It was 1998, when I passed my intermediate examination, my two elder sisters, Poonam and Sapna had got married by then. I was 18 years old and used to masturbate daily after looking at porn magazines and reading sex stories mostly incest involving sister in the month of August

After brief illness my father was diagnosed with Cancer for treatment my father was admitted in a Delhi hospital and my mother accompanied him. I and my youngest sister were left alone at home. My mother told Rekha to care of me.

I was preparing for engineering entrance examinations then. Rekha was doing her B.A. that time. So in the morning I used to go to my coaching classes and Rekha used to go to her college after preparing lunch for both of us.

I used to have lunch after coming from coaching and had afternoon sleep, by the time Rekha used to come from college at 4 pm. Both of us used to have evening tea together at 5 pm and then started studying in our rooms.
My father was undergoing chemotherapy at Delhi so my Mom and Dad were not expected to return for at least another 30- 40 days. Both Rekha and me were in contact with them over telephone.

I used to study till late in the night. Once when I went to kitchen for water at around 1 am in the night, I looked in to Rekha’s room. Rekha was sound asleep. She was wearing a red skirt and a black shirt top on that day.
That was her usual dress at home, skirt and a shirt top with buttons in front. I went in to her room. She was sleeping casually as only me and her were at home. Her red skirt was positioned in such a way that I could see her full legs totally.

Rekha was fair in colour. Her legs above the knees were spotless and very smooth, I just felt like touching them and licking them. By this time my Lund was in fully erect position and could have released sperms after one or two stroke.

I somehow controlled myself and kept on looking at her legs for another few minutes. After that I gathered courage and moved her skirt a little more higher, so I could see her white panties.

Few pubic hairs were coming out of the sides of the panty. It was a dream come true for a 18 year old boy who has never seen a naked girl before and was content with masturbation after looking at porn magazines.

I immediately took out my erect Lund from my shorts and in a few strokes I ejaculated a stream of sperms on the floor. I rushed for a wipe from the kitchen and cleaned the floor. I came back to my room stealthily thereafter and slept.

Next day everything was as normal, Rekha was unaware of my deeds. Whole day passed as usual and I was waiting for the night to masturbate and so many adventurous things were going on in my mind in the night, once again at around 1 am I entered her room without making any sound.

I could see her in the same position as that of yesterday, her skirt was a little above her knees and she was sleeping soundly. I gathered courage and again lifted her skirt easily, so as to have a clear view of her panties.

I looked at her silken thighs and round ass packed inside panties and few pubic hairs coming out, heartfelt for a few minutes. My penis was not fully erect yet and wanted some more.

So I once again gathered courage and started opening top buttons of her shirt top slowly, so that she might not wake up. I was successful in opening three top buttons of her top and now I could see her melons tightly packed inside her bra. Rekha had good sized boobs.

Her bra was not able to cover them fully, ample was coming out of them. I continued looking at her cleavage and 1/4 th of the boobs that were coming out of the bra. My Lund was fully erect by now, I took it out and within a few strokes I was done.

I came out of her room after wiping my semen off the floor. I did not dare to close her top buttons for the fear of risking her getting up again next day morning, everything was usual, Rekha did not suspect anything, she might have thought that she might herself have opened buttons because of high temperature.

I was getting more and more adventures day by day and wanted more. When Rekha went to bathroom, I tried peeping inside through a crack in wooden planks of bathroom door. I could see her taking off clothes and had a full view of her breasts.

She had pink areolas when she sat down for shower, I could not see any further as the crack was a little higher and only the upper part of her body was visible from that crack. I took out my penis in my hand and waited for her to get up again to towel her body.

She got up after a few minutes and now her big breasts were in my clear view. I felt like playing with her breasts and pinching her areolas. By the time she clothed herself after towel and I was through with my masturbation and went inside my room, before she came out of the bathroom in the afternoon after coming back from the coaching

I took a screwdriver and widened the crack in the wooden plank of bathroom door, so as to have a clearer view from next day onwards. The only thing in my mind during those days was the fair silken shapely body of Rekha, her breasts, her panties. My studies were going for a toss.

