My Aunty

my aunty is 5’8 tall with a hot structure of 
40-36-44.i went to her house as i have to write abank exam in their 
town.uncle had left for a business trip for a week & my cousins were 
studying in college & were living in parents told me to go 
their.but i never thoughti would fuck her.i went their evening day b4 
the exam,she welcomed me.i greeted her & started talking casually 
with her .i noticed dat she had gained wait since i last met her.then 
we both had dinner & we began to see a tamil movie called elumalai.
i have a navel fetish since childhood & i always longed to see the 
belly & navel of a that movie there were lots of navel 
scenes & songs.der were lots of navel kissing scenes.i pretended to knw nothing &
asked her why he is kissing her belly.she laughed & said just for fun,
i then asked her do women really like to have their belly fondled? she
amiled & said ya.i asked hav u experienced it.she got a bit angry & told
not to ask such questions to a lady.i told i asked just fr fun & insisted
to tell her.finally she agreed dat uncle would kiss her belly.i said gr8.
next she confessed dat uncle does not love her belly these days & felt
sad.i consoled her & asked y? she told for the past few yrs she has 
gained some weight & stretchmarks began to appear in her belly which 
uncle does not like at all.I said I knw an oil & will help u get rid of 
the stretch marks.she asked really? i said i hav seen an ad which helps 
to remove stretch marks & i went to the nearest pharmacy & bought 
a franch oil nh & gave it to her.she thanked me.i told her to apply it b4
sleep.she said ok & will try it once uncle comes home.but i was not willing
to miss this opportunity so i requested her try immediatly as it would show
results gradually.she agreed & said she would apply herself.i told 
dat her saree might get stained due to the oil.she looked worried & asked 
what could she do? i volunteered to help her.she got shocked & told dat
she cannot show her belly to anyone except her husband.
i consoled her & told dat i was only trying to help her to remove her
stretchmarks & nothing else.she refused.i said ok ur wish.she thought for a
while & asked me to make a promise.i asked what promise? she told me to 
promise that i should not tell about this incident to mind was 
fulled with full of happiness as am gonna see the belly & navel of a woman 
in live.i promised her.she went to the bedroom & called me.i asked may i 
start? she said ya.i told i want to see her whole belly first inorder to see 
the stretch marks.she blushed and said see for yourself.i sat on the bed 
& made her before me.i moved her saree pallu aside & saw her belly 
which was fully white & quite fleshy.she wore her saree above her navel,
so i could not see her navel.i asked her if i could lower her saree as i 
could not see any stretch marks in her upper belly.she told ok.i caught 
her saree belly & dat was the first time i have ever touched a woman’s
belly.i began to feel nervous & at the same time excited.i lowered her saree
& saw her beautifull navel.i forgot to breathe after seeing its was
very big & nearly 2 inches deep.their were strrtch marks on her midriff &
lower belly.i was paralysed by such a marvelous beauty,i touched her belly
& ran my hands all over her belly lovingly.she asked what i am 
doing? i told am just checking on your stretch marks.i rubbed all
over her belly & midriff.i came to her navel & asked may i touch 
her navel? she looked a bit confused & agreed half heartedly.i 
inserted my finger inside her navel & felt its hotness & softness.
i wished to kiss her navel but i didn’t wanna create a bad impression,
so i took the oil & rubbed it all over her tummy.i began to massage
it by pressing.she began to moan sexily.i made her to lay on the bed
& pulled her saree 5 inches below her navel & rubbed oil on her midriff.
