My name is Raj Agarwal(age -24).This is my first post so there can be mistakes, but I would surely say the story is real which happen to my didi megha. First let me tell u that we live in kolkata. In our family there are four peoples
Me, my elder sister Megha(age -25) & our parents. My father does service in a readymade garments shop. His earning can only provide us basic livelihood. My mother is a housewife. Now let me tell you guys about my sister Megha, well she is fair, tall (5’5inch), long hairs and really very sexy. Her body stats r 34C 28 36.her face is very cute. And she has got very luscious lips. They are pure red and pouting. Many guys in her college were having lust on her. She had completed her graduation and her hobby is dancing.

As my father has basic income only so my sister started dancing classes for kids to earn some extra income for the family. And I must tell she is really a very good dancer, her moves can make anybody go crazy about her. She wears western outfits which looks great on her with that sexy figure. Kids come at home to get dancing classes.

I have completed my MBA from a b-college in Kolkata only. Because of my weak performances did not get any placement from the campus. A year has passed and I got tired of going door to door of companies, but not getting any job. My sister loves me a lot. She too feels bad about me not getting a job. Our family’s financial position was critical so it was necessity to get a job for me.
One day I heard, from a friend, about a company dealing in real estates where there were placements available. He also told me that I got a chance as the boss, Mr Amit Baheti, was friend of a Nishi’s father. Nishi was a student of my sister. Her parents are of very generous nature. I talked about the matter with Megha di. Next day megha di made a phone call to Mr Gupta, Nishi’s father. He happily told her that we can meet the Amit sir and if needed give his reference.

The very next day we got an appointment from Amit sir. My sister came with me to the office as she was bit tensed. She was really looking stunning, wearing a black tight top & blue jeans with light makeup. Her curves made her look ravishing. The black coloured top looks beautiful on her fair skin, a bit of cleavage was also seeing because of tight top. At about 10’0 clock in the morning, we reached there by auto rickshaw. The whole building was the company premises. The premises were well furnished we were pleased as we entered there.

At ground floor there was reception, a sexy lady with a beautiful saree & low cut sleeveless blouse was sitting there. I instantly get a hard on seeing her. Megha di gave our details to Mitali, the receptionist. Mitali offered us to sit as Amit sir was about to come. Within 10 min’s Amit sir arrived, he was a real stud in his late 30’s; his personality can impress any girl. He was tall 5-10’, I must say he goes to gym daily to maintain such a good physique. As soon as he entered his eyes fell on Megha di, he immediately came to the reception desk and asked Megha di, our reason to be there.
Di was taken aback by his bold nature. She told him about Mr gupta and our appointment. He took his hands out for a shake, di also introduced herself. He asked us to come to his chamber in the 5th floor. He stepped towards the lift and we followed him. In the lift there were four of us, Amit sir, me, megha di & his secretary. As soon as the lift door closes Amit sir approached di. he immediately put his right hand on megha di’s shoulder and came very close to her. Megha di was totally taken aback and was bit uncomfortable. He was caressing her neck with his fingers. In the mean time he was also asking the questions about our family, were we stay and all those basic stuff. His talking gave megha di some comfort. She gave reply for all his questions. I was standing there silently. It seems that interview was not mine’s but hers. As the door of lift opens for fifth floor, first his secretary came out, then approached Amit sir with Megha di, me following them. Amit sir then removes his hand from her shoulders and put it on her butt. Di did not say any thing, we moved to his cabin. He made us sit on the chair and he sat on the desk right in front of di. He called the peon to order cold drinks for us. This made us some ease. He then starts questioning me about my qualifications & experiences, which I politely replied. Amit sir then asked di about her dancing college. 
He then took his fingers and caressed cheeks of di for praising her. He bent a bit from desk to do this. I observed that he can get much access to the cleavages of di. As the top came a bit lower as she was sitting. His lusty eyes were directly seeing her clevages. Megha di also noticed it but was in a double state of mind what to do. We need this job so she can’t move out from there. He pinched her cheeks for a long time. He started flirting with her. He then took her hand and said that she was a real beauty. He would love to offer any help for her. She said that Raj needs this job. Amit sir just turned around and handed me the contract papers. He offered me a job of 4 lacs pa. 
We brother and sister both became very happy and thanked Amit sir for this job. Megha di bend forward to shake hands with sir for giving him thanks. Her cleavages were seen like ‘I’ shaped to Amit sir. He took her hands in his hands and kissed on her hand saying that it was his pleasure. 

We both came out of the office hugged each other in joy and came back to our home. The very next day I joined the company, my colleague Astha helped me in learning about the job. I must tell that Astha was so beautiful that even if someone just put a finger on her its marks can be seen. She was 5-4’, with a very fair complexion, long straight hairs. Her eyes were very deep like ocean, perfect figure 32 26 34. In the first sight only I fell for her. She also liked my company and soon we became friends. 

Now days and months passed very fast, me busy with my work, di with her dancing college. I don’t have any wrong intentions for my sister yet. But one fine morning I woke up and went for pissing. I was dumb folded as I saw Megha di bathing nude in the toilet & door was not locked. I saw her 34 C boobs for the first time. She has got dark brown colored nipples. I saw her pussy lips which were very small; she got trimmed hairs on her pussy. I saw her soaping herself on various curves of her body, her boobs her ass, stomach. She was looking very sexy; I forgot that I was watching my lovely di. She looked to be just a beauty which I want to fuck, she did not saw me. I was just standing there with doors slightly open and me peeking inside. She washed herself off water dripping from her nipples, and from her pussy lips. I wanted to taste the water falling from her body. Megha di then came out of shower and started to towel her. She rubbed towel on every parts of her body, she then put one of her leg on bath tub and toweled her pussy hairs with light hands, now I was having a good access to her pussy lips which were slightly open, my cock get hard on instantly. I started jerking my cock. She had a mole on her left breast an inch, above her nipple making her look sexier. I wanted to bite on that mole of her but not having the courage to go inside. She then turned around facing her back towards me, toweled her back, her ass cheeks, her legs by bending down. Full shape of her breast can be seen, they were popping out like mangoes. Her nipples can clearly be seen, making me crazy for her. Megha di took her fresh panty in her hands, stretched her legs, me getting full view of her pussy, her cilt, started wearing her panty. She took her bra, hooked them and adjusted her boobs over the bra to get it comfortable. Seeing all this I was in seventh heaven. I immediately came to my room, as she was about to come out. I saw her coming out from bathroom with her gowns on. I rushed to the bathroom were I saw her old panty & bra. I took them in my hands, sniff them, the sweet pungent smell of it make me really hard. I took my cock out place it on her cups of bra and started jerking with one hand. With the other hand I took the panty close to my nose and sniff it hard. Within min’s I came very hard as there was no tomorrow. Then I pissed, bath my self and left for my office.^^^^^^^^^

From that day my intentions for my sister changed. Now she was just a beauty whom I want to fuck hard. In my mind there was only one thing to find a way to fuck her. I started to observe her daily when she came from bathroom, watching her cleavages when she was dancing or doing some household work. Megha di caught me many times starring at her sexy body, but she ignored it. One morning I got up earlier, went inside bathroom sit on cumbered and started jerking off myself taking her name. I intentionally did not lock the door. After 2 or 3 mins megha di opens the door and was shocked to see me jerking with her name. She saw my rock hard cock, turned and moved away not saying anything. The same thing happened the next day; she again peeped inside but did not tell anything. Her behavior towards me changes as she now hesitates to talk to me.

Two days later, on 17th of November, it was hers birthday so I planned a party for her. I booked a table for candle light dinner for both of us at a five star hotel. I purchased a sexy dress (low cut red top & jeans) for her.

That morning, I went to megha di’s room before she woke up. I wished her happy birthday and gave her the gift. I also told her about my plan for dinner. She became very happy to receive such gift from me. Later on I went for my office. In the evening I came early from the office, informed our parents about our plan. They did not have any problem.

At around 7 pm in the evening she came out from her room looking a sex goddess, she was wearing the same dress which I gifted her. The red top was making her look sexier her face was looking so pretty. Her boobs were looking so well shaped in those tight top. It was for sure that anyone could fell for her in that dress.
I have booked the Honda city car for that day. We both left the home by 7.15 pm. I complimented her for her looks in the car. She blushed and hides her face from hands.

At 7:45 pm we reached the hotel, the ambiance was very nice. There were tables with candle light and soft music in the background. She thanked me for bringing her to such a nice place. I have already ordered for a cake and a Champagne bottle. We then cut the cake with live orchestra playing the birthday tune near our table. She cut the cake and offered it to me. I had a bite from it and did the same for her. I then opened the Champagne bottle. She told me that she does not drink but on my request she took the glass and have it in one sip. Light music in the background was making the environment very soft. I can clearly observe that she was happy.

She had just taken only one sip from Champagne glass. But I drink occasionally she knows that. So I ordered a beer for my self. I asked her if she would have to have a drink, but she denied. I mischievously asked her that whether she don’t drink or she is hesitating from me. I told her that I am quiet open minded and she can order a drink for herself.

She told me that she would not hide any thing from me. She even told me that she had vodka twice before. She was worried because she gets high very soon. I insisted her that when she is with me and that too it was her birthday she must try it today. We then ordered vodka with cordial for her. 

There were some couples dancing on the dance floor. We both were watching them and commenting on them. I was totally on a new world as first time I was with di alone in a five star hotel and that too enjoying drink.

We were having normal gossips and some leg pulling among our self. She became quite open with me and was enjoying all the questions from my side. Then I thought to know something personal about her which I don’t know. 

Me; “can I ask u something personal di”

Megha ; “hmm, sure why not. You are my brother you can ask me anything”

Me; “does u have any boy friend”

Megha; “no”

Then I ordered some more drinks for both of us. She did not say any thing it was her second.

Me; you know something, u looking very pretty in this dress. I am having a doubt you may kill somebody here at restaurant 

Megha; blushes “thank you”

Megha; do u have any gf

Me “yes, i do”

Megha makes her eye ball rotate “hmmmm” so my little raj is having a gf
Then I told her about Astha, about my relationship with her and that she too likes me.

Me: di you are so beautiful, you really did not have a bf”

She was lost in something. I directed the waiter to repeat the drinks. This time she gulped vodka in one sip.

Now Vodka was playing its role. She getting carried away

Me; di please say me na. What is there to hide it with Me.” after much of my pressure she told me about Ankit her ex-boy friend

Megha; “ankit was a college friend. Every girl in the college wants to be with him”

Megha love to be with ankit. He was having a good physique. He was the basket ball champion in college. Ankit was only interested in having sex with girls. Megha and ankit were in same lecture room so they become good friend. Megha from the first day, had a soft corner for ankit. After the college was over, ankit daily used to drop megha home. They went for movies together. 

Megha fell in love with ankit. Ankit knowing this wanted to fuck her. He started to flirt with megha. One fine morning ankit proposed megha. That day she was really happy. She thought that she had got every thing in this world.

One day they went to watch Dev D. It was the morning show of a weekday so there were very less people inside. Ankit preferred the corner seat. He puts his right hand on megha’s shoulder and he started caressing her.

