manhandled in bus

i am now 29 happily married but my hubby not much active in sex, if he touches my wet pussy he feels dirty and wash his hands, he hardly gives 4 to5 strokes and leaks out and turn other side and sleep off, which makes me leave with no other option to finger myself and quench my thirst, this exactly attracted me to my boss who treats me like a goddess of sex, yes let me accept by nature I am bit oversexed and love it a lot, excepting during my periods or if boss is out of station, not a single day passes without having at least 30 mts of heated sex during any part of the day, he atleast fucks me in my pussy or ass minimum 5 times a week, and I swear I am addicted to his body and handling, HE JUST KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE A WOMAN TO THE CORE.

as usual on the 17 nth I finished my work at 6 pm and took a volvo bus 365 J from jigani which is my work place, it was raining for the last few days and today also it started to drizzle and by the time I boarded the bus I was 25 % wet, as I was in a saree I had used the pullo to cover my head from getting wet. the bus was fully crowded and from the front door I couldnt enter so entered through the center door, if u r familiar with this volvo buses it has a gap in the center where only standing is possible and towards the wall there was one low lying foldable stool which even if its vacant I will not sit, as we sit there and guy stands in front of you sitting height is perfect to give him a blow job. anyway pushed through the crowd with men taking chance here and there to brush my body which happens to most of the women in bus.

as we moved on and reached NICE road where T JOHN college is there lot of girls and guys all students got up, as usuall giggling and chatting and all. I noticed some six guys coming standing behind me and one of them excused me and sat on the stool at my right side, one of them in low voice told in malyalam wish we had this girl for us, little they knew I understand malyalam as I had studied in trivandrum for 2 yrs. I kept quite to see how far they go and I could feel one of them falling on me and he was pushing his groin on to my ass and I too didnt budge so he was having a hearty rub of his dick on my ass, at that point this fellow passed another comment to the guy sitting that girl seems hot not budging for my rubbing and pushing.

my boss was on his europe business tour and ihad really missed my sex and I kept quite to see how far they can go, the guy who was sitting slowly crept his hand under the saree and started to caress my cough muscles and I kept quite, in fact my pussy was already wet and itching for more, I didnt care the inside of my slut was opening up, he did for little time and advanced to my thighs and he couldnt go further up as I was standing with my legs together, he pushed my legs apart so that he could reach my chuth, I slowly moved my legs apart and he reached my pussy, he looked up at his freind and said I have reached her pussy, and this gave courage for the other guys to move ahead, without wasting any time I could feel him pull my panty down and I was in place of no return, he pulled it till my ankle and gave a push on my cough muscle to lift up and in a jiffy my panty was out and he put in his jerkin pocket and rushed his hand back to my pussy, this time I spread my legs further part.

just then I watched we had crossed arekere reliance mart and traffic was totally jammed as the whole day they were demolishing some buildings between fortis and appolo hospital, by the time the driver of the bus put the lights on it was good luck to them as the tube light where we stand was not working and these guys can have a gala time.

the guy who was sitting I could feel his middle finger enter my love hole which was dripping wet and started up and down strokes, my pussy was big enough to handle 2 fingers and which he did, in no time he was fisting my chuth with 2 fingers and I was really in heaven, the guy behind me was grinding his dick in my ass, he put his right hand around my belly and caught my breast and kneaded them hard over my blouse, as he did that he guided my left hand to his dick, to my suprise he had lowered his zip and pulled out his cock, in that cold wheather his man hood meat was warm in my hand, I kept stroking and in no time he spurted all his sperms in my palm, I kept on caressing till his cock shrivelled to a small rat size.

he told his another freind to exchange place to come behind me, and he too didnt waste any time to guide my hand to his taken out cock, I was enoying and released too much of my juices on his fingers who was fisting my pussy, it was too slippery so he pulled his hand out and I could see him putting his fingers in his mouth to lick away all my juices which made me even more hornier, and took back his possition to fist my chuth out. this second guy at my back must be a muslim as his foreskin was not there, his cock was so hard and stiff when he pushed I could feel if pushing thriugh my saree and enetering my ass crack, and I too stroked his cock in rhytm slowly he moved his hand from my breast down but was dissappointed as his sitting friend was still fisting my chuth, so his hands were again on my breast, he was so aroused that he kept trying to open my blose which I stopped with my right hand and still stroking his wild cock with my left hand by this time the bus slowly came near j p nagar and I decided to get down one stop ahead of my regular stop as I didnt want them to follow me, so I increased my stroking pace and he too ejaculated his sperms on my palm and on my saree in no time.

