Marrying Brother

Life in a city like Chennai may be enthusiastic for many people. But for some young housewives like me it is really boring and monotonous, until I started to have a wonderful time with my brother. Speaking of me, I’m Pratheeba, I’m just 23. I’m 5’6″ and 48 kgs. I have wheatish yet somewhat fair body, with a structure of 36-34-36. I use a 36C bra and a 90cm panty usually. I like to wear chudis, though sometime, I had the courage to wear saris below my navel during my college days. 

Being married at the age of 22, I have felt really bad about my freedom being snatched from me. For, in my college days I was one of those jumping and yelling type, a sheer contrast to how I am usually at home. I was one of those types who don’t find it bad to talk about sex between girls at hostels. Though I have shared a number of sexy jokes and bits with my girls, I never had my hands on any of those sex books or even a small sexual experience with guys.

As I finished my degree, like any other girl I got married nicely. Luckily, my hubby is so nice and caring that I never felt missing my home. I was not brought up in Chennai, but ended up living in Chennai with hubby in an apartment. As we had decided to postpone our child we both were enjoying life very much. 

I have a brother, his name, Arvind. He had just now finished his college and trying for a job. So, it was obvious that he came to stay in our house with us. He is two years younger to me and has a body of 5’8″. I can’t say ‘best body’, but he has a nice body without any flab. We are very close that we share a lot of things among us. I had never seen him nude, but only in semi-nude condition like a bare chest at the maximum. We had seen a number of English movies and kissing scenes together, and we are very frank that we don’t mind that.

Only after my marriage he teased me a bit more regarding my sex life, like occasionally asking me about how my hubby takes care of me… that sort of things. To that I would frankly quip that saying, you’ll have your turn, meaning his marriage life. It’ll take more than five years for that akka (sister), he would say. 

Even my hubby is very close to him. Sometimes, we three of us, go out together. As my hubby is in the Business and Marketing dept. of the company, he’d be out most of the day and sometimes even out of the station. I would feel lonely, though he encouraged me to have chat with friends from the net. Only after Arvind came to stay with us, I had someone to share and speak. Even, he never minds the ‘sweet nothings’ of us as a young couple. I never knew when I started thinking kinkily about my brother. It started just like that, and I had felt guilty about myself for thinking like that sexily about him. Even after that, I just happened to notice his masculinity as I spent most of my time during the day with him. Something in me said, ‘why not tease my own brother?’

So, this is how it started. I began to be liberal in my dress. That is, instead of wearing a dark nighty, I would wear a light nighty that would show my panty lines and sometimes didn’t wear panties so that Arvind could see the crack of my buttocks. This I did voluntarily to tease him. And it served the point that I got him latched his eyes to my medium sized round breasts that he could see along the curves of my nighty. When asked, he would just say, ‘nothing akka’ and he would move out of my gaze. I knew my breasts was doing magic to him. 

Sometimes I would ask, how does this new dress suit me, and he would reply saying, it was nice. “Sexy?” I would ask. “Hmm… yes, Sexy…” he would say with a shy smile. 

Then he would quip, “Don’t tease me akka… I know you are doing that to me…”

“Why da? Don’t you like my body?” I asked.

“Yes… but you are my akka…” he asked.

“So what… just speak out of your heart just like every time. Be frank…” I would coax him. Then he would loosen up a bit.

Slowly, I felt more and more attracted to him, dreamed a lot about having sex with my own brother. I fantasised a lot, and it never occurred to me that it was a bad thing. And I knew even that he was masturbating thinking of me. He knew that I knew. Even then all that is needed was a small but strong coaxing to her him into the play and I was expecting a chance.

At last, I had a full three days with him from Friday to Sunday, when my hubby had to go to Bangalore for a three day visit. I had made up my mind, to pass signals, yet I was a bit tensed and afraid about how to go with that. The day arrived and Friday morning, I woke up early rehearsing myself about what I was going to do. 

I had an early bath… fresh and fragrant from the shower I dressed up for the occasion. I wore just a nighty and nothing else. Usually I would wear my panties as I said before, but now, I didn’t wear any bra or panties, I just wore a plain green nighty in a very light shade. Other than that, all I wore on me were a couple of bangles and metti (sacred ring) on my toe. My thaali (sacred thread of marriage) was dangling between both my fleshy breasts on my smooth cleavage along with a small gold chain. When I looked up on the mirror, I myself felt that I passed up being erotic yet not overdone. 

Then I woke Arvind, calling from the kitchen. Just as he came out of his bed, I dropped the vessels in the kitchen and with a sharp painful sound I laid myself on the floor.

“akka, What happened akka?” as expected he ran into the kitchen and found me on the floor. With careful gasps, I said I had a cramp on my left thighs. I had already hiked up my nighty just above my knees (घुटना) and showing of my legs. I saw his eyes gaze over my small sexy legs and then to my eyes. He then scooped me up, and just in time, I positioned and held his neck in a way that my breasts and my nipples pressed on his taut body. I could feel his pulse going up and his face reddened as he laid me on my bed.

“Arvind, could you please get the pain cream for me and massage me a little?” I asked innocently.

“Ok. akka. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute…” saying so he went back to get it from the medical kit. It just gave me time, to lay back and spread my legs wide. Lifting my nighty again just above the knees (घुटना), I just made sure that when he entered the room, he could get a glimpse of my beautiful cunt. My nighty had a zip in the front and I opened up a bit that some of the soft mounds of my breasts peeked out.

Then I laid back as if I rested. As he entered the room, Arvind stopped for a second at the door, I should say, he stumbled at the scene of his own sister opened up herself innocently for him. Then he came near me and sat on the bed. 

“How do you feel akka?” he asked.

“Now it’s somewhat better da, massage that cream on the legs…” I said still laid back.

Hesitantly, yet excitingly he scooped up some cream and asked, “Where is it paining, akka?” 

“Just near the knees (घुटना)…” I asked and slowly moved my nighty still up over my knees (घुटना). My legs were not laid straight on the bed. So as I moved the nighty up one side, I slid back and fell back to the thighs, revealing most of my thighs and most importantly some of my hairy cunt. I tried to be calm at this moment as I felt myself stirring at the thought of showing off my cunt to him. The only person I ever showed my cunt till now was my hubby. I tried to breathe hard. I was sure my cunt wouldn’t miss his eyes. I could see his breathtaking look, yet he didn’t say a word about that. 

He slowly pressed my knees (घुटना) with his fingers and checked for pain. 

“Not there Arvind, above that… yes… a little more up that place… Yes… move a little up… yes… aaaahhhhh… its paining Arvind” I said with a groan sound. His palm was just halfway on my wheatish soft thighs between my hip and knees (घुटना) feeling the supple soft flesh of his own akka.

I could feel the sweat on his palm. Slowly, he started massaging my thighs, with his eyes not leaving my half revealed cunt. At times, he even tried to hike my nighty still more so that he could get a full view of my cunt. But I was not going to let that happen, I tried to cover my cunt with the nighty and as I closed my eyes I slowly tickled my nighty covered cunt with two of my fingers. Obviously, he noticed that too. When I opened my eyes, he had stopped massaging, but his hands were still on my thighs and I saw his penis standing up like a rod out of his lungi. 

“Is it still paining akka?” he asked me caressing my forehead, like a caring person. 

“Its ok, Arvind… I’ll be fine.” I said.

“Shall I massage your legs akka… it’ll get you relaxed a bit more…” he was trying more on me. ‘Why not let him a chance…’

“Ok. Arvind, massage the legs…” I said with a painful smile. Most of my lower body was now bare with my nighty hiked up. It showed off my soft fleshy thighs to him. I didn’t mind to cover my legs intentionally, just for him.

He tried to cover my legs by pulling the nighty down. “Just leave it up Arvind, Don’t cover the legs… Let the air flow…” I said to him with a wicked smile.

“But akka…” he hesitated and was trying to say something.

“What Arvind? What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing akka. Your nighty being above your knees (घुटना) gets me distracted…” he said.

“Why… is that very sexy? Seemed you are very much tensed seeing me half naked. Hmmm? Don’t worry, Arvind. I’m your sister. You can feel free with me.” I coaxed him.

“Yes akka… I’m a bit tensed… I have never seen a girl naked before, even half-naked like this…I have seen only in the books” he said.

“Come on Arvind. We have shared a lot among us. We are very much frank to each other. Don’t get tensed. Wait… I have an idea…” I let that idea trail a bit on him and then continued, “Why don’t you just remove my nighty of my body and then make me nude so that you can look at a girl, your own sister, fully naked as much as you want…” It was really a bolt on him. He didn’t expect that from me.

“But akka… I didn’t mean that way.” He blushed.

“It’s ok Arvind… I’m just your sister. There’s nothing wrong in that and I’m only helping you with that. “Do as I say… Relax and just remove my nighty for me and make me naked. Now, after seeing your lungi, frankly I myself want to be buck naked in front of you. Let us not waste time. Make me nude. We’ll speak about other things later.” I said to him.

Now, he was shrewd enough, to bring up the courage and ask, “Is it ok, akka?” again at me.

“It’s ok for me. It is up to you. “I said with an encouraging smile.

Slowly and gingerly I could feel his fingers roll on my thighs, bringing up an incestuous tingling sensation within me, that I got goose pimples all over my body within seconds. As he grasped the ends of my rolled up nighty that was on my hips with his fingers I encouraged him a bit by lifting my buttocks above so that he could pull my nighty above my hips, revealing my cunt fully as a feast to his eyes. 

My cunt is usually covered with bush-like dark curly hairs. I had never thought of shaving my cunt at any point of time in my life, just like that. So, now, my hairy cunt was letting out a musky smell. He was so engulfed at the sight of his sister’s cunt that he stopped halfway removing my nighty.

“Hey, Arvind… don’t get lost… remove my nighty fully.” I compelled with a smile . He came back to his senses and slowly pulled up my nighty up above my stomach showing off my navel. Let me describe my nave here. My navel is somewhat deep and medium oval sized vertically. Then as my nighty moved up, my large soft flesh mounds of my breasts came into view showing off my gold chain and my thaali along the groove between my breasts, at the cleavage, followed by light brown nipples surrounded by brown areolas. My nipples are not that big and not that small, yet, my hubby says it is very sexy. He loves to play with them very much.

Now, I helped Arvind to take off my nighty fully along my neck. As he kept the nighty beside, there I was… fully nude on my bed, right from head to toe, without a single piece of dress, no sari, no petticoat, no bra, no panties, no nighty, no chudi, not a single cloth to cover this full grown female body, just the same way as I was when I was born, but now with a hairy cunt and large breasts. 

All I wore now were some gold ornaments like the bangles, gold chain, metti, and thaali, and as I was fresh from the bath, the fragrance of the Lux soap had not worn off yet, I had the hair neatly arranged and plaited. My forehead bore the Saffron kumkum in a small round shape and also some saffron at the bifurcation of my plaited hair above my forehead, just like any other married South Indian wife. To any south Indian guy like Arvind such a sight would really make them cum just at seeing a naked fully grown female just as I had described.

I could see his constricted and tensed face as his eyes bore on my naked body. I didn’t do anything to seduce him; I just put my hands on my side on the bed, letting him enjoy the full fledged view of his naked sister.

“This is not fair, Arvind” I said to him.

“What? Why do say that?” he jumped at my comment.

I smiled at him and then said, “It is not fair that I alone should be nude here. Remove your dress too Arvind. I want to see you naked too.”

With hesitation he removed his baniyan and his lungi, becoming fully naked. His penis was long and thick, and throbbing in sensation. I gulped in my stomach looking at the size. It was 7 and half inches long. Definitely larger than my hubby! And the thickness was more than an inch in diameter. Now I was comparing it with my hubby. For it was the only penis I had seen till now. My brother’s penis was much larger than my hubby in all terms. ‘Oh God! I fit ever goes inside my cunt it is going to tear about just like in first night!’ I thought.

“akka…” he called me.

“What?” I asked him.

“Can I touch your body with my fingers?” he asked me.

All I could do was put up a big smile. “Go on… feel your sister’s body as you like.” I said. I took his hand and placed it in between my thighs on my hairy fired up cunt. It was hot and steaming. I myself felt much juiced up.

Slowly I could feel his fingers tracing my cunt lips and I shivered at the thought my own brother’s hand there. I’ve played a number of times with my fingers on my cunt, yet I never felt like this before even with my hubby. Just as he touched my clitoris, I jumped and let out a squeal and moaned with a gasp.

“Don’t stop… go on…” I whispered. All I could do was whisper, as the feeling had sucked out all the sound from my mouth. 

“Arvind… Please don’t stop…” I was saying.

“akka… can I massage your breasts?” he asked.

“Do it as you like…” I was pressing. He moved his hand from my cunt lips and slowly traced my supple breasts. Within moments I felt both his hands covering the whole of my round breasts. Both his hands were moving slowly on my breasts and nipples. His soft graze on my nipples again made me let out a gasp for air.

“What akka?” He asked.

“Nothing… don’t stop…” saying so, I pulled his naked body over me so that both his legs were on either side of my body with him sitting on my stomach. I smiled at him as he saw me. He smiled back, yet.

continued to massage my breasts. “Yes, Arvind… Do it harder…” I was saying. The touch of his hot penis on my stomach added to my sensations and I even within this short period of time I was gearing up for my first orgasm. His hands just played hard with both my mounds. With every hard squeeze from his hands I was inching towards my orgasm. 

With my hands I was slowly playing with his penis, but I was careful not to let him cum. I wanted to feel it inside me. Then, I held his face with my hands and bringing it close to mine, gave a light kiss on his lips. I never mastered the art of playing with the tongues, as everyone says, that perfect English kiss was out of my bounds. The best I got was my hubby biting my lips in excitement. Even that simple act got me sexed up.

As I gave him a kiss, my breasts and nipples touched his hairy chest. We both could hear our heart beat faster at that moment. I felt as if my fleshy breasts were being mashed between his body and mine. It was really a strange sensation when it comes to my brother being above me. “Kiss all over my body…” I whispered looking at his face. He moved out of my stomach and then slowly kissed and traced the line of my neck, shoulder and then my breasts.

Lick each of them with your tongue, and then suck my nipples…” I said as he reached my breasts. I felt my body stir and gasped as he sucked my nipples hard for a few seconds.

“Oh my god! I was mumbling in between the gasps. “Don’t stop… continue… suck them, bite my nipples… hard… yes… ahhhh…. Like that yes…” I was moaning and gasping. The next moment I felt my world whirl around my and my body was bucking up and down fast as my fingers worked upon my clitoris in that hairy cunt. I grasped the bedsheet beside me harder and I moved towards my first orgasm form my brother.

It took me minutes for me to come back and relax in this real world. Arvind was still licking and sucking my nipples. My breathe became slower and back to normal and I realised that this was the first time in my life that I had cum to orgasm so fast even faster than by my hubby, just by my brother still sucking my breasts. But it was not long before my slackened breasts became hard again. 

After his momentous effort at my breasts, it was me who was pleading to him. 

“Arvind… would you lick between my thighs?” I asked innocently. My hubby likes my cunt to be hairy but I was never sure of my brother. 

“Do you like what we are doing?” I asked him. “Yes, akka, but I’m little bit afraid about this…” he said. 

“Don’t worry; we will have it to ourselves…” I was coaxing him with a smile.

He then moved down between my thighs and then finding my cunt in that hairy area, he opened my cunt lips with both his hands meticulously and slowly moved his face to it. “Do you like the smell?” I asked him. There was no answer but I could feel his wet tongue lap my juicy cunt that was already watery now. “Gawwwwd!” I gasped at that first spell of his tongue. I grabbed both my breasts and squeezed them with my hands. With every lick from his tongue, I let out a loud squeal and then punctuated with a sharp gasp. My heart was beater faster ever by now and my clitoris was throbbing and yearning for a finger. I was surprised to get my clitoris with his tongue, which was much more than what I had wanted at that moment.

He went on licking my cunt spicing it up. Damn! I was going to have my next orgasm. I couldn’t do anything to avert it. It all came like a whoosh! I latched my legs around his body and at the same time bucking up my body for the perfect orgasm. I massaged both my breasts in a frenzy that within the next few seconds I went into the orgasm. Oh, my God! It was never so good… I was having my second orgasm minutes after my first one. This is going to be better and better.

Again I was relaxing for a while. But he could never wait and was continuing my splashed up cunt. In the next few moments, I saw him getting up and then placing his hot penis over my cunt and rubbing it along my cunt lips, occasionally touching my clitoris. “Ohhhhh… Arvind… Don’t stop… do it…” I was saying.

“akka… can I put it inside you?” he asked with hesitant. 

“Why are you hesitating?” I asked.

“akka you are married…” he was saying. Only then I felt the weight of my marriage in the form of my thaali in between my breasts. 

“I don’t care… I just want it… whatever…wait… will you be my hubby?” I asked.

“What??” he asked perplexed.

“Just remove that mangalsutra from my neck and tie it again with your hands. Be my husband from now. Let me now have two husbands…” I said with a giggle.”The next moment, I myself brought the knot of my thaali in the front and tried to remove those tight three knots. Seeing me, he came to my help and we both removed the thaali from my neck. I felt as if I had become an unmarried girl again. He was having the thaali in his hand now.

“Tie it again around me…” I said to him.

“Shall I tie it anywhere around your body?” he asked.

“What?” I was stunned. I couldn’t see what he had in mind. 

“The neck belongs to your husband. I don’t want to tie this there…” saying so he did the kinkiest thing in the world. He tied it around my hips just above my hair on the cunt. Damn! The next moment I felt the twirl and excitement of that kinkiest act. He had tied the thaali which was around my neck till then, around my cunt. I let out a large gasp. I was panting already by his act.

“Wear this thaali around your hips whenever hubby is not there with you, I want to see it hugging your stomach when you wear a sari. And wear your saree just above your hairs here and below your thaali.” He said. It will be the sexiest thing I could dream about.

“Please Arvind, Do it… Put it into me and hit me hard Arvind… plz…” I was pleading to him. The thaali around my hips was doing magic and was leading me into a far away world. So as to get the best fuck out of him, I lifted my legs, bent it and placed my soft heel on his shoulder and then around his shoulder, opened my legs as wide as I can for him to fuck. He slowly pushed his rod into my cunt. Even as I felt his cock head go into me, I felt my vulva being stretched up a bit more that it used to be with my hubby. Slowly he withdrew and then pushed up a little further this time.

Now I could feel without doubt, he was going to tear me apart. All I could do was grabbing both my breasts with my hands. I was really an experience. Slowly and steadily his penis was going in and out of my hole. Minutes past and I gasped for air by now. My breathing was becoming harder and faster. Yes… my next orgasm was in line. His soft grunts with the words calling me akka every time he pushed himself in, got me into a web of sensations.

“Yes… Arvind… do it faster and harder… pump it inside.” I was asking him.

“Hmmm… Akkkkaaaa….” He added it with a punch into my cunt with his penis. By this time, I could feel my cunt stretched and filled to the full extent. It touched the wall of my vulva at the other end. There was still a little more of his penis to go inside. Oh, my God! He is going to push into my womb also, I thought. I panted aloud for air as he pushed wildly his entire penis into me. It ended up crossing my vulva and entering my womb, tearing my whole body apart. I felt as if something was stuck inside my body up to my stomach.

“Tears rolled off my eyes as the sensation triggered all my senses in my body. My body was shivering and throbbing a little. Beads of sweat and perspiration stuck out all over our body. My neat plaited hair had gone to ripples and the round saffron kumkum, at my forehead mixed with sweat and flowed of my face.

I was nearing the first continuous third orgasm in my life, and it was going to be the wildest in my life. I felt like yelling aloud in pleasure, which I had never done before. I just grabbed my bread and squeezed them as much as I could. It was large, hardest and reddish by now.

“akka… I’m going to pour all into it…” he said with a puzzle in his face whether to do it or not. At that moment, I would never mind where he pours it. But the next moment, a thought came across my mind, ‘what if he pours it into me and I get pregnant by him. It was my 16th day after my periods and the last day to get impregnated to get a child. What if…’ All sort of wild thoughts came into my mind and it was disrupted by a wild push from him into my cunt.

The next moment I felt his hot cum, flowing into my cunt and filling up the spaces mixing with my juices. He was going on pouring his cum into to me. The moment he slowed down to stop, I was ripped through by my third orgasm. it was so wild that I jumped up and down in a frenzy, with his penis still locked into my cunt between my thighs. We both relaxed a while, as he moved beside me on the bed and went into a deep slumber sleep hugging our naked bodies. We had three more days just for us. All, I will write as another story… ok?
I woke up in the evening, only to find the mangalsutra still tied around my hips. I giggled to myself thinking of how kinky the idea had been. I put up no effort to remove it from my thighs. Arvind, was sleeping beside me perhaps in his own content world. His hands were over my breasts hugging them with his fingers. I was dead tired. And more that that, very hungry. 

We had slept all through the day, even skipping breakfast and lunch. I couldn’t even move my legs or my whole body for that matter. But the hunger made me get up and prepare to move to kitchen to cook something for both of us to eat. I had felt this feeling a number of times before, with my hubby. So, it was not new for me to feel this much tired after a nice fuck. But when I though of my brother, for whom it had been his first time, I’m sure he’ll starve to death, if didn’t get something for him to eat.

I just grabbed a casual shirt from my hubby’s closet and buttoned it up on my naked body. ‘This would

do for now, cover me up…’ I thought. I didn’t have the strength to dress all over again, wearing all my bra, blouse, petticoat and saree; neither had I had the mood to roam around in a nightie covering my body fully. I moved to the kitchen, wearing just that checked shirt of my hubby’s, which was not even covering my ass cheeks fully. The shirt every time as it moved up and down to get anything off the shelves grazed over the mangalsutra around my hip, creating tingles over and over.

I just enjoyed that. In half an hour, I was about to finish cooking his favourite bread toast with stuffed omelette, I was surprised and almost yelled, when I felt a hand grab my breasts from my back. Only then, I realised, it was none other than Arvind.

“Hi Arvind, had a nice sleep?” I asked him not looking back.

“Oh, very tired akka…” he was saying and then kissed me along my neck.

“Here eat this… and get ready for a refreshing night…” saying so, I took a loaf of toast and turned around to put it into his mouth.

‘Oh my God!!!’ He was standing buck naked before me and his long penis had grown so hard and poking over my navel creating trails of pre-cum along the stomach area of the shirt. Even before I could utter a word, he hugged me tightly, rubbing my nude cunt, hiking up the shirt I was wearing. He lifted me on his hips, with both my legs on either side of his body, and his penis caught between our stomachs. The clinking of my bangles and my anklets aroused me fully. I was still having that bread toast in my hand unable to help him eat it, as I was relishing the warmth between us. Then he moved everything on the kitchen slab that was made of Cuddapah stone and placed me over it. The moment my bare flesh of my ass cheeks touched on the cool slab, I felt my body shiver, yet overwhelmed by the warmness of our hug and the kitchen environment. 

He was still half-hugging me as he held me with one hand behind my back, and the other reaching towards my soft supple breasts in the front. He slowly twisted and kneaded my right nipple with his left hand, leaving me to moan like a dog in heat. How could a girl feel the chillness and moistness and hotness at the same time? I just felt all of them together at that moment. The ass cheeks felt the chillness of the kitchen slab, and my breasts and nipples felt the warmth growing, while at the same time, his penis that was slowly and softly rubbing the outer lips of my cunt, made me feel the moistness as well. He was twisting my nipples still with my shirt covered on it. I was not fully nude, but the shirt was still covering my upper body.

“hmmmmmmm…oooooohaaaaah…. hmmmmmm ammmmaaaaa….” I was moaning along his ears. I think that would have triggered all his passion. He grabbed me by my ass fully again with his hands lifted me up and now, we positioned ourselves that his penis was just right at the opening of my cunt. I clamped myself to his stomach, and slowly as he lowered me, I could feel his thick hard penis, slipping slowing into my cunt upwards. Just like a hot knife slipped into a block of butter. 

‘wow… ‘ I shouldn’t have made him that toast. Now I was comparing our romantic fuck with that of bread and butter and jam. Coming to that, i was still holding that toast that had the butter and jam smeared along with omelette stuffed between. I was having no idea, whether we would eat it or not. My right palm had become buttery just by holding it for the past 10 mins and squeezing it between my fingers. 

Both my hands were tightly behind his neck and my legs clung tightly behind his back. I felt the moistness and heat increasing along the walls of my vulva inside my cunt. I was moaning, letting out gasps and pants. He was calling me akka, akka and akka, all along moaning along with me. Inch by inch I felt the heat moving up inside my cunt, as he pulled and pushed his penis inside my cunt. His hot breath created twirls along my face, as he slowly gave me alight kiss along the lips outside. It was not a deep kiss, it was not a tongue-to-tongue kiss, it was just a lip kiss and even that was firing up all our senses.

One moment my mind was feeling the sensations and in the other, it was empty, just equalling the rhythm of his fuck. He was now carrying the whole weight of my body on his front. The gold mangalsutra that was just below my navel, tied tautly around my stomach, pricked both our stomach as we hugged tightly and fucked each other in that position. It had not been minutes since we had started and now, I was having the first orgasm of the session ripping through me.

I have never felt like this before. It is because I have never done like this before, hugging and fucking sort of thing with my hubby. I had tried the doggy style at the maximum with my hubby. But getting fucked half-naked in kitchen, by my own brother, that too in this style, had never been in my wildest dreams. And I was thoroughly enjoying it, that my first orgasm tripped inside me in a lightning speed.

“Oh my god,’ was all I could tell, as I reached the heights of my orgasm. But my brother was not yet cumming. With my hubby, usually it was him who cums first, and I’d follow a few seconds or may be at some times minutes later. Here, my brother was pushing me to the orgasmic level first, yet staying behind, waiting for just another round. 

‘How am I going to manage the stallion?’ I was wondering as I was relaxing. I thought he’d move fast and fuck me hard to finish over his orgasm, but he stopped fucking me and then laid me on the kitchen slab.

Know what? That piece was toast was still in my hand. “Didn’t you get hungry?” I asked him. “Yes, akka… somewhat…” he was saying. 

Damn! My stomach was burning. He took the piece of toast from my hands and got a new one and started eating. Just as I was thinking that he was going to eat that thing, holding them in his hands, he spread my thighs wide and gave me a nice bit of kinky surprise, by stuffing that crumpled toast into my watery cunt.

Oh my god, I couldn’t bear that sensation. I never thought he’d do that. Halfway through my toast, I was mesmerised by his act that made my cunt twitch.

“What are you doing?” I asked him awe-struck.

“Hmmm… I’m going to eat my toast…” he said with a shittish grin and then grabbing the butter from the plate, smeared it all along my juicy cunt lips. 

Already my cunt was wet with both our juices and he was oiling up with the butter. Yes, the butter was belting on my cunt! Just then, he moved his face over my cunt and started licking my cunt. ‘Wow…’ the happiness, the weirdness and everything that accompanied just brought me to tears on my eyes, as I enjoyed every bit of that action. The slurping sound that his tongue made with my cunt lips added to the sloshing feeling as his tongue touched my cunt.

In a minute, he had eaten his toast and dried my oiled up cunt with his tongue, leaving me breathless… if he just goes on like that… I couldn’t think of myself as a battered girl, so vulnerable, feeling and experiencing the orgasms one by one again and again and again.

He did the same thing with his second toast and the third one too… by that time, my body was rumbling at the edge of my orgasm. I was panting and squealing and moaning continuously, taking long breaths in between. I could see my breasts heaving up and down as I inhaled and exhaled fully. There is 100% truth in doctors saying, sex will relieve us of every disease. It was much better that what yoga can do to our body!

