Making Yasmini My Slut

This is the actual story of how I blackmailed Yasmini, my educated and very prim and proper Indian Sister-N-Law, into being my very own slut whore. To this day I still fuck her when, where and however I want and she loves it. I have dumped literally bucks of cum in her pussy, ass and mouth.
My wife is a beautiful Indian woman who, when we first met, wanted my huge cock to live inside her very tight, very wet and very horny pussy 24/7. There were times when she would come to my apartment and as soon as she walked in would start stripping on her way to my bedroom, where she would lay down, spread her legs and order me to stick my big hard cock in her and fuck the shit out of her. Trust me, I didn’t need to be told twice. I remember weekends that we’d fuck 20 times over the span of the weekend and she’d leave with my cum literally dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs.
Unfortunately, she developed some medical issues that destroyed her sex drive and made it almost impossible for her to have sex. We still love each other more than ever, but it has created a strain on our relationship. I never ever blamed her because it truly wasn’t her fault and I know she has missed our sex life just as much as I have. She even told me on several occasions that if I wanted to, she’d help me find someone to fuck whenever I wanted, but that just wasn’t an option for me. I couldn’t do that to her, although I know most men would love that opportunity.

Yasmini and I always got along and developed a friendship from the day we met, but at the same time she was often very rude to my wife. I really hated that part of her and as time went on it got worse. She always wanted to have more power than my wife did, but never was able to make that opportunity come her way, which made her envious of my wife. I finally got fed up with it when Yasmini starting yelling at my wife because my wife had told someone about my worthless, lazy, stupid British brother-n-law. Yasmini knew she was married to a bum, but never wanted to admit it.
A couple weeks later we went over to Yasmini’s house to visit. As soon as we walked in I was greeted by two of the hardest and pointiest nipples I think I’ve ever seen. Yasmini had a semi tight sweater on and obviously no bra. My cock got steel hard immediately. I think she noticed me staring at her nipples because she invited us in and then said she’d be right back. When she came back, she had put on a bra. My brain immediately started trying to figure out a possible way to get a chance to suck those nipples. If there was a way, I was going to figure it out…and I sure did.
My wife had a 6-day business trip planned in about 3 weeks and it just so happened that my brother-n-law was going to be out of town for 5 days during that same time. I now had the when, but needed to work on the how and where. I thought about drugging her with sleeping pills, but I wanted her to be conscious and aware of what was going on, but not be able to stop me. Then it hit me. I could drug her with a different drug, which would make her more agreeable to my advances and greatly lower her resistance. It just so happened that I had an acquaintance that could get me some pills and I knew where he hung out.
For the next week, I planned out in detail what I was going to do and have her do and how to best use that to blackmail her in to letting me fuck her when, where and however I wanted. Then I remembered all of my wife’s camera equipment and knew she wouldn’t be taking it on her trip. I mapped out where I’d be fucking Yasmini in her and my house and where to get the best shots of the action on camera.
About a month earlier, they had asked me to take care of their house while they went out of town for the weekend and I used that opportunity to go through Yasmini’s panty drawer. Being as prim and proper as she was, she didn’t have any sexy bra and panties or sleepwear, but I was going to fix that problem. I wrote down all the sizes of her bras, panties and sleepwear and used it to order her quite a few new outfits using the credit card I found in her desk drawer. It was going to arrive at her house the day after her husband went out of town.
Things were in motion and I was getting more excited by the minute. I pulled my small backpack out of the closet and started filling it with things I’d bought that I thought I could use to really destroy her reputation if the pictures ever got out. For example, I went to the toy store and went to the play kitchen area and bought a big plastic cucumber, banana and salami. I also went to a sex shop and bought a big vibrator and packed it in my backpack as well.
As I was reviewing my plans and collection of tools, a thought entered my mind that both kind of disturbed me, but also excited me. I was betting Yasmini probably had a complete forest between her legs. She definitely didn’t come across as a woman who would shave or wax her pussy. Now, I don’t mind hair, but I don’t want to have to conduct a complete expedition through a forest to find her sweet spot. I threw my small clippers in the backpack and a Ziploc baggy. The baggy was to put her pussy hair in after I trimmed it off. It was going to be my souvenir of our amazing time together and I’d show it to her later.
I was pretty sure everything was set. I met my acquaintance the day my wife left for her trip and got the pills. I dissolved them all in a little bit of water and after the water had cleared up, I poured it into an eyedropper bottle. That would make it much easier and faster to drug her wine. My brother-n-law would be leaving the next morning and I would have his wife all to myself for 5 days. She’s going to find out what a real man’s cock feels like buried deep inside her hot Indian pussy.
The day finally came and about an hour after my brother-n-law left I called Yasmini and invited her over for dinner, with the excuse that since we’re both alone we could keep each other company. She agreed and said she’d come over after she got home from work and cleaned up. That excited me, as I knew her pussy was going to be all fresh and clean. She came over to my house about 5:00pm. She was wearing slacks and a pullover sweater shirt…nothing sexy, but what I expected. All I knew was, she wouldn’t be going home that way. She rang the doorbell and I opened the door.
“Hi Yasmini!”
“Hi Mike. Thanks for inviting me over. I really hate eating all by myself when my husband is gone.”
“No problem. I thought we’d both like the company. Come on in the kitchen. Dinner should be ready in about 30 minutes. Would you like some wine? I know you like red.”
“Sure. That sounds great.”
