This happened last year. I have a cousin of mine whose name is Meera. Well she is not so attractive by face but as far as her body is concerned she has got a killing body. She is little fat but I like plump girls. I never thought of having sex with her and never even fantasized about her. It was she who gave me one of the most wonderful experience of my life. It started like this. Once I was all alone in the house. I was sitting on internet enjoying a sex. The door bell rang. I opened the door. It was Meera there. She asked about my mom. I told her that no body was at home. But she said that she would like to stay. I said OK and asked her to have a seat. I offered her a cold drink and then I came back to my room and turned off the computer. Then I went back to the living room and started chatting with her. 

After some time she said that she wanted to ask me some thing. I said ,sure go ahead. At first she was hesitating. I asked that whether some thing was wrong. She said that NO every thing is fine. Then I asked her that what she wanted to ask. After hesitating for a while she said “do you know thing about sex”. That question rang a bell in my mind that some thing clever was going on in her mind. I said YES, I know a lot about sex, what do u want to know. She said that I want to know every thing. At first I started telling her about kissing and then slowly I moved further. She seemed to be enjoying it as she was listening to with great attention. Then I started telling her that how a man sucks the breasts and lick the vagina of a female and hoe a female sucks the penis of a man. She said that I don’t believe that a female sucks the penis of a man. I said, what if I give you a proof . She said OK. I had a XXX movie with me. 

I went in to the room turned on the Video player. Then I called her to the room. Before playing it I told her she will watch the movie with relaxed mind and she will enjoy it. She said OK. I turned it on and now she was watching it. She was deeply involved in that movie and was watching all that sucking and licking carefully. When in the movie the man started to fuck the girl I told her that it is great pleasure for the female. Soon my cock was hardening. I started to rub my hands on her neck and she was enjoying it. Then I told her to remove her clothes. At first she refused but then agreed. I was getting too exited. I started to kiss her back hungrily. I laid her down on the bed and started kissing her lips and then rest of her lovely body. I was rubbing hard on her inner thighs. Then I removed her bra. Her boobs were heavenly. I started kissing them and sucking them hardly. She was just lying there quietly. 

Then I asked her to remove her under wear but she said that I can’t .I said Ok and kept on sucking on her boobs. My cock was as hard and hot like a heated iron rod. I removed my pants and my cock sprang out. She was looking at it excitedly. She took it in her hand and started rubbing it. It was a great feeling. Then I moved my hand in to her underwear and started rubbing her cunt which was already hot as fire. Soon she removed her under wear her self and started licking her hot and sweet cunt like hungry dog. She was enjoying it as much I was enjoying her sweet cunt. Now she moaning loudly. Then she said Rajesh, please do it to me. I pointed my rod at her cunt and said “ are you ready”. She said YES and I slowly moved it in to her sweet hole. And then slowly I started to move faster. 
She was moaning loudly AAAAHHH………UUHHHH…….. and me too. After some time I took my cock out and asked her to suck it. She was not ready to do it but when I forced her she took it in her mouth. Soon she started enjoying it and was sucking it more hardly. Now I was about to cum. I took my dick out of her mouth and soon I was throwing white jets in the air. She was very excited at that scene. Now I laid on her. We both were breathing heavily. I asked her , “how was that”. She said GREAT and thanked me. Then we took bath together during which we also made also made love many times. 
After that day we became very good friends. We loved each other very much and had sex many times. 
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