come on Fatema OHHHHHH…..” Those were my words.Then she said,”AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHHH ruko mat karte raho…SSSShhhhhhhhh AAAHHHHH I luv U too…”
Then I realised Climax was near.I didn’t want the climax to come so soon.I wanted to fuck her as much as I can but I had no control over it.I asked her,”OHHH OHHH Ab hone mein hai,Kya karoon?” & she replied,”Andar mat karo bahar nikaalo!!!!!!! ”
And as I thrusted my cock to the deepest for the last time before climax,she moaned loudly as never before.I took out my dick & rubbed over her navel & soon I began to cum.The cum spreading all over her navel & breasts,she looked overjoyed.The cum was ofcourse hot but my cock had also become much hotter as her vagina.Then we lay there for sometime & I saw the time. It was 8:45pm & I had to go.But she stopped me & requested to sta for the whole night.I couldn’t believe my ears of spending the whole night loving this gorgeous & beautiful girl. But I had to go as I hadn’t told anything to my parents. So I promised her That i’ll manage something & will come back at10pm. we kised each other again passionately & then I left the place.
So this was my experience.
I also went at 10 pm & we loved the whole night.She was very different & became my master in that fierce love making.
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