My cousin's wife

This is story contains real incidents. The main character in this story is my cousins wife Merin(not real name) Me and cousin brother james(not real)has 13 year age difference. He was running a restaurant in our town and he had real estate business too. I was in 7th standard when he got married to merin. My cousin brothers house only 15 meter away from my house. I usually visit my cousin’s house especially during breakfast time. His parents are like my parents. When I feel bored with my moms food I go to cousins house to have breakfast from there. Even after cousin’s marriage we were doing that, Merin was 21 year old that time. We become really good friends easily,cause there was no any ladies to make friendship with her other than her mother in law. ThenI start to go there night time too after I finish my studies and I come back to my house when my cousin come back after work. We just talk about some random things, sometimes about things happened inher college or her family. I usually go through her college books and autographs. Sometimes she show me the new dresses she bought. One time when she opened one of her suitcase I saw a cup bra and I start to laugh, she start to laugh with me when she findout the reason. The relationship between us was so innocent.
Merin got pregnant from my cousin, and still I go there everynight and after spending sometime with her I come back to my house. One day she went to her house, cause her delivery was after 3 months. I missed her alot at that time, cause she was the only friend I had. After 3 months She gave birth to a baby girl and then she came back to cousins house after a month. I start to go there again and play with the baby every night. One night I finished my studies early and went to cousins house to see merin and baby. It was really dark outside. I had a habit of scaring Merin by standing outside window of her room. So I walked to her window slowly without making sound and I peeped through the window before scaring her to make sure that she is there, I stunned by seeing the view inside. Merin was changing her dress, she had removed her salwar already. She was trying to remove her kamees through her head. She was wearing a light blue panty and black bra inside. Her boobs were trying to come out of her bra. She was really fair, her boobs looks so fair in black bra and her belly was really good shape even after delivery. It was really smooth too and that belly button was so deep too, the panty she was wearing is really small, it was that small it almost cover her secret part. It was a new type of panty and her thighs were really smooth and shapely, I found something is happening in me. This was my first time I saw a girl like this and dick was getting hard and I took it out , there was precum on it, I start to massage my dick looking at her, she turned around to take her nighty.. Ohh my that bum, that blue panty was not enough to cover that. I really want to press that bum globes, she wore that nighty through her head and I start to shake my dick hard it was a light pink nighty I still can see shadow of her bra and panty through that nighty and I ejaculated lot of cum. That was my first masturbation.

I moved from the window, cause I was breathing heavily. I put my dick back and made my dress properly. Then I went to their door and rang the bell, Merin knows that it was me , cause I usually come to their house at that time. She looked at me and asked why you are sweating alot, I noticed myself and yea I was sweating. I found an excuse and said “yea, I ran from my house to here, cause sone street dogs were barking there outside” she laughed and said ” haha u scared ” and she walked to her room and I followed her. I was looking at her bum while she was walking, i could see her panty line through her nighty. Her bum was swaying when she walks. My dick still started to get hard. I adjusted my pant. Her baby was there on bed, and she was folding her baby’s new dresses. There was a suitcase on her bed and she was arranging baby’s clothes in that suitcase. I was watching her closely. She had tied her hair to back. Her face was looking so sexy like that her lips were so beautiful, anyone like to kiss that. Her nighty was not proper so I could see her left bra strap outside. And small portion of cleavage was visible too. I tried to hide my hardness from her and looked at her cleavage like 10 minutes while she was busy with her work. After that she put her suitcase under her bed when she bent I could see more cleavage. She was telling me that she was arranging baby’s clothes from last hour and she looked at me and said why you are sweating still, you got fever or what and she touched my forehead with her hand and said yea it is hot, u shld take some medicine. I said ok. That night I was thinking each part of her body closely and before I go to bed I masturbated again thinking about her. That night I got really good sleep. It was Saturday night, so I dnt need to wake up early. I woke up by hearing my moms voice , she was calling me from kitchen, she said Merin called u and told u to call back. I had no cellphone that time, cause I was in tenth standard that time, so I called her from home phone. She asked me to go to footwear in town, cause her husband had bought a shoe for her yesterday and it’s not her size and he forgot to take it with him when he left to his restaurant, and her in-laws are out of town, so she want me to go and exchange the show from town. I said I just woke up now, I didnt evn brush my teeth. I will be there after half an hour, she said she is going to take shower right now. Evn she will be done by that time. I said ok sounds good.