I was not able to concentrate on my studies any more. Earlier I used to spend only half an hour in a day looking at porn magazines and masturbating, but now all 24 hours, I was thinking about next adventures in the night and I again entered Rekha’s room, today after lifting her skirt up and opening the blouse buttons

I tried lifting the sides of her panty so as to have a view of her pussy hole. I gently lifted the mid portion of her panty between her thighs and had a heartfelt look at her vaginal opening. It was covered in black pubic hair. It was slightly moist, when I softly tried touching it with one hand.

I had lifted the side of her panty and the other was working on my stiff cock as I was masturbating Rekha suddenly changed sides and I had to leave her panty. She pulled down her skirt, her eyes were closed and she was in deep sleep.
But there was a fear in my mind that probably Rekha had come to know of my deeds. I slowly walked in my room, masturbated and went to sleep. I was waiting for Rekha’s reaction the next day. But she did all her chores and looked normal.
I thought that she has not come to know about what I was doing again I peeped through the bathroom door in the morning when she went for bath, masturbated and went for my coaching classes.

This continued for next few days, on some occasions I felt as if Rekha is awake while I was touching her pussy lips after lifting sides of her panty during night adventures when I was done with my masturbation.
She used to change sides and bring her skirt down. On few occasions she kept the back button of her bra open and I could have full view of her breasts on those days.

After about a month my parents came back from Delhi, My father and mother started sleeping in the room, in which I used to study and sleep. Now me and Rekha were sharing a room and used to share a double bed.

Rekha used to go to bed at around 11 pm and I used to wait for her to be in deep sleep till 1 am then I started my usual routine of lifting her skirt up, opening blouse buttons, slightly lifting panty sides, have a look at her vaginal opening, masturbating and then go to bed.

It had become a daily routine now, except for the fact that peeping through bathroom door was not possible now, when my parents were at home. One Sunday night when I opened the buttons of her shirt top, I was aghast as Rekha was not wearing any bra on that day when I lifted her skirt.

I was out of this world, as she was not wearing any panty even. I slowly got up from the bed, closed the door of our room. Then I had a full view of my sister Rekha’s firm breasts which were ogling out of three open buttons, she had trimmed her bush, her pubic hair were shining.

And there it was my 20 year old virgin sister showing me her secret parts. I had a heartfull view of my nude sister, masturbated to my satisfaction, rearranged her clothes and went to sleep.

Now on weekends, Rekha used not to wear any undergarments and I used to have full fun on those days. Once when I was masturbating looking at my sister’s nude body, my mother entered our room, she was totally surprised looking at 

what was going on.

I had my Lund in my hand and was stroking it vigorously. As soon as I say my mother, I was totally panicked and my erect Lund shrinked. My mother waited for a few seconds, and left the room without saying anything.

Next morning also everything went on as normal, but when I came back from my coaching and had lunch, my mother came to room. Rekha had gone to her college at that time. My mother sat beside me and told me that it was normal at my age to be attracted to females.

But masturbating looking at my sisters body was against the norms and I should not have sexual feelings towards my sister. She asked me to start sleeping in another room with my father, and she said that Rekha will start sleeping with her from today.

I was a bit relieved; otherwise I was expecting a nuclear bomb after what happened last night. I could not concentrate on my engineering entrance exams anymore and I took admission in B.Sc. in a college. Rekha got married in year 2000. After completing my graduation

I got selected as Income Tax Officer and got posted at far off place. I am still unmarried, I got a chance of meeting Rekha at one of the family functions in year 2007, and she had turned sexier after giving birth to two sons.

She had accumulated flesh at right places when we started our conversation, she asked me why I was not getting married, I told her that I was waiting for a dream girl like her to enter in my life. She just smiled.