her whole belly began to shine bcos of oil.i went to her navel & examined
it with my finger der were some dirt inside as she was wearing above
her navel & not cleaned it properly.i poured inside her navel & bit looked 
like well.i massaged her belly for 10 mins & said i was done.she thanked
me.i told no probs.night came & it was time to sleep.i told ill sleep in the 
hall she told to join me in her bedroom as she felt lonely.i told ok.she laid
on the bed & i laid on the floor.she was still wearing her saree 5 inches 
below navel.i asked her how was the massage? she told really nice & asked
whether her stretch marks would go? i assured her that it will go if she 
regularly apply that oil.she told ok & asked me if her belly was ugly? i said
no & asked y do u think like that? she told uncle would dislike her belly
due to its huge size & stretchmarks & looked sad.i consoled her that if u
excercise & rub oil on your belly regularly.your belly would be even more 
but i confessed that i liked her belly very much.she smiled & asked 
really? i said with my whole heart.i asked whether can i touch her belly
for sometime? she readily accepted i jumped with joy & went near her 
belly & enjoyed its beauty.i rubbed those huge layers of flesh lovingly &
came to her navel,i took an earbud & began to take the dirt from her navel
she asked what i am doing? i said am cleaning her navel aunty.she smiled
& told sweet boy.we began to talk about our family matter while my fingers
where playing inside her cute navel.she seems to not mind it so i thought 
of seducing her.she asked shall we sleep as she was tired.i told all right &
asked her may i ask a favor? she asked what? i asked may i sleep on her
tummy? she laughed & said no.i began to act like an adamant child & told 
just for tonight.she told not to say about this incident to anyone.i assured
her.she finally agreed.i was overjoyed & kept my head on her belly & rubbed 
my cheek all over her belly affectionatly.she told to stop as my trimmed beard 
was scratching her.i stopped & said sorry.she told its ok.her belly was as soft
as a was very lips were just inches near her navel.i 
was poking her navel with my finger.she said it i blew raspberry on
her belly to tease her.she began to laugh uncontralably.i took this chance &
touched her belly with my lips.she told to stop & said she wanted to sleep.
I said ok & asked can I ask one more favor? she asked what? I asked may I kiss
your navel? she looked surprised & asked fr what? I told aunty ur belly & navel 
r the most beautiful belly I hav evr seen so I wanna shower my affection to it.I 
tried to be more seductive so I rubbed my cheek on her midriff & began fingering 
her sexy navel.she thought fr a while & told I should not tell to any1,I promised.
she told to heart knew no bounds dat tym.I kissed her huge belly 
1st & came to her navel.I Njoyed it’s beauty for somtym & I placed my mouth 
inside her navel.I gave her navel a french kiss & began kissing her navel for a few 
minutes.she hissed sharply & seemed to love it.but her navel smelt somewhat 
pungent smell.I examined her navel with my fingers & saw some dirt still deep inside.
I told aunty about the dirt she told wat to do? I told I can help.she said what I would 
do? I said since it’s getting late der is only one way to clean it immediately.she asked 
what? I said if you don’t mind I hav to lick her navel in order to clean it. 
she said if you wish go ahead,I jumped with joy & inserted my tongue
deep inside her navel & drilled it.her navel tasted sour & salty.her reaction changed 
she closed her eyes and began biting her lips.she kept her hands behind her head as
if she felt relaxed.I licked her navel for quite some time & cleaned it thoroughly.
she asked if it’s done? I said ya.she thanked me for my care for her & told
to sleep.I said ok & kept my head on her huge belly.she kept her hands on my head 
began stroking it as if showing her care.I inturn gave her navel & belly a tongue
massage.she murmured and said it feels good.I kept my lips on her navel & my hands 
encircling her wide hips.I kissed her navel & darted my tongue in & out of her navel
till she slept in pleasure.I didn’t know when I slept that night.
next day morning I woke up around 6 am & saw my belly queen sleeping with her 
navel close to my lips.I thought of fucking her immediately but I chose to
be patient and seduce her to the max so dat she too would be aroused for sex.
I began to kiss her midriff & navel slowly,she woke up soon and I wished her 
good morning.she wished me too.I asked her how was the yesterday night,she
told it was quite a good time after a long time,she told me to get up & went for 
brushing.I too got brushed & began preparing to study for the bank exam for
that day,she prepared coffee and served me,I thanked
her& saw her big belly & 
thought to seduce her for some time.I asked her if I could examine her belly
in the daylight? she said she was busy with preparing
breakfast and said maybe
later.but I insisted for only 5 minutes,she told ok & stood before me while I 
was sitting on a chair.I first moved away the pallu & lowered her saree 3 inches
below her navel.her whole belly glistened in the bright
sun shine.her belly was like 
a huge layer of jelly always shaking during movement & her navel was like a sun 
in the clear sky,it was nearly 3 inches deep & round,her midriff was full of 
stretch marks which looked like marks pointing towards her pussy,I gently
carassed every inch of her belly& told I knew the reason why uncle doesn’t
like her belly,she asked what reason,I told her dat der
were stretch marks which 
disturbed the good looks of her belly,then I dragged her saree 5 inches below
her navel & showed her the public hair which was not quite appealing,her belly
was not as colorful as her face and she needed to clean her navel properly
as it smelt bad,I told her to reduce weight inorder to
make her belly beautiful.