I was so happy after yesterday incident and today morning I am going to see her again. That was so exciting for me. I brushed my teeth so fast and took a quick shower and wore a jean and T-shirt and then I left to my cousin’s house. I was thinking what she will be doing right now. She might be changing her dress after bath.I got an idea, I went near to same window without making sound and peeped inside, baby Was sleeping there and I couldnt find merin there. I was trying to look at the attached bathroom, it seems like she is not there too, cause there was no noise coming from that bathroom, I thought she might be using top floor washroom cause it has water heater. I cursed my bad luck and went to the front door of the house and tried to open it, it was closed. So I walked to the kitchen, sometimes they dont lock kitchen door, I walked to backside and I was right, she didnt lock kitchen door, may be she forgot to lock it and it was secure too in our area, we dont need to afraid of thiefs cause we never had that kind of problem there, I walked inside.  was right she was not there in her bedroom.. I took stairs to the top floor room.. Stair is leading to a big common room, that room has three doors, two doors to two bedrooms and other door to balcony… She usually use the left side bedroom and its washroom.. The door of that room was half closed.. I walked towards that door and looked inside through the gap.. She was not in that room too.. She might be in the bathroom I thought, cause I could hear shower sound from inside.. I slowly opened the bedroom door and entered to room, the night she wore yesterday was there on that bed.. I could nt find her undergarments, I think she entered bathroom on her panty and bra.. My mind was so wanted to see her under shower., so I walked to bathroom door and looked inside through key hole.. I saw the most beautiful thing inside.. She was under shower and I could see Merin’s full naked back… Her butt cheeks were wet and soft .. She had got beautiful bum..I really wanted to open the door and go inside and hug her from behind.. My dick really want to feel the softness of her naked butt.. And squeeze her both boobs from behind.. I tried alot to see her naked boobs .. But I only could see the side view.. She turned of the shower abd took the towel to dry her self.. I thought it’s not safe to be in this room anymore.. I came out of the room and kept the door as before and came down and went to kitchen and came outside of the house.. Then I walked to the front door of the house and rang the bell as if I just came now.. I know that she will take a while to open the door, cause she will be changing her dress now.. Still I rang the bell again.. I could hear her sound.. She was coming down from upstairs and she called my name to make sure that it’s me.. “Jose…”.. I responded “yea”.. She opened the door and asked me to come in.. She was wearing only kurta.. Cause she came in a rush to open the door.. Both Sides of the kurta was open up to middle of her thigh.. I could see side view of her thighs when she turned around.. She was still wet cause she couldnt dry herself properly .. When I followed I could see her kurta is sticking in to her butt crack cause of werness .. And it was very clear that she has no her panty on now.. Cause her butt shape was reaally clear for me through her wet kurta.. She asked whether I had my breakfast .. I said no.. She said she had made some breakfast.. I can have that and she will come back by that time.. I know she is going to put on her panty and salwar.. I said ok..she went to upstairs and I grabbed one plate and started to have breakfast.

She came back after few minutes, I was having breakfast .. She was wearing dark blue kurta and white salwar.. She had put on some weight after delivery.. Nd kurta was showing the real shape of her body..she still had a towel on her head to dry her hair.. She was not wearing any shawl.. She usually wear it on shoulder when she go out.. In her house she never wear it… I was mesmerized by her looks.. After the breakfast, she gave the shoes she shoe she want to exchange in a bag. I left the house in few minutes.. On the way to the store i was thinking about her only.. I need to be more close to her i thought.. Now she dnt have any bad image about.. She thinks that i am still that innocent boy..,but all those incidents had changed me alot.. I was trying to find a plan to change her attitude towards me… That night I didnt get proper sleep.. Whole night I was thinking about her…nd I figured out something in mind…Till now I enjoyed her by watching ..from now I have to make use of all opportunity to touch and feel her body.. I had touched her body before too.. But that time I never had any negative thoughts.. We usually had some fights when I touch her things .. Especially when I read her autographs and make fun of her .. And we usually do some fun fights .. She usually pinch me on my thighs .. It was really painful .. I still have mark on my thighs.. Nd then we start to fight till any of us stops… I had touched her body when i grab baby from her too and several other times too… But all those touchings were unintentional.. But now I really feel like to touch her.. I dnt evn remember when I slept that night.. Morning I woke up late and I had to rush to go to college..
