Marwari Lady

A few years ago, I was staying in a flat rented out by my company in a multistory building. The flat opposite to mine on the same floor was lying vacant for about a month. On a Sunday afternoon, I found a truck arrive and household items and furniture being shifted to this vacant flat. I found a man and his wife move in. I came out and greeted them. The man had a little overweight, about 40 years old. The wife seemed to be around 33 years old. She was tall, fair with big boobs and heavy buttocks. A tiny but distinctly visible black-mole on the center of her left cheek attracted my attention. I felt this beauty spot made her face look more ravishing. I went inside their flat and tried to help them as a good neighbor. Initially, the man gave little response for obvious reason I could guess. I felt he was watching me more often than not. I purposely avoided looking at his wife. It did not take much time for him to get convinced I was not a trouble-monger but a thorough gentleman with decent manners.

Both of us established good friendship and decent neighborly relationship sooner than I expected. He was a businessman dealt in readymade garments. Frequently, he needed to travel all over India for procuring orders, supplying garments and collecting payments. His trips anytime lasted about a week. He needed to leave his wife alone behind during such journeys. He had lost his parents. Though his wife had parents, but in the Marwari custom, the parents or relatives of the female would not stay with their daughter and son-in-law. They had earlier lived in an area, which was a little unsafe for a lady to live alone sometimes. So, they purchased this flat, on ownership basis, which was in the safest area in the city. Now, they have nothing to fear or worry about their safety and security.

He was to go on his business tour again after three weeks. In fact, he was to go earlier but had decided to postpone the trip helping them settle down in the new place nicely. I worked hard for the man to instill and reinforce full faith, trust and confidence in me.

Honestly, I was sure I succeeded in my attempt. I went to my office in the morning and came back around 7.30 PM only. However, I never bothered to pest them with uninvited intrusions to their house. Whenever we met, I greeted them politely and enquired about their welfare. I reminded them not to hesitate to let me know if I could be of any help or assistance to them any time. In fact, the man often came to my house in the evenings and chatted with me for long hours. I may be right or wrong, but I had an idea he was finding me as a very good neighbour and friend fit to keep faith on so much so that I would be a good caretaker and helper to his wife in case of need during his tours. Later, I came to know he had made enquiry’s about me from the elderly Bengali families who lived in both the flats on the floor below ours and they gave a clean chit about my character. In a nutshell, he was fully convinced I was a thorough gentleman and not a scoundrel or opportunist at all. This followed his invitations to me to his house often to join for tea or dinner. During these occasions, I carefully avoided looking at his wife and talking to her much. In fact, I had not yet got a clear view of her body nor did I try to get a close look. Whenever I met her in her house in presence of her husband, she remained with her upper body and head always covered with the pallu of her saree.

However, I knew I have not studied psychology and behavioral science for nothing. One penetrating gaze with microscopic precision at her face and into her eyes made me convinced there was something beyond what meets the eye. I knew there was a volcano within her fuming about to erupt anytime. I wanted to find out the reason why the volcano formed and what did it contain.

My attempt began after his going on tour, about 20 days later, for about four days. He had requested me to take care of his wife, which I gladly agreed to, accepting it as my moral duty and responsibility. I left no chance to have any slightest doubt in his mind about my faithfulness. He left in the morning as I left to my office too. Back in the evening, while I was unlocking my front door, she opened her door and invited me to have tea. As I hesitated, she persuaded me. So, I went in with her. She closed the front door. Leaving me sitting on the sofa in the drawing room, she went to the kitchen to make tea. Later, she brought a tray with sweets, biscuits, some fruits and tea. Sitting on a sofa opposite and facing me, we talked. She was cautious not to reveal much nor I did I prod with any inquisitive questions. As was my habit and principle, I wanted her to make the first move.

As I stood up thanking her profusely for the tea and kind hospitality, she enquired about my dinner. I told her since my wife was in the native place; usually I used to cook my food myself or sometimes took food from hotels. Immediately, she invited me to have dinner with her at her place. As I was about to decline thankfully, she again persisted.

As if trying to help her find reason with, I said: “See, do you think your hubby would appreciate if he came to know about it? Why should you put yourself into unwanted trouble?”

She replied gleefully: “Why not? You know, he keeps high regards for you. And, he talks very high of you. In fact, he had asked me to invite you occasionally for dinner or lunch suiting to your convenience.”

That dispelled my doubt. So, I said okay and thanked her for the invitation. I went to my flat and had a bath and change of dress. I spent some time reading newspapers and watching TV without interest. I became aware my mind repeatedly telling me that good luck is going to stay with me and I would have an enjoyable time with this lady sooner than I thought.

Exactly at 9 PM, there was a gentle knock on my door. Finding her at the door, I went with her locking my door. I noticed she bolted her front door after my moving in.

While talking sitting on the same sofas, suddenly I noticed a change in her. In fact, it was only at this time I observed her closely for the first time. She wore a light blue transparent polyester saree which revealed her low-neck blouse inside. I could clearly see her fleshy and sensual neck and the upper portion of the bulge of her fair big boobs with a deep cleavage. A bell began to ring inside my head instantly as I never saw her in such attire before. I withdrew my eyes from that portion on her body as quickly as it was shot at and started looking at her face only. I guessed I was lucky as she probably missed to notice my stare.

Then I became aware of another strange aspect. She had no longer kept the pallu of her saree covering her body and head, which she always did, in presence of her husband.

While we talked, I also noticed she bent forward more often for one pretext or the other sending the pallu off her shoulder. Though she quickly replaced the pallu, it had given me ample time to have a clear look at her big boobs struggling to pop out from the clutches of her blouse. ‘Was it not bait she dangled under my nose? Jai, wait and watch’ I told to myself.

As we continued with our talk, she took a small glass paperweight and began to play with it. I can swear she deliberately made it fall on the carpet once. This time, she bent forward in the shape of an inverted U, a lot more than required, to pick up the paperweight. Obviously, her pallu slipped and fell off her shoulder. Nearly three-fourth of her fair big melons popped out menacingly gives me a clear view of the upper portion of her light brown aureoles. I knew my heart skipped at least a couple of beats. It was embarrassing to me as I wondered if her boobs would come out nude fully. But this time my eyes got transfixed on another spot, which gave a splendid view. I could clearly see another tiny black-mole about half inch above the aureole of her left boob. Oh..That was a real captivating sight. She was very clever indeed because while still in her bending position, she raised her head and looked up at my face. She could see my eyes were fixed on her boobs. Like the recoil of a gun, I withdrew my eyes immediately.

She regained her sitting position. I was now feeling ashamed to see her smiling at me meaningfully. As if to change the focus and attention to camouflage my stupidity, I said: “I was wondering if I could pay you a compliment. To be nearer the truth, I could not garner enough courage.”

That surprised her. “Why not, you don’t need to feel any shy or shame to tell me anything,” she replied. I guessed she …encouraged me enough to muster courage to tell even if what I wanted to say was going to be too much intimate.

I said: “You are very beautiful, ravishing and radiant. For ethical reasons, I would stop qualifying you as ‘desiring’ or by another adjective which would be most appropriate.” I was hinting to call her ‘very sexy’. However, by the way she smiled at me; I thought she guessed what I meant.

Pointing towards the black-mole on her left check, I went on “In fact, that mole on your cheek is enhancing your beauty multifold serving as a beauty spot.”

She laughed loudly and said: “Thank you very much, Jai. My friends had also told me so before.” She paused but quickly went on to add: “I have three more such moles on my body.”
Giving me another meaningful grin, she continued: “I think you have already seen my second mole.”

I felt as if I touched a live electric wire. Honestly, I could not imagine she would be frank enough to open up so quickly in an intimate way before we could turn informal and come to know each other better. I felt shy equally because she had seen my watching her mole on her left boob. Then suddenly I had another thought coming in my mind. I said to myself that if she was bold and unashamed, why should I remain shy and timid now?

So, I asked: “Where is your third mole?”

She considered this for a few seconds. Then smilingly she adjusted the pallu of her saree so that her fair belly came exposed. Oh.. she had a beautifully shaped belly which was almost glazing. She pushed down the folds of her saree as much was needed to bring her beautifully shaped navel visible. The sight of her bare belly with her navel gave titillations to my mind. Then she pointed her finger to a tiny black mole just above her navel to the left.

I caught my breath sharply. Words spurted out from my mouth uncontrollably: “My goodness, it looks like a bright star just above the full moon” I exclaimed in visible excitement.

She giggled and replied: “Thank you very much for the compliment and nice comparison.” With this, she adjusted and replaced her pallu back covering her stomach.

