Milk My Full Breasts

Since my baby was born eight months ago my sex life has taken a turn for
the worse. Sam, my husband, doesn’t seem very interested, other than an
occasional quickie, which leaves me feeling low, not wanted and sexually

I have worked hard to get myself back in shape and I think I have
succeeded very well. The only difference in my body, compared to
pre-pregnancy, is the fact that my breasts are much larger and full of
milk. I am still breast feeding my baby once a day.

The only problem is that I have a surplus of milk and have to express some
daily. To me, though, my **** look fantastic. They are large, firm and my
nipples are huge and always swollen and erect. That turns me on no end
and they feel extra sensitive and sensual. Sam, however, doesn’t
seem to like them for some reason especially when my nipples poke
through my clothes. I think it looks hot and so very sexy as well as it does
feel so good.

Anyway, there I was feeling frustrated when my next door neighbor called
on me one morning. He’s a decent guy and, while we chatted, I couldn’t
help but notice that he was fascinated by my breasts. He seemed unable to
keep his eyes off them. I suppose I couldn’t really blame him as my
nipples were firm and showing through my thin t-shirt.

I also hadn’t realized that my nipples were leaking milk and
there were two damp patches on my t-shirt. When I glanced down I
eventually saw this and felt embarrassed. I mumbled something about having
too much milk. He looked at me and said, “Lucky baby.”

At this moment my baby started to cry so I had to see to her and I said
goodbye to him.

I soon settled my baby, which was just as well, as I was in a state of
confusion as to how I felt. I felt so – so damn sexy and turned on that’s what.

I went to change my damp t-shirt and looked into the mirror as I did so. I
unhooked my bra and felt horny as I saw my breasts. The nipples were
enormous and were sticking out like small pipes. I touched them lightly
and shuddered with pleasure and began to massage my breasts. Milk was, by
now, leaking from my nipples and running over my **** and down my belly on to
my *****.

I kept on playing and pulling on my nipples and ****, my hands wet with milk until
suddenly I groaned and shuddered to a mighty ******. Oh My God!,
I had no idea that would happen. Oh but did that feel good.

I felt I wanted no “I needed”, more and pushing one hand down my leg and
into my shave *****. I couldn’t believe how lubricated I was, circled my
**** with a finger. My other hand was still on one breast and I was unable
to determine from what source all of the pleasure was coming from. My ****
and **** seemed to be linked by electricity and a great feeling of exotic
pleasure was welling up in my tummy.

I couldn’t stop myself from pulling on my nipples and manipulating my **** and suddenly I erupted again inside with another
deep ****** drenched with my *** and worm juices flowing down the inside of my legs.

I was crying out, moaning and groaning as I came a second time and wanted it to
to end. I couldn’t take any more. I was completely spent but my ***** pulsated
and once more I came. I was now leaking from my **** and my *****.

Eventually I calmed down, showered and expressed what was left of my milk
from my breasts in to a bowl.

That night I tried to talk about our sex life with my husband. He wasn’t
really interested in listening and made some stupid remark about how I was
a ‘naughty mummy’ to be thinking about such things.

The following day I was feeling very neglected and frustrated. After I had
put my baby in her cot for an afternoon nap I changed into a tight top and
left my bra off. I also put on a very brief thong and a short skirt. I liked
what I saw in the mirror, my breasts looked massive against my slim waist
and my nipples now upright and firm.

On a sudden impulse I phoned my neighbor and asked if he wanted a
coffee. I know I was asking for trouble, but I did not care, but I wanted to be
admired as a sexy woman and not a mother.

He was soon at the door, and the coffee was ready.

“Milk?” I asked innocently.

“Definitely,” he answered, “Just squeeze some in.”

I was flushed by his comment, especially as he was staring at my ****. I
was breathing heavy which made my breasts puff out even more.

“You still have plenty of milk then?” he said.

“Yes, in fact I have too much,” I mumbled.

The more he looked at me, the more excited I got and, of course, milk
started to leak from my nipples.

“Can I see?” he asked, “Can I see your milk? Please.”

I didn’t know what to do. I really wanted him to look at me and perhaps
touch me as well.

“Please,” he said again.

I took a deep breath and lifted my tight top so that it rested above my

“Jee-sus,” he exclaimed, “You look amazing, such beautiful breasts.”

He walked over to me and his hands reached out to cup my heavy ****. When
he touched me a shot of electricity seemed to shoot through my body.

“What does it taste like?” he asked.

In a very weak voice I said, “Try some.”

His lips touched my left nipple and he gently sucked. God, it felt so *******
good. I now knew that this man wanted me.