That night I finished my studies fast.. Cause l want to go to cousins house and see my sexy bhabi.. I walked to window of her room and peeped to her room, unfortunately she had changed to nighty alrdy.. I curse myself for missing the show.. She was wearing a light green nighty.. I walked to the front door without making any sound and rang the bell.. I know that she is going to open the door , cause her in laws were not came back from relatives house.. They will come back only after 3 days.. She opened the door “did u finish ur studies early today” “yea” I said.. “What is ur mom doing there” ” she is watching dramas”. I was watching her sexy body when I walked behind to her room.. Every Night she will be arranging something in her room at this time.. baby was in crib..I played with baby for sometime.. She was telling me some gossips and was asking me about some of our relatives while doing her work..I took a toy from the table to play with baby.. I found an album there and I asked whose album is that.. She said its her family album , she brought it from her home when she last went there… I took that and sat on her bed .. She was sitting other side of bed.. She showed me the dress she bought for herself and I appreciated her selection.. Cause all the ladies are same type .. They like to get appreciation for their selection.. I opened the album nd went through pics it’s all her parents and grand parents old pics.. And then I found a pic of two teenage girls wearing funny dress .. She said thats her and sister’s pic.. That pic was so funny.. Nd I start to laugh and she was like what .. I said seriously it’s u.. Nd she “yea” I laughed again and start to fun of that pic.. She pinched hard on my right thigh.. That was so painful..ok this is the chance I thought I pinched on her left thigh very hard ..nd I didnt leave evn after she cried loud with pain.. Actually this time I was enjoying the touch.. She hit on my hand to take my hand cause of pain.. When she tried to hit me again With her left hand I pushed her she was going to fall and to avoid that she hold my right hand suddenly and I fell on her nd then she try to hit me with her right hand..i was still on top of her… I caught her right hand with my left hand to block it…in that move of mine my left hand elbow was pressing on her right boob.. Actually my intention was to block her before but then I was enjoying softness of her boob and she didnt notice it during fight.. I was really enjoying that fight .. Her other hand was free now.. So she pinched on my right bum.. I was not ready to leave her like that .with my right hand i tried to pinch on her left butt.. To block my move she tried to lay on my that hand that helped me to enjoy her butt.. She thought she is blocking me but actually i was pressing her bum back and I was feeling her soft bum.. Nd then I struggled and when she made her body loose my hand become free and I pinched hard on her left butt.. My other elbow was still pressing on her boob.. Her hand was pinching my but nd mine her too.. Nd both were trying to make it painful for other .. But I was not even feeling the pain .. But she was stretching herself with pain and that gave me more space and my right leg elbow was on her pussy area now.. My dick was getting hard inside my pant.. I never wear underwear at night so my dick got more freedom., nd she was trying to get her right hand free nd I never let her and that gave me chance to feel the left boob too now my left arm was fully on her both boobs.. She was still thinking it is like our normal fight.. But I was taking advantage.. My right leg was still on her both leg and its elbow was on her pussy area.. She stretched again that force me to change position and now my elbow moved from there and my dick took that place .. And i tried to hump two times on her pussy when she made her pinch on my butt she found something wrong.. Nd she released her hand from my butt.. So had to take my hand from her bum too.. Then i act like innocent boy and moved from her body and asked her how was my pinching .. Painful right?? Nvr tried to fight with me again I said.. To make situation normal I looked my back nd tried to see the mark on my butt and said it’s so red.. She started to laugh like she is happy for that .. I said u dnt need to laugh urs will be more red than me if u want to look.. She was like yea., i know ur tricks boy.. I acted innocent and said what tricks ., she gave me all I know smile.. But i still didnt change my innocent look and i sat in away so i can hide my erection.. That night I masturbated two times before sleeping thinking about my luck in that day..
Next day I dnt want to miss the show like previous night.. So I didnt study anything properly… My mom was busy with her dramas.. I didnt evn asl her permission to go to cousins house.. I found my place near her window and looked inside .. She was not in her room, suddenly bathroom door opened and came out of it.. She was not wearing salwaar.. She was on her kurta only..i could see her naked legs.. She try to remove kurta through her head I could see a flash of her naked thighs.. But accidently the window door moved and crack sound came out…nd suddenly moved from there snd stepped back from window.. I know that might be scared her.. She came near to the window.. And asked who is that.. She opened the window door fully.. But now i was dar from window.. I was hiding there in the dark near to the wall.., she asked again somebody is there.. And then may be she doubted that it was me and she called my name.. “Jose..” I knew that next thing she is going to do is call to my house.. So i walked back to my house… When i reached front door of my house.. I heard phone bell ringing.. I know my mom is really lazy to pick up phone while she watch dramas.. So i got into my house and went to dining room and picked up the call.. I was right it was Merin .. “Hello..” I answered.. Yea… “Jose .. ” yea” it’s me merin” .. She realized that it was not me standing outside and she asked “u r not coming here” i thought to joke around with her” y.. U r missing me” .. “Dnt be smart, ok i am going to cook something, come here fast” she was a bad cook.. Cause I know my mother in law usually do cooking and merin usually do cleaning stuffs.. Only if her mother in law is not there she will cook something.. That too rairly. So i said” if u r going to cook , then i am not coming there tonight” she was like “ok ., itsnot that bad., come here fast., i am alone here” ” so u r scared that’s y u called me, not cause of u miss me” “ok dnt play smart.. Come here fast” and she hung up., cause she was mad at me.. 
