My Best Friend's Mom And My First Encounter

This story began at the same time with my first encounter with breastmilk, as it includes my best friend’s mom so i didn’t mentioned about her in my previous story. But, now my friend allowed me to write the incident which changed my life a bit..Me and my best friend are really very close we usually hang out with each other only and sometimes it’s my house for night out and sometimes it’s his house and same for studies. Our parents love us very much his mother treats me as her son and my mother treats him as same.. As his father came to home very late mostly it was his house for the hangout. his father was a restaurant owner. He usually went at 10 am and would return at 12.00 most of the time and more late too. He was a very nice man and he treated me as his son too.
Those who have read my first encounter with…….. will know evevrything. But for all a little summary for them i used to drink breast milk from my teacher but nothing sexual it was maternal. she loved me and i loved her too…
i told my by best friend about it and he was asking me to allow him to be breastfeed from my teacher but i couldn’t ask her about it as it was not sexual she loved me as her son. So he got little upset and told me it’s Ok.. Then after few days he told me he didn’t want my teacher’s milk as he knew that her mother was pregnant and soon she is going to deliver a baby and she will be full of milk. i said to him that if her mother allowed him to be breastfeed from her then i will ask my teacher to breastfeed him as well, he was happy and i said to him i want to breastfeed from her mom too, he agreed and hugged me and said to me that i am his brother.. we both were very happy then and we were eagerly waiting for the delivery.. My teacher was still feeding me her milk at that time..

The day came when my best friend’s mom gave birth to a boy. we were very happy, me and my parents went to the maternity home to see her. I saw her breastfeeding the baby and i was eager to drink milk from her breast. my best friend saw me and asked me to come out and we laughed that my jaws were dropped to the ground looking at his mom’s breast.. Then after few days they returned to the house. Now my friend’s story began. He regularly watched her mother breastfeeding his brother and always looking at her breast when she feed the baby, her mom noticed it but every time gave him a smile and this continued for two and a half month.. One day when he returned from tutions he saw her mother sitting topless in the bedroom , pressing her boobs with her hand and squirting milk from her breast into a container. He came near her but she didn’t covered her breast. My friend asked her what was the problem and why she was doing that ? her mother replied that the baby was not drinking enough milk and she was having a huge supply of milk so she stored it in the container and used it in making tea and she also said that in the evening my friend who was thinking that he was drinking cows milk was actually her milk. He replied he was thinking how the cows milk became of different taste. her mother laughed about it and they both laughed. He was thinking to ask her mother to stop squirting milk in container and to feed him directly but he didn’t got the courage. So he left and next day told me about the situation and I said this time ask her if she need any help if she agrees then you press her boobs and squirt the milk out of it. Exactly he said and her mom agreed. Her mother would sit topless holding the container and he used to get behind her & press her boobs to bring the milk out of it. This continues for one week now I said to him to ask her if he can suckle on them as her boobs were very big it was difficult for him to press them. He said this to her mom and she said why not he is also her kid . This was the day my friend got to suckle milk directly from source. He said to her mom that his stomach is full after sucking from one of the boobs so they continued squirting the otherone left. At around 10 in the night she asked him to suckle some more milk and he agreed and suckled her milk. He told me about it and I said now he can introduce me to her mom’s boobs and he said he has a plan , he would be sucking her mom’s boobs and i have to arrive at that time, so we agreed and planned it for the next day..
This is the day my friend told me to wait for 15 mins after he leaves then i would go to his house and I did that. When i reached the house I thought I have to rang the bell and his mother would cover herself and send my friend to his room, I became upset but suddenly I thought may be my friend would have thought about and I pushed the door It opened, I got inside and locked it. Then I ran to his room he was not there my heart was beating faster I slowly entered her room and I saw my friend lying on her lap and she was topless and was playing with his hair and my friend was sucking milk from her left breast. that was amazing But I shouted Oh My God. My friend got up and his mother tried to cover her breast with her hand but only her nipples were covered and most of her breast was clearly visible to me. I got out of the room.. My friend followed me and said wait here.. He then went to his mother and said to her that he is only able to suckle from one breast and he couldn’t drink more if she allows then his friend would help her as she always treated me as her son so why not . she nodded with a yes and a no too. He said I am calling him. then he brought me holding my hand and now she was topless again without hiding anything i went near her and said that she is beautiful and she has amazing breasts she smiled and then she indicated towards her lap and we both were lying on her lap with right breast suckled by me and left was by my friend… we continued for an hour and milk stopped coming, we were still suckling though. She said ok boys now she has other works to do. and I left their house and returned to my house.. Next day my friend told me that his father has to go out of station for 15 days after this week and he & his mother had decided to go to their farm house for 15 days as our vacation was also at that same time, so my friend invited me and i asked my parents and they agreed to leave me for 15 days….
I told my teacher that i would be not available for her as I am going with my friend. I told her that his mother is giving me milk , my teacher cried and said my son is leaving me, I hugged her and asked her to join me and said she also had to share her milk with my friend and she agreed, she asked her husband he agreed for the trip as he also had to go to his friend’s marriage. So everything was falling into place.
So the day when we left for farm house we took my friend’s car and his mother was driving the car and he was sitting in the front and the baby was with the teacher, suddenly the baby cried his mother told that now she have to stop the car and feed the baby as we are kids and teacher didn’t knew to drive a car, I unknowingly told her teacher could feed him and then she said ok and teacher agreed too. Now teacher was feeding the baby and my friend was looking at her, teacher smiled and my friend put his head on his mother’s lap and inisde the saree he opened the blouse and bra and started suckling her milk and now i said teacher i want milk too.. teacher shifted the baby to right breast and showed me the left breast with her eyes i opened the blouse and bra and got my head inside the saree and suckled the milk.. after some time my friend said he want to sit in the back and he came back and i moved to the front seat and we continued our milk sucking but with different mothers.. then we reached the farm house and we went inside the house, there was a gate keeper who will come inside house only if we called him.. he had his room attached to the gate, if we need anything we have to just call him by phone..
That day my teacher and my friend’s mom decided that they will not wore anything on top and they will remain topless for the 15 days.. they said that to us and we both jumped in the air.. So whatever we do like swimming in the pool or playing any kind of games, whenever we want we suckle milk from any one of them at any time.. So when we were swimming inside the pool we used to swim a bit then we go and suck milk and then we continue our swimming.. In the night we used to sleep together in a very big bed me and my friend in the middle and both the milk factories were behind us, the baby on the crib… So at night we put nipples in our mouth and we slept sucking milk and whenever we woke up we suck milk from them.. this continued for 15 days and we left…..
after that me and my friend suckled milk from my teacher after tuitions and when tutions are over we suckled milk from his mother.. My friend got more milk then me as he was living with the milk factory.. On weekends we all get together in his house from the morning to evening and the farm house situation was repeated always.. And all of us were very happy….
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