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Fucking Suja became a daily ritual after our first fuck and we enjoyed sex in all form for the next 3 weeks till her sister’s family returned from Kerala. She had given me a duplicate key of her flat and I used it a couple of times to even take my girl friend there,

although I never managed to fuck my girl friend during that time but we managed to make rapid progress in our physical relationship and saw a lot of porn movies.All that came in handy at a later stage as far as breaking the barrier with my girl friend was concerned but I started missing on having sex with Suja after her sister came home.

Once we managed to have sex at my place in my bedroom when there was brief period of 30 mins with nobody in my house. I proposed to her to meet at my friends place to enjoy sex which she refused to considering it wasnt totally safe.She used to tease me everytime she came to my place, holding my crotch on opportune moments, rubbing her arse on my dick,

brushing her breast against my mouth.There were moments when I felt like shoving her into my bedroom and fucking her cunt dry but somehow our relation had to remain undercovers to prosper. Even I enjoyed grabbing her ass and squeazing her butt and boobs everytime I got her alone for a a few moments in the room.

Those horny days were so killing wherein I had to masturbate and go to sleep inspite of having a pussy all waiting and wanting for me. Suja also shared the same emotion and always told me how she missed getting body oil massage from me which she fondly got done from me. With her help and guidance,

I had understood the pleasure points she enjoyed and I had become a master at massaging and could make her cum even before penetrating. During our phone conversations, I tried very hard to convince Suja to come over to my friends place which she refused to and she kept telling me she will make some other arrangement.

One fine evening, Suja called and asked me to meet her at the gate of my society. I thought I was in with a chance and went running but to my surprise she just wanted to have a conversation with me and she couldnt have had that on the phone. She told me how she missed fucking me (to think of it…

there were days when se behaved like such a nympho that it was more of she fucking me than the other way round) and how all this cannot happen until her sister is going to be in town. I had mentally started calculating that there are 11 more months for vacation and I will get to eat that pussy only after 11 months. Thats when she asked me.. “what do you think of my sister?”

A question which I didnt know how to comprehend or answer! I replied her..”as in how? She is a nice woman.” Suja told me that we can again have fun without any problem only if her sister agreed. I was afraid for a moment, how would any elder sister give tht kind of a permission, I thought. Now talking about Suja’s sister Savi, she was 30, married for 4 years with a 2 year old kid.

Her husband worked in Dubai and came home only once very 9 months for a 1 month vacation. Savi was like this proper well grown woman, serious most of the time and I had very few interactions with her. She was about 5ft 3 inch tall, with breast cup 36, to think of it she became more booby after becoming a mother mainly due to breast feeding it seems, and well rounded arse,

even bigger that Suja. As my mind had wavered thinking how would Savi react if Suja asked her for permission to fuck with their family friend’s 18 year old son, Suja asked “Do you think you can fuck her?” Although the first thought that came to my mind was” how does it matter what I think” I laughed and told her its impossible.

She is too grown up to be game to fuck around with me. Suja replied “but not if we both try”. Suddenly I got a hang of what she meant and the whole outlook of how I had seen Savi all these years changed in a moment… now I was again seeing a middle aged woman who would be horny as her sister becaz every woman needs sex and a lot of it.

Suja went on to explain how her sister is as horny and has no person to express it to as her husband is way. Suja had seen her sister fingering her pussy in the night so many times and taking hours in the bathroom calming her hot body as she craved for sex in her early 30s.

Suja confessed to having sexually indulged with her sister on one occassion wherein the two sisters got physical with each other. But they never did it the second time because of guilt and fear of loosing respect for each other. I had no idea as to how would this (fucking Savi) happen but was excited at the thought of it.

Suja assured me she will come up with a plan which will work in the best interest of all three. After waiting for 3 weeks from that day came a friday when I knew I had the opportunity to have sex with Suja again.My parents were going to Pune for the weekend and my home was going to be all for me that weekend.

When Suja called that afternoon I told her with all excitement that we can have sex for the next 2 days and 2 nights as my place was there for the taking. She told me she will call back after half an hour and then to speak to my mom to know if the plans were for real and this long. Although I was taken aback by the complete lack of trust yet the prospect of a long night excited me.