I left my house by asking moms permission.. And reached their front door.. And rang the bell ., she opened the door..She had changed to her silky brown nighty already.. I asked her., where is the baby.. “She is in her crib.. ” she walked to kitchen and i first went to her bedroom to see the baby.. She was a quite kid.. Nvr make any trouble to any one.. I played with baby sometimes.. And then i found the kurta she was wearing before on bed.. I took it and smelled that has her smell.. I smelled it again.. I was imagining her in place of kurta.. I walked to kitchen to see what she is doing.. I stood behind her.. Nd she was not aware that i am there.. She was heating a pan with oil.. . To scare her with my finger i just poke on her hip to tickle her., nd she got scared her hand shaked and she was holding the pan .. So the pan got shaked and start to sputter.. And some hot oil drop sputterd on her body… She moved aside., but it was still sputtering.. I nvr expected that .. Nd said “sorry.. Sorry” nd I turned of the gas.. Her hand got burned .. But only in few place cause of hot oil drops.. And there was some burn spot on her front and back neck.. I said sorry again.. I know it was painful.. Asked her if she has any medicine or burn relief.. She said it’s in the dining room.. I went to dining room and she came with me.. Nd i found the oilment in a drawer and asked her to sit on chair and she sat on a chair.. Nd i helped her in that and put oilment on her arm.. And back of her hand.. The burn was not that bad.. But still if we didnt use medicine the wound can turn to bubble.. After i said to raise her head cause there was burn mark on there too.. And she raised her face and applied medicine there too.. It was first time .. I touched her neck.. So i tried to make it soft.. And she said there is in backside too and she removed her hair from back neck with other hand.. I went to back side of her chair to apply medicine her back neck .. And i helped her tie her hair back to her head…. Her back neck was really fair there and there small red burns .. I start to aplly medicine she bend forward automatically when i applied oilment on her back neck.. As i was standing behind i could see ample view of her cleavage from top. Even I could see the orange rose bra she is wearing inside.. I was looking at her boobs only when i was massging her back neck and since the nighty moved aside i could see the orange rose bra straps.. Now i was massaging her back neck and front neck same time without giving her a hint.. My fingers start to massage her back neck it was slowly moving to front neck again and again.. From her side face it was cleared that she is getting good relief from pain .. I got some bad thought i was moving my fingers more forward when i massage her front neck.. Now whole front portion was shining with oilment .even my hand.., i was enjoying each touch and was feeling her body ., mydick was fully hard by now.. And now My hand was almost above her cleavage.. And in a second i entered my hand inside and pressed her naked boob hard inside her bra with my oily hand … It was shocking wat happened next .. She stood from her chair and moved away from me.. And looked at me angrily.. I looked at her and looked down.. So this was in ur mind right, i was sure that she noticed my hardon ., and she said u shld leave my house now.. I walked out of her house..

I ruined everything that night..Now she is going to tell my parents and her husband.. I cant face them anymore.. I was thinking about eloping from my house.. Even after i reach home, I was waiting for her call .. I thought she will call my mom and tell everything.. But nothing like happened .. But i was sure that she will tell her husband…. Tomorrow It is going to be a big scene in my family
Next day i left my house early.. I said mom that i have special class.. Cause I really want to get out of the house.. Because i was sure that my cousin will come my house and tell everything to my parents.. I couldnt focus in class that day… After an hour my class will end and I have to go back to home.. I dnt know what is the situation there now
When i reach home my mom was doing some gardening.. and merin was standing beside her and talking to her.. I acted like i didnt see them and went inside and i looked back I saw she is looking at me.. After few minutes mom came inside and she served food for me.. Nd she didnt say anything particular.. Seems like nothing happened … I guess merin didnt tell anything to anyone.. But still i dnt want to face her.. So i didnt go to her house that night..i was in my room .. My mom called from downstairs and asked ” jose.. Merin just called., y didnt u go there tonight”., i said i am not feeling well.. “She is telling u to come there.. Do watvr u want”. I didnt understand.. Y she is calling me now.. Shld I go or not.. If I dnt go then i nvr can face her.. Whatever happens I decided to go
I said ok mom … “I will go there.”
I reached her house and rang bell.. She opened the door.. Nd she said come inside.. I came in.. She was wearing her pink nighty.. She asked y didnt u come today.. I didnt say anything and looked down.. ” u didnt tell that to any one” i asked back.. She said ” not this time, but never repeat that, how this kind of thought came into ur mind… It was u watching me yesterday through window right??” She asked .. I didnt say anything.. She realized it was me.. ” jose.. I am elder than u and married to ur could u do that” i said i like her.. “
She: what
Me: I love u
She : u know ur age.. U r not suppose to talk to me like this
Me: i dnt know ..I love u
She: ok what u liked in me..
Me: i dnt know
She: see u dnt even know.. Its just an infatuation for boys in ur age
Me: no.. I like to spend time with u
She: but y
Me: i love u thats y i am coming here to see u everynight
She: u know i am ur cousins wife right.. And u r younger than me .. I cant b with u
Me: i really want to kiss u 
She: what!!.. i am telling u that i cant be with u and u r asking me kiss
Me: yea., i really want to
I moved to close her.. She moved back and stopped me
She: jose.. I told u ., i cant do that
Me: i just want to kiss u
I pushed her to the wall and tried to kiss her she turned her face and my lips touched her cheek.. I kissed there and she pushed me back
She: i told u .. U cant do this to me.. Y dnt u listen 
I moved to her again ., she said by stopping me.. u alrdy did what u want to do.. Now stop everything here
Me: no.. I want to kiss u propely.. 
She: u alrdy did it
Me: no.. Not like that.. Like couples
She: what!! R u out of mind.. No way 
I moved toward to her.. She tried to stop me.. But this time i could kiss on her lip.. My lips touched her lips.. She pushed me back forcefully
She: ok jose .. U r crossing limit.. U shld leave now
Me: no.. I told u i want to kiss u like couples
She: u did that alrdy
Me: it was not proper.. U stopped me.. Nd u r not letting me to kiss u properly
She: ok then i will let u do that on one condition.. U shld stop after a kiss.. Then u will never ask me for anything.. nd this shld be between us
Me: ok
I walked to her..
She: ok do it fast
Me: not fast
She: then?