I was on the edge of the orgasm, but my brother, didn’t allow me to reach it, stopping and slowing his act. It was a strange feeling, yet so nice, to reach the edge and come back and go again with full force.

I didn’t have the second orgasm, but felt as if I had it! It was totally different, made me feel full in sex. I was relaxing lying on the kitchen slab, grabbing and massaging his hard penis that was by my right side, slowly with my oily palm. I was so excited, that I got up and made me sit on the slab with his legs down, gearing up to give a nice blowjob, as a reciprocation of the love he had showered on me till that moment.

“akka… unbutton your shirt before you do that…” he was saying.

And I started undoing them one by one.

“But done, remove the shirt, just let the button alone be open…I want to see your breasts dancing as you do this to me…” he said.

‘Sooo kinky…’ I thought in my mind. So I undid the buttons and let my shirt open, revealing my breasts and nipples, and my navel and my stomach, and of course the mangalsutra on my hips.

I slowly, grabbed his penis in my palms and oiled it up. Then I pushed the foreskin back and gave a kiss on his pee-hole with my lips. I started licking his penis along the sides, like I would lick an ice cream, except that his penis was steaming hot and throbbing hard. If he ever fucks me in the mouth it’ll just tear my throat at the back. It was so hard. 

It was a warm hard piece of flesh and devoured to the fullest. With one hand I was grabbing and guiding his penis into my mouth and with my other hand, I was finger-fucking myself into my cunt. I changed the rhythm now and then, doing it slowly first, and then faster and then again slower. I was not the queen of blowjobs, yet I had learnt something about that; enough to make my hubby cum on my mouth. I’ve always wanted him to pour all his hot cum on my face and my breasts, but he never obliged.

Now, it was going to happen, courtesy my brother. 

“Arvind… grab my breasts and massage them hard with your hands…” I was asking him. With my hubby, I was never so frank, asking him to do what I wanted. But with my brother, it was as if I was in command, spelling out every thing that I couldn’t do with my hubby.

Minutes went one, and he panted and groaned as he was beginning to cum. “akka… faster… Do it faster… please…” he was pleading I responded by doing it fast as he wanted me to.

The next second he let out a groan, with a shrill sound and there, his cum flowed all along into my mouth, filling it up and overflowing along my cheeks, down my chin. It was so white, so slushy and gum-like sticking on to my teeth and my tongue, not going inside my throat easily just like every time it did with my hubby. It was a real tangy taste, and I loved it. I hate the taste and smell first, but once it reaches my inner it taste so good.

As he pulled his penis out of my mouth, he sprayed him cum over my neck and on both my breasts. I pulled bath a little to show him my stomach. Even a drop fell on the mangalsutra too. I felt so sexy, that as I squeezed his penis till the end with one hand, I started smearing his cum-trail all over my face and my breasts and stomach with my right hand.

“Here.. let me clean you up akka…” he said and then easily lifted me into he bathroom.

I was smelling fully off his cum and I wanted to stay that way the whole day, but he pored water over my and made me clean up. He mad me sit and just as he would do to his darling wife, he soaped me sincerely and bathed me.

Half way along the bath, I was so sexed up that I pleaded him to fuck the hell out of me like a slut.

“Please Arvind… have sex with me… fuck me like your wife… fuck me like a slut… Rape me… tear my cunt apart… bite my breasts…” I was pleading to him.

“Are you a slut? Will you be my slut? Will you be my slave from now onwards? Will you do anything I ask you to do, akka?” my brother was now acting like a commanding master. And I like it and wanted him to fuck me badly.

“Yes, I’m your slutty sister. I’ll do whatever you say… I’ll be your slave… please Arvind fuck me now…” I was almost crying now.

“You have to keep your promise…” saying so, he lifted my soapy body and carried me to the balcony. The sun had set by now and it was dark. Cool breeze flowing along, made my body shiver and the lather on my body were drying up by the wind. He made me kneel naked on my knees (घुटना) on the floor of the balcony and then himself kneeling beside me. 

“Now, spread your legs somewhat… akka…” he said to me and I did so.

This was so new to me. I never had sex with my hubby even with the windows open. But now, my brother was going to fuck his naked on the balcony with every one of the neighbours to see me if they want, in that night. 

He placed a pillow before my face and made me lean on that. 

“Grab your ass cheeks and open your cunt for me akka…” he said.

Just like an obedient sister, I grabbed my ass with my hands and spread them open for him. He spat his saliva over my asshole. One moment I thought he was going to giving me the fuck of my life by fucking me in my ass… but that was not going to happen now. It’ll be later. He just inserted his finger into my ass hole, even as his penis probed my cuntal lips for an opening.

I was trembling by now, due to his act of finger-fucking my ass. A number of thoughts surrounded my mind. I was just thinking of me, what a woman I was, kneeling naked on the balcony of my house, with none other than my own brother naked beside me and going to fuck my cunt from behind. And showing off this act to the whole world to see! I was trembling. 

A sharp hotness pierced through my cunt and I came out of my mind as my brother insert his hot rod and banged straightaway to the very end of my cunt. I was about to let out a loud squeal, but the thought that I was naked in the balcony, hit hard on me and I forced my face on the pillow, and my sounds got muffled into the pillow, with every hit I had I he rammed his penis into his sister’s pussy.

It was so new, so absurd, nothing anyone would think off, in this Indian society, I fully grown woman, getting fucked badly by her own blood brother. What would the world think of me, this nasty girl, doing this nasty thing?

And again I was pierced by the shrill sharpness of the fuck as my brother pushed his rod once again hitting the walls of my vagina, filling up my vulva, just like we had done in the morning.

The next moment, I was cursing the world, for giving the nice person as my brother and not my hubby!

“Oh my god,” I gasped as he grabbed both my soapy breasts and squeezed them hard.i felt my world crumbling below me as I did that. Now I have made up mind… no matter what happens, he has to father at least one child in me. I want to bear his child, I want to get pregnant by him. And I want to get fucked every day of my pregnancy with him till I deliver our child in my native place.

“Arvind…” I called him.

“What akka…?” he asked between his large muffed breaths.

“Will you make me pregnant? Will you give me your child? I want to get pregnant by you… please make me pregnant with your cum da, Arvind.” I spurted out everything from my mind. There was no response from my back. May be he was dumbfounded by my plea.

“What do you say Arvind? You have married me… I’m your wife now… will you make me pregnant? Please…” I asked him again.

“Yes… Yes akka.. I’ll make you pregnant. I’ll make you, my wife pregnant” he said and with a revitalised force bumped his penis hard into my sloppy cunt.

Damn! This is going to be the fuck of my life… or is this just the first one in a series of record breaking fucks I’m going have from my brother? I don’t know. But I was enjoying every moment of that fuck, wanting to get pregnant by him… it took up almost half an hour to cum, and all along, every minute, every second, it had been a different experience. 

As we finished he carried his naked sister to the sofa in the hall and we both relaxed watching TV and enjoying the night being naked.

(Hello everyone… We always want the best things in our life to come again and again in our life and continue forever. Even as I started getting nice comments from youall, I started to write a sequel to the first part, but stuck up half-way, now I had finished it and posted it. I’m ending the plot here. Want me to continue writing this? Please give different ideas as to which way I can proceed with the next part. One of the emails wanted me to continue fucking with both the husbands, now that there are two husbands… but even before that there are two more days to for the two of them to enjoy together isn’t it? Let’s be more kinky and wild… just write your ideas ok?)

Bye till then, from Saranya.The experience I had in the last two days had been far more exciting than I had ever dreamed of. Yet, here I was, dreaming again. After the frantic fuck I had with my brother in the evening, we had our dinner and were watching the TV as I trailed off to sleep. And I was dreaming about him again. I wanted him to spread my thighs and suck my cunt off to my orgasm. I wanted him to lick my inner thighs as I laid back in the sofa watching a hot movie on the TV. I wanted him to trail his fingers along my breasts and grab them tight, as he sucked me off. It was only a dream, yet I could feel the heat. I could feel my heart pumping fast and my lips throb and shiver. 

I let out a moan and woke up as if from a fiery wet dream, only to find that I wasn’t in the sofa, but in a bed, in my own bed. It was morning and the sun’s rays were beaming into the room through the curtains of the windows with a slight shade. I always like those curtains, waking up in the shade of the brisk morning sun. It was usually so romantic for me, particularly on those days after a nice fuck with my hubby the previous night. When I came to the senses, there he was my brother, between my spread thighs. 

‘Oh my god!’ I gasped to myself. I was naked and I was on my bed. ‘It was not a dream. What I was thinking in my dream wasn’t a dream. It was real. It was happening right on my bed instead of the sofa. My brother was there just like I had imagined, having given me an orgasm almost. I was just a few moments before an orgasm in my dream. And now I was panting from one of the wildest wet dream I ever had. 

Arvind smiled at me, asked me to lay back and relax while he continued the job he left half way seeing me wake up. He started with lapping down the juices along the sides of my inner thighs, as I grabbed his head and fiddled with his hair with one hand and grazed over my now-hardened-breasts with other. He moved on to my hairy cunt, spread my cunt lips with his fingers and continued licking from where he left, when I awoke thinking it was a dream. Soon in minutes again, I was panting and gasping for air as he led me fast into an orgasm. 

Phew! What an unforgettable way to start the day. My hips were buckling up and down as I went through the orgasm, trying to keep my moaning down so that I wouldn’t create suspicions for the neighbours. 

Just then my mobile phone that was beside my pillow rang. Arvind moved up beside me and was caressing my breasts, twiddling my nipples as I answered the phone. It was my hubby on my phone, to my surprise. Arvind wouldn’t have been able to comprehend anything from hearing my side of the talk alone, which went like this…


“Hi, Yeah! Good morning. Same to you sweety”

“Yeah! You?”



“Ok. Its ok for me. Yeah, already Arvind is here. So it doesn’t matter pa. I don’t know if they could manage it.”

“Ok. Its ok for me. Is it ok for her? Wait. Let me ask Arvind”

“It seems like Preethi is going to come here to study. She’s doing her third year in college now and uncle thought she could stay with us, so that she can concentrate on her studies. Is it ok for you to share the room?” And he replied with a grin.

“Yeah. Its ok pa. I don’t know how we are going to manage them. Anyway. Its ok.”

“So, when will you people be here?”


“Okay. Okay. See you da sweetie. Bye.”

I finished the call. “What? Is Preeti coming too…?? Is she going to stay with me? Wow.. is it ok for her share the room? How could she ever decide on sharing a room with a guy?…” he was going on with his questions when I stopped him.

“I know u have a thing for her. Don’t be mischievous while she is here!!”

“With you?”

“Yes, don’t be mischievous with me and also with her. She is still in college and she isn’t like me. Don’t trick her into anything! And get ready. They are almost home…!”

“What??” he panicked!

We both of us were butt naked sitting on my bed and he was fondling my breasts. He jumped as he heard me say that. The place needed a nice clean up. All our inner wears were astray all over the house, including the balcony and kitchen. The floor tiles had cum stains, as were my bedspreads. 

“What can I do Arvind? Help me clean this place will you?” and moved out of the bed trying to grab all the innerwear that were on the floor with frenzy. 

“These things need a wash. Switch on the washing machine.” I yelled at him as he went into the bath. I was still naked, trying to clean off the cum stains from the floor when he finished his bath and came out. 

“akka. The washing machine is done…. Anything (else)…..” he was about to finish that when he stopped at his step watching my naked body squatting on the floor. His eyes fell on my breasts as they dangled while I was trying to clean the stain off the floor. My thaali was still around my hips, and not at my neck. Just then I felt his hand grab my hips and pull me up back to him. I could feel his hardness hit my ass cheeks through his trousers and I knew what was coming. 

“Arvind, not now pls. leave me, they’ll be here anytime…” but I couldn’t stop him. I wanted him to do it again with me, yet I was trying to resist, knowing very well it is of no use. One part of my mind said, ‘They will be here anytime… not now’ the other half saying, ‘Yes, please, do it fast, fuck me now, before they come, one last time.’ He was fondling my breasts from behind and kissing me at the back of my neck by this time. 

Ultimately the wild side of me prevailed. “Ok do it, quick, before they come. Fuck me. Let’s do it fast before they come.” I was saying to him. But that wasn’t happening! He was taking his own time.

“Beg me to fuck you akka, NOW!!!” he was making me his slave. One of his hands had now moved between my legs and his fingers were trying to caress my cunt and finger me then and there. I could feel my knees (घुटना) as if they were made of jelly. My dignity gave way to consciousness and I begged him whispering on his ears loud enough for him to hear. “Pls Arvind, fuck me now, please… fuck me now, quick, they’ll come anytime, fuck me now, and I want it as bad as you. Do it…now! Fuck me please…” I was pleading him. 

Then I felt his hand on my back making me bending to the front and I grabbed the table near me. I heard the rustle of his trousers being undone and then I felt his hot hard penis slip into my cunt from the back. It was my salvation for the desire I had moments back. He plunged deep into me. I let out a muffled squeal. I panted hard. I could feel my breasts dancing up and down. That feeling again spiced up my sexual urge and in minutes I was nearing my orgasm. I never got closer to my orgasms so fast. And this was happening for real with my brother!

He was hitting me like a stallion in heat. It was real hard to match his speed. Yet, I did, just like the previous times. The feeling was great, to keep up to his moves. It was like moving up to the hill. Yet it was great. In moments I heard him groan softly as he let him cum flow deep in my cunt into my vagina. Again the probability of getting impregnated by his cum, sent waves into me. I buckled and my body throbbed.

I was gasping for air as I reached my orgasm. He was there behind me, his penis still inside my cunt, his hands grabbing my hips and caressing me. I was beginning to love him just for that, for hanging around even after he had come. Then we heard the screech of the car tires. ‘Oh my God! It’s my hubby.’ There I was grabbing my towel and all the clothes I need to wear after bath, and dashing naked into the bath, with his cum sliding along my thighs to my knees (घुटना). I heard the doorbell ring as the door of my bathroom closed and clicked.

‘Phew! Oh my god!’ I was panting, standing naked before the mirror grabbing the sink. I could still feel the hot cum of Arvind on my inner thighs. ‘Oh my god! What a wonderful time we had!’ It was a sensation which I couldn’t give up so fast. The excitement had left my heart still pumping so fast! My thali was at my hips and I was trying to undo it so that I can knot it around my neck again. I did it and then I heard the house door open. 

And Arvind was welcoming them, “Hi Mama (uncle)… hi Preethi…”

“Hi da, How are you?”

“I’m fine Mama.”

“Where is your akka?”

“She just now went for a bath. How was your journey? Tired?”

“Yeah! Very tired.” I could hear Preethi saying. 

“It was one hell of a journey!”

“Okay, I’ll show you the room. Give me your bags.” And then I heard both their voices muffle as they went into their room. “Long time no see. You’ve changed a lot…” She was saying to him. 

The shower was on. And I started shampooing my hair. 

“Hi sweetie. Missed me a lot?” My hubby was asking from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Hi Sri (Srihari)… yeah. How was your journey. Ok?”

“Very tired.” He was saying. 

And then there was no sound. 

When I finished my bath and came out of the room, he was dead asleep. ‘Poor guy, should have been a tiresome journey.’ I mumbled as I kissed his forehead and came out of the room. 

Arvind was watching TV. Preethi had just then finished her bath and entered the kitchen. Indeed, she too had changed a lot. She is 20 now. It has been more than a year since I’ve seen her. ‘Wait, something is different about her. No, it’s not her looks, something is wrong. Yes, she looked dead tired just like my hubby. But something else is different… Like she’s having a sore cunt.’ She couldn’t walk properly. Could that have happened?? I was guessing. I knew I was adding two and two. Both my hubby and his sis were tired. I’ve never seen him so tired. May be today. But if both were tired, could that have happened. May be… may be she was having her periods.’

“Are you okay dear? You look so tired?” I asked her.

“No. I’m okay akka.” She too used to call me akka, even though I was her sister-in-law.

“Are you having your periods?” I whispered to her.

“No, akka, I’m okay. It’s just that I’m tired from the journey. Lot of traffic jams, the car stalled. Anna only fixed it. I had to help him. That’s it. Nothing else.” 

If it wasn’t her periods, now my suspicions grew like a cloud ball. And I couldn’t believe my hubby fucked his own sister, just like I did my brother. ‘Wow…’ the thought itself was so kinky, incestuous and overwhelming.

“Do you need any help here akka?” she was asking.

“It’s ok. I can manage. You have some rest. You look very tired.” I was tired too, what with a great cunt sucking and fucking from my brother, but I did send her to sleep.

Then came my brother. “Need some help, akka?” He grinned.

“Yeah, help me with those vegetables, will you?” And we both started cooking together. 

“Are you okay?” he whispered. 

“Yeah, I’m okay. Are you?” I whispered too.

“I’m fine akka.” Saying so, he looked if anyone was watching and gave a quick kiss on my cheeks.

“Stop doing that when they are around okay?” I admonished him whispering again. 

“Okay. Okay. Did you notice Preethi has changed a lot now? She has grown a lot since I’ve seen her.” he said.

“Yeah! I noticed. I noticed a lot other things too.”


“Don’t shout; keep your voice down… I think Preethi and your Mama had nice fuck yesterday during their trip.” I let out my suspicions to him.

“What??” he was about to yell when I closed his mouth.

“What?” he asked now in a low voice.


“How do you say that??” He asked me.

“Both of them are dead tired. I’ve never seen Sri like that. I’m sure something happened. Beside, she has a sore cunt. She isn’t walking properly.” 

“How can you say that? There may be a number of reasons for her getting tired.” He contradicted.

“Believe me da. I’m a woman. I know. She isn’t having her periods, so obviously the only way she can have a sore cunt is as a result of a nice fuck. Just like I had…” I couldn’t stop letting out a giggle.

“I can’t believe that!” he said.

“Yeah, me too. But I’m sure it happened.” I said to him. 

“Well, that makes it even.” He grinned as he put his hand on my other side and fondled my breasts even with my blouse and bra on them. 

“Sush!” I silenced his laugh. Yet, allowed him to continue his fondling, with an eye on the kitchen door.

It was really a miracle that I finished off the cooking, with all his fondling and kissing. I had to push him out so that I could finish the cooking. We both had our breakfast and watched the TV. Hours rolled on. Afternoon came and Arvind was sleeping on my lap in the sofa, as I was watching the TV. My hubby woke up once in the middle, saw him sleeping on my lap, didn’t say anything as always. 

It was so innocent, for my brother to sleep on my lap. Again, my hubby went to sleep. I was bored. Evening came. Arvind woke up. I checked out the other two. Preethi was sleeping with her chudi still on. Obviously, she’ll have to give up her privacy to share the room with a guy. At first I thought how I’m going to keep both Arvind and Preethi away from each other. Now I was wondering how I’m going to keep my hubby and Preethi away from each other! 

“Coming to the market?” I asked Arvind with a wink.

“Yeah! I’ll drive.” He grabbed the car keys and we were off. Just as we hit the road after the purchase, on our way back, he wondered aloud. “I couldn’t imagine they are doing it.” He was saying. 

“So what, didn’t you do it with your sister?” I teased him.

“Yeah I did, but even then…” he let out a sigh.

“Yeah I know how u feel. I too feel the same way. But hope we’ll get over that.” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He parked the car.

“Want some ice cream?” he asked.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t mind.” Soon he was back with a double sundae. 

“Why just one?” I asked. 

“We’ll share. He grinned.” I started licking the ice cream. As I put my hands around him, I could see his penis throbbing out of his jeans. Slowly, I unzipped his jeans and pulled off his brief.

“Wow…” he gasped as I held his penis in my hand. He slid the tinted car windows up and switched on the air-conditioning. Sunday evening and the traffic was moving at a snails pace. It would take an hour to reach home. And it is a lot of time. 

“Want me to take off my blouse?” I asked him.

“Hmm.. yesss” he said. 

Soon I was topless. I had let my sari go off my shoulder. Unbuttoned and took off my blouse. Then, I took off my bra and threw my blouse and bra to the back seat. My thali was dangling along my cleavage. My sari was still clutching my hips. There I was, sitting beside the driver’s seat, half naked at the top. My breasts were getting hardened slowly.

He put his hands around my shoulders and started fondling my left breasts. I bent down and started licking his hard penis. My hot breasts grazed over his thighs. I could feel his hands groping all over the small of my back. With every single suck I gave to his penis, he gasped and groaned, yet managed to keep the car on the road with the traffic. 

10 minutes passed. I should say I’m an experienced cock sucker. The cock sucking is at the best when you build a tempo and then let the guy trail off a bit and then start over again.

And I can get that he was enjoying every bit of it from the sounds he made. He suddenly grabbed the whole of my right breasts with his palm and clutched it hard that the sensation ran all over me. 

Now I was fully in it, trying to cum him off. He was gasping and his hands now moved into my petticoat, finding the ultimate treasure, my cunt, trying to finger me as I sucked his cock. We were so much in heat, that we sweated even with the air-conditioning fully on. My slurping sounds disappeared in the music from Radio Mirchi. The announcer was saying ‘Sema Hot Machi’. I almost giggled hearing that with his penis in my mouth.

At one traffic junction when the lights were red, our senses ran the lights. “Ammaaaaa…” he let out a panted gasp and I could taste his cum on my throat. It spewed glob after glob of his precious cum and I gulped every single glob of his cum. Soon, he was over. Yet, he was fingering me.

“You ride carefully. I’ll finger myself.” I said to him.

“Show me fingering yourself. Take off your petticoat.” He said, and I rolled up my petticoat and saree to my hips. With my thighs spread, I fingered showing myself off to him as he drove to home. Just before we reached home, I came. Then I put on my bra and blouse, smoothed down my petticoat and saree. The crumpling of my dress couldn’t be noticed as it was already dark in the night.

We came home. I should say we sneaked in! 

As I changed my dress to nighty, again I noticed something wrong. 

My hubby was sleeping naked. He never used to sleep naked. He never liked it that much. It’s me who always loved to sleep naked. Still with disbelief, I checked in on Preethi, she too was sleeping. But she wasn’t wearing the chudi! She was wearing a nighty and pretending to sleep just like before. Now I knew for sure, these siblings were fucking like rabbits just like both of us! What a family we are!
The next day came the first of the sweet news. Arvind got a nice job at a software company. He had to report immediately. All four of us went out to eat to celebrate this occasion and we had a great time, with both Arvind and Preethi bickering at each other like kids. With both Arvind and Sri busy at work, we girls had the days to ourselves. I tried to talk her out of what had happened, but couldn’t get anything from her. The week went and then, she too started her third year in college. 

Life went back to normal, or almost closer to normal, except on special occasions when Arvind made sure that we two had some time together, leaving the other two for themselves. Of course, I knew my hubby was fucking his sister, but I was getting more out of it from Arvind. Like Arvind said, “We were even.” The sex life between me and Sri too was normal; with both of us making sure that we didn’t let each other know our little secrets. It was a healthy sex life. He never showed any dislike over me and I did the same. We were still a happily married couple.

Then in the month after the first fuck with Arvind, it happened. Just as I feared, or just as I wanted, I missed my period. I knew it was the pregnancy, yet, I waited till the next month. The next month, I checked with my gynecologist, and then broke the news to both the fathers! 

“Wow..!!!” Sri was dumbstruck at the thought of becoming a father. Gave me a huge hug and presented me with a necklace. 

Arvind took me to a large silk saree showroom which belonged to a friend of his, and on the pretext of buying me a nice saree, he celebrated by giving me the best kinkiest fuck of my life in the changing rooms of the showroom. The saree he bought me from that shop thus got the cum stains even before it left the shop!

The second trimester moved on, with little bit of fucking. I missed the usual fiery fucks, as I was pregnant, and my hubby wasn’t fucking me on the pretext of that and his sister therefore got fucked like a whore. Then, it was Arvind who made sure that I had some nice fucks to my heart’s content. I’m sure my hubby and Preethi made the best out of this. I’m not worried for them except that she shouldn’t get pregnant before marriage as she was still in college.

The third trimester came and it was time to go home. This time again, it was Arvind, who volunteered to take some time off his work and take care of me. My hubby said, he had some work, so he couldn’t come.

“Take care of yourselves akka. I’ll take care of anna till you come back.” Preethi was saying as we boarded the train. “You don’t even know how to cook. I don’t know how you two are going to manage.” I said to them. “I’ll learn akka.” She was chiding. We bid farewell and took the train to home. It was 12 hour long journey back. And we had a separate cabin to ourselves.

It was Arvind who broke the ice. “I bet those two will fuck like anything tonight.” He said.

“Tonight, and every night till I come back.” I said and laughed. 

Then, I felt the baby kicking inside me. “Ohh…” I gasped. “What happened?” he panicked. “Nothing… Your baby just kicked.” I said, hugging and kissing him. 

“I’ve always wanted to ask you… is it really our baby??” 

“Of course, you dumb! This is your baby. Your seed…” I said kissing him again.

He pushed my saree aside my huge tummy and placed his hands on it trying to feel the baby. He bent and kept his ears along the tummy trying to hear the sounds of the 7 month old baby.

Then he was silent for a few moments. “What are you thinking about?” I asked him.

“No. nothing. I was just… I was just wondering how you would look if you are butt naked now, now that you have the baby inside…” he trailed. “I had never seen a pregnant lady fully naked you know…” he was blushing.

“Is that it? Come on Arvind. You could have just asked me. You are the father. You have every right to ask anything you want, even if it is to see me butt naked. Shut the door now.”

He shut the cabin door and locked it tight. I started undressing slowly under the glowing light of the filament lamp above us. 

“It reminds me of the first fuck we had.” I said to him as I let go off my saree from my shoulders.

“What’s with that?” he asked.

“You are still shy like that day. Besides, It was not an accident, I did seduce you very easily.” I laughed and unbuttoned my blouse and stripped it off from my shoulders.

“Oh my god, did you really? I never noticed. I still thought, it happened just like that.” He said as he grabbed my blouse and put it aside.

“Yes. It was me who made that happen, else I wouldn’t be having your baby in me today. It kind of feels nice and kinky to have my brother’s child. I love this feeling.” Saying so, I undid my pregnancy bra, taking it off. My breasts have by this time bloomed and have grown huge, hanging like two milk pots as a result of my pregnancy. 

I sat beside him and let him caress my breasts as I undid the rest of my clothes. He started fondling with my huge mammary glands, grabbing them tight, massaging them each with his palm. “You’ve breasts have changed a lot…” he was saying as a matter of fact. 

“Of course, I’m pregnant, my breasts have grown! I’m a big girl now!” I said to him teasingly. I was fully naked now. My cunt hairs had grown like a bush by this time. His fingers were feeling all the way from my breasts to my thighs and my hairy wet cunt along my tummy and then back again.

“Shall I say something, you look the sexiest now, with the baby in you… sexiest than I ever seen you before. Not even on our first fuck, I found you so sexy.” He said and started fingering me. I helped him undress himself. We both were naked now and we had more than 8 hours of travel left.

“Is it true that you shouldn’t get fucked at this stage of pregnancy?” he was truly worried. “Yes. But I can’t control the urge. I badly need a fuck, some wild fuck, like you used to give me before. Don’t say no. just fuck me, pleasssssse.” I was almost pleading him. Yes, I needed a fuck very badly as a matter of fact. 

“Now that you are pregnant, I can’t fuck by being at the top. It’ll hurt the baby. You need to bend. Well, that isn’t good either. You can’t bend. Can you kneel down on the cabin floor?” he asked me.

