Mom’s hot sister

When I was 21 and I used to watch lot of porn. Add to it the fantasies of a youth in the early ’90s ….to see a nude pic was a blessing then. This is about me and my mom’s elder sister. It is not exactly a hardcore sexual incident but some thing that turns me on even today.. She was 42 then medium built 5 ft 8 in 60-65 kgs with good buttocks and medium breasts. I often had a hard on for her because of her lazy elegance. She had this carelessness in her dressing and even looking after herself, may be because of this, so that I had made an attraction to her. She had this habit of wearing cotton nighties and sometimes this had her gaping hole in the armpit section showing of the black curls which used to give me a kick sometimes.
One day she was at home with me, while mom had gone to the temple. She as usual felt too lazy and hence stayed back, and I as usual was immersed in my engineering books as 8th semester exams were near by. I was actually feeling a bit bored and decided to watch some television. Luckily for me she was watching some serial. So I joined her and sat sideways on the opposite side. Dunno what stuck me, I thought let a try a trick notty but risky as well. I think the thought of trying notty had come because of the stress of exams and studies. I used to wear football shorts generally which is actually short.. I got up from my seat went into the kitchen ….what I did next was something just instant. I removed my shorts and removed my undies. Hid it in a corner and again put on my shorts. I pulled my dick to the right hand side as this side would face her when I sit sideways. I was really shaking and nervous but decided to go for it. I went and sat on the chair again in the same position. The very thought of sitting that way gave me a hard on and my dick actually came on the right hand side clearly visible from the gap between my shits and thighs.
My next job was to draw her attention from the serial towards me. I started joking and laughing on some scenes in the serial and started asking her details about the program so that she would look at me to start a conversation. It happened in 5 minutes ….I was sitting side ways and staring at the TV and talking and she was talking to me looking at me in the sideways position. Through the corner of my eye I saw my aunt looking at my dick thru the shorts as she pretended to talk to me. Little she knew that I was observing her from the corner of my eye. On the pretext of talking to me she was staring at it and as I knew she was staring my cock would grow expanding the hemisphere. It was an erotic heaven for me my aunt getting seduced. What I did next surprised her. I suddenly turned towards her and caught her staring at my cock. She was embarrassed and went red on her face. Not because I caught her red handed but the moment I turned myself towards her….my cock slipped a bit out of my shorts exposing the hemisphere to her from the side.
I looked in her eye and then looked at my hemisphere. I got up from my seat stood up and walked towards her and stood next to her. She was just in a shock and did not know what was happening. We stared each other for a minute and glances in between on my cock.
The next thing I did was pulled out my cock from the side and kept it exposed. As I did this I saw her lips open a bit like a thirsty hungry human and gulp down her throat. Looking at me she slowly took her hand on to my cock and she softly held it. There were no words exchanged. She pressed my cock softly slowly turning her glance from my eyes to my cock. As she stared at my cock I held myself out of my shorts taking care not to disturb her hands on my cock. She liked that gesture of mine. She placed her other hand on my semi hair balls and started caressing me between my legs. I started enjoying it and I spread my legs in a standing position. One hand she started softly stroking my cock and with the other she was exploring my balls and the route from balls to anus.
Gradually she started stroking me nice and soft but with out a single murmur.
She started feeling my anal hole with her finger of her right hand. Without saying a word she made me turn around with her left hand still holding my cock. She gestured me to bend and she was exploring my bums and anal. It made me quite horny the way she was looking at my bums with ass cheeks spread. She slowly put her index finger inside and started stroking me faster. She then spread my arse cheeks and started licking my arse like a hungry human. I was enjoying it more because I was being dominated and I was nude and my aunt was fully clothed. As I was about to come she turned me towards her and I sprayed it all over her night on her neck and chest. She still kept stroking to get the last drop out of me. She licked the last drop out of me and cleaned herself up. I cleaned myself and also the floor because Mom was to come in the next 10 mins. She asked me are you free of your stress now I said yes and asked is there anything I can do for you which would be less than 5 mins.
I don’t know but I said yes and she asked what is it and I said with out shame or shyness I want to see ur pussy. She was surprised and asked me why this extraordinary request and I said I have never seen an elderly lady pussy. She said make it fast son and took me to the toilet. We had an Indian comode where the user has to sit with legs spread. She pulled up the nighties and petticoat like a typical house wife and undid her old semi torn panties, I still remember the white panties with flower designs the ones u get typically on the foot paths. She said observe fast we don’t have time. I bent down like a small kid with curiosity and she just let it out like a gush of stream with small whistling sound. As she heaved it out me could see her excitement on her face as she sighed as every drop left her pussy and some droplets clinged on to her thick pubic hair.
She looked at me and asked anything else beta….I shuddered and said something no one could think off. I said yes and she asked ‘ab kya tumhari maa ab aajayegi’ I told her can u shit for me fast and I told her that when I was a kid of 3-4 I remember her taking me to the toilet and washing me….could I reciprocate the same way god knows why such a thought came in to my head but that was the only thing that came she smiled and held her hand on her fore head and said what kind of a boy are you but said fine if that is what u want and anyways I wanted to throw a bit out as I have a tummy ache. She said it would be dirty but I said ‘theek hein jaldi kardo plsss’ and then what happened next I would never forget. Without saying a word suddenly she pulled my shaft and the head of my dick was entered by her into inside her pussy hole. I started feeling that all my long shaft run fast inside her without restriction, it’s so warm, no wet, soft, nice, delicious; then mine became so hard as rock, longer and larger, and the head of it was stroking by something inside the deep soft cunt that lift to left and right. It was going on just for less than three minutes, nice, nice, up more than nicer and then at a sudden I come down, ooh I had cum…cum inside her. Hmmm, for this I can’t tell you what I had been feeling at that time. I’ve had never felt before. And now I would never forget it.
I think she had constipation and she put so much pressure, her face was red, and she let out a heavy sound fart and pushed the shit out with all her strength. I stood up and flushed it immediately and asked her Valyamma (Means mother’s elder sister is addressed in Malayalm) r u fine, she said never felt better like this and then she said now will u wash me fast…. And we giggled. I washed her fast and popped out of the toilet. Put back our dresses and I went back to my room and her to her TV serial. The whole thing lasted just 20 mins but it left an everlasting most erotic experience on me. After this experience I love to enjoy sex with Mature Lady.
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