“Anita” “What is it?” 
“Where have you kept my tie. I just can’t find it anywhere. ” 
“It’s inside the wardrobe. ” 
Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to college her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up the kids, serving breakfast… it went on and on until Amit left for his office and she took the kids to the bus stand to catch the college bus. 
Anita either slept nude or in a panty and that is why she made it a point to get up before the children. She had been asleep when the doorbell rang. She asked Amit to open the door but he was too sleepy. She tiptoed on her bare feet and peeped through the key hole. It was the maid Lakshmi. Anita opened to door. Lakshmi had had seen her nude off and on and so there was no problem in letting her see the breasts once again. Once in a while they had also discussed the lovemaking aspects of weddings. Lakshmi went to the kitchen and Anita saw that one of her anklets was missing. That is what happened when Amit made violent love. Before going to the kitchen she pulled on a knee length nightie and went to the kitchen. 
Mornings were even tougher when the maid didn’t turn up. Lakshmi was a nice person and always went out of her way to help Anita. She never refused to do anything, quite unlike most of the maids employed by her friends and neighbours. When they had moved into this beautiful bungalow in Pratap Ganj, in the eastern suburbs of the city, she had felt elated. The apartment blocks would no longer stifle her. No doubt to it, she hated living in apartments. 
But then Lakshmi had her own share of problems – her drunkard and abusive husband. He would return home late most of the days just managing to keep himself steady and would beat her up for flimsy reasons. Whenever the thrashing got too hard she had to stay away from work for a day or two. Anita pitied Lakshmi. Why did she stay with him? At times she tried to imagine an abusive Amit. If anything like that ever happened she would, surely, walk out. It was not a question of how much it hurt physically; it would be an intolerable insult on self-esteem. Then she would laugh at her idea of an abusive Amit…after all they had been college sweethearts and knew each other so well. 
Whenever Anita expressed her opinion to Lakshmi, she laughed patiently. 
“You don’t understand everything. ” Lakshmi would say, leaving Anita wondering. 
But, Lakshmi had agreed that next time he repeated it she would bring him over for Anita to try to talk him out of this beastly habit. Yesterday when Anita learnt from another maid that Lakshmi wont turn up for work for a day or two she had expected them. They hadn’t turned up till now. 
“Vipin and Varsha, I want you to finish your breakfast within five minutes. ” She warned. The kids were in their usual habit of messing up with the breakfast. Vipin with eight summers behind him was capable of taking care of himself but his six year old sister was still the baby of the family. 
She looked up at the wall clock. It was eight-thirty. 
“Honey, I’m off. Might be late in the evening. Amit stood beside her in the kitchen just long enough to plant a kiss on her cheek and if the situation permitted he would just slide the nighty aside and give a peck on her nipples. It’s one of those gestures that have stayed with them for the last twelve years. She followed him out of the kitchen, yanked the kids out of the table and sent them off to the bedroom to get dressed for college. They managed to do that on their own. 
As she started to get dressed standing in front of the wardrobe mirror she mused that there was at least one bright side to her tough schedule. It definitely helped her to stay in shape. She was slim, tall – almost five feet seven and medium complexioned. She knew that even at thirty-two she was attractive. 
“You are still a head turner, honey. ” Amit was always saying that. It was a harmless leg pulling on his part but going by the way people stared at her she knew he wasn’t wrong. Having put on her pale blue saree she turned, her side facing the mirror and arranged her shoulder length hair. That’s perfect, she decided. No unwanted prominence. 
“Mama, we are ready. ” Their shout brought her back to her senses. It was time she took them to the bus stop for their college bus but luckily they went with Mrs. Pareek. 
She flopped down on the bed. She felt too tired even to change her clothes. The blast of cool air from the ceiling fan helped her relax. It went just like that on day’s Lakshmi didn’t turn up. Later, she would get up, change and have her breakfast. A brief flip through the newspaper before she returned to the kitchen to get on with her daily chores. Now the only thing she could think of was to relax under the fan. Everything else could wait. She closed her eyes just to enjoy that stupor of sleep come over her. 
The ringing doorbell brought her back to her senses. She looked at her watch. It was almost ten o’clock. 
“Who can it be?” She murmured rising from the comfort of the bed. Peeping into the door-eye she could see Lakshmi standing outside. She opened the door to let her in. It was then that she noticed the man standing a couple of yards behind her, right on the driveway. She wondered whether she should let him in. She was wearing only a sleeveless nightie with no bra and a thong pantie which Amit liked. But since Lakshmi was there Anita decided to let them in. 