Without expecting any answer, he laid down the small mattress we brought with us on the floor, and made me kneel beside the window. “Are you okay? Comfortable?” He was asking me every now and then like a caring husband! 

He slowly let a couple of fingers into my cunt, trying to lubricate it for a nice fuck. He spit into the cunt to make sure I’m comfortable. Even as he started, I let out a loud squeal with ecstasy. In a few seconds, I was ready for the fuck. He slowly let his penis into my cunt from the back, grabbing my hips and then my huge tummy. 

He started with a short stroke and then with faster ones. I let out a loud moan and started panting. Unlike previously, now, I couldn’t match up with his speed and my back started developing pains. Soon we came up with an alternative. He laid me with my back on the mattress and then held up my legs putting them on his shoulders, helping me raise my hips with a pile of clothes.

He started fucking me hard, and now, I was more comfortable. He was riding with passion and my moans and squeals got lost in the sound of the running train. The cabin was hot with sex. And I could feel my cunt dripping with juices. It had been a long time since I had a nice dripping slushy fucking sex like this. Oh my god!

In minutes he was about to shoot his load of cum. He pulled it out of me. Then, it came, wads of cum, sprinting over my huge breasts, splashing on my tummy. I tasted it with my fingers. “It still tastes good.” He laughed hearing me say that. It wasn’t enough. I haven’t had enough sex for the night, and he helped me out by fingering and sucking my cunt till I came. 

“How does it feel? good?” I asked him.

“Real nice. To fuck a pregnant woman, that too my sister. I liked it. I don’t know, if I would get another chance again.” He said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance when I have another baby of yours next time.” And we both laughed. We slept naked, hugging each other, after quite a long time. The train reached the station as usual late on time, yet, we couldn’t wake up due to our tiredness. I didn’t even have time, to clean the dried cum off my tits, tummy and cunt. I got dressed and there was mom, dad and our little brother, Karthik, waiting for us at the station.

He stayed home for a couple of days, but had to get back to work. 

The next time I saw him was when all of them, Arvind, Sri, Preethi and her younger sister Sowmya had come to see me on the day of my labor. He kissed me off to labor room. 

“I need to say something to you…” he was saying.

“What is that?” I asked him. 

“A little secret that happened when you were away.” 

“Don’t say you fucked Preethi!” I said to him cheekily.

He was silent.

“What? Did you??” I was surprised.

He nodded with a smile.

“Oh my god! How could you ever cheat me?” I teased him.

“Are you angry at me?” he asked.

“Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, we… myself, mom, dad, and Sri’s parents have decided something as well. You are getting a punishment. You are destined to fuck her all your life my brother!” I said to him smilingly

“Oh noooo…! He groaned mockingly and we both laughed.

“Before I go, does she know our little secret?” I asked him.

“No. she doesn’t know. But I know her little secret. Your hubby had fucked her the same night I fucked you. She was a virgin then. She had a sore cunt as a result of two nights of fucking!” 

“I knew he would do something like that.” I said.

Then my hubby came in. We had to stop our little talk there. I went in for labor and came out with a cute little baby girl. Everyone said, she looked like me, thankfully. Weeks went on.

Then came another chance for me to be with Arvind again. Everyone in the family including the little baby girl had gone to temple, on the pretext of doing some prayers for both our well being. As I was not allowed to go, I had to stay back, sadly to the company of my brother. 

With the tummy back to normal and with regular exercises I was getting back my shape. I was still breast feeding. The house I grew up was a small yet cosy one filled with memories. 

And now, it is now going to get added with an unforgettable experience as well. There isn’t any air conditioning, but it is well lit and airy with all those glass ventilators at the roof. Immediately after everyone left, we hit the bed together.

“Care for a bath together?” I asked Arvind.

“Yeah sure!” he dropped off into the bath in a towel. He helped me undress my nighty, then my blouse, my petticoat and my panties. 

“Since when did you start wearing panties recently?” he asked. 

“Hey, I used to wear, though not frequently. Now with the baby, I feel the urge for frequent urination. And this is kind of nappies for me…” I explained.

“Woww… akka.. you’re the one… always.. sexy!” he was commenting on my body, when I became buck naked.

“Whats different?” I asked him.

“Hmm… small tummy…” We both laughed. 

“Still larger breasts…” he said grabbing them each with his hands and mockingly weighing them with his hands. Just as he squeezed, he saw milk squirting out my nipples.

“Wowww… what’s this? Can I… Can I have a taste of it?” he asked.

“Uh hmm… not now.. now soap me. Lets have a bath.” I said.

“Oh.. come on akka… let me at least kiss them for now.” Saying so, he gave a light kiss on each of my breasts and suckled them softly a couple of times. I felt a current of lightning going down along my spine. It felt so good. 

And then we soaped and bathed each other, surprisingly without any mischief. Except when he soaped my cunt, which I had trimmed recently. “Hmm… trimmed cunt..” he was making a statement.

As we finished, he grabbed and lifted me, carrying me to the bed. It reminded me of the day when he carried me halfway through the soap. It was indeed a wild night.

Just as he lay naked on the bed, I was toweling myself standing before him. “Come on. How long will you take?” he teased. 

“Don’t be in a hurry. I’m not allowing you to fuck my cunt today!” I said.

“What?? No way!” saying so he tried to grab me.

“Wait till you hear fully idiot! I said, you are not allowed to fuck my cunt, but you can fuck some other hole of mine.” I grinned.


“Shall we try something new? Ever thought of fucking my ass?” Even though we fucked each other, it never occurred to him or even to me, until the night we were both on the train. 

“Wow… Well, I thought of it, but never felt like asking you. Is it okay?” he asked me again.

“Yeah! It is okay! But you need to be careful. Cos, I never got fucked in my ass before. I’m still a virgin at that. I trust you because you are the one who cares for me more than anyone in the world. And I want to try it first time with you. Help me lose my virginity” I said, giving him a kiss on his lips.

“Okay. How do we start?” he asked. 

“Get whatever oil mom has in her kitchen. Mix them and pour them into my asshole”

He came up clutching three different types of oils and mixed them in a small cup. I doggy positioned myself, pushed up my ass lowering my back and then spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could, nervously. Yes, I was nervous. This is going to be my first time, truly. I didn’t know what to expect.

He slowly let in a couple of fingers and spreading a bit, poured a good amount of oil into the asshole, which I felt slushy as it went in. Then he started finger fucking my asshole, first with one finger, then with two fingers and then with three. Anything beyond three would have been impossible as I felt my asshole being stretched like anything with three of his three fingers inside.

I let out a gasp of air and panted. I had to finger myself a bit so as to loosen my cunt and asshole. “Are you ready?” he asked. He was ready with his hot rod ready to take the plunge into my rear exit. This is going to be one hell of an experience. 

Already I could feel my cunt dripping with juices and my bed getting stained with those little drops of juices.

breasts and suckled them softly a couple of times. I felt a current of lightning going down along my spine. It felt so good. 

And then we soaped and bathed each other, surprisingly without any mischief. Except when he soaped my cunt, which I had trimmed recently. “Hmm… trimmed cunt..” he was making a statement.

As we finished, he grabbed and lifted me, carrying me to the bed. It reminded me of the day when he carried me halfway through the soap. It was indeed a wild night.

Just as he lay naked on the bed, I was toweling myself standing before him. “Come on. How long will you take?” he teased. 

“Don’t be in a hurry. I’m not allowing you to fuck my cunt today!” I said.

“What?? No way!” saying so he tried to grab me.

“Wait till you hear fully idiot! I said, you are not allowed to fuck my cunt, but you can fuck some other hole of mine.” I grinned.


“Shall we try something new? Ever thought of fucking my ass?” Even though we fucked each other, it never occurred to him or even to me, until the night we were both on the train. 

“Wow… Well, I thought of it, but never felt like asking you. Is it okay?” he asked me again.

“Yeah! It is okay! But you need to be careful. Cos, I never got fucked in my ass before. I’m still a virgin at that. I trust you because you are the one who cares for me more than anyone in the world. And I want to try it first time with you. Help me lose my virginity” I said, giving him a kiss on his lips.

“Okay. How do we start?” he asked. 

“Get whatever oil mom has in her kitchen. Mix them and pour them into my asshole”

He came up clutching three different types of oils and mixed them in a small cup. I doggy positioned myself, pushed up my ass lowering my back and then spread my ass cheeks as wide as I could, nervously. Yes, I was nervous. This is going to be my first time, truly. I didn’t know what to expect.

He slowly let in a couple of fingers and spreading a bit, poured a good amount of oil into the asshole, which I felt slushy as it went in. Then he started finger fucking my asshole, first with one finger, then with two fingers and then with three. Anything beyond three would have been impossible as I felt my asshole being stretched like anything with three of his three fingers inside.

I let out a gasp of air and panted. I had to finger myself a bit so as to loosen my cunt and asshole. “Are you ready?” he asked. He was ready with his hot rod ready to take the plunge into my rear exit. This is going to be one hell of an experience. 

Already I could feel my cunt dripping with juices and my bed getting stained with those little drops of juices.

Then it occurred to me. “Hey, did you ass fuck Preethi?” I asked him.

“No. akka. I haven’t. This is the first time for me too.” I was relieved.

“Okay. Go slow. When I say stop, stop! If you go any further, I’ll kill you!” I cautioned him.

“It’ll be okay akka. I’ll take care. Okay here I go.” He said and pushed the bulb of his cock into my asshole. Even with all that lubrication, it stretched my puckered hole and went in with a soft pop. I gasped. Phew! I could feel something hot and hard stuck from my back. As if hot oil in a deep frying pan!

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yesss…” I purred.

He pushed a bit further. It split the whole of my asshole touching my rectum. Now he grabbed my hips and started pushing slowly but with full force. I gasped again in pain and my eyes became watery. “Oh my god… oh my god.. stop… stop..” I was yelling unable to bear the pain. And he stopped. “Let me relax. Let me relax.” I was saying it fast in between the gasps. He let go of my hips and grabbed my breasts and kneading them slowly.

“Okay. Push again. Slowly.” And he did. It went in fully and I again let out a gasp, as it hit somewhere near the pelvis.

He waited and then pulled halfway out slowly. Then again pushed in. then it continued. With gasps and pants and yells and laughs, and squeals of excitement both of us were enjoying our first ass fucking session. I was now getting accustomed to the girth of his cock that he paced up his fuck. Soon it was so much enjoyable than pain.

He started squeezing my milk pots hard, that milk started squirting out of my breasts, on to my bed. I felt like a cow in heat, being milked. Then I thought, ‘I should do this every day, get milked like a cow’.

“Hey stop. Don’t do that. The milk is squirting all over the bed” I was saying.

He didn’t stop. He milked my breasts and my milk squirted and shot all over the bed. It was really kinky to watch it squirt all over.

It took us a lot more time than my first cunt fuck with him, yet we both felt good. Then came the ramming, begging, shouting and squealing, and then, he shot his wad filling up my asshole. As he pulled out, I hugged and kissed him with passion. 

We both lay entwined on the bed for some time. As always, he started fiddling with my breasts. They were beet red with his squeezing, with a bit of milk on the nipples.

“Do you still have milk in them?” He asked.

“Yes. Do you want to suck the milk out of them? Want to have a taste?

“Yes. I love to. Its been quite a long loooong time since I had tasted breast milk. I don’t remember mom’s breasts. But I’m imagining. I bet they were as good as you.” He grinned.

“Oh. Baby. Come on. Suck as much milk you want. All my milk is for you. Come on, suck my breasts.” I was coaxing him like he was my baby.

He moved into my wet lap and I pushed my left breast into his mouth. He started sucking slowly and then with slurping sounds.

“How does it taste? Good?” I asked him.

“Hmmm…” he let out a moan as he continued to suck my breast milk like a baby.

It was an exciting feeling, as it was always while feeding my baby. I moaned as he sucked my breasts again and again. I grabbed his cock and started giving a hand job. He finished sucked all the milk out of me. I squirted the last of my milk right on his face covering it with milk and we both laughed.

“So, say to me… how did you manage to fuck Preethi? I asked him.

“It isn’t a long story akka… 

One day, I caught her sneaking into our room, watching me take bath. Then I said, it was only ‘even’ to see her naked too. Then we kissed and then I fucked. That’s it to that story. Nothing as interesting…”

“Hmmm… it will get interesting when u marry her. So, how did you get out her secret?”

“She wasn’t feeling well for some time. Mama was away, I really took care of her and she just spurted it out saying she was guilty. I think she loves me now.”

“Yeah, I think too. Cos, it was her dad and mom who spoke to us first about your marriage. mom and dad asked me. I thought it would be great to have this within the family; besides, I can be with you without being jealous. So I said, ok. Is it ok for you? Do you like her too?”

“I like her too. But akka, I wish you were my wife.” He said.

“It’s okay da. We can’t change our life. But we can keep this jus between us. Now I feel like having another of your baby. Next year this time, I want to have another of your baby. Okay with you?”

“Oh. Sure!” his face was lit up with a wide grin…
We slept naked together till evening when the family was back from the temple. I was a bit angry with them for not letting me go to temple with them. Then mom said, it was really a long journey and a new mother like me shouldn’t take her chances. May be I could go to the nearby Ganesha temple. 

“Ma.. Its not even a temple. It’s just a tree with a idol housed in a room beneath it. Also, it is very isolated. I can’t go alone in this evening” I was saying. 

“May be you could take Arvind with you.”

On hearing that my cunt twitched. “Ok. If he wants to come.” I said.

But surprisingly, he said, he can’t come with me. He actually had an arrangement to take Preethi out that night. 

Then, my younger brother, who is 18, whispered something on mom’s ears. After that mom said, “Well, then you can go with Karthik.” Now that I had my head into it, I can’t back out, saying, I can go only with the eldest brother and not with the younger.

Karthik had his own 50cc two-wheeler. I hopped on to the back and he started the ignition. 

“The road is bumby akka. Hold on to my waist.” He was saying. And so I did.

We were halfway to the temple. We were both silent. “So, I’ve haven’t seen a long time after you marriage. How is life akka??”

“It’s going good da. How are you?” I asked him.

“Hmmm… I will be moving out of college hostel in a couple of months, four months to be exact. I thought may be I could join you at Chennai.” 

“But, it is a very small house da. Already four of us are staying there.” I was saying.

“akka… what? Don’t you know anything at all that happens in our house? May be you are too busy in some other things.” He was teasing.

“Why? What happened?”

And suddenly, the tired screeched and came to a halt as he braked precariously before a pot hole in the middle of the road. The force made me move front in one full motion and my breasts smashed against his back fully. I held him more tightly now with my breasts sandwiched on his back so that I wouldn’t fall off the motorcycle.

“Sorry akka. I didn’t notice it.”

“It’s okay.” I was saying. Yet, the feeling of my breasts smashing against my brother’s back made me a bit horny.

He continued to ride. We reached the temple. I finished my prayers. Then we took a walk along the small lake that was beside the temple. It was still evening. The sun hadn’t set yet. It was so serene and beautiful to watch the sun set behind the orange sky. It was so romantic. I was longing for Sri to feel my throbbing cunt or was it Arvind. I don’t know, I just wanted to feel some one at my crotch. My hand involuntarily went to my groins.

My thought was disrupted by Karthik.

“Hmm.. what was I saying? Yes… both, dad and uncle (Sri’s dad) have bought you a new house in Chennai as a gift for your little girl. It is a huge four-bedroom one. I’m not supposed to say this to you. It has to be a secret. Don’t let anyone know that you know this.” He was saying.

“Oh my god… is it really??” I was indeed surprised. It was so good of my parents and in-laws to give us a new house. “Then, I think we can have you in our house.” I said thoughtfully.

“Oh… thank you very much akka.” He hugged me tightly.

“Oh my god…” he said.

“What happened?” I was asking.

“Your… Your saree is stained…” he was pointing to the part of my saree, covering my breasts.

“Oh no… not now…” I said disappointingly. My horny feeling had made my breasts leak, staining my bra, my blouse and now, the milk is seeping thru the saree that it is more visible on the outside. I was blushing.

“I can’t go home with this.” I was almost crying.

“Well, you can wait till the night, may be…” he was suggesting an idea. Somehow that idea reminded me of Arvind on the night we came back from the market; the night I gave him a nice blowjob in the car.

So, we both sat beside the tree watching the sun set.

“Does this happen very often, akka?” he was asking.

I was in my own thought that I didn’t grasp what he said. “What? What were you asking?” I asked him back.

“Well, I asked whether this happens often. This stains on your saree…”

“No. Usually, the baby would have the milk. It has been almost a day since I gave milk to the baby, since you guys went to the temple. It pains if you don’t give milk for a long time, as it gets settled there. And then it starts leaking.” I was explaining.

“Does it pain now? How do you get rid of this pain?” he was asking with interest now.

“Yes, it does pain now. Hope I get home soon. It will be okay if I get the milk out.” 

“But, what if the baby is not hungry or asleep?

“Then, I need someone to help me out. Like Sri, sucking them out.”

“I think we should go home soon then.” He was saying as a matter of fact.

“Nooo.. how could we go now… I’m all stained. All the people’s eyes on the town will be on me only.” I said.

“What can we do then?” he said thinking. “May I suggest you an idea?” he asked.

“What do you have?” I asked him.

“If it is okay for you, may be I can help you to get the milk out, just for now, I mean. I can suck the milk out for you, if it is okay with you.” He suggested. Well, he is bolder than Arvind, I thought.

I didn’t know, if he was genuinely caring or if he was just making that up to get a taste of my breasts. I didn’t care. Cos, I was horny. 

“Its okay, but we can’t do this here. I mean, we need to get in somewhere so that people wouldn’t notice.” I said.

“Hmm… yes..” he was thinking. “I’ve got an idea.” Saying so, he grabbed my hand, went to the temple door and unlocked it with the key. It is our family temple, so not much people come there and our family had the keys. He asked me to get into the Garba Graha (Sanctum Sanctorum).

‘Oh my god! Is he going to suck my breasts inside the temple of god? Am I going to be naked inside the sacred room??’ I was thrilled. My heart started to beat faster.

“Karthik, is it okay to do this inside the temple?” I asked him just for the sake of asking.

“It’s just a temporary solution. Besides it is our god. I’m doing it for good only. Its okay I think.” He said and took hold of my hand pulling me behind the huge ganesha idol.

The room, as usual was dark, with oil lamps on both sides. It was giving a spiritual feel as the scent of the garlands made of rose and Jasmine decorated the idol. The floor was filled with rose petals, new and old, that came off the garlands. There was more than enough space for two of us to stretch behind the God’s idol.

He carefully locked the door from inside, and then asked me to sit behind the idol. This was making me secretly very horny. I could feel myself being wet between my thighs. My cunt was indeed flowing with juices now. 

“Are you just going to sit there, thinking of something??” he was asking me. ‘Damn! I heard this somewhere before. Yes, I was saying this same words to Arvind, the first time, I was about to fuck him. Now my youngest brother was saying this to me.’

Now the accumulated milk on my milk pots made it increasingly paining for me, also leaking much more as I was much hornier than minutes before. My saree had two huge stains just outside my breasts. If I don’t do something about it now, my saree would look a whole lot messier when I get home.

So, I pulled my saree off my shoulders as I sat cross-legged in the house of God. I had a look at my blouse. It looked much worse than my saree, as it had stained a lot. When I glanced at Karthik, I could see him gasp and his pants making a tent. 

“I guess, my bra would be fully soaked with milk by now…” I was saying to myself, loud enough for him to hear, which made him twitch, as I ripped off my blouse from my shoulders. Usually I don’t remove my blouse to feed my baby. But now, I felt like being naked before my brother wantonly. I could see his hands hovering over his rock-hard dick inside his pants.

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“What do you have?” I asked him.

“If it is okay for you, may be I can help you to get the milk out, just for now, I mean. I can suck the milk out for you, if it is okay with you.” He suggested. Well, he is bolder than Arvind, I thought.

I didn’t know, if he was genuinely caring or if he was just making that up to get a taste of my breasts. I didn’t care. Cos, I was horny.

“Its okay, but we can’t do this here. I mean, we need to get in somewhere so that people wouldn’t notice.” I said.

“Hmm… yes..” he was thinking. “I’ve got an idea.” Saying so, he grabbed my hand, went to the temple door and unlocked it with the key. It is our family temple, so not much people come there and our family had the keys. He asked me to get into the Garba Graha (Sanctum Sanctorum).

‘Oh my god! Is he going to suck my breasts inside the temple of god? Am I going to be naked inside the sacred room??’ I was thrilled. My heart started to beat faster.

“Karthik, is it okay to do this inside the temple?” I asked him just for the sake of asking.

“It’s just a temporary solution. Besides it is our god. I’m doing it for good only. Its okay I think.” He said and took hold of my hand pulling me behind the huge ganesha idol.

The room, as usual was dark, with oil lamps on both sides. It was giving a spiritual feel as the scent of the garlands made of rose and Jasmine decorated the idol. The floor was filled with rose petals, new and old, that came off the garlands. There was more than enough space for two of us to stretch behind the God’s idol.

He carefully locked the door from inside, and then asked me to sit behind the idol. This was making me secretly very horny. I could feel myself being wet between my thighs. My cunt was indeed flowing with juices now.

“Are you just going to sit there, thinking of something??” he was asking me. ‘Damn! I heard this somewhere before. Yes, I was saying this same words to Arvind, the first time, I was about to fuck him. Now my youngest brother was saying this to me.’

Now the accumulated milk on my milk pots made it increasingly paining for me, also leaking much more as I was much hornier than minutes before. My saree had two huge stains just outside my breasts. If I don’t do something about it now, my saree would look a whole lot messier when I get home.

So, I pulled my saree off my shoulders as I sat cross-legged in the house of God. I had a look at my blouse. It looked much worse than my saree, as it had stained a lot. When I glanced at Karthik, I could see him gasp and his pants making a tent.

“I guess, my bra would be fully soaked with milk by now…” I was saying to myself, loud enough for him to hear, which made him twitch, as I ripped off my blouse from my shoulders. Usually I don’t remove my blouse to feed my baby. But now, I felt like being naked before my brother wantonly. I could see his hands hovering over his rock-hard dick inside his pants.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

“I’m okay. It is just that I got a bit excited,” he was frank enough to say that to me. ‘He is not at all like Arvind. May be I should’ve tried this stud first.’ I thought to myself. But he is only 18.

“It’s okay to feel that way. You can let it out if you feel uncomfortable holding it inside.” I was saying.

And he did. He unzipped his pants, pushed his briefs aside and letting out his monster cock. It was huge. It was hard. It was thick. It was curved like banana. And it was throbbing. I panted.

But it was time to make my move in this lets-see-who-is-better kind of session. My bra was indeed soaked fully with my milk and sweat. He could make out my areola and nipples inside my wet sticky white bra even in that glimmering light from the oil lamps.

I unhooked the bra and released my mammoth breasts. I was naked up from the hips. The mangalsutra and a gold chain graced my cleavage. The gold ear drops were twinkling in the light. My bangles were making a clanking sound every time I moved my hands.

My milk pots jumped out longing for hold. They were hard and red, with milk peeping out of my nipples.

“It is indeed paining. You are going to have a whole lot of work to do.” I grinned at him.

He moved to my lap like a baby and holding my right breast with his hands, he started suckling it vigorously. The milk was just starting to flow. I was feeling a sense of relief. The moment I felt his mouth on my nipples, I felt a gush of juices flowing along my thighs. Then he stopped. He moved out.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“I can’t do it like this. My neck is paining. Is it okay for you to lie down?” he asked me. ‘This is getting better and better, much like a real fuck’, I thought.

I lied down on my back. He moved beside me and then holding my breasts with his palm, started sucking. But his shirt was giving me an uncomfortable feeling of he being fully clothed and me being naked.

“Can you take off your shirt? It hurts my skin.” I said.

“Okay…” he undid the buttons of his shirts and revealed his naked chest.

“Boy, you look charming and sexy.” I said to him. He indeed was. He was a sportsman; no wonder had a great masculine body even at that age of 18. I was 24. He is the most masculine person I’ve seen naked. Hmm… the comparison is getting much tougher now, as I compared him with both Arvind and Sri. I couldn’t stop giggling.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Nothing, just continue…” I said to him. And he started sucking my breasts. I could feel the milk flow out. So were my juices. It was an amazing feeling to feel my body leaking sensuously at two places. My left hand was now inside my saree and petticoat, grazing along my panties.

Time passed. He didn’t stop. Obviously, there was so much milk in my breasts. The pain had gone down and I was beginning to get much hornier. The room was hot, and I was sweating. I could feel him sweat too, as my right hand moved along the small of his hard back.

A lot of thoughts ran over my mind. Being sucked by both my brothers on the same day, the younger one, sucking me just after his elder brother. I was feeling like a slut. It is now getting deeper into the family. From nowhere, I felt the soreness of the ass fuck from the morning. My cunt was twitching and aching to get the same feel of my sore ass.

I was rubbing my panty/petticoat/saree-clad cunt fervently. He saw that too.

“I’ll help you remove them. You’ll feel more comfortable.” He said, stopping his sucking act.

“Yess…. Pleasssssseeee… do it…” I was panting and almost moaning.

The anklets were making tinkling sounds as I stretched my legs. He moved to my legs and pulled my saree folds that were tugged along my hips. Then he carefully undid the knots of my petticoat, pulling it along with my wet panty in one swift movement.

I can’t believe myself. I was now stark naked, lying horny inside a temple, which people think to be very sacred. He had a look at my glistening trimmed cunt, but then moved to start sucking my other breast.

“Wait a minute. Enough of milk sucking! Do you want to fuck me?” I asked as I got up and undid my plaited hair. Yes, I just asked just-like-that. He was so frank unlike his brother, and it is only a matter of time that he’d be suggesting that. Before that, I did.

“Yes, I want to.” He said. There was no hesitation. There was no question, asking, I’m your brother, you’re my sister, is it right to fuck the sister, all those blah-blah-blahs. We both knew, we wanted it badly now.

“Then, undress fully and lie on your back.” I said to him, taking command. He was 18, obeyed his sister 6 years older than him, promptly doing what I said and lied down.

I spread my legs on his sides, sitting on his stomach. Slowly, I raised myself, grabbing his thick curved cock, positioning it to match my cunt lips. Then I lowered on him slowly. We both let out a gasp at the same time. His cock slowly started to slip inch by inch splitting my cunt. I could feel the hotness filling inside me.

His cock is so far the largest of all the three. And the curvedness made me feel as though a snake was sniveling into my cunt, making waves of passionate feelings. The curved cock head was scraping thru the walls of my cunt. I gasped and panted. So did he.

He grabbed both my breasts with his hands and gave it a tight squeeze. Immediately, milk squirted out of them splattering all over his sweaty body.

“Oh.. my god! This is fucking sexy.” He was saying, as he milked my breasts.

Milk started to form a white puddle, filling his navel and his stomach.

“I don’t want to waste this. He pulled out a small container that was at the closest corner of the room and placed it on his stomach, expertly milking my breasts into that container.

That made me even hornier. I started to move in rhythmic vertical movements doing my own milking thing with his cock. I felt his cock hit the wall of my cunt, edging into the vagina, and there was still more of it left outside.

“I’m sure you are going to fuck my vagina too…” I was saying to him in between our pants. Yes, as I painfully lowered myself fully, I could feel his cockhead in my vagina. I felt it filling up to my stomach.