We exchanged our contact phone numbers and she asked me to call her late in the night after 11.30 pm when her husband is on night shift. Now we are in regular contact over phone. One day while conversing she told me that she has undergone family planning operation when we started remembering those old days

After my didi got married, we used to meet occasionaly on her son’s birthday or on some marriage functions. It was month of January and there was a marriage of one of my cousin brother and the baraat had to reach girls place at Ajmer. My sister called me on phone and asked whether I was planning to attend the marriage. I told her that I will definetely be attending as this cousin brother was quite close to me.

She was happy to hear that and said that she will be attending the marriage ceremony with her all family members. Jiju will drive the car and they will pick me up from Jaipur and then all of us will go to Ajmer together. She told me that after marriage they will stay at my place in Jaipur for one day to buy some Rajasthani dresses and Churis etc.

I was eagerly waiting for her arrival on the day of marriage as I was told that they will reach at around noon. I got up early on that day and was ready before time. Didi alongwith her family reached at my place at around 1pm, I ordered lunch from a nearby reataurant and then we got ready to move to Ajmer. Jiju and her sons were sitting in the drawing room, when she asked me which toilet to use, as she wanted to go to toilet. I told her to use my toilet, the other one is not clean.

I asker her to come with me. As she entered toilet and bolted the door, I started peeking from the slit which I had prepared years ago. Didi untied nada of her salwar and brought down her panty, I could see her bush clearly, then she sat down on the commode and started pissing. The hissing sound made me more horny. As soon as she got up from the seat, I quicky moved to the drawing room and started playing with her kids.

When I was just about to sit on the front seat with my Jiju, who was on driver’s seat, elder son of didi started saying that he wanted to sit on the front seat. I readily agreed and sat with my sis on the back seat. My didi was in the middle, her younger son wanted to sit on the window seat. Everything was going on in my favour. After about half an hour of drive, when all of us had finished the quota of general questions and know hows, didi started dozing off. She started leaning on my shoulders.

I did not move and provided her my shoulder as pillow. Jiju who was looking in the rear view mirror also started smiling. After some time, I folded my hands and slowly entered my hand inside her shawl and started touching her boobs. I did all this in a fashion so that Jiju does not come to know. After some time before reaching Ajmer, I felt her boobs nicely and enjoyed thoroughly before removing my hand.

After the marriage function, all of us were asked to sleep in one big hall where there were many mattresses and rajais available. For close family members like us there was a small hall for 10-15 people where there was a similar arrangement. Once we entered the room and were about to enter our rajais, some of Jiju’s friends came and forcibly asked him to join for drinks. Didi resisted and asked him not to go but his friends somehow managed to take him with them.
All others in that hall had already slept and kids of my sister were too tired and slept as soon as they entered in their rajais. 

Me and didi were sitting together and she told me that we should also go to sleep after changing as it was already too late, I agreed. I changed into my kurta pyjama and she changed in to a cotton saree as it was not appropriate to wear gown in front of so many relatives. We were sleeping adjacent to each other in our rajais. After some time Jiju made her a call and told her that he will be staying in the hotel where there was arrangement for drinks and she should go to sleep. I wished her Gud nite and pulled over my rajai.

There were so many thoughts going in my mind, what all to do in this God sent opportunity. After about half an hour I took one of my hands inside her rajai and kept it on one her boobs over the blouse, which was closer to me, she didnot respond and kept sleeping. After taking full pleasure of touching her boob, I carefully brought down the hand and started pulling up her saree and peticoat which was already up to her knee. As soon as I started pulling up,

she moved a little and adjusted herself and started facing other side, with her back towards me. I immediately stopped, after some time I decided not to pull her saree and peticoat, instead enter the hand from below. I was successful in my attempt and without disturbing her took my hand and kept it on her panty covered ass. I kept my hand for about 10-15 minutes when she started moving again, I quickly removed my hand. She got up, came out of the rajai and went to the toilet. After she came back, she again slept keeping her ass towards me. I waited for another half an hour and reentered my hand and as I was about to keep my hand on her ass, I was taken aback as didi was not wearing any panty now. I slowly moved my hand on her bush covered pussy and slowly strated feeling its moistness. This was more than enough for my Lund, I slowly took out my lund from pyjama and undies and was through after 10-12 to and fro moves. I slowly took out my hand from her rajai and slept after that.