It appeared to me suddenly that all the three moles I had seen were in a same line coming down on the left side of her body. So, out of my inquisitiveness I decided to be naughty. However, in a casual and innocent sound, I enquired “Where is the fourth mole?”

She bit her thick lower lip with her teeth looking at me coyly: “Hey Jai, you are becoming increasingly naughtier now. I can not show you my fourth mole. It could be seen only by my husband,” She said with a meaningful grin dancing on her lips.

Though I had asked that question intentionally, yet I said: “I am very sorry and I sincerely apologize for my stupidity.”

As if she thought she antagonized me, with a wave of her hand she dismissed her own reply and said: “Think nothing of it, Jai, and take it easy. And, it is my turn to say sorry if I offended you”

I said: “That makes two of us.” We both laughed.

During our further talk, she told me all about them. She was the only daughter to her parents belonged to a conservative Marwari family. Born and brought up in Jhunjhunu district in Rajasthan, she was a graduate in arts. She did not have any boyfriends before. After marriage 9 years ago, she moved to Kolkata. She said her husband was a nice man though he lacked in several aspects. I nearly opened my mouth to enquire to which aspects he lacked, but stopped short. To my query, for the first time, she told her name was Rekha.

I had several other questions emerging from my mind to ask her. But I decided to ask them during our dinner.

Excusing herself to lay the dining table, she went inside. I accompanied her to the kitchen and helped her to bring the dishes and plates to the table. Once, I felt she brushed her body close to mine. I felt a mound of flesh slightly pressed to my right arm for a split of a second. Yeah, it was her left boob. ‘Was it not a deliberate move? Jai, wait and watch’ my mind said.

While we dined, I decided to ask the million dollar question I was eager to ask so long. “Well, Rekhaji, if you do not mind it as a probing, can I ask you a personal question?”

She looked at me enquiringly, smiled and asked to go ahead. She requested me to cut short of any formality and call her “Rekha” only and not “Rekhaji.”

So I asked: “Well, Rekha, you told you were married nine years ago. Don’t you have babies? Or if it something either of you have any problem, then I am very sorry.”

Honestly speaking, she did not flinch at all. Rather, her face showed she was expecting this question any time soon. And she seemed to be well prepared for it.

She said: “You are right, Jai. We don’t have babies. And I am dying for one.” Brushing aside her sudden emotions, she went on: “We got ourselves examined by reputed doctors. My husband claimed the medical tests showed the problem was with me. But I can’t believe it. Even his relatives blamed me for being infertile. But I believe it was because of his problem. I am sure; he is passing the buck on me to cover up his own deficiency.”

There was sudden silence between us. She looked up at me and asked: “What do you think, Jai”?

I considered this for a minute and said: “Look, Rekha, I can’t opine or conclude anything right now for sure. And decency and ethics do not permit me to ask you further questions which might be a little too intimate and embarrassing for you to answer” I said.

“Oh…why do you feel any formality or shame again? We are married and, after all, we are friends and good neighbours. There is absolutely nothing for us to feel shy about. You can very well ask me anything and everything unhesitatingly.”

I was really surprised when she …encouraged me. True, looking straight to my eyes, she was not feeling any inhibition at all and she appeared bolder than I thought.

“Well Rekha, it is true most infertile men do not admit or accept their deficiency because of inferiority complex. Rather, they blame it on the wives for not able to bear their children due to chauvinism. But how could you conclude or say emphatically your husband was lacking”? I asked.

She was ready for that too with her prompt reply: “Jai, don’t call me unashamed when I say I have not experienced what is real sexual pleasures in married life till now. My hubby is a loving man all right, but he is utterly selfish in bed. He cares for his needs and satisfaction only. Though we had sex rarely, say once in 15 days, but it is limited to his lifting my nightie, thrusting his organ into me and finish up everything in 2-3 minutes and he went to sleep. He never bothered to look at me lying high and dry.”

I was really surprised, if not shocked, with her bold expressions. I could never imagine she would come out so open unashamedly and unabashedly so soon. Perhaps my probes had made a rupture on the tip of her fuming volcano and the lava started to flow out.

As I remained astonished, she went on: “At this age and stage of life, a lady requires satisfactory sex almost every day. I had never experienced orgasm while lovemaking. You know, often I had to go to bathroom to masturbate with the back of a fountain pen. Sometimes, I had to remain under the running shower to cool off my body of my sexual hunger and heat.”

After a pause, she went on: “I tried all possible ways to correct him, but he failed to correct himself. You know, I went to the extent of humiliating him. Once, he lay on his back ignoring me after fucking and his reaching climax within two minutes. He refused to satisfy me in spite of my repeated requests. So, I brought the fountain-pen and began to masturbate and fuck myself with it while he watched me doing it. He was such a shameless stupid man; my action did not evoke any response in him.

Releasing a deep sigh from her sudden emotional turmoil, she asked me: “Do you believe I can become pregnant and deliver a baby by masturbating with a fountain-pen”?

Though it made me perplexed but I was answerless. It seemed a pall of gloom hung over us. For some unknown reason, it occurred to me she was trying to establish that the deficiency was with her husband and not with her. Then I asked her: “Haven’t you both watched some blue-films together?”

She said with a sullen voice: “Yeah, we had but only once sometime in the early months after our marriage. But that did not help. Watching the film, I had asked him why can’t he emulate the man and we do the lovemaking the same way the couple did in the film. He had replied it was absurd and grotesque and no man and lady do that in life.”

Later, I asked her several questions to know her husband’s sex patterns. I could learn he was not sexually active at all. He never indulged in foreplay or sucking her. He had strong repugnance to mouth her pussy and had said it was dirty. He straight away went to penetrate her tight dry pussy and within a few thrusts, he ejaculated soon. She claimed most of his fluid remained outside her vulva.

I wondered if he was suffering from premature ejaculation. I also felt sympathy for her sorry state of affairs and plight.

We went to the dining table for dinner. As we were taking the food, the telephone in the drawing room began to ring. She excused herself to attend it. After five minutes she came back. She told it was her husband from Surat enquiring about her welfare. May be I was wrong, but I noticed a veil of dismay on her face when she added he had almost finished his work over there and would be reaching back the next day afternoon. She also said he enquired about me too. She mentioned he was happy when she told him that I had dinner with her and, in fact, I had left about fifteen minutes ago. She winked at me and said: “Why should I bother him unnecessarily to tell you are still with me taking dinner?” I smiled but did not say anything.

After finishing up a sumptuous dinner we came back to the drawing room to resume the same talk. I thought she looked more bold now as she allowed the pallu of the saree fall off her shoulder and remain like that for longer time now.

“Jai, do you know I understand you Keralites are very intelligent. They are highly educated and very scholars. Rather, I must say they are geniuses. And I also understand the Malayali ladies are very sexy in bed.”

I was wondering why she said so. As if answering to my untold question, she asked me: “Jai, can I ask you a very serious question? Will you answer me in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’? But you need to answer just now.”

I was really bewildered. What she was hinting at? I had no clue. So far, she had answered to all my questions, honestly and frankly. Now, I am in a fix. My self-respect did not allow me to accept defeat. So I said: “Okay, please go ahead and ask.”

She looked pleased. Then she said: “Jai, I am telling without beating about the bush. So, please excuse me. I had developed a strong liking and desire for you right from the very minute I had met you. Tell me, will you give me all sexual pleasures, at least for once, which I had never experienced in my life so far? Will you make me pregnant and get me a genius baby like you”?

Suddenly, I looked as if an atom bomb exploded on my head. If she had hit me across my face, the effect would not have been more startling and devastating. I began to perspire heavily in spite of the cool air the air-conditioner was blowing. I had known the ways a sexy lady used to make advancements for physical relationship, but I could never imagine it would come so soon in an unabashed way. As I remained silent, she asked me: “What is your answer, Jai? Yes or No? Please tell it quickly. My heart is jumping to hear your answer.”

She was not willing to give me time to think over. She wanted the answer then and there itself. I knew luck was on my side. And I decided to play it to my advantage. I remembered my own philosophy that I should not leave a lady who says ‘Yes’ and I should not touch a lady who said ‘No’.

Suddenly, I pushed to forget everything and said in a firm deep voice: “YES, YES, Y-E-S.” But, quickly I added: “Rekha, giving you full sexual pleasures is one thing, but making you pregnant is another thing. You must know, scientifically, it is not possible always to make a lady pregnant even with a series of fucking in one or two nights. For that, I need to know more about the pattern of your menstrual cycle and number of days the bleeding lasted to calculate your ovulation period.