After caressing her neck for about 20 min’s he advanced his steps. He than put his hand bit lower from her neck and touched her boobs. Megha in love with him did not object. Ankit got the confidence. He bends towards megha and started to smooch her.

I ordered for some more drinks as I saw megha lost in her past and the drink was making full impact on her. She started telling about her past in full details with those filthy words. My cock stiffened as I heard about her past. 

Now megha also started to give response to ankit by smooching him back. They were lost in smooches and he made his advances by entering his hands into megha’s top. He started to fondle her boobs over the bra. Megha started to moan lightly. 

Then only interval happens. Ankit requested megha to remove her bra & panty so he can freely touch her. Megha very politely denied his request. But regular insist from him and lust in her overcome her. She left the seat went to toilet removed her bra and came back to her seat. She was having a mischievous smile while she was coming back. 

After interval when the movie started them both get wild. Both were kissing each other’s lips. Meanwhile ankit entered his hand inside her top. He was delighted to fondle such a beauty bare on her boobs. Within minutes he raised her top such that her globes were fully naked and bare for all. He bends his mouth further and kissed her boobs. She started to moan bit loudly. After sucking her boobs for around 10 min’s he again smooched her. He then took his hands towards her pussy. She stretched her legs he started to rub her pussy over the jeans.

He then went further and tried to open her jeans button. She stopped him with her hands. He was getting frustrated as he wanted to play with her there only. Again he sucks her right boob, this time it was very rough. He pressed the other boob hard with his hands. She was moaning careless to see that any one in the hall could guess what’s happening. 

Ankit again tried to enter inside her jeans but she rejected. He then bites hard on her boob and pinch the left boob with his nails. Megha screamed loudly, tears came out from her eyes. Every body in the hall can easily hear her scream. 

She immediately came to her senses adjusted her top. All the eyes in the hall were on their side instead of watching movie. She adjusted herself and came out of the hall. Ankit was following her saying sorry for his mistake.

She did not listen to him and came back home.

Her boobs were paining a lot. All because of fondling and biting. She came home locked her room and cried for about an hour. Then she got up from her bed came in front of the mirror and open her top. There were 2-3 bite marks on them, blood coming from one of the marks on her right boob. There was also nail marks on her left boob which gave her pain.

Now she was sobbing in front of me remembering her past. I consoled her and said sorry to her for making her cry on her birthday. She was sobbing. We ate our dinner. And move away from hotel. 

Inside the car we both were sitting on the back seat. She put her head on my shoulders and closed her eyes. Vodka made a full impact on her. She was in her sub conscious state. I put my hand over her head and was consoling her. My eyes fell on her low cut top which was now very low. I could easily see her most parts of boobs. Her boobs were really good looking. I then put my hands on her arm side and move my hands on them. I can slightly touch the side of her left boob. She was unconscious to mind. 

At about 11.15 pm we reached our home. Thanks to god that our parents were slept earlier otherwise it may create a huge seen as she was totally drunk and unconscious. 

I took her to her room, made her lie on bed. I removed her sandals. I turned around and was about to move out of the room but my lust was not letting me doing it. I again came back to her I can easily see her cleavages. 

I don’t know what happened to me. The devil in me woke up I sat on the bed. Put both my hands on her boobs and feel them. I pressed her boobs for some time. I was in the mind of guilt and heaven as I was fondling my own lovely sister, my megha di. Soon I left from there and came to my room.

I came to my room and masturbated twice, thinking about my sister. 

Days changed thereafter as we both became much frank to each other. She started joking about me and Astha. I also joke about her sexy figure. 

Usually at night she came to my room we had long chats. We discuss about love,sex and relationship with Astha. She generally makes her head lie on my shoulders and I would caress her hairs & arms. 

Things were changing too fast and I was enjoying my di’s company. I still remember it was 24th December and I planned to take my sis to a famous disc cum lounge in Kolkata. I didn’t tell di about this, in the morning I went to the market and purchased a mini skirt and sexy black color sleeveless top which has a deep neck cut. I returned home tell about my plans to di and gift the dress to her. She became very excited about it. I told her to be ready on time as I would pick her up after my office.

Whole day I was very excited. I made all the arrangements like booking the car etc.

At 8 pm I reached home, di was getting ready at that time. I changed to jeans and tees.

Within 10 mins di came out from her room, I was bit upset on seeing her in a long chiffon skirt and a jacket, carrying a hand bag. I was tensed she may di not like my dress. I thought may be I have advanced too early. I was cursing my self. 

I was lost in my thoughts. I heard megha di asking how was she looking in the dress. I smiled half hearted, and complimenting her. I looked her carefully she was looking bit different from daily, then only I noticed she got her hair straighten and even her face was glowing. 

Mommy was saying goodbye to us. She was also telling me to come home at time. We just said goodbye to mamma and left home. I was sitting very quiet in the car as I was lost in the thoughts. Lot of things were into my mind that di did not like the concept of giving a short dress to her etc.

We reached the lounge, di approached to the wash room and soon she came out wearing the dress which I gifted her. She was looking so sexy in it that it was hard to recognize her. My mouth remains open after seeing her. She came towards me smiling mischievously. 

I don’t have words to describe her. Her long slim legs were looking so sexy. Her long straight hairs were giving a compliment to her looks. Her boobs were looking in proper shape with a long cleavage in that tight top. She had such a good perfume on her body which was making me so aroused.

She came near me and just turn around, asking me with eyes how was she looking. I said di you are looking so sexy. She laughed at me saying that u are saying me di and sexy also. She just winked at me. I said if you were not my di then I would have made love to you right here.

We took the seat. I ordered whisky for myself and vodka for her. DJ was playing some soft romantic music. Some couples were dancing on the dance floor. i was not able to keep my eyes away from her. She was looking damn hot in that dress. I was staring at her cleavages, which she soon notices. She winked me mischievously.

She: you have become very naughty these days

Me: why

She: you know…the way you are looking at me and were you are looking!!

Me: I smiled…di you are looking so hot I can’t resist myself

She: come on control yourself I am your di.

Me: I know

She: you are not going to get what you are eyeing at!

Me: hmm

She: for this you have to go with somebody else

Me: di please!!

This was for sure she was talking quiet open with me. We had our drinks. I ordered for some snacks and repeated the drinks. To make her hot I was telling her some sexy jokes. She was enjoying my jokes and laughing at it. She even said some interesting sex thoughts of girls during her college time.
We both had our second drink.

Me: di you dance so well then why not we enjoy dancing

She: you (laughed) will dance. (She always says I m a poor dancer)

Me: why not? The music is so good. The main thing I am with you. It would be my pleasure to dance with you.

She: ok

We gulped the drinks left in our glass in one sip. We both headed towards the dance floor. She was high due to drinks, walking unbalanced. I hold her hands and we both came to the dancing floor. Her hands were so warm, so soft.

At the dance floor I put my left hand on her right hand. My right hand was on her waist. Her right hand was on my shoulder. We both were dancing very close to each other. My eyes were looking into her eyes. She was bit confused, I think, as sometime she look deep into my eyes or sometime she put her eyelids down.

The DJ there was playing soft romantic bollywood music. She came more close to me, while dancing. Her boobs were pressing on my chest. I can clearly feel softness of the boobs on my chest. A current passed on to my body. I was just dancing, not knowing what was happening nearby. I put my right hand on her back feeling it on top of the fabric. I know she too was feeling hot. Her body was heating up. We danced like this for quiet some time. She then put her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I was still feeling her back. Her perfume was also making a good impact on me. I was lost in lust. Half an hour passed like this, the DJ played a very good track. All the couple raised their tempo. We also like the track so changed the position. 

Now my left hand was on her butt and right hand was holding her left hand. We both were very close to each other. Even air could not pass between us. I can feel her breathe. We both were looking into each other eyes. I lost my senses. I bend a little looking into her eyes. My lips were moving towards her lips. She closed her eyes. I was just about to kiss her. But she came into her senses.

She opened her eyes.

She: I am your didi. This is not right. This is incest. This is sin. We can not do this.

Me: sorry di

She: we can not do this. It’s not good for both of us

Me: I am sorry di

She moved from the dance floor. She came to the place we were sitting. She was quiet upset. I came along with her. I again said sorry to her. She became normal after that.

I ordered for the dinner and drinks. We both were quiet for some time. We were trying to avoid each other. Within few minutes dinner arrived. We had our dinner.

The DJ then changed the track to proper disco dhamaal songs. The songs were favourite of both of us. We cannot stop our self from going back to the dance floor. we danced full of our heart, till we got tired. Having no more stamina we decided to return back home. 

We both were heavily drunk till then. May be 5 -6 pegs down. As soon we turned back for leaving the dance floor megha di lost her balance. She was just about to fell down. I don’t know whether it was because of drinks or her high heels. I tried to hold her. While trying to hold her my one hand came to her waist and the other grabbed her right boob. Her boob was full in my hand. I can feel her nipples clearly. It was kind of hard like a leather ball. I don’t know what to do. 

We both were in that position for a few seconds. She then balanced herself and looks into my eyes questioned. I said sorry to her. 

She came out of lounge and moved to the car. Again there was silence in car. We reached home and went to our rooms respectively.

In the morning she came with bed tea in my room. She was behaving normally. I took the cup from her and take a few sip of tea. She was sitting beside me only. I said sorry to her.

She: why sorry

Me: the night incident..

She: ohh.. that was not intentional. I have no hard feelings for it

Me: thank you di.. I thought you were upset for that

She: ofcorse not…that was just accidental!!

Me: thank you di.. you are so sweet!

I kept my cup on the side table and bend forward to hug her. We hug each other.

She: now get up.. go and fresh yourself its already 10:30 in the morning

Me: sure di

I moved for my office. 

On 31st December my parents went to my mama (maternal uncles) house at midnapur to attend a jaagran (night pooja). They went there for a fortnight and would return at 1st eve.

So it was only me and my di at home for that night. Since it was the New Year eve so we both wanted to have a blast. But due to the strict instruction of our parents we can not go out of the house that night, as there was no one to look after the house. We both were quiet upset about this.

Me: di its New Year eve and we have to stay at home. We must go and party hard.

Di: its not possible raj, as our parents are not at the home.

Suddenly an idea click into my mind

Me: why not we both party at home tonight

Di: well it’s a very good idea.

Me: then its done we will celebrate new year at our home only. And I am sure we are going to enjoy it.

Di: definitely..

At evening i went out of the house and ordered for a cake. I also bought a teachers (whisky) bottle. I purchased some decoration item. I reached home at about 7 pm. We both decorated the house.

At about 9 pm we ordered for the Domino s Pizza. We both then went to our room to have a bath and freshen up. I was very excited as it was the first time that our parents were not there and we were partying at home. The excitement was also because of megha di, my feelings for her were making me crazy. Butterflies were running in my stomach thinking that something may happen between both of us.