she looked sad and asked whether her belly was that much ugly? I said no but
if u follow these suggestions uncle may like her belly.she said I said I liked her 
belly yesterday & don’t u like it too?
on hearing this I immediately hugged her belly & told her to not ask such questions
& confessed that her belly was the most beautiful belly I have ever seen & I 
loved it with all my heart.I inserted my finger deep inside her navel & told that
I only suggested some ideas to enhance her beauty and rubbed my face all 
over her belly.she asked really? said it was great.I took this opportunity & gently 
kissed her hot navel,to my surprise she didn’t show any resistance and she 
smiled at me,I understood she started to like my way
of seduction.I placed my
hands on both sides of her hips and squeezed the belly,I kissed her navel for 
sometime & inserted my tongue inside her navel,her reaction changed she bit her
lips and caught my head & began to press it.I licked her navel heavily & filled her
navel with my saliva,I licked her whole belly too & soon it became wet.she requested 
me to stop as she needed to prepare breakfast.I said ok & using her pallu I began
cleaning the saliva from her belly,I came to her navel & fingered her navel to clean it.
my whole finger went inside her navel I told aunty your navel is like a deep cave
she laughed,on seeing this I again placed my lips inside her navel & kissed it heavily 
but due to the sudden impact she almost fell down,as my hands where on her belly
I caught her immediately.I kissed her navel non stop for some time.I saw her from
her midriff she was smiling at me and asked if I am
done? I said ya & kissed 
her belly for the finishing touch & draped her saree to cover her belly.
thn she called fr breakfast & v ate together.she got up & drank water,I playfully 
exposed her belly & kept my ear on her belly.I could hear some sound from her 
belly,aunty told it’s enough as she needed to bath.I commented her that her 
belly was not as colorful as her face.she said wat could she do about that? I said
I know a way & told her to wait for sometime & went to the stores.I came back
with a papaya power soap,parachute body lotion & fair and lovely.she asked
y I bought these things? I said the papaya power soap will help to clean her belly 
& navel,I told her to apply during bath.she said ok.I told her to apply lots of soap
on her belly.she said ok but I thought of other plans and asked if I can help her? 
she asked for what? I said can I soap your navel & belly? she got shocked and
said no.she got angry & scolded me for being a bad boy.she told she won’t be
nude before me.I explained her that am gonna show her how to use the soap
& suggested to wear tracks and t shirt.she said she knew how to use soap.I 
reminded her dat am only trying to enhance the beauty of her belly and
nothing else.she thought fr a while and agreed.she changed to tracks and t shirt.
v both went to the bathroom.
I told her to take a shower.she opened the shower and was talking a bath for a 
few minutes.I got erected on seeing her body shape in her wet t shirt especially 
her huge boobs.I wanted to fuck her immediately but I decided to wait patiently 
for the right time.after she was done with her shower I knelt before her and asked 
shall I start? she told me to do it quickly,I was overjoyed and lifted her 
t shirt till her breasts.then I lowered her tracks four inches below her navel.
her belly was shining with water drops.I was paralyzed by such a sexy midriff and 
navel.I took the soap and rubbed it all over her belly until it was fully covered in 
soap foam.I came to her navel and said to clean her navel clearly so that there 
won’t be dirt inside it.I demonstrated on how to clean her navel.I applied lots of 
soap on her navel and inserted my finger deep inside her navel.I started rotating 
my finger in circular motion inside her I scratched her navel to 
clean it more efficiently.then I finger fucked her navel to remove all the soap from 
her navel.i looked up and saw her smiling in closed eyes.she seemed to love it,
I was enjoying her navel and she was enjoying my touch I understood that It 
is possible to fuck her if I seduce her even more.
finally I thoroughly wahed 
her belly and midriff with water.after I finished she ordered me to go to the other bathroom.