After half an hour she spoke to my mom and told me to meet her at the society gate at 7.30 for tonights plan. On me enquiring about whether she would stay back, she replied in the negative and told me she will explain in the evening. As I hung up the phone, mom told me that she wouldnt be preparing dinner for me as Suja has invited you for dinner at her place.

I was a little dumb found by the plan for as per my calculation she hould have been coming to my place which was empty rather than me going to her place where her sister lived. But there were more surprises awaiting me as I met Suja at 7.30 and she narrated her master plan to me. I was taken aback by the sound planning that this sex goddess has made to pave my way

into her life and bedroom for ever. And the way the night unfolded, it was shock and awe at every stage for yours truly as I was the lead actor in the script made by the sexy vixen Suja. She asked to be confident and do as she had suggested and everything would fall at place… although I wasnt sure. And this is how the night unfolded…

At 9.30 Savi had put her son to sleep and both Suja and Savi were waiting for me to arrive at her place. 9.30 became 10 but there was no clue of me around. Suja pretended to call at my place 5-6 times in the course with nobody picking up the call. Suja suggested whether she should come and check whether I am at home and everything is OK

as my mom had entrusted my responsibilty for the night on her. Savi agreed and Suja asked her to come along with her as it was late in the night ans her son wouldnt wake up for the next two hours for sure and they could check on me and come back in 15 mins from my place. Suja also asked her to take the duplicate keys of my place if needed and Savi handed over the same to Suja.

They rang the bell at my place a few times and there was no answer. The door was sure not locked from outside, which meant I hadnt gone out and to top it they could faintly hear some noise of the TV from inside. Suja suggested they should use the duplicate key and they opened the door.

Both th ladies were in for a surprise, the one seeming more surprised was the one pretending as it was her script that was being followed.In shock and awe, Suja slammed and closed the door behind her back. Savi was shocked to see, a half bottle of Johnny Walker (thanks to my dad’s collection, I sometimes sip on a few pegs) a porn movie on the TV (with low volume)

where a white man was humping a booby woman on the pool side and a young guy (presumably her friends son- nice boy 10 mins ago) asleep wearing only a shirt and his dick full grown saluting the person staning in front of her. Now I have always wanted to have a 8 inch dick but all I had was 6 and half inches of manhood well rounded with girth as much as a 3 fingers put together.

Short of words to speak, Suja picked up a small towel from the sofa (deliberately placed there) and put it on my dick. Suja looked at her sister in amazement while her sister couldnt take her eyes of the woman moaning with pleasure on the TV. Her eyes were plighing between the TV and a full grown dick which I had sustained to keep erect thinking

about the pleasure of fucking the two woman who were standing in front of me. Suja tried to pretend to to wake me up and said I had been knocked out by the alcohol. As per the script when she shook me I murmured.. I love you Reshma. On hearing this Savi enquired who Reshma was for which Suja replied she was his friend and they studied together

and she had heard about her from Avi. She also said that maybe Reshma was my girl friend. Seeing everything going as per plan, Suja made the next move.Lets pull him up and make him sleep in the bedroom. She also switched off the TV and asked for her sister who was standing there in bewilderment fot help.

She beautifully took control of the situation ans the two ladies grabbed me by my shoulder. As they did this, I rested my weight sideways on Savi with my dick brushing against her belly. (Ok brief description to visulaise the scene better… Savi was wearing a green coloured sari…imported ofcourse from Dubai and Suja was wearing a white shirt and knee high skirt…

and yours truly a white checked shirt and nothing more than that). As my dick brushed against her navel, I could feel the heat from her body and I rested my hands on her breast taking Reshma’s name intermittently.Both the women somehow placed me on the bed and I ensured that my weight pulled her body completely on me for a short moment (Well.. part of the plan).

Suja opened the cupboard, took a bedsheet and put on me… my dick was now rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling making a bulge even on the bed sheet. Suja had deliberately chosen a thin bedsheet to make the bulge obivious. As both the women looked at each other and I pretended to be asleep all this time, Suja asked her sister, “is that size of the dick normal?

