Mother Earth

Lying in bed, she thought about his call. He had called to say that he was filing for divorce and that their relationship was over. It didn’t really matter. She didn’t care so much. Their relationship had already been on the wane when her baby had died. The miscarriage had just brought things to an end between them. She felt a deep pain within her, thinking of her dead, unborn baby. The child she had been waiting for with so much love and hope. Over the years, they had tried several times to conceive but had failed until this precious one came along. When she lost the baby, she felt she had lost her will to live and stopped caring.
The phone rang again and this time it was a call from her friend, Bill, calling to remind her that he was expecting to see her in an hour’s time. He had asked her to help out at the soup kitchen where he worked. She knew he was simply trying to get her out of the house and out of her depression.
She slowly got out of bed, brushed her teeth and took a shower before going to the kitchen to make herself some coffee before going to the soup kitchen. As she was washing her mug, she noticed the potted plants on the window and remembered that she needed to water them. She quickly took some water in the mug and poured it over the different pots when she came to a little one. She paused. It was a tiny shoot that had just emerged and it looked so weak that it didn’t look like it had sufficient nutrients to survive another day. Some deep emotion in her arose and she felt fiercely protective of the baby plant. “Now, listen to me, you can survive and you will survive” she told the plant. She felt some wetness in her breast and surprised she felt her breast to see she had leaked milk.
As her baby had died in the later stages of pregnancy, she was already lactating and she had occasionally leaked milk but she knew her breast had now produced this milk in response to feeding the baby plant with nutrient. Half in daze, she removed her blouse and bra and pinched her nipple over the plant so that the drops would fall over the trembling plant and the soil it stood on. Her nipple touched the tiny leaves of the baby plant and she felt as if the plant was trying to suck a few drops of her milk. “Well, little one, let me see how you do tomorrow but you are going to make it.” She told the plant before dressing up and leaving the house.
She suddenly decided to walk through the park as she had some time and as she meandered along her way, breathing in the scent of the woods, she realized at one point that her feet had taken her amongst the deeper woods away from the regular track and there was no-one else on the path. It made her happy for some reason to be amongst the trees. She noticed a huddled shape on the ground under a tree and looked closely. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that the shape was actually that of a man, a man in very dirty, tattered clothes. She wondered if she should turn and walk back fast but something about the way that the man was huddled made her look closer and approach him. As she went closer, she saw that he was a man most likely in his seventies but what struck her was not his dirty, urine-smelling tattered clothes and sheet but his mouth and eyes. His mouth was parched and dry and his glassy eyes seemed to be pleading at her for something to drink. She did not have water with her. However, there was something within her that seemed clear about what she must do. Her breasts had already been filling up since she had squeezed the first drops over the tiny plant at home and now seeing the old man’s thirsty lips, they started letting down milk.
She knelt down beside the old man lying on the sheet and slid down the spaghetti straps of her summer dress and unhooked her bra. The old man was too weak to respond though his eye lashes fluttered slightly. She gently raised his face to her breast and guided his mouth to her nipple. His mouth didn’t respond. She smiled gently and feeling a surge of love for the man, she took her nipple with one hand and squeezed some milk onto his lips, while holding his head gently with the other hand. Then, she slowly rubbed the milky nipple over his lips till he suddenly opened his mouth and latched on to her breast and started suckling on it. With each suck of her breast the old man’s coarse lips roughly took, she felt energy flowing through her body to his and giving him life. She felt content and lovingly held him as his unshaven bearded face rubbed against her breasts till he had suckled both her breasts.
Then, she gently placed him back on the sheet and said, “You will be fine. I will get you help soon.” The old man lay back and looked at her, wondering if he were in a dream and in heaven. The sun was streaming through the woods and was lighting the surrounding area and there was this angel, her hair shining in light and eyes so kind and loving and offering wonderful mother’s milk from the most beautiful breasts he had seen in his life. He whispered, “Thank you, mother” as he drifted off to sleep.
She put on her bra and dress straps on and walked back to the regular walking track and stopped a person with a mobile phone. She called the emergency room of the hospital and had them come and pick the old man up. She went to the soup kitchen and though she was late, Bill was glad that she had turned up and immediately assigned her to help with some work. Later, when they were done with the work and she and Bill were having their lunch, she told him about her walk in the park and her encounter with the old man, without telling him about the breastfeeding part, and asked if he could help with connecting the homeless man to an old person’s home. He said he would see what he could do and after making a few calls, he said that one of the non-profits he had worked with before would go in and see the old man at the hospital and take up his case. She thanked him and went home.