She seemed to be ignorant of these aspects of the reproductive system in human beings. But she was quick in providing me with the details. She said usually her cycle is of 30 days with 3 days bleeding. On my query she said she had her last menstruation exactly two weeks ago. I could not believe my luck again! If it was so, then that day itself or next day ovulation must take place in her. It was one of the strangest instances of sheer luck and coincidence, perhaps one in a thousand, that her ovulation day might be that day itself or the next day. I could not believe the sudden change of events. I saw all the odd pieces falling right into their appropriate slots. Honestly speaking, when I went to her house about an hour ago, I could never imagine I was going to get an offer to fuck her as well as to make her pregnant. But then, strange things always happen in life in unexpected times and manner.

She asked me what I was thinking about. So, I told her the whole thing about the ovulation and chances of pregnancy. She was very thrilled to know there were great chances of her becoming pregnant if we had sex that day and the next. I too shed all my qualms. After all, a willing lady wants it from me. What is the harm if I enjoyed her and gave it to her? I wondered if there would be any fool on earth to say ‘no’ to her. Besides, who knows I would get another golden opportunity like this? Suppose, she had a second thought and change of mind later?

I stood up from my sofa and went around to the back of her sofa. I bent my body forward, brought my hands around her face and lifted it up. That was the first time I had ever touched her. I saw her thick lips parted looking very thirsty. In the same action, I brought my face further down and planted a very hot and passionate kiss on her thick lips. She made a gasp. Then she brought her hands up, circled around my neck and pressed my mouth hard on her lips. My lips still glued to hers, my hands slid down and caught hold of her big boobs. “Aaahhhh….” she released a wild moan. I lifted her boobs from their bases and ran my palms caressing all over them.

Still bending over her shoulders, I reached and pulled up her sari as much as possible. Oh… I was mesmerized to see her nude legs and thighs. Her legs were long, fair, waxed, glazy, fleshy, enchanting and sexy too.

She moaned again and said: “Jai, are you trying to locate my fourth mole? It is not in my thigh. You have to look for it further up.”

As I was about to pull her saree up more, she sprang to her feet and came around the sofa. She held my body in a tight hug and whispered in an erotic moan: “Oh..Jai, thank you very much for saying ‘yes’. You are great. Come, let us have it in the bedroom.” While she said, she bit my left ear with her teeth out of excitement. In a hurry, she nearly dragged me to her bedroom.

By the time I reached her bedroom, I became aware I too was getting hot. No sooner we reached the room than I began to hug her fleshy body tightly. I was going berserk the way I removed the sari from around her body and threw it flying to a corner. I took her to stand in front of the mirror on the dressing table. Wwoohhh…. it was a very beautiful and sexy reflection of her on the mirror. I could guess she was not wearing bras under the light blue blouse as her nipples jutted out in a pointed manner. I brought my hands under her arms to her front. As I struggled to unhook her blouse, she did it herself. She removed it and threw it to the corner. I was right, she was not wearing bras. Her boobs jumped out from the tight clutches of the blouse now and stood in a threatening way. I brought my hands from behind and lifted the boobs from their bases. Then I began to squeeze them softly while I rubbed my whole face all over her back. She began to moan more wildly. I kissed and licked her entire back with my tongue. It gave her titillations and pleasurable sensations.

I was eager to see this seductive temptress fully in nude. I caught the string of her light blue petticoat and gave a pull. It loosed and the petticoat slid and fell to the floor. She came out of it and kicked it to the corner. As I expected, she was not wearing panties too. I really caught my breath to see her the way she was born. No word or adjective was enough to qualify her super sexy body. I could never imagine she had such a really hot and sexy body remained hidden under her dresses. Her entire body was made to perfection in such a sexy contour enough to cause instant erection in any male.

I remained looking and admiring her nude body for a long time. She was very fair, has big eyes, thick lips and long neck. I guessed her vital statistics might be 36-30-40 with fleshy wave-folds around her hips and waist. Though married for nine years, yet her fair fleshy big boobs were erect without any sagging tendency. I was fascinated to see particularly the shape of her boobs. They were not round but conical in shape tapering towards the nipples. The conical shape helped the boobs to have a straight projection. This ideal shape would present enormous pleasures for any man to suck her boobs. She had light brown aureoles with brownish erect nipples having one inch length. Her love triangle was well shaped hidden between her upper thighs. She might have removed her pubic hairs about a few days back. Her long thighs were fair and fleshy with matching legs. Her legs were glazing as she had removed all hairs by waxing. It was difficult for anyone to identity and to name the sexiest part in her body. Though she did not radiate sex appeal in clothes, but in nude, every inch of her body exuded sex. Rather, every millimeter of her body oozed sex. I wondered if the God has written ‘most sexy lady’ all over her body.

She turned to face me. With a naughty smile, she removed my clothes and made me nude too. She eyed my hot erect cock stood at an elevated angle and made involuntary jerk movements. Then she said: “Come darling, enjoy me, give me all pleasures, fuck me, kill me, make me pregnant and give me your baby.”

I made her stand facing each other closely. I took her hands to circle around my neck. Then I slid my hands under her arms and held her head. I brought my mouth to hers and began kissing her madly. As we were holding each other’s heads, our kisses were enough to melt our lips and fuse to one. I kissed passionately on the black mole on her left cheek and bit it too. I ran my tongue licking her entire face. Then I took her thick lower mouth and began to suck it madly. My intense sucking produced splew..splew…splew…sounds. I heard her moaning loudly. I was enjoying the sweet honey from her lip. Next, I took her upper lips and sucked it too. As I asked, she extended her tongue out as maximum as possible. I took it inside my mouth and sucked it very hard. Then she inserted her tongue into my mouth and began to play hide and seek game with my tongue. Both of us became aware our bodies were boiled up.
I continued my kissing and sucking from her face down to her throat. I hid my face on her neck and rubbed my face all over it. She moaned fiercely now. While I continued to rub my face, her right hand slid and caught hold of my hot erect cock and began to press it. At every stage, she went on telling me repeatedly that her hubby had never done such things to her and she was enjoying these pleasures for the first time.

Later, I bent a little and started playing with her big boobs. I rubbed her boobs with my palms in circular motions. Often I lifted her melons from their bases and pressed them hard. I massaged her light brown aureoles and tweaked the nipples with my fingers. Often I pulled the long nipples as if to pluck them out of her boobs. She was enjoying my play deriving pleasures and releasing moans.

Then I started my real assault on her boobs. I caught hold of her boobs with my hands and began to squeeze them with heavy pressure and force. “Aaahhhh…..” she yelled in pleasures. While squeezing, I pulled her boobs as much as possible. I must say her boobs were bigger and my palms were not enough to accommodate them. Yet, my forceful squeezing made the flesh of her boobs to spill through between my fingers. I must admit I was also enjoying myself.

After ten minutes of intense squeezing, I bent my head to suck her boobs. First I ran my tongue licking her entire boobs. I was fascinated to see the black mole just above the aureole of her left boob. I kissed on it madly and licked it several times. Then I played with her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Often I moved the tip of my tongue as if scratching the tip of her nipples. Bending, she was observing my plays happily deriving pleasures. Then I took one of her boobs into my mouth and began to suck it hard. “Oooooohhhhhh…” she released a shrill moan. I looked no further and continued with my sucking very hard. Due to my intense sucking I felt a tasteless and colourless liquid oozed out of her erect nipple into my mouth. I swallowed it greedily. Often I bit her nipple and chewed it painlessly. At this stage, she brought her hands on my head to press it hard on her boobs encouraging me to suck harder. After five minutes or so, I began to suck her other boob. While sucking, I often shook my head violently as if a cat shrugged a dying rat in between its jaws.

My mouth moved down kissing and licking all over her well-shaped belly. I spent a lot of time licking inside her deep navel as well as the black mole just over it. She moaned softly all these times out of titillations. I tightly pressed and squeezed the flesh waves and curves around her hips. My hands and mouths were jumping to reach her pussy but I restrained myself from doing so with enormous self-restraint. ‘There is a right time for everything’ I told myself.

However, I was a little exhausted with my bending position. I took her to the bed now. I made her lay half on the bed with her legs hanging outside. I sat on the floor between her legs. I observed her velvet pussy for a long time. I found it large, throbbing and pulsating. I noticed there was something peculiar about her pussy. The labia (pussy lips) were very big and thick, boat-shaped covering her whole vulva showing only a thick long line.

I lifted her left leg and began to lick it from toe to upward. When my mouth reached her thigh, she shivered moaning wildly. If she made so much sound while I licked her thigh, I wondered she would bring the entire neighbourhood if I started sucking and fucking her pussy. I repeated my licking on her other leg and thigh too.

