My Childhood Friend

this is Chaitanya from Hyderabad. Today I’m going to tell you my real life experience, which was happened with my childhood friend Swapna, she stays near to my grandmother’s home. When i go to my grandmother’s home, i used to meet her every time.

Coming to the story, we both are 26 years of age. We both are doing jobs. We both are good friends from childhood, without having any wrong thoughts in your mind. She used to call me and even i used to call her regularly.

One day in the evening time when she is coming back from job/work, she had call me and spoke casually, in between she said i want to ask u one thing which is personal. I said ok ask me? But she couldn’t able to express it to me. She suddenly disconnects the call. I immediately called her back but she dint pick my call.
After few days i again call her, this time she answered my call and i have spoken casual then i ask her on that day, you were trying to say something to me but you’re unable to say that. What is that? She replied nothing like that. Then i again ask her your hiding something with me, this time she replied me, yes i want to ask you something but as we are good friends from childhood, if i say this to you i thing you may misunderstand me and my character, am getting fear to say this to you but i think you only understand me and my feeling and if am wrong you will advise me, how to overcome it, but still am unable to say you that thing on phone.

I said then why can’t u message me? She said ok. But plz don’t miss understand me, i said ok, then she ask me to put down the call, i will message u and after that i will only call you ok? I said ok then message me. After 5 minutes, i got a message from her; i was really shocked by seeing that message. She said, she wants to have sex with me. After that i got a call from her but i dint answer it, i send a message to her that, i was shocked by seeing your message, i couldn’t able to speak now, i will call u tomorrow. She replied ok but plz don’t say this to anyone. I said ok.

Next day evening i got a message from her asking that can u call me or shill i call you? I replied that i will only call you plz wait, as soon i connected the call she asked me what happened. I said to her, at this age everyone will be getting many feeling to have sex and all, but i don’t think this is right to do like this ? She replay me, am unable to control my feelings, so that’s why i choose you to have secret sex, anyhow we are not going have sex regularly, this is first and last, it’s my request so why can’t we both enjoy sex before marriage? I don’t know how you got this in your mind? Then i said ok, then when and where? She asks me for a secured place, i said i don’t have any secret place. You only decide the place. She said one of my friends is staying in city with her friend in an independent flat. I will ask her room once. I said ok conform it any say me. She replied me just be on online i will call her now itself. She connected call ask her friend like this, i need your flat keys for 2 hours, why because one of my friend is coming to Hyderabad to write exam, that person need to get ready to attend the exam. She as to come to my home but suddenly my realities came to our home, so that’s why am requesting u. Plz help me na?

Her friend replied, no problem u can bring her to my place, my friend said ok i will come to your place tomorrow morning before u leave to your office to collect the keys. She said ok and disconnects her call. I was leasing there conversation on the other end, she said tomorrow u need to come that place by 10:30 am, i will send u her home address by SMS and i will be there only once my friend left to office i will call u. I said ok but your too fast to react. She said tomorrow i will be yours u can do anything with me. With a smile she said don’t forget to bring condoms. I said ok.

Next day i was there on time and call her by standing in front of house. She lift my call and said see if anybody is not there outside then come in, the door was open as i get in to house. She was alone in the house. She was in bet nervous, we sat together i ask her why u have taken this decision suddenly? She said in my office i saw one of my colleagues is fucking in lady toilet, from that day i got the feeling to have sex. So i select you to be my sex partner we spoken for half an hour then she ask me, shill we start now? We have time till 2pm after that we need to move from her. I said ok let’s start now.

We both entered in to the bed room, i kept condoms packet on the bed, we both sat on the bed and started kissing, hugging each other she started removing my dress now am on my underwear only, then i started removing her dress, she was wearing blue color dress white color bra and black color panty. She is where sexy and very fair without dress.

First i removed her top then the leggings, now both are on inner were, she ask me have u saw anybody like this? I replied i saw one lady and in porn videos but, this is an amazing feeling to see like this, i lift and put her on bed now am on her i started to press her boobs, kissing, sucking, in that process i removed her bar and panty, now she is complete nude. Then she removed my underwear and started kissing on it, we were on 69 positions for 5-10 mint. Then we started to fuck, i try to insert my duck in there pussy but her pussy hole is small and when am inserting my duck its very painful to her, as she is thin body personalities she was unable to control the pain and she is shouting like anything but still she is enjoying the fuck. After few mints she got relief from pain, i fucked her heard as she broken her virgin wall, we both are enjoying your first fuck and we were in heaven.

When am coming i removed the condom from my duck and i cum over her body, then we both relax for few mints. She went to bathroom to clean her body even i went back to her, we both took bath together. After bath i made her stand near the wall and i insert my fingers in to her pussy, she came in full mood. She said lets go to bedroom, we went there i saw laptop on the table with net connection. I have loin to India sex site. We both watch some clips we were unable to control yourself. Then again went back to sex, this time she was on me she sucked my duck for few mints then she insert my duck in to her pussy and started riding on me, while riding her boobs where moving up and down i catch her boobs in the i hands pressing heard. Later i fucked her in dog position and tried some other position followed from the porn videos.

We both stayed nude till 1:30pm. After 1:30 she asked me to leave from there, she said i will also go from her after cleaning her friend’s room. I said ok and i went away from there, that day was unforgettable day in my life. So friends this is my first real sex experience, sorry am unable to say more than this, since this is my first story and not good in English plz try to understand it. I hope u like my first sex experience. Before this experience i have another experience with my own brother wife, i got the chance to fuck but i dint fuck her.
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