I never knew the dick would be so thick”. Savi smiled and had a peep at the dick again…and asked her what do we do now…Suja exclaimed to her sister, “this boy is only 18 but seeing him naked, he is like a full grown man. I almost became wet seeing him lying there on the sofa.” Savi had for the first time scanned my body in this detail in all these years…

Suja then suggested,”Sis we cant leave him in this state now, dunno what if something goes wrong. So I’ll stay and come back once it is morning.” Suja was sure that her sister wouldnt allow that.How can she leave a woman who according to her was an unmarried virgin and never seen a dick in her life and was excited on seeing the first one with a guy who was drunk and horny.

What if something happens in the night. Savi suggested thats not right, we will come and check in the morning if he is fine. Suja refused to budge, she said my mom had entrusted my responsibilty on her for the night and she couldnt take any chance. What if something untoward happens to me in that drunk state.

If you dont want me to stay and then why dont you stay, I’ll take care of the kid. Savi had taken the bait as per the plan. She said OK, I’ll stay and you come here in the morning, we will talk to him together so that there is no embarassment for any of us.Suja exclaimed that was even better..

she even giggled and said that maybe if I she stayed in the night she would haven been tempted to play with that dick but with her sister, saying, she saved her from loosing her virginity (echoing her sister’s thoughts). Both the sisters laughed on it and Savi accompanied her to the door. Suja left and Savi started cleaning up the table.

I was waiting inside all this while for her to come in. The only hitch in the plan was Savi not coming back to the room again and that was the moment that I was eagerly awaiting. stroked my dick a few more times to maintain erection. I threw the bed sheet below. After 10 minutes, Savi came in and saw me lying there naked with erection.

Keeping her temptation in check she went to switch off the light but maybe my murmer got her interested and she came closer to hear what I was saying. She picked up the bedsheet and tried to cover my lower half and she she attempted that I turned around and placed my hand on her shoulder.

She sat there for a moment as I kept murmering ” I love you Reshma, I want to kiss you, Kiss me sweetheart”. All the affection that I was bestowing on Reshma was making Savi horny. All of a sudden I got a clasp of her hand and turned the other way on the bed. She got dragged by the clasp and was lying in a position with her hand in my hand,

her breast on my back and her entire body facing my back. My naked butt was on her body. I continued to murmer and I knew it was working as she wasnt making any move to remove the clasp on my hand. Slowly I changed hands on the clasp by first holding her hand with both hands and then exchanging it.

I could feel the heat from her navel on my back and hot breath was inviting me to turn me face on her. For 10 minutes she lay there holding my hand and lying and before she reacted in any way I turned around and lay there facing her. Her lips were seperated from mine by a few inches and by distracting her with my murmering about Reshma, I placed my right leg on her hip.

As I did that my erect dick got inbetween the gap in her saree and was now firmly placed on her navel. With the heat from her body, my dick started regaining erection and it started growing and hitting her belly hard. She made no move to resist or move away, instead she comforted the growth of my dick and allowed my full manhood to rest comfortably on her bare belly.

I could feel the heat from her pussy which was coming upwards inviting my dick to make the march downwards. But this had to wait till the right time. I had to ensure that she was a complete slave to my dick before invading her hungry cunt. I slowly got close to her lips and touched it.

She didnt move for 30 secs and I pressed my lips harder against her, she gave in to the lock and I rolled my tongue inside her mouth. The heat from her tongue made me want her more as my grip over her became stonger and her tongue cleaned the remaining whisky on my teeth and jaw. I slipped my hands downwards and got hold of her left breast,

they were so huge they didnt fit in my hands completely. She moaned..aaahhhhh and in one action I dragged the saree from the top half downwards,, exposing her breast which were hot and willing to come out of the blouse. Her belly was wet with sweat and so was her neck. I was myself sweating inspite of the fan and wanted to get rid of my shirt.

I kept murmering my love for Reshma… as I got into another lip lock with Savi. I was thinking about the opportune time to get back to sanity and indulge in ferocious sex with this sex bomb but didnt know which was the right moment… as one wrong move would undo all the progress made in that night.