Now it was time for me to enjoy mouthing her pussy. It was exactly at that time I remembered about her fourth mole. I looked for it. And, there it lies on her thick left pussy lip. It looked like the head of a man sitting on a country-boat in a river as could be seen in a dark night from a little far distance. It was a strange phenomenon a lady had four black moles on her body at strategic erotic points in a straight line on the left side. I brought my mouth and kissed on her mole several times. She released a gasping moan.

I said to her excitedly: “Darling, I found your fourth mole. It looks very sexy indeed.”

She giggled. “Thank you, Jai” she said.

Slowly I touched her pussy with my lips. As if I gave her an electric shock, she bounced on the bed shaking the cot violently. She turned her head and asked me: “Darling, what are you going to do? Are you going to lick and suck my pussy? Oh…it would be a wonderful experience for me for the first time. You know, Jai, that stupid husband of mine never touched my pussy with his mouth.”

I said: “Don’t worry, I am going to do it till you cry asking me to stop. Okay”?

Without waiting for her answer, I pressed my lips very hard on the middle of her pussy in a very hot, deep kiss. Then I went on kissing all over her love triangle. I think I must have planted at least one hundred kisses all over it. Then, from the bottom of her pussy I ran my tongue licking upward. “Uuuuuiiiiiiii Mmmaaaaaaaa” she yelled in utmost ecstasy. I continued my licking and wiping her entire vulva with my tongue several times. And she went on uttering several exclamatory words in extended rhythmic tunes.

Slowly, with the help of my hands, I divided and separated her big and thick vaginal lips and looked inside. I could see her big, half inch long clitoris, urethra and big reddish pussy hole. I felt her pussy has become hot and wet. First, I concentrated on her big clitoris. I ran my tongue licking it over several times. Then I took it inside my mouth and began to suck it very hard. “Hhhhaaaaiiiiiiiiii….Ooooooooiiiiiiiiii Maaaaaaaa” she screamed in the pinnacle of pleasures bouncing her body on the bed repeatedly. Unable to control, she arched her body several times. Often, I bit her clitoris with my teeth and chewed it. “O-h-h..D-a-r-l-i-n-g, a-a-h-h-h…I am getting extreme pleasures, please do it all through the night, suck my clit more hard and hard, bit it, chew it, eat it darling…don’t stop…” she implored. And I was doing exactly what she told. I think I sucked and chewed it for more than fifteen minutes. I stopped as I noticed her pussy secreting juice as I did not want to waste a single drop of it.

I further separated her pussy lips to make her hole more visible and wider. I thought it may be a little difficult to accomplish shooting my tongue into her tunnel. So, I placed a pillow under her buttocks and separated her thighs more wide. Yeah, now I could clearly see her pulsating hole. I planted a hot passionate kiss on her hole pressing my lips deep into it. The effect was devastating. By the way she bounced, I wondered she could win a gold medal in Olympics in high jump or pole-vault. I left her to enjoy the pleasures in her own way.
I brought my nose close to her hole and took a heavy deep breath smelling the aroma of her pussy. Though I felt a little urine smell, yet I felt intoxicated as if I consumed a bottle of raw liquor. The smell of her pussy was carried by the blood all over my body. I continued to sniff at her pussy hole taking deep breathes several times. Then I began to lick her hole with my tongue tightly pressed. I wiped her pre-cum and swallowed her juices. “Hhhaaaaaahhhhhhhh” she continued to moan and scream.

Then I began to rub her hole with the tip of my tongue. I found it was difficult for my tongue to penetrate inside. So, I inserted my middle finger into her hole slowly. This was followed by insertion of my index finger also. First I began to finger-fuck her for some time. Then I separated and widened my fingers inside stretching the width of her tight pussy walls. Widening her tunnel by stretching with my fingers still inside, I shot my tongue into her tunnel slowly. When it went inside, I withdrew my fingers. I twisted my tongue inside her pussy probing and licking. “Hhhaaaaiiiiiiii….Jjjaaaiiiiii, you are lifting me to Heavens, darling, I can not believe you are really sucking my pussy, my stupid husband never gave me this unknown extreme pleasures, he is utterly selfish, you are the first to show me the gate to Heavenly pleasures, I am ready to die for you darling, I have become your slave now, I really wish if you were my real husband, I would have got this pleasures every time daily, I envy your wife….” She went on chattering non-stop.

I continued with my sucking disregarding my difficulty to breathe properly. After about seven minutes, she began to bounce on bed more violently. She cried: “Jai, something unusual is happening within my pussy and body, I am floating in the air now, I feel balloons are bursting inside me, I feel thousands of bubbles are released from my pussy, I have reached the pinnacle of sexual pleasures…..”

I knew she was reaching climax. Then, I found a gush of hot lava from her tunnel. The way a man drinks the water inside a green coconut pressing his mouth close to the opening, I pressed my mouth tightly pressed to her hole and swallowed her hot juices. “Jai darling, are you really drinking my juices? How nice!” she exclaimed. I said: “Rekha, do you think I shall waste this precious nectar?”

I had never found a lady secreting so much of cum. My mouth was filled again and again with the continued flow of her cum. I was also enjoying myself my gulping down her thick oily juices greedily. Then, I smelt and tasted urine also. I found she involuntarily discharged a few drops of urine. Believe me; I had gone mad in the head, because I swallowed her urine also. However, after sometime, the flow fizzled out. I wiped her entire pussy by licking and made it dry. As I stood up, she too got up from the bed. She sprang on me, hugged me tightly and rained my face with her hot kisses in admiration. She said: “You know, darling, my husband never did these foreplays and I am experiencing……” I interrupted by stopping her: “I know, Rekha, you are experiencing these pleasures for the first time in your life. You told me that for a hundredth time now. No need to repeat.”

She asked me: “Jai, I am keen to suck your cock and drink your cock milk. Can I do it?” I replied: “Why not? It is all yours. Go ahead and do whatever you feel like doing.”

She asked me to sit on the edge of the bed with legs separated and hanging outside. She sat on the floor between my legs and observed it with wide eyes as if she was seeing a cock for the first time. She caught hold of my hot cock and ran her palms along its full length in a massaging way. I helped her by drawing the outer skin back revealing its red head. Then she ran her tongue licking from its base to the tip several times. She also licked my testicles fondly. Then, as if to measure my cock’s length, she tried to take it fully inside her mouth nearly sending it down her throat in a gagging way. Later, she kept only the head of the cock inside her mouth and began to suck it very hard. It was my turn to moan now. Though she had never sucked her husband’ cock, yet she was doing a wonderful blowjob. In extreme pleasures, I fondled and caressed her head and long hairs. Often I did press her head to my cock as well as made thrusts with my cock into her mouth.

When her sucking continued for more than three minutes and became more intense, I became aware I will not be able to sustain much longer and I was likely to ejaculate soon. I took my cock out from her mouth as I did not want to waste my cum. I remembered I had not masturbated for about a week now. Therefore, there would be large quantity of thick cum coming from my cock in my first and sequent ejaculations. And there were chances that semen count in my first ejaculation to be more than average. I wanted to deposit it deep inside her pussy near her cervix or uterus to enhance the chances of her becoming pregnant. I told her so. Though she could not understand much of the anatomy or sexual reproductive system in human beings, however, she agreed to my advice though she looked like a baby from whose mouth a sweet lollipop was removed.

I made her lay on her back on the bed in such a way her buttocks were near the edge of the cot with her legs folded, the toes resting on the bed. I kept one pillow under her buttocks to raise her pelvic. I stood on the floor in between her legs. I adjusted my position and her buttocks in such a way I could penetrate her pussy easily while I stood on the floor. I widened her legs and thighs as much as possible. Yeah, her pussy was very much visible in an elevated manner. Then I placed the head of my cock on her pussy hole and made delicate pushes and thrusts. I saw my cock sliding into her juicy tunnel inch by inch. I thrust till my cock went deep up to its hilt inside her. Then, I released her legs rested on the bed. I caught each leg of hers on my either hands. Still holding her legs in my hands, I began to make to and fro thrusts sending my cock deep inside and outside in quick successions. The position was similar to the way if a hand-cart puller stands in opposite direction holding the side bars of his cart.

When I made a forward thrust with my cock, I pulled her body by the legs bringing her pussy towards me. This made my cock to penetrate into her tunnel up to its base covering the entire length of her tunnel. I think her tunnel was not much long as I felt the head of my cock hitting on a wall of tissues, perhaps her uterus. With each of my thrust, she began to moan in extended tunes. I felt if I could get her moans recorded and played back to a group of males, it would cause instant erection in all of them.