“Lovely,” he muttered, his mouth now latched on to my nipple as if he was
trying to devour my whole breast into his mouth.

“Kneel down,” he said, “and let me milk you.”

He pulled my top over my head and was undoing my skirt until I was
standing wearing only my small red thong.

“Kneel,” he said again.

I don’t know why but I did as he wished and was kneeling like a dog, no like a cow waiting to be milked. He put a bowl under my chest
and started to pull on my nipples with his fingers.
Oh My God, I thought he “IS”milking me, my milk started to flow into the bowl. I couldn’t
believe I was letting him do this but somehow I couldn’t stop him. He kept saying how beautiful
I was and I loved it.

One of his hands moved to my bottom and he began to feel and squeeze me,
his other hand still on my pulling my nipples. He pulled on my thong until it was
down between my thighs. I was now totally exposed to him, to do with as he wished and
I know that I would let him.

His fingers moved between my buttocks and made their way to my **** and
slowly slipped inside me. He was still pulling my nipples each in turn.
The pleasure was unbelievable and I tried to squeeze my legs together
so I wouldn’t ***.

He moved now so that he was behind me and I knew he was undoing
his trouser zip to release his penis. I tried to say ‘no’ but the words
wouldn’t come out of my mouth. My body, my mine, my total being was saying yes,
God Yes!! Oh MY GOD YES!

His **** was against my buttocks and I made myself more available to him by
spreading my legs. He was at the entrance to my now slick vagina and before I could do
anything he was deep inside me right up to the hilt. I screamed out, not in pain but
with sheer sexually pleasure.

His hands again made their way to my full **** and nipples and he started
to ‘milk me’, his **** remained deep inside me. As the milk squirted from
my ****, over his hands and onto my naked body I couldn’t hold back any
longer. I shuddered to an almighty ******. “OH **** YES”, As I did so he started to move
his **** in and out of my slippery wet open *****.

Not wanting Sam to know that I had been ****** I pleaded “Please don’t *** inside me,”I was able to say, though
my body now wanted to be ****** hard and long. His thrusting penis was now pounding into me. He was giving me his full
length over and over.Suddenly he ordered, “On your back quickly”.

I turned round as best I could and he was sitting astride my
waist, his hand pumping his ****. It looked enormous, the head red and shinning with my **** juices.
His face screwed up and he exploded his *** over my milky ****, his *** was mixing with the white of my milk.
His ejaculations spurted over my nipples and some reached my face.
Finally he was done and he squeezed the last few drops from his ****.

I lay there breathless and with disbelief at what I had allowed to happen.

He stood up leaving me on the floor, naked and dripping with ***** and milk.

“You’d better go,” I said quietly, and he did.

I struggled to my feet and made my way to the bathroom. I poured hot water
into the sink and began to wash my ****, the foam of the soap taking away
the remains of my sexual encounter. The trouble was that the massaging and
sensation of the water was making me hot again. As I wiped away the soap
I could see my nipples were swollen and needed attention. I pulled them
hard looking at the length to which they stretched. I’d never seen them so
large and wanting.

God, I was like a sex machine, my hand was soon down to my ***** and
pushing 4 fingers inside as far as I could inside. I wanted it all inside me.
I needed to be ****** again. My hand was moving faster until I felt my **** spasm hard
as I came, my juices shooting out of me and onto my thighs.

“What is wrong with me?” I pleaded, asking no one in particular.

I tried to take deep breaths to control myself and to calm down from my
sexual highs.

I could hear my baby begin to stir through my intercom. I smiled to
myself, “Well I’ve been a dirty milk cow and now it’s back to motherhood.”

I wondered if anything would ever be the same again. I didn’t think it

Following my experience with my neighbor my mind was in turmoil. I
really enjoyed what had happened but felt guilty for being unfaithful to
my husband.

It may seem silly but I decided the only option, to give me peace of mind,
was to confess what I had done well some of it at least.

I decided to tell my husband about displaying my milk filled **** to our
neighbor and how I let him fondle and suck them. Even though Sam had given
my sexual freedom a year earlier I wasn’t going to admit that I let him also ****
the hell out of me because Sam was not in on the set up.

So that evening, when were in bed, I whispered my confession. In a quiet,
controlled voice my Sam simply said, “Tell me what happened again, and give
me the full details.”

I took a deep breath and told of how, when our neighbor called, I lifted
my top to show off my engorged breasts and nipples and how milk was
leaking from them and trickling down my chest. I went into as much detail
as I dared. I felt my husband move closer towards me and I was shocked to
feel that he had a huge erection. His **** was pushing against my thigh; my
words were actually turning him on.

