Milking Gauri Bhabhi Dry

This is a true story and happened in 2012.  My college friends had decided to go to Rohan’s house for a day out. I decided to go along. All of them were in pairs but i was a stag as my gf wasn’t able to come and we were having some issues. So i go to his house and i meet Gauri for the first time. She is a typical Maharashtra girl. She has a very beautiful face cut. She is fair and has the nice boobs. She is neither thin nor fat just perfect. Sab jagah se bhari hui. She was wearing salwar kameez yellow and orange shade. I thought she was beautiful but had nothing wrong in my mind as she was after all my friend wife.
But then we start having fun. We start having alcohol and the girls are bringing snacks for us.
Gauri crosses from the other side and comes and sits right next to me with her thighs touching my thighs. I swear to god that touches. I was shocked and i liked it. My immediate reaction was i closed up a bit moved my thigh away. She looked at me and said why aren’t you eating? And she again came close to me and touched her thighs and served me. When she was serving i could see that very small cute cleavage of hers. I thought to myself Rohan must be milking them dry every night.
Anyways she was doing this the whole day. We partied and we finally bid goodbye and left. Nothing happened that night.
We kept in touch on whatsapp and used to share adult jokes. We even talked about sex. She told me Rohan’s family wants a baby but she wasn’t ready.
I go abroad and return back after about a year. I go to meet Gauri and her kid and of course Rohan too. I can’t tell you how amazing Gauri was looking. Her breasts were bigger than before, her face was glowing. She was wearing a black sari and i managed to have a peek at her boob. Actually she wanted me to see it   she sat in such a way that only i could see her boobs ka side view and my god they were nice and milky. Black blouse usmain black bra. I swear i wanted to press it.

Anyways then Rohan has to leave for work so i ask him to carry on and tell hin i will spend some more time with the baby.
After he goes I and gauri catch up on old times. We have a good laugh.
Suddenly the baby starts crying Gauri picks the baby up and starts to open her blouse to breast feed the baby. I got up and slowly try to go in the hall. This is when Gauri says “Abhishek thodi der pehle toh dekh raha tha na chup chup ke ab toh tera dost bhi nahi hai ab bindaas dekh mujhe koi problem nahi. ”
I don’t know what to say and i sit back on the bed. She removes her lovely boob and tries to put it in the baby’s mouth. While doing this she tells the baby ” beta jaldi jaldi mumma ka doodhu pee lo warna uncle saara pee jaayenge dekho kaise laal tapka rahe hai. ” and she laughs. I get so embarrassed i can’t tell you.
Then the baby falls asleep after some time.
She keeps the baby aside and then asks me ” tujhe peena hai mera doodh ?”.. I nod in agreement. I go near her and latch my mouth on her nipples. I gently started suckling on them. Itne soft the uske bable ki kya bataooo halka sa suck kiya aur mouthfull doodh aa gaya. I was looking at Gauri with opened eyes. Gauri said ” gulp kar le aakhir teri bhabhi hi hun “. And i gulped it. It was sweeter than basundi
I must have sucked on them for an hour. When i removed my mouth from her boobs, her nipple area had puffed up become red and there was milk dripping from it and Gauri was in another world.
She asked me “bas aur doodhu nahi peena hai ” i said nahi bas. And then we both started laughing and she covered herself up. I asked her ” gauri tere yeh doodh ka karz kaise chukaonga” she smiled and me gave me a tight kiss on my lips. She has amazing big lips btw. And she said batati hun pehle naashta khaa le.
She goes in the kitchen and i follow her. She starts making poha. I go behind her and start grinding on her ass. I’m telling you guys ek pregnancy se bahar aayi hui ladki ke gaand pe lund pherna is something else woh bhi saari ke upar. Both her hands were engaged. So i took this opportunity and cupped her breasts from on top of the blouse. When i pressed it i could feel the excess milk making her nipple area on the blouse wet. I kept pressing them slowly. Gauri tried to control but she couldn’t. She said ” Abhishek tujhe mere doodh ki kasam lick my pussy dry. “  i tell her ” Gauri tu sirf thoda sa legs faila de maine tere saari ke undar ghuskar tere chut ko aise chaatunga na ki mere muh par hi zhadd degi ”
Gauri obliges and spread her legs a bit. I go down life her sari up a bit and stick my head in it. Once I’m inside her sari, i let the sari fall down and i ask her to continue making poha. The smell in that chamber was amazing Gauri didn’t have any hair beneath. Not a single one. I could smell the juices she had oozed out. The anticipation is killing Gauri and she keeps on asking ne when r u gonna lick it. About 5 min pass and then without warning i give a very long and tight lick on Gauris pussy. Then i gave a second lick starting from her asshole to her pussy. Gauri shouts in joy and her legs shake in utter satisfaction. I lick all her juices out. Itna chaata usko maine ji kya batao dosto. I was thinking to myself ki I’m so lucky. I’m licking a mother of a child who is so hot. Uska doodh peeya thodi der pehle.  Anyways after 30 min licking session she orgasms and ejaculates on my face. She couldn’t stand and sits down. Now she is lying with chut on my face in a face sitting position that is. Acha i don’t stop licking her chut even then. That’s what makes her go mad. And she is convulsing while sitting on me.
After sometime she gets up and tells me “Abhishek tune toh meri chut ek dum kutte ke tarah chaati hai yaar. Ab main teri kutiya banna chahti hun. Aur sun chut toh tune bahut maari hogi. Main teri kutiya banti hun aur tu apna lund nere gaand ke ched main daal. Aur tujhe kasam hai mere bablo se direct piye hue doodh ki aisi gaand maarna ki main jor jor se cheekhu.
She takes my lund in her hand gives it a French kiss and then licks it like a pro. Saliva se bhar deti hai mere lund ko. She gave me the best wet blowjob on earth. Then she lifts her black sari and bends over like a bitch looks right ahead and says. “Abhishek maar gauri ki gaand.” i slowly slowly push in her ass. It’s a bit painful for both of us. Suddenly my mushroom goes inside and she shouts. Hey ram…… I slowly stroke it. Then increase my pace. After some tine i fucking her with full force i pick her up and now we both are standing and I’m fucking her. Uska sareee gaand ke upar tak chada hua hai. I swear woh scne dekh dekh kar main aaj tak mutt maarta hun. Finally i release my load in her mouth. She swallows my load after some gargling and gives me a naughty smile. She holds my lund and licks the small drops oozing out   she keeps pressing it and keeps licking every extra drop. And then she gives me another blowjob for 15 min. I again cum in her mouth and she licks everything again. She hold my lund in her hands and says “ye mera hai maadarchod  isse jab chahe main use kar sakti hun. “  I smooch her hard and say. Gauri meri kutiya my bitch tera hi hain jab jee chahe ga teri chut chaatunga aur gaand marrunga”. To which she adds ” doodh bhi piyega na bhabhi  ” and  laughs.
Niw ne and Gauri fuck whenever we get a chance.
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