To speak the truth, I was not allowing myself to enjoy the fucking but concentrated on my ejaculation, because my prime mission was to make her satisfied and pregnant. As I had not masturbated for a week’s time now, I felt I was about to ejaculate with another few strokes. When I knew it was coming, I thrust the entire length of my cock deeply buried inside her and pressed my buttocks hard on her pussy pulling her legs and body so that it left no opening between the circumference of my cock and her pussy hole. And I sprayed my jet of cock-milk depositing deep inside her. I did not bother to see if she attained orgasm or not. The scene looked like a doctor administering an injection using a thick syringe. I asked her not to shake her body to allow my milk flow into her uterus. She said excitedly she was feeling her tunnel being filled up with some thick liquid and she also felt the lower portion of her stomach a little heavy now.

Keeping her buttocks still elevated, I bent forward lying on her body now with my cock buried inside her. I lay like that for nearly five minutes. As I withdraw my cock, I asked her to raise her legs upward so that my milk will not ooze out of her vagina. And she did that. I asked her to remain like that for another five minutes though it was a little uncomfortable for her. Later, I lowered her legs and allowed her to take some rest. But I did not let her sit up or come out of bed because I wanted her uterus to absorb my whole milk. Scientifically, it would help the spermatozoa in my seminal fluid to enter her uterus, travel towards her fallopian tubules, reach her ovum and fertilize quickly.

She was keeping quiet all the time. Then I said to her apologetically: “Darling, I am very sorry, I could not give you full pleasures of fucking in this first round. Nor could I care for your climax. You know, my first objective was to make you pregnant. Don’t worry, in my next round, I am going to give you all the pleasures of fucking, yet filling your womb with my milk enhancing the chances of pregnancy.”

She said smilingly: “Thank you Jai, you are very understanding, kind and considerate. I really wish if you were my real husband.” After a pause, she continued: “While I rest like this, can’t you give me your cock for my sucking?” I replied: “Sure.”

I got to the bed, bent over her body and brought my cock to her mouth. My cock was fully covered and smeared with a mixture of my thick cock-milk and her pussy juice. As she kept her mouth open, I brought my hips down sending my cock inside her mouth. She licked the entire length of my sagging cock swallowing our mixed juices on its surface. I allowed her to suck my cock for 3-4 minutes.
Then I wanted to make her hot again for our second round. I enquired to her: “Rekha, do you have some pastries or cheese in your fridge?” She looked visibly surprised: “What for darling? I don’t have any. But I have some butter.”

I did not reply to her. Instead, I went to her fridge and took out the butter. I went to the kitchen, lighted her gas-stove and melted the butter a little only keeping it on a big spoon. I brought it to her. She looked at me and the butter with wide eyes. I took the semi-liquid butter in my right hand and began to smear it on her big boobs. I applied a lump of butter on both her nipples and aureoles. It was a wonderful sight of her big boobs now looking yellowish with the butter all over.

Then I began to lick her entire boobs with my tongue enjoying the butter. She very much liked this great idea. She too was enjoying and getting pleasures indeed. Then I began to suck her nipples along with the butter lumps. “Aaahhh…..” she began to moan again. I continued to suck her both boobs for nearly fifteen minutes.

With my tongue extended, I began to lick her belly and reached her navel. I made circles around her navel licking with my tongue. She was getting excited. I inserted my tongue into her navel and began to rotate it inside. She derived pleasures.

She asked me: “Jai….wherefrom you learnt and knew all these erotic spots in the body of a lady to arouse her”? I told: “Darling, you tend to forget I am a married man.” She said: “So what? My stupid husband does not know about any of these…….” I stopped her short: “Don’t bring your ignorant hubby into this any more.” We both laughed.

After playing with her navel, I moved up again to lick her armpits. She suggested spraying some perfume as there was perspiration and bad smell there. I said: “Rekha, don’t you know these bad smells are aroma which intoxicates me?”

I buried my face in her left armpit kissing and licking there. Luckily, she had removed all hairs previously. She was getting erotic titillations and she moaned loudly as if she no more cared if someone could hear her sounds. Later, I kissed and licked her right armpit also. She looked at me lovingly when I licked and swallowed all her sweat under her armpits. I knew she was fully aroused becoming hot.

Now, I needed to get my cock erected. So, I suggested her to rub and massage my body with her boobs. I lay on my back now. She bent over my body and began to rub my chest and belly with her big hanging boobs. Often she pressed her boobs on my chest also. Later, as suggested by me, she brought her boobs over my face. Then she began to rub the boobs with her nipples caressing all over my face. Again, as suggested by me, she began to swing and sway her hanging boobs rubbing my face. She told it was a wonderful idea of mine and she enjoyed doing it very much. Frankly, I was also enjoying it myself.

After five minutes, she moved to my cock which was slowly erecting now. She started rubbing her boobs on my cock. Often, she kept my cock in between her hanging boobs and pressed them together to sandwich my cock. I began to moan now in pleasures. I became aware my cock erected fully and ready for the attack.

I got up and made her lay on her back. “Darling, it is time for our second round” I said. She replied: “Jai, I am ready for it. In fact, my pussy is throbbing violently to get assaulted as well as to absorb your milk.”

I separated her legs and thighs wide and placed myself between her legs. I inserted my cock which slipped into her juicy tunnel easily. Then I lay on her body. As asked by me, she brought her legs upward and wrapped them around my body at as much upper position as possible. This made her pussy tilted and elevated upward. Again, as asked by me, she brought her hands around my body and hugged me tightly. I knew this position would help a wonderful fucking as the upper surface of my cock would rub her clitoris while making thrusts.

As I began to make thrusts to fuck her bringing my buttocks up and down, I asked her to make upward reciprocating thrusts to receive and send my cock deep inside her. And she exactly did that. With each thrust, she moaned and screamed in very loud noise. Her every single moan and scream of “Aaaaahhhhhhh….” extended to several seconds. It was a real treat to my ears.

I said: “Darling, I am going to take you to the top of the universe now.”

Between moans, she said: “Jai, I am already there, but now scaling more and more heights.”

As my thrusts continued for more five minutes now, she exclaimed: “Jai, you are a marvelous lover and fucker. You are the real Kamdev. My hubby could not fuck me for more two minutes and he………” She did not complete as I stopped her smilingly.

While we continued the fucking, I caught hold of her boobs and began to squeeze them. Simultaneously, my mouth covered her lips and showered hot passionate kisses, sometimes sucking her lips. I adopted my deep-breathing technique to delay my ejaculation. As I asked her, she contracted her pussy muscles tightly holding my cock inside in a crushing way. This gave both of us added pleasures of skin-to-skin contact. With each gushing thrust into her, both of us heaved with “Hhhuuuuhhhhh” sound.

May be she was right and had told me the truth repeatedly that her husband could not fuck her for more than two minutes leaving her high and dry. I saw her really enjoying the pleasures of my non-stop fucking turning more and more brutal. Moaning, yelling, hissing and shrieking in extreme ecstasy and sexual pleasures, she began to swing and sway her head side ways in a rotating manner. She seemed to be drowning in the cornucopia of sexual pleasures. Her hairs became loose, spread and made a black halo around her head. I knew she was trying to cope up with my continuous assault and stabs into her pussy as she began to perspire heavily. Sweat buds accumulated on her face and boobs. Between my thrusts, I heaved and thronged forward, licked and sucked her sweat-buds. During my thrusts, sometimes I raised my body making her body also lifted up from the bed suspended in the air clinging to me. The way she hung to me at those times, her body looked like a corpse with its hands and legs tied to a long, thick bamboo pole.

At this stage she wanted more from me. This surprised me a little. So, I opened up my full throttle of thrusts brutally the way a driver rams down on the accelerator as if to smash his car to commit suicide. I felt my penis burning inside her pussy heated up with repeated friction of my thrusts. And it pained excruciatingly too. I feared if the outer skin of my cock peeled off completely the way it burnt like chilli powder has been smeared on it. It did not surprise me when she too complained of same burning sensations from her pussy out of violent lovemaking. Yet, she asked me not to slow down and I followed her request.

After another few minutes, I became aware her upward thrusts suddenly increased in speed and force. I knew she was about to reach orgasm. So, I withdrew my deep-breathing technique to enable me to ejaculate simultaneously to her climax. And, I guessed it right. After one minute, she held my body very tightly and crushed my cock inside her pussy by contracting her vaginal muscles. Her body shivered involuntarily with a strong spasm inside her pussy. Then she made a big bounce with her buttocks, arched her body and remained in the air. This was followed with a thunderous roar of deep moan which, I feared, might have shaken the whole building. Luckily, at that precise second, I too climaxed pumping my cock milk inside her. At the time of ejaculation, I kept my cock thrust deeply buried inside her spraying my milk into her uterus. She said she felt intermittent jets of a thick liquid filling her tunnel. As I found her body going limp, I told her not to remove her legs from around my body and remain like that for several minutes. My idea was to get my cock milk absorbed by her uterus. So I lay on her body now without motions with her legs still around my buttocks.