At about 9:45 pm we came to the hall. I was looking at my di. She was looking very hot in her casual sleeveless tee and a kapri. It was a simple, not revealing dress but was looking very sexy on her. She smiled at me. I was lost into my thoughts. She then called me raj. I came to my senses. She again smiled at me. I also smiled at her.

We both then sat on the cot (small bed) in our hall. I then played a movie dvd. We watched the movie having the pizza. It was a comedy movie so we both enjoyed the movie and were sitting very close to each other. She had put her head on my shoulder. My hand was on her hands.

It was about 11:50 pm when the movie ended. I had planned something romantic so I had already put candles on every side of the hall, which were not lighted till then. As soon as the movie ended I lightened the candles, played some soft romantic songs on the music system. I then closed all the other lights; it was only the candles light which were lit.

I bring the whiskey bottle and cola bottle out from the fridge. It was looking very romantic because of candles, decorations, whiskey, soft music and cake, to set our moods.

I opened the whiskey bottle and poured into two glasses. We then cut the cake. We both cheered for the New Year and hugged each other. I gave a gift to her which I had purchased when I went to the market that evening. It was a red chiffon gown with only some strings at the back. She liked the dress. It was her desire to wear such kind of dress but mother never allowed her to purchase them. I asked her to wear the dress and show how it looks on her. She smiled at me and went to her room.

After 5 min’s she came out of the room looking like a princess. I was stun looking at her. She was looking so red hot that I don’t have words to describe. The dress was sleeveless with two strings on either side of the neck, showing her perfect arms. She then turned around to show me further. It had few strings only at her back showing her full back to me. 

It was sure that she was not wearing any bra as the dress had string on her back. She then came close to me and I noticed that the chiffon fabric was bit transparent showing her perfect curves and giving some impression of her nipples.

She: raj how am I looking in this dress

Me: Di you are looking like a Laal Pari (Red Fairy)

Me: you looking so pretty in this that I don’t have words to describe.

She: thanks for your gift. Since long I was having fancy of such gown.

Me: I know di that is why I purchased it for you

Di: oh raj you care so much for me…. My sweet little bro..

She hugged me tight.

We both sat on the divan. I made the drinks for both of us. We gossiped for some time having the drinks. I then asked her to dance with me. She very happily agreed. I changed the tracks to some romantic dance tunes. We hold each other hand and started dancing. I hold her from her waist and was dancing with her. We danced for half an hour complimenting each other. We both got tired. We retired to the cot. 

I made the drinks for both of us but she denied having any further drink. I convinced her that today is New Year eve and we should enjoy having no restrictions. After some no- no she agreed to have more.

We were just sitting and she was having her head on my shoulder. We were chatting for long time about every thing our college days to astha (my gf). It was about 2:30 am. We had almost finished the whiskey bottle and were not into our full senses. We were laughing on small talks with no sense. 

Then I asked her about Ankit that she ever meets him after that. Megha di told me that Ankit called her many times after that but she refused to talk to him. In college also they meet like strangers. A tear drop came out of her eyes while saying all this. I said sorry to her for going into the matter.

She said its ok as it was destiny which can happen with any one. But she started crying heavily. She was in love with Ankit but his behavior had broken her heart. I stopped her from crying. 

She hugged me tightly. I can now feel her boobs pressing against my chest. The gown was of thin chiffon material and that too without any bra. I can feel her nipples on my chest making my dick hard. I put my hands on her back and was feeling her bare back with some strings making obstruction. I said her that I love her very much. She also said that I am the dearest person in the world for her.

We lost in each other and our lips met each others. This was my first kiss of my life. I took her lower lip in my mouth and sucked it for some time. She had already closed her eyes. She came into some sense and we parted, she stood up to go to her room and call off the night but because of heavy drinking she fell on my laps. I hold her from waist; she was looking very sexy to me. 

I then closed my eyes once again and bend my face more towards her. Lust had overcome me. We lip locked again, this time I was sucking her upper lip. She also started responding to me. She rested her body on my laps.

She opened her mouth slightly I moved my tongue inside her and licked her tongue.

We both were having deep breaths. My hands were feeling her bare back; this continued for about 15 mins… we were kissing like there was no tomorrow. Now she was sucking my upper lip. I was playing with her strings at back. Within minutes I had opened the strings. Now there were no obstacles between me and her back. my hands were freely roaming all over her back. now I was kissing her neck just below her ear lobes. Then I took her left ear lobe and started sucking it. 

She was moaning. Then I clutched the ear lobe between my teeth and stretched it. She moaned AAAOOOOHHHCCCHHH….

I look into her and smiled she also smiled. We both were overpowered by our lust.

I did the same with her other earlobe. Then I moved bit lower and kissed her neck line near her shoulder string. She was moaning softly. I kissed her neckline for some time. Then I took the string between my teeth and pulled it aside towards her arm. I took the other shoulder string into my hand and pulled it down through her arms. Since back strings were already open and now the shoulder straps also undone her gown came lower just freely covering her nipples. 

A wide cleavage line was visible. I lowered myself bit more and hide my face into her cleavage line. My nose was dug between those two boobs of her. I was hypnotized by her body odor. I lost all my senses. I took my tongue out and licked her cleavage line. She was moaning OOHH RAJJJ…

We then rolled on each other on the cot. Now she was lying beneath and I was on her. I look into her eyes and in no time our lips met each other. We were smooching passionately. 

I raised my body through my arms and turned her. Now she was lying on her stomach giving full view of her naked spotless back. I brushed my hands on her smooth hairs to aside them from her back. I started roaming my hands all over her smooth back, tickling her. Then I kissed her back. I was kissing on each and every inch of her back.

Then I took my hands through her side boobs to her front in that same position. She raised her upper body a bit to give my hands space to enter. I took both of her boobs into both my hands. I lifted her upper body a bit more through my hands. My hands were having full grip on her boobs. I started kissing her neckline from back. she tilt her head toward my direction. I then pressed both her boobs in that same position over the gown. Her nipples were getting hard. She was moaning YESSS…KISS MEE….YESS..

I pressed her boobs softly for few times like this and kissed her back, neck line. She raised her head sideways and we lip locked each other. Then slowly I removed the gown through her body. Her gown was now resting on her hips and below. She was topless now. 

I took my hands on her boobs and had a full grip on it. I was pressing her naked boobs. She put her both hands on mine and pressed herself. I understood her emotions that she liked it. 

After pressing her boobs for about 10 mins, I moved my head lower and slowly removed her gown though her body. Making her nude, hiding her full glory only in panties. I touched her butts over her panty and roam my hand on it. Feeling it’s softness. A current ran through my body. I turned her toward my self. Now I was seeing her naked boobs. 

Her boobs were in perfect shape. Her aureoles were dark pink in colour. Her nipple was looking so cute to me. I took the right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. My hand was on her left boob pressing it. I took her aureoles deep into my mouth and clutched it between my lips hard and released them slowly. When only nipple was left in my mouth I stretch it. She moaned OOOUUUCCCHHH…

I did the same with her left boob. She put her hand on my head and was pressing it. I need no further instruction I repeated the same for many times. She was moaning loudly…oohh rajjj myy sweet bro..ther ll..ove mee…love…me more… I want…yo..u.. take…me… yours…!!!

I was aroused and want to fuck her. I got up from the cot. Lift her into my arms. I was looking into her eyes. She was smiling mischievously. I carried her to her room. She put both her arms around my neck. I made her lie on her bed. 

I took off my shirt and my track and followed her on the bed. I smooched her. Then I put both my hands into both her hands. I kissed her lips then her chin then going lower to her boobs. I kissed her boobs one by one. 

She tried to put her hand on my head but I stretched her hands into my hands and took them over her head. I was continuously sucking her boobs. She was moaning OOHH SUCK Me…ooohh…kiss mee..aahhh…such my boobs hard… oohhh ….aahhh..!!!

After sucking her boobs for a few minutes, I saw her armpits with slight hairs,As her hands were into my hand and over her head. I put my nose to her armpit and pressed it. It tickles her; I was trying to tease her. The smell of her sweat was coming to my nose but I liked it. She was trying to free her hands but I was playing with it, teasing her more.

Then I put my hands on her panty side and removed it. She was shying to show me her private area. She covered it with her both hands. I told her that when I had seen the rest then why to hide them. she was shy, she told me not to touch her there and still hiding it .

I then kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth and I explore her tongue. I pressed her boobs. She was lost in her moans. Then I took my right hand on her vagina. She did not object. I feel her vagina having thick hairs. She was wet there.

I was exploring her most private parts. She was moaning loud. 

i parted her pussy lips with my fingers. Now I can clearly see her pink part inside. It was so cute. Her cunt was wet. She was moaning. Ooh Raj… u are making me mad…come on…take me…fill me in….i am totally yours…..

I took my thumb to her cloritios and played with it. She was responding well to my moves. She was going crazy. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I again kissed her on her lower lips. 

Then I took my middle finger slightly into her pussy. A loud moan came from her mouth. Aaaahhh….Please don’t tease me….take me….

I played with her pussy for some time. Then I opened my underwear. She opened her eyes. She was bit amazed to see my cock. She told me “please don’t insert it. You are too big. I will not able to take it. Please….”

She: I am a virgin, its not possible for me to take such a big cock. Please…..i would die….

Me: don’t worry di…I would be gentle…

She: Raj please…I would die..

Me: di were is Vaseline?

She: its inside the side table…

Me: don’t worry di….you are going to love it.

i took the Vaseline from the side table. Then I took two pillows from other side of the bed. I put the pillows below megha di’s butt. Now I was having the clear access of her private parts. Her pussy was right infront of me to be invaded for the first time, And that too by her own brother.

I opened the Vaseline gel, took a lot of it into my fingers. Then I applied it to her pussy through my fingers. I put some of it inside her cunt so that it gets loosen up. After applying it properly to her cunt, I took some more of it and applied it on my dick.

Now my cock was rock hard. I just want to fuck my di, my elder sister. I look into her eyes, she was looking bit tensed. I smiling said her to calm down as I would be gentle.

She was on the pillows giving me full access to her cunt. I spread both her legs wide, as much as I could. I settled myself between her thighs.

My right hand holds my cock. I put my cock on her pussy lips. I know she was burning there. She closed her eyes. I teased her with my cock. I was not inserting her. I was making up and down only on her pussy lips.

Suddenly with a jerk I inserted her. A loud moan escaped her mouth. AAAHHHH…..

I waited for a minute and then I put my lips on her lips and sealed her mouth. After two minutes, I gave another jerk. She was too tight, not even 2 inches of mine were inside her. She was pushing me to leave her. I stopped for some time to give her rest, now a collected all my strength and gave a big jerk. A huge part of me was inside her. She gave a moan which was buried inside my mouth. Tears came out of her eyes. 

I waited for sometime to let her recover. After few seconds a again gave a big jerk. Now after 2-3 such jerk my whole 8 inch dick was inside her. Tears were running through her eyes. She clenched the bed sheet with both her hands to bear the pain. I gave her some time to adjust to the situation. I do not want to heart her. I was in love with my di, at any cost I was trying to give as less pain I could give to her.