I opened the bottle I bought earlier that day and poured her a glass and added about 8 drops from my little bottle. My acquaintance said it only takes about 30 minutes to be in full affect. I could hardly wait. The one concern is that once I saw everything working is that I might lose control and I just couldn’t allow that to happen. I was about to have my sister-n-law as my very own sex toy for 5 days and I needed to stick to the plan.
We chit chatted about her work and other stuff while I finished dinner. By the time dinner was ready, she had finished her first glass and I refilled it for her and added 8 more drops. I had us eating at the counter in our kitchen and made sure there were only two chairs to sit in and made them very close to each other. My acquaintance said the drug makes people very sensitive to touch and feel and most people are easily aroused by touch when they are on the drug.
As we sat down to eat, our elbows were actually touching and as I looked into her eyes I could see the drug taking affect. We began to eat and as we did I made sure to make contact with her every chance I got. At one point I actually grabbed her hand and held if for about a minute and she didn’t even react at first.
“Why are you holding my hand? That’s not really appropriate.”
“Sorry, I guess I’m just in the habit of holding your sister’s hand and it’s become an automatic thing. I’m sorry and hope I didn’t offend you Yasmini.”
“No, it just caught me off guard.”
That told me it still wasn’t time to be pushing her boundaries. However, as we continued, there were a couple of occasions where I quickly rubbed her back and patted her legs and held her hand again. By about 30 minutes into our dinner she was even leaning over towards me and at one point laid her head on my shoulder for about 30 seconds.
I took that opportunity to hug her and kiss her on her forehead. She didn’t react at all, other than smiling at me, as we looked each other in the eye. I took my finger and wiped off some food from the corner of her mouth solely so I could slowly stroked her cheek and she just closed her eyes and leaned into my hand.
“You are very beautiful Yasmini. You really are.”
“MIKE! I’m your wife’s sister; you can’t talk to me that way. Besides, I’m married and don’t fool around when my husband is out of town.”
“I love your eyes and your lips especially.”
She blushed and said I shouldn’t say that about my wife’s sister, but I didn’t let up.
“Yasmini, if you weren’t married, I’d kiss you right now. I bet you lips would feel great against mine.”
“I love kissing, but my husband hardly ever kisses me. It really turns me on sometimes.”
I knew her guard was lowering, because Yasmini would never ever talk to me about intimate things like that between her and her husband. She was now vulnerable and I was going in for the kill.
“Well Yasmini! I’m going to kiss you now. I have to know what it feels like to kiss your beautiful lips.”
And with that I leaned over and kissed her right on the lips. She resisted a little bit at first, but as I continued, her body started to take over her mind. She actually started kissing me back. What I really wanted to do is shove my tongue down her throat and taste her mouth, but it was too soon for that. We kissed for about two minutes and as we broke it off, she just sat there with her eyes closed.
“That really felt great Yasmini. You have amazing lips.”
“Yes, that felt really good, but we can’t be doing that. I can’t kiss my sister’s husband like that, even though you’re a great kisser Mike.”
“Thanks Yasmini, so are you. We’re just kissing Yasmini. It’s not like we’re having sex, although I’ll bet you’re a great fuck Yasmini.”
“MIKE That’s extremely inappropriate. I’m not some piece of ass that spreads my legs for anyone.”
“Yasmini, I was just paying you a compliment. I wasn’t asking you to fuck me. Although, you have a very sexy body, that’d I’d love to see naked and be able to explore.”
“Thank you for the compliment, but I’m just not used to talking about these things to other people, especially my brother-n-law. I’m flattered you think I’m sexy. My husband doesn’t compliment me at all anymore.”
We were done with dinner and she needed another refill. I gave her another glass with 10 drops in it to really break any resistance she might have left. I then invited her to sit on the loveseat with me, which put us very close together.
“You know you can talk to me about anything Yasmini. No judgment or criticism from me.”
“I know Mike. I’ve always felt very comfortable around you. I feel we have a very close relationship.”
As we sat there talking, I put my arm around her and gently pulled her closer to me, which she had not objection to. I kissed her again and pulled her body into mine, but this time there was no resistance from Yasmini. I became even bolder and slid my tongue just past her lips. She was very receptive and opened her mouth to allow me inside. We kissed passionately for ten minutes while pulling each other closer and hugging each other tighter.
“You feel so good in my arms Yasmini. You have an amazing body.”
“Mike, we have to stop. I’m getting very turned on. We can’t go any farther.”
“Do you really want to stop Yasmini?”
“No, I don’t. You feel really good. God, I haven’t been this turned on for a long time!”
“Then let’s not stop. Anything that feels this good, can’t be all that wrong.”
I kissed her again and this time I really did bury my tongue down her throat. I licked and tasted every inch of Yasmini’s mouth and as I did, I started stroking her side slowing moving my hand to the front. As I rubbed her stomach through her shirt, she groaned.
“Oh God, Mike! What are we doing? This feels so damn good, but we just can’t. You are starting to really make me horny.”
Now I had her. Her body was taking control and I was about to send it over the edge.
“Me too baby, and very hot. We need to get more comfortable. I’m going to take off my shirt. Why don’t you do the same? It’s ok Yasmini! It’s just you and me.”
“We can’t Mike!”
“Here let me help you.”
With that, I grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it up. She didn’t even resist and as I pulled it off, I got my very first up close view of Yasmini black lace bra covered tits. I had seen the bra in her panty drawer before and even though it was a padded bra, her nipples were so hard you could see them pushing through the bra cup.