By now the milk had stopped coming out of my breasts. The milk pots were empty. The container was almost full… almost a litre I think.

“akka… I’m about to come…” even before he finished saying that, he groaned out aloud and his groan echoed as it hit the walls of that small steamy sacred room of god.

“Yes, me too.” I said, as I panted, and felt rhythms of orgasm filling my body, making me shiver, as his cock throbbed and vibrated inside me.

Now again, I was imagining things. Now, I didn’t want to have my second child from Arvind, but from my youngest brother, Karthik. Arvind got his chance already. I wasted to try something new. Besides, Karthik is so huge and good at fucking, better than both the men I’ve fucked before.

I was tired, and laid myself on his chest, with both my breasts mashing between our bodies. His cock was still inside my cunt. He put both his hands around my sweaty back, and we lay there entwined, for what seemed like eons.

“Oh no… I’m very tired. I could use some fresh air.” I said kissing his cheeks and then getting up.

“Me too…” he said as he got up.

“My breasts are surprisingly feeling light. Thanks to you.” I said.

He hugged my naked body giving me a kiss. “Thanks to you too… akka.” He said.

I was about to dress myself, when he stopped me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“No, don’t wear anything. Let’s take a walk without our dresses. Let’s take a naked walk around the lake.”

“Oh no… I can’t come naked. I feel very shy. What if someone sees us?” I asked him truly afraid.

“Its okay akka. Remember? This is our family temple. Besides, no one comes here, not at this time of the night. Come on. Take my hand. You’ll feel good.”

Just before we stepped out of the temple naked, we saw the container full of my breast milk.

“What are we going to do with that? I thought you were crazy when u did that. But I felt it was kinky too. I liked it.” I was saying to him.

“Well, I’ve got an idea for that too.” He said grinning. Boy, he surprises me more than Arvind.

“What is that?” I asked him.

“Just sit beside the god.” He pulled me and made me sit beside the idol. I was naked and I was sitting beside god.

“Well, I feel as if I’m the wife of Lord Ganesha.” I was saying.

“That’s the point.” He said and then grabbing the container. Then he poured some of the milk on the top of the idol doing an act of glorying the gods (It is called ‘paalabishegam’ in tamil).

“Wait, are you going to do this divine act on me with my own breastmilk??” even before I uttered those words, he did just that. He poured almost a litre of my milk over my head. The milk flowed all over my body, flowing along my cleavage and my cunt lips.

“You are my god now.” He was saying.

“Oh my god… you are really crazy… I’m going to like you very much.” Saying so, I got up, and tried to wipe the milk off my face and off my body.

“No… don’t do that. Lets the milk drip off your body. Let it dry on its own as we take a walk along the lake.”

“Are you going to make me walk naked with my milk dripping off my body? No way!”

But, minutes later, I was walking naked hand-in-hand with my brother, along the banks of the lake, wet and sticky with my own milk over my body. It wasn’t cold, but the cool breeze made me move closer to his side as we walked. It was a moonlit night. Not many stars in the sky. Yet, it was good.

“You know what, akka? You really look like a goddess now.” He said grabbing my breasts and kneading them as he kissed me on the mouth.

Slowly I pulled his hand from my breasts and placed it on my cunt.

“Wowww… it is real hot down there…” he was saying.

“I think I want to fuck you again.” I whispered in his ears.

There we were, two naked people standing on the edge of a lake, where the moon shined on the waters, both hugging and kissing each other. It was so romantic. It was so sexy. It was so horny. It was outrageously wild. I didn’t want that moment to pass.

“You know, what I think? I think we should head back home. It is getting very late. Besides, I’ll be there in Chennai in a few months. We’ll have a great time there. Okay??” he asked.

“Yes. I’ll miss u very much till then. You are the most adventurous man I’ve ever met. Not even Sri, not even Arvind.” I blurted out.

“What? You had sex with brother too??” he asked surprisingly.

“What? Did I say that?? Do you mind? Oh my god. Please don’t say that to anyone… okay?”

“It’s okay. I won’t say it to anyone, as long as I get a good share of fucking with you.” He grinned and then kissed me.

He then carried me back to the temple, where we dressed ourselves. I plaited my hair back. But it was tough to get back my make-up. I was feeling so slutty. I hoped no one would notice the change.

We were back on the two-wheeler, heading home. At one moment I thought why is this world like this? Why can’t we girls marry our own brothers? We grow up with them, we love them so much, yet we need to marry someone else, whom we don’t even know.

Why cant sex outside family be taboo. Then I thought, may be I can do that, bring up my own family so that we can keep sex within the family. May be I can, really.

Then I came back to my thoughts. I hugged him tightly as he drove us to our house. I love him so much.

“You know what? The baby I had now is actually, Arvind’s daughter.” I was saying.

“Woww… is it?” he asked.

“Yes… May be I should have my second baby from you.” I said.

“May be, yes.” He laughed. “We’ve got enough time for that.”

Now, I really felt very close to him, more than Sri, more than Arvind. I wanted to share all my fantasies, all those thoughts of having it within the family and many more.

‘Yes, we’ve got enough time…’ I said to myself, as we reached home, and as I sneaked into my bath, without being noticed by anyone. And there it started, the plan for the whole family, raising a different family in years to come.It was Karthik’s choice to name the baby girl as Chitra. And we did name her that. Dad and uncle gave us the new house as a gift to Chitra. We, four of us, Me, Sri, Preethi and Arvind moved to the new house the very next week. We did a small house-warming ceremony.

The house actually had five bedrooms, not four. Four of them were on the first floor, and the last one at the ground floor. It was really huge. Even though I’m not from a rich family, Sri, Preethi and Sowmya were. Uncle, who is really my mom’s brother had made really good in his business.

It was like a villa, in the prestigious suburb of Chennai. We had our own garden with lush green lawns and trees. Only the swimming pool was missing. But really, the house was huge. Each bedroom had a nice balcony, with attached bath. There was a bathroom that had two doors each leading to a different bedroom. 

Also there was more space in the ground floor for expansion, if we needed more rooms. For now, me and Sri took a bedroom together while Arvind and Preethi had their own rooms. The last one on the top floor was empty.

We waited till Preethi finished her college, so that we can arrange their marriage. By then, both Arvind and Preethi had already got well together and going out very frequently.

Weeks passed. I was busy looking after my baby girl. I had great sex with Sri, as he couldn’t do his sister much in the last two months. Preethi finished her college, and the marriage preparations began.

And I got a chance to talk to Preethi when we went out to buy dresses for her marriage with Arvind. We were going through the brassiere section and she was trying it out in front of me in the changing room.

‘Hmmm… not much like me. Her breasts are small, but supple. Okay, she is sexy to some extent.’ I was gauging her.

“So, how long have you been doing this?” I asked her.

“Doing what?” she asked me.

“You know what I mean. Having sex with your own brother?” I surprised her.

She was stunned and dropped her bra which she was about to try on her naked breasts. She saw me gazing at her breasts. Then, she came to her senses and hooked it on to her breasts.

“What are you speaking about?” she was asking.

“Oh… come on… I know all of it.”

“Who said that to you??”

“Who would? Remember Preethi? Your brother is actually my husband. And don’t even think of speaking about this to him.”

“No way, he wouldn’t have told you.”

“Yes, he did.” Now she was blushing. ‘Actually he didn’t!’ I was making that up.

She was silent.

“Did you like it having sex with your brother? Was it good?” I asked.

“Why don’t you ask Sri?” she asked mockingly.

“I’m asking you. You say it to me, frankly. This will be just between us.”

“Yes, I liked it very much.”

“Do you want to have his baby?” I asked her.

“No. what are you talking about?” she was almost crying now that her secret is out.

I gave her a hug. “Preethi, it is okay. I’m like your sister. I wont say this to anyone.” I was comforting her.

“Yes. I love him so much. I want to have his baby. Please don’t say this to anyone. Please.” She was crying.

“Oh my god… I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m asking the wife whether I can have a child from her husband. What am I doing?” she was sobbing at my shoulders.

“Its okay. I’ll let you have your baby from your brother.”

She didn’t say anything. We came out of the changing room into the panty section. “So, what do you get in this deal?” she asked after thinking a lot.

“Only that, I want a night with my brother too. Just like you.”

“What? Are you in love with your own brother too??” she asked grinning.

“Yes. Is it okay with you? You can have ur brother on ur first night, while I have mine. But, we should do it in such a way that my brother doesn’t know that you are having Sri’s baby. Okay?”

“Wowww… Okay… you know what? I love you so much.” She said hugging me and kissing me on my cheeks.

“Do you want to try those panties?” I asked her.

“Why? Do you want to see my naked cunt??” she was asking in a girlish tone.

“Yes. Why? Wouldn’t you show that to me?”

“No, I’m just a bit shy.” Preethi said.

“Oh come on.. the girl who fucked her own brother is saying she is very shy…” I commented and pulled her into the changing room with the new panties in her hand.

“Do you want me to undress fully?” She asked me with a grin.

“No.. not here. We’ll do that at home.” I said laughing.

So, she just bent to the front, pulling her saree and petticoat up and pulling down the panties she was wearing. The panties were now rolled down at her ankles.

I made her sit on the chair there and then removed her panties from her ankles. I brought her panties to my nose and inhaled the smell of her crotch.

“Oh my god.. you are crazy… just like me…”

“Why?” I asked.

“Let me say you a secret. I used to get your panties just before putting them for a wash and used to finger myself while smelling it.” She said.

“Wowww…” I was stoned. This girl had a thing for me too.

“Hmmm… Show me your prize.” I said to her.

She slowly pulled her saree and petticoat up to her hips, showing of her hairy cunt. It was bushy and smelled of her cunt juices.

“Sri liked it just because it is hairy.” She made a point.

“Is it?” I asked her mockingly.

“Yes, of course. Don’t you know?” she asked again mockingly. And we both laughed.

“I’ll give your cunt a nice trim back home. He likes it better when it is trimmed.” I winked. I gave that I-know-because-I’m-his-wife look.

“Can I see your cunt too??” she was asking girlishly.

Quickly, I rolled up my saree and petticoat, showing off my panty covered cunt. She easily pulled my panty off to reveal my trimmed cunt and then smelled my panties.

“It is beautiful.” She said, looking at my cunt.

There we were, two grown up ladies in a changing room of the shop, awkwardly pulling up our dresses to our hips showing off our cunts to each other like we were little girls.

“Finger yourself for me.” I said.

“You too…” she grinned, and we both fingered ourselves before each other, kissing each other occasionally.

There was no time to continue as people would become suspicious, so we soothed our dresses and came out as soon as we reached orgasm. And guess what, she was wearing my panties and I was wearing hers. It was very kinky.

And as we stepped out of the shop, we felt as though we had known each other from childhood. It is really an irony that women get together soon than men do.

As we reached home, we had one full hour to ourselves. She suggested we take bath together. 

We both soaped our back and I helped her trim her cunt. “Now, it looks more sexy” I said to her. “Not sexier than yours!” she said, spreading my legs and kissing my cunt.

It felt nice, although new, to share a bath with a girl. I’ve had bath with Sri, but nothing felt so sensuous like this new experience.

We both kissed each others’ breasts, and licked each others’ cunts. She drank milk from my breasts. We came twice before we finished our bath.
Three months after we came to the new house, on the day of her marriage, I asked her to say to Sri that she wanted to have her first night with him, before she has it with Arvind. As we expected he was thrilled. 

To Arvind, I didn’t say anything, but wanted to surprise him to be his wife dressing like Preethi. 

Karthik too was at the marriage, stealing glances at me wickedly. I was more excited to see him, in fact. I wanted to fuck him too, but didn’t want all hell to break loose at the marriage hall.

So, I tried to avoid him. But he caught up with me behind the huge kitchen where food was cooked for the marriage. 

“akka… I’m very horny today.” He said as he pushed me against the wall and started kneading my breasts even with my silk saree on. I couldn’t stand anymore. I didn’t want him to stop. 

“I’m hornier too. Lets find a place.” I said to him.

Hearing that, he pulled me to the very end of the marriage hall, near the restrooms and bathrooms. It wasn’t busy, but it could in a few minutes as the marriage gets over. He pulled me into the men’s restroom. It wasn’t squeaky clean, but it wasn’t smelling shit either. We locked ourselves into a stall, and he started ripping my silk saree, stripping all my clothes one by one.

He opened the tap and let the water run down the pot, so that, no one would notice. My silk saree was now on the pot getting wet by the running water. And I was standing there with my silk blouse and petticoat on.

“You look damn sexy in this dress.. I want to fuck you like anything today, right now, right here.” He whispered on my ears.

He grabbed the blouse and in one swift motion he undid the hooks, helping me removing it. He fumbled with the knots of the petticoat and it fell down to my ankles. Now, all my dresses were getting wet. I didn’t have anything to wear after this fuck. I was now in my bra and the panties Preethi had bought for me to wear when I fuck Arvind in the night.

But that wasn’t supposed to happen. It was to be pulled off not by Arvind but by Karthik. What the heck? I thought. Both are my brothers.

Then I heard two men walking into the men’s room. 

“The bride is fucking sexy. I bet she’s going to get fucked nicely tonight by the groom.” They were saying.

I almost laughed at that.

“Why are you laughing?” Karthik asked me whispering.

“Guess who’s going to fuck the bride tonight?” I asked him with a giggle.


“Sri…” I said.

“What? Ur husband??”

“Yes. Preethi wanted to a have a baby from her brother. So, I arranged for that.”

“Woww…” he said. Obviously that was so insane and erotic. Holding my hips, he started to hump me from the back. I was grabbing the walls for support and trying my best to control my squeals.

I could hear the unzipping of pants by men outside the stall and the urinating sound which was followed by the zipping sound. It made me more and more hornier. Getting fucked in the men’s room in a marriage hall… It was really awesome.

I was thinking of the Mastercard Advt. that comes on TV. A silk saree – 5000 Rupees. Organising a marriage in a marriage hall – Thousands of rupees. Getting fucked by my own brother in a dingy men’s room stall – Priceless.

The sound of urinating filled my ears as more and more men came and went. Lot of them were speaking sexily about the bride. Some were even talking dirty about me.

“One day may be, I’ll fuck all these men in this same place one by one.” I said to karthik.

“If that is your wish, surely I’ll make that happen for you one day.” Karthik said, as we both had our orgasm together.

I was buck naked in a men’s room, while all my clothes were literally in the pot, soaking wet.

“I can’t wear this now. I need fresh clothes.” I said to him.

“Wait here. I’ll get help for you.” He said and then left leaving me alone standing naked in the men’s room.

My heart thumped hard as I heard men come and go. No one bothered to look at the stall, thankfully.

Suddenly, I heard Preethi call my name from nowhere. 

“Preethi” I called back.

“The bride is fucking sexy. I bet she’s going to get fucked nicely tonight by the groom.” They were saying.

I almost laughed at that.

“Why are you laughing?” Karthik asked me whispering.

“Guess who’s going to fuck the bride tonight?” I asked him with a giggle.


“Sri…” I said.

“What? Ur husband??”

“Yes. Preethi wanted to a have a baby from her brother. So, I arranged for that.”

“Woww…” he said. Obviously that was so insane and erotic. Holding my hips, he started to hump me from the back. I was grabbing the walls for support and trying my best to control my squeals.

I could hear the unzipping of pants by men outside the stall and the urinating sound which was followed by the zipping sound. It made me more and more hornier. Getting fucked in the men’s room in a marriage hall… It was really awesome.

I was thinking of the Mastercard Advt. that comes on TV. A silk saree – 5000 Rupees. Organising a marriage in a marriage hall – Thousands of rupees. Getting fucked by my own brother in a dingy men’s room stall – Priceless.

The sound of urinating filled my ears as more and more men came and went. Lot of them were speaking sexily about the bride. Some were even talking dirty about me.

“One day may be, I’ll fuck all these men in this same place one by one.” I said to karthik.

“If that is your wish, surely I’ll make that happen for you one day.” Karthik said, as we both had our orgasm together.

I was buck naked in a men’s room, while all my clothes were literally in the pot, soaking wet.

“I can’t wear this now. I need fresh clothes.” I said to him.

“Wait here. I’ll get help for you.” He said and then left leaving me alone standing naked in the men’s room.

My heart thumped hard as I heard men come and go. No one bothered to look at the stall, thankfully.

Suddenly, I heard Preethi call my name from nowhere. 

“Preethi” I called back.

“akka… Where are you?” 

“Here in the men’s room!” Thankfully the restrooms were deserted as the marriage was over a long back.

“Where are you?” she asked coming in.

“Have you got some clothes?” I asked her.

“Yes. But what are you doing here?” she asked.

I walked out naked from the stall I was in. She was still in her bridal saree. She handed me a new dress. “It’s a long story.” I said. 

“I can guess so.” She said grinning at me.

“Can u get those clothes out?” I said to her pointing to the wet clothes on the floor of the stall.

“Yikes!” she said looking at them.

“Its just wet.” I said to her.

“Ok. I’ll get them.” She said.

And I ran out of the men’s room in broad daylight, butt naked and sneaked into the women’s room. There was a young girl there in her teens who almost freaked out seeing me walking in naked and the bride behind me with wet clothes.

“Don’t say anything to anyone.” I said to the girl as she went out.

“Karthik said you were here.” Preethi was still grinning at me.

“Stop grinning at me, would you?” I said to her mockingly.

“I guess you love both your brothers so much.” She said.

I was putting on the dress she had brought for me.

“So, can I love your other brother too??”

“Yes, of course, but not today.” I said laughing.

“Besides, you need to ask Sowmya.” I said to her.

“Why her?” she asked surprisingly as we came out fully dressed ready for the evening.

“It’s a big plan.” And I said my big plan to her, my partner in crime.

She listened to me open-mouthed as I said every bit of my plan.

“Oh my god!” she was breathing fast as I finished saying it to her.

“Are you with me? Will you help me make it happen?” I asked.

“Know what. This is really really, outrageous. I’ve never even imagined something like this in my life. You are really great. Together we can make it happen.”

So, I got my first accomplice. 

“Ok. Lets get ready for the night. Get ready to get fucked. By both men of your life” I kissed her on her cheeks and then we both kissed each other on the mouth before we parted.

Night came and let Preethi sneak into my room, where Sri was waiting. Minutes later, I could hear both of them smooching. It was time. I changed to the bridal dress that was bought for Preethi and with no one watching I sneaked into Arvind’s room. 

I had put a veil on my face that he didn’t even notice it was me and not Preethi entering his room. I was carrying a plate of fruits and some milk with me as per the tradition. The best part is no one in the house noticed what me and Preethi were doing.

“Keep the milk on the table. We’ll drink it later Preethi.” He was saying to me. I did what he said.

“Come closer to me.” He said pulling me by my hands. Only when he pushed the veil off my head he knew it was me.

“Oh my god!” he gasped. And before he yelled I gave a deep kiss on his mouth. We both panted as we parted. 

“What are you doing here? Where is Preethi?” he was asking becoming almost panicky.

“Hey idiot. Don’t panic. Today I’m going to be your wife at first night” I said grinning.

“What?” he asked becoming tensed.

“Okay. Relax da. The astrologer said, it isn’t good time to send the bride in for the next three hours. So I thought, you’ll feel alone and give you some company till she comes. May be we can have a little fun, if you wish, with your sister?” I grinned.

“I don’t know. How long will it take till she comes? Does anyone knows you are here?” he asked.

“Don’t worry Arvind. Everything is fine. No one knows I’m here. You are a lucky guy to fuck two women on your first night. Now, do I look like a bride?” I asked him.

“You really fooled me. I couldn’t make it out that it was you coming in, instead of Preethi. You look like an angel, with all those gold necklace, bangles, anklets and bridal jewels, also with the silk saree… you will pass on to be a bride surely.”

“Is it okay for me to be the first girl of your first night?” I asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“What about Preethi? I asked.

“Anyway, she’s going to be my wife for my whole life. Don’t think of her now.” He said grinning. This is the ultimate adultery.

“Are you going to undress me now?” I asked him.

“No. you do it. Give me a strip show.” He was saying. “And remove just the dress, not the jewels!”

‘Hmm.. very kinky! He hasn’t changed much over the months’ I thought to myself. I remembered the day when he tied my thaali around my cunt. 

Slowly, one by one, I stripped off my clothes. The silk saree came off the body first. The blouse, bra, and petticoat soon followed. No! I wasn’t wearing the panty I was supposed to wear tonight. But Preethi let me borrow one of her used panties for this special occasion and I was wearing hers now. It was a flimsy, lacy one with flowers embroidered on the front.

“Oh my God! You are gorgeous like hell.” He said as he helped me step out of Preethi’s panties and stand naked in front of him. 

“You are like the damsels of love, Ramba, Menaka, Urvasi all in one!” he said looking at my gold clad naked torso. The bangles and anklets were making clinking sounds as I walked to the bed and laid myself on to it.

“Now, fuck me fast like a stallion. We’ve got only two hours left before Preethi comes in. And I don’t want you to be tired when she comes in. she is your wife and therefore you need to give her due.” I giggled. It took one-hundredth of my time for him to undress himself and reveal his thick hot penis throbbing at my cunt.

So, he rode me like a stallion… fast and wild into the jungle of sex, incest, and adultery, into the clouds of heaven.

The hundred grams of gold necklace weighing heavy on my cleavage, my breast covered with milk and sweat, and my cunt with both our juices, he fucked me like he did the first two days.

‘I’m lucky to have well hung brothers, ready to fuck me like a whore.’ I thought to myself. I was on the verge of my orgasm, when he pumped up the speed and hit the inner sides of my cunt with all his might.

“Is it okay to cum inside you?” even before he finished asking it, his cum was flowing inside my cunt.

“Its okay. May be you’ll knock me the second time.” I said grinning. ‘No idiot. I’ll wash up. It is not going to be your baby this time.’ I said to myself.

It was ten to twelve, as I grabbed my dress and started dressing. “Can I have this panty of your as a souvenir??” he asked me with Preethi’s panty in his hands. His irony almost made me laugh within.

“Yes. Enjoy your night with Preethi” I said and nodded as I finished dressing and came out of the room.

Halfway across in the corridor, I ran into Preethi. She was as whore-like as I was. Immediately as our eyes met, we both giggled at the same time.

“How was it?” I asked, eyeing at the wet stains on her saree.

“Good.” She said.

“Are you sure, you’ll get his baby?” I asked.

“Yes. I think so. But having my first night with my brother…” She blushed. “Thanks, akka.” Tears rolled off her eyes, and she gave me a hug.

“Hey, come on don’t cry now. You’ve still got one more first night to experience.” I said to her. “Here… let me help you get dressed and back on track like a bride.”

Right on the dark end of the corridor, I stripped off the bridal dress and gave it to her. She dressed up. Yet, the cunt juice were still wetting the saree. “Let me wipe that up.” I said and wiped her cunt with a kinky.”

“I hope he doesn’t notice.” She said to me, looking at the stains.

“Don’t worry, he’ll think the stains are mine.” I kissed her on her cheeks. “Get your face washed, while I get myself some dress.” I said and got into one my old sarees. When I came back, she was all set for her first night again.

“I love you akka.” She kissed me before we knocked Arvind’s door. He opened and as expected, he was surprised to see her in the same dress which I was wearing minutes back. But he didn’t let his surprise show.

When she was inside, before closing the door in, he asked me, “What? Is she wearing the same dress?” 

“Yes.” I winked. “I managed to slip it back before she looked for it.”

I was back in my room, when I heard Sri in the shower. “Hi da, ready for the sexy night?” I asked him as I locked the bedroom door. 

“Yeah. I’m in the shower.” He said. 

“Want me to join??” without asking for an answer I opened the bath and went in. he pulled me into the shower even with my dress on.

“Hmm seems you are in a great mood.” I said as I kissed him.

And there, it started, the Round Two of the night.

“Okay.” I said.

“Get ready in the night. We’re going for a movie, night show!” he announced. “And don’t dress like a whore or a bride. Dress normal, like a wife.” He said.

So, I chose a plain chiffon green color saree, with a cotton blouse and bra, with a petticoat and panties. No make up, no fancy ornaments, just the thaali and some glass bangles on my wrist.

He had booked a ticket in the box, for the night show of some adult-rated movie. There were no more than 12 people in the box, three of them were women including me. The other seats were empty.

As the movie started, he started to rub my saree covering my cunt. It was a sexy English movie, and I knew the other two women were experiencing the same finger fucking sessions from their men too.

One moment, I almost moaned out aloud and felt every eyes looking at me as I controlled it with a gasp. “Please.. how long do I have to wait??” I asked him.

“Will you do whatever I say?” he asked.

“Yess… please. Whatever.” I said.

I was sweating even with the air-conditioning on in the theatre.

“Remove your panties and give them to the person sitting next to you.” He said.

“What?” I was alarmed! 

“Yes. Just remove your panties and hand it over to person next to you? And ask him to have it as your gift.” He said.

I didn’t know what to do. This was outrageously kinky. One half of me said, “Don’t do it. The other half said, “Go ahead and be kinky.” I was sweating.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” Karthik asked me.

And I did what he said. Without standing up, I moved my hips up a bit from the seat, and putting my hand beneath my saree, I pulled off my panties as the person beside me watched me do it with an awkward look on his face.

I brought up some courage, turned right and looking at his face, with a smile which no one can see in that darkness, placed my hot panties in his hands, asking him to have it as my gift.

Then I gave the ‘now-what’ look to Karthik, who was sitting on my left.

“How did you feel akka?” he asked.

“Not bad. I liked it though.” I said to him in a gushy voice.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m okay” I said.

“Then, remove your saree now.” He said.

“What? Do you want to sit here in the theatre in my blouse and petticoat??” I asked puzzled.

“Yes, that what I said. Do it for me. And give it again to the same guy but ask him to pass to the person sitting beside him.” he said.

‘Now this is getting very bad. Sitting in a theatre in inner wears??’ I never thought of it before.

I slowly removed the pin that is used to hold my saree on my shoulders and then removed the clip on my hips. In moments the saree slipped off my hips. It took little effort to actually remove it off my body. 

Again the other guy was looking at me. I was sure his rod was hot and thick by this time, while I was having my crumpled saree on my lap as I was sitting wearing only my blouse and petticoat.

Karthik placed his hands on my stomach and felt my navel. I felt a tinge of excitement and in a blushing effort gave the saree to the guy on my right and asked it to pass it on to the next guy.

“Now remove your blouse and give it to me.” He said.

I was beyond the point of questioning now, and I quickly undid the blouse and gave it to him. I was sweating fully now with my heart thumping fast.

He gave it to the guy on his right.

“Now the bra.” He said. And it came off releasing my full milky breasts to be on their own.

“Now stand up and face us. Remove your petticoat too and become full naked. Then, say aloud who you are. Say you are not a whore but a slutty housewife, who got fucked by her brothers. Say, I’m your brother. Say, how Arvind wanted to tie the thaali around your hips. Say how you got fucked in the temple and in the men’s room. Ask if any of the other women in the room wants to join you and stand naked in front of us. Then beg me to fuck you. I’ll fuck you right then.” He whispered in my ears.

“I can’t do it.” I pleaded to him.

“Then you are not getting anything from me tonight!” he said as he rubbed my cunt softly.

‘Oh my God! I can’t do it.’ I said to myself. But I stood up and faced the room. I heard loud gasps and heard the women moan aloud.

“Do it!” Karthik said.

“Yes.” I said in a slow voice and fumbled with the knots of the petticoat in the dark and let it fall off my hips around my legs. I felt so slutty to stand naked in the box of a renowned theater as every one raped me with their eyes.

