I’m currently working in a MNC in Gurgaon and am 25 years of age. Let me tell you a little about myself, I’m horny most of the time and wild thoughts run through my mind at all times of the day. I have maintained my figure by working out and my figure is 34-28-34. I like people to talk about adult stuff cos I feel it’s normal and it arouses me sometimes. I like my lingerie very much especially my bras as they support the most important part of my body: My Boobs. My bra Size is 34 and cup size is C Cup. For those who don’t know much about bras, 34C is the perfect size for a busty look, not too small and not too large.

Anyhow getting back to the incident I wish to tell you all about. This happened 3 years back when I was living in a PG in Gurgaon as I was a freshly joined engineer and couldn’t afford a place by myself. To save costs I decided to live in an affordable PG close to my office. The Tenants of the house were a really sweet and warm couple Mr Deepak Sharma and Mrs Smriti Sharma. They were really amazing tenants and were very helpful in getting me organized and settled. They had a small 6 year old boy who often played with me when I returned from office.

First few months of my stay were pleasant as I was getting used to the environment and culture of the place and met new people. Mrs Sharma was an attractive woman with an okay figure for a housewife but she did have amazing boobs, 36D mostly. I’m sure Mr Sharma enjoyed with her thoroughly and it was evident as their bedroom was next to my room and often at night, I would hear loud moaning and screaming sounds and I knew at that instant that Mr Sharma was damn good in bed. Sometimes I got so horny listening to their screams and moans that I would slip a hand inside my underwear and start touching myself to get pleasure. Most of the days passed like this.

One Saturday I got to know that Mrs Sharma’s father was unwell and that she would be going to visit her father along with her son. Mr Sharma wouldn’t be going as he had a Project Presentation on Monday and could go after it was approved. So Mrs Sharma packed up and left the very night with her son. I was sitting in the hall and watching TV as I had nothing much to do. I was wearing a low neckline black top which had its left neckline extend till my shoulder. This allowed my bra strap to be seen and I was wearing one of my favorite Enamor’s red bra. I like flaunting my bra straps as I think it’s sexy. I like wearing soft cup bras but that day I wanted to try my new red push-up bra which I bought it a few days back. So I was wearing my red push-up bra which gave my boobs a lift and made them seem bigger and also my cleavage line was clearly visible as the top had a low neckline. Below I had worn normal jockey cotton white panties as they are comfortable and shorts which showed my sexy milky smooth thighs.

So I was sitting in the sofa and watching TV when I heard the door open and I realized Mr Sharma came in through the door and was pretty upset that he could not go along with his family. I asked him if he needed anything and he replied “No Thanks.” He looked at me from top to bottom and I could feel him checking out every part of my gorgeous sexy body. It sent chills down my body and I sat down. He came and sat on the Sofa and started talking, asking me about how my life is and how is everything at work. He also asked me if I have a boyfriend so I replied Nope not yet. He said why not, you’re an attractive girl, any guy would be lucky to have you. I was blushing and smiling at the compliment and said thanks but no guy appreciates beauty in its true form, they only see makeup. He said if you dress up like this more often, I’m sure we will have a big line of guys standing outside our door.

I started laughing and he too was smiling. He kept asking me personal questions and suddenly he said,

Deepak: “Don’t Mind me telling but you look really Sexy in your outfit.”

Me: “Thank you so much, it’s my favorite”

Deepak: “Which is favourite, Your Top or your bra?”

I was stunned at his question and blushed shades of red.

Deepak: “Don’t tell me that you’re shy talking about all this, I’ve heard you talk about all this very openly with my wife so why hesitate to tell me, I’m like a friend to you be open about all this”

Me: “I don’t mind talking about it with you but it just took me by surprise so I blushed.”

Then he moved a little closer to me slowly and I sensed the atmosphere becoming a little tense.

Deepak: “So you didn’t answer my question? The Top or the Bra?”

Me: “Both are my favorite but the Bra specifically, the color is my favorite!”

Deepak: “So you like red ha? Nice, my wife likes red too, also I couldn’t help but notice your boobs look a lot bigger than usual. Why is that so?”

Me: “Ammmm, I’m wearing a push-up bra that’s why, it makes my Boobs look one size bigger and enhances them.”

