Mom's Surrogacy Contract

Hi Readers. My name is Royden, 21 years old student, and I today share the story of me and my 43 year old mom. For about three years, I and my biological mother are in a sexual relationship. I encountered sexual intercourse with my mother when she was married to dad. We maintained our relation in secrecy for almost a year. It was getting difficult for mom so maintain her relationship with both me and dad, sharing her body with two males. So she decided to choose one, and I got lucky. Mom wanted a divorce from dad but couldn’t let him, or anyone know about our incestuous relationship.
Exactly a year after me and mom confessed our love for each other; we decided to celebrate our secret anniversary. That day I and mom made intense love without taking any precautions. This led to pregnancy. Dad was frustrated as mom confessed that she cheated with a stranger, and eventually, dad divorced mom. Mom had it all planned. I and mom moved to a new place to start a new life together. We however had to abort her pregnancy to avoid any complications.
We were happy in our lives. We lived as couples since then. I was happy I had the most precious woman in my life with me, my mother, with whom I not only share my maternal bond, but also physical intimacy, and mom was happy too, having her most beloved son who also fulfills her bedroom desires.
Mom and I never regret our relationship, and we consider it to be the purest form of love where we are tied not only by romantic love, but also the mother son bonding. Even though she was my only lover, I still called her mom and she wanted me to.

Our routine was very much typical. I worked as a part time audit in a small departmental store during the evenings and financed my education and family. Mom is a housewife. Not exactly a housewife as she’s not married anymore, but since she is more like my wife now, I said housewife. I return from work at evening around 10 pm. me and mom eat dinner together, then we watch some TV, gossip a little, share my day stories, we have sex and then spend the night cuddling each other on the bed while the moon witnesses our lovemaking.
Everything was fine, until one day I unfortunately lost my part time job. It was difficult to find such a job that paid me enough to finance my studies. I was busy looking for another job. Letters kept one coming from university about my due fees. Mom was in distress as she never would let anything hamper my studies. She wanted to help but since she had not good education, she couldn’t even find any job. She is only a high college passed student.
One weekend when mom and I was returning home from the market, a man in a car stops and calls out mom by her name. Mom recognizes him to be Amit same as mom’s age, who was mom’s best friend in high college. Seeing each other after such a long time, mom decided to share some time recalling the high college days, so mom invites him over to our house.
They each share lot of stories with each other, and surprisingly, she was never so frank with anyone, but she was to Amit. She even told him about our incestuous relationship, and Amit also supported her saying that love has no meaning. Mom seems to trust him to great extent. Mom also shared about our financial strains.Amit said that he was having problems running in his family too. Amit and his wife were trying to conceive a baby for years but they failed all the time. Amit’s wife Shalini can never get pregnant and become a mother. So they decided to hire a surrogate mother, who will give birth to Amit’s baby. Amit was from a rich and prestigious family, so he had to do the surrogacy in secret, so he had to do it unofficially, not by some medial process. He decided to hire a prostitute who could do it. But mom objected the fact that the mother of the baby should be some prostitute, but Amit pointed that no moral woman shall be ready to give birth to Amit’s baby. Amit also said that he budgeted 1 crore rupees for the woman who could successfully give birth to his baby.
Amit had left the house and they also shared contact numbers as they wanted to keep in touch. That night when I and mom lied on the bed, mom seemed a bit lost and worried. I wrapped her around my arms and kissed her cheeks and asked her what happened. She told me everything about Amit’s problems. She also told me that she was thinking, why not she be the surrogate mother to Amit’s baby. I was shocked for a moment. I also got a little angry on her thinking like this, but mom said that it be good for everyone. Moms said that she on giving birth to the child can forever give life to the unhappy couple. Also Amit being her best friend once, mom also cared about his happiness. And also in return Amit would pay us the 1 crore rupees. With the money, mom and I could start a better life someplace else.
After lot of quarrel and argument, mom convinced me that she will take this step. Thought I wasn’t happy about her decision, I had to lose to her ego. Mom called up Amit the next day, that she was willing to be the surrogate mother to his baby. Amit was so excited on hearing this. As now he would not have to hire a prostitute to give birth to his child, but some moral fine lady. It seems that his wife, Shalini was also happy to hear it. Mom called Amit over to our house the same day evening for the sexual intercourse. I was angry all day. I couldn’t digest the fact that some other man was going to have sex with mom. I tried to convince mom the whole day to not take this step, but however mom wasn’t ready to listen to me. It wasn’t for money, but mom actually wanted to gift Amit and his wife a baby. Mom got ready wearing her blue night gown.