“Do I need to tell you what happened day before yesterday?” Lakshmi said. 
No, she nodded. “I have brought him with me. See whether you can talk him out of this beastly habit. I have my doubts. ” 
Anita made way for Lakshmi to get into the house. As Lakshmi went past her she looked at the man standing there. 
“Come in and close the door behind you. ” 
She walked into the drawing room and sat down on the sofa. She was in a fix, should she invite them to sit on another sofa or on the floor. Before she could decide, Lakshmi made herself comfortable on the floor. Her husband followed suit. 
“What’s your name?” 
It was for the first time Anita had a close look at him. Unshaved, it looked he was having a hangover. That’s nothing surprising considering his habits. Otherwise, his hair was neatly combed and the shirt he was wearing was one of those she had given to Lakshmi. He looked fine in it. He must be around forty or so, she decided. He was couple of inches taller than she. Lakshmi had told her that he was a mason. Anita saw that his eyes were locked on her breasts. She wondered whether he could see her nipples through the thin material. 
The next quarter of an hour she talked to them, at length, about the virtues of being a teetotaler. He seemed to understand everything, agreeing with her that he should get rid of this habit. While talking to them she bent down to pick a ball that the children had left on the floor. At that time the nightie also fell and she was sure that Bhasu saw her breasts. 
“Nobody had explained to me the problems of being a drunkard the way you have done. ” He went on. “You are definitely younger to me in age but you are more matured. I guess, that’s what education does to you. Don’t worry, from this moment onwards I’ll concentrate on earning a decent living rather than wasting our earnings on drinks. ” 
As they left, she could make out the gratitude on Lakshmi’s face. 
More than an hour had passed by. She was still leafing through the newspaper…not feeling like starting the chores in the kitchen. But first, she had to change. She got up and started towards the bedroom. Just then the doorbell rang. 
Must be the postman delivering the registered mail, she thought. 
She opened the door to find Bhasu with a cloth bag. 
“What is it?” She felt irritated, but controlled herself. 
“I have put all the bottles that I had back home in this bag. As a tribute to the way you helped me I request you to throw these away yourself. ” 
She agreed reluctantly, taking the bag from his out-stretched hand. 
“Can I have a glass of water?” 
“Sure. ” She replied putting down the bag on the floor. 
When she returned with a glass of water, she found him standing inside. He gulped the water down and returned the glass to her. She took the glass but before she could move it away he caught hold of her hand pulling her to him. It was unexpected and fast…she just couldn’t react. All that she managed to do was to turn around so that he was behind her. At that moment panic struck her and the glass slipped out, shattering itself into pieces as it struck the floor. His hands were on her breasts gripping them so hard that it hurt. She bent forward to free herself form his amorous bear hug. 
That didn’t help. To keep her balance she had to shove her behind at him. He responded immediately, his loins ramming against her behind. He was squeezing her breasts rather painfully. 
“Stop or I’ll shout. ” She found her voice at last. 
“I know you won’t do that. All that you need is a good fuck. ” He was panting. Recovering from her panic she fought back, her hands catching hold of his hair forcing him forward and her bare feet kicking at his shin. 
He deserved it. Desperately, she clung to his hair. Unexpectedly, his right hand relinquished its hold on her. But it was only a brief respite. She felt his hands on her nightie, trying to pull it off. To her horror he succeeded, throwing it away from her reach. It lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. 
Suddenly he released her. 
She staggered, trying desperately to maintain her balance. 
He slapped her hard, the sting ringing in her ears. Tears swelled in her eyes. Then came the second one, sending her reeling onto the floor. She was pinned down to the floor as the blows rained on her. She tried to resist, but most of them got through her defenses. Before long her strength began to wane away and the slaps coming in quick succession became unbearable. 
“Please! I beg you…” She wailed. 
Instantly it stopped. She started crying, drops of blood trickling down her nose. 
“It’s nothing. Will be okay in a minute. ” He sneered as she felt his hands on her panties, tearing them off. 
She couldn’t believe this was happening to her. 
“Oh God! Let this be just a nightmare. ” 
He couldn’t shift his eyes from what he had unveiled…long legs, firm thighs and neatly trimmed 
pubic hair just covering her mons. 