I continued my story and began to feel sexually stimulated myself.
Suddenly my husband groaned and I could feel that his **** was pumping
*** onto my bare thighs and bottom. I turned towards him and we kissed,
our tongues tasting each other’s excitement. I reached for his sticky ****
with my hand and could feel that the hardness was already returning.

“Keep telling me what happened,” he said.

I told him how I knelt on the floor, like a cow, so that I could be milked
and how this made me ****** powerfully. By now my husband’s **** was rock
hard and he climbed on top of me forcing his way into my *****. I was
slippery with desire and he was soon deep within my velvet throbbing walls.
I lifted my legs wide and upwards around his waist, giving him full access to my wet vagina, I wanted
him to pound into me and fill my belly with his **** and then fill me with his ***.

“**** me, Sam, **** me deep,” I was crying out, “Deeper, harder, faster, for god’s
sake don’t ******* stop.”

I could feel my **** begin to swell and I grabbed them hard, pulling on
the extended nipples until I flowed with milk. My **** was grabbing onto
his **** as he pushed into me harder, almost viciously, and I ******
with an almighty shout of release.

My ***** was red hot inside as my husband began to *********. I was
banging my heels on his bottom wanting him deeper and deeper. I wanted to
overflow with *** and let it gush out of me, just like my **** were
flowing with milk. I was on fire, a sexual object. At that moment I would
have sexually done absolutely anything. ANYTHING!!

We fell asleep and when I awoke in the morning my husband had already left
for his work. I showered and looked at my body and liked what I saw: my
flat tummy, slim waist and enormous nipples on my full, rounded breasts.

For the rest of the day I was on the sexual edge, feeling horny and yet
trying to hold back until my Sam arrived home. I was also apprehensive
about how he would react in the cold light of day. Would he still be
stimulated by what I had told him or would he now be disgusted with me?

Finally my husband returned in the evening and said nothing about the
previous night until we were in bed.

He said “Do you think you should invite our neighbor again, when I’m home ?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” he answered, “I want to see him looking at your **** and … and …
and it turns me on thinking about it.”

After a long, passionate **** it was decided that on Saturday afternoon we
would ask my mother to look after our baby and then we’d ask our neighbor
to come round.

When Saturday arrived I felt nervous and excited at the same time. My
husband said he wanted to choose the clothes I was to wear and so, after a
shower, I walked into the bedroom to see what he had picked.

Firstly there was a short silky skirt and he’d bought me a new g-string
to wear underneath. It was tiny and barely covered my pubic mound which I had shaved
as smooth as a baby.
There was thin, string like side ties. To cover my **** there was a small, thin
cardigan style top. It was really meant to be worn over another garment,
but not today. The neckline was very low and when I put it on, without a
bra, my breasts were very nearly exposed.

I purposely, though out the day, hadn’t expressed any milk from my **** so they
were aching and very full. My nipples were standing out through the material of
my cardigan. I looked into the mirror and was instantly turned on, especially by my breasts.

When my husband saw me he almost gasped and said, “You look positively
obscene, just look at your **** … the way they move as you walk – and your
nipples! They are enormous, ******* hell!”

There was a knock on the front door. It would be our neighbor.

“You go,” I was instructed.

I opened the door and with my neighbor was another, much younger guy no more than 18.

“You look amazing,” he said, “Oh and this is my nephew. Hope you
don’t mind, but I told him all about you.”

We went into the living room and the introductions were made. I think they
were surprised by my husband being there and also by what I was wearing.

It was a bit awkward at first, but I knew why they had accepted my
invitation. They wanted to milk my **** and that is what I also wanted.

I made some coffee and as I bent over to put the cups down my breasts were
virtually spilling out. They felt so sensitive.

“Milk?” I asked.

“Please,” they both answered together.

The atmosphere was electric, you could feel the tension in the air.

I perched myself onto the sideboard and as I did so I slowly undid the
buttons on my top. My hands were shaking and my heart was pounding as I
let the garment slip off my shoulders. I looked at my husband who just
smiled and licked his lips.

I was now naked to the waist and I stretched my arms upwards and clasped
my hands behind my head. This pushed my **** out further. They felt so
tight and full and my nipples tingled with anticipation.

“Help yourself,” I said.

They looked at each other and I could see the lust in their
eyes. It was an unbelievable feeling. They both stood up and made their
way towards me. I cupped each breast with a hand and offered them to my
guests. I looked down and could see that milk was now seeping out from
each nipple.