Amit had arrived our home with his wife Shalini. Shalini was a beautiful looking lady, aged about 35, chubby and she was wearing a beautiful purple silk saree. But poor lady had everything, beauty, looks, but not the ability to give birth. As soon as Amit introduced me and mom to Shalini, she burst into tears and hugged mom, thanking her to agree giving birth to the baby. And she said that she can never repay in her entire life since mom is fulfilling her dreams to be a mother that Shalini craved for years. After the crying and thanking, mom said that she needs privacy with Amit, she they needed to go to the bedroom. Shalini didn’t seem to be bothered that her husband was about to have sex with another lady, but I was. I cant bear the face that in sometime Amit would have his penis buried in mom.
As mom and Amit were walking torwards the bedroom to mate, I couldn’t control myself and I immediately stopped them. I yelled “no, I cannot let this happen”. Everyone in the room was looked surprised and stared at me. I said “I can’t let my mom sleep with another man. No matter how moral the cause is. I cant let this happen”. That moment, Shalini immediately fell on my knees and started crying. She kept on whining “please don’t do this. It’s my only chance to become a mother. Please don’t take away this dream from me, I beg you” . Amit added “please son, you know I am not going to enjoy sex with your mother, I am doing it for a purpose. Why should it hurt you?” I got angry and I replied “ Wont it hurt your ego if I sleep with your wife. Will you agree to it if I have sex with your wife Shalini ?” Amit stood silently without an answer. Mom was yelling at me “what are you saying Royden? Shut up.” But I just ignored
Then Shalini stood up and said “ I understand what it means to you Royden. I know that seeing your mom sleep with another man will hurt you, but we can sort this. I will let you sleep with me and then there will be no question of your ego getting hurt. It will be even and fair enough? “Mom said “no Shalini, you don’t have to do it” .Amit added “no Shalini is right. If I am having sex with you, it will hurt Royden’s ego, and if he also has sex with her, it will square out things, and at this state, Shalini’s dream to be a mother is more important than else in the world” Shalini again began whining and said “ My only dream is to be a mother now. Its on your had now, please don’t take away my only dream from me“
Everyone in the room stood silently waiting for me to speak, then I said. “I will let Amit sleep with mom,but I will also have sex with Amits’s wife Shalini. Secondly, I cant let Amit have sex with mom in private, we will all do it in the same room, at the same time.” There was a silent then Amit agreed to it followed by Shalini and mom.We all walked torwards the bedroom. The bedroom had a sofa couch also. Me and Amit’s wife decided to use the sofa couch while mom and Amit decided to take the bed. Amit’s wife was sitting on the sofa couch with still tears on her eyes and she kept looking down. Meanwhile mom and Amit were on the bed. Mom moved her head forward and kissed Amit on his lips. Amit held her head and began kissing back. I was witnessing mom kissing another man with such passion. I immediately turned to Amit’s wife and I placed my hand over her breast region. She looked scared as she never seemed to have sex with another man. I pressed her breasts softly over her silky saree, then I moved my lips to her cheeks and whispered to her ears “I promise you will love it.” Then I licked her tears off her eyes with my tongue.
Meanwhile Amit continued kissing and smooching mom passionately and he also ran his hands over mom’s body. Since mom was wearing a night gown, amit placed his hands over mom’s breast under the gown cloth. H was kissing mom in her neck while pressing mom’s breasts. Mom wrapped her arms around Amit’s neck and began moaning softly as she was enjoying the kisses and caressing done be Amit. Amit paused, stood up on the bed and mom removed his belt and unzipped his pants while Amit removed his own shirt. Mom pulled Amit’s penis out of his pants and began stroking it with her hand and then placed his penis cap into her mouth.Amit got back to seating position with his penis still in mom’s hand. Mom now bent herself to take the whole of Amit’s penis in her mouth and then she was blowing amit. Amit constantly stared at mom’s wonderful performances while he ran his hands over mom’s breasts and pinched her nipples over the night gown.