i moved aside which gave a hint to pussy fister that I am getting down, and he too removed his hand out I got down at BTM busstop waited for while and took a ricksha to my house at HSR layout. all along was thinking what all can happen in real life. i was feeling like a slut with mixed feelings, going back without my panties, but when a body needs certain things it overides everything, went home had a nice shower and hubby had his good quicky fuck and slept and I slept nude fingered my pussy nicely till I had a couple of good orgasms and slept.
after that life went on boring as my boss was still travelling abroad and I was missing all the fuck and fun he gave me, at home it was as usuall whenever hubby wanted he would finish his fuck and sleep leaving me unsatisfied, which always made my wnader here and there looking for fun.

this incident happened onthis past sunday the 4 th sept, hubby had a good fuck on sunday night and left by night train to his native to attend some family matters. I got up on sunday did the same old house work, had a nice head bath shaved my under arms and pussy which I always like to keep it clean shaved as my boss sucks them atleast 5 times in a week, and was at home when I got an sms mentioning that the shopper stop 50% sale extended, so I decided to do some shopping as I had got my salary too, I dressed up in a churidhar and took an auto to bannergatta road shopper stop.

i reached there around 11.30 and it was quite crowded, I went about picked up some t shirts and I was looking around the perfume section some one wished me ” hi good morning” with immediate reflexes I too wished and turned to see the person whose face was new yet familiar, and before I could say anything he introduced himself as and said hi I am vinay do you rmenber we met on the volvo bus few weeks back.

for a moment I was shocked and stunned too, then I remembered that this was the guy sitting on the low level chair and who had fisted my pussy while coming back home and taken away my panty, I turned literally red as it came all of a sudden, I just reciprocated that I am fine and he continued the conversation asking usuall formal things hows weekend, what are you shopping, had breakfast etc etc.

then he took the bag containing what all I had shopped and pleaded to buy few dresses on his behalf and talked me into selecting, he said for all the releving what I did on bus he wanted to gift me with lot of goodies, so I picked up few dresses and he pleaded me in getting me elzibeth arden perfume, and requested me to buy some lingeri as you may all remember he took away my panty in his jerking pocket, 
so I picked up few bra and panties and went to the billing counter, where he was standing to close to me and asked why cant I come to his house as he too was bored, I exactly knew what he had on his mind, he had got me so many goodies which left me with no other option to go and if I go he will fuck me, but I knew his freinds will also be there and it can me my nightmare, jst then I asked what about your freinds for which he said they will not come till evening.

as we paid the bill which was a whooping 12,000 bucks what he had spent on me and paid by his credit card he called somebody on his mobile and started to talk softly in malyalam, which I could understand he was telling his freinds about me and said she has accepted to come home let me fuck her and I will give missed call when we are in action and you guys slowly come in with your set of keys and we will have a gang bang gently with her.

the very fact of his talk and plan was getting my chuth itching and was getting wet, and the slut in me was opening up and I decided to have some fun, anyway they looked very decent they wouldnt kill me and anyway I had experienced a couple of times getting gang banged and even forcibly once on my jaipur trip alongwith my husband.

as we came out he asked me to wait near the bike as he wanted to get some vodka and something to eat from the hotel aradhana which is next to shopper stop, he came back with all the things and when I asked what about anyone seeing going to their house, he assured that they stay in a independent house in J P Nagar and nobody will doubt them as they all come from a respectable rich family and had not done things like this with any cheap girls, which sort of gave me some courage, immedately my mind started to calculate my date of periods which was couple of days ahead that means I dont need any protection for my sex. On the way he kept on applying brakes even for small things and I made sure I gave the touching of my breasts on his back without fail, it was just 5 mts drive he parked the vehicle and helped me to carry the shopping bags and opened the house door and went inside and I followed him, once he placed them on the table he locked the door and didnt waste anytime in taking me in his arms, he kept looking into my eyes with that lust and slowly crushed his lips and mine, I could feel him chewing my bottom lips, pushing his saliva in to my mouth, and then I could feel him push his toung to my mouth, I gently opened my mouth and let his toung invade and I too played with my toung on his toung. As he got more comfortable his hands were exploring my back side and his both hands had couped on my ass over my pyjamas.

