amrutha who is 23 years of age married to Dinesh. As soon as she was married, her Moter in law 
passed away and her father in law Rajesh and huspand Dinesh were only relatives in the house left. She was considered as 
unlucky in her society. people started calling her with bad name as she was the reason of death of her mother in law. 
Amrutha never could understand why people called her unfortunate and manhoos.
One day she overheard two women say that her husband has earned a lot of money and all credit goes to her as she has 
brought lot of good luck to her family… the other women said, how did she achieve it… the other women replied, it 
because of advice of a jyotish who suggested her to meet a baba and then on like magic everything her husband did was 
profitable. her husband loves her very much and bought her a diamond ring. Amrutha went to the women and said Didi people 
call me unlucky and manhoos. please guide me in my lfe… neither does my husband like me much nor do people..Amrutha 
started crying seeing which the ladies consoled her and said.. meet jyotish ve pratap and gave her the address. he was in 
the next town…
Vedpratap was resident of bhagalpur and Amrutha was in veerpur a small 10,000 population town in Bihar.
Amrutha took the address and started pestering her husband to come with her to meet ved pratap.Dinesh replied that he was 
anyways very busy in his work and had no time… Amrutha sat Sad in her kitchen when her father in law said… i ll take my 
darling bahu to Bhagalpur… whats wrong in consulting a astrologer. he can also tell when you both will have a baby… 
seeing this amrutha blushed and happily went inside her room.
She changed her saree and came out and then made Tea for the men in her house. 
Dinesh married amrutha and had initially fucked her regularly for first three months of marriage but off late he had lot of 
pressures in business and had lost interest in her. he was having a secret affair with a 35 year old business women kalpana 
in patna and he often went there to meet her. she used her charms to great effect on dinsh and took his goods on 
unreasonable credit terms and low margins. Dinesh was having a business of garments and was 5. 7 inches told had a dick of 
sixe of 5 inches and was lean in stature. In comparison, amrutha was 5.6 inches, average built, underneath her petticoat 
had a great ass, and had a boob size of 32.she had firm boobs. dark brown nipples, flat stomach and lovely lips. she was 
fair in colour and wore traditionalde saree, half saree and some times salwaar kameez.
Dinesh father Rajesh was 48 year old, lusty man. was always after women in his town and had a bad reputation. he somehow 
resisted attack on Amrutha as he was scared of social repurcussions.
Rajesh had a close friend by name sundar, who was riches man in town and was money lender. he often told rajesh to plot a 
fuck session with amrutha. Rajesh always fantasised fucking amrutha with his friends all together but always told sundar, 
let her ripen… she is not going anywhere.

Amrutha’s parents had expired and she had a distant uncle called veera who sometimes came to meet her. Veera was a kind man 
in her eyes.

Vedpratap was a close friend of Sundar and rajesh knew of it… as soon as he heard that Amrutha was keen in going to meet 
vedpratap… he went and met sundar and together they plotted a scheme.
Next day dinesh said he had to go to patna early morning, amrutha woke up early morning… cooked food for all and then 
after dinesh had left said her father in law rajesh that she would get ready… Rajesh smiled and told…. come quickyly it 
will be very late by the time we reach if we delay now..
They boarded a bus and Rajesh sat next to Amrutha … as the bus started… rajesh started feeling amrutha’s hot body 
sideways. the bus was cramped with people and rajesh opened amrutha’s window and showed her around as for next two hours… 
he felt her bare handssometimes… her clother thigh… she was warm… he then caught her hand and said… he will study 
it and began joking and giving fake predictions saying she will have 12 children and all.
Amrutha laughed at all his jokes… she was getting very close to Rajesh and felt there was no one but him in her family.