I finished my bath quickly and went to see her in her dressing room.she was combing 
her hair.I brought the fair & lovely and parachute body lotion with me.I asked how was 
the effect of my soaping? she told to see for myself.I brought her near the mirror and 
moved her saree pallu.then I lowered her saree three inches below her navel.her 
navel looked absolutely lovely and clean.I told her it’s so beautiful,she thanked 
me and asked me why I brought those creams? I showed her the parachute 
body lotion and said if you apply this on your belly it would make it more smooth 
and soft.she asked how I knew all these? I said I saw in tv advertisements and 
asked her if I can apply? she nodded in acceptance.I applied the cream all over her 
midriff as it was much rougher and rubbed those huge layer of flesh lovingly.thn I 
did the same to her upper belly and navel.after it was done,she herself rubbed her 
own belly and felt it’s softness.I asked her how was it? she told not bad.then I 
took the fair & lovely and before I could explain to her,she guessed it would make her 
belly colorful.I said ya.she said but it is only for facial coloring.I told her lets give 
it a try and rubbed it first inside her navel and spread it all over her belly by 
massaging.soon all the cream disappeared and her belly was glittering with 
beauty.I was watching her belly in watering mouth.she teased me by saying wash 
the saliva from my mouth.we both laughed.I tried to be more seductive and 
hugged her huge belly.she raised her hands to comb her hair and that posture 
was damn sexy.I kept my finger inside her navel and said uncle was really lucky 
she asked how? I said to have such a beautiful wife with beautiful belly and kissed 
her navel.she blushed with shyness.I said I wished to marry a girl with belly just like 
hers.she wished me best wishes.I kissed her navel again as a token of thanks.
she kept her hands on my head and said it is getting 
for my bank exam.I asked for 
five minutes and worshiped her belly by licking.I paid special attention to her 
navel and gave it a tongue massage.finally I kissed her midriff and properly draped her 
I left the house to write my bank the exam hall my mind was thinking 
only about her beautiful belly and huge boobs.I felt jealous of uncle who enjoys 
her everyday.after completing the exam I went to her house in the afternoon.she 
welcomed me with smiling face and she inquired about my exam.I said it was a bit 
tough.she consoled me that I would pass and told me to get fresh.I soon realized that 
I have to leave that night so I decided to seduce and fuck her as soon as possible.
we sat in the dining table and had lunch.I said I will be leaving that night and told her 
to follow the oil massage her belly to reduce the stretch marks and also the 
soap and cream to enhance the color of her belly.she said she won’t forget it and 
thanked me.we finished the lunch and she brought me some butter milk to drink.
I was sitting in the chair and she was standing before me.I asked her after will she 
miss me? she said ya.I asked since this is the last time we are together can we have 
some fun? she turned furious and slapped me and told that she was not a prostitute.
I was shocked and tried to console her that I wished to enjoy her belly only.she 
told me not to say a lie.I said I just want to enjoy the beauty of her belly after all 
the care I have shown to it.she caught me by my hair and said this must be the final 
time and ordered me to never tell anyone.I promised her.she nodded in approval.I 
realized that fucking her will be impossible if I approach directly.but she 
seemed to like my approach of belly play and her navel might be the only weakpoint.
hence I decided to enjoy her navel to seduce her for sex.
I took her to the bedroom and asked shall I start? she blushed and said if she said no 
will I leave her alone.I laughed and knelt before her delicious belly.I moved her 
saree pallu and saw that she had already worn her saree five inches below her navel.
I asked her did she start wearing like this for me? she told no but wearing it below 
her navel makes her feel more comfortable.I first inserted my finger inside her navel 
and began to finger fuck it fastly.she moaned sexily and told to stop in a moody 
voice.then I kissed her midriff and began to lick it.I ordered her to keep her hands 
above her head.she obeyed without any hesitant and raised her her huge 
belly looked more elongated and her navel more beautiful and navel in shape.I 
could not resist such a marvelous beauty,so I took her entire navel inside my mouth and 
began to chew and suck it like candy.she moved her hips in a sexy way.I caught her 
big hips and massaged it with both hands.I continued like this for fifteen minutes.
she told she felt tired and lay on the bed.but I was not in a mood to leave her alone so 
I kept my face on her belly and rubbed it all over.she laughed due to the tickling of 
my trimmed beard.I thought of going hardcore so I kept my chin on her midriff 
and saw the huge creamy belly from below.I caught her belly with both of my 
hands and began to squeeze it till her navel was in between my two hands.I went 
closer and saw the glory whole which was deep,huge,fleshy and lovely.I gently gave 
it a french kiss that lasted for two minutes nonstop till I could not breath.her navel 
resembled a lot like a miniature pussy.I got mad bit her navel tightly.she moaned and 
said it’s paining.I told her I will make the pain disappear and kept my tongue 
inside her navel.then I gave her navel a tongue massage and licked the biten 
area to ease her pain.she started combing my hair in sexy mood.I asked how she 
felt? was the pain gone? she hummed in releive and said it felt much better.
I came down to her midriff and lowered her saree seven inches below her navel.