I was getting aroused by the talk Mr Sharma and I were having about my bra and boobs and I could sense my nipples getting hard. I knew where this conversation was heading and what could happen but somehow I always had a thing for Mr Sharma and now that his wife was not there at home and we had the house to ourselves. I thought why not enjoy a little. We continued watching TV and it was 9 o’ clock by the watch so I told him let’s have dinner now. He nodded, got up and went to the kitchen. I followed him and while warming up the food we crossed paths and I felt a hand sliding down my waist each time he stood beside me, I knew he was feeling me but I didn’t think twice and let him enjoy as I myself was enjoying it to the fullest. All dirty thoughts were running inside my mind.

After eating we washed the plates and I noticed that there was drops of water around my neck and I looked down to see some drops splashed across my boobs near my cleavage. I decided to use this to seduce Deepak. He finished his part and came close to me and instantly he looked down and I saw the fire in his eyes when he was ogling my boobs continuously, seriously my nipples were straining in my bra and I felt a little tingle down in my pussy.

I coughed and he immediately looked up and smiled at me. I smiled too and then the following conversation happened:

Deepak: Priya I think you have something down there and pointed to my cleavage.

Me: What is it?

Deepak: I think while washing the dishes you spilled some drops on yourself also, let me help you in getting it dry.

He took his hand and rubbed it right across my cleavage slowly moving his fingers over the top portion of my boobs and I got so turned on by that, I started breathing fast. He winked and I smiled.

Deepak: Well I wiped off the water but really Priya you have got some really soft boobs I must admit I am turned on just by looking at them.

Me: Well if you’re turned on then I think we should do something about it, shouldn’t we?

I took his hand and gently placed in on my left boob and let him feel me, I couldn’t control anymore, my panties were soaking wet and I was so horny I could fuck him in the kitchen. He cupped my boob softly and started squeezing it over my top and bra and kept saying Wow Priya you’re so sexy and your tits are so amazing. He took his other hand and started the same sweet torture with my other boob. He kept squeezing and my boobs fit so perfectly in his rough hands. I was loving and enjoying the treatment and he sensed that my nipples were erect as it was piercing the fabric of my top.

He rubbed his thumb and flicked my nipples. I went into a state of high and started moaning. He slowly started removing my top and when he did, he was in a state of happiness and bliss. He said, “Priya your bra is so sexy and your boobs, OHHH my god, I’ve a huge hard on looking at them.” I could see the growing bulge in his jeans and slowly dragged my hand along his body to his dick and started massaging his bulge over his jeans. I could feel him getting tense as I rubbed him over his jeans. He started kissing me on my face from my forehead to my nose to my hungry wet lips. He passionately kissed me for 5 whole minutes. His tongue did wonders on me and was playing with my mouth, he sucked my lips and then drove his tongue deep playing with my tongue intertwining and making a perfect connection with my mouth. Out of excitement I bit his lower lip as I was freaking hot and wet!

His hands were on my back and he was feeling my shoulder blades and my curves as he went down. I have a curvy body so his hands were travelling down my back to my waist to my ass and gave it a gentle squeeze to which I fell right into his embrace. He hugged me tight and his bulge was now rubbing along my stomach. He started kissing me down my neck, not sweet but wild wet kisses and simultaneously his hands were unhooking my bra from the back. He unhooked it and slowly moved back to remove my bra and slid it across my body to reveal the perfect pair of 34C tits. My nipples were standing in erection and waiting for his touch. He did not waste a second and dove in to lick and suck my tits. He started massaging one with his rough hands and the sensation was so good I was moaning loudly, I just held his head in place so he could keep sucking those sweet melons of mine with peace. His hands cupped my boobs so perfectly and the treatment he gave me was ecstatic. He kept sucking my boobs with his mouth and after a few minutes, he started licking me and made my nipples wet with his Saliva. I was losing my mind and then he took his mouth and bit my nipple, the pain was so good that it felt like pleasure. His sensual yet wild strokes along my waist and tits made me so wet that I was leaking juice. My pussy was hungry for his attention.

I took his face in my hands and started kissing him all over, slowly moving my hand to his crotch area. I unbuttoned his shirt while going down and he helped me remove his shirt, I went down and started unbuttoning his jeans. I couldn’t wait any longer to take him in my mouth. I removed his boxers to find his hot juicy dick pop right in front of my face, I giggled at the length of the massive dick. I slowly put my mouth on the tip and licked the pre-cum with my tongue which was slightly salty in taste and then proceeded to cup his balls and ease his foreskin behind to reveal his pink flesh fully lubricated with pre-cum so instead of waiting, I just dived in and took the whole rod in my mouth. I slowly circled his dick with my tongue and slurped along the ridge and contours of his hot rod. God I wanted him to fuck my mouth and he sensed that as he held the back of my head with his hands and started bobbing my mouth to and fro his dick. I was loving the feeling and started making slurping noises from licking the dick to chocking. He actually went till my throat but I signaled him to remove as I was not able to breath.

