Mummy ka kaand doctor uncle ke sath – Indian chudai kahani

Hello friend this is Raaj and today I am here to narrate sex story of my mother. Her name is Soniya and heer figure is 38-40-44, her boobs are perfect round and you can hold maximum one per hand only. This sex story started 6 months back. As such I never thought bad about my mother. Mom used to wear nice dresses at night and her pink dress was just killing. This pink dress was really tight and she wears it without wearing bra inside. Her tits looks killing in that pink dress of her. I used to enjoy her looks when she wore that dress, without bra!
And that dress started those bad feelings and intentions in my mind towards my mom. I now started to watch my parents having sex. I would peep through keyhole and was able to see their sex in the light of the night bulb. Mom looked real sex player when papa banged her hot pussy.
One day all of sudden mom had to go to my grandmother, as she was really sick. Even my dad was  there with her for few days. After couple of days papa came back to our house as grandmother was okay now and he had to look after his work. Me and my mother were still at grandma’s place only.
Next morning I went to bathroom and I did not see any tub there. I asked my mom and she told me that tub is in the next bathroom only. That bathroom was open type and mainly used as water storage area. I went to the next bathroom and was astonished to see my mom having bath there. She was taking bath in sitting position and I could not see much though.
But she was fully nude and I had glimpses of her tits from the side. Well, I had see my mom fully nude when she changed at our house. But this was the real exhibition face to face. That day went normal till night. But in night my mother had kept one more surprise for me. Around 8pm in night I was watching TV. Mom usually comes with food in my room. And that day she came topless, and only a dupatta was covering her big tits. I was able to see her big Indian tits easily.
And my mom did such naughty things for next few days. She was showing me her tits so often. But I could not dare to ask her to take my dick. And finally we came back to our house and those boobs show relented.
I was anxious now thinking what that was? What did my mom want? I commented on internet and asked people about this. But no one gave me correct answer to my satisfaction. Did I let a golden chance let go? I used to think about it a lot and my mom had stopped her tits show all of a sudden. I was thinking when mom would go topless and show me her nipples and boobs. I thought I should give my mom what she was craving for. And I thought I should arouse my mom with help of my friends and then  I should also take a chance. And thinking this I gave her mobile number to few of my friends and tried to seduce her.
Few of them tried her over the phone, but she did not show any horniness on the phone. That made me repent; was my mother a good lady and I had bad feelings for her?
And then my college exams got over and mom took me to grandma’s place again. I was hoping for some tits show again from my mom.
And that night came when mom showed me something, but that was not like her earlier shows. It was my mom’s friendship grandma’s doctor. That doctor is my uncle only, because he is best buddy of mom’s brother. Doctor addressed my mom as sister only. As such things looked normal only, but when one day mom went to doctor for medicines and did not come back for long. So I went there to check where she was. Clinic was closed and I came back to house. I called my mom’s mobile but she did not reply. And after 2-3 minutes she called me back. From her voice she looked tired and thrashed. After couple of days I observed that mom’s undergarments were getting fancier and funkier. (Sorry I did not tell you guys that I have habit of sniffing mom’s bras and panties in the bathroom.)
I tried to find out, but my efforts were going in vein. And then an idea clicked in my mind; how about keeping doctor and mom away! I started going to doctor’s clinic for the medicines, but mom did not show any signs of discomfort. I was still in dilemma only. It was a sunny Monday and mom went to doctor’s house. But doctor was not there so she had to come back.
I thought it is golden chance to find out and I went to clinic. Clinic as well as doctor’s house was closed. I was about to walk away from the clinic and I heard some murmuring going on in the clinic. I stopped there and peeped inside the clinic. Wow, doctor mama was fucking my horny mom on his practicing table. Mom was all nude and her tits were all red. Doctor must have sucked and licked them to his full satisfaction and her full arousal. Doctor uncle’s dick was going in and out of my mom’s cunt and she had held doctor from his neck. Doctor uncle himself was pumping her cunt and she was pulling him towards her body to help him in pumping her cunt. The show went on for 5 more minutes and doctor sprayed his cum deep inside my mom’s cunt only. And then he stood up. Mom cleaned his dick by licking it off. And then she cleaned her pussy with cotton gauge. Doctor looked at mom and asked, it was after a long time, isn’t it?
Yes my son has full doubt on us!
They both smiled and doctor started to wear his clothes. My mom also corrected her bra and positioned her tits inside her bra and then she wore the saree. I walked away and went to grandma’s house. I now knew about my mom’s secret affair with doctor uncle!
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