That evening, she decided to enjoy a warm, scented bath and after indulging, she wrapped herself in a towel and walked to the kitchen to make some dinner. She felt hungry and it had been a long time since she had looked forward to eating and not ate out of necessity. She looked in her refrigerator and decided that she must shop the next day but for that night, a salad and a fruit would do. She poured herself a glass of wine and put on some relaxing classical music of Beethoven. She lit the candle on the dining table and sat there, wrapped in her towel, enjoying the music, relishing her salad and sipping her wine. She felt very sensual and alive. After her meal, she went up to her bedroom and stood in front of the full-length mirror and loosened her towel and let it slip off. She stood naked before the mirror and looked at herself. She looked at her breasts and saw the round, firm lovely globes that she could hardly hold in her hands. They were beautiful. Her fingers touched her taut nipples and circled them before rubbing her breasts softly. She loved her breasts and the milk they produced to give life to others. They were a life-giving force. She looked in the mirror again and looked at the rest of her body, her fingers touched her belly and her thighs and they gently touched her pussy. She paused. She looked at her face in the mirror. The eyes that looked back at her were slightly new eyes, eyes that had a new light filled with love, forgiveness, passion and now a bit of naughtiness. She smiled at her reflection and walked to her bed and lay down naked and started rubbing her clit with one hand as the other fingered and squeezed her swollen breast and nipple. She felt her body go taut and her breasts becoming firmer as her clit swelled up as she rubbed and her pussy started squeezing, building up to a climax. As her body shuddered as she enjoyed an orgasm, her breasts sprayed out their milk. The milk droplets fell back on her and some landed on her lips. She licked them and then had the urge to suck her own breasts. They were large enough for her to reach her nipples with her mouth and she started sucking on them. She felt a delighted that her breasts were not only nourishing other lives but also providing nourishment to her. She loved the feel of her nipples and sucking the milk from them into her mouth. She went to sleep as content as a baby, after the drink of her own milky breasts.
The next morning, she woke up with the rays of sunlight peeping through the window and falling onto her naked body. She stretched and looked at the patterns on her body and thought they looked beautiful. She felt happy and was ready to start her day. After checking on her baby plant and squeezing a few drops of her milk over the plant and lightly rubbing her nipple on the leaf and soil, she got ready for the day putting on a blouse with front cords over a loosely flowing summer skirt and bra-less.
She went to the soup kitchen to help Bill again. She was serving the food when she noticed that one of the frail, elderly women who had collected her food, pushing her walker, was seated at a corner and not eating her food. She kept observing her and once she had finished serving, she walked over to her to check on her and found that she was weeping over her food. With concern, she sat beside the elderly woman and asked her, “Madam, is there something the matter? Why are you crying?” The woman, hearing her kind voice, looked at her and then at the food and in a hoarse whisper that barely came out of her gnarled throat said, “I am hungry but I cannot eat this food”. She instinctively understood and again, her breasts responded. She smiled at the woman, radiating love. “Now, let’s see what we can do about that, shall we?” She undid the cord of her blouse and brought out her right breast. The elderly woman looked at her astonished. She gently told her, “It is ok. At your age, the body does not accept food that is not natural and mother’s milk is one of the most natural. Try this and I am sure you will feel your hunger reduce.” The woman looked at the offered breast again and saw the milk drops that were dripping down the nipple. She gently put her hand around the elderly woman’s shoulder and in a loving embrace brought her closer to her breast. The woman’s parched lips tentatively licked the milk drops on her nipples and then hungrily latched on, ferociously sucking on her right tit while she continued to hold her in an embrace.
The soup kitchen was fast emptying as people finished their meals and hurried out. Most didn’t notice the two and those who did notice, thought it was some kind of weird embrace and did not realize that she was breastfeeding the elderly woman. Some of the soup kitchen staff though had noticed and especially Bill, her friend and they were speechless. They didn’t dare disturb because of the aura that surrounded her and the elderly woman, as she suckled her. When she had finished feeding the woman, she smiled and gently told her that they would try and look for a place where she could stay as well as cater to her dietary condition and in the meantime, she could drop by the soup kitchen when she wanted a drop of her milk. The elderly woman was filled with love for this young woman who had nourished her with her milk as if she were her mother and with tears in her eyes held her hands and said, “thank you, mother”.
Bill heard the last exchange as he came to check on her, seeing her adjusting her blouse. Turning she saw him and gave him the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He asked her if she wanted to join him for lunch but she declined and invited him to join her for dinner at her house instead. He accepted. She did ask him though if he would look into using his contacts at connecting the elderly woman to a suitable home and he agreed he would look into it.
She went shopping at the local farmer’s market and refreshed her supplies of fresh organic vegetables and fruits and went home to do some cleaning before dinner. She decided to make him a special raw food dinner that night. She went home and putting on some music, she started cooking dinner. She was done soon, making the lava soup with carrot and avocado, sprouted quinoa plate with salsa and vegetables and a paradise peach pie, and she decided to set up the dining place outside. She opened the French windows of the balcony and took a broom and swept the balcony clean. She brought out her favourite woven rugs and cushions and low bamboo dinner table and arranged them on the balcony. She put out the candleholders and the candles on the balcony and a few in the living room and the kitchen. Then, she decided to go and have a long shower. Refreshed, she dried herself and stepped into her bedroom naked and opened her wardrobe to choose something to wear. Her hands picked out a comfortable, loose, flowing caftan with a plunging neckline. She never wore a bra at home anyway. She felt sexy and she could feel her body taut with sexual energy. As the apartment was becoming darker, she lighted the candles while switching off all the lights. She went and lounged on the rugs, watching the sunset, with a glass of wine.