After 5 whole mins of rigorous mouth fuck I sensed he was out to cum so I removed his dick from my mouth and opened my mouth wide and held my boobs along his dick such that his dick was rubbing along my tits. And after sometime Deepak came violently shooting spurts of cum over my soft tits and my face, It was one of the most enjoyable moments of the foreplay and I licked him clean and also licked up all the cum he unloaded on my face. He told me to let his cum shots be on my body. He laid me down on the kitchen floor and started unbuttoning my jeans while I was rejoicing his bare skin. He discovered my now, completely wet white jockeys and I looked up at him with a naughty grin. He swiftly pulled off my jeans from one leg then another. I leaked juices on the kitchen floor, to which he said I want to eat you up Priya. I held my breath and in the next moment he had his mouth on my hungry wet dripping pussy. I instantly gasped loudly, firecrackers in my head. My want for his wild tongue grew so immense that I couldn’t stay still. He licked everything off my wet pussy and sucked hard on my soft pussy lips. His tongue was caressing my clit vigorously sending jolts of pleasure into every nerve endings. I began to sweat with his crazy expedition into me.

I think he looked up to see how much fun I was having with multiple orgasms. Suddenly he stopped and in fractions of a second, he flipped me over. My boobs hit the sweaty floor and my nipples hurt. It drove me nuts and aching I turned to see what he did, by then he was on my back grabbing my boobs hard smashing them massaging them skilfully. His wet long rod between the crack of my ass gave me yet another ache under the skin. I was moaning so loudly didn’t realize I was still at home. He got off me and lifted my legs to make me kneel. I was in my own bubble to notice his swift ways to position me. I was drifting back to reality when whamp… His rough palms spanked my left ass cheek and just the tip of his fingers hit my clit. I have no words to describe that moment, I had never felt that intensity of pleasure. I gasped loudly and I could hear him grunt. That was the turning point, I felt like a hard-core nymphomaniac, who just wanted to get fucked hard and dirty not caring about anything but his long rod inside me.

My red cheeks were inviting him to fuck me hard. He did exactly what pleased me. His rod was in between my thighs and we were positioned in doggy style. He kept torturing my clit and both our juices leaked on the floor. He dug his fingers into my ass and tortured my pussy. I moaned like a hungry bitch. Suddenly he bent over my back lifted my arms and made me hold the kitchen slab above us. Then he pulled my drenched hair into his ripped sweaty palms and tugged on them. I reciprocated with a long moan. Then, the second time he tugged harder and his dick entered my pussy with a bang. It sent me to the moon. I was experiencing the best orgasm I had ever achieved. He slid out his length and loosened his grip on my hair. The second time he banged me harder than before. I was loud my juices just didn’t stop. He began to swiftly build a rhythm and my hands dug deep into the kitchen slab. We moaned, grunted, arghhhhhed loudly in unison.

I lost every sense and moved with him, following every stroke of his cock around my pussy walls. All I wanted was him to rub around my sweet spot and boy he did that well and not just well, he did it roughly. The friction provided me with the required pressure that I was so in need of from months and after an hour of teasing and oral sex, after fucking for so long like a bitch, I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I screamed his name loud and my juices gushed out of my pussy and I could feel his release too filling my pussy. We came together and I didn’t fucking care. The sound of the final ahhhh of Mr. Sharma left me on my peak longer than I knew I could. He slopped on my sweaty back and gasped the satisfying moan. I let go of the slab and both dropped, curled on the floor his wet body shelling mine.
After we caught our breaths he slid off me and dropped to the floor. Then he pulled me next to him and kissed my lips to thank me. My nipples were hard against his chest. He sensed that and looked at me and winked, I knew what was on his mind and he asked me,” Ready for round 2?” I replied saying,” I think my nipples need your attention so first that.” With that we kept fucking in various positions and tried every kinky place in the house possible in the night and the day that followed.

Sadly after the weekend was over, he had to go but I had no regrets, I got my share of dick and fucking. And man it was good! We couldn’t continue with our adventures as Ms. Sharma was always home and after 2 months I was earning enough to share a flat with my colleagues so I shifted out but before completely moving out I had to collect certain sum of money so when I cleared that with Mr. Sharma I handed him a note, winked and left the room.

The Note said,” Your favorite item is kept inside the 2nd Drawer ;)”. I had left behind the Red bra for him to remember the time we spent together. 

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