After waiting for some time I started my thrusting. This time it was in a slow motion. I was enjoying every second of it. She put both her hands on my back. she dug her nails on my back. after fucking for 5-6 minutes the pain was reducing to her. Even she started enjoying. I was smooching her. Now my left hands went to her left breast and I started pressing it. 

This continued for about 10-12 minutes before she came, she was quiet now. I was pumping her in rhythm. Within seconds I also felt my body stiffening. I took my cock out and came hard on her thighs and some fell on her thick pubic hairs. 

I laid on her like that for some time. Then we both hug each other. I look into her eyes and she smiled at first and hid her face into my chest. I hold her face with my hands. She closed her eyes because of shame. Her face was looking very cute and sexy to me. I locked my lips with her. We both were lost in deep kiss.

Next morning when I woke up it was 8 am. We both were lying naked on the bed. My right hand was on her stomach and right leg on her left leg. I saw her face; it was looking so cute and sexy to me. I can not hold myself; I moved my lips on her lips and started kissing her. 

She woke up because of my kiss. Both our eyes met and we lost in each other. My right hand went to her boobs and I start pressing it. Her right hand was roaming at my back and left hand was on my head, pressing my head toward her mouth. I knew she wants a deep kiss. So I inserted my tongue deep into her mouth exploring every part inside her mouth.

We both have not uttered a single word since then. The room was filled with moans of both. I then bend a little, took her left boob into my mouth and was pressing the right boob. I was sucking her boob and her nipple.

It was morning and sunlight was falling on her body through windows, her body was shining a special spark can be seen on her body. She was looking like an Angel to me. The girl of my dreams. I was licking each and every part of her body. My licking has made her body wet. So it was shining more in the sunlight.

I was kissing and licking all her body, her nipples, her navel, her back. she was moaning Ahhhh sHHHH

I took my dick in my hands and lay her on her back. I inserted my dick into her pussy. She was wet there, oozing with cum. She was still very tight. It was hard for me to enter. She was moaning loudly…AHHHH OOHHH……SHHHHH.

OHHH Ra…aa…JJJ. yeaHHH…..

She was very tight even after 3-4 pushes only half of my cock was inside her. I was in no hurry, I was taking my time and giving her some time to recover from thrust and enjoy fucking.

We were fucking in missionary position. After some thrusts my whole cock was inside her vagina. I can feel my balls hitting her pussy walls. She was moaning loud.

It took much longer time for me to cum rather then night. I was in no hurry. I was fucking her in full rhythm. She was enjoying it too…saying…push it harder ….push it deep….

I took both my hands on her boobies. I was pressing both her boobs. She was in her full mood. She took her hands put on my back. she was moaning ..aaahhh…raj I love you….yeah….raj….yes ..yes….

This continued for 20 minutes and she collapsed. Even I was on the verge of Cumming before taking it out from her pussy; I gave two long thrust into her pussy and my cock stiffened. I cumed on her tummy. 

We both lay like that on the bed. I saw the watch and it was 11 am. Since it was 1st jan it was a holiday. I slept there for some time. When I woke up it was 1 o clock. My sister was waking me up. She bath and freshened herself. She came to me with lunch. I got up brushed my teeth and had my lunch.

This fucking relation of both of us continued till few months. We both fuck each other when our parents slept or when they were out of the house. She had became quite open with me about sex. I know about her likes and dislikes in sex and we both love to give pleasure to each other.

After 3 months my company has allotted me a task at Silliguri. It was a very big budget investment of my company. I was given the task to look after the project there.
It would take about a month and half for me to complete the task. 

I was bit upset as I would have to leave Megha di for about a month or so. Even she was very upset to hear about it. 

Just two days before when I was about to leave for Silliguri, we both were laying on the bed having some chat after having a good sex. She put her head on my chest and tears came out of her eyes. She said that she can not live without me for that long. She was saying me not to go, but I did not have any other option. Suddenly an idea struck my mind that I could take her with me. I told her about this. Her face blossomed after hearing this. I said her that it can be possible, I would have to take the permission from my boss. She was excited after hearing this. Even I became very excited thinking about it as it would be a perfect honeymoon for both of us, with no restrictions. We both can have a good time with each other.

In the morning I was very excited. Megha di insisted me to have permission from my boss, mr Amit, to take her with me. 

When I reached my office I saw my boss in a good mood, so I thought to take a chance then only. I asked him about taking megha di with me and to my surprise he agreed.

I was very excited. I called megha di as soon as I came out from boss cabin. She jumped in excitement after hearing this. 

Now the problem lies at home to convince our parents. I said Megha di that its her job to convince our parents. She said ok, she will give a try and hung up the phone.

At evening when I returned from office, I informed my parents that I would be leaving Kolkata tomorrow for a month or so. They were much tensed about who would take care of me there. They were tensed about my food as I was bit choosy in that part. I eat only a few items.

Then megha di gave an idea to them that she could join me as it would be an outing for her and she would take care of my food and all. My mother liked her idea and she agreed to send megha di with me.

We both brother and sister were happy that our plan had worked. Now we both are free to enjoy honeymoon before marriage between us. We packed all our essentials.

Next day at 10 30 we have to catch the train. So that whole day we purchased our essentials. I had taken leave from office for that day.

At 9 30 in the night we left home to catch The train. It was an overnight journey. At about 5 30 in the morning we reached New jalpaiguri station. We have to stay at company’s guest house. A car was waiting for us at the station. It took near about an hour to reach the guest house.

The guest house was very near to the construction site. Only we two were staying at the guest house. We were very happy that we can have full privacy. Only a servant was there to do the house old works. He was local boy only so he used to leave the place at night.

After reaching guest house we both were tired of journey so we had a sleep for some time. It was 11 30 when we woke. I bath and had my breakfast before leaving for the project. Megha di called me inside the room as bhaichung,the servant was there. 

When I entered the room she lip locked me. 

Megha di: please come early from site.

Me: ok di 

Di: bye, I will be waiting for u

Me: be ready for the super night.

Di: smiled

Me: bye, love you.

I went to the construction site. I was lost thinking about me and megha di through out the day. I was not able to concentrate on work. In the evening I lost all my patience and headed for the guest house, my new home.

It was 8 30, I reached guest house; megha di welcomed me with smile. She was looking some different, her face was glowing, hairs shinning, she was smiling mischievously. She was not trying anything naughty as bhaichung,the servant was there. I straight away headed for my room and had a bath.

Megha di was calling me to have dinner. We had our dinner. Megha di was a very good cook. She likes cooking food. I enjoyed the dinner.

At night after bhaichung left for his house. I locked the main door and headed towards my room at first floor. megha di was inside the bathroom. I was resting on the bed while watching tv.

Megha di entered the room. She was dressed sexily in a short white transparent top and a black mini skirt. She was looking so cute so hot that I do not have words to describe.

She entered the room put off the light only a dim light was on. She then also put off the tv. She played the music player with a very romantic sexy song.

I was thinking what surprise I would be getting. I was thinking of her next move. She came to the door and locked it. She was walking on high heel sandals. Her moves were sexy. I was dumbstruck seeing her moves. My mouth was bit open and my eyes were glued to her. 

She closed the door. Now her back side was towards me, she swayed her butt. She started shaking her butt and her body according to the song. Her hands were playing with her body. she then turned around her navel was clearly visible below her short top. 

She was shaking her belly. Her belly was flaunting according with the music. Her hands were roaming through her body. she played with her hairs with both her hands while swaying her belly, giving me red hot poses.

I get a hard on seeing her like this. My di was for the first time stripping herself infront of me. 

Her hands were playing with her hairs then moving below roaming towards her boobs then further below towards hers curves near belly. It was looking so sexy. At the same time she was letting her butt and belly move sexily. I know that she is a good dancer but she can be such a good belly dancer I had no idea. I was totally flat.

She turned around showing her back to me. She holds the wall with her hands and started swaying her butt. She had bent a little bit. Throwing her butt towards me, she was shaking it, swaying it. Her butt was round. She was teasing me so well. I think I had lost my self.

She again turns around now her hands were roaming from down to top, first her hands were roaming on her thighs then moving to her belly then going towards her sexy boobs. She was pressing her boobs with her hands. Her eyes were sticking into my eyes. She was teasing me. Her face had expressions.

She then bends a little from her front, giving a push to her boobs. Her hands were on sides of both her boobs. She then pressed both her boobs together, squeezing her boobs into each other. Her face had those sexy expressions. Even with clothes she was looking so hot, making me go crazy for her.

She turned back again, now she was rotating her butt. She was swaying her ass in a circular motion. Her hands were up straight, showing the perfect curves of her body. 

She now turned her body facing me. Then her hands went to her hairs, teasing those hairs, it came down through her face to her boobs. She pinched her boobs. Now she put fingers on hem of her top, she raised her top giving full view of her black lacy bra. She raised her top through her head and tossed it aside. 

Black bra was looking so sexy on her fair skin, a perfect compliment for her. She was smiling naughtily looking into my eyes. She bends from front, giving me full view of her long deep cleavages. She took her hands to her boobs and pressed it. 

Within some time her fingers went to the side of her skirt pulling down the chain which was holding the skirt on her body. She was stripping all her dress so sexily. Her curves were making me crazy.

Her skirt was going down her body. She was playing with her skirt, opening it slowly and slowly. It came down to her knees, then to her ankles and finally went off her body. She tossed her skirt on the other side of the bed. 

Now her black net lacy panty came to my view. She turned her body facing toward the wall. Her ass cheeks were visible clearly. Her panty straps gone between those ass cheeks of her and her bums were clearly seen. She bends a little throwing her ass cheeks towards me and shakes her booty. Now she again turned around facing me. Because of continuous swaying of her ass, her panty straps from front also stick between her pussy lips. Her camel toe was clearly visible.

I got another surprise when I noticed that there were no hairs on her pussy. Oh my god she had shaved her pussy. It was looking so cute. My eyes went to her shoulders, while she was dancing. To my surprise there were no hairs at her armpits. Her armpits were clearly shaven. She was looking so sexy.

She came toward me. She was swaying her belly and her hands were stretched straight to her sides. She came near the bed. I was sitting at the edge of the bed. My legs were touching the ground. 

She came towards me and sat on my laps. Now her boobs were right infront of my eyes rarely covered with her bra. She had put on a sexy perfume, whose aroma was making me mad.

She took her hands at the back of my heads and adjusted my head such that she can put her lips on mine. She was crazy today. It was the first time that she was playing the dominant character. I was sitting and enjoying the show leading to heaven.

She was smooching my like there’s no tomorrow. Her fingers were roaming at my hairs. She was pressing me towards her. She had full grip on me. Her boobs were pressing above my chest.

Our smooching continued for 10 minutes. She then threw my head towards bed. She was going wild. She came on top of me. My thighs were between both her legs. Her legs were wide open. Her pussy was touching my dick. 

She raised her body and now her boobs were right infront of my nose. She burried my nose and lips between her cleavages. her both boobs were on attack at my face.
I raised her a bit and kissed her nipples with bra. Then I pressed her other boob with my left hand and kissed her right nipple. I did the same with the other boob also.