As he broke the lip lock he said lets have a drink it will relax us even more, as he was mixing vodka and sprite I kept thinking that he is doing all this so that I will be little intoxicated not to refuse the arrival of his freinds. As we chatted for a while he made me sit on his lap on the sofa and downed the drink, and again got up for a refill and as he came back placed the glass on the table and kneeled down on the floor and pulled my head close and kissed me, but this time it was a voracious kiss with lot of our saliva getting mixed and smeared all over the face, and his hands were trying to loosen the knot of my pyjama, which he did in a second and pulled it down along with my panty, he kept staring at my clean shaven pussy which was shining nicely with all my wetness, with both his hands he spread my thighs apart and burried his face between them, I could hear his toung slurping on my wet chuth and I held his head firmly in my hand and pressed it against my chuth and couldnt control my moaning, he sucked as if its the end of the world and as he sucked he shoved in 2 fingers and fisted me rigorously, it was point of no return, I begged him to give hard strokes and I had my first orgasm, leaving his face fully smeared with all my juices, as he stood up he pulled me up along with him and passionately kissed and once again pushed his toung in my mouth, I could get the tase of my own juices from his saliva, his both hands caught my breast firmly and kneaded them quite roughly, he guided his hand to his dick which was rock hard inside his pants, as I was trying to undress him he tried to remove my tops and in no time both stood nude, with his cock standing erect, he kept his hand on my shoulder and pressed me down, I knew he wanted a blow job, I knelt down his cock deffinately which was not as long and hard as of my boss, I could see him already ozzing his precum, as I closed my eyes I swallowed his cock fully, in slow rhythm my mouth was shafting his cock and my right hands were softly massaging his balls and my left hands were caressing his ass, few minutes went by I could hear him talk on his cell phone which was on the table and telling his freinds in malayalam to come soon and she is wonderfully blowing me now and that he would pin her down on the bed with my cock into her so that she cant get up when they come and told them get nude fast and come to bed.

i lifted his cock up and groupled his balls in my mouth with little extra pressure for which he moaned and said haaaaa softly dear or else it hurts me. I moved my face back as his pubik hair had come on my toung which I took out with my fingers and again burried his cock in my mouth, this time I deep throated him and he was maoning and caressing my hair softly, he then pulled me up and took me to the bed room and pushed me back wards, as I lay on my back he started kissing me from my toe on to my ankle then my cough muscle then my thighs then to my chuth which was again fully wet and slurped all my juice, then onto my naval, as he came up I spread legs apart and he moved between my thighs, and on to my breasts for the first time, he sucked one and the other he sqezzed it hard till it hurt me and turned my nipples red, as he came up to my neck I could feel his hard dick touching my croatch and I was in need for a good fuck, he supported himself on his left elbow and moved his right hand down to guide his cock into me, I too rasied my buttoks a bit, and I could feel my chuth stretch to accomadate his man hood into me,

he pushed it till his marbles touched me and I could feel the clinging of his jingle bells in his eyes, first few minutes he rammed my chuth with full force, and he slowed down to slow pace, I could feel him pulling out the full length of the cock and dive inside with full force which was giving me divine pleasure, I heard the front door open which I pretended not to hear, he was still pounding me and in minutes I could see 2 more guys fully nude entering the bed room, I slightly screamed seeing them for which vinay slept on me fully and muffled my voice by deep kissing me and I could feel one on either side joining us on bed, as vinay broke the kiss one on my right side turned my head towards him and assured me not to get worried they will be gentle and all would enjoy nicely and said I am fiaz and passionately kissed me while the guy in my left intruded inbetween and turned my head towards him and told his name as prakash and lip locked me, now vinay raised a bit and guided my legs to be put on his shoulder and said shashi lift up baby I want to deep fuck your cunt while my freinds savour and milk your tids, all these wild words were intoxicating me, I jst lay there and vinay pounded me I could see from the face his end was coming as I thought he gave out a huge grunt and I could feel his sperms swim inside me, he kept his cock fully embedded in me and fiaz and prakash were having a feast with my breast.