Finally after lot of time.. Bhagalpur came.. it was very hot almost 12 pm.. Amrutha was sweating… she nearly got groped 
getting down. Rajesh saw discomfort and anger in her bahu’s body language when people acting as if innocent felt her boobs, 
ass in her saree, while she was getting down… Rajesh chuckled and felt it would be great making her a slut and he had was 
looking forward to the hunt.
they reached ved pratap’s shop which was closed with lot of people sitting outside.. they said.. he had gone for lunch… 
people thronged the place and by the time Amrutha;s number came it was 4 pm. Vedpratap asked with folded arms all others to 
come the next day as he had sadhana to do and then invited Rajesh and amrutha to his room inside. 
Amrutha was tired and sweating and he asked her to freshen up inside a private bathroom.
Amrutha came out fresh after swashing her face and felt much better.Rajesh meanwhile chatten with vedpratap on politics, 
villege issues and local topics..

He then said… My Bahu is not getting pregnent please help.. Amrutha was embaressed and blushed. She slowly said… thats 
not the problem… Vedpratap laughed and said. what is the problem…
Amrutha explained how she lost her parents in child hood and then her mother in law. every one considers her un lucky and 
she is now convinced of it. She wanted to consult him to get her husbands business back on track..
ved pratap said… both of you can call me vp
he then made a birth chart of amrutha
Rajesh said he believed his bahu was very lucky … amrutha smiled… thinking how good her father in law was… VP 
replied… Amrutha is correct she has been unlucky most of her life..
infact she should not have married Dinesh… 
Rajesh scared asked what can happen to which VP replied death of dinesh in six months…
Amrutha started crying VP kept quite and rajesh put his arms around her and said… dont cry VP is a big pandit and will 
find a way. 
VP after ten mins of calculation said… there is a way but extremely difficult amrutha said… i ll do it. Ok Said VP…. he then said
You need to leave your house with 5 pair of clothes for 5 months on 5th moonday post poornima.
Amrutha asked where will i go…
VP said, There is an ashram outside Bhagalpur where a BABA stays… he is a tantrik of a very rare sect and practices yoga along with his disciples. No one can visit 
the place without him allowing… I will need to take a special permission… you will need to practice yoga in his guidance and only basis a successful yoga after 5 
months, your husband will be hale and healthy and prosporous..
You will also bear two beautiful children next year 
You must consider yourself very lucky that I know him…
He is a very kind mian who has helped many people and he doesnt charge people any money.
Rajesh replied… is it… he is really a great man… but how will my Bahu stay with a tantrik… 
Amrutha looked at VP anxiously
VP replied… she will stay in his ashram not him… there are some devotees who stay with him so she is not alone.

Rajesh replied… I cant send amrutha alone to that place..
Amrutha started crying Think about Dinesh… i cant live a widow’s life. Please allow me
Rajesh replied … ok, I will also come and stay with you… vedpratap ji.. is it allowed.
Amrutha was stunned… she developed devotion and faith for Rajesh her father in law of what sacrifices he was willing to make for her.

VP thought and said… there is nothing in my Shastra that says.. you cannot go… I will speak to tantrik and tell you…. 

Amrutha was very happy.. in her heart she thought 5 months would pass away quickly and she would then be very rich and have a great family life.. moreover people will 
praise her and call her lucky not manhoos.
It was 6 pm by the time her meeting ended.
VP said.. the last bus for your villege has left… its best you spend the night here with me and leave early tomm… Rajesh agreed and thanked him…
Dinesh would not worry of amrutha since Rajesh was with her…