She asked when she moved back to the wall
Me: i will show u
I moved close to her and my placed my hands on the wall.. She was standing in between my hand.. She closed her eyes and lifted her face as if she is ready .. But kissed on her closed eyes first .. I want to make it more passionate.. So she will never forget this .. I kissed her other eyes too.. Then i kissed on tip of her nose.. Her boobs were touching my chest.. And i could feel that.. She was breathing heavily.. I pressed my chest more to her boobs.. Then i gave her a small kiss on her left cheek.. Then one more kiss on her cheek.,but it was half on her cheek and half on her lips.. She thought even i ready for kiss.. But before kissing again on her lips i kisses on her neck.. She asked me by closing her eyes “what u r doing”
I didnt respond i kissed her again on neck. .. Nd next i kissed between her boobs on her nighty..she knows that i am carried away by my acts.. So she want to stop it herself.. So she caught my hair with her hands and took my face to her face and planted a kiss on my lip.. We stayed like that one minute then i want to explore her lips i start to suck her lower lip and upper lip then i was sucking both her lips one after the other.. She was cooperating with me.. Then i entered my tongue into her mouth and My tongue start to fight with her tongue.. I took my right hand from wall and placed it on left butt… But i gave more focus on kiss so she didnt stop me ., i start to feel her butt with my hand slowly i placed my other hand too on her butt.. Then while kissing her.. I slowly pressed her butt cheeks with my hand.. My tongue was still exploring her tongue and mouth i start to squeeze her butt cheeks on nighty..i could feel her panty inside .. My hands were middle part of her bum.. Nd i was pressed her body to mine my hard dick touched her pussy area on nighty., then she broke the kiss and took her hand from my head and slowly pushed me back.. She was breathing heavily and we both were sweating.. She was looking at my eyes .. I was looking at her too… Her lips were really redden after the long kiss.. My hands were still on her butt.. We stood like there few mnts.. Our bodys were still hot…
She said u shld leave now.. I thought i shld obey her now ..
Me: ok
Suddenly i gave one more kiss on her cheek and said see u tomorrow and left the house. But i was so happy cause i broke the ice between us.

I was so happy about this night.. Everything was going in my own way.. But i know that things will change from next day.. Cause her in-laws are coming back from relatives place.. So her mother in law will be there at home whole night.. Father in law wont be there till late night.. He get bored, so he will go to town every evening and come back at late night… So i have to be careful .. But my mind and body was out of control after this night.. 
Next day after college, I came back home and had some snacks . I could hear my mom and her mother in laws voice from outside.. So she is back home.. I couldnt hear merin’s voice.. Usually she will be here too talking with mom at this time.. She might be busy with some work I thought…

That night I was not in a mood of study anything.. I said my mom that I am going to cousins house.. As usual she was busy with dramas..’u dnt have anything to study??’ Mom asked..’no’ I said..’I left the house and walked to cousins house.. I rang their door bell.. My aunty susan opened the door.. She is also a drama fan.. I think i interrupted her dramas.. I asked her about her trip to relatives..she was telling me everything but my eyes were searching for merin.her room door was closed.. I think she didnt hear my voice.. Cause dramas was still playing there.. Volume was bit high..she usually close the door while susan aunty watch her dramas.. Cause she dnt like dramas.. Then susan aunty got busy with drama.. I walked towards merins room and opened the door .. My heart beat stuck.. She was changing her dress.. She had removed her kurta alrdy.. She was in her fancy violet color bra and salwar.. She was facing the other side.. I could see her naked back..She turned back by hearing the door opening sound.. And when she saw me she get shocked.. She hide her front nudity with both hands
She: what the hell. Y didnt u knock the door..ok go out for few minutes
But I didnt listen.. I entered into her room and closed the door behind me.. Merin got scared by my action.. I walked to her .
She: jose .. No funny business today.. Aunty is there in the other room and u had promised me yesterday .. 
She turned to other side to hide her bra covered boobs from me.. I hugged her from back and said ” yea.. I promised that i will never ask u for anything.. Yea i am not asking u .. I am just taking it”
She tried to free from my hug and said: dnt try to b smart..leave me and go out 
But i hold her more close to me from my behind.. My hands were on her soft belly.. First time i was touching her naked part.. Her hands were still covering her boobs.. I pressed my hard dick to her bum .. She was still struggling to b free.. 
