Married Student.

I am Priyanka, “Pinku” to my friends, approaching 20 years of age, about 5.2 ft in height, shoulder length straight black hair and with a fair to bordering a dusky complexion. Being the only daughter in a family with a younger brother, I was given a free hand at my studies as well as sports, both in which I excelled. 

As is the custom in India, as soon as I was 19, I was married off to a suitable young man, from a far off village, who to my luck was not very taller then me, well built and fair, with blue eyes. Dileep, 21 years of age, was a brilliant Management Consultant and was always invited on lecturing tours. 

Being actively involved in field sports, during my college days, I had a slim yet a full figure. The only bone of contention, when I compared myself with my other girl friends, was my breasts- they were in fact not boobs but qualified as boobies. They resembled those of a sixteen year old — small, handful and taut shaped, similar to two halved tennis balls placed slightly away from each other. Though I was not happy with them, my pleasures knew no bounds, when on the first night, before my virginal inaugural, Dileep was completely taken over by my boobies, and showered them with immense praises.

He held them, pressed them, tweaked the tip and then sucked them both. He literally gobbled them and they fitted in his mouth, perfectly. In fact the first orgasm of my married life happened then. During the entire first night, with his 6-7 inch long and a thick penis traveling furiously up & down my love hole, his primary attention was on my boobies.

About a month ago, that is just 10 months after our marriage, he got an offer in Australia to lecture at a giant management firm, and he accepted the offer. He would be able to visit only after a year, and only after a year could I accompany him there.

Every Indian girl is brought up strictly to respect traditions and to satisfy their husbands. Though we grabbed each other, at every opportune moment, it always happened when we were sure that no one was around. This was because we lived in a joint family with his old parents.

Coming back to his departure, – we were both very sad at this turn of events, but we had no choice. The job was paying much, much more than the best of best jobs here, – and we wanted to plan for our future.

The few nights before his departure, our bedroom was a battlefield. We would fuck till early morning, and sleep only because we were tired. Dileep called his penis “the flagpole”. In the preceding period, we would take every opportunity to be alone and sex happened every time his flag was erect and both of us gave in to each others sexual urges, with no relation to time. We even tried it in the back seat of the car. We had never tried oral or anal sex. 

Then the issue came about how I would spend my days, after he left. My father-in-law, who treated me like his own daughter, suggested that I could carry on my further studies at the University, if I wished. Dileep was very encouraging and he convinced me that it would keep me busy and also upgrade my academics. So it was decided that I would join the University. But there was one problem. The University was about 30 kms away, if the regular bus route was taken, as the bus first went to another village before reaching the destination. The other option was a narrow mud road over a hill, which was hardly used by people but the distance was just about 18 kms. To traverse on this route one had to have a two wheeler.

Again my father-in-law suggested that since I had a license to ride a scooter, we could buy one of the new models with a trusted engine. All said and done, Dileep got into high gear, with me in tow, and the admission formalities as well as purchase of the scooter was completed. Dileep was very particular about the seat, which he said must be soft broad and long, and which could be used to carry my mother or father-in-law. In fact he made me drive along this route 2-3 times. The only other thing on this route was that there were no houses for almost two thirds of the way. If there was a break down, then it would be difficult. But having a mobile I could contact my friends in emergencies.

The day arrived when Dileep left for his new job, and I was left alone with my in-laws. They, on their part, always tried their best to keep me happy, knowing the pangs of separation. Then the routine set in, – the morning breakfast, helping the mother-in-law in cooking or reading or watching TV.

After about a fortnight, my lectures began. I drove to the University and parked my new scooter in the parking lot. I felt odd that every other student looked at my youth, but were confused about the ‘mangalsutra’, the black beaded long necklace that every married lady wears as a sign of marriage. I would always wear it outside the blouse or shirt. But after a few days, we all got accustomed to each other. 

In my class, we were about 7 girl students, and there were about 10 boys. The average age group was between 17 — 19 years. But among us were two foreign students from Nigeria. Dark in complexion, thick lips, with shining teeth, short curly hair and with an extremely well built physique. With their height over 6 ft, they towered over all of us. I learnt that their names were Abe & Elu, and they were just 19 years old. My head reached near their shoulders. Being very shy in nature, they never spoke to us more than required. They were very good athletes and represented the University. 