“Say what I said” he said it aloud.

“Okay.” I said and then building up the courage, I said aloud, “Hi, my name is Pratheeba. I’m not a whore as many of you might think now. I’m a housewife. And I love sex. Apart from my husband, I’ve fucked both my brothers. The guy here sitting next to me is actually not my husband, but my brother. I love my brothers so much. They fuck me like a whore. The elder brother likes it when I tie my thaali around my hips instead of my neck. This guy fucked me inside a temple and milked me like a cow. Then I got fucked by him in a men’s toilet. I enjoy doing this.”

“I see a lot of men here and a few women. What do you think girls? Do you want to join me, stand naked and show off in front of everyone?” I asked looking at the other two women.
“No..” one girl said and the other moaned.

“What do you say guys? Do you want to see both of them naked too??” Karthik asked them aloud.

“Yes.” Everyone said together. “Undress yourself in front of us.” One guy said. “There are nearly 12 men here. If you undress yourself, we’ll let you fucked by your lovers or brothers or whoever they may be, else, you’ll be having 12 cocks inside you before you go out” another guy said.

The girls had no options. It would be real bad to get raped by 12 men continuously. So they stood up and walked to the front row and faced the room. Slowly they removed their saree, blouse, bra and everything they had on their body. One girl didn’t wear any panties too.

“Now… Karthik. Please. Fuck me. Make your sister pregnant now. I cant wait any longer.”

“Okay.” He said and unzipped his pants. He didn’t become naked. None of the guys were naked. It was awkward that only the women in the room were naked. Karthik made me turn towards the guys and made me hold chair for grip, as he slit my cunt with his thick cock.

The guy in the front didn’t sit still, but started kneading my breasts. This was the first time I felt two pairs of hands on my body at the same time. Slowly, the lovers of the two women came front and they too started fucking the girls.

The room was steamy with sex. Three women moaning aloud in that room. Even the manager of the theater came in hearing the sounds and was standing the door looking at the show.

This was the most erotic sex I was having. My first sex in the public. I never knew there was more to come. I was lost in thoughts as Karthik pumped in his cum into my cunt. The seed has been planted.

The manager allowed me to leave the theatre even before the show ended, cos I had to walk out naked. No one in the room allowed me to have my dress back or even the dresses of other girls for that matter. Karthik said he’ll drop those couples too.

So, we were three naked women and three unzipped men in the car. We helped them sneak into their houses and both of us returned home. Karthik gave me his shirt as the weather was cold and a bit rainy.

I felt like a whore, sitting beside him, wearing nothing but a shirt. It somehow reminded me of Arvind. At times, both my brothers are alike and at other times, they are so different.

“So, akka, how was it? Did you enjoy it?” 

“Yes, it did, but I’m not going to do it again in a theater. Okay?” I pleaded.

“Okay.” He laughed and kissed me on the cheeks.

We reached home safely. Couple of months later, I found out that I was pregnant. Preethi too said she was pregnant, and to me, she confirmed it was her brother’s, my husband’s baby.


Months rolled on, and our belly grew. I wanted a baby boy this time. Preethi was expecting a girl. It was time to go home for labour. The same 12 hour journey back home. Guess who came with us two pregnant ladies this time?? It was Karthik, my youngest brother.

As soon as we closed the door of our coupe in the train, I gave Karthik a deep kiss even with Preethi watching us.

“What are you doing? Preethi is here.” He whispered.

“Don’t even bother.” She said aloud giggling.

“Yes. Don’t worry. She knows about us.” I said. “And she has her eyes on you too.” I said grinning.

He looked at her questioningly.

“Well, yes. But not now. You too go ahead tonight. I’ll have my share after I deliver my baby.” She said.

Thanks to three men and a baby, fourteen months after I gave birth to a baby, I was still lactating. I felt like a cow, giving milk for the whole year.

I removed the only piece of dress I was wearing, my nighty. I pulled it off and stood buck naked, unlike the previous pregnancy, now in front of my second brother. 

“Come on, remove your dress,” I said to him. he was nervous now, with Preethi looking at us. This was the same guy who made me strip in front of a dozen people in a theatre.

Preethi too got hold of the situation. “I’ll remove my dress too, if you feel awkward.” She said and pulled her nighty off her shoulders. Now there were two naked pregnant women in that cabin.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. And we both helped him through with the rest of her dress.

He started kneading my breasts and milk squirted out of my breasts. Preethi giggled seeing that. “Hmm.. your time will come in a few weeks…” I said teasingly.

“I haven’t tasted your milk for a long time…. Can I have some akka?” she asked me.

“Of course dear.” I said and guided her mouth to my breasts. It felt crazy to have two people suck each of my breasts.

Meanwhile, she held Karthik’s hand to her growing breasts and he started kneading them.

I don’t know why men liked fucking pregnant women so much. Does the look of a pregnant girl makes them so horny? May be it is. He rammed his cock hard into my cunt as Preethi suckled my breasts. It was so erotic.

On my part, I fingered her cunt. Both of us were moaning aloud as we cummed together. It was much like the previous trip with Arvind. So fucking hot and horny. And all three of us enjoyed the trip.

In the morning we reached our place. Preethi moved to her mom’s house and I went to mine.

To my happiness, I gave birth to a boy and Preethi gave birth to a girl.

After the childbirth, she came to mom’s house to stay with me, so they we both could take care of our babies. By this time, Chitra was growing fast.

And at that time, I found Sri’s eyes following someone else in the family, apart from Preethi and me. Before I talk to him about that, first I needed to catch him being unfaithful to me. And who’s there to help? Preethi.

One day, I asked her to seduce him, so that I can catch him red handed fucking his sister. So, weeks after her baby, when everyone of us were supposedly out of the house, she got him into the trap. And I made sure I walked into them when both of them were naked and entwined like eternal lovers. 

Preethi made a mock of the cry and ran out of the room, while I made sure Sri had tough time for fucking his own sister. He pleaded and pleaded, not to let it out or to hate him.

It felt so good to be at command with men. And after some time, I said, it is okay with me, as long as he loves me as a good husband. All those good-wifey speeches and all. 

Later one day, he said, he wanted to have a threesome with me and Preethi. I okayed it, but it would happen only when I say so. Even Preethi was excited about that. Even though we had a threesome like experience in the train with Karthik, it was far from a real threesome. So we both we looking forward to it. After all, our plan has started working towards the next level.

Everyone from my family and Preethi’s family was home to celebrate Chitra’s second birthday. As I said, Sri was again ogling at someone else in the family. 

It was my mom, his mother-in-law!

At one moment, I caught him hard-cocked. “Seems someone has the hots for my mom at this age too??” I teased.

“Come on. Its okay. You’ve already digged your sister. What’s new here. Accept it.” I said.

“Okay. Yes!” he was confused and stammering.

“Is my mom so sexy??” I asked.

“Well, yes! I like her breasts. They are huge, much larger than yours. Wish if I could make her pregnant again and drink milk from them. How much will they hold??” he was wondering.

“And her ass too… aren’t they large too??” forgetting being a girl and also a daughter, I was shamelessly commenting and teasing about my mom to my husband!

To my surprise mom too was passing smiles at Sri now and then. 

“Seems like she’s also into it. Do you want me to talk to her?” I asked him.

“Can you? She is your mom. Is it okay? I don’t know, if it is right?” he was blabbering again.

“Come on Sri, I don’t mind. You wont get a wife like me, arranging her own mom for her husband…” I giggled. “Just relax, I’ll do the rest.” I said to him.

“What???” Preethi was shell-shocked hearing what had happened. 

“Your mom? With Sri? Or you mad??” she asked. “Which woman lets her husband fuck her own mother?? You are kidding.” She said.

“No! I’m serious.” I said. “Look at this, you fucked my husband. I fucked your husband, both of them by the way are our brothers. Besides this fits into our plan, if we extend it a little that is. Don’t you think?”

“I don’t know. Besides he isn’t my husband. He is yours. You decide.” She said laughing.

“Okay, then. I’ll talk to mom.”

I walked into the kitchen. mom was working there. “I don’t know mom, Sri is behaving differently nowadays. Did you notice?” I asked her coaxingly. 

“Hmm I too thought that. Well, I don’t know if I can talk to you about that.” She said.

“Come on mom, I’m your daughter. You can say anything to me.”

“What if I say he’s making passes at me??” she asked.

“Hmmm… that’s to be thought about…” I was mocking as if I was thinking.

“What do you think about him? To me, it looks like you too like him watching you like that.” I worded my words exactly.

“What are you talking about, Anju? He is my son-in law. Are you insane??” Anju is my nickname. Only mom and dad calls me that.

“That doesn’t matter, mom. I know he looks at you, even though you are his mother-in-law. Are you so sexy??” I asked her.

“Hmm.. may be, if he thinks so…” she laughed teasingly.

“So, you do look at him.” I wanted to confirm.

“Come on Anju, which woman in this world wants to stay with only one man for the whole of her life. If that is true, may be thinking about Sri is also true.”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong in just helping him enjoy looking at you, mom. Besides I think you look great with real huge breasts and large thighs and ass. I miss that.” I said.

“Don’t worry dear, you’ll be so good as me one day. So what do you want me to do about Sri?” she asked.

“Nothing special mom. Just be what you are. Give him some room, be a bit liberal in showing off your body. I’m sure that will blow him off.” I grinned.

“You naughty girl. Sure. I’d do it for you.” She said.

“Don’t do it for me mom, do it for you. Don’t you want that? Don’t you like someone looking at you? Don’t you think of having sex with anyone apart from dad.” I tried to hook her in.

“Well, you are too young to talk about that to your mom, Anju. Yes, may be I’ve thought about having sex with other than your father.” mom said.

“Does this mean, you would let go off a chance when my husband really wants to fuck you?” I asked her bluntly.

“Well… when that time comes, I’ll decide.”

“Come on mom, don’t hesitate, just because of me. Will you have sex with my husband just for your pleasure? I don’t mind, as long as you both love me.” I said.

“Hmmm.. okay. It is fine for me, if it is fine for you…” she said kissing me on my cheeks.

“You are one hell of a girl” Preethi teased me when I explained my little talk to my mom.
The celebrations were over, but there was still one thing to do before going back to Chennai. Visiting the temple and do the pujas for Preethi’s baby, as it was her very first one.

It was just like my experience. New mothers were not allowed. Preethi had to stay back and so did I with a promise from dad that we both will be visiting our family temple. Remembering that temple brought back memories of my first experience with Karthik.

I had said to Preethi about that and now she wanted to do it with Karthik. But Dad didn’t allow us to go alone with Karthik. He took the car and all four of us, me, Preethi, Karthik and Dad went to the temple together.

It was the same old sunset, which is so beautiful just like the previous year and the so memorable as it was the previous time. I made sure that I’ll keep dad by my side so that Preethi and Karthik can have their time together at the temple.

They have already seen each other naked in that train trip to home. So it is only a matter of time since they both fucked each other. And it had been a long wait for the new lactating mother, Preethi.

I pulled dad to my favourite place near the lake and we sat down for talk, thinking about the good old days when I was in college when I came here with dad.

“So what do you think of me dad? Am I a good mother?” I asked dad.

“Yes, you are Anju.” He kissed at my forehead.

“Hmmm… Nowadays, I feel very bad, dad” I said to him.

“Why? What happened?” he asked me.

“I don’t know dad, sometimes, I feel like Sri has lost interest in me.” I said.

“Come on, don’t feel that way.” He said.

“The other day, I caught him having sex with somebody else. But later he said sorry, and I just let go off it. Do you think what I did was right?” I asked him.

“Sometimes, people do make mistakes, at that time, the best thing to do, is to forgive. I think what you’ve done is right.” He said.

“What do you think of incest, dad? I asked him.

“Why are you talking such things??” he questioned me.

“Just say it dad, you’re the only person I can talk to, now.” I said.

“It isn’t fully bad, but it is bad.” He said.

“Isn’t relationships created by man?? Having sex within the family wasn’t bad before there were relationships, right?” I asked him.

“Yes…” he was thinking.

“May be incest is a very normal thing to do, if there weren’t any relationships now…” I was pulling him along.

He was silent.

“Because, the girl Sri was having sex with was actually Preethi. That’s why I’ve been thinking, is it right or wrong, if we just get along and do things based on our feeling rather than rules.” I said.

“Sometimes, the most loved people are those inside the family, and at that situation, having sex with someone within the family isn’t wrong.” Dad said.

“Have you ever thought of having sex with anyone other than mom, dad? I asked him.

“To be frank, Yes! I did.” 

“Who is that woman?” 

He was silent for a moment and then answered. “I think it is time, I should share the secrets after keeping them for nearly 25 years. Promise me that you wouldn’t say it to anyone. Okay?? Not even to Sri?”

“Don’t worry about Sri, dad. He’s not even close to me nowadays.” I avoided an answer. ‘Of course, I’ll be sharing it with Preethi.’ I enjoyed sharing these little family secrets with her.

“Okay. You know, Sri’s mom is actually my sister. I actually married your mom and her brother married my sister, your aunt. Something happened and we all ended up having sex the wrong way, within the family.”

“That means you and your sister??”

“Yes, me and your aunt and your mom with ur uncle. This went on for three years, and both your mom and aunt gave birth to three kids each. Till date, we don’t know whose babies all six of you are.”

“Do you mean to say that all six of us may be brothers and sisters one way or the other??” I asked dad.

“Yes.” He said.

‘Oh my god! This is awesome bad, kinky and out of the world. This means, Preethi at this moment, is now fucking Karthik inside the temple, without even knowing he may be her younger brother.’ 

The reality made me horny in fact.

“Then why did you allow me to marry Sri and Preethi to Arvind??” I asked him again.

“Well, we parents thought, it is okay as long as no one knows outside. Besides, even you kids don’t know till now, did you?”


“Oh my God” I exclaimed mockingly. “Don’t you think it is wrong to have kids with Sri, even though he may be my brother?”

“As long as no one knows I think it is okay.” He said as a matter of fact.

“What about you dad? Then does it mean that it is okay for your daughter to have your baby as long as no one knows??” ‘Hmmm at last I hit the bull’s eye.’

“No Anju, I’m not saying it that way.”

“Come on dad, you said, sex within the family is okay, having kids from my brother is okay, how does sex with you become wrong? Haven’t you ever thought about me sexually?? Say it from the heart dad. There is no one here. It is just you and me.”

“Well, then, yes, I’ve indeed thought about you sexually. Every dad does think of his daughter sexually one day or the other in his life.”

“A number of times??” I asked him.

“Yes, a number of times”, he blushed. “From the day you came off age, actually.”

“Does mom know this? What did she say?”

“Yes! mom knows this. She said, don’t think of your daughter. If you want, think of me as your daughter and fuck me. And I did that. Many a times, I felt very horny when you used to lie on my lap like you do now…” he said.

“Hmmm…. Do you feel horny now, dad??” I asked him. My head was on his lap and I slowly nudged his groin with my nose.

“Nooo… yesss..” he gasped.

“How long did you want to have sex with me, dad? For 10 years now??”

“Yess… I remember you as a college girl, wearing those uniform shirts and skirts. I wish I could see you again in your college uniform, innocent and hot! I don’t remember how many times I jerked myself off thinking of having sex with you.”

“Do you want to have sex with me, now??”

“We cant do that now. You have grown-up. You are married. You’ve got kids.” He said.

“Its okay dad. I think it is okay, after what Sri did to me.”

“What if Preethi and Karthik come now?” he asked.

“Don’t worry about them dad.” I said to him. “Don’t worry about others. Kiss me dad. Kiss your daughter. Undress your daughter, make me naked as you dreamed for years and have sex with me now, right here. I want my third baby to be my daddy’s baby!” I said.

He held my face up and planted a kiss on my lips. The next moment we were wild and frenzy, as our tongues played with each other. I felt my dad, kneading my milk-filled breasts.

I was breathing fast and we both were panting as we parted from the kiss. “Mmmmm.. Oh god, dad, this is sooo good” I moaned.

Dad made me site beside him and pulled the saree off my shoulders and let it down. “Do you want to remove your dress fully??” he asked.

“Yes dad, make me naked, fully. I want you to see me like in the day I was born; I want you to hold me like your baby.” I said panting.

I just couldn’t control my breath. I was excited.

I lifted my hips up a little so that he could undo the folds of my saree at my hips and remove it fully. As I was lactating, my breasts started leaking and it started to show as far as my blouse. I remembered the last time with Karthik.

“You are leaking.” Dad pointed out.

“Yes dad. Do you like to suck your daughter’s milk pots?” I asked.

“Yes, very much. When Sri were born, me, ur mom and ur uncle all of us used to suck my sisters breasts”

‘Oh my god. I was imagining things, with my aunt being naked and three people suckling her breasts madly.’ It was exciting. I was getting hot. I could feel the juices seeping along my cunt.

Dad grabbed my blouse-covered breasts with his hands and kneaded them for a while. The blouse got more wet from my breastmilk. My bra would have been soaking wet inside my blouse now.

He slowly undid the buttons of my blouse and then unhooked my wet pregnancy bra. My breasts immediately juggled out of the restraints. They were sticky with breastmilk, with drops of milk leaking out of my nipples.

“Lift your hips. Let me remove your petticoat.” he said, and I lifted my hips as he undid the knots on the sides of my petticoat. He pulled them out along my ankles and I was now wearing only my panties.

The last piece of covering was gone too in the next few moments and I was buck naked. I felt some sort of freedom. I hate this, having have to undress and become naked every time to do sex. Why did men learn to make clothes, we could have just roamed around the world naked. Gone to work, gone to shopping, gone everywhere just naked. 

Sometimes I get this dream about myself in a busy road, naked and everyone around me is naked too. Yes, we are rich, we are civilized, we wear shoes, ornaments, watches, handbags, and yet we don’t wear any clothes. An office full of naked men and women, the buses and trains full of naked men and women, as if the whole world has become a nudist community!

But some other times, I felt this to be kinky too, to cover ourselves and to undress and reveal our naked assets only to our loved ones, like now to my dad. I felt my breasts twitch as my dad kissed my sensitive breasts.

“Dad, lets go inside the temple.” I said.

He started to collect my saree and all my dresses. “No dad, leave them here. Just carry your naked daughter alone to the temple.” I said. So, he left the dresses and scooped me with both his hands and walked to the temple. I gave a light kiss on his lips.

“I love you, dad” I said.

“I hope Karthik and Preethi doesn’t know this.”

“Know what?”

“This… father fucking his own daughter.”

“Don’t worry dad. I’m sure they both will be fucking each other like anything by now.”

“What?” dad was stunned.

“Yes dad, Preethi wanted to have sex with Karthik for a long time.” 

“But she is married.” 

“So am I” I laughed. “Besides, they may be brother and sister. You only said that. That’s fun as far as no one knows, isn’t it?” I grinned.

“Where are they now?” he asked as I pushed open the temple door from outside.

Karthik and Preethi was shocked to see someone open the door. More, as in history, Karthik was on the floor and Preethi was on him, both of them being buck naked. 

By their posture, I could see they were having a great time fucking each other. More, they were speechless to see me, without any clothes, clinging naked to my dad with my legs around his hips and my hands around his shoulders, whereas my dad at this moment was fully clothed.

Dad was stunned to see them both in that state too. There was an awkward silence for a moment. “Come on everyone, just continue. None of our secrets goes out of here. Okay?” I commanded.

“Hmmm… ” karthik moaned and Preethi started riding his cock again.

Dad let me down and we hugged each other tightly for a few moments, what seemed like years. He nudged his nose playfully with mine and played with it just like he used to when I was little college going girl. It used to be very funny, tickling and enjoyed those loving moments with dad. Then it was pure daughter to father love and no incest.

Now it was completely different. It was so sweet and sexy to do that with my own father that too when I’m his grown up daughter hugging him while being naked.

Slowly I let my hands behind his back inside his shirt and started feeling his huge manly back. He gasped as I played with his back. I undid the buttons of his shirt one by one and he showed off his hairy chest to me.

There is something in old guys I thought. With dad, when I thought of his mature body, hairy chest, huge hands, they turned me on like anything, and I felt my juices flowing along my inner thighs along the lines of my little hairs on my thighs.

“Hmm.. Anju….” He was moaning as he heard me unzip his pants and let me hand inside his fly, cupping his nuts and dick together with his underpants.

I loved doing this always… fiddling with men’s underpants while letting my hand inside through the fly of the pants. That gets them horny like hell. They can’t see what I’m doing; they can just feel my playing with their privates.

Dad started losing his senses, and was slipping into his own world of dreams. I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall at his ankles. Holding my shoulders he stepped out of them and stood in his underpants. 

Kneeling below I could see him as a huge man, huge body, with a mature look, hairs all over his body, the classic ‘daddy’.

I moved closer to his knees (घुटना) even while kneeling and with my naked nipples brushing his legs, I kissed on his underpants, the place where his rock hard rod made a huge tent. 

I grabbed his underpants by the side of his hips and lowered them a bit below his balls, and just let it stay there. His penis jutted out and sprang up hitting my face. Holding his ass cheeks tightly and giving them a good squeeze, I slowly brought my lips near the tip of his penis and kissed on the edge.

“Ohhhh… Anju…” he gasped as I did that.

I stripped his underpants all the way down and made him buck naked. It felt so incestuous to be naked in front of him being her married daughter. It didn’t feel so immense with either of my brothers even though it was incestuous too.

Now, with my own father, I felt so shy, so horny, and so wanting. It was dad in front of me, the same old dad who had made me in the first place. The same dad who lusted on me even since I officially became woman. Now here he was naked in front of me, wanting me to make his dreams come true for real.

I put my hands on hips lowering him to my eye length and then made him kneel in front of me. I saw him right into his eyes, those eyes filled with full of lust and nothing else at that moment. 

He brought his ands over my face and holding it up, kissed me on my lips, slowly devouring those soft juicy flesh deliciously. I lost my mind as I felt the flavour and sweetness of that kiss. I was groping his back hard and played with his hard ass cheeks, digging them with my nails.

My eyes wandered the room as I came out of that trance.

There was a milk container with Preethi’s breast milk half filled in it. “Seems you guys have got the milk too.” Saying so, I took a sip out of the container.” “Hmmm Preethi, your milk tastes good.” I said with a wink.

Dad, looked at me questioningly. And I explained to him. “Its like this dad, Karthik loves to milk our breasts just like people milking the cows. It is a nice experience for us girls. We love it.”

“Do you want me to do it for you too, now?” dad asked.

“Yes dad, if you want. But now first suckle my breasts and drink as much milk as you want from your daughter.” I said.

In that small room, there was enough space for more than two people as I said before. I lied down and dad started licking and sucking my breasts, tasting my milk. ‘I guess this place would hold five couples at a time.’ I thought to myself. Even the thought of that made me horny and I moaned in excitement. 

The room was filled with loud suckling sounds and slapping sounds as Preethi rode Karthik. Every time, she move up and down and hit his groin, she let out a small moan and that was followed by a ‘cluck cluck’ from their thighs. The mood was sexy and electric.

Then as dad finished drinking my milk, we changed positions. Dad laid beside his son and I moved above him spreading my legs on both my sides. With the container on his stomach, he started to milk the remaining of my milk from both my breasts. The milk frothed in the container and made a whirring sound as it hit the container.

Obviously, having grown up in a small town, dad had a good experience in milking cows and now, milking women. I had more plans for this milking job from now on.

Meanwhile I got hold of his thick cock and massaged it. It wasn’t that long as Karthik’s cock, yet, it was the widest, thickest cock, in my four-cock experience so far. No wonder it will check the elasticity of my cunt, the maximum level my cunt can expand sideways.

The container was almost full with milk. “Next time, we should bring a spare one.” I said aloud. Karthik Preethi laughed hearing that. As dad finished milking me, I was tired at my breasts. I felt as though some golden melons were weighing down my chest. 

Hmm.. having continuously sucked and milked for more than a year, I felt my breasts to have grown larger. ‘When I get to my fifth baby, I guess, I’ll become mom’s envy’ I thought to myself.

My breasts were sore and red. Yet, dad was kneading them, softly now. I lifted my hips and lowered myself holding his cock, positioning it to go into my cunt and then lowered myself on it, little by little. I love riding cock. The reason why women love being on the top is we can control the pace of sex at this position. 

And it brings you into command. You can stop, start, play whenever you want. I, especially love grinding on the groins. You can milk the cock with your cunt muscles and ring men to their edge. There is a lot you can do on top of men. And I love doing that to the core. 

Making men feel special is after all the best thing women can do.

Slowly and steadily I moved up and down and varied the speed giving pleasure to both of us. Dad was gasping now, as I lowered my cunt to the hilt, as both our groins grinded against each other, as his hard cock scraped and rubbed the side walls of my cunt, giving me intense sensations which I haven’t felt before.

I could feel his cock, stretching my cunt sideways. ‘Oh my god,what I thought was true.’ I could feel the stretching enormously. Four cocks so far, and each of them giving pleasure in a different way. “Oh my god” I gasped aloud, thinking of that.

‘If four cocks can give four different pleasures, I think thousand cocks will give thousand different ways of pleasure. Each cock is unique. No cock is the same. I wish I could fuck different men everytime I have sex in my life’ Shit! I was thinking like a slut. 

Then I remembered something; what Karthik said when he was ramming me at the men’s room in the marriage hall an year back during Preethi’s marriage.

Now I wanted to try out more things. I wanted to feel how it would be to get fucked by hoards of men one by one or even two at a time, in both my holes, for a whole day, making me crying in pleasure and soreness and pain. 

‘Extreme sex, to the extent that, I can’t even whimper while I go back home.’ Will I pass out after such a sex? I don’t know. But I wanted to try it out.

By now, Preethi and Karthik were moaning and gasping aloud, as they were uphill towards the crescendo of orgasm. Hearing that, even dad was matching the speed of my ride, lifting his hip and ramming me hard from the bottom.

There we were, two women buck naked, inside a temple of god, unscrupulously sitting on men, riding cocks incestuously and with that feeling driving all of us mad, we went on and on, sweating, panting, gasping, moaning, squealing, muffling, all the way to the end of what seemed like eternity.

Then, as they finished Preethi cuddled on to Karthik as they rested against the wall watching me fucking my own dad. Karthik was playing with Preethi’s sore nipples now. I was slowly increasing my pace of my ride.

“Isn’t it wrong to have sex with your own dad, akka??” Preethi asked with a wide grin.

“Isn’t it wrong to have sex with your cousin, Preethi??” I asked her back rhetorically. “Besides, I don’t care, as long as he fucks me good. And believe me, he is doing greater than good!” I said laughing. Dad too laughed with me.

“May be I’ll get a chance later some day, too? Is it okay, uncle?” she asked dad. ‘Not uncle, may be dad’ I thought of correcting her, but didn’t. I laughed to myself. Dad saw me laughing too, in that darkness.
Preethi then moved away from being the entwined cuddly sweet lover, and crawling near me, she bent and kissed the crevice of my ass cheeks that were helping me grip dad’s cock with my cunt. 

It was such a feeling that made me quiver and I squeezing all ass cheeks with all the force I could

Slowly and steadily I moved up and down and varied the speed giving pleasure to both of us. Dad was gasping now, as I lowered my cunt to the hilt, as both our groins grinded against each other, as his hard cock scraped and rubbed the side walls of my cunt, giving me intense sensations which I haven’t felt before.

I could feel his cock, stretching my cunt sideways. ‘Oh my god,what I thought was true.’ I could feel the stretching enormously. Four cocks so far, and each of them giving pleasure in a different way. “Oh my god” I gasped aloud, thinking of that.