She was moaning loud…AAHHHH….OOOHHH…

She took her hands at her back and opened her hook. She slowly raised her body up and put the bra aside. Now she again hold my head and pressed her boobs in my mouth. I was sucking her boobs hard. She was moaning….AAAHHHHH….OOOHHH…AAAHHH….SSSHHHH..

This continued for about fifteen minutes. Now she lowered her body and kissed my nipples. She was kissing both my nipples one after the other. Even I was moaning. I was saying…suck me….suck my…dick also….please…..please….

It was the first time I was saying her to suck my dick. We had not done any kind of oral sex before. She lowered a bit more and suck my navel. I was going crazy.
di….please suck my dick…please….

She said no to me. She was not willing to suck my dick. May be she was hesitating or she thinks it to be wrong. I pressed her shoulders down so that her lips reached near my dick. She hold my rock hard dick within her hands. She was handling it up and down. 

I was requesting her to suck it. She bends her face towards my cock. All of a sudden she pulled it back. I requested her di…please suck it for once….

She: raj I cannot do that. I did not like to suck it. 

Me: di please…

Di: its quite odd..

Me: its not odd its about pleaure.

Di: I can do any thing for pleasure but please..

Me: please di for once..

Di: its smelling pungent…

She was still holding my dick and pressing it .

Me: di please for once…for my sake…

Di: ok only for would not ask my to do it further..

Me: for sure if you don’t like it.

Megha di took her lips towards my cock. I can feel her hot breaths on my dick. My dick was rock hard thinking that my di would suck my. She bends further and give a peck on the tip of my cock. She pulled her face and look into my eyes.

Me: di please for once sucks me…

Megha di bends again opening her mouth a bit. She took half an inch of my cock tip into her mouth. I went crazy. My hands reached her head. I hold her head. She now again pulling back her head. An animal got inside me..i don’t know..

I pressed her head hard towards my dick. Megha di was not expecting this. My dick went half inside her mouth. She got tensed and started coughing. Her mouth came out of my dick. She looked at my eyes with anger.

She was coughing. She spit the precum on the other side of bed and ran towards the bathroom. I felt sorry for her.

After 5 minutes she returned. She did not talk with me and lay on the bed next to me.

Me: di I am sorry..

Me: your moves had made me crazy…

Di: raj you are an animal.

Me: di please forgive me…I will not do it again.,,

Di: go to sleep..

Me: di please…don’t spoil our mood..

Di: you know that I did not like sucking dick but for you I tried and you….animal..

Me: di please..i said na ..i would not repeat it..

Now I thought to please her..

So I climbed on to her. I put my lips on hers and started kissing it.. she was not responding me. I kissed her for some time and she started to respond. My hands went to her boobs and I was pressing those with my hands.

I went further and kissed her boobs, her nipples. She started enjoying it.

She put her hands on my head and was pressing it towards her boobs. I took my hands to her panty feel her pussy over her panty. She was moaning now..AAAHHH OHHH…

I pulled her panty straps, which were sticking her pussy lips aside. I put middle finger into her wet pussy. She moaned in ecstasy…AAAAHHHH

She was still having her panty on and my middle finger was inside her pussy and my lips sucking her nipples. She was moaning loudly…OOHHH aaaHHaa

I went again to her lips and kissed it my tongue went inside her and I was exploring inside. My finger was still inside her pussy. I then took my finger out and licked it inside my mouth. My eyes were sticking to her eyes even she was looking what I was doing. I had done this for first time. She felt ashamed and hide her face through her hands smiling.

I licked all the juice on my finger. I took my hands to her panty side and pull it down. She raised her hips a bit to ease me to get rid of her panty. I smoothly took her panty out and sniffed it. She was watching me. 

Megha di: dhat….(naughty)

She: you had become very dirty person..

I tossed her panty aside and put her both thighs on my shoulders. My mouth was right in front of her clean shaven pussy. Her both thighs were on my shoulders beside my neck. Her pussy rose a bit higher from bed right infront of my mouth. It was looking so cute. Like a new born baby, so soft. So smooth

Megha di: what are you up to?

Me: you are going to enjoy it.

Di: no raj..please…its dirty there…please no…

I put my lips on her pussy. It was wet and burning. I took my tongue out and licked her pussy lips. She moaned..AAAAHHHH…

Her hands came to my head pulling it aside…

Megha di: no raj….

I took her pussy lip and sucked it. Then I did the same with other lip. She started moaning. I was sucking both her pussy lips for some time. Then I took my tongue and inserted it inside her pussy. I was now tongue fucking her. She took her hands on my head and pressed it towards her pussy. She started moaning loudly..ahhh ohhh 

I was sucking her pussy for 15 minutes. Her body stiffs and she had an orgasm. I can lick her juices. I drank all the juices that came to my mouth through her pussy.

Then I came on top of her, I started sucking her boobs. She had an orgasm so she was lying quiet but I was not satisfied yet. I took her nipples inside my mouth and suck them hard. My eyes fell on the mole which she was having on her left breast. I kissed there. I was sucking her boobs near that mole. It was looking very cute and lovely to me, so I sucked them for some time. She also started enjoying. Her moans were coming out…ohhh.aa…aahhhhh…..

I took my fingers towards her pussy and inserted my index finger into it. I was fingering her as well as sucking her nipples and boobs near her mole.

Within no time I adjusted my penis on her pussy and inserted it. I was fucking her. My cock went full inside her and I was fucking her raw. As I was the only player yet so I don’t need any protection. I was just penetrating her. She was also enjoying it. After fucking her for 15 mins I came inside her pussy.

One such morning before going to office, I called megha di upstairs to our room. as soon as she entered I started to kiss her on her lips. Even she knows that I would love to kiss her before going to office so she never opposes me. She was also responding to my kiss. After kissing her for 5 mintues, my right hand went to her top. I lowered her top a bit. Her mole above her nipples on left breast came to the view. I lowered my head and kissed her there. She also responded and like my sudden move. She pressed her hands on my head and encouraging me to kiss her more. 

Suddenly my eyes saw bhaichung, he was standing at the door and watching us. He knows that we are brother and sister, but what we are doing was a sin between brother and sister. He was shocked to see us in that position, his eyes was wide open watching us. 

I was also taken aback when I saw him. I stopped sucking my di’s boobs. I was looking into bhaichung eyes shocked. 

My di came to her senses, when she saw bhaichung, a servant watching us both in a cosy manner; she was also shocked and ran away from there. 

I then called bhaichung and handed him a 100 rupee note and told him not to tell this to anyone. He was a smart guy, he soon understand and promised not to reveal the truth to others.

Now we were fucking for days and night we do not have one to disturb. I would give some money to bhaichung so that he gives us ample time to enjoy with each other. I was not able to concentrate on my work. Days and night I do make plans to fuck megha di in different positions. I was totally neglecting my work. I rarely used to go to office. I would rather prefer to stay at guest house and fuck megha di. 

Near about a month has passed, on that morning I was planning not to go to office. I was thinking to stay at guest house and do some thing nasty. 

Megha di was inside the bathroom having the bath. I called bhaichung and handed him a 100 rupee note and tell him to return home by the evening. But he was still standing there.

Me: what happened bhaichung..

Bhaichung: (still standing there, keeping quiet looking at me)…..

Me: what happened…do u need more???

Bhaichung: (still about to say something)….

Me: (took 100 rupee more and handed it to him)…take it…

Bhaichung: no… I don’t need money…

Me: u don’t need money? What else do u need?

Bhaichung: sir (hesitating)….please your sister is very beautiful…

Me: (looking at him confused)????

Bhaichung: please sir….let me peep into what you both do…I will not tell it to anyone….

Me: (still looking confused at him)????

Bhaichung: I have never seen such a beautiful lady….let me have some more look of her body….

Bhaichung: sir I promise I will not tell anyone…I will also not demand for money from you…..please…

Me: (this stupid hill boy wants to see my di’s body, what to do??)

Bhaichung: sir please …for once..

Me; ok…..but for once only..

Bhaichung: thanks sir…you are so good..

Me: do one thing hide yourself behind that curtain in the dinning cum living room. 

Bhaichung: ok…

Me: and do not come out from there….and if you try to get oversmart then you are going to get a good beating from me…

Bhaichung: ok sir…don’t worry..

Me: go and hide yourself…di is about to come… 

Bhichung hide himself behind the curtain. I switched off all the lights in the dinning room. I also closed all the curtains, to make dark in the hall.

After about 5 minutes megha di came out of the bathroom. She was looking very sexy in the towel gown. Her head was wrapped in a towel and her body only with the towel gown. She was looking very beautiful and fresh. Her body was wet. Her gown was sticking to her body showing all her curve.

She came out of the bathroom looked at me and smiled. She was moving towards her room. I stopped her by calling her name. She turned back and looks into my eyes. I mischievously smiled at her. 

She also smiled at me.

Megha di: what??

Me: di you are looking very beautiful…

Di: tell me something new…I know every time you look at me and your evil thoughts say so.

Me: are really looking sexy..

Di: (looking at my crotch) so he (my cock) is again erect..Even after good moments of night.

Me: di..he is crazy about you..

Di: then tell him to control.. very soon we will be back home..

Me: di we will think about home later… but for now let him have his breakfast.

Suddenly my eyes went to the fruit basket kept on the dinning table..

Di: so who have stopped him? He can have his breakfast anytime and any way he likes…

Me: di today would have a special menu..

Di: (confused)..what???

Me: today my friend wants your fresh sweet body with fruit punch…

Di: what?? 

Bhaichung was still hiding behind the curtains. The dim light in the hall was making him hide easier. I know he was listening to our talk. This was giving me hard on.

Me: lets play it like a game today..

Di: (was exited) what kind of game.

Me: let me explain..

Me: I am going to blind fold you.

Di: then..

Me: and you have to guess the name of the fruits which are given to be tasted.

Me: even I would enjoy some fruit punch from you body..

Di: sounds inresting..

Me: then lets get with it..

Di: you wish …

I took a scarf of her from the bed room and blind folded her. Then I took my lips close to her and kissed her lips. I was smooching her deep. She was also responding to me.

I then took her to couch in the living room and made her lye on it. I then stood and brought the fruit basket from the dinning table. I also went to the refrigerator and bring some fruits of my choice from there.

She was lying on the couch only in her towel gown. Her head was wrapped with a towel. Her body was quiet visible as the towel was above her knees and was just tied only with a knot at the front.

I went near her. I also lied there on her body. I took my mouth towards her and kissed her on lips. We were kissing passionately.. my hands went on her head fastening her towel. 

Her eyes were blind folded she can not see any moves from me, that was making the environment more sexy and romantic. I lifted my mouth a bit upward and sniffed her hairs. She had just shampooed her hairs. A very good scent was coming from her hairs.

I then looked at the fruit basket. I took a strawberry from there, put it into my mouth such that half the portion, the upper portion of the strawberry was inside my mouth and the lower portion was sticking out.