One day as I was proceeding home, I noticed that I crossed Abe & Elu, coming jogging in the opposite direction over a lonely stretch, donning their track suits. They waved to me and I reciprocated. I later found out that they would run cross country, on the hill slopes for their stamina, which was close to my road. In fact during the later days, we met a lot of times and once or twice I even stopped and had casual talks with them. I did not miss their gaze on my body, and this gave me thrills.

They say that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I do not know when this thought entered my mind, when one day at home, I suddenly found myself considering a torrid session of fornication with one of these boys. What would their cocks be like? Were they having girl-friends? I had heard that Africans have very long ‘flagpoles’. This and the now missing taste of sex with Dileep must have got into fantasizing. 

I realized that I had become very wet between my legs, and this brought me back to reality. I yearned for Dileep & our nightly sessions and felt very depressed. This thought continued in my mind and I had goose pimples. 

I could not help it and when I reached home, I masturbated using my fingers, followed by the handle of my hair brush. I visualized that the cock that was entering me was of Abe or Elu, and with this I had an orgasm. Then sleep took over.

As days passed, the monsoon season showed signs of commencing with light pre-monsoon showers. It was my birthday, and I had received Dileep’s call in the morning to wish me. I had a glow on that day when I left for my classes. I wore a light pink coloured & loose cotton shirt, with a tini-winnie pink lacy bra, which covered only half my small tits, and instead of my regular salwar, I decided to wear a knee length loose ethnic Indian skirt and with matching leather slippers. I also had an ultra thin black panty, which I had especially bought and worn on our wedding night.

As I bowed down to wish my in-laws, before I left, they told me to drive slowly, and not to hurry up as the roads might be slippery. Every evening was getting cast with clouds and daylight faded early.

That day I gave a treat to a few of my close friends and also invited Abe & Elu to join us. They were very nice and we all enjoyed their company. I then noticed that Abe and Elu were furtively looking at my chest and my knees, when the skirt slid up, and murmur to each other. This peeping was a turn on for me and I got the familiar wet feeling between my legs. 

I do not know what got into me and with an intention to tease them further, without my other girl friends knowledge or making it obvious, I widened and closed my thighs when they were taking glimpses. This made the skirt go up and down on my knees. I did not realise when Abe bent to pick up a fallen spoon, and was gazing straight between my thighs, at the hallowed grotto. I came out of the stupor, stood up and went to pay the bill. The birthday party was over.

Unfortunately that day I was forced to complete a project and needed references in the Library. I called to inform my in-laws about my delay in reaching home. They told me not to worry but to drive carefully. I got delayed.

As I started my scooter for the return journey, the skies growled, warning me about a impending shower. I did not even have a rain jacket or an umbrella. That day in my hurry I had forgotten to carry both these rain gears. I started my bike and took off. There was light but the cloudy skies gave it a dusky effect. The road seemed a little more-lonelier. 

Covering a distance of hardly 2 kms on this lonely stretch, my heart lurched as there was a loud ‘sput’ sound and the scooter started to wobble. The inevitable had happened. My scooter had a puncture. Though I had a spare tyre, I would not be able to replace the punctured tyre without help. I had no choice. The options were to call for help on the mobile or take a risk and wait for a passer by. 

Luckily it had not started to rain. Since I was under the open sky, I thought of wheeling the scooter under a tree, for shelter, in case it rained. By the time I had pushed it to the required location, due to the effort, I was covered in sweat. I did not realise that my thin cotton shirt had stuck to my body all along its contours. 

Hopelessly looking around I decided to make an effort to get out the tools. Just then I heard voices and got relieved when I saw the familiar figures of Abe & Elu come jogging down the road, in their track suits, and carrying their sports bag with them. I waved out to them and they headed straight for me. 

“Hey beautiful, what’s the matter? What are you doing here?” Abe asked with concern.

“My tyre has got a puncture. I was hoping if you could help me out in replacing it.” I pleaded.

“No problem. Your problem is our problem” they said in unison. 

