Mother's Secret

It happened in January, basketball season. It was that reason I knew my mother would be in the locker room and why I went to find her. Of course, I’m getting head of myself. My name is Liz and I’m an eighteen year old senior in high college. I’m not some star student or athlete, but I’m in the top ten percentile and I have won some awards due to my field hockey and track years.
Track actually is one of the reasons for this story. For one thing, I got my body from track; all that running gave me a killer ass that was firm but bounced with every step and a flat stomach that was contrasted by my large 34DD tits. Those tits I had inherited from my mother, who told me she had 36DD for most of her life, only recently getting to be 38DD. The tits also got me attention from the star sprinter, Devon. He stood at 6’1″, with dark skin and a killer stride. Watching him race just made me stare and he noticed. We went out for a while, stuff happened, it’s not important…
What is important is that I went into my mother’s office after the basketball game to see when we could leave. She was the college nurse and the athletic trainer, meaning she took care of the athletes when they were hurt. When I found her office empty I knew she would be in the locker room, probably tending to some poor, lucky boy who’s ankle was twisted. You see my mother is without a doubt the most attractive woman in the college. Besides her tits, her ass was fabulous and while she wasn’t creepily skinny in the waist there was almost no trace of baby fat from when she was pregnant with me.
As I walked the few steps from her office to the boy’s locker room my pussy tingled as I realized I was thinking about my mother’s body once again. I shook the feeling off as I opened the door and walked inside. I didn’t call out to her or make any noise at all when I heard her talking from around the corner.

“Does it hurt there?” Her voice wasn’t that of a concerned nurse, in fact I had never heard that tone before from her, only from myself when I was with Devon.
“Yeah…right there.” It was Devon, I recognized his voice and the tone, he had that sort of tone when I would suck his cock.
My mother gave a little giggle and said, “Well let’s see how we can fix this…” Curiosity got the better of me and I poked my head around the corner.
My mother was on her knees in front of Devon, who had his basketball shorts around his ankles. Her head obscured his crotch but I could only assume it was a nasty accident that had happened on the court. As I felt a little embarrassed for both my mother and Devon for the situation, a third voice spoke up, “Why don’t you fix me too?”
I gasped, not loudly, but out loud nonetheless when another member of the basketball team, Eric, walked into view. His dark cock was erect and pointed straight at my mother, whose face beheld a look of pure ecstasy. She took it in her hand, gripping the base as she turned back to Devon and his cock, which I still couldn’t see. Her other hand went up to it and he groaned as he leaned his head back. She silently worked on the two cocks for a few moments when I heard a grunt and Connor walked into view on the other side.
At this point I did openly gasp. Connor was thin and tall and white. He was not what you picture when you thought sex machine, but the cock he was sporting proved otherwise. It was at least eight inches long and as thick as a baby’s arm. My mother’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. Connor put a hand on her head and pulled her head toward his cock. With a sigh, he fed the first few inches of his cock into my mother’s open and waiting mouth.
She knelt there, surrounded by these three large, adolescent cocks that should have been pursuing my pussy, but instead they were for my mother’s pleasure. And this was only assuming there were only three guys in there. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked on Connor’s cock while jerking off the other two boys. As I stared, Connor began to thrust down her throat, a grunt escaping his lips.
“Shit…” A forth voice sighed, Rick another starter for the team. He walked into view, pulling his shorts down as he stood before my mother. She simply grinned as she pulled off of Connor’s cock and accepted this new one into her mouth. I stood in the doorway, my head around the corner watching this scene of my own mother being the basketball team’s whore. As I wondered where Jeremy, the final starter for the team was, my mother went into overdrive on the cocks surrounding her. Her lips were wrapped around a different cock every few minutes, her lips locked tight and her cheeks caved in as she slurped and drooled on these cocks. I was so transfixed on my mother’s performance that I was completely unaware of Jeremy entering the locker room through the same door I had.
“Enjoying the show?” He whispered in my ear. I jumped and blushed as I turned around and stared at the floor, caught red-handed.
“I…how long has this been happening?” I asked, blushing bright red.
He chuckled softly and glanced around the corner and watched for a moment, “She started with Devon back during Track last year…” He said and smiled at me.
I blushed more. That meant Devon had been going to nurse’s office before track, getting his cock sucked by my mother then after track he got the same treatment from me. I should have been mad at him, but I was just impressed with his stamina. It was a feat to cum down my throat as much as he did if he had cum into my mother’s mouth just hours before that. I stuttered, “D-does she…just suck you guys off?”
He laughed, “Wouldn’t you like to know, well come on then.” He rounded the corner and grabbed my arm, pulling me along with him. “Hey guys, look who I caught peeking.” He said and presented me. I shook while standing there before the four hung young men and my own mother on her knees.
“Damn…” Devon said and grinned at me as my mother slurped on his cock. She barely even flinched as she glanced over and saw me standing there. “See how she works it even though you’re watching? It’s ’cause she’s a good little slut.” He said and ran his hand through her hair. The track star glanced at me and motioned that I should come forward. I slowly walked closer to my mother and took in the sight of her gagging herself on my ex-boyfriend’s cock. Suddenly she pulled off, coughing a bit as she did.
She looked up at me guiltily and said, “Oh God…I hope you’re not too upset Lizzy.” She said. I couldn’t yell at her, she was my mother and seeing her like this was upsetting, but not infuriating.
“It’s ok Mom.” I said and pat her head as affectionately as I could, given the situation.