‘If four cocks can give four different pleasures, I think thousand cocks will give thousand different ways of pleasure. Each cock is unique. No cock is the same. I wish I could fuck different men everytime I have sex in my life’ Shit! I was thinking like a slut. 

Then I remembered something; what Karthik said when he was ramming me at the men’s room in the marriage hall an year back during Preethi’s marriage.

Now I wanted to try out more things. I wanted to feel how it would be to get fucked by hoards of men one by one or even two at a time, in both my holes, for a whole day, making me crying in pleasure and soreness and pain. 

‘Extreme sex, to the extent that, I can’t even whimper while I go back home.’ Will I pass out after such a sex? I don’t know. But I wanted to try it out.

By now, Preethi and Karthik were moaning and gasping aloud, as they were uphill towards the crescendo of orgasm. Hearing that, even dad was matching the speed of my ride, lifting his hip and ramming me hard from the bottom.

There we were, two women buck naked, inside a temple of god, unscrupulously sitting on men, riding cocks incestuously and with that feeling driving all of us mad, we went on and on, sweating, panting, gasping, moaning, squealing, muffling, all the way to the end of what seemed like eternity.

Then, as they finished Preethi cuddled on to Karthik as they rested against the wall watching me fucking my own dad. Karthik was playing with Preethi’s sore nipples now. I was slowly increasing my pace of my ride.

“Isn’t it wrong to have sex with your own dad, akka??” Preethi asked with a wide grin.

“Isn’t it wrong to have sex with your cousin, Preethi??” I asked her back rhetorically. “Besides, I don’t care, as long as he fucks me good. And believe me, he is doing greater than good!” I said laughing. Dad too laughed with me.

“May be I’ll get a chance later some day, too? Is it okay, uncle?” she asked dad. ‘Not uncle, may be dad’ I thought of correcting her, but didn’t. I laughed to myself. Dad saw me laughing too, in that darkness.
Preethi then moved away from being the entwined cuddly sweet lover, and crawling near me, she bent and kissed the crevice of my ass cheeks that were helping me grip dad’s cock with my cunt. 

It was such a feeling that made me quiver and I squeezing all ass cheeks with all the force I could muster, thereby milking his cock harder than before.

“Oh my god..” dad gasped and panted and I pulled his hands over his daughter’s naked natural breasts signaling him give them a squeeze. And he did just that, as an experienced lover, gently squeezing the mounds of my hardened breasts and twirling my nipples.

The sexual tension was building up and up on me as Preethi kissed and licked my bare back with her lips and tongue, lapping wetness on my skin making it glisten in the light of the little oil lamps that were lit inside.

“Hmmm… I closed me eyes, pulled back my head resting it on my neck, enjoying that moment, relishing every sensation that my body was going through as the hotness of my dad’s cock engulfed my inner cunt lips, while the wetness of licking on my back balanced that.

“Okay dad, we are going for it. Are you ready?” 

“Yes Anju…” he said grabbing my velvety hips. I guided me up and down as I increased my pace. Faster, faster and faster. His cock was pistoning my cunt faster. “Cluck Cluck Cluck” again the same sound of pubes mashing against each other, while the cock hit the sloppy wet cunt that is filled wet with juices of sex.

And with a groan, he loaded his cum up into my cunt. I felt the hot liquid move up and flow down along the walls of my cunt, engulfing his cock inside. 

It was an awesome sensation as I felt the spasms of my cunt with the hotness of the cum with the filling sensation of a cock inside me. It felt great every time I was on top of a man. The same sensation every girl will feel as a guy cums into her after she rides him from the top.

I slowed down and we both relaxed and I lied down on top of my father. 

One moment, it made me think of those old days when I was just a kid and when he was just like every other father, when I just laid myself on top of him and just fell asleep watching TV after coming from college. 

Those relaxing moments when you’ve got nothing to worry about, when your heart is filled with happiness for which you don’t have a word to explain all that feeling.

I felt the same now as I laid myself above him. I still felt like a kid whom I’m not now, having mothered two kids. I could hear his heart beat hard and feel it on me. He embraced me and patted my naked back like the father he was, as I lay there after one good fucking session.

After sometime, his penis softly popped out of my cunt. “Shall we go home now?” Preethi asked.

“There is something more to do” Karthik said.

“Yes, the rituals.” I said laughing. 

“What’s that?” She asked.

Without saying a word, I grabbed Preethi’s hand and guided her to sit beside me in front of the idol in the room.

“Help me dad.” Karthik called, and both of them grabbed the container of milk, pouring some over the idol of god and the remaining over Preethi and me.

“How do you feel?” I asked Preethi as both our milk dripped down our bodies.

“Hmmm.. More spiritual. I feel as if I’m close to god!” she said.

“Yes, I too felt the same the first time, like the wife of god, as though it was an act of purification, an act that was just meant to be done, like an order from God, after fucking my brother and now my dad.” I said.

She hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks. “I love you akka.” She said. We felt sticky of milk as we hugged each other.

“Come let’s go out…” I grabbed Preethi’s hand and pulled her out into the breeze, under the moonlight.

She was hesitating. I didn’t feel anything closer to being ashamed, as I have done this already with Karthik before.

“It’s okay. Just come with me. There is no one out.” I said, and I pulled her. Slowly she walked hand in hand with me, naked. Karthik and dad followed behind.

“I love this walk.” I said to Preethi. “Walking naked under the moonlight… It is so romantic. Do you feel it?” I asked her.

“Yes. I can feel it.” She whispered, looking at the ripples of moonlight on the lake.

I put my hands around her hips. Karthik moved to her other side and dad to my left. There we were, four of us, naked men and women, forgetting the relationships, having enjoyed the moments just for the pleasure it gave.

There was no brother, no sister, no daughter, no father, no cousin, standing there. Just four lovers loving each other like anything. It was eternal. We were lost in the silence. No one spoke.

“Will you carry me, Karthik?? I’m feeling soooo tired” she blushed and melted in his arms. He quickly grabbed her and lifted her up so that her breasts would be in front of his face. 

“Ewwww… You are indeed sticky with all that milk on you.” he said and then continued, “But that means, I can lick those gorgeous milk-filled breasts of yours more.” He then gave her breasts a nice lick with his tongue before lowering her down. She splayed her legs around his hips holding him tight, with her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on his lips.

“Do you want as well?” dad asked me softly, and then grabbed me, just like his son did with Preethi. We girls clung on to our lovers like there was no end for the night, watching the sensuous moonlight over the lake. 

It would be pitch dark without the moon. The crickets were making screeching sounds in the far, and except that there was no sound, just the cool breeze rustling a few leaves on the trees.

“Okay, lets get back home, everyone” I said. ‘More work to do’ I whispered to Preethi. I saw a small smile on her face.

“Do you want to wash? I feel like hitting the lake. I feel sticky with all those milk. I also smell of milk” She said.

“No. Don’t wash yourself. Wait till you get home. Just feel the smell of your own milk on your body. Enjoy it for some more minutes. Beside the water is freezing cold.” I said. 

We got down on our foot and walked slowly towards the temple, where all our dresses were. 

“Let’s pray before we dress.” I said. And all four of us, prayed to god, naked. 

Dad and son marked the foreheads of their respective lovers with saffron as a show of love.

We then dressed ourselves in the room. She helped me hook my bra in the back, as like a sister. So did I. 

By this time, dad and Karthik were clothed and ready to start the car. “I don’t feel like going back.” Preethi was saying to me. “It is okay dear. I know how you feel.” I said to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She kissed me back, but now we kissed on our lips. 

“Hmmm… I felt very lesbian the next moment.” The kiss lingered on and on as we both held each other tight and played with our tongues inside the temple. 

We both panted hard as we parted from our kiss. Just as we were about to come out of the temple, she pulled my hand back inside.

“What, sweetie?” I asked.

“Just a minute. I want something from you.” She said.

“Whatever you want…” I said.

She made me sit down before the idol, pulled my saree and petticoat back up to my hips and spread my legs to both sides. I was half-clad and was sitting in a eat-me-out position. My panties were already sticking to my groin because of the milk on my pubic hair and they were wet to some extent. She bent over my cunt, pulled my panties down to my thighs and then with her tongue, gave my hairy cunt a long full lick from bottom to the top, tasting my dad’s cum along with our milk. 

Just one lick and that was it. Nothing more. She just got up getting ready to go. 

“That’s it?” I asked her longingly.

“Yes. That’s it.” She smiled wickedly. “Enjoy that longing feeling till we go home.” She said, and pulled me up from the floor and then helping me wear my panties back, and smoothen my crumpled saree and petticoat. We walked to the car, hand in hand, like little sisters.

I could still feel the sex in the car as we drove back home. Just a kilometer before the house, the car stalled.

“Okay. We girls will walk home. You guys fix the car and come home soon.” I said to them and Preethi and Me started walking back home.

The house was silent as we entered it. “The babies would be sleeping I think” Preethi was whispering.

“I’ll get some water.” I said to her. She was following me to the kitchen. Just before the door, I stopped. I saw shadows inside. We pushed the door open slightly. “Oh my god.” Preethi gasped softly. I sushed her.

“I’ll take care of this. You go to your room.” I sent Preethi to her room. Then I opened the kitchen door fully and walking. 

There on the kitchen table was mom, sitting on it, almost fully clothed, but her saree hiked up to her thighs. It was so kinky to see her that way. Not for a long time, I’ve seen her that way.

Standing in front of mom was Sri, my hubby, hugging her tight. one of his hands was groping mom’s saree covered buttocks and the other was sliding along her naked thighs.

They couldn’t utter a word seeing me. “Shhh.. Don’t say anything both of you. Its okay.” I said with a smile.

“I’m sorry Anju” mom said slowly.

“Shh.. its okay mom. I don’t mind.” I said to her. “Everyone is going to be home in a few minutes. Shall we do this later?” I said.

“Do you mean to say that it is okay for me to do this with your mom?” Sri asked in a husky voice.

“Yess… its okay. But not now. Later. Okay?” I grabbed his hands. He started walking with me.

“Wait a minute. Can I kiss your mom? Just once please?” he asked.

I thought and nodded. The next moment, like parted lovers interrupted from a frantic kiss, Sri and mom hugged each other tightly as he smooched her lips. 

‘Oh my god.’ It was so erotic. There I was standing, watching my husband kissing my own mom, on her lips as he kneaded her huge breasts right in front of my eyes.

“I love you.” mom said to him as they parted after a long kiss.

“You too,” she came to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks.

“You smell differently.” She said to me.

“It’s the milk, mom.” I said. “Where are the babies?” 

“In your room.”

And I walked away with Sri along, thankful that mom didn’t find my secret as I had found out hers.
I explained what had happened in the kitchen to Preethi as we both breast fed our babies in my room.

“That means, are you going to arrange a first night for your mom and Sri?” she asked.

“Well, yes. What do you think?” 

“After what we both have been, like sluts to be frank, I don’t think even a slightest bit of that is wrong.” She giggled.

“What about babies?” she asked. “I mean, will she have babies again?” 

“I don’t know. She is still in her forties. I think she can have a baby still.”

“Hmm… it feels so kinky to imagine your mom, having a baby again and breastfeeding it sitting along with us.” Yes, indeed. It was so kinky when I thought of it too.

Two weeks later, I asked mom and dad to accompany us to home and stay with us for a while.

We named my baby boy to be Rahul and Preethi’s baby to be Vinodhini.

One day, when I was alone with dad, I asked him, “Is it okay, if mom wants to have sex with somebody else now, dad?”

“Hmmm… thinking about it, after having sex with my own daughter, I don’t think I can say no, if she wants to have sex with somebody else. I have to agree. Besides, it’s been long since she had fun; more than 20 years that is.” He said with a smile.

“Why? Does she really want to have sex with someone?” dad asked, then.

I explained what happened the other day in the kitchen and idea of letting mom having first night with Sri.

Dad didn’t show any regret. She was happy for her. I just let him know that he should pretend as if he doesn’t know any of these.

“So what are you planning to do??” dad asked.

“I’m thinking of a small marriage in the Puja room of our house, with just me and Preethi present. And then a first night.”

“That means, will you be alone that night?” 

“Yes. Why?”

“I thought we could do it again. May be like our own first night.”

“Wow… great idea dad. I’ve decided that my next baby should be yours. May be Preethi could have her first night with Karthik too, at the same time. Hmm… that means we need to send Arvind out of the house.” I said to him.

“May be we can send him to your aunt’s house.” Dad said. And dad did call our uncle, who in turn called Arvind to his house on the pretext of discussing some business matters for a couple of days.

Just when I was saying this plan to Preethi, her younger sister Sowmya, walked in. We stopped our talk abruptly. She noticed that too. “Boy, she is shrewd.” I whispered to Preethi.

“So what are my both sisters up to?” she asked grinning.

“Nothing a young girl like you should know.” I said and Preethi giggled hearing that.

“Come On, akka, I’m 18. I’m a grown up girl.”

“Hmmm… no… we cant measure you like that.”

“Then how??” Sowmya asked.

“If you are old enough for this talk, you should be able to turn the men’s eyes on you where ever you go. Guys should think about your body, dream about you. And to be frank, you should be able to make some cock rock hard.”

“Is that all??” she asked as thought it wasn’t a feat.

“Yes. Why?” Preethi said.

“I can make even older guys very horny.” Sowmya said.

“Is it? Whom have you made horny?” I asked.

“I’m not going to say that to you.” She quipped.

“Come on little sis. Say it.” Preethi coaxed her.

She thought for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll say, but that should be between us.” She said. We nodded.

“I’ve seen dad getting hard, after looking at me. Isn’t that something?” she asked. ‘Wow… uncle was on to his daughter. Men!!…’ I thought, ‘are the same everywhere.’

“Well, you are good, then. But it isn’t enough. Anyone can make a guy like your dad hard. The point is can you make it last till he finishes if he fucks you.” I was putting a hook.

“You mean dad?”

“Yes. If you manage to keep him hard till he finishes fucking you, then I’ll agree you are good. Then we’ll say our secrets.” I said. Preethi seconded that.

“Well, but how can I get to dad? mom is always with him even though dad has eyes on me.” She said.

“Tomorrow, Arvind will be at your place. Just distract mom and send your mom and Arvind out together. Then you’ll have dad all to yourself.” We gave an idea.

“Cool. Thanks akka. Both of you.” She said.

Everything was just going well now. The next thing to do was mom’s marriage.

The next day Arvind left for uncle’s place. Dad went out on the pretext that he wanted to see some old friend of his, and he’ll be back late.

So I asked Sri to get ready and be in the puja room. mom was very nervous about this, particularly after seeing Preethi with me. More, she was feeling very shy like a bride. I said Preethi knows everything and it was okay. She was here to help us.

Preethi helped me to prepare mom to be the bride. She was angelic, slim yet, with busty breasts, thighs and asses. I think that’s what got Sri by balls. One moment, mom was like a horny slut waiting to be fucked and in the other, she was like a shy housewife.

We brought her to the puja room and Sri was there waiting like a groom. It was ironic and kinky, letting my husband marrying my mom in front of his sister.

“Undo your thaali, ma.” I said to mom.

“Have you got a new one?” she asked as she undid the three knots off her thaali.

“No.” I said. Then, I got it from her, gave it to Sri and asked him to tie it around her waist.

“What?” he asked, having stunned. He didn’t see that coming.

“That’s what Arvind did to me.” I whispered to Sri.

“You’ve been one naughty girl. You never said that to me, the part about your brother…” he was a bit shocked.

“Well, you know now.” I said giggling.

“I love you.” Sri said to me, smiling back.

“Okay now tie the thaali around her waist. The neck belongs to her husband. The cunt belongs to you.” The same words Arvind had said to me, years back.

Along with me, Preethi blessed the couple with flowers. They even knelt by our feet for our blessings.

“Okay, you go to our room. We’ll bring mom soon.” I said to Sri and he was gone.

“I didn’t expect that. Tying the thaali around the waist was so exciting.” mom was saying.

“I know that.” I laughed. It felt the same for me too.

Then we guided her with a plate of fruits and milk into my bedroom. Sri was sitting on the bed. The lights were on.

“I’m very nervous about doing this.” mom was saying.

“Both of you can stay for some time, may be till she gets comfortable.” Sri said.

“No, this is not how first night is supposed to be, we can’t stay.” I said looking at Preethi. We weren’t expecting that. We had our own first nights to spend.

“Please Anju, just for a few minutes.” mom said. I could feel her being very nervous. “It has been a long time.” 

“Okay.” We both had to postpone our thing.

“Shall I switch off the light?” Sri asked.

“No. let it be.” mom said.

“Help aunty undress…” Sri said.

“Yes, please. Help me.” mom said to us.

It was we who prepared her for her first night. But we didn’t expect to actually undress her and guide mom to have sex with Sri.

And we did. We removed mom’s silk saree and undressed her. Preethi helped mom unhook her blouse, and I undid mom’s bra. mom was standing half naked now, in her first-night room with her son-in-law, with her daughter undressing her for her first night.

Preethi knelt down undid the knots of mom’s petticoat. “Step out of it, Aunty.” She was saying.

I held my hands along the sides of mom’s panties and pulled it along the thighs to her ankles and helping her out as she held my shoulders for support, revealing her mushy, hairy cunt.

‘Woww..’ I exclaimed to myself. mom was standing buck naked in the room. I don’t remember seeing mom’s cunt or clotheless and fully naked, for that matter. 

Sri had undressed himself now. We both held mom’s hand and guided her to the bed. He mounted on top of her and spread her legs on both sides.

No wonder Sri’s cock was rock hard and rocking. I myself felt horny at doing this. Preethi too should have felt that. She let out a moan as he went inside her. That’s all I could stand.

“Okay you both, take care of your self. Sri, take care of mom, don’t hurt her.” I said and he was grinning.

I pulled Preeti out holding her hand tightly. We both rushed out of the door. The moment we came out Preethi was gasping. I was so horny that I hugged Preethi and gave a deep kiss in her mouth.”Oh my god. I’m fucking horny. Will you lead me to my night too??” she said holding my palm. Hers was sweaty.

I led her to Karthik’s room and teased her, whether she wanted me to wait too as we did for mom. 

“Have a nice time you both. Karthik, knock her with your baby.” I said and walked fast to my room. I can’t wait. “What was that all about? I could hear Karthik asking her. The voice faded as I reached my room.


Dad was waiting. I ran to him and hugged him tight. “Oh my god! Dad, I’m feeling horny like anything. I love you. Fuck your daughter like a bitch. Make me pregnant tonight.” I said as I kissed him deep.

“Yes, yes… sure, I will, Anju darling” dad said as he pulled my saree off my shoulders. I had forgotten that I had pinned it on the blouse. The pin ripped and tore my saree along with the blouse as dad pulled it.

“Forget it.” I said as I stood wearing only my inners. As usual, my blouse was getting wet with milk.

“Oh no… I hate this.” I said looking at the wet spot around the nipple on my blouse.

“Oh, I love this…” dad said. “Feel my cock.” He said placing my hand over the fly of his pants.

“Hmmm… yesss” I could feel it thickening. 

Just then he violently scooped me up while I was still in my blouse and petticoat and laid me on his bed. Then rolling my petticoat halfway up towards my hips, he spread my legs wide on both sides. He frantically nosedived into my petticoat between my folded legs and holding my petticoat covered ass cheeks with his hand.

I could feel his hot breath on my panties as his chin grazed over my soft inner thighs. His two day old stubble brushed along my thighs giving me a sensation of feelings. He brought my legs together with his head still between my legs and I tightened my grip of my legs around his head. 

His hair created waves on my pubes and he nuzzled his head onto my panty-covered cunt, along the slit of my love hole.

The panties were steaming hot and smelly with sex as they were wet with my cunt juices. He licked my panties and wetted them more with his tongue. I squealed and moaned as he did that.

“Oh my god! I love you. I love you… I love you very much, dad.” I was moaning.

Without removing my panties he inserted his hand inside over my ass and splitting my ass cheeks inserted a finger into my asshole.

“Oh my god!” a tingle of sensation went along my spine and I bucked up and down as he did that.

“Dad, you are amazing.” I said to him.

Then taking his head out of my petticoat he rolled it up fully to my hips. He knelt very close to me, and pushed me backwards. Having the weight of my back on his thighs, he made me lift my hips up into the air.

I was contorting myself in an awkward position where my head and half of my back was on the bed, but my lower back and hips were above the bed resting on his kneeling thighs, with both my legs clinging on to either side of his hips. 

I clasped my legs on to his back as he moved further constricting me into that awkward tight-fuck position.

Dad didn’t wait to unhook my blouse; he just put his hand inside in the front and ripped it open. The hooks flew all around the room and the blouse tore off.

“Dad… Dad.. Oh my god!” I was so excited that I couldn’t find words to say how I felt now. I was finding his violent moves so horny.

With half my ripped blouse still on my shoulder, he placed both his hands on my bra and holding my nipples in the middle of the wet spots and started twisting them painfully. He squeezed them and played with them without any resilience. 

He inserted his hands inside my bra and without removing them cupped the whole of my breasts with his hands and squeezed them softly. I removed my blouse or whatever remained of being a blouse once. 

The bra was next to come off my shoulders. 

Dad quickly removed his shirt and his pants and he was back in position. Both his cock and my cunt were fighting for release as there were only two layers of fabric between them as dad rubbed his pubes over mine. 

With my hips lifted high, with his cock nudging my cunt, with his palms squeezing my breasts, I was into my next level of my sexual sensations.

He squeezed and squeezed softly kneading them and slowly bending towards me, kissed on my cleavage. He licked it softly and moved his trail upwards towards my neck. 

He pushed aside my thaali to my back, which of all this time tonight, for one moment reminded me that my husband was fucking my mom in my room, my brother was fucking my sister-in-law in another and here, I was fucking my own dad.

May be we should rename the house as ‘The incest villa’, where each woman in the family serves as concubine to all the men in the family irrespective of our relationships with them.

Dad was now gently kissing around my neck, and with one hand on my breasts and one hand on my panties, he sent me throbbing. It was then I felt, older men are older men; you just can’t beat their experience when it comes to treating women to the best in sex. They know it all. They know it best.

Here I was, submitting myself completely to the moves of my own old man, my dad. mom should be one lucky woman I thought; still she wants to go for younger men like Sri. 

It is when it dawned on me, that no matter how much loyal you may be, to your partner, how much best sex you may have experienced so far, variety has its own payoffs. That is what makes husbands and wives go for sex outside the boundaries of marriage. 

The boundaries of marriage aren’t even necessary when you are very loving and caring for your partner and when you have sex with others. It is after all a different enjoyable experience. What is the point in stopping people from having that, in the name of marriage and relationships?

I was lost in my philosophical thoughts, and was brought back to this real world as dad softly nibbled my ears with his lips and sucked them soft.

“Of my God…” It was soooo good.

Then, kissing me on my cheeks, knowingly avoiding my lips he moved away. With both my breasts in full view and his hands played with my mounds, playing tension-ball with them. He squeezed them systematically thereby forcing milk to squirt out of my nipples. 

“Dad, I know you are an expert in milking cows in the village.” I said laughingly. And he laughed as well.

“Milk me as you used to milk your favourite cow, dad.” I said to him.

“Oh Yes… sure dear.” He said and changed the way he was holding my breasts. Now, instead of cupping them, he was making a cone out of my breasts and started squeezing from top to bottom gently kneading my nipples and stirring them for more milk secretion.

In a few squeezes, milk came out squirts after squirts, spraying over his hairy chest and flowing down his stomach, wetting both our undergarments, where his body met mine.

After a few minutes he stopped and instead, taking away his hands started sucking milk out of my nipples using his mouth. I could hear the gurgling sound as I would hear from my baby. It made me giggle.

As he emptied each of my pots, I loved the milking of my breasts by a man instead of my baby every time. I don’t remember how many times the men in my family have sucked milk off my breasts so far. Yet, it felt so good and more enjoyable every time.

He then undid the knots of my petticoat that curled around my hips and helped me remove it through my neck. I was now wearing only my panties.

Then moving back, bringing his face close to my cunt, holding the sides of my elastic panties, he pulled them down. But he didn’t pull them all the way down. He didn’t even pull them to my knees (घुटना). He just pulled them down halfway to my thighs.

“Just leave them there. Don’t remove it.” He was saying.

Then he pushed his face over my hairy cunt, nudging the lips away with his tongue. It felt eternal; the touch of the soft tongue over my soft cunt lips.

He played around my cunt licking the outer lips and suddenly I felt a shudder rip through my body. I didn’t know what was coming. But I felt waves of orgasm ripping through me, one after the other. I didn’t know it. I didn’t see it. I just went into the orgasm, just like that, and I bucked my hips up and down hitting my groin and grinding it over my dad’s face with renewed vigour. 

My eyes were closed but I could feel his tongue up along my cunt somewhere, still licking all the way through my first orgasm of the night. 

“Oh my God,” I just then realized, that the best men of all, the oldest men of all I fucked till now, had found my clitoris and beyond that, the g-spot. 

I was panting hard. I had never felt such an intense orgasm before just by the lick of a tongue; forget the rock hard cock; it was just a tongue, and my dad’s; the most skillful of all.

I couldn’t even realise fully what was happening then. Waves after waves of shuddering and I could feel tears coming off my eyes and flowing along my cheeks. I wasn’t crying. It was just a reflex of the sensation I was prone to, as a result of what dad did to me.

I didn’t even know until my dad showed me tonight that there could be some place as good as this where playing with tongue could just trip me into wildest of my orgasms in life. 

I felt so vulnerable to men now, which I hadn’t ever felt before. And dad, of all the four men, knew the exact weakness of a woman. He found my g-spot. No one else did. No wonder I still kept saying to myself, old men are best; dad is best.

Thinking back on time, it was like going one step at a time, now I was in level 5 in a tall skyscraper where I couldn’t see the top most level. Sri, my husband was the one to introduce to this palace of pleasure.

Arvind, my brother, was the one who took me to the first level above ground, who proved sex outside the bedroom can be the most fun of all. Then he took me to the second level, the level of pleasure and pain, into the world of anal sex.

Karthik, my youngest brother, was the one who took it out of the house, made it as kinky as it can be, taking me to the next level of sex in the temple. He made it public in the fourth level, with all those sex in restrooms and theatres.

And now, dad took me further to the wildest of levels so far, with his tongue alone. To think of it, my learning curve so far had been real good. Who said, you couldn’t learn and enjoy so much in the world of sex from your family? I did.

So dad let me relax now for a while bringing me breaths back to normal. He then lifted both my legs up and made me bend them and hold them back close to my breasts, with my feet on his chest.

Moving close to me, with my panties still on my thighs below my knees (घुटना), he made me keep my legs close to each other. Showing off my cunt between my legs, like holding a new born baby upside down, he spanked me hard on my ass cheeks. 

“Mmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa…” I squealed as his first soft spanks hit my cheeks. He pushed a finger along the line of my cheeks gently feeling the rim of my puckering anus.

“Daddd…” I moaned aloud as I felt his touch. His thumb was examining my asshole while his middle finger was probing my cunt whole. I throbbed again with dual sensations on my anus and cunt.

“So my little girl likes this very much? Do you?” he was asking.

I nodded in between my gasps. My mouth had gone dry by now. With my cunt wide open for entry, he pushed his underwear to his knees (घुटना) and unleashed his weapon. The hot rubbery rod dashed towards my cunt finding its way through the tuft of hair above. 