Whilst Elu opened the seat cover, got out the tools & spanners and Abe squatted down to survey how to remove the tyre. After getting the right spanner, he started to unwind the nuts. Elu had tilted the bike to facilitate Abe. I was standing towards the handle bar, and that was when I glanced between the spread legs of the squatted Abe, and I was confused. There was a huge bulge like a sports gear, a bottle or a stick in his pants where his prick was supposed to be. I casually glanced at Elu between his legs. The bulge was quite similar.

Was it what I was thinking it was? If so then their “flagpoles” must be huge. I shivered at the thought of getting pierced by one. My shiver was immediately noticed by Abe, who was the handsomer of the two. 

“The wind is becoming chilly” he said, without looking from the work at hand. “Looks like it should rain within a short time”.

Within a few moments, it started drizzling lightly. I went to the shelter of the tree, but the water drops falling from the leaves above, got my shirt wet. Abe & Elu had almost finished tightening the new tyre, but came under the tree for shelter from the drizzle. I was closely sandwiched between them. Though their warmth was comforting, I was a feeling awkward in this situation.

I realised that they were staring by my breasts, which had contoured along the sticking of the shirt to my chest. The areola, through the thin white material, seemed like two eyes peeping through my chest, just over my half bra. I blushed, and made a frail attempt to cover them, with my hands. A chill ran down my spine, thinking what they were thinking about me.

It was Abe, who put his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards him and said “Please don’t mind me saying so, but you have a fantastic figure. You really turn us on”. I was shocked. “In fact we wanted to we give you a Birthday present?”

“A birthday present….now? Here?” I was perplexed.

Before I could say anything further, I suddenly felt a pair of strong hands coming from behind me, – crossing over the front of my chest and firmly holding my tiny boobies — the left with the right hand and the right one with his left hand. I realised that Elu had clasped me from behind in a vice like grip and pinned my hands to my sides. He pulled me to his broad chest, and I could feel a thick stick poking at my rear. The feeling was mixed — that of fear and pleasure.

“Elu, what are you doing? Leave me immediately, or I will shout” I threatened. 

“Please Pinku, please let us love you, please, please, please” he said in his heavily accented English. “You know that there is no one around so please”. I realised the fact that even shouting at the top of my voice would be of no use. 

As he was talking, his hands were moulding my tiny mounds in his broad hands. There was fire in my chest, as his fingers sought the nipples, which had become erect. I spread my feet to move away and stepped to the side. This was my mistake

It was then that I noticed that Abe was not standing where he was. As I looked down, he was sitting and had rolled & lifting my skirt up was staring directly at my panties, which were now open after I spread my legs. I closed my thighs.

“No, please…. I am a married woman. Please don’t do this to me” I begged and pleaded and struggled to get away. I had tears flowing down my cheeks. This only pressed my boobs into Elu’s hands, who again pressed me to his pole.

“Oh my, my … look at this fluffy wonder here” Abe was appreciating my bushy growth. Till then he had not touched me. Suddenly he lunged forward and I felt his thick lips on my lower lips. 

It was like a flash of lightening hitting me between the legs. I had never been kissed there before. Abe ground his face into my panty covered pussy, and I could feel his thick tongue repeatedly traveling in an upward movement to the top of the panty. The flimsy material of the panty was no help at all. His tongue sliding up & down along my pussy slit was creating a type of a pleasant revolution within me. Bolts of pleasurable shock were traveling from my lower lips to my brain. 

All I could do was to move away from his face, but in turn Elu’s prick was poking directly from the track suit covered pant into my skirt covered anus. Suddenly my skirt was unhooked and Abe let it fall down. I tried to hold it up by spreading my thighs, which in turn allowed Abe to bring his face in closer contact to my pussy. He said something to Elu, who lifted me up slightly and effortlessly, still hanging on to my tits, and sliding me up along his pole. The skirt was finally out. 

Here I was caught between two husky Nigerians, with a flimsy wet shirt, no skirt and a see-through lacy panty. Abe moaned as he saw me this way.

“Pinku, your husband must be really missing you and this…” he said touching my pussy. I shivered.

“Abe, please stop this. We, in India, do not have sex with persons other than our husbands.” I pleaded knowing fully well that it would have no effect.

“But, Pinku you mean to say that you are not missing him?” Abe asked.

Without realising I said that I did, – and then I realised my mistake. “Well we will give you what you are missing … and more”, he smiled.