Next day we reached my house at around 2 in the noon, Jiju took both the kids to his sisters place who also lives in Jaipur and instructed me to take my didi for shopping in the evening. He told us that he will be back after dinner in the night, my didi should be ready to move early in the morning next day, and keep all the packaging ready. So me and my dear didi were all alone in my house. I ordered lunch and we had our regular chats like what all she wanted to shop in the evening etc. After we had our lunch, didi changed in to gown and came in my bed room. She was looking awesome in that pink gown. I instantly had a hard on. As I was looking at her firm boobs over the gown, she just smiled. Then she said that she wanted to talk to me about something, I asked her to go ahead.

She said that she knows what all I have been doing with her before marriage. I asked what did she mean. She asked me not to pretend ignorant, she knows that I have been shagging after looking at her boobs and ass while she was sleeping before her marriage. She told me that she knows that I have been peeking through the slit in the bathroom door. Further she said that she was not sleeping yesterday night while I was masturbating after keeping my hand on vagina. She was a bit angry,

After sometime she cooled down and told me that she being educated knows the physical needs of men and women. She said that it was natural for teen boys to get attracted to opposite sex, be it his sister or not. Didi said that she had been helping me masturbate by showing off so that I donot get in to bad company and keep my focus on studies. Didi said that she wanted me to help satisfy my sexual urges through masturabtion and concentrate on builiding future instead of whiling away time in bad company in and around girls, which would have wasted my time. I was totally astounded after hearing all this.

She asked me to get married as soon as possible as I was well settled now. I asked her to search a suitable girl for me like hers, she smiled and agreed. She already had one girl in her mind and told me that she will arrange everything within a month or two. After some time, I gathered courage and asked her if she could allow me to have sex with her once before my marriage. She furiously told me NO loudly. Didi said that she does not want to spoil her happily married life and I should be content with all that I have got in the past. I kept quiet with my head down. After some time she went out of my room

At around 5 in the evening, i knocked on her bedroom door and asked whether she was ready to go out for shopping. She was still in that pink gown, when she opened the door. I could not resist looking at her boobs, she noticed and smiled. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and asked her, Didi before my marriage can I see her full nude for one last time and masturbate whole hearteldy, I will not fuck her for sure. She just smiled and said let me think over it

When we came back from shopping in the evening, Jiju had come back home with children. Jiju had his drinks followed by dinner. After that he announced that we brother and sister can chat together and he is going for sleep in another room. Children were also tired by that time and they followed their father in the bed. My sister asked me to wait for her in the drawing room as she will be back after getting fresh and changing her clothes. I started surfing tv channels in the drawing room. Didi was back within 10-15 minutes and asked me what I was doing. I told her just passing time.

Then she enquired about my daily routine and other things regarding office and neighbours etc. When we were chatting I noticed that she had not buttoned the top two buttons of her night gown. As soon as I noticed that and started peeking on to her mounds coming out of bra and the cleavage, she suddenly noticed and smiled. She asked me what am I looking at? I replied nothing but just admiring your beauty. She smiled and said that I am your sister and that too happily married, I should not have such kind of fellings for her.

I told her that I have tried so many times but of no use and asked what had she thought about my request which I had placed before her in the evening. She asked which request. I once again told her that I wanted to see her nude once and that too last time and wanted to masturbate whole heartedly before getting married. She just smiled and said that today is probably the last time we are meeting before may marriage and she would arrange for my marriage within 2-3 months.