Amrutha went along with her father in law to ved pratap’s house… VP’s wife welcomed them and offered them food.. they ate. Amrutha was peparing her bed and Rajesh ‘s 
bed when suddenly she heard her father in law call her. She went in room when she saw him and ved ready to go out… they asked her to come along.. they were going to 
tantrik’s place. At front of Amrutha they called him BABA. 
Amrutha joined them she was wearing a saree. She had seated a lot the wole day and although the cool breeze was making her feel comfortable, her Armpits and blouse 
were smelling of her sweat and panty was moist with sweat around the ealstic. He bRA was semi moist.
they walked a little distance when VP said, I dd better Take my scooter. its very Far almost 10 km and road is dusty.. plus there are dogs who bark on strangers and 
its not safe walking to ashram.. Amrutha was scared of dog and rajesh put an hand around her shouldar and said… dont worry… i ll take care of you.Amrutha became 
very happy .. she noticed.. Rajesh kept his hand around her shoulder and did not remove it.. as they walked..rutha allowed it as she was now indebted to Rajesh gesture 
of helping amrutha by acrificing comforts of home and staying along side her on ashram.
VP went in a small building and came out with an old Bajaj scooter
It was a two seater.. VP said this is the best I have managed. Rajesh said… dont worry.. its best.. we will all go together. Rajesh further said.. you can drive as 
far as possible and if you get tired,, i ll drive.. 
After some kicks the scooter started VP sat on driver seat and amrutha realised she could not sit cross ways on the scooter as she had petticoat.. VP started showuting 
to sit saying the vehical could stop any momment in a hurry Rajesh pushed amrutha between the seats and she sat side ways with Rajesh in end. there was no steppenne 
wheel behind and rajesh put his arms around an embaressed amrutha VP asked amrutha to hold herand amrutha put her arms around VP causing her left boon to press behind 
VP’s strong body and back.since amrtuja had her arms around vp… she was not in a position to sit save her boob from getting crushed and slowly she realisedshe had 
one arm around VP holding on to his tomach while the other arm was around rajesh trying to support his fall. Rajesh had both his arms around her as he was behaving he 
would fall.. he was smelling exotic armpit of amrutha.. he came very close to her armpit… sniffing every bit of her sweat with his hand firmly on her left boob. amrutha gasped and tried moving when an angry VP shouted Rajesh dont move.. we will fall… Rajesh said. this Amrutha is moving.. I think she has never sat in a two wheeler. Amrutha replied, I have but not threesome.
Scooter was travelling extremely slow @ of 20 kms an hour. VP shouted.. looks like there is no power in this scooter.. Rajesh replied must be fuel is laced with kerosene.. its smelling bad behind and she in an effort to adjust squeezed amrutha’s boob badly. amrutha shrieked and Rajesh asked what happenned.. what happenned.. Amrutha replied nothing… gasping and thinking what position she had got into. slowly she started enjoying the sensation of having two men around…

Rajesh groped his daughterin law to his heartiest exyent.. he cupped slowly squeezed her left boob and at times felt her 
naked hip on the right in an effort to balance himself while VP several times braked to feel Amrutha’s right boob on her 
back… Amrutha after sometime felt her pussy go moist… it was quite sometime since she felt such exitement and 
wasquitely taking the sensation when suddenly she heard some dogs bark. VP tried his best to keep balance as very strong 
looking dogs started running behind and barking on the scooter.. one of them held Amrutha’s saree and it tore quite a bit 
before VP pushed his accelearator.. what followed was two minute drama of chase where scooter finally won and dogs were 
left behind in distance. Amrutha was petrified and Arajesh was moving his hand behind her back carassing her thoroughly in 
an attempt to pacify her… Slowly she became normal and in 5 minutes they saw a large gate which read MAYA GURU Ashram.
VP Blew his scooter horn and two men came running and opened the gate. Vedpratap introduced him self and the gate keeper 
said.. Guruji was waiting for them.
they parked the vehical and walked.. Amrtha was looking around scared… there were strange looking objects andf light 
around… she was really scared of the place. Rajesh put his ARM around her and said… dont be scared. 
Amrutha VP and rajesh entered a pyramid type of a building some people were speaking a mantra which they could not 
understand… there was just lamp light and they just smelt some insence sticks burning..
GURUji opened his eyes and gestured his devotees to go… he had a majestic body, FIT and strong… Had a long beard and 
hair which was tied behind.. he wore some ornament with a golden skull as pendant and wore a Black dhoti as wardrobe…
He called the three near him and then at front of them opened a crustal ball and read some mantra and said.
You have come from Far village.. seeking solution to problem to your life. VP folded his arms in devotion and said yeas 
GURUJI.. Guru looked at amrutha and said give me your left hand.. Amrutha gave it.. guru at front of all smelt her hand and 
said…. you are victim of Bad times… you have a bad dasha going on since birth which is about to grow stronger and claim 
life of your husband… soon. Your husband is a very good man but keeps loosing money in business.. Amrutha started crying 
she said please help me guruji only you can save me… guru looked at her and said… I cant… you can only save yourself 
and all in your family… VP begged him to help her and finally Guru looked at her and said…. ok… I can try but she is 
not rady for the path… Amrutha bend at front of Guru in devotion.. she forgot that while doing that her loose blouse 
exposed her devloping boobs to guru in her black BRA… GURU looked at them carefully while behaving he was not and said… 
you are not ready for the path of purity… Amrutha said.. i will do anything Guruji