I could see the public hair which was quite dense.I began to play with those 
public hair and asked her won’t she shave those hairs,she looked down and said once 
in six months.this gave me an another idea,I asked her may I shave it for u? she 
told no need.but I said u allow me to soap your belly but won’t you allow me to shave 
it? she brushed my hair and asked why I was very obsessed with her belly and 
navel? I said nothing,I was just trying to help her belly to look more beautiful,so that 
uncle would love it.she asked then why do I keep kissing and licking her belly 
and navel? I said I am truly amazed by such a wonderful creation of god 
and besides kissing,licking,massaging and sucking I don’t know how to show my 
affection to it.she seemed to have been impressed by my confession,she sat on 
the bed and said that was the most loveliest thing anybody has said about her 
belly.she told that not even uncle has never said like this.she came near me and 
kissed my cheek,that was the first time I was getting a kiss from a mature lady.
I was in heaven and I could smell her sexy fragrance.she told me as a token for my 
appreciation she allowed me to do what ever I want with her belly at any time that day.
I was in cloud seven when I heard such words that I immediately kissed her cheeks 
and thanked her.she smiled.I immediately ran to the kitchen and brought curd,
honey and jam.she asked what I was going to do? I said I am going to drink and 
eat these stuffs from her navel.she said am such a naughty boy and laughed.I made 
her lay on the bed and exposed her belly completely.I asked her if I could lower her 
saree much lower as the saree might get stain.she agreed and told me to first 
remove the midriff safety pin.I removed the pin and lowered her saree until her 
I untied her petticoat and dragged it lower until I could see her pink color 
panty.before I could remove the petticoat completely she ordered me to stop and 
said that’s enough.I obeyed her and poured curd inside her navel.she moaned 
and said it was cold.I told her not to worry and inserted my tongue inside her 
deep navel until the tip of my tongue touched the end inside her navel.I began to lick 
drink it slowly like a dog.the curd tasted a bit salty due to the sweat inside her navel.
within a few minutes I completely drank it to the last drop.then she requested me to 
stop as she was sleepy.I told her to sleep while I lick jam from her navel.she ordered 
me to not disturb her by biting or sucking.I assured her that I would only lick it.
I took the jam and began to fill her navel with took nearly three spoons of jam 
to fill her navel.I rested my head on her cute belly and 
began to lick the jam.she soon 
dozed off.her belly began to heave up and down due to her breath.I loved going up 
and down on her belly it felt like a water mind decided to do something naughty 
so I checked if she was fully asleep.after confirming it I went down to her panty and 
dragged it.omg!!! that was the first time I was seeing a mature pussy in live.I forgot 
to breath for a while awestruck by such a figure.her pussy was fully covered in public hair.
I gently touched her pussy and explored it.I came down to her pussy lips and saw 
that it was fully wet due to plan was working perfectly and all I need 
was just a spark to ignite her sexual mood.I thought of fucking her there itself.
but I decided to enjoy having sex with her rather than raping her through I 
planned to fuck in the evening when I would be shaving her I properly 
covered her pussy in her panty.then I rested my head on her belly with my lips exactly 
on her navel and slept in excitness.
at 5 pm she woke me up and told to get up.I opened my eyes and saw her belly 
with traces of my saliva that got dry.I got up and asked her shall we start the 
shaving? she got up and looked at her belly which looked a lot dirty after I have 
drank and ate jam from it.she told she might as well take a bath to refresh.I agreed 
with her and told ill soap her belly too.without any hesitation she accepted my 
offer and changed to t shirt and tracks.we both went to the bathroom and I took 
the shaving cream and razor with me.I turned on the shower and knelt before her.
I dragged her tracks six inches below her navel and I could even see her panty.I 
first applied the cream all over her midriff where there 
were public hair.I told her its 
not comfortable to shave her public hair in tracks,she asked wat could she do about 
that? I hesitantly told it is better to be in her panty.she turned red and said no.