Abe gain headed for my pussy; but this time he just held my panty in his teeth and started to bring it down. Though very erotic, I winched as he pulled my pubic hair along. I was terribly ashamed about this and tried to wriggle and shout. But all ,I could do was moan & whimper.

By this time he had my pink panties, down to my knees. The cool evening wind, and the light shower, felt nice on my open pussy. I tried closing my legs to stop him from removing them. He then used his hands to pull it down. Lifted my feet and out it was. He held it to his nose and then slipped them into his track pant pocket.

A feeling of helplessness took over me, as I knew my shouts would not be heard, and these two hunks were so sexually aroused by me, that they would finally have their way. 

Though my body was accepting their ministrations, my conscience was putting up a fight against this ‘loving’. Loving? Because they had not assaulted me, – it was my flirting that had emboldened them. 

I was now nude in front of two strangers, clad only in my shirt, and could do nothing about it. Abe again headed for my cunt and kissed me directly on my pussy. This time the direct contact was electrifying, and I tried to push him away but it had the reverse effect – my pussy pushed into his mouth. Abe had his long tongue slurping on my lower lips and then he got to my g-spot; he tried to hold my clitoris, now engorged and peeping out. He slipped his tongue inside. I had a terrific orgasm and shuddered all over. He felt my juices all over his mouth.

My legs felt weak. Suddenly Abe, who was squatted between my legs, lifted both my legs from the knees and hooked them over his broad shoulders. I was now held by my titties by Elu and was chaired on Abe’s shoulders, with my bum hanging freely. Though uncomfortable with the going on, I felt relief of resting my legs. This chair position had glued Abe to my cunt and Abe had his tongue going in and out of my pussy in a fucking motion. With out realizing my body was reacting favourably to his lapping. 

Abe then slid his hands to hold my buttocks and was trying to slide a finger in my arse-hole. It pained and I started crying, but after sometime Abe stopped doing so. He slid his hands behind me and up along my back cradling me, and then he suddenly released my bra hooks by sliding his hands between me and Elu. My bra had come free. 

Though I had resigned to the fact that the inevitable would occur, I did not want to give in lightly. I wriggled to get out of his grip but this mashed my pussy into Abe’ mouth. He increased his fervour and this time I went into another orgasm. This was the first time that I had orgasmed twice within such short time. 

“Aaaah, aaaah, ooooh my god……” I could not control my loud moan at this strong feeling. This orgasm was so strong that I volountarily pushed myself forward into Abe and threw my head back into Elu. 

As I threw my head back on Elu’s chest, he loosened his grip and made way for Abe’s hands to slide along my back. I was now fully resting onto Abe’s strong arms like a small baby. 

After I pushed into him, my head fell back looking directly into his crotch. Wow, what a bulge. I felt like grabbing it, but controlled myself. Elu suddenly bent low, put his hand as an additional support and kissed me directly on my lips. I was now being kissed on both my lips, and the feeling was good. He forced my lips apart and his long tongue probed into my mouth. He sucked my tongue into his and rolled it between his lips. I let out a moan of ecstasy, which was not lost to both these guys.

I had lost the fight in me, and my hands hung loosely on my sides. As he kissed me I could feel him slowly opening my shirt buttons to bare my tiny chest. I did nothing to stop him. Continuing his massage of my mouth, he slowly let my shirt fall to the ground and removed by bra. Now his hands were slowly sliding on my bare chest sliding in the perspiration and the drizzle. I was now in my “Birthday Suit”. It suited today’s occasion, so to say. 

Suddenly they both stopped their kissing. I was bewildered. They both exchanged short words, and Elu bent to pick up my fallen skirt, shirt & bra and put it on the scooter, so as not to get it dirty. Elu again put his arms under my armpits, taking my body weight onto him. He brought his pant covered prick close to my face and ground it. There was a very sweet but peculiar smell on his crotch. But this sudden smothering me made me turn my head from this side to that. I looked down towards Abe, and got the shock of my life.
At the other end, Abe, whilst sitting had pulled down his track pants and his prick was standing like a long pole. It must have been atleast 10 – 12 inches long and almost 2 inches thick. Compared to this Dinesh’s flagpole was like a matchstick.

I felt Elu playing with my ‘mangalsutra’, which was dangling down. He lifted it and looped it around my tittie. It lay there cold and slippery encircling my breast.