‘That is a nice pussy. If you are so fond of Lakshmi why did you not ask her to trim her pussy as 
It was overwhelming. She was just what he had fantasized sitting on the floor in front of her, 
listening to her crap on drinking. 
He buried his head between her thighs inhaling the musk of her sex. Tentatively, he started licking her. 
Oh God!” She shuddered clutching his head with her hands and trying to move him away. Amit never did that to her. As his tongue became more insistent increasing it’s rhythm and pressure she began to lose control. With a startle she realised that the body was capable of accepting what the mind rejected. 
“Aah!” She moaned and moved her hands, putting an end to her feeble attempts to move him away. 
Soon her moans became louder as she shuddered under his maneuvers. She was beyond all caring now…her background, education, husband, children…nothing mattered. There is no way out. She will have sex with this man…her maidservant’s habitually drunkard husband. 
Abruptly, he got to his feet and started undressing. In his hurry he tore of his shirt and trouser. Lying on the floor, she had a fleeting glance of his manhood as he joined her. He is huge…certainly bigger than Amit, she thought. He raised her legs, arranged them on his shoulders and placed the tip of his cock at the entry of her pussy with just the head buried slightly in the folds of her pussy. 
‘You want this inside? Do you get fucked daily?’ 
‘No, please don’t do it.’ 
“Hmm. so you don’t get fucked daily. Too bad. Perhaps he fucks Lakshmi.”She found the thought revolting. How could Bhasu think such a thing? 
Slowly and steadily he started pushing. Anita was already wet and as her pussy held Bhasu’s foreskin back, his cock slid in smoothly. 
‘I am so sorry but you did not resist enough and see it is already inside. It is nice, tight and warm. Obviously you don’t get fucked regularly. That is why you need me.’ And he increased the rhythm by fully withdrawing and then thrusting wildly. All the while he kept sucking her nipples and playing with the breasts. 
‘Lakshmi had told me that you have nice breasts but these are just too good. Lucky man, your husband.’ 
“Oh God!” She sighed as her vagina stretched to accommodate him. She put her hands to her mouth stifling her moans as the tip of his penis drove all the way to her cervix again and again. 
Bhasu seemed to carry on and on. Involuntarily she had locked her ankles around his back. An explosion that left them panting for breath. He discharged entirely inside her. 
She looked at him. 
“I told you that’s what you needed. You scare me the way you moaned. ” He was smiling. Embarrassed, she looked away. 
When she tried to get up he pulled her back to him. 
“Where are you going, my dear? We are not through as yet. Wouldn’t you like to fuck again?” 
“I need to go to the bathroom. ” She tried to sound detached. 
“But you can’t go like this. ” 
He stood up and helped her to her feet. He had already stripped her naked. He turned her around. 
“You can go now. ” He said patting her naked behind. 
When she came back into the living room he was sitting in front of the television watching Sun TV. 
“Come, sit over here. ” He was indicating his lap. She hesitated for a moment, acutely conscious of her nudity but then relented. He placed his cock at her pussy and wanted her to sit on it but the cock was limp after the discharge and did not go in. 
Nevertheless as soon as she was on his lap his hands started caressing her again. 
Half an hour later the smoldering fires began to burn again. But this time he wanted it differently…to come in her mouth. She had never performed fellatio, not even with Amit. It was perverse… something that you can read only in those English paperbacks. Certainly, she can’t do it. 
“I won’t do that. ” She stood her ground. 
Moments of his ecstasy he will not be able to hold onto her. Wanting to get over the whole thing she started to suck him vigorously. 
The pressure of his hand on her head increased…she could feel his approaching orgasm. He was hard and huge inside her mouth. She started choking and gasped for air but there was no respite. She knew it was time to pull away…this would be the last time she would suck him in. He moved swiftly catching her unaware. His hands moved to the back of her head and powerfully pulled her to his groin. It was as if he knew from the very beginning what she had in mind. Tightly pressed against his groin, she was suffocating. She struggled to free herself, but he was too strong for her. Then suddenly he relaxed, allowing her to create just enough space to breathe. It was only a brief respite. The next instant she was again forced against his groin. As his penis hit the back of her throat he exploded. She had no other way but to gulp down his secretions to prevent herself from choking. When he released her she fell back, heaving a sigh of relief. Her cheeks and chin were covered with his semen that had escaped her mouth. Almost immediately she started retching and rushed to the bathroom, somehow managing to reach the wash basin, before throwing up. That gave her immediate relief from the nausea. When she looked up she found Bhasu standing beside her. She offered no resistance as he took her in his arms and gently ran his fingers through her hair to comfort her. 