She covered her tits with her hands.
“Mike, you can’t see my in my bra. You’re married to my sister and you can’t have us both.”
“Yasmini, I want both of you and can have both of you. It’s obvious that you want me too. Let go! Now’s your chance to have me.”
I quickly took my shirt off and resumed making out with her. Except this time I move my hand up right under her bra so I could rub the underneath of her tits. I finally got up the nerve to cup one of her tits and she let out a loud gasp as we tongued each other’s mouths.
“Oh God Mike. I can’t believe you’re grabbing my tits. I’m your wife’s sister and you’re holding my tit in your hand. We have to stop!”
“It feels amazing Yasmini. You have amazing tits and they feel so soft and firm in my hands.”
I squeezed and fondled it through her bra and went back to kissing her. As I did, I found her hard nipple and started softly pinching and playing with it.
“Oh shit. My nipples are so sensitive. You’re starting to drive me crazy Mike. I’m so fucking horny.”
“How horny are you Yasmini?”
“My panties are very wet.”
“Show me baby!”
“NO MIKE This is going way too far.”
I grabbed the zipper of her slacks and pulled it down.
“No Mike, we can’t do this!”
“Come on Yasmini. Doesn’t this feel amazing?”
“God yes, but you’re my brother-n-law.”
I didn’t stop. I unfastened her pants and began to pull them down. Without even realizing it, she lifted her butt up so I could slide her pants down and in seconds I had them off and threw them on the floor with her shirt.
“Fuck Yasmini! You really are one sexy woman. I love your body.”
I started kissing her deeply again and exploring her body with one hand. The only thing between my ultimate prize and me were her bra and panties and they were coming off very soon.
“I’ve got to take my pants off too Yasmini. I’m just as hot and horny as you.”
As I pulled my pants down, she got a good looking at the huge pole in my underwear.
“Shit Mike. That’s huge.”
“And it’s all yours Yasmini.”
“Mike, we can’t! My sister would kill both of us.”
“She’s never going to know Yasmini.”
I pulled Yasmini into my arms and kissed her passionately. I found her bra hook and undid it.
“No! You can’t see me naked. It’s not right.”
“Do you want to go home hot, wet and horny and very sexually frustrated or do you want to continue this amazing feeling we’re both experiencing right now?”
As we looked each other in the eye, I slowly took her bra off and revealed to two most amazing nipples I’ve ever seen. I bent over and sucked one in my mouth and as I did, I ran my hand up between her legs. Her panties were literally dripping wet and as I pressed into her dripping cunt, my fingers became soaked too. I found her hard clit and started rubbing it.
“Oh fuck Mike! You’re driving me crazy. You’re going to make me cum if you don’t stop.”
“Your panties are soaked with your pussy juice. I’ve got to taste you Yasmini!”
“NO MIKE! That’s going way too far. I’ve never let anyone do that to me.”
“Yasmini! It’s ok, you’re going to love it.”
I didn’t give her a choice. I got down on my knees, spread her legs open and buried my face in her dripping wet panties. I confirmed my suspicions that she had a full bush, but I ate her like a fucking pussy starved crazy mad.
“MIKE You’re not supposed to taste my pussy. It’s not for you to see or have!”
I attacked her pussy and clit through her panties and within a couple of minutes Yasmini started bucking in the seat and I felt her pussy explode and shoot a huge load of pussy juice into her panties.
“Holy fucking shit! What was that? It felt like I was peeing in my panties. I’m so dizzy.”
“Damn your pussy taste good Yasmini I’m going to be eating your pussy a lot baby. I could eat you all day long.”
“Oh my god! My brother-n-law just made me orgasm. How can I ever face my husband and sister again?”
She didn’t even realize I was pulling her panties off. Her pussy juice was literally dripping from the crotch of her panties. I licked as much of it off as I could and then threw them on the floor too. I took my underwear off and as she looked down she got her first look and my fuck pole.
“Oh God no! I can’t take that. You’ll split me wide-open Mike. Please don’t fuck me!”
“No I won’t, it’ll be a perfect fit in that tight wet pussy of yours. Your sweet pussy will stretch open to allow my hard cock to fuck you really deep.”
I picked her up in my arms and took her to my bed where I had all the cameras set up. I laid her naked body in the middle of my bed and began kissing her again and playing with her tits and erect nipples. She had lost all control.
“Suck my nipples. I love the way you suck on my nipples.”
“I love sucking your hard nipples Yasmini. Spread your legs wide open for me baby.”
Without any hesitation, Yasmini open her legs wide and I slid two fingers deep inside her pussy while I sucked her nipples.
“Oh Mike. I can’t believe I’m letting you fuck me. Your fingers feel amazing buried in my dripping cunt.”
“You’re so wet and soft inside Yasmini. You have an amazing pussy.”
I started finger fucking her and the harder I finger fucked her, the harder I sucked on her nipples. Within five minutes she had a screaming orgasm, which was all caught on tape. Her body was convulsing from the intensity of the orgasm. There was also a huge wet spot on my bed from all of you pussy juice.
“I can’t wait any longer Yasmini, I’m going to fuck you now and shoot all my cum inside your hot pussy.”
“No Mike! I could get pregnant. It’s doubtful, but still possible. I can’t have your baby!”
“Yasmini, my whole purpose is to get you pregnant. I want you to have my baby and after you have our baby, I’m going to suck milk from your nipples.”
And with that I mounted Yasmini. She felt my big cock head touch her pussy opening.