I felt him getting up, with my legs still hooked onto his broad shoulders. He slid my buttocks down his broad chest and my pussy was nearing his navel, and readying for the final assault. My legs were still pointing upwards and held by Abe, whilst my upper body was in the hands of Elu.

“NOOOO, please, don’t fuck me. You will kill me with that thing. Please I am not used to such huge ….. I will get pregnant” this was the first time that I had used that F… word, My words fell on deaf ears. 

They did not reply. They carried me like that to my scooter and rested my back onto the big broad and comfortable seat. For balance, I had held the track suit of Elu, and he was holding me under the arms. After resting me on the seat he left my hands and pulled his track pants off. I shuddered looking at his penis. Though a little shorter then Abe’s, his prick was about 3 inches thick, with a purplish red tip. His balls were hanging like a plastic bag, whilst Dinesh’s were in a small sachet. His prick dangled just about 5 inches away from my mouth. I could get his musky smell.

My pussy was now in line with Abe’s prick, and his bulbous head was touching my slit. I was scared. Would I be able to walk if I was skewered on this canon? Would it tear my cunt? Would I be pregnant? My pussy was already wet and well lubricated, but still to have such a huge thing into me was unthinkable.

I begged and implored with them to leave me, but my pleas were half hearted.

Abe then asked Elu to hold my legs held both my legs against Abe’s chest while he positioned himself.

“Don’t worry Pinku, I will not hurt you. You see that after sometime you will enjoy it.” Abe tried to console me.

“Abe my pussy will not be able to accommodate your huge prick. It will tear me and damage me. I will not be able to face my family.” As I was saying this, Abe spread my pussy lips with his fingers and touched his tip to my pussy centre for the final assault. 

He then started rubbing my clit and I started getting the familiar feeling of an orgasm growing in me. I threw back my head – more so, to avoid seeing the violation. But throwing my head back caught me on the wrong foot; Elu was waiting with his prick in his hand and he brought it close to my mouth, wanting me to suck it. 

“No, I will not do this. I have never done this and I will not do it now. I will not take this in my mouth” I said sternly.

Just then Abe pushed his prick slowly into me, with only the head making an entry. Though only the head had entered me, I felt totally stretched and hugely plugged. 

“AAHHHH . . . .” I gasped. It was this opportunity that Elu took and holding his prick in his hand, he pushed it into my open mouth. I felt his thick prick smoothly entering my mouth, gagging me and I had no choice but to close my lips on it. His precum tasted salty, but was not offensive. He did not move, but with Abe giving small dog-like strokes to further his entry into me, I was moving my mouth up & down over Elu’s shaft.

As Abe’s pole entered me, I felt like some one was pushing a bamboo into me. He had made much headway into me and it was at that time I decided that I was going to enjoy this fuck. I started returning his strokes cautiously. At the same time I kissed Elu’s prick. 

This was my first time at giving a blow-job. I my college days I had a room mate, with big pointed tits, who had a reputation for giving the best cock-sucks. But I had never tried it. Elu started guiding me by holding my cheeks and poking his staff lightly in to my mouth and rubbing it on my lips and cheeks. 

At the other end, Abe had entered almost 6 inches into me. His strokes had become stronger, and then with one mighty push, he entered me fully.

“OOOOOH, MAAA, ..” the pain was unbearable. I immediately left sucking Elu and sat on the seat, only to see me skewered totally by Abe. His black pole had completely entered me. His black strong body was a total contrast against my fair frail body. He did not move and remained still. After sometime, the pain subsided, and a feeling of pleasure took over. I put my arms around his neck, and smiled at him. He was now sure that Pinku would now become his slave. 

When he brought his mouth close to me, I kissed him. He could feel Elu’s sperm on my tongue. Elu then slowly turned me and started kissing me, I had now wrapped my arms around Elu’s neck. Abe took this opportunity and pulled his prick out almost half way. I could feel him slipping out, and contracted my pussy lips.

He pushed with one mighty stroke and he was in again. His in — out stroking had now gathered speed. I was literally being pulled along as his pole left me and was pushed up again when he entered. His penetrations and exits seemed to continue forever, and I lost count of the orgasms that I had. The seat of my scooter had become guey with my flow, and I was being moved up & down on this well oiled seat.