After a couple of minutes, she woke from her slumber. She kissed and licked my whole face in admiration. She said: “Jai darling, this the best, wonderful and fully satisfying fuck I got for the first…..” Again I stopped her short. We laughed. Then I removed my cock out of her pussy.

As my cock and her pussy continued to burn and pain out of our just completed violent fucking session, I asked her to bring some ice. She brought some ice cubes and two plates. Both of us sat on the floor facing each other closely keeping our legs wide apart showing our respective sex organs to each other. She suggested she would apply ice on my cock and I should apply ice on her pussy. I liked the idea. Keeping a plate each beneath in front of us, we began to apply ice on each other. “Aaahhhh….” both of us moaned out of the soothing effect of ice. She jumped joyfully when I tried to insert a small piece of the ice into her pussy. In retaliation, she too tried to penetrate the orifice on my cock with an ice piece. Both of us were enjoying our play.

While I watched her merrily, she took the plate from under my cock containing the water melted from the ice during application on my penis and drank it greedily as if it was nectar. Reciprocally, I too drank the water from the plate collected from the ice applied on her pussy.
Later, we lay side by side on the bed hugging each other and taking rest. I looked at the wall-clock which showed twelve past midnight. I asked her: “Darling, do you want more fucking sessions or should I go to my flat now……”

She closed my mouth with her hand instantly and said: “No Jai, you are not going; you will spend the whole night fucking me. I will not leave you. Any way, my hubby would be reaching tomorrow afternoon. We won’t get another golden opportunity like this. This is my honeymoon night. You know, I was a married virgin for all these years. It would not be an exaggeration if I said you broke my hymen today. I want you to fuck me till morning and leave me bleeding to die.”

I was confident I have deposited as much semen inside her womb enough to make her pregnant and deliver a dozen babies in one shot. When I said so, she laughed at the top of her voice. She said: “I wish and pray so, Jai. I want to become the mother of your child. If it is going to be a son, I will name him Raj and if it is a daughter, I shall call her Jaya and you know both are parts of your name Jairaj.” I smiled and said: “May all your cherished dreams come true.”

After half an hour, she showed signs of desire for the next session. It was then I felt my urinary bladder was full. I told her I would come back soon after urination. As I nearly entered their common latrine, I found her just behind me. She pulled me out and dragged me to her bathroom. We went in. She sat on her knees in front of me. Then, to my utter astonishment, she asked me to urinate on to her face. As I hesitated, she persisted. She even caught hold of my cock and shook it violently. I knew excessive sexual urge had gone into her head making her blind and mad. With a little effort, I started to urinate on to her face. She kept her face on the path of the stream splashing my warm urine all over her face. She seemed to swim in a pool of orgy. Then she opened her mouth, took the stream into her mouth directly and began to drink my urine greedily the way a thirsty desert traveler keeps his open mouth towards the sky and drinks the rain drops.

She said: “Darling, I know you consumed a little of my urine along with my pussy juice earlier. Did you think I would let you alone have the pleasure of drinking my urine? Now, after drinking your urine, my thirst is quenched.”

As I smiled, she asked me: “Do you want to drink my urine more and quench your thirst too?”

Frankly, I had not thought of drinking her urine, not because I was having any repugnance, but just like that. I guessed she believed I enjoyed drinking her urine drops earlier. Now, I am in a dilemma. If I said ‘No’ she might feel it bad. She might feel if she could drink my urine just now and I could also consume her pussy juice, why I should be averse to drink her urine also when I have already consumed a few drops of it a little earlier. So it became obligatory on my part to give her the share of pleasure on reciprocal terms. I told myself that everything is fair in love and war. I remembered, after all, once I had done this before with a girl during our sex play in the room of a water park.

I said: “Okay, darling, I would love to drink yours also. Give it to me.”

So, she stood in akimbo keeping her legs and thighs wide apart. I sat on my knees and brought my mouth to her urinary opening in her vulva. I saw her making some efforts to begin urination. Then suddenly, her warm urine began to spurt out intermittently. Initially it fell all over my face. She stopped urinating and giggled merrily seeing my condition. Then bending over me, she caught hold of my head and guided my mouth close to her urethra. She pressed my head hard to her pussy now. I opened my mouth and kept it pressed to her opening. She began to urinate again. Gush of her urine filled my mouth which I gulped down my throat though two little streams were flowing out through the corners of my mouth. She was enjoying very much to see the way I got my mouth filled and drank her urine. After my consuming 6-7 gulps, her urine flow stopped. I got up and she immediately kissed me on my lips. With her tongue, she licked her own urine from all over my face. Later, both of us washed off our faces and rest of our bodies with water and mopped with a towel.

I was turning to come back to the bedroom when she hugged me tightly from behind with her left hand. She brought her free right hand to my front and caught my penis. Keeping her boobs tightly pressed to my back, she began to move her buttocks and rub her pussy over my asses. I allowed her to have her pleasure. We moved to the room inch by inch as we could not take long strides while she continued to rub her pussy on my asses.

I asked if she minded to switch off the air-conditioner and fan for sometime. She replied: “Surely I don’t mind. But why, Jai”?

I did not answer. I got up and switched off both the fan and air-conditioner. I went to other rooms searching for an armless chair. I got one and brought it to the bedroom. She was watching me curiously.

Then I took her to the bed and made her lay on her front across the bed. I went to her buttocks now. Bending over her body, I separated her big, fleshy yet shaped asses and found her anus. Bringing my mouth in between her asses, I extended my tongue into the valley between her mountains of asses. My tongue touched her anal hole and began to rub it continuously. “Hhhhaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” she released a wild hiss in extreme pleasures. “Oh lovely Jai, it is a wonderful idea. Your licking my anus is giving me equal pleasures as you licked my pussy” she screamed. In the mad orgy, she raised her buttocks arching her body very high to encourage my licking further. I continued to give her the pleasures for some more time as I had no intention to shoot my tongue into her rectum. It was inconceivable, but after two minutes suddenly she attained a sort of orgasm as I found she discharged some juices from her pussy wetting the bed. Following this, she made her body flat and lay on the bed over the wetness. I lovingly slapped her buttocks. She lay like that for a few minutes.

With the fan and air-conditioner switched off, the temperature inside the room was mounting up. We began to perspire heavily. Both of us got up.

First I sat on the chair and asked her to suck my cock to erect it again. She sat on the floor in front of me and began to suck it more gladly for her own pleasures than to oblige me. While she sucked, I kept my hands on her head caressing her tresses. The coolness it the atmosphere had vanished totally and temperature increased inside the room.

Then I asked her if she would do something I told her to do. She smiled and said: “Why are you asking me so, Jai? Why don’t you order me? I am pleased to do anything and everything for you”

I said: “Rekha, I am curious to see how you masturbated and fucked yourself with a fountain-pen. Will you give a demonstration?”

She laughed loudly. “Ohhh…do you want to see that? You are very naughty, Jai. Okay. I shall show it for you”

As she went to bring the fountain-pen, I came to the bed and sat on it. She came and sat in front of me. She separated her legs and thighs widely showing her pussy to me. I suppressed a sudden urge to grab her and thrust my cock into her pussy. She bent her head forward to see her big pussy. Then while she separated the pussy lips with her left hand, she slowly inserted the back of the fountain-pen into her tunnel. I was watching merrily. She shot it inside up to the cap of the pen. Then she brought it out and thrust it again repeatedly.

She looked up at my face and giggled. “This way I fuck myself” she said.

As she continued with her masturbation once I caught hold of her hand, brought it along with the pen to my mouth. I took the portion of the pen that went inside her pussy into my mouth and licked it. That pleased her very much. She said: “Oh Jai, you are very loving, indeed.”

Then she said: “Jai, I have shown you how I masturbated. Now, you give me a demonstration how you do it whenever you become hot.” She quickly added: “But darling, when you ejaculate, I want to have all your cum sprayed and spilled on my face and body. Okay?”