Finding the outer lips of my cunt, he started splitting my cunt lips with his cock and began rubbing his warmth and adding more fire into my already hot and steaming cunt.
It wouldn’t be long before I could satiate my horny feeling, I thought. But it seemed it wasn’t going to happen. Dad was in full command tonight, and he knew when to do what, and when to space his acts. 

He kept me longing and then surprising me with new pleasures. So far the night had been unexplainably awesome. He was continuing to rub my cunt with his cock. With every push, every withdrawal, every wiggle, I was moving up to my next orgasm that was building fast.

Then again, pulling out of my cunt, he bent and again gave a full quick lick pushing his tongue deep inside my cunt and tasting my juices. That made me shudder, given the state of throbbing sensation that was building inside me.

He repeated his cock thrust, softly, and slowly but with defining deeper thrusts every time. Once again I could feel his cock stretching my cunt sideways as it plowed through. The juices of my cunt eased the friction of the soft skin of his cock rubbing along the walls of cunt.

With every push he hit it deep, hit it hard and then waited for my little gasp and squeal as if for punctuation.

He then lifted me up, and turned me around making me kneel in doggy position. It had been long since I’ve been fucked in doggy position and never with my panties on my thighs so that I couldn’t spread them apart. That again made me kneel holding my cunt tight together. 

It was going to be a tight fuck from my dad.

“Fuck me, dad. Please. Fuck me hard.” I was pleading. He grabbed my hips on my sides with his hands. My cunt lips were dripping and sloppy, awaiting his cock. I felt his hard cock rub along my cunt lips from the back.

I could feel his cock, spreading those lips wide on both sides and his cock tip finding its way into my tight cunt. The round tip was probing the insides of my cunt as it started filling my cunt. Slowly and steadily, I could feel it filling the whole of my cunt, stretching it to the max.

Then he pulled it out and pushed it in. I could then feel the emptiness filling again. ‘Woww.. sex is always a great feeling’ I thought to myself as I closed my eyes enjoying that feeling.

I wanted to moan, squeal and plead as he rammed my cunt faster like a roaring old lion. I felt my thighs going jelly after the constant fucking action. I wondered how old men like dad could hold up their energy so long, that too when fucking young girls like me. May be it is psychological.

He was pushing it hard. It was like a huge guy in those porn movies hitting a relatively small female, fucking so bad as if his cock would end up coming out all the way out of her mouth if he hit her cunt.

I felt the same. Dad was relentless. He was huge and now rammed into me from behind like a piston. It was so wild that I moaned and groaned. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. 

“Dad… please… don’t stop… I’m going to cum… please… don’t stop… fuck me… please… dad… please…” I was begging.

“Stop it… Anju” he said. And he gave a nice slap on my ass that left me with a sting of pain. He gave another slap on the other cheek and repeated it. 

“Dad… please…” I was begging. 

“Anjuuuuu…” he admonished me louder this time. I’ve heard that one can be in command just by calling the name. And here I just stopped silent as my dad called my name aloud.

I waited. And then, I could feel his tongue licking the small of my back, from my ass cheeks all the way to the top, to my neck and again back to my ass. He was playing with his tongue by writing ‘eights’ on my back and I quivered like a snake.

The next moment his thumb touched the lips of my cunt, I was off with my next orgasm ripping through me like a storm. I bucked my ass, and felt my thighs go fluid like. I couldn’t stand even on my fours on my knees (घुटना). I was falling face down towards the bed. 

But dad wasn’t leaving his grip. He was holding me up with his hands on my hips. The feeling of his cold wet sweaty hands on my hips made me writhe in pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm engulfed me fully.

I felt so bad as if I had lost my dignity losing my throes to a man, finally. Tonight, I had gone through two of my wildest orgasms without much fucking. And my dad hadn’t even cum even once, and his cock was ready like a stallion, having never been slumping even a bit all the night.

I felt weak. I gave myself to him psychologically. I didn’t ask him anymore. I didn’t beg him anymore. I accepted what he was doing. It was a complete submission, no questions asked. If I think of it, he didn’t even force me into anything. He wasn’t even rough. He was gentle in fact. He wasn’t even commanding. But I submitted myself.

I loved him so much. He left me wanting him so much. I was dead tired. The worst tiredness I felt all my life. I didn’t know what was going on. I just felt what was going on. I could feel him holding me on my knees (घुटना) not allowing me to fall. I could feel his hard cock probing my cunt yet again.

I didn’t know when he was going to stop taunting and torturing me sweetly like this. But I didn’t care. I just enjoyed every moment of whatever that came along. I felt like a little helpless virgin. If only dad had made me lose my virginity… I couldn’t even imagine how it would have been. 

But now, even with being a mother of two, I was still his sweet little daughter, a little girl feeling as if losing her virginity feeling tired physically and weak mentally as if fucking for the first time in her life.

I couldn’t spread my legs and relax my thighs, for my panties were still holding my thighs together. I tried to pull them down. But dad pulled them up back again just below my inner thighs, leaving little space for him to pump my cunt.

And he did that. He pumped his cock straight into my sloppy cunt. I could feel the sensations of rubbing, and scraping my cunt. I didn’t feel his cock hitting my womb. It didn’t reach that far, yet, it felt so good. It felt as if it was the best fuck I ever had.

With every single pumping action, I could feel my ass hitting his lower abdomen, making a loud slapping sound. He moved his hand away from my hips but moved his hands along the sides of my cold sweaty body till he reached closer to my breasts.

With his thumbs still on my back on either side, using his other four fingers he squeezed both my breasts from back and then rammed his cock inside my cunt.

I was going crazy. 

“I’m going to cum, Anju” dad announced, as I was in another heaven moaning to myself as he milked my breasts. The bed was getting soiled and stained with drops of my milk. 

“Yes daddy, please fuck me faster. Pour you cum into your daughter’s cunt. Make me pregnant. I want your baby. Please…” I pleaded.

Hearing me speak dirty should have made him more horny. He rammed me like anything from behind and I felt his cum flowing into my cunt. 

His cock was splashing and rocking for a long time that I knew he was still loading his cum into me, long enough to plant his seed in my cunt.

“Oh my god! Dad…” I moaned as I reached my orgasm, my third in the night and fell to bed as my hands and thighs couldn’t hold me anymore. I could feel his hot cum, slipping out of my cunt and flowing along my inner thighs. 

I felt slutty. And I liked it to the core.

He removed his underwear and then lifting my legs stripped my panties off me. Crushing the wet panties like a cloth ball, he cleaned up the sides of my thighs and then my hairy cunt that was covered with his cum and my juices.

“Dad, I love you.” I said to him softly, as I laid myself on my back. I didn’t have the energy to bring up my voice. All I could do was mouth and whisper. And he understood my every word of what I said and what I hadn’t said.

“Me too… a lot.” Dad smiled, as he moved beside me and holding my breasts, he licked them softly and kissed them.

Just then, I heard a baby crying. No, it wasn’t Rahul, may be it was Vino, Preethi’s Baby. The sound was coming from her room. 

“Go help her, Anju” dad said, and I tried to get off to my feet from the bed. I couldn’t. My legs couldn’t hold me in the tiredness. Dad scooped me up and carried me upstairs. We were both naked. As soon as we came out of the room, I felt coldness on my skin. Only then it occurred our hot steamy sex had made our closed room warmer than the temperature outside.

We reached their room and I opened her room, while still in dad’s arms. And I saw Preethi moaning and panting softly, obviously very tired of having been fucked by Karthik. She couldn’t lift herself up and walk to her baby.

She looked back and saw us enter the room naked, as dad had carried me. “Don’t worry, Preethi. Anju will take care of the baby.” Dad said to them. And they continued fucking as I got down from dad’s arms and then took the baby and put her to my breasts. 

The little baby girl was asleep again in minutes. “Let’s have a walk in the garden.” Dad said.

And we walked naked into the garden. It was so good to be out walking naked feeling the breeze. We sat down on the lawn and I cuddled to dad. He put his hands around me and patted my naked back putting me to sleep.

The sun shined on me and burned my skin as I woke up. I had been sleeping naked on the lawn all night, with nothing to cover myself. To my dismay, dad had already woken and he wasn’t there beside me. 

‘Hmm… I hate this… sneaking naked into my own house.’ I said to myself. But I had a long history on that. Thankfully when I sneaked in, no one saw me. But just as I got into the bath, I bumped into Preethi. She was just coming out.

She giggled as she saw me sneaking in naked. “Whats funny?” I mocked her.

“Hasn’t the night over yet??” she asked.

“You naughty girl! Let me have my bath.” I said and rushed into the bath.

It was funny that all women in the house limped that day as we all had a sore cunt after a great night of fucking.

“I’m really sorry about your dad. I feel guilty of cheating him.” mom was saying at the dining table. Four of us, mom, me, Sri, and Preethi were having our breakfast. Dad and Karthik were missing.

“Come on mom, you didn’t do anything wrong.” I said to her. “Dad wouldn’t say anything if he knows about this. He’ll be happy for you.” I said.

“No, I don’t think so.” mom still felt sulky.

“Come Vijaya, don’t feel bad. I don’t mind.” I heard dad’s voice at the door.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry Shankar.” mom cried and ran to dad hugging him.

“It’s okay Vijaya. I know what had happened. After all, it had been long since we had fun like this. Beside, yesterday night, I cheated on you too. Yesterday, I had sex with Anju, while you went to bed with Sri.” Dad said. “I’m sorry too.” 

Sri looked at me with his eyes wide open and his jaw dropped hearing that. But then he became normal and mouthed, ‘Wicked girl!’ at me. I grinned and made faces at him. We both laughed.

“It’s okay,” mom said. “I think we both are even then.” mom smiled.

“So what is this all about??” Karthik entered the room for breakfast as we all settled on to our food.

“Nothing. We were just thinking it has been a long time having fun together as a family.” I said.

“Yes, it is.” Karthik said as he dug into his breakfast. So mom’s secret was confined to just five of us, for now at least.

Breakfast khatam hote hi dad ne kaha, “kyun na hum sab picnic chale apne beach house par, thodi masti bhi hojaye”. sab khush the kyunki bahut din baad hum sab saath me kahin ghoomne jaarahe the. sab apne apne kamre me packing karne chale ne Sri ke family ko bhi invite kiya aur woh bhi raazi hogaye.

main apne kamre me, mere pati aur mere kapde pack karne me busy hogayi. itne me peeche se kisine meri choochiyon ko kaske pakad liya aur bahut hi pyaar se masal rahe the. main ghabra ke peeche mudi to dekha ke mera chota bhai karthik tha usko dekh kar hairaan hogayi.karhik ne kaha “didi bahut din se aapko chakha nahin,please mujhe mat roko,main bahut garam hoon” aur phir peeche se mera lehenga upar tak utha kar meri choot chatne laga. “ohh mere chote bhayya..main bhi tumhe bahut miss kiya ahh..aur zor se chakho na tumhari didi ki choot ko..ooii maaaa…aur chato na.. ahhhh….” karte main mazaa lene lagi.

Aur phir apna mota lund nikalke meri choot pe ragadne laga aur phir ek hi jhatke me mere andar daal diya aur zor zor se chodne laga.” ohh karthik aur zorse chodo didi ki choot ko..aur chodo na…zor se..ahhh…mat roko aur karo..main jhadne hi waali hoon..chodo mujhe..ahhhh..” karke chillane lagi.

Woh to yeh sab sunke paagal hogaya aur utha utha ke meri choot marnelaga. kya chudai thi woh,main to khushi se paagal horahi thi. meri choochiyon ko bhi zor zorse masal raha tha. aur phir ek dum se main jhadgayi, karthik ne apna lund meri choot se nikal ke mere muh me daal ke maarne laga aur phir apna pani chod diya jo main poora nigal gayi.

itne me kuch awaaz se hum dono ghabrake peeche mude to dekha ke mera pati meri mummy ke peeche khada unki choli me ek haat daal ke choochi masal raha tha aur doosra haath unke me lehenge me daal ke choot se khel raha tha. phir mummy ne kaha “Kya Anju darwaaza band karne ka time bhi nahin mila kya? aur ye tumhari pati to mujhe saans lene bhi nahin de raha kal ke suhaag raat se. hai kya mard hai tera, main to iska bacha paida karna chahti hoon”. phir maine karthik ke saath bahar chali gayi taaki undono kuch samay mile apni masti ka aur karthik ko sab kuch samjha diya aur woh khush tha sab ke liye.

Thodi der baad sab ready hogaye the picnic ke liye ke itne me Arvind Sri ke family ko lekar pahunch gaya. main to Sowmya ko dekh kar hairaan hogayi kyun ke woh bahut thaki thaki si lagrahi thi aur mujhe dekh kar aankh bhi mari. main samajh gayi ke Sowmya ne uske papa ke saat chudaayi karli. Preethi aur main dono bahut khush the ki Sowmya bhi ab is ghar ki randi bangayi.

aur phir hum sab beach house pahunchgaye aur apne apne kamre me chale gaye. sabhi couples ke liye ek ek kamra tha.karthik aur Sowmya ke liye ek hi kamra diya gaya kyun ke papa ne aleready mere sasur ji se unki shaadi ki baat pakki karli thi aur unhone sab ke saamne elaan bhi kardiya. ye sun ke sab khush hogaye, mom and dad ek kamre me, main aur Sri ek kamre me,Arvind aur Preethi ek kamre me,mere saas aur sasur ek kamre me aur karhik, Sowmya ek kamre me.

sab apne apne me kamre me chale gaye.Sri ne darwaaza band kardiya jaldi se aur phir mujhe kiss karne laga, mere hot choosne laga aur kaha “maa aur beti me kuch bhi farak nahin hain, dono bhi mast randiyan hai.” main muskurarahi thi ye sunke, Sri ne kaha”kyun randi bahut ache se teri chudwaayi horahi hain is ghar ke mardon se? chaar mardon ke saath jo chudrahi hai aur kya chahiye?”. maine kaha “hai.. main to bahut khush hoon chaar mardon se, acha hota agar paanch hote to?”. ye sunke Sri hairaan hogaya aur kehne laga ki “kya ab mere papa ko bhi legi kya apne jhaangon ke beech randi kahin ki?”.

“haan.. haan.. Sri..mujhe is ghar ke sabhi mard chahiye..main sabhi ke bache paida karna chahti hoon”.

“jo bhi karna hain kar randi bas meri pyaas bujhate rehna.” kehke Sri mujhe zor zorse chodne laga kutiya ki tarah raat bhar.

Jab subah huvi to maine socha sab ke liye chai bana kar surprise karti hoon. ye soch kar mai kitchen ki taraf chal padi aur phir achaanak se kuch siskiyaan sunkar ruk gayi aur dheere se kitchen ki ore badhi aur dekha ki meri amma kitchen counter par baithi apni saree ghutno tak utha ke,mere sasur jo mere mama bhi hain apna bada sa lund unki choot me daal kar chod rahe ne to bataya tha inke baare me par pehli baar main aisa kuch nazaara dekh rahi hoon. aur meri amma halke se siskiyaan de rahi thi “Hai bhayyaa..aur karona..kitne saal hogaye aise pal guzaare tumhare saath…apni choti behen ko chodo aur zorse chodo…lelo mazaaa behen see..phad do meri choot ko apne lund se..chodo..haaaannnn..aur…ahhh…ooohhh…. chodo na bhayya….chodo naa…”.

ye sab dekh kar main aur garam ho rahi thi, meri saree uthaye main apni choot se khel rahi thi ke Preethi ne mujhe peeche see aakar dara diya. maine Preethi ko sab kuch batadiya aur phir hum dono dekhne lage, Preethi ke daddy aur meri mummy ki chudaayi ko. mere dimaag me ek idea aaya jo maine Preethi ko bataya aur hairaan hogayi aur khush bhi aur hum wahaan se nikalgaye.

kuch ghante baad sab ready hokar hall pe mile aur decide kiya ke swimming ke liye jaayenge, aur phir sabhi apne apne swimming dress lekar beach pe chale gaye jo ki theek hamare beach house ke saamne hai.main,Preethi aur Sowmya ne apni apni bikini pehenne ke liye jhaadi ke peeche chale gaye.mera aur Preethi ka costume bahut chota hogaya kyunki delivery ke wajah se humaare choochiyan bahut badhgaye, Sowmya ko koi dikkat nahin huvi costume se magar woh bahut hairaan thi ke humdono bahut chota aur tight costume pehne ready the. “tum dono asli randiyon jaise dikhrahe ho” kehke Sowmya wahaan se chali gayi.

main aur Preethi uski baat pe haste huve beach ki aur badhe to dekha ke hamare parents already paani me maze lerahe the. Arvind,Sri aur karthik bhi paani me swim kar rahe the. aur jab sabki nazar hum dono par padhi to whistles aur taaliyan bajne lagi, ye dekh kar Sowmya thoda jal rahi thi. 

sabhi bahut mazaa lerahe the paani ka, thodi der baad maine dekha ki hamare parents ab beach house ki taraf jaa rahe the, main samajh gayi ke kya hone waala hai. achaanak se mujhe zorse pishaab karna tha, isliye main Sri ke paas gayi aur phir use saat aane ko kaha jhadiyon ke peeche kyunki apne parens ko disturb nahin karna chahti, magar Sri apni behen se maze lene me busy tha to Arvind mere saat chalne ke liye raazi hogaya aur jhadiyon ke peeche pahunchne ke baad main apni panty utar di aur phir pishaab karne lagi aur phir Arvind ne apni short utaar kar apna khada lund mere muh me daal diya aur chodne laga. mujhe bahut mazaa aaraha tha ke pishaab aur sex dono chal rahe the, main uska lund choosne lagi maze se aur pishaab karne lagi, Arvind mujhe zor zor se muh chodne laga aur kehne laga “le mere poora lund meri randi behen…aaj kal bahut se lund teri pyaas bhuja rahe hai, main sab kuch jaangaya tere aur meri randi patni ke baare me..meri patni ko bhi tumne apni randibaazi sikhadi..ahhh…mera poora paani peeja…randiiiii…choos aur maze se choos tere bhaay ka lund..oohhhh…aaahhhh…ab le mera pani le..ahhh” kehte huve apna pani mere muh me daal diya.

main to hairaan rehgayi ke Preethi ne sab kuch batadiya Arvind ko, magar mujhe bahut mazaa aaya uska paani peekar.uske baad humdono phir beach ki taraf chal pade aur dekha ki Sri apni behen Preethi ke choochiyon ko choos raha tha aur karthik Sowmya ko kiss kar raha tha. Unko disturb nahin karna chahte the isliye mai Arvind ko lekar hamari car me baith gaye.


Didi, main jab Preethi ke ghar gaya tha to,doosre din saasuma ne mujhe market saath chalne ke liye kaha aur hum bike par market jaa rahe the, sasuma ne mujhe peeche se kaske pakad rakha tha aur unke choochiyan meri peeth pe dabrahe the, main to bahut ghabraya huva tha par sasuma bahut aaram se bathi ka kaam khatam hote hi ghar waapas aarahe the magar sasuma ne kapde ki dukaan par rokne ke liya kahan aur jab hum dono andar gaye khareedne to maine dekha ki woh innerwear section ki taraf chalpadi aur mujhe bhi saat chalne ko kahan aur phir kuch bra aur panty dekhne lage, main bahut hi sharminda horaha tha.

koi aur to nahin tha wahaan par to woh mujhe 38dd waali bra’s ko dhoonde ke liye kahan aur main jaakar kuch le aaya, to woh trial room me chaligayi aur thodi der baad halki si awaaj se mujhe andar bulaaya aur kaha “Arvind bra ka hook khul nahin raha, thodi madad karo please”. main pehli baar sasuma ko choo raha tha aur mere paseene choot rahe the, phir maine hook khol diya aur unke badi badi nangi choochiyan mere saamne the. sasuma ne mera haat apne choochiyan pe rakh diya aur mera lund sehlane lagi. mujhe kuch samajh nahin aaraha tha, phir maine saari sharmo haya thodkar unki choochiyon ko choosne laga,thodi der baad unhone mujhe roka aur kahan “mujhe kahin le chalo Arvind,mujhe tumhara lund chahiye meri choot me,bahut din se is pal ka intezaar ta mujhe..main tumhari randi kahoge main karungi..bas mujhe chodo jaise ke tum Preethi ko chodte ho…main tumhari dasi hoon aur tum mere raja..main tumhare lund ki diwaani hoon.”

ye sab sunke mai to hairaan rehgaya aur jaldi se wahan se hum nikal gaye aur ek hotel me gaye aur kamra book karliya. phir kya to woh to jaise pagal thi aur agle paach ghanton tak unki chudaayi karta raha aur maze leta raha. unhone sab kuch bata diya tumhare aur Preethi ke baare me, kyunki Preethi unse kuch nahin chupaati. jab hum dono ghar pahunche to dekha ke Sowmya aur uske daddy kamre me nange chudaai kar rahe the. ye dekh kar sasuma has padi aur phir hum bahar lawn me baith gaye, thodi der baad Sowmya aur uske daddy bahar aaye aur chupchap baithgaye jaise ke kuch huva hi nahin.


Arvind jab mujhe ye sab suna raha tha, main bahut garam ho chuki thi aur apni choot me ungli daal ke marne lagi thi aur Arvind bhi lund bhi hila raha tha aur poori kahani khatam hone tak hun dono jhad chuke the ek doosre ko dekh ke.maine Arvind ka lund apne muh me lekar saaf kardiya aur sab kuch batadiya jo bhi dad ne mujhe kaha tha apni families ke baare me. woh to ye sab sunke pehle chauk gaya par samjhgaya.uske baad humdono beach par gaye to dekha ke beach par koi bhi nahin hain, jhadiyon ke paas dekha to dekha ki Sri apni behen Preethi ki chudaai aur thodi door par karthik Sowmya ki chudaai kar rahe the.

Raat hone wali thi to sab apne apne kapde pehen kar ghar ki aur chal pade.ghar bahut sumsaan tha,hum sab dheere se oopar wale kamre ki taraf badhe aur dekha ke sasur(Sri ke dad) aur meri amma ek kamre me aur daddy ke saath sasuma(Sri ki mom) so rahe the, shaayad bahut thak chuke the chudaai se. ye nazaara dekhkar sab muskuraane lage aur apne apne kamre me chal gaye. Agle din hum sab ghar laut gaye.

The wedding preparations of karthik and Sowmya geared up pretty fast. But mom was pretty worried about Sowmya’s arrival because she was afraid of how Sowmya can fit in this family’s new rituals(sex). She asked my help in order to clear everything to Sowmya before marriage, i was more than happy to oblige her request.

I went to Sowmya to reveal every bit of details she deserves to know, she was very happy on my arrival. we went on to discuss everything and i asked her about the tryst with her father to which she replied like this.


As per your suggestion on that day, i started flirting with dad more often giving him cleavage views of mine, he started staring at my tits as days passed on. I was enjoying this feeling of giving a hard-on to my own dad. One day as Arvind arrived and mom took him to do some shopping as well as for grocery store, i was left alone with dad. I’ve decided to do some thing naughty to which i put on a transparent saree with a low cut blouse revealing more of my boobs and exposing my mid rift quite good and went on to join dad who was quite busy in watching TV. I deliberately drifted off to sleep placing my head on his thighs, after few minutes i can feel his cock touching my head making me enjoy that feeling. Slowly i moved just to make my pallu fall and let daddy see my tits with a tight blouse on and no bra beneath it.

Dad was going mad watching me and after few minutes he made his move by feeling my waist slowly, made his way to my 36c and slowly cupped my boobs through the blouse. I was feeling very horny by now and i couldn’t control myself but to moan to his actions. He was surprised by my reaction as he was expecting some resistance, then he just grabbed my boobs and started kneading them pretty

heavily. i opened my eyes to see my fathers lips approaching mine and i accepted them, we started kissing very passionately as dad was still playing with my tits through my blouse. He made me lay on the couch, ripped of my blouse and started sucking and licking my boobs to which i was moaning and saying ” haan papa…chooso..meri chuchiyoon ko chooso..aur pyaarse chooso.ahhhh… haiiiii…margayii…. bhagwaaannn…. aur karo na daddy…aam ki tarah chooso meri chuchiyon ko dadyy.ahhhhh…”

“Beti tere chuchiyan to bahut bade hain aur inhe choosne me to bahut maza aaraha hai, kya kisine teri chudai ki hai?” asked dad.

“Nahin daddy, maine aaj tak kisise nahin chudwaaya aur mai apni kori choot aapse chudwaana chahti hoon, aap mujhe aurat banayiye, jo bhi karna ho karlijiye, main aapki beti hoon aur aap hi meri jawani lelo” said me.

“are waah tu bhi badi chudakkad hai teri mom jaisi, woh bhi to ek randi hai aur shaayad woh apne damaad ke saat kahin bahar chudai karrahi hogi.” said dad.

I was surprised to hear this Anju because i know about mom’s tryst with your father but i didn’t expect her to fuck his own son-in-law. Dad started to undress himself revealing his big cock and asking me to suck it good. i started him giving a blowjob remembering of what Preeti didi does to Arvind jiju which i used to watch whenever they are at home. Dad was surprised with my work on his cock and started praising me ” are waah Sowmya tu to bahut achi tarah choos rahi hai mere lund ko, lagta nahin ki ye tera pehla lund hai..ahhh..choos aur maze se choos mere lund ko meri randi bitiya…. ahhhh..bahut acha kar rahiho.. aur karo..ahhh.”

After few minutes of good sucking he started to lick my pussy which gave me a very strange sensation through out my body.”ohhh..daddyy..aur chakhona meri geeli choot ko.bahut ahca lagraha hai.. mere saare rass jhadrahe hai.ahhh..oiiimmaaa.. haaan…daddy aur karo..peelo mera saara rass.” was all i was saying.

His tongue was pretty deep in my pussy exploring my inner walls and making me squeal with delight and pleasure. i started to cum bearing no more of his onslaught on my pussy “are daddy ..main jhadne hi waali hoon…ruko mat, karte raho..ahh….ohhh..daddyy..main jad rahi hoon.. ahhhhh…..”

After making me cum two more times it was time to make me a woman, the one who gave me birth is now going to make me a woman. He poised his erection at the entrance of my pussy and said “Sowmya.. shuru me tujhe thoda dard hoga, mujh pe yakeen karo main sabh sambhaloonga.” He gave me a big thrust to which his cock went all the way in tearing apart my virginity,i was screaming in pain and screaming “daddy bahar nikalo….mujhe dard ho raha hai.. haai bhagwaan… main margayi..bahar nikalo daddy… ahhhhh..”

He then started kissing me shutting my mouth with his lips and didn’t move his cock at all for few minutes, after the pain subsided he started moving his cock in and out of my pussy asking me “kaise lagraha hai?” 

“haan..abhi theek hai..daddy..karo mujhe chodo ab. haii bahut acha lagraha hai..” i said.

He then started giving me hard strokes into my pussy making me squeal with delight and few strokes in, he was banging me pretty hard and pretty roughly.

“chodo na papa..zorse ..mazaa araha hai..ahhhh…ohhh… aur karo na …ahh..papa.. bahut acha lagraha hai..ahhh…papa..chodo mujhe ab zorse chodono..ahhhh…hai..bhagwaannnn… mai ab bachi nahin rahi…aahhhh” was all i was muttering while his was driving his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy and then after few minutes of fucking he came in my pussy making me cum along with him. we just laid for few more minutes to resume our fucking session for another 4 hours as we know that mummy will be late because of her sessions with jiju. we then got ready and went outside lawn to see mummy and jiju kissing each other pretty romantically, their tongues were dancing into each others mouth and my jiju was fingering her pussy as i can see his hand disappear in her saree below. she was panting and moaning, dad and me waited and watched the whole scene. After few minutes when they broke up their kiss, we went on to join them for a chat.