Suddenly, Abe’s strokes seemed to increase in speed and his prick seemed to grow on its own. The friction was tremendous and I was bathed in sweat, so was Abe. With one mighty push he filled me up fully and held himself inside me. I knew he was going to come in me. I was petrified.

“Abe please pull out. Please don’t come inside me. I will get pregnant . Pleeeeease …… AAAAAhhhh , Aaaahhhh ……….” I could not continue as I felt his juices hitting my womb like a fireman’s hose. He kept on ramming me and I could feel his sperm oozing out of my ravaged hole like a stream, sliding over my anus and staining my seat. It triggered another massive orgasm along with Abe’s, and I moaned & shrieked out my pleasure. I too counter thrust against him.

The thoughts that made the rounds in my head were, what was I going to explain to my in-laws about this stain. Abe was now spent and lay over me, pressing me into the seat. He held me close to him, but with his pole still in me. Though it had softened a little it still maintained its length in me.

As I lay on the seat, I slid my hand between us and held his prick at its base, since that was the only part outside me. I made my finger slide all round his circumference and along my slit. There was a ticklish feeling as my finger made its round, and it was covered with our juices. I held his balls, which had now puckered themselves to push the spunk out of them. He must have pumped atleast a litre of spunk into me. I put my finger in my mouth. This was followed by Abe kissing me on my lips. He thanked me again and again, mixed with apologies.

He slowly pulled out of me. I felt like a huge vacumn was created between my legs. I was totally drained after this. I thought that my ordeal had ended. As Abe pulled out, I saw Elu taking his place. I was really scared because his prick was really broad & thick. It would tear me apart.

I tried to get up, but he put his broad palm onto my chest and holding onto my breasts pushed me back onto the seat.

“Abe … Elu, please I can’t go on. Please let’s do it some other time. Not now pleeeease” But Elu had other plans. He held me down, aimed his thick prick at my now well oiled and dilated pussy lips and started his assault. He was in me in a jiffy. Like Abe, he too did not move after being fully rigged in me. 

The feeling now was different. If earlier I felt full, now I was stuffed. They spoke something which I could not understand, and Elu bent down to suck on my tits, He gobbled and slurped. Like Dinesh, he too seemed to be in love with my small breasts. He then put his hands behind me and lifted me off the seat, with his prick still in me, stuck at his waist. I curled my legs into his back and crossed my hands around his neck. He just carried me around, as though taking a small child for a walk, – only this time it was for a fuck. I was perplexed to see Abe dressing up and wiping the seat of my scooter.

Here we were, Elu & me, stuck to each other and erotically walking around in the dusk, and his friend was trying to start my bike. I asked Elu what was happening, and he replied that Abe was going to get the tyre checked and that he would be back within a few minutes.

Just imagine, you as a married girl, pinned on the huge prick of an African youth, roaming on a lonely hillock, and drenched in drizzle. After Abe left, Elu kept on humping me whilst standing & walking around. I was like a small baby in the hands of this mighty youth.

He then lowered me onto the grass and pounded me with strong strokes, really drilling my hole. By now I was very sore with the dual pounding and had spread my legs wide. He suddenly pulled out of me and then dived between my legs and started sucking the juices from me, making loud noises.

One way I was disgusted, but the continuous licking was unbelievably erroneous. I moved my hands in his short spiky hair and pushed his head into me. He then put his fingers into me and spread the entire sticky sperm around. He then continued to lick his way up to my tits and was again chewing my nipples. He kissed me and entered me again. His pounding started again. 

I almost lost consciousness, and suddenly I realised that the pounding had stopped & his finger was in my anus. The sphincter had loosened out with all the activity and the continuous flow of spunk had lubricated it. It then struck me that it was not his finger, but the tip of his prick. I started to slide away from him but he had pinned me down hopelessly and positioned himself into my rear end. He pushed hard and he slipped into me. The pain was excruciating. I shouted and screamed and this had its effect. Elu did not make any further attempts to enter me.

“Elu, its very painful. Please don’t do this to me. Fuck me, but please don’t do my anus” Elu stopped to stare at me and realised that I was genuinely hurt.