“My god Mike, you’re really going to put your huge cock in me? I can’t have sex with my brother-n-law. It’s not right. I can’t give birth to your baby.”
“Yasmini. Your pussy is dying to be fucked by my huge cock. I can’t wait to have your wet, tight pussy wrapped around my huge cock. Your pussy is going to suck my cock dry.”
I pushed forward and slowly slid my rod inside her cunt. As my cock head slipped through her pussy opening, she gasped.
“Fuck! You’re going to stretch my pussy so wide.”
I continued my slow push and felt my cock slide through her extremely warm, wet, soft fuck tunnel. It was absolutely amazing and Yasmini just moaned as my hard cock disappeared inside her body. Her eyes were closed, but as I hit bottom, I told her to open her eyes.
“Doesn’t that feel amazing baby?”

“Yes! It does Mike. I can’t believe I’m fucking my brother-in-law. My pussy is stuffed full of your hard cock. I’ve never fucked a cock as big as yours.”
“Now what?”
“Fuck me Mike. Fuck me pregnant! I don’t care anymore. I want to have by brother-n-law’s baby. Please shoot your baby inside my hot cunt.”
I starting slowly pumping into to Yasmini’s very tight cunt and gradually picked up speed. The harder I fucked her, the louder she got.
“You’re stretching my pussy so wide Mike. Fuck me with that huge cock. Fill me up with your baby making cum. Shoot your baby into my pussy.”
“You are an amazing fuck Yasmini and a great piece of ass!”
For the next hour, I fucked Yasmini very deep. My cock had no desire whatsoever to leave Yasmini’s amazing cunt. She fucked me back just as hard as I fucked her. I couldn’t wait to see the tape of us fucking the shit out of each other. It would show that she’s a sex crazed slut and a very willing partner in our fuck sessions. Yasmini and her body now belonged to me…forever!
“I want to ride your monster cock. Let me on top.”
“You got it baby. I’d love for you to ride me wet and hard.”
“Fuck me good Yasmini. If you want me to fill your pussy with my cream, you need to fuck good and hard.”
“I want you to explode deep inside me.
The camera at the end of the bed clearly showed my cock disappearing into Yasmini’s cunt as she slid down on my pole. I positioned the pillows so that I sat up just enough to allow me to suck her nipples while she rode my fuck pole. She didn’t last even ten minutes when her pussy exploded all over my cock. She was completely out of control and her pussy was gushing all over my cock. Pussy juice was dripping off my balls and soaking the sheets. I just couldn’t take anymore. I flipped her onto her back and rammed my cock back inside her.
“Shit Mike! Your hard cock feels wonderful.”
“Time to shoot my baby deep inside you.”
“Please hurry. I want to feel your hot cum inside me.”
Within a couple of minutes I exploded deep inside her and felt the head of my cock enter her cervix. I knew right then I had just drown her ovaries in my baby making cum. I collapsed on top of Yasmini and just lay there for a few minutes.
“I can feel your hot cum shooting all over my ovaries. You may have gotten me pregnant tonight.”
“I sure hope so Yasmini. We’re going to fuck a lot for the next 4 days just to make sure I give you as much cum as I possible can.”
“You can fuck me as much as you want Mike.”
We lay there for another hour kissing and touching. I explored ever inch of her body, kissing and licking her all over.
“I want to do something Yasmini. I promise you’ll love it after I’m done.”
I got up and took her to the kitchen again, where I had my backpack. I lifted her up onto the counter and told her to lay back.
“What are you going to do?”
“Shave your pussy bald.”
“What? I’ve never shaved it.”
“Yasmini. Underneath that forest you have a pair of beautiful brown Indian pussy lips. Lips that I want to kiss, lick, suck and cum all over, but first we have to get rid forest first. I can’t wait to eat your bald pussy Yasmini and feel you shoot all your pussy juice in my mouth. Shaving your pussy will make your pussy lips very sensitive too.”
I pulled out my small clippers and started trimming her pussy. As I trimmed her gorgeous pussy lips started to come into view. They were puffy and a beautiful shade of brown. Once I was done trimming her, I put he pussy hair in a Ziploc bag.
“Why are you doing that?”
“This is one of my souvenirs of our night together. You bra and wet panties are my other souvenirs.”
“What am I going to wear home?”
“Absolutely nothing. I’m taking you home completely naked and then I’m going to fuck you all night long in your own bed. If I don’t get you pregnant in my bed, I’ll get you pregnant in your bed.”
I grabbed my razor and shaving cream and lathered Yasmini’s pussy all up and began to shave her. I pulled her pussy lips open to make sure I got every single hair. When I was finished I got a warm wet cloth and wiped her pussy clean. I was now looking at the most beautiful pussy I’d ever seen. It was even more beautiful than my wife’s bald pussy. Yasmini’s pussy lips were also a darker brown than my wife’s. Yasmini looked down and couldn’t believe how smooth and soft her pussy was after I shaved her.
“Damn! I have a beautiful pussy.”
“You sure do Yasmini and now I’m going to eat that amazing bald pussy of yours.”
I dove face first in to her bald cunt and started eating her in a frenzy. She was gasping and moaning from the feeling of my tongue all over her sensitive bald cunt. As I ate Yasmini’s now wet cunt, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me hard into her cunt. She was literally humping my face with her drenched pussy and there was no doubt that she was going to explode at any moment. I found her clit and sucked it deep into my mouth and then gently bit down on it.