Please guide me.. Rajesh was also bent and giru laughed out laud and said…. You have a great man with you who can help 
you walk the path… VP asked who Guruji… Amrutha also asked and Guru replied… Your Father in law… Rajesh blushed 
with pride as Amrutha looked at him with respect…uru said… He is and will continue to make sacrifices for you.. He lost 
his wife and now is also willing to walk the most difficult path with you… Rajesh said… I will do anything to see my 
Daughter in law and Son happy… Guru said… Amrutha… you will need to demostrate the power of being women… Women Runs 
this universe and you are the most powerful creation… there is God inside all… you will need to awaken it… I will 
help you… But you will need to be very strong….. Amrutha replied I ll do anything Guruji…. Guru said.. in the time 
you spend you will be tested with social customs… shame…Anger… repulsion…. all emotions one lives in this world… 
you will need to win them all and once you take sacred oath you cant go back… think and decide… Amrutha said… I have 
no choice… I will do all ths as you say maharaj…. Guru looked at Rajesh and said… you will also need to gothrough lot 
of pain and anguish… tell me why are you doing it…. Rajesh replied… I can do anything for my dear Daughter in law… 
we are family…. Amrutha began weeping and Guru said… ok… Dont cry… come near me… Amrutha went near him and he 
took some ash and smeared it on her fore head… she helt blessed… her eyes closed in devotion… VP folded his hands and 
said… jay guruji and all three shouted back three times before guru ji said… you three go back from where you came… 
Time ahead is difficult… this ashram will protect your daughter in law against evil… but she has evil hidden in her 
body that needs to be removed… I will guide you after you take holy oath..
Amrutha said she was was willing to take the holy oath right away… to which guru replied… when you finally come… we 
will do it… but I want you to think and decide with resolve that after you take holy oath you will follow all rules to 
path of purity that i will guide you to… if u have slight hesitation… dont come.. once you have taken your path there 
is no going back.
Amrutha replied she would never break the promise. They bowed at front of Guru and then left..

Amrutha came out and asked VP… how does Guru know everything about me… Rajesh said.. he is antaryami… he can see 
future… he is great… VP replied yes… he can see future of people and i often consult him… He is great. Amrutha 
developed instant devotion for that man… Rajesh then hugged VP and said… its so kind of him not charging any money and 
taking so much pains to get his amrutha out of difficulty and that he was indebted to him for life. Amrutha also thanked 
him and Ved pratap said it was ok. He then said Amrutha.. you must consider yourself very lucky to have reached him… This 
Baba does not even meet Chief ministers… Amrutha said… how does this BABA manage to run this big ashram… Ved pratap 
replied… he can turn dirt to gold…. some people say they have seen with naked eyes him doing it….
Rajesh said… i wish he gives us some… we badly need money…. and laughed…. All laughed and then reached scooter.
Ved pratap told Rajesh… I will not drive it any more… Can you please drive… Rajesh said he would and they sat in same 
posture with now a shy amrutha having arms of ved pratap around her… had an arm on her stomach underneath her saree and 
one on her left boob with Rajesh getting her right boob sqeezed on her back… Amrutha felt embaressed and Rajesh asked are 
you comfortable amrutha to which amrutha with lot of shame said… yyyes.. and then he asked VP are you ok VP and VP 
replied pulling Amrutha virtually in his lap… I am ok.. but its difficult travelling 3 some in two wheeler… to which 
Rajesh laughed and said… treat Amrutha like your Family member… dont be shy… you have done so much for her and 
started the scooter… zn embaressed amrutha trid avoiding eye contact with ved pratap as he brazenly began carassing her 
stomach exploring her midriff , her waist on right side while his left hand was busy cupping her left boob… Amrutha 
shuddrred when VP ‘ s hand began moving on her back tracing her Bra straps and she tried to move but ved began pressing her 
left boob and slowly Amrutha realised … she had allowed groping and her father in law would think her otherwise if she 
made noise and Ved pratapmay be doing it unintentionally cos of situation… slowly Amrutha realised that Ved was trying to 
pinch her nipple from her blouse and bra she gasped and whispered what r you doing to which Ved pratap whispered… trying 
to balance myself or I ll falll… Amrutha said… pls behave yourself… ved pratap continued his act without a single 
worry hen sudenly they heard the dogs bark… BVed said to turn bacvk ans these dogs would surely recognise them and catch 
them and it was risky on two wheeler