On the sofa couch, me with Shalini I was kissing her on her cheeks lips ears neck. She was not enjoying it. She made no movement, but allowing me to do whatever I willed. I was pressing her breasts against her. I pulled her pallu down making her blouse visible. She had huge chubby boobs hidden behind those cotton blouse. She had no bra on which made her nipples project over the blouse. I moved my heard forward and I wet licked her right nipple. My saliva made a wet patch on her blouse over the nipple. Then I made a bigger suckling on her breasts over the blouse. He breasts were so spongy. Mom’s breasts are pretty much tighter. However, Amit’s wife had bigger and chubbier breasts than mom, and they were warmer too. My penis was throbbing thinking that I was about to fuck this lady. I pulled her off the couch and I unrolled the saree off her body. She was now on her blouse and petticoat only.
I could see her tiny naval. She was looking down in guilt. I pulled her chin up and I said “you should be happy”. She looked at me, and I immediately kissed her lips while grabbing her hip and pulling it closer to mine. I kissed her for some time then I paused to undress myself. I removed my t-shirt, pants and underwear and I was completely nude. I took Amit’s wife’s right hand and made her grab my penis and I told her to hold on. Then I continued kissing her lips and caressing her chubby body.
On the bed, Amit pulled mom’s night gown’s strings exposing mom’s breasts. He pulled it out of mom’s body and both amit and mom sat completely nude. Mom was still stroking Amit’s penis with her hand, and Amit was sucking on mom’s nipples, pressing them, playing with them, having fun while mom enjoyed stroking her best friends weenie. He pushed mom on the bed. Mom was lying on her back, spread her legs apart showing Amit her pussy, inviting him for the next sex move. Amit took his penis in his hand and placed the tip on mom’s vagina’s entrance and rubbed it on her major labia. Mom was moaning with pleasure. Mom seems to like her best friend’s penis rub against her pussy’s gate. Mom was oozing from the pussy. Mom’s natural lubes that will help amit enter her without much friction. However, Amit was taking it slowly, he did not enter mom, but he continued just rubbing his penis tip on mom’s genital area, exciting her to ooze more.
Meanwhile, I was kissing Amit’s wife’s lips and I ran my hands over her back and I unbuttoned her blouse. She had to put her hands up for me to remove it off her body and she did. She still couldn’t maintain eye contact with me. I could see her beautiful chubby breasts with those beautiful green veins and tiny red pimples. They were exquisite and delicious. I caught both her boobs with both my hands and I gently licked her nipple tip again. She gave out a slight moan as she closed her eyes. I continued licking her nipples to excite her, and get her in the mood. I noticed that she was now looking at me licking her nipples. Maybe she took a little pleasure. She sitting on the couch, I stood up leveling my penis to her face. I told her “come one, suck it”. She hesitatingly, took caught my penis and slowly took it inside her mouth. My penis was already full erect by then. As she took inches, her magical saliva had wetted my penis. The warmth of her inner cheeks made my penis feel so light as if it could evaporate in her mouth. She had her eyes closed when she was giving me the blow jobs. I also caught her by the hair to thrush her face so that my penis could go inches more in her mouth. Amit was noticing what I was doing to his wife.
There on the bed, while amit kept rubbing his penis on mom’s pussy wall. He exclaimed to mom “you are getting wet” and mom panting softly said “its waiting for you to go in”. Amit fingered mom’s pussy with his index fingered. Mom moaned loudly closing her eyes and raising her hips in pleasure. Amit was fingering mom’s pussy. He spat on mom’s cunt and mixed it with mom’s oozes. Then he took his left intex finter and placed it over mom’s anal hole and gently inserted inside. Both mom’s holes were filled by Amit’s fingers. Amit continued fingering mom’s holes while kissing her naval. Then he moved his position and kissed mom’s pussy walls. Mom was oozing even more and moaning louder and louder. He caught Amit head, pulled his hair and pushed it against her pussy to pressurize the kisses Amit was giving to her cunt, meanwhile amit enjoyed the scent of mom’s vagina, kissing it all the way.
Shalini continued blow-jobbing me. I stopped her and I pulled her petticoat higher up to her hips. She had worn a white pantie. I looked at her eyes as I slowly began pulling her panty down. Shalini was feeling embarrassed and she looked away. She had a hairy pussy. There was so much hair that here pussy was completely hidden inside. It still didn’t bother me. Mom usually keeps her pussy shaven. The hairy pussy was going to be a new experience. I ran my fingers through the fuzzy hair on her pussy. I caressed her pussy wall and she was again moaning taking little pleasure from what I was doing. I parted the hair and I spread her pussy. She moaned again. I could see her inner vagina walls were bright pink. Mom’s vagina looked darker than hers. Maybe mom has had more sex than her, I don’t know. I spread the pussy a little more and her inner walls looked so juicy. My penis was pumped so much, all waiting to enter this heavenly hole. She had a tiny clit. I knew rubbing the clit will turn on any woman. I took my tongue and I placed the tip on her clitoris. This time Shalini moaned “uuhhhh” and she clearly enjoyed it. I asked her if she did, but she didn’t reply. I kissed her pussy and then I was smooching it. She saw her husband was enoying licking my mom’s cunt, so she might have opened her mind to enjoy me licking her pussy. So she also began moaning.