I took my mouth, holding the strawberry to her head. The lower portion of strawberry was touching her. Then from her head I took it between the two eyes then through her nose towards her lips.

She opened her lips slightly. I then put the strawberry on her upper lip and touching her like that took it to her lower lip. I was circling the strawberry on her lips. She started moaning. Her lips opened a further.

I inserted the strawberry inside her mouth. She chewed the portion sticking outside. 
We both were kissing each other lips and chewing the strawberry together. We were sharing our chewed part of strawberry. I chewed some part and pass it into her mouth while kissing; she was also doing the same. The taste of strawberry changed as it was mixed with our saliva’s. For me it has become very sweet.

We were kissing till the strawberry finished within our mouths. 

Me: di your guess??

Di: well this is easy…it was a strawberry.

Me: correct. Do you like the taste?

Di: was amazing..would love to go on.

Me: now guess the second one.

I took my mouth again to her lips and we kissed each other. Then I took my hands on the knot of her towel gown and loosened it. Within seconds her body came to my display. Her body was looking very fresh. A light scent of soap was coming from her body. I loved her aroma. It was taking me to another level of hard on.

I took my hands to her wet hairs and cares it. I then took my lips to her neck and kissed her there. Then I kissed her below her neck on her neck line. I went further and kissed her cleavages, and further to her nipples.

Within very few minutes she was moaning loud as I was kissing he nipples and sucking her boobs..AAAAAHHHH OOOOHHHHh

I took my hands to the fruit basket, and pick an orange. I took the knife lying beside the fruit basket and cut the orange into two parts. I took out few slices of orange from it. 

I put the pulpy orange slices on her right boob. I then pressed her boobs with my palms. The pulpy slices were turning into juices. The pulps were between my palms and her right boob. I was pressing them on her boob. Juices came out from slices flowing into my fingers through gaps.

She was moaning load…AAAAHHHH sSSSHHH…

I was mauling her right boob hard. It was just like the scene in old days when orange juice were taken out through hands with the help of plastic juicer and there was no mixer.

I was pressing her boobs harder. My fingers and palm were full of orange juices. Her right boob was also filled with orange pulp and juice. 

I bend my mouth and sucked her boob. The pulp of arrange was coming into my mouth. I took my fingers and inserted it into her mouth. She licked all my fingers.
I was sucking every part of boob with juice and pulp. She was also licking all my fingers and the gaps between them. 

We both were lost in some other world. After sucking for about 10 minutes I asked megha di

Me: di your guess..??

Di: an orange…

Me: do you like it

Di: it was yummmm

Me: do you want more of it?

Di: yes…I would love to have such sweet orange daily…

I again took few slices of orange and put it on her left breast. I did the same with her left breast and made her lick my fingers with juices. We both loved the taste of orange on our body parts.

I was pressing her boobs and she was moaning loud. AAAhHH oHHHHHh
She was enjoying every bit of pressing.

I then moved further below to her navel. I was sucking her navel. Then I took few grapes from the fruit basket. I took the grapes between both palms of my hands. I crushed the grapes between my palms so that juices came out from it. I was pointing my hands just above her navel. Grape juices fell on her navel. 

I bend to her navels and sucked her navel. I was sucking the juice from her navel. I then took my finger and circled it on her navel. She was moaning. I took a bit of juice in my finger from her navel and inserted my finger into her mouth. She licked my finger. 

I was also sucking all the juices from her navel. I asked her about her guess. She rotated her tongue inside her mouth for once, may be for tasting again what the taste was like. She then guessed it right again. It was a grape.

I was getting more and more horny. I was sucking all her body parts. I was liking the fruit on her body. this was a new experience for me.

I took a banana from the fruit basket. I was thinking what to do with it. Then an idea came to my mind. I bend my self and started licking her pussy. Her pussy was wet. It was oozing out of cum. She was blind folded and was playing a sexy game with me. I think this has made her hot.

I put one of my finger inside her pussy, at the same time I was sucking her pussy lips. She was moaning loudly… aaHHHHaa….hhhhMMMM

I took the banana in my right hand and inserted it into her pussy. Her pussy was tight. But since the banana was small( it was a yellow banana which always is smaller in size) I was able to stuff it into her pussy. The banana was half inside her pussy. I peeled the cover of banana then. Half the banana was inside her pussy and the other half was coming out. The fruit came out as the jacket of banana was undone half. 

I bend myself on her pussy and eat that banana coming out of her pussy. I think the taste of banana has changed since we both involve in sex. I took the next bite of banana and came near her mouth. Both our lips met and I passed the banana from my mouth to her mouth. 

She ate the banana mixed with my saliva and her pussy juice. We both were have a passionate kiss. We both ate what was left inside our mouth.

Me: now guess this one?

She : ( thinking not even for a second) it was a banana.

Me: hm..

She: tell me am I right.

Me: ya are correct.

Me: now you have to pass this final stage.

She: well when I answered all I would do the same for last one.

Me: lets see. This would not be so easy.

I turned her to her back. Now she was laying on her stomach. Her back was right infront of my eyes. I was thinking of giving her a difficult task. I took some slices of orange and squeezed it on her back. then I took some grape and again squeezed them also. I was trying to make a fruit punch. That means all the fruits to be mixed. I then took the banana that was left half eaten earlier and pressed it on her back such that it became very pulpy. 

Suddenly I shocked…someone was standing just very near to us. I saw…it was bhaichung who had now came out of the curtain. He was standing right infront of us and was watching us closely. 

Bhaichung saw me that I have seen him standing near. He folded his hands and requested me to let him watch the show from close. 

I thought for a second, and then allowed him to watch as he was not harmful for us. He smiled at me and came very close to us. He wants to watch it very close.

Megha di was blindfolded so she was unaware of this. She was lost in her ecstasy. 

I came back to my work, I took the other fruits from the basket such as berries and squeezed them at her back. I massaged her back with those pulps and juices. 

I then licked her back; a different taste was coming as it was a mixture of all fruits. I ate some pulps from her back. Then I took some in my mouth and moved further. 

Megha di was lying on her back so I moved further made her mouth shift towards right and I keep my mouth on her mouth. We both were kissing each other. I passed the fruit punch to her mouth. She ate it. We both were kissing for few times now.

Now I asked her to guess about this..

Megha di: (thinking for some time) was it banana again.

Me: no you are not correct.

Di: then what it was it was tasting a bit different. 

Me: I give you another chance to guess it.

Di: I have not tasted any fruit like this before. I quit.

Me: di…. It was a fruit punch. Mixture of all fruits.

Di: ohh…that is not fair.

Me: why?

Di: the game was for guessing the fruit not the mixture.

Me: di I told u earlier…that I would like to enjoy some fruit punch today..

My eyes went to bhaichung. He was standing very close to us and was pumping his cock with his hands. He has taken out his cock and pumping it right infront of us.

I was looking into his eyes mischievously and bend again to di’s back. I licking the pulps from her back and was watching him jerking. 

He have a small &slim dick. It was much smaller and thin then me. But it was not black like mine. It was fair in colour and looking cute on his body.

He looked into my eyes and pleaded me through his eyes to allow him to lick that fruit punch from her back. I thought about it for a second and lifted my self from her body.

Me: di I would be back in a second.
(I smiled at bhaichung and gave him signal to come near her.)

Di: were are you going?

Me: nowhere di… just getting rid of my clothes.

Di: ok do I fast…I want you inside me…I am burning…

I got up from her body and signalled bhaichung to get rid of his clothes. 

Within seconds we both were standing without our clothes. I signalled bhaichung to go ahead and have some fruit punch I also told him not to do any thing nasty otherwise it would not be good for him. 

He was just waiting for my signal. As soon as I signalled him he came on top of megha di. Megha di was still lying on her stomach. Her back was infront of bhaichung. He started licking those pulps and juices of different fruits from her back.

Megha di was moaning. She was enjoying each and every moment. She was not aware that it was not me but a servant, a hill boy. Bhaichung was kissing all over her back and massaging her back with his hands.

Megha di was enjoying this. She being unaware of the fact asked for some fruit punch.

Di: raj…I am feeling so good. Please give me some more fruit punch from my back. I want to taste it more. I want to taste it from your mouth..

Di: come on raj…kiss me….give me that fruit punch with your saliva.

I was just standing right infront of them just thinking what to say ar what to do.

Bhaichung took this as his advantage. He collected some pulp in his mouth and move forward to kiss megha di. He hold her head with his hand and kissed her on her lips. 

Soon both of them were kissing each other. Megha di opened her mouth a bit and he inserted his tongue into it. He passed the juices which were into his mouth and both were kissing passionately. Their tongue were kissing each other and he was kissing each and every part of her mouth.

His one hand was on her back of her head pressing her head towards him to give him a deep kiss. He then took his other hand and inserted it through her side boobs and pressed her right boob. A moan came out of her mouth.

Earlier while allowing bhaichung, I had told him only to lick that fruit punch and not to do any thing else. But now he was enjoying her full. He was kissing her on lips and pressing her right boob hard. 

Megha di: yes… kiss me ..yes…you taste so different now. I think this game is really nice…it has made me really hot…now don’t make me wait more please insert in me please….raj….

I was looking at bhaichung and signalled him to get up from her body. But he did not care to listen to me. He was enjoying his part. i was bit tensed what to do.

I came forward and tapped his shoulder. He stopped kissing her and looks into my eyes smiling. I again signalled him to stop and get up from her. He looks into my eyes naughtly and denied me. He signalled me to go away from there.

I realised that I have done a blunder. I should not have allowed him to get on her or not let him enjoy our show. Now he was on the driver’s seat, because I can not utter a single word because di would come to know about it. 

I was thinking about what to do. How to get rid of him? He was enjoying my sister freely. I can not stop him or tell my di about it as if she would come to know that how big pervert I was. She will loose faith in me. Even she can deny me further from enjoying with her. I was in big dilemma now.

I was thinking how to get rid of this bastard? I thought so what if di come to know about me I can not allow him to feel her body like this. Then another thought came into my mind that he would reveal our relation in public. If he does so we would be of nowhere as all my office staff would know about this and it would spread it like fire.

I feel trapped. Bhaichung had trapped me and was now enjoying my sister. He was freely touching each and every part of her body. 

I thought to try to get rid of him again. I again look into his eyes with anger and tell him to get rid of her. But I think he was well aware of my situation. He smiled at me and pinched my megha di’s boob very hard looking into my eyes. A loud moan escaped through her mouth AAAAAOOOOUUUUHHHH……

Megha di: Raj….please..dont be so rough on me. I know a have given wrong answer for the last one but you should not be so hard on me….

I thought that this mother fucker is molesting my sister and she is innocent to think that I was playing game with her.

I was stll looking into his eyes with hard looks and asking him to move away. But he once again put both is hands on her both nipples and pinched them really hard looking towards me. his eyes were clearly saying that he was the master now. His pinch was so hard that tears came out with loud moan from my di. She was crying in pain….AAAAAOOOOUUUUHHHHH…

I was stll looking into his eyes with hard looks and asking him to move away. But he once again put both is hands on her both nipples and pinched them really hard looking towards me. his eyes were clearly saying that he was the master now. His pinch was so hard that tears came out with loud moan from my di. She was crying in pain….AAAAAOOOOUUUUHHHHH…..