She: jose .. Leave me please… It’s a risk..aunty is here.. Try to understand
She was talking me in low voice.. Cause she dnt want aunty to hear anything..but i didnt leave her.. I was kissing her back neck and rubbing my dick to her bum same time.. I gave a small bite on her ear lobe too.. I pressed her belly with my left hand and my other hand was moving all over her belly… Then my right hand moved to her boob from behind.. But with both her hand she blocked my move.. She didnt let me to touch there.. I tried again but i couldnt,.. Then i changed my mind .. I entered my right hand into her salwar and then i put in to her panty., it happened all of sudden.. She nvr expected that… She tried to resist by keeping both her legs closed .. But hand was alrdy started to explored .. She had shaved her pussy area..i started to rub her pussy area with my two fingers.. First she was trying to resist by closing her legs together.. But my fingers movement made her to relax her both legs that give me more access to her pussy.. I slowly entered my middle finger in to her pussy and slowly start to move it inside .. At the same time i was humping her butt with my hard dick..i increased speed of the movement of my fingers inside..She spread her legs more for me..she was actually moaning but she covered her mout with her left hand.. Her boobs become free now.. I entere my second finger too into her pussy and finger fucked her fast.. Her pussy was really wet by now.. I took my left my hand from her belly.. She didnt move away from me.. Cause she was enjoying my actions now.. While i was finger fucking her with right hand i pulled down her bra with my left hand .. Her boobs came out of her bra.. Those boobs were really good shape and her light brown nipples were so hard.. I start to press her boobs with my left hand and was enjoying her nipples with my fingers.. Nd i increased rhythm of finger fucking… Her salwar pant was become really loose by my finger actions inside her.. I pulled it down with my left hand and it fell under legs like a circle and then i pulled her panty down too till half of her thighs .. Now her bum become nude.. I want to feel her naked bum with my dick .. I pulled my pant and took my dick out and started to rub it on her nude bum.. I was moving it in middle of her bum lengthwise.. Nd with my left hand i again start to squeeze her boobs.. Her hips start to vibrate.. Her body was getting ready for an orgasm.. I start to rub my dick against to her fast..finally her body vibrated fast and she had her orgasm.. I started to hump her fast and then finally thick semen came out of my dick .. She was really tired after everything.. She just laid on her bed like that.. Her panty was still on her thighs .. She had her bra on.. But boobs were still out.. She was laying on her front.. I looked at her nude bum and bent forward and give a small bite on her bum.. But she was still numb .. She cldnt feel my bite.. I pulled my pant up.. And i laid near to her .. Her face was towards me but her eyes were closed i gave a passionate kiss on her cheek..we were laying on bed like that for fifteen minutes.. Then she wake up from bed and pulled her panty up and then she put her bra properly.. Then then she wore her light green nighty.. I was just looking at her..from her face it seems like she is mad.. I woke up from bed and i gave a kiss on her lip then i said I love u.. Then i gave her another kiss on her lips.. She didnt resist and she cooperated with me .. We kissed like lovers.. Then we broke the kiss .. Nd then i said bye to her
Me: i will see u tomorrow.. 
She didnt say anything .. I just came out of the room nd closed the door behind.. My aunty was still busy in watching TV.. I said bye to her too and left the house.

Next day I was off.. I was decided to spend more time with merin today.. I was waiting for my cousin leave to his work.. I had arranged condoms from one of my best friend.. He stole it from his brother and gave it to me.. I was prepared fully., i heard my cousins car sound., he is going to leave house soon.. After confirming that he left the house .. I grabbed condoms and put in my pant pocket.. Then I walked to his house… My uncle was there at the front room., he was reading news papers..
Uncle: r u off today?
Me: yes
Uncle:what u had for break fast
Me: i didnt eat anything .. I am going to have from here
He laughed and called my aunty and said jose is here.. Give him breakfast..
I went inside and walked to kitchen .
My aunty was there having her breakfast.. She told me to grab a plate.. I took a plate and start to have breakfast.. I asked aunty where is merin and baby.. 
Aunty: they r in their room.. She alrdy had breakfast with ur cousin.. What is ur mom doing..
Me: she is going somewhere i think
Aunty: we have a wedding invitation.. We are also going.. Ur dad will come to pick us
I thought it is going to be a waste day for me.. Cause i thought merin is also going with them
Aunty: it’s good u r off today.. Cause merin is not coming… She said it’s difficult for her with baby.. If u have nothing to do u can give her a company here
I was so happy inside.. But I didnt show that.. I said ok 
After having breakfast.. I went to merins room.. I opened the door.. She was feeding baby., she knows that it was me.. Cause she had heard my voice.. This time she didnt say anything .. Cause she knows that there is no use.. She just turned to other side.. I acted like a gentle man this time .. Cause uncle and uncle was at home.. So i thought to b a little patient until they leave.. Merin was in her nighty still.. I just sat on her bed..and watched from behind.. After feeding baby she turned towards me and asked whats ur plan today
Me: nothing..
Merin: uncle and aunty is going for a wedding .. U knw that right
Me: yea aunty told me .. She told me u r not going with them.. And she want me to give u a company
I said with a wicked smile.. She got what i meant by that.. She didnt say anything
I asked her whether she had any plan
Merin: nothing.. I just want to take a shower.. I am feeling gross .. 
She picked her towel and a red color kurta and a white salwar .. And then she picked a red fancy type bra and a matching color panty… All her underwears were new fancy type models like in lingerie ads.. She said she will come back and went to upstairs.. I was sitting on her bedroom.. Baby was sleeping in crib..After sometime.. My aunty came in to room
Aunty: me and uncle leaving now.. We will come back at night..i have made lunch .. It’s in the kitchen.. And dnt forget to close the front door
Me: ok sounds good
Aunty: tell merin we left
Me: ok
They left the house and i closed and locked the front door then i went to upstairs.. Merin was still in washroom.. I got naked myself and knocked the door
Merin: who is that
Me: its me
Merin: yea i am come in 10 mnts
But i knocked the door again
She said wait
But i didnt stop, knocked it again
She opened the door little bit and put her face out.. She was under shower cause she was fully wet .. She shocked by seeing me naked
Merin: r u out of mind.. What u r doing here.. 
