My Birthday Celebration

Prior to my last birthday, Vijaya, my wife of 15 years was teasing me a lot about my birthday present. She was repeatedly telling me that this birthday gift I would remember for a long time.
Vijaya is gorgeous. She has long dark hair, nice legs, flat stomach, but her best assets are 36-32-36 figure. Many times other men turned and gave Vijaya a long satisfying look as we walked by. We have average sexual life. At this age we depend on our fantasies to bring back charm in our bed. My fantasy is having sex with two gorgeous women. Vijaya has often told me that she would like to satisfy several men at a time. But our fantasies remained unfulfilled.
On the evening of my birthday, I arrived from my office late. I called by Vijaya’s name, but she was not there. I took off my clothes first. Then I took a shower, dried off. When I came to our bedroom, I found a letter. I knew it was Vijaya’s hand writing. Her letter instructed me to go upstairs, relax on the big bed. I was bit tired due to hectic work schedule, I found one colored book. I was going through the book; it was having pictures of naked men and women involved in group sex. I felt horny. Suddenly power was cut, but lights were there in the neighborhood bungalows. I thought some problem happened in our duplex only; somebody might have switched off the main circuit. I was about to go downstairs, I got a call in my mobile. It was Vijaya, I heard my wife say, “Believe me and lie still. Your birthday surprise has arrived.” It was absolutely dark, but I realized two ladies entered our bedroom. I was horrified when they locked the door.