On hearing what Sowmya said, i was relieved that Sowmya is no longer that shy and good girl, she is more of a whore now after fucking her dad at home and karthik at beach and then left the place back to home. I entered into home with a spare key and went straight to my room and was stunned to see my husband Sri was licking my mom’s asshole like an ice-cream, i went straight to the chair placed opposite to them and started watching the whole scene. mom saw me and was trying to stop my hubby, but he was in no mood of stopping his act even when he saw me and i was okay with that as my mom is married to my hubby few weeks earlier.

“Anju beti, tera pati bahut ganda hai aur meri gaand marne par tula huva hai,aaj tak kisine meri gaand nahin maari,tera pati aaj meri gaand phaad dega. please meri madad karo na..ahhhhh…halke se mere jamai raja..halke se..chakho na…mazaa araha hain..pata nahin aaj tak kisine meri gand kyun nahin lee? ohh..bhagwaaannn…aisa damaad to naseebwalon ko milta hai..phad de raja..meri gaand aaj tu phaad hi deeee….” said mom.

“randi…mai tera damaad nahin tera chudaiwaala pati hoon…bhoolgayi jo mangalsutra maine tumhari gaand ke oopar bandha tha… mujhe pati kehke pukaar..wahh kya gaand hai teri…isko marne me mazaa aayega kyun Anju?” he said shoving his big cock into her asshole and banging her hard mercilessly.

I was just watching them silently and started fingering myself after raising my saree to my waist. “Dekho meri biwi to apni choot me ungli daale apni hi maa ki chudaai ka mazaa lerahi hai. waah meri kismat to khulgayi, maa aur beti dono se shaadi ki and aur dono ko achi tarah se chodraha hoon.” said while banging my mom pretty furiously.

mom was going wild on her first anal experience screaming “Haai mere pati dev..chodo meri kori gaand ko aur aajse meri gaand hi chodna. bahut hi maza aaraha hai..kutiya ki tarah chodo mujhe mere kutte pati..main tumhari pyaari kutiya hoon.aur zorse..chodo haramzaade..apni chudaiwaali biwi ko chodo.”

On hearing her words my hubby was going wild and fucking her so hard by holding her mangalsutra which was tied up her waist by my husband that bed was creaking with every stroke he was delivering into my mom’s asshole and few minutes later he spewed his cum totally into her asshole an laid on her back. watching the whole scene made me cum pretty hard gasping for some breathe.

“waah mere randibaaz pati tune mujhe kabhi aise nahin choda, meri amma bhagayi kya? kya chudaai thi aur amma tune bhi kya chudaai lee hai,bahut badhiya thi” saying that i left the place for them to have some more fun. i went to Preeti’s room to find her sucking my brother Arvind’s cock and joined them.

“Didi tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?” asked Arvind.

“Kyun mujhe nahin chodna chahte?” asked me.

“Are kyun nahin didi,main tumhe kaise mana karsakta hoon aakhir tum meri biwi jo ho.” said Arvind.

I started strippng my clothes and saw a wide smile on Arvind’s face as he saw my two mangalsutra’s one tied to my neck and another to my waist dangling down to my cunt. I went near to him and he grabbed my tits, started sucking on them like a baby as his wife was busy with his cock down to her knees (घुटना). I was enjoying his sucking and suddenly Arvind left my tit and signal me to join her wife, Preethi passed on his cock to my mouth to which i started sucking with all my might and making him scream with pleasure. Preeti wanted his man to get a double blowjob and made me suck his cock one side and other side it was Preeti who was enjoying his manhood.

“waah meri dono randi biwiyaan mera lund choos rahi hai.kya nazaara hai, main to bahut naseebwala hoon jo meri biwiyaa itni kamini aur kutiya hain jo kisise bhi chudenge.aur chooso mera lund ahh… bahut ache..zorse…ohhhh” said Arvind.

After few minutes of some furious sucking, Arvind’s cock was glistening with the saliva of mine and Preeti and then she announced “didi aaj mujhe meri gaand chudwaani hai, maine dekha kaise Sri bhayya ne mom ki gaand mari hai aur mujhe bhi bahut khujli horahi hai gaand chudwaane ki, Arvind aaj meri gaand phaad do, ruko mat, kutte ki tarah iss kutiya ki gaand phad do mere raja…mujhe chodogena bolo mere raja meri gaand chodogena?”

“Haan haan meri randi aaj mai teri gaand chodunga jaise maine meri did ki gaand lee thi. aaj to main tumhari gaand phaad doonga mere lund se bas tum dekhti jaao” saying this Arvind banged his cock straight in to her asshole with out any mercy and started fucking her ass pretty hard with each stroke to which she was screaming both in pain and pleasure grunting “Haan raja..chodo meri gaand aur zorse.. phaad do jaise tune didi ki gaand phad dee thi. waah kya mazaa aaraha hai, aur karo..ahhhhh.. oiii maaa… chodoooo…. haramzade..chod teri randi patni ko.. jo ek bhai chod hai. mera bhai bhi mujhe aise nahin chodta jaise tu chod raha hai..ahhhhhh….” she said and started cumming all over the place.

Arvind realeased his wife for a while who was nearly fainted with his furious fucking, came to me and started banging his cock into my asshole. without any foreplay my ass was dry, but he showed no mercy in thrusting his cock in to my dry asshole and taking the shit out of me with his fucking. I started enjoying his thrusting even it was hurting a bit and grunting “haan mere bhayya chodo tumhari behenko..lelo uski gaand..behenchod..chod apni behen ki gaand zorse..aur zorse..behenchod. main teri randi patni hoon na..chod teri randi ko.. aaaahhhhhh… ohhhhhhhh…..pakad apna magalsutra aur chod mujhe.”

He started fucking me by holding the mangalsutra to my waist as i can see my other mangalsutra dangling down to my tits. It was very kinky to wear two one for my hubby and other for my brother. The clincking sound of my mangalsutra was driving him crazy as he was banging pretty roughly and started spewing his cum into my asshole. As soon as his cock popped out of my hole i was surprised to see Preethi placing her lips to my asshole and swallowing the cum which was oozing out of my asshole, that was very kinky but i enjoyed it.

After our sessions the dinner was served on the table.Every one was present with delighted faces and i was happy to see a happy family which has no boundaries. After the dinner everyone retired to their rooms, i went to kitchen to get some water and i saw Sri licking my mom’s cunt on the kitchen counter passionately, my mom was enjoying his licking with closed eyes by holding her saree upto her waist. i was surprised to see Sri spending so much of time with my mom and ignoring me, i was happy for my mom as she found a new lover who loves her so much. I left the place and headed straight to dad knowing that mom will not be available tonight as she is busy with her son-in-law husband. Dad was more than happy to see me as few days have passed out without his cock in my pussy.

“Aap khush to hai na dad?” asked me.

“Haan.Tum aisa kyun sochti ho?” said dad.

“Maine mom ki shaadi Sri si kardi aur woh do jaise ki new lovers ki tarah apna samay bita rahe hai aur aap ko akela kardiye” said me.

“Are Anju, main vijaya(mom) ke liye khush hoon, woh chudna chahti hai to chude, mujhe koi farak nahin padta.main tumhare liye kuch laaya hoon, mere paas to aao” said dad.

I walked into his arms as he started kissing me and tonguing me very passionately, suddenly he broke the kiss and down to his knees (घुटना) he said “Mujhse shaadi karogi? main tumhe meri chudai waali patni bana kar achi tarah rakhoonga.”

I was into tears as i heard what he said and started taking off my saree and stood there buck naked as i said yes to his proposal. He then took a new mangalsutra from his pocket and tied it to my waist and let it dangle to my cunt, now i’ve got a total of three on my body. After tying to waist he started licking my pussy so softly and slowly that i started melting to his softness, i couldn’t stand anymore,sensing that dad took me into his arms and laid me down on the bed.

“Ab tum meri biwi ho, aaj hamari suhaagrat hai, aur mai tumse apna bacha chahta hoon.” saying this he slowly and softly made love to me. It was not fucking,it was pure love making which i was missing these days even from my hubby. we made love the whole night. As a newly wed, i woke up early made some coffee for my new hubby and went to dad who was still sleeping. I slowly wake him up with a sloppy and sensual blowjob deepthroating him. He was smiling as he saw me sucking his cock, started grunting and panting, after few minutes of sucking he was flooding my mouth with his cum which i swallowed eagerly with out wasting a single drop. 

In a matter of a week, the wedding was finally happening, somwya and karthik seemed to be very happy on the wedding day. Both were making a very good couple, i could see Sowmya blushing when karthik was tying mangalsutra to her neck while all the rituals were taking place and everybody seems to be very happy beacause of total merge of our two families bonding strongly. I can see my husband Sri still flirting with my mom like a teenager while the wedding was taking place without any fear of getting caught by someone and then they disappear into ladies toilet.

I slowly followed them to the toilets to see what they are upto and it didn’t surprised me watching Sri fucking my mom’s ass in the bathroom while she was leaning on to the washbasin, i left the place coming back to wedding hall to see Preeti teasing the couple whispering funny things to them. I can see Sowmya bulshing pretty heavily and searching for someone with desperate eyes, when she made an eye contact with me she felt relieved and signal me to come to her. I went to her side in order to know what she is thinking of so desperately, when she whispered of what she wanted i was really shocked. she wanted to have her first night with Arvind my brother and her brother-in-law.

I pulled Preeti to the other room to discuss Sowmya’s request, she was also suprised that Sowmya wanted her first night with her husband. with that we developed a plan similar to the one of Sri’s wedding with my mom, after the wedding was over everybody retired to their homes, we all went back home with newly wed couple. Everybody except me, Preethi and Sowmya retired to their rooms, we discussed what to do as i said “Sowmya tu apne jiju se chudwana chahti hai to tujhe Preethi ko karthik ke saath chudwaane ka mouka denahoga.kyun?”

“haan didi jo chahe karlo mujhe jiju se chudwaana hi hai, main unki diwaani hoon aur unki chudaiwaali patni bhi banoongi” said Sowmya.

“Preethi tumhe karthik ke kamre jaakar use khush karna hai, Sowmya main tumhe Arvind ke paas lejaati hoon aur aaj raat tumhari shaadi Arvind ke saat kardoongi aur suhaagrat bhi.” said me.

Sowmya was very excited about her fake fucking marriage with my brother, Preethi helped me to prepare her to be the bride. She was angelic, slim yet, with round breasts, thighs and asses.One moment, Sowmya was like a horny slut waiting to be fucked and in the other, she was like a shy housewife.

We brought her to the puja room and Arvind was there waiting like a groom to tie knot to his third wife. I gave a new mangalsutra to Arvind and he was glad to do what he did to me, he is the one who started all these few years back. so he tied the mangalsutra to her waist as we held the saree upto her waist exposing her slightly hairy cunt to Arvind. As he finished tying the mangalsutra, he planted a soft lick over her clit which sent shivers down her body and a slight moan escaped from her mouth.

“I didn’t expect that. Tying the mangalsutra around the waist was so exciting.” Sowmya said.Preethi was getting aroused watching her husband marrying her own sister infront of her and Sowmya was living that moment like a real wife.

“Kyun pati ji abto aapki teen biwiyan hai, aaj apni biwi ko achi tarah chodna aur use apne lund ka mazaa ache se chakhadena, randi tumpe marti hai aur tumhari kutiya banneka bahut shauk hai ise” said Preethi.

“aur to aur aapko meri mom se bhi jaldi me shaadi hogi, abto aapko bahut mehnat karni padegi chaar biwiyon ko sambhalneki aur unki ichchayen poori karneki, kyun?” said Preethi.

Arvind had undressed himself by now. We both held Sowmya’s hand and guided her to the bed. He mounted on top of her spreading her legs on both sides. No wonder Arvind’s cock was rock hard and rocking.I myself felt horny at doing this, Preethi too should have felt that. She let out a moan as he went inside her. That’s all I could stand.

“Okay you both, take care of your self. Arvind, take care of Sowmya, don’t hurt her.” I said and he was grinning.

I pulled Preeti out holding her hand tightly. We both rushed out of the door. The moment we came out Preethi was gasping. I was so horny that I hugged Preethi and gave a deep kiss in her mouth.”Oh my god. I’m fucking horny. Will you lead me to my night too??” she said holding my palm. Hers was sweaty.

I led her to Karthik’s room and teased her, whether she wanted me to wait too as we did for mom. karthik was surprised to see Preethi as he was expecting his wife Sowmya, but Preethi explained everything to him, he was quite happy with everything’s going on in the family. 

“If my brother is having a fuck with my wife, then why not me have a fuck with his wife?” said karthik.

I saw that Sri was busy with mom fucking her ass in every possible position, so i went to dad who was waiting for his new wife cum daughter. when he saw me, h embraced me into his arms and started kissing very passionately. He ripped of my saree and blouse kneading my big tits very softly and lovingly. I felt like a pricess being worshipped by her prince showing pure love towards her.

“Oh my god! I love you. I love you… I love you very much, dad.” I was moaning.

The panties were steaming hot and smelly with sex as they were wet with my cunt juices. He licked my panties and wetted them more with his tongue. I squealed and moaned as he did that.Without removing my panties he inserted his hand inside over my ass and splitting my ass cheeks inserted a finger into my asshole.

“Anju beti, aaj mai teri gaand bahut pyaar se chodunga.” said dad.

“Dad you are amazing, aaj aap meri gaand mar hi lona, meri moti gaand aapke lund ke liye taras rahi hai, par apna paani meri choot me hi daalo kyunki main aapke bache ki maa banungi” said me.

Listening to this dad got very excited and he started fucking my ass very slowly and passionately, i was enjoying his deep long but slow strokes, he buried the whole cock into my asshole and then slowly pulls it out until the tip of his cock touches my entrance and then thrusts it back pretty deep with slow strokes. I had experinced a very rough anal sex with my brothers and husband but i never experienced such a loving anal sex from my dad.

He then let me get in to the doggie position inserting his cock into my asshole once again and started giving me some medium strokes by holding on to the two mangalsutra above my cunt to which i was moaning and grunting “ohhhh….fuck…fuck my ass daddy.fuck your little slutty wife and make her pregnant..chodona..ahhhh…zorse daddy aur zorse.”

“I’m going to cum, Anju” dad announced.

“Yes daddy, please fuck me faster. Pour you cum into your daughter’s cunt. Make me pregnant. I want your baby. Please…” I pleaded.

“Oh my god! Dad…” I moaned as I reached my orgasm, my third in the night and fell to bed as my hands and thighs couldn’t hold me anymore. Then dad took out his cock of my ass and thrusted into my wet dripping pussy. I could feel his hot cum, pouring into my cunt and filling it.

“Dad, I love you.” I said to him softly, as I laid myself on my back.

“Me too… a lot.” Dad smiled, as he moved beside me and holding my breasts, he licked them softly and kissed them.

After few months, it happened. All the four ladies in our house me,mom,Preethi and Sowmya got pregnant. It was very kinky that four ladies with big bellies roaming around the house, it was a sight to watch. mom got knocked up by Sri(My husband), Preethi got knocked up by Arvind, Sowmya knocked up by karthik and me knocked up by my own daddy.

We introduced mom and Sowmya to the temple rituals which were by now a part of our family. Sri enjoyed taking mom’s ass i guess till now more than 50 times and still cant resist fucking her ass even she is pregnant with his child.

Sri milked mom like a cow into the bowl and then started pouring all the milk he squeezed out of mom on to her head until she is drenched. The milk flowed all over her body, flowing along her cleavage and her cunt lips. Arvind did the same to his wife and karthik who was the inventor of this ritual also did it to his wife Sowmya. we let the milk on our bodies dry on its own, by the time we were dried the strong scent of milk was allover the temple making everybody crazy and horny.

Then there was a big orgy taking place as everyone started lovemaking with their mates leaving me and dad alone, we went out of the temple walking naked along the riverside and chatting about the craziness going on in our family, the wind was cold and i was shivering being naked with big belly. dad took me into his hand while kissing me passionately and started walking back to the temple where the orgy was fully on. Before we reach the temple i got the strong urge to pee because of the cold weather, dad put me down to let me pee.

As it is pretty hard to sit and pee, so i started pissing standing just besdide to my dad holding his hand strongly. The piss started to flow pretty hard on to the ground and then suddenly dad started fingering my cunt even when i was pissing. He left my hand, kneeling down to his knees (घुटना) caught my piss into his mouth and started swallowing it. It was very kinky watching my dad tasting my own piss, i pulled him to my mouth after finishing my piss and kissed him passiontely tasting my own piss from his mouth. 

Sri’s parents arrived the next day to perform the rituals to each and every woman of our house. They were all happy for us and Sri’s mom was bit jealous of my mom as she got knocked up by her son. she was eyeing for her son-in-law Arvind who already had his great time with her, well maybe some day Arvind might knock up his mother-in-law too.
As months passed by, our bellies started growing huge. Men in our family were happy to see their ladies with huge bellies walking around and taking care of each other. Even though ladies were pregnant, sex was in full swing with our assholes being rammed every now and then. It was very kinky to see mom with huge belly bearing my hubby’s child who is gonna be my new sibling, Sri was being very careful with mom as he was excited of his first child. I felt pretty strange for not bearing a child from my own hubby, so i have decided that its gonna be Sri who should knock me up next time.

We took good care of Sowmya as she is new to these conditions and she was overjoyed thinking of being a mom soon. There were no inhibitions in our family regarding sex, but Arvind and karthik were not into mom as they were happy with other ladies in the house. Everyone was quite open about their relations, as we were used to sex in front of every member in the house. Sri use to bang mom anytime, anywhere to his wish, so do the other guys in family banging their ladies as per their wish. As it was Sowmya’s first delivery, its a ritual that a girl should stay in her parents house until she delivers the baby. Sowmya was to leave early in the morning,but karthik was quite busy with her early morning fuck with her sister-in-law Preethi, so Arvind decided to drop her down at her parents house.


I helped Sowmya to get in the car carefully, she was very happy to see me taking care of her. We started at 5am in the morning, it was pretty cold as wind was flowing making Sowmya’s nipples erect, i can notice that Sowmya’s tits were growing huge day by day. It was hard to concentrate on the road without ogling at her bulging tits. The blouse was hard to stop those tits bulging out of it, she caught me few times staring at her but didn’t said anything but smiling. I made a move, as i cupped her full tits with one hand while managing the steering with the other, she let out a low moan by biting her lips. It was very sexy to see her doing that, i kept my work on her tits giving them some intense squeezes while pinching her nipple every now and then. Her head was tilted back as she was enjoying my squeezes by moaning.

“jiju kya mazaa aaraha hai, aap meri choochiyon ko kitni achi tarah masal rahe hain. Preeti didi to bahut naseebwaali hai jo unhe aisa pati mila” said Sowmya.

“Kya mai tumhara pati nahin hoon kya? tumhari gaand par mere naam ka mangalsutra bandha hai, bhool gayi kya meri saali patni?” i said.

“Are woh kaise bhool sakti hoon, meri gaand pe to aapka poora haq hai chodne ka. main tumhari madad kardeti hoon mere mammey choosne me” said Sowmya.

She stripped of her blouse very quickly revealing her fully loaded milky breasts and covered them with just her transparent pallu to make them look more delightful. I just cant keep my hands of her tits as i started to knead them pretty hard by now squeezing the milk out of it, a very thin flow of milk started oozing out of her tits flowing down like a ganga river over her huge belly and then on to her pussy. she undid my pants lowering them down to my ankles, got hold of my rock hard cock and started giving me a hand job occasionally squirting her milk on to my cock and making it more slippery and smooth hand job ever i have got. I couldn’t take it anymore, so i drove the car into nearby woods stopping it in a secure place.

I turned towards her to kiss very passionately while biting her lips and squeezing her tits pretty hard. I can sense her breathing getting hard and i was sure she was about to cum just by kissing and getting squeezed. I moved my hand towards her pussy and rubbing her slit with my thumb to which she started screaming into my mouth and came. Her saree was drenched with her cum by now, she didn’t care about it. By now i started sucking on to her tits tasting her sweet milk gulping as much as i can and went on to kiss her letting Sowmya taste her own milk from my mouth.

I stepped out of the car naked below waist walking to the other side of the car and helped Sowmya to get out of the car carefully. I took out one of her saree from her luggage and placed it on the grass so that she can rest on it while i fuck her. Once she got comfortable on the saree, she took my cock into her mouth with out wasting the time and it was a very mind-fucking blowjob with her squirting milk on to it and sucking it. A few minutes into the blowjob and i was on the verge of cumming. So i withdrew my cock from her mouth and asking her to lay down carefully to which she responded by laying down comfortably and carefully.

“Sowmya aaj tak mere lund ko itni achi blowjob kisine nahin dee, tu to bahut talented hai. Abhi main tumhari gaand maaronga bahut dheere se taaki tujhe koi takleef na ho” i said and knelt down to taste her pussy. I raised her saree up to her waist and drove my tongue into her pussy and asshole, i pressed my tongue into her asshole making it more wet for the action while slowly fingering her pussy. She was squealing with delight encouraging me to do more.

After making her cum once again,i asked her to rest legs on to my shoulders to which she did. I slowly guided my cock into her asshole as it was quite slippery with my saliva allover it, my cock popped in very easily as i can see it in her eyes that she was enjoying this moment of her life. Slowly but carefully i started moving my cock in and out of her ass milking her tits with my squeezes.

“Ahhhhh jiju..chodona jiju zor se..meri gaand kunwari nahin hai, aapke bhai ne to uski bahut dhulaayi kee hai.ohhhh..aur chodo na mere chudakkad pati….behenchod pati….chodo apni behen ko aur zorse ahhhh..kutte..chod mujhe..chod teri randi biwi ko..chod behenchod….” said Sowmya.

Her words were driving me crazy and making me go wild, but i was careful not to hurt her as she was nearing her delivery date with in a month. So i bent down carefully to shut her mouth with my lips, she was kissing back pretty wild and suddenly she spit in my mouth a large globe of her saliva. I was surprised by her wildness, broke the kiss and went on to fuck her slowly.

“jiju mere face pe thookona..gandi cheez ki tarah thooko mujhpe. main aapka thook chakhna chahti hoon” said Sowmya.

I was surprised by her request and slowly dropped a large globe of saliva directly into her mouth, which she swallowed and spit back on to my face covering it with her saliva. I started enjoying this new sensation as we continue spitting on each other.As she was under me, she was well covered with my saliva making her face sticky and stinky. I bent down to lick every bit of it from her face and dropped into her mouth and then she did the same on to me. we kissed passionately spitting into each others mouth and making strings of saliva between each others lips. Looking into her passionate eyes, i started to fuck her faster and spurted a huge load into her ass. we lay back there for a while kissing and groping each other.

I helped her in putting on a new saree and we drove back to her house pretty fast. Luckily, as it was early in the morning we didn’t get caught. That was one hell of experience with my sister-in-law. when we reached her house, her mom looked at us suspiciously as we were looking pretty tired early in the morning. she took her daughter into her arms happily and helped her in getting into the house carefully.Sowmya went to her room to take rest, her father was out on morning walk which left me and mother-in-law alone in the house.

“Tum dono bahut thake huve lagte ho, kya baat hai?” asked mother-in-law.

“Aapki beti meri chudaaiwali biwi hai, bhool gayi kya aap? maine use jhadiyon ke paas aaj subhe ache se chudaai ki hai, aur aaj to maine uski gaand bhi maardi, kaho to aapki bhi maar loon?” asked me.

“Haraamzade meri bachi ki gaand ki pyaass bhujakar aayeho, meri kab bhujaaoge? main bhi to teri randi hoon, mujhse bhi shaadi karle kutte. mera beta teri maa ko chod apna bacha paida kar raha hai, tu kya jhak mar raha hai? behenchod…mujhe tera bacha chahiye, meri god bhi bharde mere jamaai raja” said her.

“Tu to meri chinaal hai, main tujhe jab chahoon chodunga, kutti mere lund ke liye bahut betaab hai tu saali, ab mera bacha bhi chahiye tujhe? main tujhse shaadi nahin karoonga par tujhe bacha zaroor doonga kamini” saying this i pushed her to the wall and started fingering her furiously. she was undoing my pants quickly and started stroking my cock which was hard by now listening to her dirty words.

“waah mere raja, tera lund mast khada hai meri randi beti ko chodne ke baad bhi. De mujhe ye lund meri choot me aur phad de meri geeli choot ko jo tere lund ki pyaasi hai. mera pati aane tak main teri gulaam hoon, jo karwana hain karwaale aur jo karna hai karle aakhir main jo teri chinaal hoon” said her.

I roughly turned her back to me, raised her saree tugged it in her waist band revealing her panty covered ass. I knelt down and kissed her ass cheeks, pulling her panty up to make a camel toe of her pussy lips and then kissing it ferociously. she was screaming in pleasure with loud grunts, i kept my rough invasion on to her pussy making her squeal with delight until she came in her panties. I took of her cum drenched panty and we took turns licking it, i shoved that panty into her mouth in order to shut her mouth making loud moans. i dragged her into the kitchen, bent her over the counter and rammed my cock with full force to which she was screaming in her panty covered mouth.

“kutti le mera lund apni chudakkad choot me, saali bahut taras rahi thi is lund ke liye, ab lena randi. Tere ghar ki har aurat meri randi hai par tere jaisi chinaal nahin koi nahin, tere chootad bhi kya mast gol gol hain, aaj to waqt nahin hain par teri gaand zaroor maroonga kabhi” saying this i started banging her pretty hard and rough until she was cumming on to my dick.

I slammed into her again and again showing no mercy on her pussy and spurted my second load of the day into my mother-in-law’s pussy. As we finished our session, i turned over to see Sowmya fingering her pussy at the door, mom was too busy in adjusting her saree that she didn’t notice her. I quickly went to her and dragged her to the bathroom where i fingered her to her orgasm. As i was leaving, i met my father-in-law at the door, had a small chat with him and then drove back to house to see my wife Preethi having a shower. I stripped off my clothes to join her, she was surprised to see me naked behind her.

“kya huva subah shower karke nikle the aur ab phir se shower?” asked her.

“kya karoon randiyon ko chodte thak chuka hoon socha shower lete hain, maine teri maa aur behen ki achi se chudaai karke aaraha hoon.kal raat tujhe to achi tarah choda maine, phir subah subah mere bhai se kyun chud rahi thi?” asked me.

“kya karoon Arvind, tumhara bhai mera gulaam hai. main uske saat sab kuch karti hoon jo main karna chahti hoon magar meri pasand se.tumhare paas meri ek nahin chalti to main use apna paltu kutte ki tarah istemaal karti hoon” said Preeti.

“acha to tum uske kya kya karwati ho?” asked me.

“main uske upar peshaab karti hoon, woh mera peshaab peekar mujhe chodta hain. tum soch bhi nahin sakte waise kaam karwaati hoon usse” said Preeti.

I was horny by now listening to her kinky secrets. so i slammed my cock into her hole without any intimation fucking her smoothly while she bends over the toilet. she was surprised but very happy to have another session in less than two hours. I kept banging her pussy until she was cumming allover the place and another ten minutes i was cumming into her mouth. Now that she is pregnant, i skipped the idea of pissing into her mouth. In less than 5 hours i had fucked all the ladies from my inlaw’s house, what a day it turned out to me.

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