I could feel the grip loosen with vinays dick becoming limp and ease out of my chuth, as he came out he crawled downwards prakash mounted on my chest held my breast together and placed his cock between them and started fucking while fiaz looked on and I could feel vinay between my thighs eating my cunt again which was filled with his sperms, oh god he was licking me clean of his cum and he came up from the side and while kissing me he unloaded a portion of his cum from his mouth to my mouth. I flet like a slut of the first order, but the passion with which they did and didnt feel dirty was giving me a high. when he got up prakash didnt waste anytime in filling my mouth with his cock and fiaz went down to suck me and he too fisted my chuth with his fingers, he put lot of his saliva in my chuth and he too mounted me, he guided my hand to his cock, I recognised the circumsised dick which I had milked in the bus and now the same dick I was guiding to my chuth, in no time he too started to pound me in my chuth and prakash in my mouth while vinay stood and watched the act, within minutes I felt like choking as prakash pushed his cock till my throat and released his cum, the first shot I could feel directly going to my throat and pulled a bit back as I was struggling to breath and rest in rhythm filled my mouth. As usuall like all men he too felt manhood lost as he cummed so soon and dismounted me and lay by my side and fiaz came and lip locked me, I pushed the sperms of prakash into his mouth which he savoured and pounded me, this was the best fuck I was having next to what I enjoy with my boss, he ripped apart my chuth for 15 mts, I was sweating away, whenever my sweat collected he would lick it up with his toung and pounded me, I had one of the wildest oragasms and he deep kissed me so that voice cant be heard from outside and collapsed on me loading his load of sperms.

he was too heavy for me he took support of his both elbows not to put pressure on me and like a pet dog does he licked my face neck ears of my sweat, after several minutes he too got up and went to the front room, I was in no mood to accept the way prakash even without making love to me loading his cum in my mouth who was sleeping on his back next to me, I slowly got up and without any delay I mounted on his face, by the time he realised what was happening I was grinding my pussy which was filled with fiaz’s sperm on his mouth, without putting any resistence he cleaned my chuth clean with his toung, since he was sleeping on his back he never had any option than to swallow all my and fiaz’s juices.

i too jst laid down on my back and started to realise the reality, vinay was the softest at distence I could see fiaz standing nude having a cigarette, he had such a beautyfull atheletik body with lot of muscles, and off course prakash was jst normal and may be suffering from prematured ejaculation problem, I knew they will all come for the second round.

as I was thinking vinay came slept next to me, he turned my face towards him and passionately kissed me and I asked whether they had any sessions like this earlier for which he said dear you have made our dream come true, whenever we saw any blue film we had imagined all the three doing but today it became a reality.

Saying that he lip locked with me and sucked my lips and I sucked on his toung, I felt somebody spreading my legs apart, then the hot breath near my pussy and then the toung in action, I lifted my buttock to match the tounging, I could feel the toung trying to penetrate my rectum, whoever who was doing I knew wanted my other hole to be fucked, when vinay broke the kiss I could see it was none other than fiaz tounging my other hole.

by then I could feel vinay getting hard whose cock was in my hand and he slept on his back and wanted me to mount him like a cow girl, as his cock burried into me I slept fully on him and I could feel fiaz lubricating my back hole with his saliva and push finger into me, even though I had been fucked by my boss innumerable time in my boss I pretended to be in gerat pain for which he slowly pacified me

“baby it just hurts till I enter then its all heaven for u” and murmuring sexily I could feel his cock invading inside, I could feel two hard erect cocks burried into me and they began to fuck, not even 5 strokes fiaz did he couldnt control my tightness and he spilled his beans in my ass, and this time prakash who was watching all this wasted no time to move fiaz away and penetrated me in the ass which was already lubricated with fiaz’s sperms and started fucking me to eternity. vinay whose cock was burried in my pussy lay still to experience the rubbing of other dick on his with membranes separating them, prakash wanted to prove his best and as he fucked hard in my ass he massaged my boobs, I coiled feel my swaet drop falling on vinay and prakash gripped my breast hard and released his load in my ass, and feel on to the bed like a pack of cards. it took nearly 20 mts to recover the action and I got up slowly to go to the wash room to clean up and all the three followed me inside and all three joined in giving me bath and clean up in return I too soaped all the three dicks and washed them, when we came out they wiped my body dry and all the three stood around me massaging my fully body with nivea body lotion, I got dressed up and each one passionately french kissed me and I collected my belongings and left, not much was spoken, when I got into the auto it was laready getting dark and holes were sore.

i came back home had dinner and I slept so solid when I got up next morning it felt like a dream but my ache im my bodya nd holes held the relaity, seyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaa will be back soon with some more fun.

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