There was another route which was slightly longer and Amrutha bit her lip… a longer route would mean more groping and 
she succumbed to the molestation she was getting.Rajesh on other hand was praising ved pratap and asking amrutha dont you 
think VP is great amrutha who does so much in this world and Ved simply continued cupping her left boob as Amrutha was yes 
sir thank you..
the whole experience made amrutha horny and she allowed ved to explore her further.. it was dark night and cold breeze was 
adding to her raging fire.. ved put an arm around her shoulder and entered her blouse.. an embaressed Amrutha asked what r 
you doing… Ved whispered in her ear what am i doing… amrutha was emjoying the whole scene but pretended to be upset.. 
she said remove it… suddenly she felt his hand invade bera Bra and feel 70% of her boob.. she utterred an aaah which 
only Ved could hear.. he whiispered… her what am i doing and Amurutha kept quite… she began getting into a trance while 
scooter sped on.. Amrutha boob was getting milked by constant groping… she went in a different world. Ved quitly pulled 
her bra strap inside her blouse and sher bra came loose… Amruha tried protesting but succumbed to ved pratap’s charms as 
he for the first ime touched amrutha’s tender nipples which had gone hard due to his groping… Ved pinched her nipple as 
he milked her boob.. his action s where making Amrutha wild and then amrutha finally mustered some courage and said… my 
Father in law will see me… pls stop it… ved left her immediately and straitened himself… Amrutha tried behaving 
normal as the scooter entered Bhagal pur and in 10 mins they were home.. Amrutha lay in a cot aside Rajesh wondering how 
she allowed ved to feel her and what her father in law had done… every argument had counter argument and in end she 
concluded it was circumstatial and anyone would loose control in situation they were in.
next day morning they boarded the bus. Ved said. 8 days from now is full moon after 5 days meaning in all 14th day Amrutha 
would need to walk out of her house with 5 pair of clothes and Rajesh could join her.. Amrutha asked how would she tell 
dinesh about all this for which Rajesh said…he would manager… Ved then said… you will witness some good news as 
Amrutha was chosen a great path… he then said amrutha that she took great pains in scooter yesterday night for which 
amrutha blushed and rajsh nodded…
They left by bus and the return journey was un eventful as amrutha slept the whole way.. when she got up she realised she 
was sleeping in her father in laws arms like a lover sleeps… She was embaressed..They reached home and met Dinesh who was 
Rajesh managed everything welll and soon Dinesh left for work and Rajesh slept on the cot. 
Amrutha got busy and it was almost a week later that she heard Dinesh come running to her telling… I have got a large 
order of garments… we will in all earn 30,000 in the deal… Amrutha was very happy and thanked BABA in her heart as she 
celebrated the day with Dinesh… Dinesh in the night slept without sex… Amrutha craved for it but could not say as most 
shy Indian house wife’s do. Dinesh on the other hand was after the patna mistress he planned to create…
Rajesh then the next day told Dinesh that she and him would go for a penance for 4 months to a BABA who creates miracles… 
he without going in finer details explained everything to Dinesh who nodded and said if you think its important then lets 
do it…
Amrutha cried in Dinesh arms as dinesh hugged her and prepared her for the act ahead. Dinesh promised to write letters but 
Rajesh said there was no contact to be done in the ashram..
Dinesh was secretly very happy cos he could now full time court the patna Girl whom he desperately wanted to fuck..
Amrutha on the penultimate day took bath and then at sharp 12 pm left the house with 5 peices of cloth
He carried a bra and panty a saree, blose and petticoat… She packed some food for herself and rajesh followed her behind 
as she walked sielently .. she was scared but was thankful to her father in law that he was with her… she could never do 
all this alone… She stopped at bus stand when suddenly a car came and stood at front of them Sundar came out and asked 
Rajesh of what he was doing Rajesh said they were planning to go to Bhagalpur, Sundar told he woulddropp them and drove 
them to Bhagal pur… Rajesh told Amrutha how good friend Sundar was and then said… after me if there is anyone who 
deserves your love and affection then its sundar.. Sundar chuckled at this double meaning statement and drove on..