Yasmini literally sprayed my face with pussy juice. She grabbed my hair, wrapped her legs around my head and rammed my face deeper into her exploding cunt. I actually thought I was going to drown. I was drinking her pussy juice as fast as I could and her pussy kept squirting. After about a minute she started to relax, but all that did was give me a chance to reposition myself and I immediately adjusted and locked down on her clit.
“You fucking bastard Let go of my clit You’re going to make me come again.”
“That’s the whole goal, my little fuck slut I’m going to eat you till you pass out and then I’m going to fuck the shit out of your unconscious body.”
I sucked hard on her clit and she screamed loud and started bucking all over the counter. I refused to let go of her clit and her cunt exploded again. Within a minute or two her body went limp. Yasmini had blacked out, so I let go of her clit and backed off and as I stared at her pussy, I could see pussy juice literally running out. While the cameras kept filming, I got the spare camera and took close ups of her dripping pussy. I also went and got the toys out of my backpack. I shoved the toy cucumber up her pussy hole and took pictures, followed by pictures with the banana and salami. Once I was done, I got up on the counter, mounted her and fuck the hell out of her. I shot two loads of hot creamy cum into her ovaries before she started to come to. After I pulled out, I spread her pussy lips wide open and took a picture of her cum filled pussy. You could see all of my cum inside her.
As she regained consciousness, I gave her another glass of wine with a good amount of drug in it. I didn’t want it wearing off and her realizing what I was doing to her. I needed a lot more film footage to make my plan work. Besides, I had four more days and a whole lot more fucking to go. Even with all the cum I shot inside Yasmini’s pussy, my cock was still as hard as an iron rod and ready to fuck her at a seconds notice.
“Oh shit Mike. Did I pass out?”
“You did baby.”
“What happened?”
“Your pussy exploded again, you passed out and then I mounted you and fuck the hell out of you pussy and shot two more loads of baby making cum deep inside you.”
I helped her off the counter, but she was so weak she couldn’t walk, so I helped her back to my bed. I laid her down and placed her in a spread eagle position. Her pussy lips were visibly swollen, wet and leaking my cum.
“You don’t mind if sleep inside you tonight do you Yasmini?”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m going to fuck you some more till I fall asleep with my cock buried inside you and I’m just going to sleep that way all night.”
“I’ve never slept with a cock buried in my pussy. Can you really do that?”
“I use to do it to your sister all the time and we’d both wake up in the morning and just continue fucking each other’s brains out. Now it’s your turn.”
“I’ve got to pee bad Mike. Please let me go pee.”
I took Yasmini into my shower and leaned her up in the corner.
“Pull you pussy lips apart and pee for me.”
“NO I’m not peeing in front of you.”
“Baby, pull those bald Indian pussy lips apart and let that pee go.”
She did as I said and peed halfway across the shower and I got it all on tape. Yasmini, the prim and proper wife, was pissing all over my shower. That was definitely going to be in the blackmail video. I helped her back into the bedroom where she laid on the bed again. It was about 10:00 pm.
“We need to go to your house Yasmini.”
“We’re sleeping and fucking in your bed tonight and then tomorrow night here.”
“You can’t fuck me in my bed. I’ve only had sex with my husband in that bed.”
“Correct! Had sex, but you haven’t been fucked in your bed. I’m going to fuck you silly and dump another 8-10 loads of cum into your hot Indian pussy to make sure I shoot my baby into you. What will your husband say when he finds out I fucked you pregnant in your own bed?”
“He can never find out Mike. It’ll ruin me forever.”
“Then you better fuck me like a good little slut and make me dump all my cum inside your cunt.”
“OK! I will, just don’t tell him. I’ll fuck you how ever you want to fuck.”
“Let’s go.”
“Where are my clothes?”
“You don’t need them. You’re going just like that.”
“NO I’M NOT! What if my neighbors see me?”
“They’ll all want to fuck you and if you don’t fuck me good, I may let them.”
“I’ll fuck you really good Mike. I’ll be your dirty slut. Just don’t let anyone see me naked.”
“You got it baby!”
We got in her car and drove a few blocks to her house. She parked in the garage and when we got in the house, I immediately took her to her bedroom and told her to get on the bed. I went to her panty drawer and pulled out all of her bras and panties and put them in a bag.
“What are you going to do with those?”
“Taking them to my house when we go back. You’re not going to have any bras or panties to wear, except for what I tell you to wear. Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you doggie style.”
She did as I said and as I got on the bed right behind her, I lined my hard cock up with her still soaked pussy hole and sank my cock into her depths with one hard push. Yasmini gasped and I leaned over her and grabbed to handfuls of tits. I fucked her pussy and pretended to milk her tits for over 30 minutes before I finally exploded inside her. She felt my hot cum fill her pussy and that caused her to explode as well. We collapsed on her bed and just lay there exhausted. My cock was still buried deep inside her cunt. We both fell asleep and woke up the next morning with my cock still inside her.
Yasmini woke up with very hangover like symptoms. The drug had worn off quite a bit, so I have the dilemma as to whether to give her more or let it wear off and blackmail her into doing what I want. My mind told me to let it wear off because I would have the real Yasmini fucking and sucking me. She would be willingly fucking me and letting me fuck, eat and suck her. I was so torn, but had to make a decision right then and there.