Me: uncle and aunty left
She got relaxed by hearing that but still asked me by looking at my hard on
Merin: so?? 
Me: i want to take a shower too
Merin: i will came out in few mnts
Me: no, i dnt want to waste time, i will take shower with u 
I said and i pushed the door forcefully and came in.. She was fully nude and wet.. Her boobs were looking really good with water drops on it.. I locked the washroom behind..and then moved my self under shower.. She just stand there watching me and giving me a look.. I wave my hand and asked her to join.. She know that there is no choice .. She came under shower with me.. I pulled her towards me and hugged her tight .. Her nude tits pressed on my chest.. I could feel her nipple on my chest.. I tight my hug.. Her tits were crushing on my body… That makes my dick more hard.. I start to kiss her.. Forehead then cheeks then neck and finally planted kiss on her lips and slowly start to suck her lower lips.. She was kissing me back too.. Her hands were wandering on my back.. My hard dick was touching her lower belly.. I was kissing her upper lips and lower kiss first.. Then entered my tongue into her mouth and then we start to suck each others tongue.. My hands moved from her back to her bum.. And i start to press her bum cheeks and pulled her bum towards my body and continue to squeeze her soft bum with my hands.. When we got more involved with our tongue fight she start to hug me tightly to her body .. While kissing her i continue to press her bum enjoy its softness and both hands were entering into her inner thighs from back and fingers were almost near her pussy and hands still on her bum.. I was teasing her by rubbing my dick on her pussy area.. I was touching my dick to her pussy and taking it back.. She was hugging me tightly when i do that.. I spread her legs with my hands playing behind her and that give my dick more access.. I positioned tip of my dick on her pussy opening and slowly pushed it .. When she start to feel my meat entering her hole she get shocked and moved back and said ‘no’ 
Me: y?
Merin: thats not safe.. I may get pregnant from u.. 
I really wanted to enter her.. But i dnt want to force her.. So i said ‘ i have condoms’
Merin: from where u got it..
Me: from my best friend??
Merin: what u told to him.. U told something about me?
Me: no .. I said i am seducing my neighbouring aunty.. I didnt say its u
Merin: what., these wat u guys r learning from college
I just smiled and asked.. Shall i get it.. Its in my pocket
Merin: not now.. We will see
Me: what u r saying.. I am so hard .. How can u leave me like that.. 
She laughed looking at my hard dick.. She just hold it with her left hand looking at my eyes.. And start to shag me.. Then she raised her one eyebrow as if how is it
Me: this also feel good
She just smiled continued shagging me looking at my eyes.. With her hand job it become more hard.. I moved my face closed to her and start to kiss her lips while she was shagging me., now her hand was moving fast on my dick., i was about to cum.. Her hand could feel the sensation nd she increased the rythm and finally exploded white cum on her body and also on floor.. We kissed like that few more minutes then ., we both helped each other to clean our body.. I was rubbing soap on her boob belly and thighs and she helped me too .. After taking shower i helped her drying her with towel and then i was drying my self .. That time she start to put her bra and i helped her in that too.. She smiled at me.. Then she wore her panty then she start to dress herself.. My clothes were outside.. So I went outside and start to wear my pant and T-shirt.. Meanwhile she came out of the washroom too in her red kurta and white pant.. And started to walk outside of room.. I followed her and hugged her from back
Merin: ok .. We shld take a break now.. And then she took away my hands from her belly and started to walk I said ok and followed her.

She went to downstair to check the baby.. Baby was sleeping still.. I sat on the sofa..and turn on the TV and start to change the channel.. I was getting bored .. Merin came to the room and she sat on the other end of the sofa.. I changed to an english movie channel.. It was the movie ‘unfaithful’ playing there.. I had seen that movie before… So I thought I shld play this movie now.. Cause it’s only me and merin there..and it will help us to turn on again.. When it start to play merin almost got the thread and she looked at me.. I gave her a wicked smile.. And moved myself and sat beside her.. It was the first scene between the heroin cheating with the guy and the sex between them.. I put my right hand on merins left hand.. Her hand was shaking.. I looked at her .. She was looking at the TV and was watching that sex scene.. It was really intense scene.. I turned her face and kissed on her lips.. And then we were kissing each other like that ..i was sucking her lips and she leaned on the sofa.. And i laid on her.. And then we start to french kiss with our tongue.. My dick was getting hard again.. I entered my right hand into her pant and i slide down her panty inside her pant and start to squeeze her bum while i kiss her.. We were getting aroused.. Our breath got heavy.. Suddenly door bell rang.. She pushed me from her body an.. She made her dress properly and wiped her face.. Tried to make everything normal..i changed the channel to news channel.. She went to the front door and peeped through it.. It was my cousin james.. He usually come home during lunch time ., and after lunch he usually take a nap till 3:30 or 4 pm.. She opened the door.. And he came in., he asked about uncle and aunty ., she said they didnt come back yet ., they will come back at night.. Nd then he asked about baby .. She said she was putting her sleep.. She just went to sleep., he walked to TV room .. I was acting like that i am watching news.. he asked me about my studies and i said everything going good.. Merin went to kitchen to make lunch ready.. I passed remote to james.. He changed the channel to one of his fav program.. And we were watching TV.. Meanwhile merin called us from kitchen to have lunch..we had lunch together ..i was watching merin, she was acting like nothing happened.. After lunch james went to his room.. He usually take a nap after lunch., merin was cleaning dishes… I went to kitchen..when she saw me she said “dont do anything now.. Wait until he leaves”.. I said it’s just 2:00 clock now.. I cant wait till that .. I pulled her towards me and start to kiss her.. First she tried to protest.. But then when i start to kiss on her neck and boobs on her clothes, she start to respond.. She was hugging me tightly.. I was kissing on her boobs.. My hands were working on her bum.. And when i tried to remove her pants she stopped me and said “not from here…we will go upstairs” then we both went to upstair bedroom., she was not that nervous like before.

