my aunt

When my mother told me to go to the railway station and receive my aunt, Savithri, I was dismayed. She was widowed recently and after her tragedy I was meeting her for the first time. Savithri aunty spent her early childhood in our house. She was only 2 years elder to me.But she exerted lot of authority on me as an elder sister and took the responsibility of bathing me, dressing me, and giving me food etc., since my parents were working they went away early. Savi aunty took me to the college with great care and brought me back. As soon as she was graduated, my parents got her married to a gulf employee.But unfortunately her husband died in a car accident, she had to return home with her bag and baggage. Her in laws asked her to reach their home first and they took all the articles belonging to their son and allowed Savi aunty to go home only with her clothes and belongings. My mother made an upstairs room ready for her. There used to be lot of junk in that room.They were all cleared and cleaned up and furnished with a double bed and table new curtains etc. When I saw her she was keeping a very sorrow face. I had no words to console her. I carried her luggage and took them to the car. She came with me and sat in the front seat. She just asked me how are my studies. just a formal question to break the ice.By nature she was very jolly and jovial and her sad and sorrowful face pained me. I did not ask her anything but just drove the car and reached home. I know there will be some crying scene which cannot be avoided.My amma embraced her and took her to her room and told her not to carry the burden of grief always, but to come to the kitchen and help her, and pursue her studies in comp. science so that she can pursue a professional career. Savi aunty nodded her in agreement. I carried her luggage to her room in the stair room. I told her I will be down in my room and anytime any help is needed to contact me.Savi aunty quickly became normal and took over the domestic duties. Since my father and mother were both working they went away at 9 am. I went to my college in the morning in my bike and came back home by noon for lunch and went back again. Savi aunty asked me to stay back so that we may talk. She told me that her in laws have taken away all the belongings of her husband.She had a camera with a lot of photos. She just wanted the photos of her late husband to be uploaded in the laptop so that she may look at them. I told her I will certainly do it. Since I am going away to the college, she asked me to leave my laptop with her so that she may check some mails and send some mails to her friends. Ok, I took my laptop and left it in her room.I returned from college in the evening and she was there in the kitchen to give me snacks and tea. She was talking seriously about the colleges where she can pursue her studies in computer science. I forgot for a moment that there are several blue films stored in the hard disc. I went away to the college and came back home for lunch.I parked my bike and came inside the house, Savi aunty looked at me at a strange look. She served food for both of us and quite unusually she kept quiet. I finished my food and sat in the sofa for a whle. Savi aunty came after clearing the plates and sat near me and looked me and asked ‘ since how long you have taken this hobby?’ I asked her what hobby.She said “the hobby of collection of blue films” “Oh my god, I am sorry I forgot to tell you or lock that portion from public viewing.See aunty, we youngsters are all interested in viewing blue films, We all collect and distribute through pendrive. It is natureal. Please dont blame me.” Aunty said”No no I am not blaming you. It took away lot of my time”. I returned by evening.After supper I asked aunty whether I can have the laptop back so that I will do some work on it’ She asked me mischivously ” do you have any new item to load” While returning the laptop she told me in my ears not to delete anything since she wanted to see all of them. I said ok. In night at 1 am there was a mild knock on my door. I opened the door. Savi aunty was there.She said she had couple of DVDs which she wanted me to load along with my stock. She came inside my room and lied in my bed with outstretched legs. Shewas wearing a night dress. I closed the door so that our talk may not be heard by anybody. I came near her and sat on the bed and looked at her and asked what is the matter.But she raised her hand and pulled me down on her and embraced me I just kissed her on her cheeks. But she wanted me to kiss her on her lips. I sucked her lower lip and her ample books were pressing against my chest. I put my hand on them and pressed them one by one. I unbuttoned her night dress. She had only bra and panty on her.I unhooked the bra and buried my face into the beautiful breasts she was blessed with. My right hand went to her pussy. I was clean shaven without any strand or stub of hair. Her hand went in search of my cock. She had seen it in the younger days. Now it stood a magestic 7 inches. I removed my pyjama and we both were totaly nude. “Aunty it is ok to go ahead.”She said dont worry go ahead, I am on safe period now. Widely opening her legs she asked me get on her to a missionary position She guided my cock into her fuck hole. Mine was a bigger tool than the one she was accustomed to and hence it took some time and difficulty to get a passage. Her cunt was oozing with fluids.Her vaginal muscles were pressing against my cock and it gave me a divine feeling. I went on sucking her boobs and let my cock remain idle in the cunt. Stating pumpiing in slow pace, I increased the speed gradually and Savi anti was enjoying it immensely. Suddenly I pulled out of her and buried my face into her cunt and sucked her tiny clitoris.She was on the zenith of pleasure. I again continued the fuck and culminating within five minutes. There was all fluids all over. We went to the bath room and cleaned our parts of the body. I told savi aunty to go back to her room since my mother may come any time to start the kitchen work.There after we kept our sexual encounters to day time to be on the safe side. But Savi took her studies seriusly and in the campus interview she was selected to go abroad. With that our sex came to a stop.

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