I also knew that if I let it wear off and she became very angry, I would have to rape her and possibly hurt her and I honestly did not want that to happen. I want her to hug me, kiss me, love me and fuck me of her own free will. I want her to want me to fuck her and impregnate her. There was no way of knowing which would happen. I decided to keep her drugged one more day. I just couldn’t risk it yet, but I was going to let it wear off the very next day. I fixed us some breakfast and gave her more wine with a lot of drug in it. I was going to make her do a lot of nasty things today and didn’t want any resistance. We sat down at the table to eat.
“Thanks for breakfast Mike. When did you get here?”
“You invited me over last night. I spent the night since you were so lonely.”
“How long have I been naked? I can’t believe I’m naked in front of you. Wait, you’re naked too. Did we sleep together?”
“Yes Yasmini, we did. You insisted on me sleeping with you and later you begged me to have sex with you. You are so sexy, I was more than willing to have as much sex with you as you wanted.”
“Yes. Yasmini, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had and even better than your sister. We’re going to fuck a whole lot more.”
“Did you cum inside me? You know I could get pregnant. I can’t get pregnant by you Mike.”
“I was wearing a condom to make sure you don’t get pregnant Yasmini.”
I lied even though she was still under the effects. It had worn off enough to make her cognizant of what was going on and being said. She finished her breakfast, including the wine and started to get up.
“Hey, what are you having for breakfast?”
“You Yasmini. Lay down on the table and spread your legs wide open for me.”
“Oh god no Mike! I’m not doing it that. That’s nasty and you’re my brother-n-law. It’s bad enough that I let you sleep with me last night. My husband can never know about that.”
I pushed Yasmini back on the table and grabbed both ankles and spread her wide.
“STOP IT MIKE! You can do this! You’re raping your sister-n-law.”
“Yasmini, I have fucked you about 10 times in the last 24 hours and shot many loads of my hot baby making cum all over your ovaries. For all I know, you already have my baby growing inside you. For the next four days, I’m going to continue fucking you and you fucking me just to make sure I shoot my baby inside you.”
“NO MIKE! Why are you doing this to me? I’ve never done anything to you to deserve this.”
“No, but you have to my wife and now I’m going to make you my very own slut whore that I fuck when, where and however I want. I’m even going to dictate what you can and cannot wear. Which means you’re going to be showing off those amazing hard nipples of yours and going without panties so I have ready access to your pussy hole.”
“I’m not going to be your slut or whore Mike! You can’t make me.”
“We’ll see Yasmini, but right now I’m hungry and your pussy looks very plump and juicy.”
I pulled her to the edge of her table, sat down in a chair and attacked her pussy with my tongue and mouth. She started screaming for me to stop, but that soon change to groans and moans of pleasure.
“Fuck you taste good Yasmini. I’ve never had a pussy as good as yours. I think your pussy is pretty hungry too baby.”
“What do you mean?”
I stood up and she got a good look at my cold hard steel rod.
“OH FUCK NO Don’t do it Mike. Don’t fuck me with that huge thing.”
I didn’t hesitate for a second; I slammed my cock into her hot wet cunt and started pounding away. She gasps and as I rammed her hard, she got louder and louder. She got wetter and wetter and all you could hear was the slurping sound of my cock raping her pussy.
“Fuck your tight Yasmini. The best pussy I’ve ever had. I never want to stop fucking you and I’m not going to. You are going to let me fuck you when, where and how I want. We going to start sleeping together too, whenever our spouses are gone.”
“Pull out Mike. Please don’t cum in me. I can’t have your baby.”
“You love the way I fuck you, don’t you Yasmini. Be fucking honest.”
“OK! So I do, but I still can’t have your baby!”
“I need to suck milk from your amazing tits baby. I have to know what your milk tastes like and to do that I need to fuck my baby inside you.”
“Fuck Mike, not so deep!”
“Shit, here it comes. One more hot load for your ovaries.”
I dumped a huge load of cum deep in Yasmini’s pussy and she felt my warm creamy cum filling her up. I just stood there for a moment letting my cock drain out into her pussy, so she’d have every single drop of my cum inside her.
“Oh my god Mike. I feel all our cum inside me.”
“Feels good, doesn’t it Yasmini?”
“You are a sick fuck, getting you sister-n-law pregnant with your baby, just so you can suck milk from my tits.”
“Let’s go take a shower Yasmini. I want to wash your naked body and fuck you in the shower.”
We went back to her bathroom and she turned on the shower. As she came back out, I grabbed her and kissed her very passionately and she returned the kiss.
“You do realize you and I should be married to each other, right?”
“I’ve known that for years Mike, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”
“I love you Yasmini! I want to go to bed with you every night and wake up with you every morning. I want to have dirty, nasty sex with you and yes, I want to have a baby with you.”
“That’s all nice, but there are major consequences of that. We would have to go live somewhere else and we’d be disowned by my family. It’d be worse for you than it would me because you’re married to my sister.”
“I know, but it’d be worth it to have you baby.”
“I appreciate it, but we can’t do that. We’ll figure out another way. I know my husband’s boss and I have an idea.”
“What is it?”
“My husband has to travel about 10% of the time. There’s a job that just came open that pays quite a bit more, but it requires 50% travel. I’ll tell him that my husband is really interested in the job. He’ll offer it to my husband. I know he will and my husband will be afraid to say no. That means he’ll be out of town for 1-2 weeks at a time. You and I will spend as much of that time together as we can. We’ll even sleep together a few nights.”
“That sound awesome Yasmini. With your sister traveling so much as well, we’ll have lots of time together. It’ll almost be like we are married. Let’s jump in the shower.”