She said that she has a distant relatives (of her husband) daughter in her mind, and she would fix up everything within next 10-15 days. She said that this was high time I got married. Taking an opportunity I once again placed my request. 

She said okay but warned me once again not to get physical, I immediately. She got up an bolted the door from outside in which Jiju and children were sleeping.
She walked up to sofa and asked me what I was waiting for? Chal uth aur dekh le nanga apni sagi behan ko, kar le apne man ki muraad poori. Jaane kab se meri skirt utha utha ke aur bra khol ke meri chuchiyon ko dekh raha hai par man nahi bhara tera, le dekh le aaj aakhri baar. Itna kah ke unhone apne gown ko uthaya aur sar ke upar se nikal diya. Main dekh ke ek dum sunn rah gaya, meri didi mere saamne keval bra aur panty mein khadi thi. Kya chikna sharer tha, mera lauda ek dum tan ke khada ho gaya.

Maine kaha didi please bra aur panty ko bhi to utaro na please, to wo boli kuch mehnat tub hi kar le. Main to ye hi chah raha tha. Main turant utha aur unki bra ke hook khol ke dono kabootar azaad kar diye. By God kya mast chuchiyan then didi ki… do bachoon ki maan hone ke bawjood bahut mst theein. Shaadi se pahle ke mukable kaafi badi ho gayi theen aur nipple bhi pink ki jagah brown ho gaye the.

Main un mast chunchiyon ko dekhta hi rah gaya aur ek haath se apne aujaar ko pajaame ke upar se hi ragadne laga. Mujhe is haalat me dekh ke didi boli chal tu bhi utar le apne kapde aur aaj maar le mere saamne muth… aaj tak kabhi tere ko dekha nahi… main bhi to dekhoon mera bhai shaadi laayak hua bhi hai ya nahi. Itna sunte hi maine apne saare kapde nikal fenke. Mere 9 inch ke lund ko dekh ke didi ki aankhon mein chamak aa gayi. Main use aage peeche karne laga.

Ye dekh didi boli aaj meri chaddi nahi utarega kya… apna maal kya in mummon ko dekh ke hi nikal dega… main bola kya karoon didi… aaj bhut saalon ke baad dekha hai to control nahi ho raha… wo thoda muskurayin aur apne aap chaddi ko apne dono pairon ke beech mein se nikal diya… phir dono taangein faila ke sofe par baith gayin… hai allah kya must choot thi didi ki… charon taraf halki halki jhaantein… ubhara hua dana… aur beech mein gulabi choot… apne dono haathon se choot se lips ko alag karte hue didi boli… le dekh le apni behana ko poori tarah… tu to mera bhai hai… jaane kitne saalon se is kii khwahish kar raha hai… aaj bhagwan ne teri sun li…

Main ek haath se apne bilkul kadak ho chuke lund ko sahla raha tha aur mujhe vishwas nahi ho raha tha ki didi mere saamne nangi ho ke taange khol ke sofe pe leti padi hai… meri aankon mein vaasna ka bhoot sawaar tha aur unme laal dore tair rahe the…

Maine didi se phir se request ki didi please aap muth maar do na… sachhi maja aa jaayega… didi ne muskurate hue kaha le aaj saari baatein tere man ki poori kar deti hoon aur apne ek haath me mera lund lekar hilaane lagi…

Didi: Maja aa raha hai?