“Are you comfortable now?” He whispered. She nodded yes. 
Bhasu helped her to clean up before leading her back to the living room. He helped her onto one of the sofas and then sat opposite her. 
“Take it easy. ” Soon they were engrossed in the television. 
“Okay its time. ” His words startled her bringing her attention back from the television. 
“For what?” 
“Come here on your knees. ” He ordered, opening his legs. 
“Bhasu! Please don’t force me to do that again. I have never done that before. ” 
“Okay, Okay. ” He seemed to understand and walked over to her. 
She didn’t even get the time to flinch as he slapped her hard. Tears and stars sprang to her eyes. 
He went back to the sofa. 
“How many times do I have to tell you that your preferences don’t count. You don’t know your preferences, anyway. Just follow my orders and soon you will start enjoying it. Now crawl over here and you better keep it down this time. ” He threatened… 
This time there was no nausea. When it was over she sat down on the floor, her head on his thigh – only inches away from his now satiated manhood. She felt too embarrassed to even look up at him. He knew how to have his way with a woman, there can be no doubt about it. 
Anita looked at her watch and jumped. It was time for Varsha and Vipin to return home. Hurriedly she extricated herself from his embrace and got to her feet. 
“Bhasu you have to go now. It’s time my son and daughter returned from college. ” 
“Let me kiss you there one more time. ” He was looking straight at her naked crotch. “You look very nice when you are naked. Do you trim the hair there yourself or does your husband do it?”Anita remained quiet. 
“Okay go there, stretch your arms overhead. Let me examine you. No hair under the arms, nice, very nice. A Mangalsutra in your neck. Good earrings. A diamong nose pin. A golden girdle around your waist, very expensive, no!But nice. Turn around. Oh nothing in your asshole. All it needs is a tight slap. Turn around again. Glass bangles on one wrist and gold one in the other along with a watch. And a combination of silver anklets and chain along with small toe rings. Nice red nail polish on your hands and toes. This is the way I want to see you when I come to … you tomorrow. You want to get… badly?Remember nothing else or else?” He said sneeringly 
“You are nice to look at and nice to fuck. But we have missed out on one important thing.”said Bhasu “God!” Thought Anita. “Now what is it?”She was exasperated.. “Come closer, very close.” Anita complied. Bhasu too stripped quickly. “Now stand on your toes, cup your breasts and keep your nipples on mine.” Anita hesitated. “No! Why all this. You have had sex with me. Now why all this?” 
“Shut up. Do it and you won’t get hurt. Or else you will get hurt and then do it. And don’t say that I had sex with you. Say that I fucked you” She stood on tip toe and placed her large pink nipples on Bhasu’s brown. He cupped both her buttocks and pulled her closer to him. However because of the difference in height his cock could not enter Anita’s pussy. It just kept pushing on the mound of her sparse pubic hair. “Now kiss me as you kiss your husband. Suck my tongue. Take your hands behind my head.” Anita wondered whether he would ever go. Since she wanted him to go early she was complying with his instructions willingly. She darted her tongue inside his mouth, found his tongue and sucked at it wildly. This again set her body on fire and gave Bhasu an erection again. “Good. One last thing. Get your cordless phone. Quick.” Anita picked it from the nearby cabinet. “Lie down. Open your legs”He then placed his cock at the tip of her ass-hole, and kept her ankle on his shoulder. With the wild kisses given by Anita his cock was rock hard again. “No, not in there.”Anita pleaded. Bhasu’s cock was slippery and placed just at the tip of her ass-hole. He kept his hands near Anita’s belly button and pulled her but the hole was too tight. ‘Please don’t put it there. It will be painful.’ Anita was almost begging him. “Well, okay your choice bring your hand and keep it wherever you want it.” Cursing Bhasu under her breath she held his cock and kept it at the opening of her pussy. “Now dial your husband.” “Why?”Anita pleaded. “If you want to fuck me, do so. Why bring my husband into it?” 
