My chemist aunty

Sudha was about 32 years old and had a two year old child. Her husband was a govt servant and she used to manage her chemist shop. During my assignments on early job I had to stay there for a year and that’s when I came in touch with sudha my neighbourhood chemist.
I used to shop most of the things from her shop especially Oats and some imported food that she used to stock. Over a period of time we became friendly as I used to normally come home in the afternoon as it was a lean business time and get some rest.
One day sudha came in the afternoon to deliver some stuff I had ordered from her shop. Sudha is 32.. Wheatish complexion slightly on the darker side with curly long hair. She had good breasts and normally wore saree. She had on more then one ocassion complimented my on my body with a naughty smile. She came and was looking tired and sweaty. I could beads of sweat all over her forehead and upper lips. She looked so sexy and her armpits were also sweaty that it soaked her blouse. I offered her a glass of soft drink and she just relaxed on the sofa. I asked her if she wanted a massage and she smiled. I went closer to her and for the first time we kissed.
Our tongues met and we were licking each others tongues very madly. Slowly I touched her breasts and massaged her. Her saree was now up to her knee and that’s when I asked her if we could go to my bedroom. I caried her to my bedroom and in a matter of minutes undressed her. Within minutes her blouse and peticoat and saree were lying in one corner. I gave her a pillow and asked her to lie on her back.
I told her that I am going to lick her pussy till she cums. I spread her legs and put my face as close to her pussy to get a nice first hand feel of her womanhood. She had a nice pussy though it was a bit saggy due to delivery but it was shaved and the clit protruded out of her vertical clit. The protuding clitoir was slightly dark and I slowly rubbed my nose tip to that. She wanted to push my head but I removed her hand and asked her to lie still. I couldn’t believe sudha lying with her legs and me so close to her pussy. Her pussy was amazing held the clitoirs between my lips and began sucking it like a baby. As I did this I slowly slid a finger inside her love canal. I slowly opened her clit with my fingers. The inside of her pussy was pink with sticky fluid between it. It was sooooo erotic. I spread sudha’s legs much wider so that she was completely splead @180degree and I was opening her pussy with my fingers. Her pussy looked delicious with pink inner clit and sticky slimy juices over it. I slowly licked her outer clit and she let out a moan OOOOOOOMMMMPPPHHH. I knoew she was hottt and getting better. I kissed her inner thighs and slowly started licking her inner clit in circles. Slowly I uded my both fingers and opened her clit really wide. Sudha was sooooo pink inside and I just licked from the base of her pussy to the top. She was moaning like hell. The I used my fingers to open her outerclit and started tongue fucking her. I used to stick my tongue out and then drive it straight in to her wet hole then keep it in for a few secs and the slwly withdraw my tongue and the push it in again. She was gettingmad now and I could feel her grip on my hair. I continued to tongue fuck her and everytime I drove my tongue deep inside her pussy she let out a loud moan.
Then I slowly once again inserted my tongue in to her pussy and kept it inside it for a few secs. I started moving my tongue in her pussy. I could taste her pussy juices and then suddenly she stiffened and I could feel her hole get more watery and she even flexed her hips. It tasted a bit salty and I knew that she had cum.
Sudha was so sweaty and I had her sticky pussy juices all over my face I bend and went down to her face and kept my 8 inch tool close on her lips. At first she was a bit shy saying that she had never had oral sex.more over my cock was wet with my own precum. She touched it and it was sticky like glue a bit tacky too. Sudha rolled down the skin of my cock and slowly kissed the tip of my cock. It felt sooooo good. Slowly she started sucking it her lips and mouth completely engulfed my now erect cock she didn’t know how to but I guess she still did a good jobMy cock was growing in her mouth and I was beginning to get the familiar sensation that I was going to cum. Sudha was engrossed and ocassionally looked at me and withing a minute I blasted full load in to her mouth. She was not ready but I held her hair and some how she managed to keep me sucking. I could feel my loads emptying in to her mouth. I was dry and my cock had stopped pulsating sudha still had the cum in her mouth and she rushed in to the bath to spit it out. Her breasts were so sweaty and her pussy was dripping I bent down one more time and dug my tongue deep in to her pussy. It was soooowet and sticky and slimy. I could actually feel her sewaty stale smell but it was very erotic. I kep licking her down there.My cock was ready for action again and I spread sudhas kegs as far as possible and rubbed my wet sticky cock on her clit. She moaned and then slowly with slow thrusts and then in one last thrush I was in her. It went in PLUckkkkkkkkk.
I was holding her legs wide apart and my cock was going in out in out of her wet slimy sticky love hole. I kept on pumping Sudha was moaning OOOOHH AAAAAHHHH HMMMMMMM every time I thrust her and then with one last thrust I burst inside her>she immediately took my cock out and started sucking. It was soooo erotic she was sucking a cock soaked with cum and her own pussy juices. Her hair was a mess and both of us were so sweaty till the time she completely suck-cleaned my cock. Her pussy was also soaked with my cum and her juices. The pink clit was opened and we jad cum juices over out bed sheet n stuff.
After a few minutes we realised that it had been over two hours we were fucking each other and she got up washed herself,dressed and left. We did that again for another six months before I had to leave the place.
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