I smiled and replied okay. I sat on the edge of the bed and she took her position sitting on the floor between my legs. I covered my cock with my palm and fingers and began to rub it up and down repeatedly. When I did it, I was watching her pussy and boobs and imagined I was fucking her. As I was not fucking in reality but masturbating only, there was no need for me to delay ejaculation. Within two minutes, I felt I was about to climax. So I told her so. She urged me to spurt my cum on her face and body. So, I tightly held the tip of my cock with two fingers to prevent the cum from flowing out. I brought my cock over her face and made shaking movements releasing my grip on its orifice. My thick cum splashed all over her face and mouth. Some liquid fell on her neck and boobs also. She remained motionless. The cum on her face began to flow down in channels and fell on to her bosom. She was enjoying it very much while I watched her.

I said: “Rekha, this cum goes wasted unnecessarily. Instead, I must have deposited it inside your pussy to increase the chances of your becoming pregnant.”

She said with a little alarm in her voice: “Oh yes, Jai, you are right. Okay, will you bring a big soon from the dining table?”

I brought one spoon and gave it to her. I watched her curiously as she collected the big drops of my cum on her body in the spoon. Then she lay on the bed on her back with a pillow under her buttocks. She separated her thighs and said to me: “Darling, pour this cum into my pussy as much as possible.”
It made me really laugh. I said: “Rekha, this won’t work.” Still, yielding to her persistence, I separated her pussy lips, widened her hole with my fingers and poured the cum into her tunnel. Only a little of the cum percolated inside, rest spilled to outside her pussy. She lay like that for another five minutes to allow her body absorb my cum.

Then, she sat up. She took the spoon and licked. I watched her swallow whatever remnant of cum was left on the soon. She consumed it as if it was a very costly medicine.

As she did so, her attention shifted to my sagging cock now. She took it inside her mouth and began to suck it. She swallowed whatever cum drops was left on my cock. Then she licked my whole cock with her tongue and made it dry and clean.

We lay on bed side by say again for fifteen minutes. Suddenly, without provocation, she sprang on me like a wild tigress bringing her body on top of me. Though she could not get my cock inside her pussy, she thrust her pussy and rubbed it on my cock savagely for several minutes. This made my cock erect again.

I rolled over and came out of the bed. I went back to the armless chair and sat on it. I asked her to sit on my laps. She sat on my thighs with her legs hanging at either side over my legs and chair. This brought close contacts of our nude bodies with her pussy at level with my erect cock. We hugged each other, engaged in wild kisses and smooches. We struggled and vied with each other to suck each other’s lips and tongue. While doing so, she was keeping her big boobs tightly pressed to my chest. Due to our love struggles and rising temperature, our bodies began to perspire heavily. I saw a trickle of sweat running between her breasts. I licked and swallow it madly. Then I began to squeeze her big boobs. As her boobs have been fully drenched with the sweat, often my hands slipped from the grips. Both of us enjoyed and she appreciated my idea.

As we got sufficiently aroused, I asked her to insert my cock into her pussy. She adjusted her sitting position a little, caught hold my cock with her right hand and guided into her cave. With a little pull and push, my cock fully went inside her. Now, I asked her to dominate and pilot the fucking. She merrily jumped and bounced on me sending my cock in and out of her. Each time, she stood up with support of her legs on the floor and dropped her body to glide my elevated cock into her pussy. In the downward heave, she rammed her boobs hard on my chest pressing her lips on mine in a crashing kiss.

“Jai…oh… you are marvelous. Your idea is splendid and superb. You know, in this position, your cock is smashing my uterus. I want to fuck like this throughout the night” she yelled. I allowed her to fuck in her own way and enjoy.

But after five minutes, she got up. She took a few steps backward and lay sprawled on the floor on her back. I watched her sway and swing her body, legs and hands left and right on the floor. The way she crept and wriggled her entire body looked like a long snake struggling to crawl and move on a slippery floor. She reminded me of a cabaret dancer I saw in a film trying to seduce the spectators. Sometimes, she arched her body thrusting the boobs and pussy alternatively to height as much as possible.

Watching her movements, I felt a heavy gush of blood into my cock. I caught my cock in my right hand and approached her. I began to hit her face, boobs and pussy with my cock as if it was a short thick stick. Both of us were enjoying immense pleasure out of this play. I knew excessive sexual urge and lust have made her mad and blind. I tried to mount on her and penetrate her throbbing pussy with my cock. I was still struggling in my attempt to penetrate her when she made a curious turn of play.

As my cock went half inside her, she shook her buttocks making my cock slipping out of her tunnel. She stood up and began to retreat backward still facing me. I tried to grab her but she managed to evade me laughingly. She looked as if she was trying to save herself from my attempt to stab her with a dagger. I too stood up and advanced towards her. She reached the corner of the walls preventing further retreats. As I reached her, she separated her legs and thighs showing her pussy in a crouching manner. I thrust and guided my cock into her in a massive heave with my pelvic and she also helped me. I caught hold of her hands and pinned to the walls as if she was crucified. Then I began to make my brutal stabs with my cock deep into her pussy. “Ooooooiiiiiiiiiiii” she hissed. “Jai darling, you are killing me stabbing this way, Haaa…what a pleasure I am getting, go on fucking me like this, I am getting heavenly pleasures….” she screamed.

I was also enjoying myself fucking her in the standing position. Though it was a little uncomfortable as my cock slipped out of her juicy pussy often, yet I managed to shoot it inside her every time. She turned her head sideways repeatedly with her long tresses swaying according to her head movements. Still pinning her hands to the walls, often I sucked her boobs alternatively between my fucking.

As our fucking in this position continued for nearly five minutes, suddenly she released a thunderous yell. Soon, she heaved heavily and fell on my body like a fallen tree-trunk, obviously reaching climax. I found her totally exhausted by our wild lovemaking in the standing position. Both of us had nearly bathed in the sweat running down making several channels all over our bodies. Then she opened her eyes with an effort and began to walk in a limping way. This made my still erect cock slip out of her pussy. Then suddenly she ran to her drawing room where the air-conditioner was still working. I was amused to see her run in nude with her big boobs bouncing, swaying and dancing all along. I watched her collapse to the double-seat sofa on her back.

I had not reached orgasm yet. So, I ran after her to the sofa. She could hardly open her eyes when I separated her legs and thighs. With some difficulty, I managed to insert my cock into her pussy again and began to fuck her vigorously. There was no response from her as she lay totally exhausted. I rammed her pussy with my cock for nearly two minutes. Then I reached climax and offloaded my whole cock milk deep inside her. I lay on her body for sometime allowing my cock-milk to be absorbed inside her tunnel.

Though I stood up after five minutes, she still lay on the sofa with her eyes closed. I decided to give her some rest and to allow myself too. Later, still in her slumber, I saw her turn her body showing her back to me now. I treated my eyes with the beautiful sight of her nude back with her big, fleshy yet shaped buttocks and waxed legs. The dividing line between her asses made tickling and titillations in my mind. I went near her and sat on the floor. I brought my mouth on her buttocks and began to lick. Slowly I separated her asses and ran my tongue through the dividing line. “Hhugghhhh…” she made a grinding moan, still in sleep. I continued to lick her ass for another three minutes.

Then I had another idea. I went to her bathroom, smeared my middle finger on right hand with lot of soap. I came back to her and sat in the same position. I separated her asses widely and found her anus. Slowly I thrust my finger lubricated with soap into her anal hole. “Hhhuuuhhhh” she moaned and growled again. I could not guess if she was getting pleasure or pain. But I did not care either. With one great push, I inserted three-fourth of my finger into her anus. Then I started finger-fucking her anus. Suddenly she opened her eyes, turned her head to look at me. “Hey darling, I am getting equal pleasures while you fuck my anus.”

I laughed and said: “Rekha, it is not my cock but my finger now fucking your anus. Do you want me to do it with my cock?”

She giggled and said: “Darling, I would love to get my anus fucked by your cock. But no, don’t do that. Because I don’t want to waste a single drop of your cum unnecessarily. My pussy needs it. Because I want to become pregnant. Go on finger-fucking my anus.”

So, I went on with it as she wanted. I think I fucked her anus with my finger for nearly four minutes. She moaned continuously. Suddenly she rolled and turned to face me. My finger slipped out of her anus now. I was astonished to see the renewed hunger for sex now burning in her eyes now. I was equally surprised, if not shocked, to see her shedding subservience and submissiveness suddenly and ordering me in a strident voice tantamount to barking:

“Jai…you stirred up my passions again. Fuck me now….fuck me more hard and brutally now…just now…rip my pussy open, tear off every tissue inside my vagina, make it bleed like a canal, fill my pussy with so much of your cock-milk so that it comes out through my mouth and anus, make me pregnant of eleven babies to form a cricket team….fuck me….fuck me brutally like a wicked bastard….what are you waiting for?…come, jump on me…fuck me soon….”

Frankly speaking, I could never imagine she will have so much of lust and sexual urge still left in her or for that matter enough strength to sustain another assault from me.