I was waiting for further instruction from my wife; suddenly the light was turned on. I saw that she had sent two housewives from our next building, Soma and Kajal; they are good friends of Vijaya. I also know them, their family. Kajal is having two kids and Soma having one. They are gorgeous. Soma was in Sari and Kajal was in Salwar-Kamiz. I always admired their figure, curves. Both of them are 35 to 38 years of age.
As I got stunned, my wife told over phone, “I’ve decided to give you the birthday present you’ve wanted for a long time. Soma and Kajal are yours for the night. You can fulfill your favorite fantasy.” With that she switched off her phone, leaving me alone with these two sex bombs. I smiled; it would be the night of my life.
Kajal put on some soft touchy music and sat next to me on the bed; Soma started to shed cloths in front of us. She slowly undressed herself, first removed her sari-petticoat. She was looking gorgeous in her white bra and panty. Kajal stepped towards Soma and offered to undo her bra for her. She slowly unfastened Soma’s bra and removed it, letting her breasts fall under their own weight. I thought she looked magnificent. She stood tall and straight, looking directly at me. Kajal stood behind Soma, stuck her thumbs into her panty and slowly pulled them down. Soma stepped out of them. She stood completely naked in her high heels. Same thing Soma did with Kajal. Kajal first removed her salwar-kamiz. Soma unhooked her bra, removed it and Kajal herself pulled her panty down.
Now two sex goddesses were stark naked in front of me. They stood defiant and proud, their dark hair hanging luxuriously on her shoulders. Kajal wasn’t as physically spectacular as Soma, but her breasts were bigger and hung more heavily. They looked very, very hot with generous hips. My eyes travelled lower and I saw both of them had trimmed pubic bush. Soma got slight fat on her belly, but Kajal’s was absolutely flat. Vijaya told me earlier about their bra sizes; Kajal uses 36 size and Soma 34 size bra. But looking them nude was very special.
I was posing formidable erection creating tent in my cotton shorts. They understood my situation and removed my shorts. Both of them looked at my jerking 6 inch dick and swinging balls. The situation was much tensed. Suddenly Soma commented, “Who will be the first?”
Kajal offered to Soma, “You first, I would like to take cum covered dick in my pussy.” Soma graciously accepted her friend’s offer. I was about to take out condom from the drawer, but both of them intimated me that they are on pills. So, they could take my cock in without any protection.
Kajal and I took Soma to the big bed. Without wasting time, I mounted Soma in missionary position. I started with slow, steady rhythm. Soma was totally wet; I could not find any friction between our organs. I planted hundreds of kisses on her lips, cheeks, eyelids; squeezed her tits hard. My neighbor’s wife was awesome, I picked up speed. Soma started to moan loudly. Kajal was not there to sit idle and quiet. She was fondling my soft balls from bottom. She was keeping close view where my erect dick was pounding her friend mercilessly. Soma’s cream colored thighs were jerking violently due to my powerful thrusts; my balls were thudding silently against her bottom, occasionally my belly stroking her soft belly. I was in heaven and wanted to be there forever. But you know, God takes back sweet things faster. I lost control after 3-4 minutes and announced, “Here I go!” Soma urged to hold it for some extra time, but it was too late. I was already coming in her belly.
Kajal started to lap Soma’s big cunt and within few seconds Soma climaxed. Both of us were lying spent there. After a minute or so, they started to suck my cock. Actually they shared my cock in their mouths; they kissed my cock from either side while its head was entertained by their wet tongue. I got one more impressive erection within a minute.
It was now Kajal’s turn. As Soma told her she got down on all fours and raised her large bottom in the air. “Please fuck my hot pussy.” I dropped to my knees and tried to enter her in slow strokes, as I usually do with Vijaya, but she thrust back at me. I was not prepared and buried to the hilt in her tight cunt. She was tighter than Soma and I began to pump her in and out. Soma took my hands and put on Kajal’s big tits. It was nice to plough that sexy lady from behind while holding her perky tits like a drowning man.
“Shoot your cum in my pussy,” she urged me, “fill it with your seed, please.”
Seeing Kajal in full swing, Soma also started to shout, “Fuck man, fuck her hard.” Soma slapped on my ass and started to finger herself violently. I was about to come, I pounded Kajal very hard. She also fucked me back. Within seconds I flooded her cunt with my hot semen. Kajal rocked very hard in her orgasm, I could hold her somehow. Soma also climaxed in her two fingers. We all collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted. I fell asleep thinking that my surprise was finished. But I was wrong!
Kajal and Soma informed me that more surprise was to come. They led me to our downstairs bedroom as if I was the nude king and they were my two nude queens!
They sat me on a chair. I heard soft moaning coming from other side of the room, but I could not understand who was making noises because the room was totally dark. I could only understand that one woman was playing with two men and they were partially dressed. I could not recognize their faces due to darkness in the room. One man kissed her, the other unhooked her bra. They cupped each breasts and massaged them. As her big breasts tumbled free, they sucked her hard nipples into their mouths. The lady reacted by placing her hand on the back of their heads. The taller of the two men focused his attention on her top half; the other man slid his hand down her stomach until he reached her bush. He removed her panty, and the horny lady was naked. At that point of time both the men removed their cloths and became totally nude. One was sucking her tits, while the tall man began to finger her slit. She wantonly used her free hands to stroke both the cocks. All three were doing this foreplay for a considerable amount of time in front of us.
My penis regained its hardness seeing the action there. Kajal and Soma also were enjoying the show and becoming quite aroused. Soma sat on my lap and started to bounce up and down on my cock while Kajal rubbed her perky tits on my face. Within a couple of minutes Soma reached one violent orgasm. Kajal then mounted me and we began moving in unison. We came at the same time, Kajal’s orgasm was so overwhelming; I was bound to press her mouth otherwise she would wake entire neighborhood.
Now the two men carried the lady on the bed and put her on all four. I saw one man knelt in front of the woman pointing his prick to her open mouth; the other man positioned himself just behind the woman and about to enter her doggie.
Suddenly Soma switched on the light. Finally there was enough light to recognize the trio on the bed. Imagine my surprise when I realized the woman there was none other than my beloved wife Vijaya. The two men also were very much known to me. Gunjan’s cock was there in Vijaya’s mouth who is Kajal’s careful husband. Raman’s cockhead was just inserted in her cunt who was actually Binita’s husband. Binita was a good neighbor of Soma. Soma explained, “Actually my husband has gone to Pune and Binita has gone to her parents. So, I requested Raman and he was excited to join.”
Removing Gunjan’s average cock from her mouth, Vijaya turned to me and said, “I hope you have enjoyed a lot. I need to fulfill my fantasy now. Kajal and Soma did a lot to fulfill our fantasies. You please relax and watch me to complete my fantasy.”
With that Vijaya began to stroke two cocks furiously, one in each hand. Both the cocks were roaring to enter respective holes and they squeezed Vijaya’s big boobs while caressing her pussy, patting her buttocks. Raman inserted his 8 inch cock in her pussy doggie-style. Gunjan became restless in front of her and Vijaya swallowed his cock. They pumped her two holes with lot of force until I saw Vijaya’s body begin to rock heavily. She cried in ecstasy as her body shuddered with violent orgasm. She turned over, grabbed the guys’ cocks with her hands and jerked them off. Within seconds they had simultaneous orgasms.
When she recovered, I hugged her and kissed her passionately. I was exhausted and showing my limp cock then, Vijaya agreed to save it for that night to come.
Our friends dressed and we offered them diner. After diner, they left. We made wild love for the rest of the night. What a celebration!!

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