Milky Bhabies’ Marriage In A Sexual Way And Honey Sex

Hi this is babu again after the 3 some we had in the garden we all went into the house and took bath and ate food .We started to prepare for the marriage .I selected the dresses the makeups and the various jewellery for marriage .I selected a black saree for parveen with a g string blouse which was so small that only nipps was covered and all the boobs were hanging and the pallu was put in between the 2 boobs.Vijaya was given a red saree with a string blouse to expose all the boobs and little bit of nipps seen string bikini panty.Sunitha was given a yellow saree with no blouse or bra only saree covering boobs thread panty.All had anklets and jasmine flowers with open hair lipstick kajal ,toe ring nose ring earrings
Mangalsutra was a yellow thread in between the boobs.I tied a thread around the waist black one with bell so that when i fuck ,i must hear the sound told all of them to tie saree just 2inches below navel and show the ass crack behind.
I was nude with the cock fully in show .I lit a fire annd that was the homa for marriage.I told parveen ammi vijayaakka and sunitha anni to stand in a line .I went near parveen and smooched her and asked her whether she will be my wife she moaned and said i will.Then i applied sindoor on her forehead pulled her pallu down mixed ghee with sindoor annd applied on her nipps ,in her huge navel ,cunt and ass,same thing i did with vijaya and sunitha.I said we have to take seven rounds around the pyre in seven different ways.I said to sunitha first step is to hold my cock in her hand and go around the pyre all three did .Second step is to put cock in mouth and go around the pyre all did it.Third step is to put cock in cunt and move around pyre all did it.

Fourth is to put cock in ass and go around pyre all did it.Fifth was to suck rt boob and go around pyre all did it.Sixth was to suck lt boob and go around pyre all did it and finally seventh was to put cock in between boobs and go around pyre all the sexy women did it.My cock was already growing.Then i tied the mangalsutra around the neck and made them my wifes slaves whores and also the black thread around the waist just above cunt with bell.All the three women were in ecstasy as the marriage was completed and the only guest was parveen baby.I told them i am going to do honey moon to all 3 women in different places in the house and threesome in the master bedroom with all.I told i will fuck vijaya in kithen,parveen in bath room and sunitha in the balcony with open air.So the sucking of our honey sex starts with the kitchen sex with vijaya.She was looking beautiful with the red saree and the string blouse and g string she had sindoor on her forehead and jasmine on the hair and sindoor over her nipps navel cunt and ass.
I saw her with a glass of her boobs milk with honey in it she said this is my milk and if u drink this i am ur slave for life.I took it and drank in a sec and put some into her from were it came i smooched her mouth pulled out her tongue ,as our saliva was mixing my hand was already on her boobs and fingers in her cunt.Then in a sec all her dress was on the ground and only mangalsutra was hanging in between her 42 size boobs i bent down and sucked her nipps which were red due to my sindoor i sucked more pulled the nipple inside and bit her she said suck my milk with ur sindoor and make me ur sexy whore.Milk started to flow and i was drinking from it sweet milk with ghee and sindoor was being taken into my mouth same time i was slowly massaging the other boob squeezing it pinching twisting and tweaking slowly small drops of milk flowed down and then a gush of milk it flowed over her sexy tummy into the 1inch novel and down below the cunt.
I sucked milk from her boobs and put some milk into her mouth and frech kissed her as i was doing this my eyes went towards the navel and slowly i came down and put my tongue in the navel and started to suck every bit.I inserted my index finger in her big navel.As half of navel was filled with sindoor ghee and the hot milk it was hot.She could not control, over her body and she leaned over the platform where gas stove is kept.
I made circles over the navel and squeezed it pinched it and turned her towards me and sucked her navel putting my tongue in and out she was moaning mmmmmmmmmaaalllllllllllllllllammmmma i kept slurping her for 5 mins then slowly she saw my cock which was already 10inch she sat down and took my hanging cock in her hand and kissed it i started to moan.She put her sweety tongue over the cock and licked it slowly then with some speed.Then she put the hot rod inside the mouth and started to suck it in a savage way she kept pulling my cock in in and out i felt a current passing through me .
I screamed suck it my bitch ur my true wife ooooooooaaaammmmmmmmmma.She removed the skin and was sucking the red cock like a chocolate ice cream and also was sucking my balls with her hands.I pushed it to her throat and started to fuck my cock in her mouth then i removed my cock out of her mouth and again kissed her navel and went down to her cunt .Her cunt was already wet with juices i licked her with the tongue and put my tongue so deep that i was touching her uterus i kept licking and fucking her cunt with my tongue which has become red due sindoor in there same time i was fingering her ass first 1 then 2 and last 3 fingers she was moaning ammaaaaaaaa ayoooooo put ur cock in and make me urs i cant control i might cum due to my intense fucking her 2 holes she was talking like a whore mother fucker fuck me make ur cock to go in make us one and put ur cum in and make me pregnant.I slowly pushed her over the platform and put my cock into her cunt in doggy style slowly entered the gate and pushed it i n she screamed ammmmmmaaa all the 10inch was inside her i started to hump her slowly then faster and faster same time put my fingers in her ass and fingering and fucking her as i was humping her i could fell my cock hitting the fingers between the thin layers she was in seventh heaven,i was tearing her pussy and ass at the same time.I was hammering the pussy and lup lup sound was heard.
I kept on fucking her cock in her cunt fingers in her ass and milking her huge boobs with my other hand.Due to my threesome fucking she told me i am cumming suddenly the cock became bigger in her cunt and a lot of cum spilled inside her pussy and lot of juices from her cunt and also ass hole i fell on her with cock still inside her and the fragrance of the jasmine flowers.With the cock inside i took her to the gas stove and milked her into a bowl told her to put nescafe and sugar in it and boil it she did just tat as the boobs coffee was boiling i kissed her and milked her .We drank the milk and i went to have my second honey sex with my parveen ammi in the bathroom.
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