“Pinku will you suck me” 

“Yes Elu I will do anything. I have never sucked before, except a few minutes back. But I will try.”

Elu them removed himself out and I curled into a ball in the grass, wet with the drizzle. Could this be actually happening to me on my birthday? This must be a dream.

Elu sat besides me and cradled my head into his thighs near his groin. I lifted my head and took his prick into my mouth and rolled my tongue over the turgid head. After some time he made me lie down and entered me again. His pistoning motion gave me a few more orgasms, which I openly accepted and reacted to. Soon after, his actions gained momentum, and just at the last minute, he pulled out and jets of thick sticky sperms shot from his rod and covered my breasts, my cunt, my stomach and my face. It was revoltingly pleasant to have his spunk all over me. To add to this, Elu rubbed the sunk all over me and then stuck his finger in my mouth. I was forced to lick his salty sweet spunk.

But did all this activity have any effect on his hardness. Not even a little bit. He was still long & strong. In fact I was amazed at his stamina to be rigid after such long bouts. Dinesh’s flagpole would crumple like a peanut after one or two screws.

I was getting worried that Abe had not returned, but Elu told me to relax. He then put his prick back into me, like sheathing a sword, and lay on me sliding in his own spunk. In fact this was a novel feeling for me too.

Still inside me, he sat between my legs, curled them around his waist and motioned me to sit up by offering his hands. As I tried to sit up, his prick pressed into my now very engorged clitoris and triggered another of the now continuous gushes, bathing his prick.

He slowly lifted me up and here we were back to our walking fuck. He sat on a nice rounded boulder with me still stuck to him, my tiny breasts poking into his chest, and both of us rocking in unison. 

This reminded me of a childhood incident. We had a canine bitch in our house. She was never allowed to go out of the house or frolic with the dogs around. I must have been around 13-14 years. The knowledge about sex was raw, but it was just filtering through.

One day, during a holiday and I was alone in the house as my people had gone for a nearby wedding. From somewhere a big dog entered our house and was running around our bitch sniffing her bottom. For me, it was a very novel thing. I watched. Then this dog climbed on the back of our bitch, and held her with his front paws. He was continuously doing a humping action. I watched as a long red stick like object projected out between his legs. I went closer to watch. They were growling and our bitch was making funny noises. 

Slowly this red object came near her bottom and started entering inside. I was scared that this dog would kill her. Then with many small, fast strokes he had entered her fully. He was still humping our bitch, who was very casual and literally enjoying it. Then the dog turned & climbed down; but something had gone awfully wrong – they were stuck. What ever they did they would not come loose. I was scared. If my parents came home and saw this, they would be very angry with me. I went close by and looked where they had got stuck. The red thing had totally gone inside our bitch. I put my small hand where they were stuck and felt a smooth sticky red coloured object. I tried to pull them apart but the dog growled at me.

I retreated and after about 15 minutes they separated. I sighed with relief. This was my first ever encounter with sex, though the finer points became clearer much later in life. I mentioned this to Elu as part of our conversation. Now here I was stuck like that bitch with Elu acting like the dog. 

Elu was still hard down below. He then made me get up. I did not want to, because I had now adjusted to his volume in me. He had other plans. I stood up very wobbly. He held me by my waist and slowly turned me around with my back to him. He then put his legs together and made me put my legs outside his on either sides. His upward pointing prick invited me tosit on his thighs, facing away from him. I reminded him about no anal sex. He agreed. 

As I sat on him, he held his prick and pointed it at my lowering cunny. As it touched my hole, I slowed down my lowering and adjusted the entry to a comfortable pace. At that moment Elu pushed himself up to spear me fully, and then suddenly pulled out. This sudden pistoning caught me by surprise and I sat down on his spear with a jerk, – fully speared. Elu positioned me to rest my head on his shoulder and started playing with my tits. I put my hands on his and moaned as his tweaking and pressing shot bolts of pleasure through me.

I lowered my hands down to where we were conjoined and slid my hands from my slippery clit to the base of his tool. I bent lower to hold his spunk sac and played with the velvety bag covered in short curly hair. We rocked, swayed and played with the breasts, balls and the clitoris.