Me: Sach mein didi aaj to barson ki muraad poori ho gayi bas aise hi hilaati raho mere land ko

Didi: Le daba le mere mummay apne haathon se … kitne saalon se inko ghoor raha hai

Me: didi ke mummay dono haathon se dabbate hue aur nipple ko meenjte hue… aap kitni sexy ho di…

Didi: Kitni der mein chodega apna paani, kitni der ho gayi hilaate hue, lagta hai shaadi ke baad tu to apni biwi ki jaan hi le lega

Me: Bas didi thoda aur

Ab mera land ek dam lakkad ban chuka tha aur ek ke baad ek kai saari pichkaari maine didi ke pet, choonchi aur face pe fenk maari

Didi: Lagta hai bahut dino se maal ikattha kar rakha tha

Me: Nahi didi aap ko nanga dekh ke aaj lagta hai kuch jyaada hi nikla hai

Then I have taken a tissue roll, one roll given to didi and 2nd tissue roll used to clean my penis. Myself and my didi were looking to each other and smiling . 
Next day early morning didi left to delhi with kids. Before leaving , she was discussing to my jiju about my marriage with Anjali. She requested him to initiate this proposal. Jijaji was also interested for this relation and he said it’s perfect match for us.

Next day didi called me and requested to come delhi and meet Anjali. I was interested to know about her. Didi said , she is distant cousin of my jiju and she has completed her MCA and this time doing job as well. She was there at jiju’s house in delhi for some time around , when she was preparing for some competitive exam in delhi.

Didi also informed me regarding Anjali ….she said that as per your interest she has everything perfect…you cann’t complain once look at her.

I felt happy and start dreaming about her..

Next Sunday I reached Delhi in the morning and reached my Didi’s place at around 10 in the morning, Anjali with her parents came there at around noon. Anjali was looking gorgeous, she had everything in right proportions. She was wearing a pink salwaar suit. I could not resist ogling at her, and her melon sized boobs packed inside pink suit.

After some refreshements and Lunch, Didi asked me and Anjali to go to a separate room and ask each other whatever we wanted to. Me and Anjali moved to separate room, and enquired about each others hobbies, job etc. I found Anjali to be a good natured but shy girl.

After Anjali and her parents departed, I gave my consent to Didi and jiyajee for marrying Anjali. Both of them were very happy. Everything was arranged very soon and may marriage date was fixed after two months. I started chatting with Anjali over phone, she was trying to get herself transferred to Jaipur after marriage. Everything was going as per plan. All the preparations of marriage were being managed by Didi and Jiyajee at Delhi. One month before marriage didi once again asked me to come over to Delhi for finalising marriage hall and other things.

I arrived on a weekday, Jiju had left for office by that time and children were at college. Finding didi alone at home gave me an instant hard on. After intial chit chats, didi asked whether I had made all preparations for marriage. I naughtily asked her what kind of preparations she was talking about.

Didi: Tu sab samajh raha hai kis tayyari ki baat kar rahi hoon

Me: Haan didi waise to sab tayyar hai, lekin pahli pahli baar mein thoda dar to lagta hi hai, ab bina experience ke jo hoga dekha jaayega

Didi: Kya sachi tune abhi tak kisi ladki ke saath sex nahi kiya hai?

Me: Sachi didi bas aaj tak muth hi maari hai, aur jeewan mein bas ek baar aapne mera saath diya hai
Lekin kabhi kisi ladki ke andar nahi daala

Didi: Chal koi baat nahi, maine bhi to shaadi ke baad pahli baar hi tere Jiju ke saath sex kiya tha

Me: Didi agar tum chaho to….

Didi: Nahi kabhi nahi, maine pahle bhi tujhko mana kiya tha, aur aaj phir kar kar rahi hoon, ab teri shaasi hone wali hai, bhool jaa sab kuch aur apni nayi jindagi ki shuruaat kar. Chal ab market chalte hain.

Didi ne baat khatam ki aur is bare mein aage baat karne ko mana kar diya. I got married to Anjali in a decent marriage ceremony. All my family members and relatives attended the marriage. Anjali and me were well settled in Jaipur post marriage.

I found Anjali to be very aggressive in bed quite opposite to her shy nature. She generally used to initiate sex talks, she was very good in foreplay. She taught me how to prolong and create more excitement during sex. I found her to be an excellent cock sucker. Generally our sex session used to start at 10 pm post lunch and ending at midnight.