As our kiss turned more violent (from her side) I took the opportunity to rip her blouse open and to my amazement even her bra gave in and her huge 36 D voluptuous bossom in milk colour stood exposed on my hands. As she didnt take evasive action, I understood she had given in to her desires.

I started stroking her belly in smooth motion and I knew the moment would come when she grabs my dick. Now my full grown lund was in her hand and she was stroking it as my hands worked on both her boobs and my tongue rolled in each others mouth. I pulled my shirt upwards and started murmering…suck me Jaan… suck my dick!!!

I showed restlessness moving my hands on my upper body and she obliged by going down of me…As she sucked my dick like a hungry slut I played with her hair and kept moving my hands up and down her silky hair. I dragged my body upwards and got into a sitting position although behaving drunk, but it didnt matter to her now. She wanted my dick.

She got rid of her blouse and she had her saree haging below her waist. She was blowing me with both hands and I kept moving my legs controlling myself from cumming on her. I knew that would not be the ideal end to this…but she was probably giving me the blow job of my life. Taking things in hand I grabbed her by the hair, threw her on the bed and started sucking her breast.

I squeezed the other while I sucked one breast of hers. She was moaning in pleasure and I took the chance of opening both my eyes to have a full view of her bossom. She was moaning in pleasure with her eyes closed and biting her lips and her breast were hot with stiff nipples protruding to be sucked and bitten.

Seeing one end of her saree slipping up, I made the move and my hands started finding my way through her legs… believe me.. I have never held a body as hot as her… and for once I knew what you mean when yo say “she is Hottt!!.. She was more hot than anything that I had ever handled.

He moans started growing and she started wiggling like a snake as my hands started going up to her pussy… as I felt the heat on thigh and went up… I could feel a completely drenched panty.. oozing with cum… she was moaning with pleasure and her nail marks were becoming stronger on my back. As my fingers found my way into her pussy,

she spread her legs and pulled her saree above her knee…I again got into a lip lock and she was literally eating me when I pulled the saree further up and remover her panty which she willingly helped doing in whatever senses were left. Suddenly I was the guy with more senses than her and so it was easy to take control.

After getting rid of her panty, I slid her saree and peticoat above her hip and now her pussy lay open and naked… oozing with cum in front of me… she was hairy but her cum smelt good..I started licking her cunt and she was moaning.. aaahhhhhh….. aahhhhhhhhhh….. oooooooooohhhhhhhh……easyy……aaaahhhhhhh!

I brought all my pussy licking talent to the core as I wanted her to want this thing more than anything in the world. I got into 69 and started giving her my “tongue tornedo” that’s what I call it…as she sucked my dick like a whore… moaning with pleasure!!!

She started thrusting her pussy on my tongue and was making violent noises… I knew she was craving for my dick…I turned around and started licking her wet lips again while my two fingers found their way into her wet hot lubricated pussy…. she was crying in pleasure..asking me for more…she had started moaning fuck me..

fuck me in my ears…I knew she had lost complete sense of occassion.. I turned over and away and my hands hit the speaker button on the phone and the phone went off ringing on sum number.. this bought the both of us to the senses as we both reached to disconnect the phone. There was a moment of silence as I disconnected the phone…

we both looked at each other not able to determine who was feeling more more guilty…but horny and hot we both still were… I wanted to ensure there was no letting up….she stood up and tried to gather her saree… I jumped on her and grabbed her saree… she fell on the bed by my impact and rolled over unwrapping the saree on her waist… In one motion…

I dragged her peticoat down and there we were two naked bodies… emitting heat and craving for flesh and cum…before she could decide her next action.. I buried myself in her pussy and she let go of all other thoughts and closed her eyes to enjoy the cum fest that was about to happen…she started moaning again in pleasure as I tongue fucked her…

we were both again breaking sweat as she moaned with all her freedom… she started playing with my hair and begging me to go harder and eat her pussy… she kept saying… go deeper and deeper as she moaned in pleasure.. I fingured her pussy in between and inserted the cum drapped fingers in her asshole as I alernated tongue job with fingering…

she was moaning in ecstasy and she had started playing with her breast again…I slid her to the end of the bed… lifted both her legs and placed on my shoulder as I inserted my thick manhood inside her pussy… she gave out a scream of aaaahhhh.. as I entered a little… and I withdrew a little…which again followed with a louder aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