Bill had always found her attractive and had never thought her husband had been good enough for her and secretly, he was relieved that they were filing for divorce though sad to see her suffer the loss of her baby and perhaps the separation from her husband. Yet, it was with great surprise that he witnessed the transformation he saw in her in the last couple of days. From being in a blue spell, she suddenly seemed to be surrounded by a radiant light of love and happiness and what discomfited him, or his cock rather, was that she exuded so much sexual energy. Then, that afternoon, at the soup kitchen, he had seen her breastfeeding an elderly woman. That image, both surprised and aroused him so much. Even now, thinking of the elderly woman’s mouth hungrily sucking on her nipple made his cock hard.
He reached her apartment and knocked on her door before opening it, as was his customary practice. The place was dark, except for the candles and it took a few seconds to adjust to the lights and then he realized that she was out in the balcony. He knew she had not heard his knock and before joining her on the balcony, he watched her for a few minutes, admiring her and wanting her. Seeing him, she jumped up joyfully and gave him a hug and he could feel her tits bouncing against his chest and his cock hardened. She bade him sit on the rug and then leaned over to offer him a wine glass and pour some wine. He could see the top curves of her breast and wanted to touch them.
After serving dinner, she asked him if he had been successful in finding a suitable contact for the elderly woman and he said that there was a potential organization who had agreed to meet the woman in a couple of days. She smiled, “So that means I need to ensure that the woman gets my milk every day for the next few days at the soup kitchen.” Bill looked at her and decided to ask the question that he had, “Yesterday, when you found that elderly man in the park, did you give him anything before you phoned for help?” She looked back at him, “of course, my breast milk” she replied without a pause. He looked at her in awe. This beautiful creature, who could so selflessly, give of herself to the most downtrodden, weakest of the society. She stood up and standing by the railing, spoke to him gently, “My breast milk is the legacy of my baby and what I could not give my child, I am giving others and the more I give of myself to others, I find the happier I am. I am finding a reason to live and I feel myself so close to nature.” She told him about how it started with the baby plant and the walk in the park. While listening to her, he found both his admiration for her increasing while wanting to taste some of that milk himself.
She found her tits leaking milk suddenly and surprised, she realized that he was looking at them with such intense longing that her body had had a reflexive action. In an instant, she made up her mind and in a swift gesture, she slid off her caftan and stood there in the moonlit night, totally in the nude. His mouth opened and he took in her beautifully sculpted body. She walked towards him, smiling invitingly and leaned against him. She kissed him on his forehead and earlobe and whispered, “well, are you going to just stare at my breasts the whole night or are you going to milk them like you want to?” He kissed her on her neck and then feeling her breasts with both hands, he imagined the mouths that had suckled them and been nourished by them. He felt his cock harden as he hungrily latched on and drank her milk while his fingers felt her warm, soft belly.
While his mouth started exploring other parts of her body after having sucked her tits, her fingers found their way to his shirt buttons and unbuttoned them and to his pants and underpants and released his hard cock. They rubbed his cock till it was erect and then she straddled him. As he lay back, enjoying watching her ride him, her hair flying in the night breeze, she played with his chest hair and nipple and bent down to bite his nipple. As she started riding him faster, her tits began bouncing and with a spray of milk over him, she came, her pussy squeezing his hard cock. Knowing he was yet to come, she moved down and squeezed out some more of her milk over his hard cock. His cock responded instantly by ejecting more pre-cum. She then took his cock coated in their juices and started sucking it. He was in heaven, he felt and soon he was shooting his load into her mouth. She swallowed it and continued to suck his cock till his last drop was extracted. Then, she moved up and kissed him on his mouth and lay beside him, in his arms. “Thank you, darling” he whispered back. That night started Bill and her sexual adventures.
Over the next few days, she cleared her house of the clutter of her marriage and old life. She basically boxed her husband’s stuff and had him pick everything up and the rest of the furniture and stuff, she sold it all leaving only the bare essentials. She brought in more plants into the house. Her own little baby plant had grown into a sturdy, strong plant.
She did not feel compelled to go for a paying job as she had a small trust and her needs were few. Instead, she chose to go on her walks in the park and other areas where the homeless frequent and breastfeed the needy and soon she was known as Mother Earth around the weak and the elderly, particularly the homeless and hungry. The word went around that no mouth went hungry that approached the mother and each day, someone who had suckled on her breasts would wait for her at the park or soup kitchen and take her to another whom he or she thought was in dire need of attention. It was said that it was not only the elderly who thought of her as the mother but that the trees of the woods also responded lovingly to her voice.
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