I ran to her bed room and switched on the fan and air-conditioner again. I came back to her. I found her breathing heavily with her big bosom heaving up and down. She looked at my nude body and cock in such a hot hungry way that she would burn my body to ashes. I admit I had never found any lady in such a ravaging way before. My mind automatically accepted an untold challenge to overpower this hungry tigress to fuck her life out of her body through her pussy.
I went behind her and grabbed her body tightly with my hands. I was alarmed to feel her body temperature as if she had high fever. She tried to shake me off to bring her front to me. I nearly lifted her off the ground. In the same action, I thrust my hot erect cock in between her asses. I made small steps towards the bedroom almost carrying her. With each step, I thrust my cock on to her anus. She moaned fiercely shaking and swaying her head sideways. My face was covered with her long tresses making me nearly blind. When we reached inside the room, she tried to let off my clutches by struggling and bending her body forward. This position made her boobs hanging. I released the grip around her body and caught hold of her hanging boobs. Now I squeezed them simultaneously pulling them in a stretching manner the way a milkman takes milk out of the breasts on the udder of a buffalo. She cried in pleasures and excitement. I moved her to fall on the writing table with her face and upper body resting on the table.

I made her stand on the floor like the figure 7. I separated her legs and thighs as wide as possible. I sat on my knees on the floor between her legs. I brought out my tongue and licked her pussy. I felt her pussy extremely hot. I found her juices almost dripping to the floor. I sucked and swallowed her honey for sometime. She began to shake her body, sometimes hitting my mouth with her pussy.

I stood up and placed myself behind her. I made her bend further so that her pussy became more visible and thrust backward. I shot my cock into her tunnel which went in smoothly without any hindrance. Once I accomplished my penetration, I brought my hands under her arms, circled them around her body and cupped her hanging boobs. Then I began my real assault of fucking in doggy style. My hands were busy squeezing her boobs in the same stretching manner as if I wanted to pluck out her boobs from her chest. Often I crushed her nipples savagely tweaking between my fingers. I accelerated further gaining momentum with my cock sending it deep inside and out in rapid succession. When I thrust forward, I crouched my body fully as if to send my entire body inside her. I felt as if my cock was on fire. With repeated thrusts, I felt great pain in my penis. Still I did not slow down, rather increased my speed and force. She turned her face upward gasping for breath in between moans. With each of my thrust, she heaved with ‘Huhh, huhhh, huhhh, huhhhh..’ in extended rhythmic sounds.

Once, she looked at me over her shoulder. She slipped her modesty and yelled: “Oh my bloody lover, you are tearing my pussy now, I think it is bleeding profusely, I am sure you are not a man, but a beast. A real beast with enormous strength! No man can fuck like this. Are you fucking with your cock or stabbing my pussy with a dagger? Okay, you please yourself. Go on fucking me…don’t stop, kill me, I want to die tonight, kill me fucking this way. Haahh.. I feel my pussy is inside an electric oven. It is burning inside. My boobs are aching than I can bear. Are these your hands or vices you use to crush my boobs?”

Frankly, I did not bother to see if I caused any bleeding injury to her pussy or boobs. Rather, I stepped up further. My objective was to see she attains orgasm first. Surprisingly, it was taking more time than I thought compared with our earlier fucking sessions.

Then, I released my one hand from her boob. I grabbed her loose hairs together and pulled at backward. My idea was not to hurt her but to give her sadistic pleasures too. She felt excruciating pain when I pulled her hairs bringing her head backward. As if riding a horse, I went on fucking her pussy still holding hairs with one hand and squeezing one boob with my other hand. She cried more in pleasures than in pain. I must admit that was the most brutal way I fucked any lady.

Then I had another idea. I released my right hand from her boob and shot its middle finger into her anus. She moaned fiercely in pleasures. As if prodding a riding horse with a stick, I fucked her anus with my finger, at the same time fucked her pussy with my cock pulling her hairs with my other hand. It was a little difficult and uncomfortable for me, but yet I managed doing all these at the same time.

This was too much for her. She was gasping heavily now for breath in between deep moans, hisses and shrieks. “Oh Jai, you are wonderful, the best in the world. You are certainly the uncrowned Emperor of all fucking Kings. I am the most fortunate lady in this world as I got the real pleasures of fucking from you. Yet, I am the most unfortunately lady in this world as I did not get you as my real own husband” she thundered.

Once, I had to release my hand from her hairs to close her mouth to prevent her shrill shouting in extreme pleasures, or it would have been easily heard by someone walking along the road far outside.

I was just wondering how long I had to fuck her when she suddenly released a shrill as if out of an electric hooter and collapsed to the table. Soon, I released by deep-breathing technique. Within next minute, I too attained orgasm pumping my entire milk into her tunnel. I bent forward and lay on her back now. Though I remained like that for a couple of minutes, I felt my cock milk oozing out of her tunnel as we were in a standing position.

I brought her limp body to the bed and spread on it lengthwise. I knew for sure she will not ask nor can sustain any more fucking. So, I decided for the after-play. I mounted on her body in opposite direction. Supporting my body weight on my elbows and knees, I inserted my cock into her mouth and asked her to suck it. Simultaneously, I mouthed her pussy. As I licked and sucked her pussy full of her juices mixed with my own cock-milk, she began sucking my cock, surprisingly still in her slumber. After five minutes, I got up. I turned her body to her side. I lay beside her still in opposite direction. I raised my one leg, brought it over her head with my cock rubbing her mouth and face. In the same way, I raised her one leg and brought my face close to her pussy. I don’t know when we slipped into deep sleep.

When the call bell rang persistently, both of us woke with a start. We were alarmed to note the wall-clock showed the time five minutes to six in the morning. Both of us felt our bodies paining heavily as if crushed under a road-roller out of the violent lovemaking sessions although the night. Suddenly, she relaxed and also asked me to relax. She told it was her milk man. She put on a night dress and went to the door. By the time she came back collecting the milk, I dressed too. We stood staring at each other unable to utter a single word. I extended my hands and she came running to me in a tight embrace and deep passionate kiss. It was time for me to go.

Out of passion and love, I did a mistake at that time. I lifted her nightie up to her navel. Then I slid my hands into it and caught hold of her boobs with my hands. I squeezed them for a little time. Then my right hand slipped into her pussy and began to rub it madly. She released a soft moan and said: “Jai, you are making me hot again. Can we have one more round?”

I realized my mistake and released my hands quickly and said: “No, darling. It would be very dangerous.”

She understood the situation. Hugging and kissing me tightly, she said: “Oh, Jai, I have no words to express my deep thanks to you for all the heavenly pleasures you gave me last night. I reiterate, it was my first night, my bridal night and my first honeymoon night. You tore my hymen and made me a lady from a virgin. Now, I can proclaim from the top of the world that I have experienced all sexual pleasures. I am totally satisfied and happy. In fact, you made me so. How I wish you were my real husband! If so, I could have felt and experienced the warmth of your love every moment of my life in loving togetherness. I am indebted to you for my lifetime.”

I said: “Rekha, that makes two of us. In fact you echoed my sentiments too.”

She went on: “Jai, if you too really wish so, I am prepared to divorce my hubby and marry you. Please don’t think I am crazy and selfish. I won’t ask you to ditch your wife. You can have two wives. Don’t you think it would be possible?”

I smiled at her: “No Rekha, that won’t work out. It is as if we wish all the sand dunes in Rajasthan deserts turn to gold!”

She did not say anything. With another passionate kiss, I waved at her in a gesture of goodbye. I came out of her house and moved to mine. I looked over my shoulders to see her still watching me. I saw her eyes were moistened. I knew it was a most painful separation, though to a distance only a few feet way, but a separation indeed!

Okay friends; let me close this lengthy but real story by telling you the epilogue. Her hubby reached back in the evening. He had completed his work much quicker than he thought. Both Rekha and I could not believe our luck to have had enjoyed sex the previous night itself! I had asked her to engage in sex with her hubby at least for 2-3 nights which she did. My idea was if she became pregnant which she must, by all means, out of mating with me, at least her hubby won’t have any doubt in his mind and he would believe she was carrying his own baby. After reaching, he did not go on tour for another three weeks. But exactly sixteen days after our mating, she told me sadly she menstruated again. Two days later, in an evening at my house, during a friendly talk over tea, her husband told all the real facts and truth. He said medical tests on her clearly showed she was having blocked fallopian tubules which prevented meeting of sperm with the ovum and therefore pregnancy. He was planning to take her to a reputed hospital in the winter for a surgery to rectify and correct her problems and the doctors have assured pregnancy. Should I need to tell you more?

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