I insterted a little more this time and she grabbbed her breasts in pleasure giving out a bigger aaaaaaahhhh! Savi moaning in pleasure was a sight to watch… as I asked her.. do you want more… as she said in a moaning tone… fuck me more….fuck me til I die..kill me… as I began humping her faster and faster and she screamt louder and louder…

I withdrew my dick and asked her to turn around and I penetrated in doggy style as she moaned liked a bitch… I humped in uniform motion and her entire body moved back and forth with her boobs dangling and moving front and back… aah what a sight to watch!!!I felt like eating those boobs as I humped her in doggy style!

I lied down after that and held my dick up which she obliged by sitting on it with a loud scream she took my enite 6 and half inch manhood inisde her.. she sat there for a while and kept moving front and back… I was squeezing her boobs in the meantime when our eyes met for a moment and we exchanged a grin with pleasure…

I held her by the neck and again got into a lip lock and for the first time the lip lock was of two individuals enjoying pleasure in each others company in consent with no care for the world…as I kissed her… her movement gained speed as she became more vigourous and violent… she slammed backwards giving me full view of of her hanging breasts to play with as she started

screaming louder and louder… I could sense she was about to cum and wanted the pleasure to be maximum…. I started moving up and down in the same motion and I made it faster and faster…and with a loud scream which almost woke my neighbours up..she started calming down… out of desperation..

I almost put my hands on her mouth and she started gigling and we both broke into a laughter… and as she hugged me I turned her around and started entering her sideways…she obliged by lifting her one leg, kissing me and fondling her boobs… as she was doing that a moaning sound fell on her ear and she almost jumped from the bed…

as we became silent the moaning sound continued consistently and she exclaimed whether the TV was on.. and reiterated that she had switched it off.. as we peeped out of the bedroom..I saw light from the TV and I said its the TV.. in disbelief as she rished outside… she saw the TV on with the porn movie running and as she went close she was taken aback by shock

as she saw her own sister Suja.. enjoying the porn movie and fingering her pussy in pleasure… Out of concern she enquired about her baby and Suja assured that her baby is fast asleep in the adjacent bedroom. Savi tried to cover her breast and pussy with a cloth as she enquired when had Suja arrived.

Suja stopped playing with her pussy and covered her exposed breast and told her that the kid had woken up so she thought it was better to get him here as she had the duplicate keys (and if you all thought the phone ring was accidental.. no it was deliberate… I had kept Suja’s number on redial once I had things under control..

I had to give a ring to Suja to indicate her to come over)and after that……. she opened the door without disturbing their sleep but on coming inside…she saw her sister Savi getting humped doggy style by that huge dick of Avi. Not wanting to disturb the pleasure that she was getting and the pleasure of seeing her sister getting fucked was too much to resist.

Suja said that she was horny from the moment she saw naked Avi and was wanting that huge dick.. but since her sister was having it.. she chose to enjoy watching it… Savi in a state of shock aksed her whether she was watching all the while and Suja replied she was peeping into the room for the last 20 minutes ans saw her sister getting fucked in all position…

she was so horny so she deicided to watch porn and please herself with her fingers. Suja also promised her sister that what she has seen will remain with her till her grave and she was happy that she fucked Avi as she was wanting a dick for so many nights. she also expressed how she had seen Savi restless all these nights and that why she was happy to see her sister fuck

Avi as Avi was also a good man! She also requested her sis permission to sit and watch for the rest of the time as Avi fucked her. But Savi refused… Suja retorted,.. if you dont like me to watch then give me permission to get fucked by him.. I couldnt beleive she was actually having that conversation.