One day after coming from office, I was feeling very horny. I started massaging her boobs over her nighty while other hand was moving on her round ass. I started smooching her. She also got excited, she instantly got rid of her gown, bra and panty. She sat on sofa with her legs spread wide apart and asked me to lick her clit. I happily obeyed.

After licking her clit and inserting my tongue in her pussy for about 10 minutes she started responding to my tongue movements. I understood that she is ready now, but to prolong the experience I asked her to return the favour by sucking my cock. She took my cock and started sucking like a professional. She knew how much spit to be used and how deep in the throat makes a man happy. I was on top of the moon. I was thoroughly enjoying it.

When she anticipated that I was about to cum, she immediately stopped and asked me to come to bed room. She held my hand and pulled me to bed room. We had sex in all possible positions. After the sex while we were lying on the double bed, I asked her from where did she learn to suck cock such nicely, she just smiled and said everyone in this world has his or her own kind of adventures during youth. She requested me not to ask any further about her private life before marriage.

Anjali ne turant topic change karte hue kaha ki mujhe tumhaare upar chadh ke chudwane mein bahut maja aata hai. Lo ab ek round aur chod lo mujhe doggy style mein. Ek sundar ladki nangi hoke mere paas bed pe leti padi hai, mere ek haath uski choonchiyon pe hai, wo apne ek haath se mere laude ko sahla rahi hai, lekin mera lund khada hi nahi ho raha tha. Mere man mein kewal ek hi sawaal ghoom raha tha ki kya shaadi se pahle Anjali kisi se chudwa chuki hai kya?

Mere man ki stithi ko samajh ke Anjali boli, agar tum chahte ho ki main apne shaadi se pahle ki saari baatein tum ko bata doon to tumko bhi waisa hi karna padega imaandaari se. Main turant tayyar ho gaya. Is se pahle main kuch bolta Anjali ne jo kaha wo sun kar meri aankhon ke saamne andhera chhaa gaya…
Anjali: Main “Night Adventures with Didi” ke Part 1 to 3 tumhaare laptop ki word file mein saved ko padh chuki hoon, ab aage jo batao sab sach sach bataana…
Anjali ne mujhse pahle apni saari shaadi se pahle ki baatein sach sach bataane ko kaha aur wada kiya ki wo bhi sab kuch bina kuch chupaaye mujhko bataayegi taaki hamaari married life bina kisi shak ke bharose ke saath chal sake.

Maine Anjali ke saamne bhagwaan ki kasam kha ke kaha ki jo kuch us story mein likha hai wo sab kuch bilkul sahi hai aur didi ke saath main 18 saal se hi sex karna chahta tha. Aur ye bhi sach hai ki main didi ko poora nanga dekh chukka hoon, unhone mujhko apni taangein phaila ke apni chooth dikhayi hai, maine unke mummay dabaye hain aur didi ne apne haathon se meri muth maari hai. Iske ke alawa mera koi raaj nahi hai, baaki to blue film dekhna aur gandi kahaniyan padh ke muth maarna to sabhi ladke karte hain lekin maine kisi aur ladki ke saath kabhi koi sex nahi kiya hai.

Itna sunke Anjali ne poocha kya kabhi kisi ladki se apna lund chuswaya hai shaadi se pahle. Maine kaha aisa maine kuch nahi kiya hai, jo kuch sach thaw o tum story mein padh chuki ho aur maine tumhe saach bata bhi diya hai. Iske alawa bataane ko aur kuch nahi hai. Anjali ne meri baton pr viswhas karte hue kaha ki yadi kabhi kuch aur maloom hua to main tumse divorce le lungi, soch lena. Maine kaha theek hai lekin tum bhi is cheej ka dhyaan rakhna aur please bina kuch chupaaye mujhe sab kuch bata do, jis se aage ke liye sab kuch aasaan ho jaaye nahi to main bhi tumko maaf nahi kar paunga.

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