When she entered in to the bedroom I hugged her from back .. Nd i start to kiss her back neck .. Nd from back i pressed her boobs.. I dnt want to waste time.. I tried to remove her kurta.. She helped me to remove it.. Nd i threw it on the floor.. Then i played with her boobs on bra..i was pressing both of her boobs and i pulled the bra cup.. Both of her boobs came out , then I touched her naked boobs, her nipples where so hard.. I started to feel her naked boobs and play with her nipples, i was kissing her back neck at the same time.. I turned her around .. She was breathing heavily, i kissed on her lips.. She was kissing me back too.. We start to kiss vigorously.. Nd she was feeling my back and chest inside my tshirt with both hands.. I removed my tshirt my self to make it easy for her., nd i pulled her towards me by pressing her bum.. Her naked boobs pressed on my chest., i could feel her hard nipples on my chest.. We were kissing each other that time..,i pulled her salwar down.. It fell under her feet.. She took her legs off from her salwar.. she had only her panty on.. I was feeling her bum on her panty .. I put my hand inside her panty and start to press her bum globes.. My dick was so hard in my pant.. She was trying to remove my pant and take my hard dick out..nd then she start to play with my dick.. I laid her on the bed and removed her panty.. she was fully nude and i spread her leg.. I want to lick her pussy. Her pussy was fully shaved.. I start to lick her pussy.. She was moaning loudly.. Nd she pressed my head to her pussy.. My tongue was on her most sensitive part nd she was really enjoying my action… Nd she was fully under my control now.. She was saying me something.. It was not clear.. She said that again ., “fuck me”.. Finally she asked me that herself.. I dnt want to waste my time.. I was looking for my pant to get condom from it’s pocket.. She asked me what I am looking for.. I said “condom”.. She said “thats fine. U dnt need to” .. I asked ” r u sure” she said ” yea”… I was so happy.. Now i can fuck her without condom.. I brought my hard dick near to her pussy opening.. I put the tip on her opening..nd with my hand i rubbed my dick over her pussy entrance.. I was trying to tease her.. Whenver my dick tip touches her entrance she tried to push her body to gulp it.. But i pulled my dick myself to tease her.. When i did several times she got frustrated and asked me “can u fuck me please” i laughed by hearing that and slowly entered my dick to her pussy.. My dick was not so big.. But it was really thick.. I entered half of it to her pussy and I slowly i pushed it again., now my dick was fully in her.. Then I slowly start to move inside her.. She was moaning loudly.. But i had closed the door.. So we were fine.. My dick was so tight for her pussy.. And her pussy was so wet .. I increased the rhythm of movement.. Nd she was pressing my bum with her hands to her .. I kissed her on lips at the same time .. Nd we fucked like that for few minutes and then i want to change position then i laid down nd she sat on my body and start to ride on my dick.. She was moving her hip on my dick.. She was moving up and down.. Nd her boobs were jiggling with the rhythm of movement.. Sometimes was moving her hips in circle too.. I was holding her butt with its movement.. Finally she start to move fast.. Nd she was making loud noise with that..she was moving her hip so fast and i moved upward when she moved her hip down.. Finally I could feel her hip vibrating .. She raised her hip when it vibrates ., i knew that she is close to orgasm.. I moved my hip fast to her to come with her.. Finally i let out my thick come to her pussy.. Nd she was in her orgasm too..finally she fell on my chest..she was sweating,me too.. I could feel her wet boobs on my chest.. I put my left hand on her back.. My dick was still inside her.. But it was not hard like before….we were laying that fir few minutes .. Then she got up from my body..and grabbed a towel and start to wipe herself.. And the she start to wear her dress.. I was watching her .. She wore her panty and bra.. Then she wore her salwar and kurta.. She looked at me..i gave her smile.. She smiled at me too.. Then she asked me to get up.. I got up and wore my dress and we both went downstairs .. Nd start to watch TV like nothing happened.. Her husband woke up after half an hour.. Nd he came in to TV room.. So she got up to make coffee for him..he sat with me on sofa.. He had no idea that i was fucking his wife last hour.. She brought coffee for him.. Nd he had it and then he got ready for work and left house after 15 minutes ..
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