We got in the shower and started kissing and feeling each other up. I sat on the shower bench and she turned away from me and sat on my lap. She grabbed my rock hard cock and guided it into her drenched pussy as she sat down and immediately started to fuck up and down on my pole. I was in heaven and reached around and grabbed both of her tits for leverage and to pull her down hard on my cock.
Here I was, sitting in my sister-n-laws shower with my hard cock buried inside her pussy, my tongue shoved down her throat and both hands full of her tits. I was in heaven and what was even better was so was she. Yasmini was sincerely very happy sitting on my cock having sex in her shower. And she was in no hurry whatsoever to stop. It was not 100% caused by the drug either. This was really what Yasmini wanted and I had not anticipated this even being a minute possibility.
We spent the next hour fucking all over her shower including me eating her to orgasm twice and shooting two loads of cum deep in her pussy. Yasmini came three times including her spraying pussy juice all over my face. We had just enough strength to dry off and make our way back to her bed where she insisted on us taking a nap with my cock buried in her pussy. I wasn’t even about to argue with her. Rather, I just slid my pole deep inside her and we wrapped our arms around each other and fell asleep.
A couple of hours later we woke up and Yasmini rolled me over and mounted me. She gently slid down on my cock and started kissing me deeply. I was so fucking hard, my cock literally hurt and felt like it was going to explode.
“You really do love fucking and doing very sexual things to and with me don’t you?”
“God yes Yasmini. I love your body and I could fuck and suck and eat you for hours and hours. I do love you Yasmini. I honestly could never get enough of you.”
“I know you do and I love you too Mike. I have for years. I’ve never ever had anyone want me the way you do. My body is all yours and I want you to get me pregnant in my bed not yours. Let’s sleep here until our spouses get back. My bed has only experienced loneliness over the last several years. I need it to experience love and passion again. Oh, and as a gift to you, I’ll keep my pussy bald and smooth from now on. Just the way you like it.”

“Really? Ok Yasmini. I’ll sleep here with you in our bedroom.”
“I’m going to make my husband move into the spare room when he gets home. I just can’t deal with him neglecting and disrespecting me anymore. This will become our bedroom and I’m going to change some things to make it our bedroom.”
“You don’t think he’ll suspect something’s going on?”
“No, and if he does, too bad. He can always move out of the house. He only wants me now for my money. I honestly think that’s all he ever wanted me for.”
“You know I signed paperwork so I get absolutely nothing from your sister or your family if her and I split, right?”
“Oh my god! No, I didn’t know that. My husband would never do that.”
“I had no problem doing it. That’s not why I married your sister.”
“I want to take you out to dinner tonight Mike. I only have one sexy dress and I’ll wear it for you to dinner, but just so you can have full access to my body, I’ll be naked underneath. No bra or panties or anything. Just the dress and it’s even kind of short for my taste, but I’m sure you’ll love being able to lift it up and do nasty things to me.”
Yasmini kissed me like only her sister has ever kissed me. It was deep, passionate, sensual and wet. She made love to me for the next two hours. Yasmini’s pussy made me explode deep inside her four times and she came all over my cock 5 times. We were on such a sexual high that we literally fucked each other till we collapsed with exhaustion. We fell asleep with her on top of me and my cock buried deep inside her warm, wet, tight cunt. We wound up sleeping for several hours.
We woke up and decided to go out to eat, however, we couldn’t go to any of our regular restaurants, so we chose one outside of our area. Yasmini pulled out her sexy black dress and I knew by just looking at it that she was going to be absolutely hot in it. I couldn’t wait to fuck her in that dress and knew I was going to do so numerous times. She went in the bathroom to put on makeup and her dress while I got dressed. To make it easier and faster to fuck her, I decided not to wear underwear either. As I finished getting dress, Yasmini walked into her bedroom.
“How do I look?”
“Fuck Yasmini! Can I just through you on the bed and fuck you now?”
“No, but you can when we get home.”
“You look fucking hot baby.”
“Thank you. Let’s go.”
We got in her car and started driving towards the restaurant, I just stared at her. Her nipples were about to rip through her dress and the skirt was hiked up so far, I could see her inner thighs leading up to her amazing pussy. My cock was literally aching again. It felt like it was going to explode. We got to the restaurant and as we walked in, every guy there turned and looked at Yasmini. A couple looked at me and smiled. We were seated in a back corner booth, which actually worked to my advantage in that no one could really see us. Yasmini sat right beside me and I put my arm around her and pulled her even closer.
“You know I want to rip that dress of your body and fuck you silly. Right?”
“Yes, I do. That’s why I wore it. And when we get home that’s exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to fuck the shit out of me, but the dress stays on. You can fuck me however you want.”
“Can I fuck your ass?”
“My ass is virgin Mike, but I will give it to you. Just be gentle, ok?
“Of course baby. I will never hurt you in any way. I just want to fuck you for the rest of our lives.”
“Me too. I need to ask you a serious question.”
“If I divorce my husband, will you promise to love me for the rest of my life?”
“God yes Yasmini. I really meant it when I said I love you and that we should have married each other instead of our spouses. Are you going to divorce him?”
“Yes. I just don’t know when’s the right time. He obviously doesn’t love or respect me anymore and probably never did. He just wanted my money.”
“Well you know that will never be my motivation. You know, going back to our previous conversation, that will allow me to live with you when your sister is out of town.”