My neighbor was first to react and bent his head to lick my right nipple
and when he made contact I groaned out loud with desire. His nephew then
went to my left nipple and straight away started to suck. I felt my milk
fill his mouth. I closed my eyes in sheer ecstasy and when I opened them I
saw my husband taking a photo of the two guys sucking on my ****. This
made my vagina quiver with excitement. I had never felt so sexy, so
desirable. There were three men all wanting and lusting after my breasts.

“Take your skirt off,” ordered my husband in a croaky, dry voice. He may
have been dry but I certainly wasn’t.

The two men stepped back and as I looked down I could see my nipples
elongated like two rubber pipes. They were running with milk which dripped
onto my skirt. I stood up and undid the skirt zip.

The garment fell to the ground and I was left with just my tiny G-string
which was wet with desire and sticking to my now open *****. I sat again on the
sideboard with my bottom on the edge. My legs were apart and my slick vagina thrust
forward wanting to be touched.

Milk continued to flow onto my now naked tummy, trickling downwards
towards my hungry hot ****.

Hands were on my ****, and pulling on my nipples. I couldn’t take any
more. I wanted to be milked properly, on all fours like the cow I was becoming.
I moved from the sideboard and onto the floor my **** hanging downwards like two udders.
My husband had got a big towel for me to kneel on and a bowl to collect the milk.

My neighbor began to milk my nipples, squeezing them and pulling
downwards to make my milk flow fast. I could hear the fluid hitting and
splashing into the bowl.

The nephew was undoing his trousers and I began to get slightly
frightened at what my husband might say, but he just nodded his approval
and took more photos.

The nephew erect **** was free and he was offering it to my mouth. I
don’t normally like oral sex but now I sucked it between my lips like a
**** star. I could taste the plentiful pre-***, my mouth was wet and I
sucked harder, loving the feeling.

All the while I was being milked but my neighbor was now releasing his
**** and was undoing my drenched G-string to expose my soft centre. He
moved behind my bottom, his penis was hard I could feel it nuzzle at my
**** before finding its way deep inside my gaping and dripping *****.

I was now at a stage of wanting and lust that knew no bounds. I wanted
everything possible. My mouth was full, my **** were flowing with milk,
and my ***** was clenching on a ****. Then my neighbor thrust his thumb
into my virginal rosebud. “OH MY GOD YES”, I screamed “PLEASE ****
THIS *****”

This sent me over the top. I couldn’t shout out as my mouth was now full but I
made and loud grunt and felt my body lose control. The tingling and
sensations in my stomach flooded everywhere to my breasts, my mouth, my
legs and finally to my ****. I grunted again and exploded with a ******, my
whole being was shaking, my mouth was running over with saliva and pre-***
and my ***** contracted as my hot juices began to flow down the inside of
my legs and onto the floor.

Then it happened. My mouth was filling with ***, *** after ***.
I swallowed and sucked as much as I could but there was too much to
and white cream was now running down my chin. My neighbors’ ****
began to pump his load deep inside me. His ***** mixing with my ***.
I was running with milk. I screamed out to God, the Universe
and anyone who could hear me. I couldn’t stop my *******. Over and over
spasms shot through me, tears were flowing from my eyes. I’d never
known anything like this, and never believed such emotions and feelings existed.

“**** ME! ****! ****!” YOU SONS OF ******* *** INSIDE THIS COW,
I shouted my tongue dripping.

I looked up and there was my husband still holding his camera. His ****
was sticking out from his trousers red, hard and angry. As soon as he saw
me looking at him his penis jerked and a fountain of thick cream flew from
him hitting my face, he then jerked again as his ejaculations continued.

I tried to relax and breathe deeply. I had to get back to reality and back
in control. My ******* finally subsided and I remained kneeling on all
fours as my neighbor and his nephew got dressed. I heard a muffled
‘goodbye’ and away they went leaving me, totally ****** out and oozing *** from

My husband left the room as well to enable me to regain my senses and my
dignity. I struggled shakily to my feet and made my way to the bathroom to

After drying myself I looked in the mirror. My nipples were still enlarged
and my **** lips were swollen and apart. I heard a noise in my husband’s
office. I wrapped a large fluffy towel around me and looked in. There he
was with his rigid **** in one hand while viewing the photos he had
transferred to the computer.

I removed my towel and lowered my still *** filled open ***** onto his
erection, while facing away from him, and watched the images of myself on
the PC monitor. I could feel my husband’s **** expanding growing inside.
I felt him harden and I knew he was about to *** and I wanted him so much.
I ground my **** onto his pubic bone, his full length inside me, until he couldn’t hold out any longer.

He cried out, “I love you,” as he exploded deep in my ****, “You *******
cow, I love you.”

Milk started to seep from my nipples once more.

“Please milk them for me darling,” I whispered.

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