maid Sunita

I am 35 years old male and have wife and one son. I live in my own house and we are three in our small family. I love my wife a lot and never intended o cheat on her ever. My wife kept a maid Sunita. She was dark complexion with normal body. Nothing which will attract any one. May be she purposely kept someone like her. I also never used to look at her differently and never got any attraction from her. My maid also used to do her work and go back. She never used to wear revealing clothes to attract.

Though I had heard from my driver that she was flirting with drivers and watchman in the building. But I ignored all that as t home she was always behaved. My wife once went to her parents house for holiday and I was alone at home. Sunita used to come early morning and finish her work before I go to office and again used to come in evening. Over a period of time, started imagining her nude and just wanted to have some fun. But didn’t know how to progress. So I tried various things. I used to keep my room door open while I was changing and once she entered my room while I was drying my hair with towel. I was completely nude but don’t know that she saw anything or not as my towel was covering my front. She just walked in my room and was surprised to see me like that and told me sorry and went out. Nothing happened after that.

Next few days also I did not keep the door locked but she always used to shout from out and then only come in. So I got confused and scared that she is not interested in any kinky stuff so I should be more careful. One day I had to do vacuum in my house and before that I have to clean the machine. So I called her for help and purposely kept my had in such a way that is she tries to help me she will have to brush her boobs on my hand. She did it once and next time, she asked me o keep my hands straight so she can do it properly. Again while cleaning behind the fridge I kept my hand on the door so that when she comes out from behind, she will have to brush her boobs on my palm and that’s exactly what happened. She did not say anything. I was still confused on how to take it further.

After few days my wife came back and life was as normal. After few days, when my wife had gone for shopping, Sunita came to me once and told me that she needs fifty thousand for tuition fees of her son and I should not tell my wife about it as she will not let me give that kind of money to her. I asked her how she will return it. She said she will return five thousand ever month and repay. I gave her the money. Now I had a chance to use this and make her do things I want. So I waited for few months and after when she could not pay me five thousands as promised, I told her that now I need to tell my wife that I have given you money and she should cut from her salary. She requested me not to tell my wife as she had not teld her that and she was afraid that she may lose her job. Now I was in a difficult position and was thinking what to do. I gave her another one month and told her that I am doing her a big favor by not telling my wife. She thanked me and went home.

One day again my wife had gone out and I was putting oil on y body before taking bath. She was doing her work in kitchen and I thought of an idea. I wore my towel and called her for help. She came and asked me what help I needed. I told her that I need help in applying oil on my back. She hesitantly agreed and started applying oil. I started chatting with her and asked for money.

She started giving me stories of how she is not left with any free money to pay me back. I told her that I can show her a way. She can massage me and for which I usually pay others two thousand which I can give to her and she can use that to repay me. She was afraid of my intentions and told me that “bhaiya I will pay your money” but I can not do that. I did not push her. And to make my side safe, I told her that my intention was to get massage on legs and back only normal massage and she should not think otherwise. I was happy that at least I was talking to her about all this. After applying oil on my back, I told e to apply on my legs also. I was wearing a towel and nothing under that. So he had to bend down and I lifted my one leg and kept it on the commode. This made my one leg almost exposed up to top and my dick was about to come out. She was little hesitant and kept her face looking on other side. Slowly when she reached the top of my thighs her hands were almost touching my dick. I had a big hard on but somehow prevented it from coming out.

She finished one leg and immediately I took that foot down and raised another one. As soon as I did that my dick came out in full view of hers and like an innocent guy. I put my palm on my dick to cover it and told her sorry. She did not say anything but I could feel that somewhere in her mind I had sown the seeds on how to make extra money and I could feel that my trick is working. She started with the bottom of the foot and soon came up to my thighs. This time she did not keep her face away and was keenly watching my dick from down. I can see that she is not becoming more bold.

While putting oil, accidentally she touched the base of my dick and my balls. This made my dick coke out again and this time I did not bother to cover it. I waited for her response and to my surprise, she also did not react. Now my dick was in full view of hers and she was putting oil around it. I got the green signal. I slowly loosened my towel and in a minute it just fell down. Now I was standing in front of her completely nude and she was as normal as before. I told her that there is no point in wearing the towel as it was getting dirty and now she has seen all so no point trying to cover. She laughed and kept rubbing oil. The job was over and she asked me if she could go.

I told her that if she helps me in putting soap and taking bath. I will cancel her five thousands. She was almost prepared now and easily agreed. So I went in shower cabin and asked her to join. She realized that as soon as the shower starts, she will get wet. So I told her that she should also take off her clothes. She was feeling shy and at that moment I just pulled her and caught her hand and kept it on my throbbing dick. I told her that now she has to take care of this otherwise I will be left with no choice but to tell my wife about the money. She took off her clothes and started applying soap on my body. As she reached near my dick. She had to sit down and apply soap.

I held her hair from behind and put my dick near her mouth. She had no idea what to do. I told her to open her mouth and take it in. She was little hesitant but finally she opened her mouth and took it in. Slowly I guided her how to give a BJ and she learned it fast. After a quick shower, I took her out to my room and laid her on the bed. Now I could not wait to even ask her permission to enter her.

I started smooching her tits and pussy. She was all wet and hot. I mounted her and in one stroke, put my dick in her and started stroking her. She was also enjoying this and in some times I came in her. She also came twice during this and enjoyed. I asked her to take pregnancy pills and made her wear her cloths. Now every week end when my wife is away for shopping, I enjoy with her and in 10 weeks she repaid all her debt to me. Now she has sex with me for free and I buy her gifts every now and then…

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