Savi came inside and told me that Suja had seen everything that happened all these while and she wanted to see us fucking… and playing to script I acted surprised first and then agreed. And unlike most people on this planet.. I was again going to fuck the elder sister while.. a voluptuous sex goddess while the younger would watch me screwing…

Savi hadnt imagined what was going to follow. Savi locked lips with me again as we induldged in smooching and she stroke my dick as well which gained erection in no time…being on the verge of exploding I wanted to last that bit longer to end the night with a fitting climax. I grabbed her arse by both hands and penetrated inside her in standing position.

She was shaking with pain and whispering slowly..slowly in my ears… as I stood for a moment locked in her pussy and the exchange of heat making both of loose our senses… she rested her head on my shoulder and I started thrusting her back…and when I turned to Suja… she was sitting on the couch blowing kisses at me..

as she teased me showing her pussy and fingering it intermittently. Suja was toppless now and she raise her skirt up with legs spread was playing with her pussy… she was moaning and complementing the moans of her sister.. she kept saying fuck her harder…bury your dick in her pussy and I think these words got Savi excited even further.

I told Savi I wanted to fuck her huge arse and will she be able to take my big cock inside.I knew she would want to show off in front of her sister that she is capable of taking any dick in her… and to my credit not many woman are capable of taking my girth inside them as penetration ensures cracking of the anal rim.

As I slowly lubricated her ass by her cum and spit, Savi watched Suja.. enjoying herself watching us… Suja was going crazy not being able to have a dick inside her when she could very well have… she removed even her skirt and started fingering in her arsehole as well…as I penetrated Savi she gave a breathless shout of noooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

and I immediately withdrew…. I again started kissing her and in the meantime.. Suja promptly handed over the vaseline to me… I applied the vaseline on my dick and her asshole rim and again tried penetrating her.. she asked me do it slowly as the pain was killing…. the vaseline did the trick and in my second attempt half my dick slipped inside her arse and she screams loud

saying noooooooooooo and extending hands to her sister… pouncing on the opportunity… Suja held and started kissing her and caressing her boobs while I started moving my dick in slow motion outside… the unbearable pain made her shove Suja away.. but she continued to grab her sisters boobs and lick her… three or four more moves and big jerk…

and she was getting used the pain and screaming…now Suja had started giggling and telling her how strong she is to take that dick inside her and how she can never do that and both the sisters started laughing… I joined the party as I started humping her faster and she begged to me to go slow as my dick was hurting her at all ends…

As I continued humping Savi on the back side… Suja came on the bed and planted her pussy on Savi’s mouth… Savi started licking her pussy as me and Suja locked lips… it was crazy sex and I could believe I was having both the sisters at the same time…The protective sister Savi had given way to a sex partner whom she was enjoying threesum sex with…..

Suja kept saying harder…deeper… as Savi tied to please her sister at the same time taking my huge dick inside her arse…..We changed positions… as Savi lied on bed and I penetrated inside her arse in standing position…I exploded inside her arse with my cum as she was lost licking and satisfying her sister…

As I moved away…Suja turned her attention to Savi’s pussy and started licking it to return the favour… I extended my resting dick into Savi’s hand who started jerking it again before taking it inside her mouth… Savi made sure that my dick was up and rock hard in 5 minutes as she was enjoying her sister licking her pussy…

Suja was bending over and licking Savi’s pussy… and I made a rear entry into Suja’s pussy… Suja.. the experienced vixen that she is spread her legs and let the entry smoothly as her sister watched her younger sister getting humped… The ease with which she was taking my dick did surprise her but she was too much lost in her desires to answer such thoughts….

I fucked Suja for the next 10 mins while both sisters exchanged smooches,and fondled each others breast. Suja was getting fucked in woman on top and Kavi sat with her pussy in my mouth… I cleaned her pussy of all the juices and Both Suja and Kavi… fondled breasts of each other ad locked lips…

Finally Suja started moving harder as she was about to cum and she jerked me enough that I alternately climaxed with spraying my cum into the mouth of Suja and her hot sis Kavi…and from then on… I had innumberable nights of threesum and till date Kavi didnt find out that the entire night… and her getting fucked by me was planned by her younger sis Suja…

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