She moved her hands to open her blind fold but he catch her hands and hold it tight at her back to give her more pain.

Megha di was crying in pain…AAAHHH…Please….what happ…ened tooo youu…why aar..eee you behaving…

While holding her hand tight bhaichung was looking at me. I know he was ordering me to leave from there or otherwise he would give pain to megha di. I moved back to the corner of the room and had a seat near the door. He smiled at me. he was still holding her hands tight.

Bhaichung was above megha di lying naked and having a full access of her naked body. he then leave her hands and took his finger to her lips indicating her silent motion. My sister also thought it was a part of game and now the pain is over so she stopped crying.

Bhaichung then turned her on her back and he came above her front body. he adjusted his dick right above her pussy lips. He was not inserting it but kept his dick just above her cunt. He took both her boobs in his hands and was pressing them and squeezing them. he started sucking her boobs hard. 

He took his middle finger and inserted it inside megha di’s pussy. He inserted his middle finger full inside her cunt and was sucking her boobs hard. He inserted his finger fully inside then took it out fully in one motion and again inserted it in full force. He was repeating his action.

Megha di was moaning loudly due to finger fucking….aaaahhhhh….ohhhhh….ssshhhh…..i am coming..OOOOhhhh

Within very few minutes she came on his hands. He took out his wet cum filled middle finger from her cunt and look into my eyes laughing. He then showed me his middle finger filled with my di’s cum. He was degrading me.

Bhaichung then inserted the cum filled finger into megha di’s mouth. She was not opening her mouth but he inserted it forcefully. He then took his lips on her lips and kissed her on her lips with his fingers inside.

His cock was hard. He took his cock and inserted into my megha di’s cunt. He had small and slim cock then me so it inserted full in one jerk. After fucking her for 5 minutes he came inside her pussy.

I was sitting at the corner of the room and was watching my di being fucked by a cheap servant. But I don’t know why it has given me a hard on. I was enjoying the show infront of me. my cock have become rock hard.

Bhaichung after fucking my di took his dick out and ran away from the room collecting his clothes. 

Megha di was lying on the bed with cum filled inside her pussy of a servant making her a whore, which she even don’t know. She was just thinking that it was her brother who has fucked her and cummed very early because of erotic foreplay.

As soon as bhaichung left the room, I move forward to megha di. I sat on the bed were she was lying naked and fucked. I was rock hard there. I just want to fuck her and release my heaviness. 

I move forward and kissed her on her lips. I then inserted my dick into her vagina. Her vagina was wet with bhaichung cum. My dick went easily into her pussy without any ressistance. I opened the blind fold from her eyes. 

She look into my eyes with love and passion. We kissed each other and were fucking passionately in missionary position. Within no time I also released my cum into her pussy. We don’t have to worry of her getting pregnant as she was on pills from the first day I fucked her. We lay there on the bed naked and had our sleep.

She look into my eyes with love and passion. We kissed each other and were fucking passionately in missionary position. Within no time I also released my cum into her pussy. We don’t have to worry of her getting pregnant as she was on pills from the first day I fucked her. We lay there on the bed naked and had our sleep.

It was 2’o clock when we woke up. I get up and searched for bhaichung, but could not find him. He had left the job because of fear. Now again we two were there to enjoy our sexecapdes.

Days passed and my job was yet to be completed. My boss called me up and enquired why it was taking me so long to finish the work. Since I was not regular to the site, big problem was created. The police and the local dada have created a huge problem and I was unable to handle it. It has gone above my heads. 

My boss called me back to Kolkata. Now we both (me and my di) were returning back to Kolkata. I was very much tensed as we were in huge problem. I can even lose my job, because I was not able to handle the matter in time. Even the local authorities there had complained against me to the boss. They had informed him that I was very rare to the site and was not present in the meetings with police and local dada as well. 

My job was at stake. I know my boss is going to fire me as soon as I reach Kolkata. I shared the issue with megha di. She gave me the courage and told me to go and immediately meet amit sir and give him some fake reasons for not being present there.

I was a bit relaxed now. We were in the train returning back to Kolkata. It was a night journey. We both were tensed but were dying to have sex with each other. At mid night when every body slept in the compartment I told my di to follow me at the toilet. She followed me. we had very good sex at the toilet of the train. It was an amazing experience. 

Next day I reached Kolkata, my boss had called me directly to the office. I hired a cab from railway station and dropped megha di at our home and went straight to the office.

Next day I reached Kolkata, my boss had called me directly to the office. I hired a cab from railway station and dropped megha di at our home and went straight to the office.

As soon as I reached office I went straight to the amit sir’s cabin. He was waiting for me there. He was on fire. He questioned me all in details. I was able to reply few but most I don’t have any answers. He was very angry on me. he ordered me to get lost from the company. But it was not the only thing, he also asked for reimbursement of all his losses. He told me to compensate for all the losses which the company has to bear because of me other wise he would get me arrested by the police.

I was very much frighten listening to all this. I was trying to plead infront of him. But he was in no mood to listen to me. I was begging him not to fire me from the company and the compensation for the losses would be too much for me. it was not possible for me to reimburse it. Looking at our family financial condition I can not afford to loose this job.

I pleaded and begged infront of amit sir for hours but he was not listening to me. the company has to face lakhs of rupees losses due to my negligence. He had given me the ultimatum that either I reimburse the company’s loss or I would have to suffer the consequences. He would put me behind the bars and get me bitten by the cops inside the cell.

I returned home with pale face. I was thinking what to do. Megha di read my face. She came to me after dinner and asked me what happened in office. I narrated all that happened and she also became very tense after listening to all this.

She then told me that if she had a talk with my boss then it can be possible that he feel pity on us. I liked the idea. I remembered when megha di went to the office at the time of my interview; my boss was ogling at her. He was listening to her. I thought it to be a good idea.

Next day megha di was getting ready for going to my office. She had worn a pink shirt and blue denim. The dress was casual but it was looking very sexy on her. The shirt was fitting to her body, making her look sexy. I saw her and requested her that I should follow her to my office. She agreed and we both went to my office.

It was 10 am we reached office. Amit sir used to come a bit late at office. So we waited for him in his cabin. I appreciated megha di beauty. I told her that she was looking awesome. I also told her that I am worried about her since last time she visited the office amit sir was ogling at her body.

She smiled at me. She told me that she knows that amit sir was ogling at her but for now we do not have any other option. This job is very essential for us. We had got this job after facing many hurdles and we cannot loose it. She also told me that he was just ogling at her and there is no harm in it. If you get your job back we can allow him to ogle at her. (She smiled mischievously). 

At about 11:15 am amit sir reached to the cabin. He was taken aback to see us there. His eyes gleamed when he saw megha di there with me. 

Amit sir entered into the cabin and went to his chair to have a seat. He smiled looking at megha di. 

Now let me remind you that amit sir is a tall 5 10, with well maintained muscular body man. Any girl would like to enjoy his company.

Amit sir: hello megha

Megha di: good after noon sir.

Amit sir: how come you here? Is there any problem?

Di: yes sir, you know that our financial position is very weak, and if raj looses his job we would be of nowhere.

Amit sir: but you know that because of him our company had to face huge loss.

Megha di: I know sir, it was his fault but I can guarantee you that he would not repeat such mistakes again.

Amit sir: megha, you know this is business. We can not afford to keep an employee who is so much careless to attend meetings.

Di: sir please on my request….please allow him to join the company again. I would take his guarantee. He would not repeat such mistakes again.

Amit sir: megha it is of no use..we have already decided in the board of meeting that we would fire him and ask for the compensation. 

Di: sir please…I beg of you sir…!!!

Amit sir: megha now this is not in my hands….in board of director meeting it was decided that company would terminate him from job and he had to reimburse the losses otherwise company would take legal actions against him. We can not let any of our employees to be so careless and suffer such huge loses. You know that the amount is in lakhs.

Megha di: sir I know, but we can not reimburse that amount. You know we are currently at very weak financial condition. It is not at all possible for us to pay your losses.

Amit sir: (smiling within himself) but that is not my concern. He should reimburse otherwise he would be behind the bars. And you know the cops they beat the culprits like hell.

Megha di: (started crying infront of him)……!!!!

Amit sir left his chair and had a seat on his table right infront of megha di. He bends a bit and holds megha di’s chin and lifted her face. Megha di looked into his eyes.

Amit sir: I know you love your brother but it is not in my hands now. He would have to pay for the losses.

Megha di still crying) sir please.!

Amit sir: (got a pen in his right hand) you are so nice, you care for your family so much. Then why don’t you teach your brother to behave in office. How can he be so careless?

Amit sir: I know you love your brother but it is not in my hands now. He would have to pay for the losses.

Megha di still crying) sir please.!

Amit sir: (got a pen in his right hand) you are so nice, you care for your family so much. Then why don’t you teach your brother to behave in office. How can he be so careless?

While saying all this megha di was looking at amit sir’s eyes. Amit sir was sitting on the table and his hand came on megha di’s body. he took the pen in right hand and touched her face with it. He put the pen on her head then to her lips and went down to her neck. Megha di closed her eyes immediately. She was not expecting such kind of assault. 

While all this was happening I was in the amit sirs cabin sitting right beside of my sister. My boss was degrading my sister infront of my eyes.

He took the pen from her neck to her cleavages. He was pinning the pointed tip of pen to her cleavages. Her cleavages were parted by the pen. He was trying to insert the pen into her bra.

The pointed tip of pen was paining her. She was moaning in pain. 

Amit sir: oh megha, you are not only nice but you are very beautiful. Just look at those cleavages of yours they are so beautiful.

Megha di: sir, please don’t do this to me!!

Amit sir: you know when the first time I saw you I fell for you. You are so beautiful. I think I am in love with you.

Megha di: (lost in words what to say)…sir, please!!!

He inserted the pen further inside her shirt, inside her bra. Her left boob started coming out of her bra. Amit sir bends his face close to watch her boobs coming out. 

Megha di: sir. Please stop. (we had not expected this. We thought that he would just ogle at her. She was not prepared that he would go any further)

Amit sir: your body is so soft. Megha your cleavages are so cute. Let me enjoy them.

Amit sir: I know that you guys can not reimburse the loss. That is the reason that I told the board of directors to ask for compensation. The only thing is that I want your body megha. 

Megha di: (shocked what she listened) sir?????

I was also sitting beside her and was shocked what amit sir was saying.

Amit sir: now let me enjoy with you, otherwise your brother will loose his job and would be arrested by the police to get beaten up.

Megha di: (started crying, she loved me very much. According to her I was the only person who had enjoyed with her body, now to save me from the police she would have to give her sexy body to my boss)

Amit sir: megha, if you do what I say then I would look into the matter and see what I can do for you guys.

Amit sir: raj, don’t you want to get out of this mess?

Me: (without thinking) yes sir, ofcourse!!