“Ain’t that sweet…” Devon teased, turning slightly. His cock bobbed up and down with the motion and I couldn’t help but feel the same longing for it I had felt just a few months ago. He smiled at me and gave me a knowing look. I glanced down at my mother and with a sigh I slid to my knees slowly.
I opened my mouth for Devon’s cock and moaned as the familiar taste hit my tongue. I bobbed my head slowly, enjoying the feeling of it stretch my mouth. I worked it deeper into my mouth, letting my saliva lube it up. I watched Devon’s face melt into the face I recognized as pure ecstasy. I smiled to myself as I worked his fuckmeat over good with my tongue. I was so wrapped up in sucking on his meat I forgot about the others in the room, mainly my mother. She crawled over on her hands and knees and went at the dick as well, kissing along the length as I sucked on the head.
I looked up at Devon to see if he cared, his face said that the entire situation was one of the biggest turn-ons of his life. Glancing around, the other boys were all sharing the same look and their cocks all seemed ready to burst. I pulled away from Devon’s cock and watched up close as my own mother took over for me. Her deep red lips wrapped around so tightly, I saw her throat bulge as she slide it down deep. Devon groaned as she worked it into her mouth. I began to kiss his thigh, moving closer to his crotch with every kiss. He smiled down at the two of us as we pleasured him. I looked at my mother’s face, her eyes closed as she forced her lips around such a big cock. I admired her skill and her beauty before I moved my head up and took one of his balls in my mouth. I felt it slide around in the sack of skin as I pulled on it with my suction. Devon jumped a little and glanced at me with a mischievous grin.
“Oh my God!” My mother exclaimed as she moved away from Devon’s erection. I looked back and saw that Rick had buried his cock inside my mother’s pussy. “Shit…” She hissed through clenched teeth, “He’s so thick.” Devon laughed as Rick began to slide in and out of her.
I watched as my mother’s breathing returned to normal and she took Devon back in her mouth. The boys worked on her holes like professional porn stars while I sat there in stunned silence. I had nearly forgotten about the other three boys, that is until I noticed them surrounding me. I smiled meekly up at them and whispered, “Hey guys.” hoarsely. Their cocks demanded attention and I was ready to perform. I licked Jeremy’s long cock and sucked it down my throat as I reached out for Connor and Eric’s dicks. I switched which cock I was sucking and which two I was jerking off a few times before I slide Connor’s from my mouth and moaned, “Doesn’t one you want to fuck me yet?”
Connor moved behind me and got on his knees. He positioned his monster of a cock at my pussy and rammed it away hard. I nearly screamed as he began to fuck me raw. My noises were cut short by Eric, who offered his cock to my eager mouth. Jeremy watched for a moment before going to my mother and the other two boys.
“Let me have her too.” He begged.
My mother nodded and moved away from the boys. She sat on the bench and laughed. “Ok…now Devon lay down on the bench, Jeremy, wait until I’m on Devon to put it in, and Rick let me suck my pussy juices off of your cock.” The boys jumped at her commands. She straddled Devon and slid his big fuckstick into her pussy. My mother moaned and bent over and spread her ass cheeks. “Come on Jeremy…” The boy stood there and pushed his cock into her ass. My mommy would have yelled if her mouth hadn’t been filled again by Rick.
There we were, mother and daughter getting filled by big teenage cocks. I suddenly felt Eric’s cock swell and his hot liquid hit the back of my throat. My mouth was filled as he came hard while I sucked him. He moaned and backed away. I swallowed what he had given me and began to encourage Connor, “Mmm, that’s it fuck me hard. Ram it into me. Fuck me like the whore I am.”
My mother just let the three boys use her like a doll, each one fucking their hole without regards for anything but their own pleasure. She jumped suddenly as Jeremy backed away, out of her ass.
“Can we paint these sluts?”
Devon nodded and my mother jumped up and knelt next to me. Connor pulled himself out of my pussy and joined the other three boys in stroking their cocks around us. “Give it to them guys.” Devon grunted as he stroked his dick hard and fast over my face.
Suddenly a cock began shooting it out over us, then another and another. Soon all four loads of cum were coating my mother’s and my own face. The boys were panting heavily. Devon walked over to his locker and pulled out his clothes.
“Sorry to just run girls, but we have to get to a party.”
And they were gone, my mother and sat there on the floor, covered in sticky jizz. We were quiet for a moment, not looking at anything but the walls. I had to break the silence.
“They sure cum a lot…” I said trying to lick what I could from my face. My mother smiled and moved towards me.
“Here honey, let me do it.” With that she ran her tongue over my cum covered cheek. I sighed a little and she did it again, closer to my lips.
“Mom please…”
“Let me do it.” She insisted and licked another splattering of cum off of my face. I moaned more this time and lapped at the cum on her face as she did it to me. Suddenly our tongues touched and we pushed our lips together. We pushed our tongues down each other’s throats in between licking all of the cum from our faces. “Oh baby…” She moaned as she moved down to my tit. I arched my back as she sucked on my nipple.
“Oh shit, Mommy.” I gasped as I watched her switch between my two tits, sucking them with glee. I pushed her away and returned the favor, sucking on my mother’s nipples as she held my head. I teased one with my teeth and she jumped and gasped. She pushed her pussy against my own and soon we were just grinding together, sucking each other’s faces as we did it. Every time our clits touched I felt it building until I cried out, “Oh Mommy!” I pushed back against her pussy as hard as I could and saw her eyes roll as she came. We shook together as we settled from our orgasms.
“Oh honey…” She said softly as she kissed me hard. “We should go; your father will be worried if we don’t get home soon.”
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