they reached the asram to which sundar asked what was he doing in the ashram.. Rajesh explained everything to him.. Sundar 
said.. this baba is great… but dangerous and known for his temper… never make him angry… he told Rajesh that if he 
can ask BABA to allow even him in ashram after some days it would be great… Rajesh smiled and said… i ll surely try… 
They enetered ashram as sundar left.. Rajesh held Amrutha’s hand.. Amruutha was thankfull . she was scared and caught his 
hand stronly while Rajesh enjoyed her soft hands in his hand… the moed to pyramid area… when suddenly they saw BABA 
walking and a snake walking behind him… They frooze on the track as BABA said some mantra and snake politely left the 
scene.. BAba suddenly saw them and smiled and opened his arms… Rajesh went and touched his feet .. he gave him a Hug… 
Amrutha also followed touching his feet and BABA gave her a tight HUG. An embaressed Amrutha blushed and stood stiff… 
Baba said.. I dont see difference in men and women.. you are both same to me… Rajesh replied what are you saying BABA 
Mine and Amrutha’s body heart and soul is yours… what do you say amrutha to which amrutha nodded… not knowing what to 
say… they walked in hall and saw a fire burning.
Baba said saome mantra and then asked Amrutha to resite it back after half an hour of ceremony he sked her to start taking 
a walk around the fire place… after she completed 5 circles.. he asked her to remove her saree ans throw it in the fire 
place.. Amrutha stood still… she began prespiring.. This baba was asking her to strip and stay at front of two men in 
petticoat and blouse.. she looked at Rajesh who said.. jai baba and Marutha with shivering hands began removing her 
saree… with hesitation she threw the material in fire and baba muttered some mantra and aid… You repeat what i say..
O lord ..
Mrutha said o lord and then it went on… after a small prayer
BABA said… O lord at the end of 5 months grant Amrutha’s husband luck and lots of prosperity and long life… giver her 
two children and healthy life… in return.. amrutha with all devotion will follow path of purity.. her father in law and 
myself will act as her guide and medium in all the steps.. Amrutha repeated the prayer..
BABA said… Amrutha to say the following