The room was getting louder with two woman moaning while their pussy were being kissed by two different men. Mom began screaming to her throat while Amit kissed and sucked her cunt. His wife Shalini wasn’t enjoying less by me. I could feel her pussy leaking juices too. Minutes later, Shalini’s juices were so much that it began drips off my chin. Suddenly mom gave the loudest screeching scream while she looked up in the room with rolling eyes. I knew mom had an orgasm. Mom always looks up at the roof with rolling eyes when she gets orgasms with me. I wasn’t feeling jealous that moment that mom was naked on bed enjoying with some other man, as licking shy Shalini’s cunt compensated that. I wanted to turn on Shalini on even more. So I pushed her on the couch making her lay down. Then I put my finger insider her vagina reaching for her g-spot. I began stimulating her g-spot. She was loving it, moaning and her body was trembling in ecstasy. She had her eyes closed as I was exciting her for her g-spot orgasms. I curled my index inside her cunt vigorously rubbing her g spot. Adding to that, I took my left hand and grabbed her left breasts while licking and kissing her clitoris. I continued this multi-taksing stimulation for minutes while she enjoyed every bit.
On the other side, as I saw Amit was penetrating his penis inside mom’s vagina. He was doing it slowly and mom also adjusted her hips to position it to her comfort. Mom and Amit looked at each other while both were panting silently, and Amit was now completely inside mom. He pulled back ant trusted in again. Mom loved it. Mom pulled Amits head towards her breasts and hugged him while Amit continued mating with mom, making utmost love with her, while I enjoyed sucking oozes from his wife’s vagina fingering her g-spot. I rubbed Shalini’s g-spot perpetually and I felt her pussy was stretching. I didn’t stop and I continued, and in seconds Shalini screamed loudly while massive vagina juices gushed out of her cunt all over my face. I was soaked her holy cunt water. Shalini was panting after the orgasm I gave her and she was whispering to herself “ahhh ..ahh….ahhh…ahh.that was heaven.. “ I took my erected penis and I placed it in Shalini’s vagina entrance as I pushed my hips shoving my penis shaft deep inside her vagina. Both me and Shalini observe our genitals merging, seeing how my cock gradually disappears inside her vagina. I was so much deep inside her that only my testicle sack was visible and not the penis. She felt so warm inside, and she was still wet with the orgasm and her pussy was still pulsating. I stood inside for some time feeling the pleasure warmth entering her heaven.
Meanwhile Amit was humping and jumping on mom fucking her with intensity, and thrust. Both mom and Amit were panting “ahh ahh ahhh ahhh” and mom was like “ahhh..amit.. fuck me..fuck me..fuck my little cunt…. Release that load in me…ahhhh…ahhh… ahhh bury your seeds in me… impregnate me with all your sprems…ahhh… ahhh… its soo good… I wanna be the mother to your child…fuck the shit out of me oohhhhhhhhhhh.. fertilize my eggs with your nasty baby making seeds…oohhhhh”. Amit continued making love with mom, thrusting his penis in and out of mom’s pussy. Mom was loving every bit of the intercourse with Amit. Mom was constantly kissing and hugging Amit, scratching his back, wrapping him with her legs while Amit was visiting her depth with his penis.
Meanwhile as my penis was hidden in Amit’s wifes cunt, I slowly pull it out. As I pull, I notice Shalini’s tight pussy was holding on to it so tight that her pinky minor labia was projecting out along with my penis. Shalini had her eyes closed and her hands were on my head, pulling my hair. I again shoved back my penis and she moaned again. I began increasing the thrusting intensity as she enjoyed every thrust of love I was giving her. My hands were still on her breasts squeezing it tight while fucking her cunt intensely.