“I already thought about that and that’s caused me to want to make a decision as soon as possible. I want you in my bed as much as possible Mike. I’ll always be naked when you’re with me so you can fuck me when, where and however you want.”
Our waiter came and took our order and when they left we kissed passionately and I started running my hands all over her body. Feeling her naked body under her dress was just driving me crazy. As I felt her up, I ran my hand up her dress and found her pussy dripping wet.
“You’re soaked baby. Without any warning I slide two fingers deep inside her smooth cunt.”
“Oh shit Mike. I’m going to cum quick. Fuck me really good tonight, please. I want to cum all over you. I want to be your dirty little slut tonight.”
“I love that you have such a dirty side baby. I never would have guess it, but I love it.”
I fucked Yasmini with two fingers while rubbing her rock hard clit with my thumb. She was right. She came quick and hard all over my fingers. I pulled them out and let her see her pussy juice dripping from my fingers.
“Fuck I’m wet.”
“Stick two fingers deep inside you pussy Yasmini?”
“My own fingers? You want me to finger fuck myself?”
“Yes. Do it.”
“Oh shit, I’m so fucking wet.”
“Now take your fingers out and lick them off. I want you to taste your own pussy juice.”
“God that’s nasty Mike. I’ve never played with myself or tasted my pussy. Mmmmm. I can’t believe how good I taste. No wonder you like eating me so much. I really need your cock in me. Fuck me Mike.”
“Go to the bathroom. I’ll meet you there.”
Yasmini went to the bathroom and I followed not too far behind. She went into the women’s restroom and then peaked out to tell me it was empty, so I followed her in and locked the door. I grabbed her, bent her over the sink, pulled up her dress and slid my rod inside her with one hard thrust. I wanted to fuck her just as bad as she wanted me to fuck her.
“Fuck me good Mike. Fuck your nasty slut pregnant. We’ve got to make a baby, so fuck me full of your hot cum.”
“Don’t worry slut, I’m going to shoot a baby deep inside you and then suck you milk filled tits.”
I drilled Yasmini hard and fast. Her pussy was so wet, all you could here was a slurping sound as my cock ramming in and out of her cunt. I pulled her dress top down and grabbed two handfuls of tit and that was all she could take.
“Here you go slut!”
My cock exploded deep inside Yasmini and filled her to overflowing. There was a puddle of pussy juice and cum on the floor. She fixed her dress and then got on her knees and sucked my dripping wet cock. Yasmini sucked me for about five minutes and I couldn’t take it anymore and launched another load of cum down her throat.
“I love your cock. It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had and the first cock I’ve ever sucked.”
“Really? You’re amazing at it.”
“You’ve now fucked my virgin mouth and will soon fuck my virgin ass.”
“I can’t wait Yasmini.”
We went back to our table and our food was waiting on us. We ate and then headed home. I decided to drive home for very deliberate reasons. We got in the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
“Why don’t you lean your seat back all the way and relax?”
“Just do it.”
“Pull your dress up all the way.”
“What are you up to?”
“You’ll see. Now pull your top down all the way.”
“I’m completely naked Mike!”
“I know and I love it. Now spread your legs and finger fuck yourself.”
“MIKE! You want me to masturbate in front of you?”
“Yes. And I want you to make yourself cum hard; all over you fingers and then I want you to lick them off.”
“I guess the nasty has begun.”
“Yes, it has and you’re the one that’s going to be nasty. Now show me how you like to be finger fucked.”
Yasmini slid two fingers up inside her drenched pussy and started sliding them in and out. She immediately started moaning and groaning and the more she fucked herself, the more she wiggled and squirmed in the seat. She fucked herself deeper and faster and in minutes was bucking all over the seat.
“FUCK MIKE! My pussy feels so good. I love my pussy. Oh god, I’m cumming!”
Yasmini rammed her fingers deep inside her pussy and exploded all over her fingers and the seat of the car. She was convulsing so hard I thought she was going to hurt herself. She kept pumping her fingers into her pussy and pussy juice was spraying all over the dash. She finally calmed down just as we reached her house. It was perfect timing.
“OH SHIT! I came hard. I’m sitting in a pool of my own pussy juice.”
“You were amazing baby.”
I got out and went around to help Yasmini out of the car and took her in the house. I took her hand, led her to our bedroom and threw her on the bed. She lay there watching me take my clothes off.
“You better fuck me good babe. I want you to rape my pussy and impregnate me.”
“Don’t worry, I’m going to fuck you all night long and fill your pussy completely full of baby making cum. I can’t wait to see you with a big belly with my baby in it.”
“Neither can I. Now fuck me good!”
I jumped on top of Yasmini and drove my cock deep into her pussy. We both groan at the pleasure we both felt.
“Oh Mike. Fuck me like your little slut. Please don’t stop fucking me baby!”
“I won’t babe. I’ll never stop fucking you.”
I started ramming my fuck pole into Yasmini and she matched my thrusts with pushing her pussy upwards. We were literally mauling each other and the intense fucking wasn’t going to stop till we both collapsed in complete exhaustion.
“It’s time for the dress to come off.”
“Yes, it is!”
With that I ripped her dress off her body and continued fucking her completely naked body with all I had. Deep in my heart I knew Yasmini was going to become pregnant tonight and in nine months she was going to give birth to our baby. For the next four hours we fucked each other as hard as we could only taking short breaks to catch our breath and regain our energy to go again. We finally fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms and Yasmini’s amazing pussy wrapped around my extremely hard cock. I have never slept better in my life. 

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