I told her not to be shy and hugged her belly.she told she continue by herself.I told 
its all right I will simply shave her belly and took my 
razor and began shaving it.
meanwhile I groped her big ass for a grip to shave her midriff.within a few minutes 
I completed it and her midriff looked awesome.I gently kissed her belly and felt the 
softness of her midriff by rubbing my face all over it.I said that her belly is nearly 
hairless and is soft as a velvet cloth.she rubbed her own belly and said ya it is 
very soft.I told still there are some more hairs inside her tracks and requested her to 
allow me shave my surprise she agreed to be in panty.I was very happy to here 
it and asked if I could untie her tracks? she blushed and said go on.I unstrapped her 
tracks string and lowered her track completely.I was amazed to see her thunder 
thighs and her size can surely be of size 44.I looked up and above her big boobs I 
saw her blushing face.she told me to finish it quickly.I shaved the remaining public 
hair which where almost two inches above her pussy.then I thought this was the 
right time and I immediately unstrapped her panty and saw her yummy pussy.
but she shocked and out of anger pushed me away.she began to cry bitterly.I 
tried to console her but with no luck.I tied a towel around her hips and knelt 
before her begging for forgiveness,she was still I hugged her belly and began 
to lick her navel to console her as she loved my navel play.she caught me by my hair 
and slapped me heavily.then she ordered me to get out.I left the bathroom and 
began packing my things as it seemed impossible to fuck her.she finished her bath 
and came to see me.I pretended to cry.she caught my jaw and said u r my nephew and 
you should be ashamed of such act.I cried a lot console me she took my head and kept on her belly.she said she allowed me
to play with her belly because it is non sexual.she said it’s a sin to commit in incest.
On hearing such words I immediately took my face away from her belly and 
looked into her face.I told I didn’t have any such sexual feelings towards her.
she asked then why I removed her panty? I explained to her that she had public hair 
going deep inside also so I thought of shaving that too and no other feelings.but I 
admitted my mistake that I removed her panty with out her permission and said I 
was extremely sorry.she caught me by my chin and asked if I really meant the truth 
in my words? I immediately removed her pallu and kept my hand on her belly and I 
promised on her belly that what I told was real.she got shocked and asked why I 
promised on her belly? I told her that until then her belly is the most passionate 
place in the world which I loved from the bottom of my heart.she soon felt sorry 
for doubting and beating me after hearing my confession.she said she 
accepted my apology and said sorry for beating me.I turned around and pretended 
to be sad.she told she never knew I had this much love on her belly and begged 
me to forgive her anger.I didn’t reply to her.she tried her best to console me but I 
didn’t give up.she knew that I loved her belly the most so she herself lowered her saree 
six inches below her navel and stood before me but I tightly closed my eyes.she came 
closer to me and kept my head on her belly.I still didn’t make any reaction.finally 
she brought her navel close to my lips and she began to move her hips as if her navel 
was giving me a french kiss.with in a few minutes I got paralyzed by this action and 
hugged her belly with my hands around her hips and said I was sorry for being adamant 
and accepted her apology.she smiled and asked that I would listen only to her navel huh? 
I blushed and said not like that and kissed her yummy navel.she said she was truly 
impressed by my love towards her belly and that’s the reason why she believed me.
I inserted my finger inside her navel and said thank you.she said uncle would come 
only after two days and asked me if I could stay with her for those two days.I jumped 
in joy and readily accepted the golden proposal.I asked her how I could convince 
my family who would be expecting my arrival the next day.she told she will take care 
of that and took her phone.she called my mom and meanwhile I inserted my tongue 
inside her navel and began drilling it.she asked my mom if I could let me stay with her 
for two days as she had fever.I bite hardly on her navel,she moaned and said she 
had headache mom told ok and asked to speak with me.she holded the 
phone over my ear and told me to speak.I took my lips away from her navel and asked 
my mom if I could stay? she told me to take good care of aunty until uncle returns,
I smiled and pinched her belly and said I will surely take aunty then thanked her.
omg!!!! what a surprise for me on that day,I got two more days to enjoy her that too 
at her own request.I understood that I can never fuck her at that time but who knows 
what fate happens? 
she cut the phone call.I said aunty you are great and to tease her I asked what can 
I do for those two days.she naughtily shaked her hips on my cheek as if her hip 
slapped me.she pinched my cheek and asked don’t I really know.I said I knew and poked 
her huge navel.she told during the two days I must not touch her body other 
than her belly,no nudity,no camera clicks and if I accepted all these conditions 
she told I could do whatever I want with her belly.I agreed to those conditions.
she said am a good boy and ordered me to apply parachute lotion and fair & 
lovely on her belly.I said with pleasure and applied those creams right from her 
underboobs till her midriff exactly just a couple of inches across her pussy.I 
paid special attention to her navel and applied lots of cream deep inside it.then 
I kept my hand just above her ass for balance and finger fucked her navel.during 
all these actions she was smiling at me all the time.I said I have completed it.she 
told ok,I asked her if I could see her just once in her panty as her belly looked the 
most beautiful in that attire.I promised her in advance I would never strip her panty.