Both the women in the room were enjoying the intense lovemaking we were giving them, and Amit, fucking his childhood bestfriend, and me a beautiful shy chubby married woman. Everyone in the room was enjoying nature’s most intimate activity. However, everyone knows that everything good has an ending. Both the temporary couples mating were about to end with their male partner’s orgasms. Amit was groaning loud as he was nearing his orgasm. He was all ready to ejaculate inside mom’s vagina to impregnate her, and give birth to his baby. Even I was almost at the verge of orgasm to release my load in this chubby married lady.
Amit released his sperms carrying his seeds inside mom with a loud intense orgasm. He was completely inside mom as he orgasmed to make sure the penis is as deep as possible to enhance the pregnancy chances. I continued thrusting inside Amit’s wife’s cunt and I also reached to one of the most intense, gratifying orgasm releasing massive load deep inside Shalini’s pussy. I was frozen for that moment as I was ejaculating in his wife’s cunt. I collapsed on top of shalini with my penis still in her cunt. Amit and mom were already kissing and cuddling and complementing each other on their performance to such a wonderful intercourse. Amit kept a pillow under mom’s hips so that his sperms would not flow outwards and requested mom to stay in this position for almost half an hour. Meanwhile I slowly pulled out my penis off shalini’s cunt. My penis was wet with my and Shalini’s love juices mixed together. Shalini’s pussy was even wet.
Once again I see shalini’s face turned into a depressed one, as she felt guilty of what just happened. She felt guilty of herself that a stranger just had sexual intercourse with her, in front of his husband, and also ejaculated inside her. She took her saree and placed it over her naked body hiding it from me with embarrassment. Meanwhile mom gives one small kiss on Amit’s unerected penis as he gets out of the bed. I walk towards mom and Amit meets his wife.
Mom still has her hips elevated, smiles and asks me “how was it?” I reply “it was fun” she jokes and askes “better??” I laugh and say “no mom. I love you. You will be my best one” then I hug her and kiss her again.
On the other side Shalini bursts into tears, guilty of what she just did, and Amit cajoles her saying that everything is fine and shall be alright. Amit puts on his clothes while Shalini begins wiping her cunt off my sperms and putting on back her saree. I lay next to mom while Amit approaches with a cheque and says “this is half crore rupees in advance. I will pay the rest when we successfully deliver our baby. I will take you for pregnancy tests after 2 months, and you let me know if you get any signs” mom smiles and takes the cheque thanking him she says “sure, I will let you know. I am sure I shall be impregnated by you. Our intercourse was so good” they both laugh.
Shalini after getting getting gher saree worn, comes to mom and says “thank you very much sister. I will owe you my entire life. You will give me another life with this baby” Mom replied “No Shalini. You deserve to be happy. And I am really sorry for my son’s behavior. I really hope you understand” Shalini said “I totally do. That’s why I agreed to have sex with him. I don’t regret it” She smiled. I also looked at her and I said “Thank you Ms. Shalini. I really enjoyed your company.” She didn’t reply and both Amit and Shalini walked out of our house.Me and mom laid on the bed the whole night cuddling each other as usual. I didn’t have any regret that mom just had intercourse with another man. I said that I love her and she loved me too.
After months, all of us were waiting for mom’s pregnancy test to be positive, however unfortunately mom was not pregnant with Amit’s baby. Everyone was depressed specially Shalini who had so much expectation and was so much excited. When she heard that mom was not pregnant, she fainted and collapsed on the floor. She was taken to the hospital and there the doctor said that Shalini was pregnant. Everyone was shocked to hear it, that after years of trying, Shalini was finally pregnant. Amit’s family began cheering with the news. But the four of us then came to know, that Shalini was not pregnant with Amit’s child, but with mine. That night when I ejaculated in her, my sperms actually fertilized her eggs impregnating her.
Later after a few checkups, we found out that Amit and Shalini were not able to have a baby because Amit’s sperm count was very low. The problem was not with Shalini, she was a fine fertile woman. Amit was not happy that his wife was pregnant with someone else’s baby, but seeing his all his family members so excited and happy and Shalini’s dream of becoming a mother come true, he decided to give birth to the child and call it his own. Shalini was happy that she was going to have a baby knowing it was mine. When Amit’s wife met me, she said “that night what happened between you and me, was maybe writeen by God. Thank you very much Royden for making my wishes come true.” Mom was also vary happy to see the unhappy couple get their happiness back. Amit pays us the remaining half crore. Me and mom move to a new location, to start a new life. Me and mom got married and I made her my legal wife and we lived happily ever after.
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