Makanmalikin ki chut me lund diya – Indian sex kahani

Hello friends, My name is Ankit. I have good memories about my sex life which i experienced in my young age during college or early days of my job. I am sharing a sex encounter which i had with my friend’s landlady. I hope you will find this real experience very horny and feel really awesome. I had a friend  Rajiv. We both was working together. We both were not married but was not living together. Rajiv always be very annoyed and angry in morning as his landlady used to disturb him alot. He always abused her. One day, i thought lets meet with his landlady and find what’s the matter. Why he was he been so worried? I went to Rajiv’s room in her absence. I got to know that her landlady was a widow and her husband died long before. She was a thirsty and hungry pussy. She used to seduce Rajiv whenever she was horny but Rajiv always ignored her and denied her invitation. Thats why, she always made him worry.
Friends, I am really sex addict like all of you and love sex very much. I found that i can get opportunity here. She must not be more than 35. She was beautiful. She had beautiful figure and well shaped. I thought, let me shift here and i could be lucky having sex with her. I asked to shifting. She was ready. I think, she smelled my intentions. She also wanted the same. She had given the room at ground floor. Rajiv used to reside on first floor. She was residing on ground floor. I had shifted next day. Landlady was really happy seeing me. She used to do most of my household work to make me happy and she wanted to seduce me. I always starr her whenever she either clean the floor or wash clothes. She was little plump. But, her big boobs and rounded butts made me mad. I just wanted to fuck her now. My dick was out of control now. It just wanted to fuck her. That night, she came to me and given tea. She sat just next to me. We were really closed.
She made her mind that night. She will play with me. She kept her hands on my lap. She was giving me slow massage. I tried to ignored her but my dick was not in control. My dick started pumping. It was getting hard. She could see that my dick was making tent in my lower. In few minutes, she made me helpless. I kept my hand on her back and i was rubbing her back. She was happy and smiling. She opened the zip and taken out my dick from my lower. My dick was 7 inch long and rally thick. It was just pumping like anything. She was starring as she will eat it. She touched it slowly as she was touching any dick after long time. Then, she pulled my skin to end. hmmm.. she knew how to make man in her control. I just wanted to get her now. She was awesome hot friends.
She was playing with my dick. I had removed my shirt and in few minutes, i was completely nude. She smiled see me like this. She stood and kissed on my chest. She pulled my hairs on chest and bitten on my nipples. I just sounded in pain aaahhhhh… She smile and took her boobs in her hand and kept on my lips in her clothes. I was so excited by now. I had removed her clothes and made nude. Friends, I thought for a second that my friend Rajiv was fool. He really had so awesome woman for everyday and night fucking. I made her nude and taken her boobs in my hand. She was pressing my dick and i was playing with her boobs. I pushed her on bed and came in 69. She had taken my dick in her mouth. She was licking my dick tip… hmmm… friends, i can’t explain that sexy feeling. I was just moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahaha and she was really good in oral sex. There are not many female who like oral sex and be good on oral sex. But, she was so hot.
Now, its my turn. I started rubbing her clit with my hand and sucking her boobs hard. I had bitten on her boobs and taken her tits between my teeth. I was pulling them hard. So hard and was fucking wow… it was awesome 69. I never had such hot oral sex before. Then i stood and made her bitch. I came on her back and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. Her pussy was really wet and i just stroked. My dick was been little inside. Her pussy was so tight. It was not fucked since long. I felt little pain on my dick. But, I had pushed more time. And this time, my dick was more than half of length inside her pussy. She was shouting ahhhhhh but she was enjoying shaking her butts. She knew that this pain is enjoyable. She was saying deep.. fuck me deep… In my final stroke, I had given my entire dick inside and now my butts was moving hard..
I was pushing my dick in and pulling my dick out. Pushing in and pulling out… It was so awesome. Wow… I was enjoy. Entire room was full of our voices ahah ahah ahah yes… fuck fuck… fuck… Thap – thap – thap sound was coming whenever i pushed my dick inside her pussy. Finally, i was about to cum. I asked where to release. She said – pleasure drop inside. I want to feel the warmness. I have protection inside. I had released my all cum inside her with a long fast stroke. She cum alot and i too. She fallen on bed and i had been over her. She was happy and i was also feeling good. She was awesome sex partner. One thing “my wife is not good sex partner as she was”.
I stayed 2 years in her home and i enjoyed with her almost every night. or sometime in day too. So friends, How do like my story? Please share your comments. And if you ever fucked you landlady, please share that story with us.
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