she told me that I should never cross the limits,I promised that I won’t.she told 
to remove her saree by myself.I got elated and removed her saree from her 
shoulder and came down to her belly.I looked above and saw her big boobs tightly 
covered by her blouse.I wished I could enjoy that too but I decided to wait for the right 
chance.I removed her midriff pin and removed her saree completely.I kept my lips on 
her navel and kissed it while my hands where untying her petticoat string.finally I 
removed the petticoat and once again saw her meaty 
structure in panty.I could 
clearly see her pussy impression on her panty.I kept one hand on one side of the 
hip and explored her completely exposed belly lovingly.she raised her hands and rested 
it behind her head.that posture added more hotness to her belly.I thanked her,she looked 
at me and asked for what? I said for believing in me.she laughed and said no 
problem.I kept my hand below her midriff and lifted her enormous belly upwards 
then I let go of it.when it fell down it shaked like a big pile of jelly for a few seconds.I 
began overjoyed and continued playing like that for some time.she was uncontrollably 
moaning.soon her belly started sweating.I licked all those sweat hungrily.then I spat 
saliva inside her navel,she looked below and told me not to do it.I obeyed and inserted 
my tongue inside her navel and licked all those saliva.I began kissing,licking,sucking 
for almost half an hour till mouth began to pain.I said I will continue after some break.
she agreed and said it was getting dark so she would prepare dinner.I allowed her to go,she 
asked me to choose a saree for her.I chose a blue transparent saree that suited 
her skin color.I watched her as she got herself dressed.she asked how she looked?
I said great and knelt before her belly.I moved her pallu and draped it sidewards 
exposing her belly with navel.I dragged her saree seven inches below her navel 
and decorated her belly with pottu stickers and told her to carry on.she smiled and 
said I was really creative and kissed me.
i kissed her too and allowed her to cook.meanwhile I began to search for sex stories
which tells the fucking of an aunty or a matured lady.but none of those stories were
like my situation,so I decided to formulate my own idea to fuck her.after an hour she
called me for dinner.I requested her to eat a lot.she curiously asked for what? I said
her belly looked the best when it looks a lot fleshier and when she eats more it would
get atleast some what fleshier.she playfully pinched my cheek and said naughty boy.
we both had dinner and she had a few more extra servings as per my request.after
dinner i took her to the bedroom for my seduction.I sat on the bed and made her belly
face me.I first placed my ear on her belly and I could hear grumbling sound from her
belly.I got aroused and kissed the fatty belly.I licked her midriff and fingered her
cute navel.she moaned and confessed that I was the first person to say a positive
comment on her fat belly.she told because of getting overweight she could not
Even wear her hipchain which she wore during her younger days.I told her not to
worry and asked for that chain.she went to her room and brought it for seemed
to be a costly jewel as it weighed nearly two hundred grams.I asked her when she lost
wore it? she replied almost eight
years ago when she was slim.I tried tying it on her belly,but I could not as her hip
size was too huge.she looked sad and said she could not wear it anymore.I consoled
her and offered help.I requested her to close her eyes
I took a sacred black rope from
the pooja room the pooja room and measured the size of her hip.then I tied the ropes
to the ends of the chain.I then placed it on her belly and began to tie it.I tied the chain in such a way that
golden chain was just below her navel and the remaining black ropes tied at
her back just above her ass.I pushed the black rope inside her saree so it won’t be
visible.I told her to open her eyes.she was shocked to see the chain finally on her belly.
she went before the mirror and enjoyed her own belly by rubbing it.she kissed me and
thanked me.I went to her belly and saw the golden beauty.the chain looked damn sexy.
I kissed her belly chain.she caught me by my chin and said I truly was her number one
belly fan.I kissed her navel and she blushed with shyness and moved her belly
in a sexy way.I completely removed her saree till her petticoat.I made her lay on my
lap in such a way her total belly was facing me upwards.I untied the petticoat and
threw it away.I began to go violent and began to bite her belly and suck it.I was
getting much closer to her by every hour.the only question on my mind is would I
fuck her or not

I confessed to her that I have a navel fetish and drilled her navel with my tongue.she
hummed in pleasure.then I went to her midriff and began to bite it and with one 
finger I fingered her navel at the same time.she was uncontrollably moaning.then 
the moment I was awaiting for so long happened.she pushed me down and laid 
on me.she gave me a lip kiss and continued kissing for sometime.that was the first time 
I was getting lip kissed by a plan has finally worked she got turned on.she 
tasted my saliva and she was so strong that I could not move from her grip.I kissed 
her too.I stopped kissing and to tease her i asked the reason for her kiss? She told 
that she really loved how I fondled her belly and navel.she requested me a favour.