O lord… i give you my cloth… which hides my body… my hair lock ( he cut smll portion of her hair and threw it in 
fire) my shame… my body… my spoul… i give everything i have to path of purity in return for what ever i have asked 
please grant me… Amrutha was sweating… her whole body was getting a shiver as fire raged and ceremony continued.. BABA 
then asked Rajesh to put his arms around Amrutha and por Ghee in gire Rajesh had his Arms around Amurtha in petticoat and 
blouse.. she felt his hard ness in in butt as he embraced her and held her arms… BABA said wait… I want you to move 
your hands on her hand length and the hold her palms… Amrutha began feeling Rajesh move his palms on her bare hands and 
then reach the palm then the came in a posture where they had to bend and pour ghee in gire… it was an awkward posture as 
Amrutha had to push her butt behdin to a waiting rajesh who thoroughly enjoyed her ass in petticoat with his crotch on it, 
3 times..
the exercise was complete and BABA then came and pored some water on amrutha.. Amrutha was now wet dead to toe as baba 
mutterred some mantra and said… walk around fire 5 times.. Amrutha did… She came and stood and then BABA asked her sto 
strip her blouse and throw it in fire… amrutha gasped and BABA looked angryly at Rajesh and said… what is this… 
Rajesh went behind Amrutha and said her to follow instructions.. Aruha stripped her blose and through it in fire… she 
covered her Bra with both arms and stood embaressed at front of fire… BABA came near her and said… show your 
famiinity… dont hide it.. and then started reciting some matra as he pored some water on Amrutha… AMrutha’s whole body 
began shivering as water was cold… she tried shuffling her legs and Rajesh seeing her uncomfortable came and stood near 
her. Slowly the exercise was complete and heat of fire made amrutha comfortable although her petticoat was wet along with 
her Bra and clinged on her legs. BABA then saidher to take 5 circles around fire and then put some substance in fire that 
caused exotic smell… he then asked Rajesh to embrace and pour hee in the fire.. Amrutha was embaressed but had no choice 
.. she romoved her hands from her breats and Rajesh came behind and moved his palm on her whole hands and then put his 
manhood behind her ass ashe they pored ghee three times.. Amrutha gasped… she was leaking in her pussy… Rajesh 
whispered to her. this BABA is great and we are doing it for Dinesh… Do what ever he says with all devotion… I am 
allowing you… Amrutha nodded happy that she got some go ahead fr the ritual… BABA then muttered some thing and said her 
to open another peace of cloth and throw it on fire… Amrutha was facing stiff resistance from her mind.. she was shy yet 
she had to do it. Rajesh came behind her and hugged her from behind. Amrutha surrendered to him and slowly Rajesh opened 
her petticoat knot and removed it from her body and she was asked to throw it in fire…. Amrutha was in bra and panty.. 
embaressed and ashamed Amrutha covered her modesty with her hands and soon began making circles around the fire.. she knew 
she was going to be nude in 15 mins … she was after some mantra asked to throw a cloth in fire… without any signal 
Rajesh walked and removed her bra strap from her Body… Amrutha faced behind showing her bare back and ass… she stood 
still and BABA said show your faminity to fire… an embaressed Amrutha turned around and sahowed her 32 inches perky tits 
to BABA and Rajesh … Rajesh never imagined his daughter in law would be so beautifull… BABA walked and pured oil on her 
body.. Amrutha was feeling very sensious… oil running on her almost naked body was a sensation she thoroughly enjoyed… 
Yet the feeling of her father in law watching her boobs was making her horny and embaressed..
Rajesh came behind and moved his arm around her naked hands and put his crotcg on her almost naked ass with her pink 
panty.. Amrutha enjoyed the three times bending and pouring of ghee in fire and subequently she was asked to take 5 more 
rounds of fire and BABA said… you now need to submit your last garment to BABA and complete your vow of purity to day.. 
Amrutha after lot of deliberation removed her panty… Rajesh watches her bush her pussy lips ashe she threw it panty in 
fire and Amrutha noticed BABA doing matra while rajesh was probing her whoe body with eyes hovering around her pussy… she 
after 5 minutes got comfortable and Rajesh came behind her and felt her naked arms again and her ass on his pakjama as his 
dick was slightly inside ass cheecks of amrutha… at one point his dick touched ass hole of the poor shuddering girl and 
she almost screeched.
The exercise was complete and then BABA asked her to come indise a room… there was bath tu and she was asked to enter it.
Amrutha cleant herself while Rajesh and BABA watched carefully… amrutha asked for privacy and BABA replied… I can see 
beyond walls… nothing is hidden from my eye and smiled. Rajesh thanked bABA for the exercise while amrutha thought what 
is he thanking baba for stripping her… She then came out and BABA asked her to wear the 5 peices of garments that she had 
brought and go to a room… Amrutha saw two cots in the room and realised rajesh would spend the next 5 months in the same 
room with her. She was happy that he was around but irritated that he had seen her naked. 

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