Amit sir: see megha even your brother wants you to do this for me. Even he wants to get out from this chapter.

I was shocked…I didn’t said that I want to get my di fucked by my boss. I just said that I want to get out of this mess. He was playing it well now. He interpreted my words very well.

Megha di just looks into my eyes. I had got nothing to say. Even before I would say something amit sir said.

Amit sir: it’s only on you megha, to save raj, his job, and your family. I know what this job means to your family as this is the major sourse of income for you.

In the mean time he was saying all this he inserted the pen deep inside her shirt and such that the pointed portion came out from the other side of her bra. He was well aware of what he was doing. 

Megha di was lost in thoughts about what to do. Amit sir just made the pointed tip rest on the bottom of her boobs and flicked the pen in such a way that the left boob fully came out of her bra. Her boob popped up to our view in open.

Megha di shocked about what was happening to her. She was not prepared for it. An unknown person was now viewing her nipples very closely.

Megha di put her both hands to cover her boob. she was shocked and looked into amit sir’s eyes. Amit sir was smiling at her. 

Amit sir: megha you let me have your hidden treasures or I would call the police.

Megha di: sir please don’t call the police I will do what you say.

Amit sir: now that’s like a good girl.

Amit sir then picked up the phone and called up the receptionist, mitalli, not to get him disturbed till his further orders.

He signalled me to lock the doors from inside. 

Amit sir: megha you let me have your hidden treasures or I would call the police.

Megha di: sir please don’t call the police I will do what you say.

Amit sir: now that’s like a good girl.

Amit sir then picked up the phone and called up the receptionist, mitalli, not to get him disturbed till his further orders.

He signalled me to lock the doors from inside. 

Amit sir: megha I want you to follow whatever I say not only for today but for days coming. I want you to be my personal slut. You have to do all those things that I ask you to do, otherwise the things would be worse for you both.

Megha di: sir, please sir, i m still single, reputation of my family would be at stake if any one comes to know..!!

Amit sir: what would you do when there would be no job..n your brother would be behind the bars ….

you have to cooperate as you love your brother and your family need this job…


Megha di left boob was still hanging out from her shirt. She was trying to cover them from her hands.

Amit sir: now I want you to loose that shirt. I want to see what you are hiding inside.

Megha di: sir please I beg you once again. Please !!!

Amit sir: (bit loud) do you love your brother? Do you guyz want this job? DO u want to see him behind the bars? i would make sure he does not come out eaisly…

Megha di: no sir ..please….please…do not do this to me….

I was standing right beside her thinking what to do and in what situation we are into?

Amit sir: Then do as I say..

Amit sir: come on…. open your shirt. I want to see those melons of yous….now just open it…otherwise….

Megha di was helpless. she looked into my eyes.

I was totally blank

She moved her hands towards her shirt ….and begged once again to sir….sir please
sir: its enough now. let me call the police

megha di: no sir ….i m ready….what ever u say….she opened the buttons of her shirt and pulled it away from her body.

Amit sir : Now thats like a good girl. say that u would be my slut….my personal slut…n do what ever say….come on say it.

megha di : i would try sir.

Amit sir: be sure n say me clearly…Understand

Megha di: (being helpless) : Amit sir i m totally yours…your own personal slut..

Amit sir : So now that u are my slut what all i can do with u….Can i fuck the pussy of yours…Will u suck me…say it loud….say it to your brother…say it to him loud that u would be fucked in your ass…come on say it….to your brother ….loud…

megha di was speachless…she was humiliated

Amit sir: say it loud…

Megha di : yes u can… me…

Amit sir : Loud…n …. be Clear…who can fuck you ….what else can be done…

Megha di: Bhai, Amit sir can fuck pussy….my ass…!!

Amit sir: YESS! thats like a nice slut.

Amit sir: now come on open your bra. Show me your titties.

Megha di took her hands behind and unclasped her bra hook. She further took the bra straps out of her shoulder. And there gone her bra. Showing her cute boobs in full glory to both of us men

I was getting hard-on seeing my di naked from top infront of my boss. I was trying to hide it from hiding myself beside the table. I know megha di would feel odd that her brother is having a hard on seeing her naked to be fucked by his own boss.

Amit sir: now do me a favour, just squeeze those tits together. Squeeze!!

Megha di took her hands to her boobs and stopped.

Megha di: sir please do not let me do it infront of my brother. I would do what ever you say but please not infront of him.

Amit sir smiled to her

Amit sir: raj, you can join your job today. I would call you later when needed. Now just leave.

I left the room. he followed me and locked the door from inside.

Amit sir: now come on squeeze those tits.

Megha di put both her hands on her boobs and squeezed them one by one.

Amit sir: squeeze them!! together!!

Di followed what he said. She squeezed both her tits by both her hands.

Amit sir: yes, squeeze them! together!

Amit sir came close to megha di. He was standing very near to her.

Sir: now pinch those nipples. Pinch it.

Di took the nipples of both her boobs between her fingers and thumb. She started pinching her nipples.

Sir: yes, turn them, pinch them hard.

Megha di pinches her nipples hard and turn them

Amit sir: like this, yeah..!!

Amit sir: yes turn around now!

Megha di turned around. Now her back was infront of him.

Sir: take off your jeans! I want to see you more!

Di does what he say and now she was standing only into her panties.

Sir: come on, now take those panties off and show me what you are hiding inside.

Megha di bends a little and there goes her panties off. Now she was fully naked infront of my boss. 

Amit sir moved forward and touches her ass. He was a ass lover. He spanked her ass with his hands. 


She was in pain. she turned her face back to see whats happening…

Amit sir spanked again both her ass cheeks for two three times.

OOucchhh came out again from mouth of megha di.

Sir: now turn around and show me the rest of your body. 

Megha di turned and her full front naked body was infront of my boss

Sir: megha just sit on the table and show me your shaved pussy. I want to see it full

Megha di sit on the table and spread her legs apart so that he can have the view of her pussy.

Amit sir: now spread those pussy lips for me.

Di was hesitating for what he was saying.

Sir: come on show me inside your pussy. Spread the lips apart and show me more of you. I want to see my slut full.

Amit sit took megha di hands into his hands and guided it to her pussy. She now spreads her cute pussy lips infront of him. The reddish pinkish part of the pussy came to his view. 

He took his middle finger and inserted it into her pussy. Her pussy was wet and was oozing with precum. Half his finger went inside easily. He started finger fucking her. Moans came out of di’s mouth. AAAAHHHHH OOOOOHHH

Amit sir then took the finger out and licked his cum filled finger.

Amit sir: now my slut will have to suck my lollipop. Come on get to your knees and suck my dick.

Megha di look into his eyes questioned.

Megha di: sir please, I do not like sucking cock. I will do whatever you say but please don’t tell me to do this.(she remembered when I tried to make her suck my dick and she vomited)

Amit sir: you whore, I am not taking orders from you. You want the job for your brother. You want him to get out of this mess then you have to do what I say. Other wise you can take your clothes or just walk naked out. I do not care. I am a busy person and you have to obey me to help you out.

Megha di get up from the desk and went down on her kness into the floor. amit sir took the seat were megha di was sitting when we entered.

Amit sir: my dick is sleeping and you have to get him awake to help you out.

Sir has already undone his pants and his dick was right infront of megha di’s face.

She bends her mouth and took his cock into her mouth.

Amit sir: yes like this, now lick my dick. Suck it.

Megha di was sucking his cock tip. His cock started waking up. he was almost the same size of me. having a 7 inch cock .

Amit sir: take your tongue out and lick my cock. Lick it my slut. Make it come for you.

Megha di did the same what he was asking for. She licked it for some time.

Amit sir: hold it with your hand and jerk it.

She took his black dick into her hands and started jerking it. She was sucking and at the same time jerking it with her hands.

Amit sir: jerk it! Yes…..aaahhhh

Sir then took his right on the back of megha di’s head and pushed her mouth towards his dick. This sudden push make the cock enter into her mouth deep. She started to take the dick out of her mouth but could not do so.

Amit sir was moaning loud…aaaahhhhh….HHHHMMMMMM

Now megha di was also adjusted with the dick deep inside her mouth. She was also sucking it harder. She had already closed her eyes and was enjoying sucking cock.

Amit sir: open your eyes and look at me. you slut. Suck it like a slut. Show me into your eyes that you like sucking me.

Megha di opened her eyes. He started thrusting his dick hardinto her mouth. He was pushing her head deep so that all his dick went inside her.

Amit sir: yes do it like this baby…suck me…yes!! You want to save your brother then do it. Yes!!

Megha di started coughing because of deep penetration till her throat. She took the dick out and was coughing.

Amit sir: ok, jerk it with your hands. Jerk it!

She was now pumping his dick with her hands.

Amit sir was moaning aaaahhhhh….yyyeeess….

Sir: now take your tongue out and lick my dick from tip to balls with your tongue. 

Megha di took her tongue out and was liking him from tip to his balls.

Amit sir: yes! Lick it like a whore…yes!

Sir: now lick the head of my dick. Suck only the head of my cock.

Di took her tongue to the head of the cock and lick it. She then put her lips on the head of cock and started sucking him.

He collected all the hairs that messed around her back and made a bunch of them to hold it into his hands. She was sucking his dick for some time now. He was about to cum. 

Amit sir: suck me like this..yess…jerk me with your hands….yes…make me cum.

He then gave some push by holding her neck and his full dick was inside her.

Sir: suck me deep…yes…look at me… show me how much whore you are….show me the lust in your eyes….yes…

After that he took the dick out from her mouth and took it into his own hand and jerking it fast. He was moaning high….oooohhhhh……yyyeeess….

Megha di was lying on her knees and he was jerking just above her face.

Within few seconds he cummed and he cummed in loads. All his cum spread on to her face. Some fell on her hairs, one or two drops on her eyes, some on her lips and some on her cheeks. Her face was full of his cum.

When he finished cumming he pick up the phone and dailed my number. Megha di tried to get up so that she can clean her mess. He hold her hands and stopped her there.

Amit sir: hello, raj just come to my cabin with some tissues. Your di needs it.

Me: yes sir coming.

I was thinking that why my di is needing tissues. Why my boss called me up. he could even call the receptionist to send some tissues with any one.

I collected some tissues from my desk and ran towards boss cabin. I knocked the door and amit sir opened it half.

I got inside the room seeing my di lying nude on her knees. My eyes went to her face which was yet filled and messed with my boss cum. She was really looking like a slut.

All her face, eyes, hairs, cheeks, lips were having cum. Tears coming out of her eyes.

I got an instant hard on seeing her like that.

Amit sir: raj give me the tissues. 

I handed the tissues to him. He took 2-3 tissues and cleaned his dick with it. 
He then throws the same used cum filled tissues on the face of my di and asked her to clean herself with those tissues only.

Megha di was left with no other option. She has to use the already used tissues to clean her face.

Amit sir: raj, for today I am done with this slut. You should bring her tomorrow again.

Me: (could not say any thing. My boss was humiliating me by show the cum filled face of my di and now demanding to bring her next day also) 

okay sir….was the only words i could say

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