I readily accepted.she asked if I could show the same love I have shown to her belly 
and navel to other body parts as well.I jumped in joy and said it’s a pleasure.I made her
to lay down and laid over her and kised her lips in pleasure.she was wholly 
cooperating.she caught my cheek and ordered me to never tell this to any one.
I promised.she smiled and kissed me.I came down to her huge boobs covered in 
blouse.I first gently fondled those huge tits and then I removed her blouse.she was 
wearing a pink bra which I unstrapped it quickly.oh my god what a huge pairs of boobs 
she had? I forgot to close my mouth.I looked at her she had turned her face away from 
me in shyness.I told her that her boobs are beautiful.she blushed and said that was 
uncle’s favorite spot.I asked really and placed my head on her boobs and felt it’s 
softness by rubbing my face on it.I then caught her boobs and began to massage it 
by squeezing.she kept moaning.her boobs could be of atleast size 42c.with in a few minutes 
her nipples got erected.I gently kissed her boobs for sometime.then I took one of her 
boob in my mouth but due to the big size I could take only half of it inside my mouth.
I began to lick all over her big boobs and began to suck it.she caught my head and 
pushed it towards her boobs as if offering more of her boobs.I lifted her boobs with both 
of my hands and gave it a strong bite.she moaned in pain but I licked the biten area 
to ease her pain.she hummed in pleasure.I sucked her breasts for nearly half an 
hour until it turned red.stay tuned until the fucking session rolls on. I came down to her belly and I smooched her navel and asked watsthe reason for 
her change of attitude,she said she had orgasms so many tyms whneva I played with
her belly and she didn’t wanna miss the last wit
me wit just navel play,she 
told me to love her other parts just like I love her navel,on hearing dis I fingered 
her navel and said dat her navel is the lock which needs to be unlocked to unleash
her passion and licked it,she said my tongue is
excellent in licking and 
praising and laughed.I said tnx and worshiped her tummy wit kissing &
licking.I came to her midriff and caught her panty,I looked frm below her midriff and 
thanked her fr all the pleasures she shown me,she said the pleasure was hers.I asked 
if I could remove her panty,she rubbed my head and said go ahead. I removed her 
panty and now she was completely nude before me.I forgot to breathe fr som 
minutes as I was dumbstruck by such a huge nude body.I told she had a wonderful 
body structure.she blushed in shyness.I came to her pussy and explored was 
completely wet due to my actions.I rubbed my fingers all over her pussy lovingly.
her body began to shiver in moment I fingered deeply inside her 
pussy and began to finger fuck it.she loudly moaned and got fully aroused.
within a couple of minutes of finger fucking she had an orgasm.I then licked all those 
hot juices from her pussy and drank it till the last drop.her whole body was writhing 
like a fish.I drilled her pussy with my tongue for sometime.suddenly she got 
turned on and pushed me over.then she laid over me and kissed me deeply and said it was 
her turn.she forcefully opened my mouth and inserted her tongue inside my mouth.
she made me drink her saliva.I could not escape her grasp as she was too heavy.
I liked her way of domination.she stripped me nude and went down to my cock 
which was fully erected.she took my cock in her hand and explored every inch of it.
that was the first time a woman was touching my cock.she stroked it for some time 
and took my cock inside her mouth.I got aroused and moaned heavily.she began to 
suck and chew my cock like a choco bar.she also gave a tongue massage to the tip 
of my cock.I was feeling an immense pleasure and within a few minutes I 
cummed inside her mouth.she lustfully licked all my cumm till the last drop.then 
she came near me and said to start.I made her lay and said I love her.she told she too.
I took my cock and rubbed it all over her pussy and with some effort my cock was 
completely inside her pussy.I felt so much of pleasure as I was entering heaven.
I gripped her huge boobs for balance and began to fuck her heavily.I sucked her 
lovely boobs and fucked her pussy at the same time.within ten minutes I lost my 
virginity to her.I shot my cumm inside her pussy.I layed over her with my face on 
her boobs.she kissed me all over my face.I fucked her two more times that night and 
slept at midnight.I slept with my head over her breasts which were the size of a 
pair of ripe coconuts
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