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Hello guys. I am Kiran from Ahmadabad. I am 23 years old and single son of my parents. I would like to tell you about an incident which took place 5 days ago. Talking about myself, I am unmarried doctor and have been serving in my dad’s hospital since 2 years. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and have good sized dick. I am usual reader of ISS and that is the reason why I don’t feel much bad about incest.
Coming to the point, I was always a woman stalker and fantasized all women whom I knew closely. I had 2 pretty close relationships in my life, but had to sacrifice them for my career and always had to satisfy my urge by masturbating.
Now there was a friend of mine Ajay, with whom I shared all my secrets. I also bonded well with his mother, Madhu as she was quite modern, rich and open minded. I unwillingly always tried to impress her and even she was amazed with my intelligence. She trusted me more than her son. We lived in same neighborhood and both my friend. Madhu had pretty big tits and I always was attracted to her due to her tits. Madhu is very good and cooks tasty food. I and Ajay often used to sleep together in each other’s home. It was long time since we stayed together with each other.

Coming back to the point, my dad and mom had gone to Switzerland for a meeting at WHO headquarters, Geneva. Meanwhile I had to manage the hospital in my parents’ absence. I used to dine at Ajay’s place. Now Ajay had to go to Bangalore for some business purpose and Madhu asked me to stay at their home. I accepted the proposal as it was quite tiresome to live alone. I went to Ajay’s place. Madhu allotted me a large room with attached bathroom, while she used to sleep in a nearby room. I used to go early for hospital and came late. She used to wait for me to come and we had dinner together. Same routine followed for 2 days. Now it was a Sunday. That day was India-Pakistan Asia cup match. I decided to come early from hospital to see the match. Pakistan was chasing and was on a losing side. But suddenly in the last over, Afridi mistimed two shots for six and won the match for Pakistan. I was furious and when she dropped my phone, I abused her in front of Madhu aunty. Aunty was shocked, and so was I. I was embarrassed and had apologized to her. She excused me, saying that it was bit common to utter such words in anger. But she scolded me a lot for it.
I went to bed and was thinking constantly of her shocked face. Now next morning I went to hospital early due to an emergency. At the hospital I decided to go home early and apologize to her with a sorry card. She forgave me. We followed same schedule, but at night, lights went off due to a minor short circuit and only electrician could repair it next morning. So I asked her to come to my home to sleep. She had to accept. Now my house was a mess. I allotted her my parents’ room to sleep while I slept in my own.
Now it was so hot that she was almost wet with sweat and asked me to fill up the bathtub. She went for a bath in Jacuzzi in our house. She was bathing with curtains closed and door open. I had to go to dressing room to get some households. I went there and what I saw shocked me. I saw her masturbating, and then she also noticed my presence. She immediately hid there and scolded me and abused me. I was shocked and ran from there. I went to another bathroom I fantasized this and started jerking off but knocked the door as she had to apologize to me for abusing. I immediately put on my towel and attended her. She saw the bulge in my pant and was staring at it indirectly. She apologized and went. I decided not to continue masturbating and came out to help her in kitchen. She told me to continue with my work, and I was shocked, but then I said that it was embarrassing to continue now.
She was furious and asked me to do so, when I said no, she started forcing me to do it in front of her. I removed my pants and started jerking off in kitchen. She started enjoying it. Then I decided to do it for once and all and grabbed aunty, she went running all over house, shouting. She had captured a video and I had to delete it anyhow to prevent her showing it to my parents. I ran behind her naked and finally grabbed her by satin pyajama, which tore and I saw her panties. Then I decided to fuck her. I caught her from back and tied her to ropes and stripped her. I shot a video of her stripping. I deleted mine while saved her video in my laptop for safety. Then I thought what to do with aunty and so I started licking her asshole. She enjoyed it and so I opened her. But then she immediately slapped me. I ran behind her to her room. Locking the room, I went inside, but she went into bathroom.
I abused her and waited her to come out. She came after 1o minutes with perfume and seductively dressed. I pounced on her and started kissing her. We smooched for 10 minutes and I kissed her at all her body parts. I licked her nose, anus, and armpit also. It was very seducing. She moaned like hell. Then I moved to oral sex and put my penis into her mouth. I cummed on her face and we went to bathroom, lying on each other in bathtub. We stayed there together in each other’s arms, embraced and hugged each other for 25 minutes. Coming out we went for sex. She was moaning ooh! Aaaaaah. Uuuuh! What a thick dick, although small; it is pleasure. I was also in full form and said aunty your boobs had always attracted me and I was destined to sleep with you. She said that even she knew that one day or other I would sleep with her but she just avoided it to avoid complications.
Then we went for anal, and she farted when I was about to cum. That was magical experience and we continued and she became pregnant. We silently went for her abortion but her breasts were active and oozed milk and I made a habit to drink milk from her until I got married.
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