After sometime, Elu nudged me to lean forward, but without removing his penis from me. Somehow we did it, with me slowly going on my knees like a bitch. He then came over my back, held me by my waist and started humping me doggy style. I realised how our bitch must have felt. This position was fantastic. As Elu pumped his thick tool into me, I pushed back onto him and this was a fantastic feeling of enjoying the fun together. By now my hole had adjusted to his girth, and his tool went in and out very smoothly. 

Just then I heard my mobile ring in my bag, which was lying under the tree. I looked at Elu. He held me to him, and we crawled to my bag on our knees, but still stuck together. It was a call from my in-laws to find out about my delay. I told them that I was stuck — due to the rains and that I would reach home soon. They told me to drive slowly to avoid mishaps. I then put off the phone. During the conversation with my family, Elu had pistoned into me slowly, which made me contract my pussy muscles to slow him. The feeling of talking to your family, with you on your knees, and a huge penis of a stranger stuck into you was unbelievably euphorically erotic and a complete turn on. 

After about fifteen minutes of furious pumping, Elu pulled me to his chest, almost to a kneeling position, still in me, from behind, turned my face to him and kissed me. I returned his kiss as spurt after spurt of his spunk started filling the interiors of my womb. I also let loose my dam which mingled our juices. The quantity of our joint spunk was so much that it pushed itself out over his upward prick and slid down my thighs. We were both tired and slipped onto the grass, still stuck to each other. 

Then after sometime we heard the familiar sound of my scooter and we separated and got up. But Elu did not allow me to dress up. By now almost two hours had passed with us continuously fornicating our brains out. 

Abe returned, pulled the bike on stand and headed straight for me. He hugged me and said that today was the best evening of his life. I also demurely agreed with him. Elu came from behind and the three of us hugged each other, with me in the middle, like a sandwich. I asked them for my dress, but they told me to sit on my bike, – nude. I was wondering what they were up to.

They opened their sports kit bag and took out two dry towels. They went on to dry me up and remove any traces of our battle. Their major attention of cleaning was between my legs and my breasts. Elu took one last slurp with his long tongue, which made be giggle. They were fascinated with the mangalsutra, and played with it by putting round my breast and alternating it to tease my nipples. They gave me my skirt and my shirt, but not my panty or my bra. When I asked them for both these items, they would keep each of this as a souvenir. But I could not go home without covering my pussy as it would leak on the seat and leave tell-tale signs. 

Abe had a suggestion. He pulled down his track pant. I was shocked that he would fuck me again. This would mean a further delay to reach home. But no, – he removed his pant and inside he wore a G-string type ball supporter underwear. He removed it, and motioned me to lift my leg. I watched him in awe as he carried on dressing me up with his underwear, in return for my panty. This was a turn on till I reached home. Could you believe I would return home wearing another male persons’ undies, right under the noses of my in-laws.

The next problem was my thin shirt. Elu solved this problem by removing his Track Jacket and wrapping it round me. Then Abe gave me a small gift wrapped box, which was very light. He told me to open it only when I reached home, and no one was present. I thanked them for their birthday present and started my homeward journey. Though very tired after a two hour sex bout, I could think of no other better birthday present then these dual penetrations.

When I reached home, my in-laws were waiting for me eagerly. I told them that the rains, had come down in a strong shower, and I had got wet. To my relief, they too said that I had done the smart thing as it too had rained cats & dogs here but for a short time. They told me to go for a hot bath, which I had definitely intended to. Ours was an attached bath bedroom. 

I went to my room, closed the bedroom door and flopped on the bed, with my legs spread wide. My pussy was showing signs of soreness after the long poundings. I put my hand to feel Abe’s underwear covering my hole. In fact it was of a perfect fit. Then I remembered the gift which Abe had given me. I opened my bag and took it out.

Wrapped in a shiny gold paper, it was a box of some sort. I removed the tapes and lo & behold — it was the box carrying the new anti contraceptive pill, to avoid pregnancy. How thoughtful of Abe! There was small note inside. 
It read, “For every problem there is a solution. We do not want you to be in any problem so we thought of gifting this to you. Please take it. We hope that you liked our birthday present, and sincerely hope that you did not miss your husband on this day. Just to tell you, my birthday is fast approaching. Hope you have a suitable gift for me. Abe”.

In my mind Abe’s gift was already decided and on its way to recovery. The details will shortly be put up after his birthday.

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