“Do as I say. Why do I have to repeat myself once you know that you have to do it. If you delay your children will come and they will not be too happy to see you like this.” Anita dialed Amit. As soon as she said hello Bhasu thrust his cock in. “Hi, love. How are you” Amit said. “Fine!” Anita replied. As the conversation proceeded Bhasu kept thrusting his cock in very slowly till it was fully embedded in Anita’s pussy. His strokes were also discreet. All the while he kept pulling her nipples and also nibbling at them. He withdrew only after the conversation ended, wiped the cum over her breasts and proceeded to get dressed. “Remember. Tomorrow. Now the pussy kiss.” 
She came over and opened her thighs, allowing him to kiss her sex. He opened the lips of her pussy and darted his tongue inside. “The good part is that your pussy lips are visible even without opening them and Lakshmi has such a bush of hair there. You have seen her bush there?” 
Anita shook her head.
“But she has seen you naked. Okay I understand. She comes to your house and in the house you can be naked. Since you don’t come to our house how can you see her naked?’ 
What had actually happened was that after making love she had fallen into deep slumber. Amit got up before her. He had put the latch from outside so as not to disturb her. Just as Amit was taking the children to college Lakshmi arrived. Amit completely forgot that Anita was sleeping naked. When he returned he took off his shoes as per his habit and entered. He saw that Anita was still asleep. Her left leg was straight. The right sole was on the left knee. One arm over the head and the other by the side. In this pose even the pubic hair trimmed as they were could not provide much protection. The lips of her pussy were slightly open and the breasts were rising and falling rhythmically. Lakshmi was sweeping the floor and was completely normal. She did not appear to be even slightly surprised that Mem Sahib was naked. Later when Amit told this to Anita she was not embarrassed by the fact that Lakshmi had seen her pussy as well but was surprised that she slept so soundly. He started getting dressed. She found it surprising that she no longer felt embarrassed to stand before him stark naked. 
“I will be back tomorrow, same time. You will open the door wearing nothing. When I say nothing I mean nothing except of course, all your rings, necklace, bangles etc. ” 
She nodded trying to get him out of the house as soon as possible. 
She bumped into him as he suddenly stopped in front of the door. Turning around he cupped her breasts and sucked one nipple after another. 
“Tomorrow you will receive a good thrashing first and the you will offer me your last virginity. ” 
Was she a willing victim? It was then that Lakshmi’s words had struck her… “You don’t understand everything. ” Now she understood what lay behind the physical abuses that Lakshmi silently suffered. 
“The way he dealt with me was no different. ” Anita thought. And like Lakshmi she had endured his physical abuse to satisfy her hideous animal passion. 
The stillness of the night was unbearable. She got out of bed and tiptoed to the terrace. The cool southern breeze brought comfort. 
How could she betray Amit with a moments passion, she wondered. They loved each other dearly, didn’t they? And is this what he expects in return? His beloved wife fucking and illiterate drunkard. What a shock it will be for him if he ever came to know of it. Didn’t her culture, education and children mean anything to her? She fought to control her tears. There’s no way she would allow Bhasu to have his way with her again. 
“I am sorry Amit. I beg you to forgive me. I promise never to do that again. ” She murmured to herself. She resolved to straighten things out with Bhasu tomorrow. She will shut the door on his face…to let him know that whatever they did today meant nothing to her. She felt the burden lift from her heart. 
“I love you Amit. ” She cried out into the stillness of the night. 
She had asked him. 
“What will happen if Lakshmi comes to know of this?” She looked at him expecting some sort of assurance. 
He broke into laughter. “If you want you can go ahead and tell her. In fact, I was planning to have both of you together in bed someday soon. ” 
“What do you mean? Are you crazy?” Startled, she sat up. 
“I can assure you that nobody other than the three of us will ever come to know of this. You want me to carry on fucking you this way or do you want this to stop?'” 
‘I want this is to stop.’ ‘Good. So I will fuck you no more. However tomorrow when I come you should be nude in the house, just as you were today. The only change is that when Lakshmi comes you will remain nude. Not only that after a while when I come still you will not run here and there like a fool hiding your breasts but remain casual. Okay? By the way what does your name mean?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Well, so before I go won’t you give a nice long suck to this cock affectionately. Your husband’s would be slightly different, so enjoy this.’ 
“Why are you so late?” Lakshmi asked. “Why? What happened?” 
“I have to go to Anita Mem Sahib’s place. As it is I am late. There is so much work.” 
“Tomorrow Mem Sahib’s younger sister Sunita Mem Sahib is coming for two weeks.” Hearing this Bhasu started salivating again and imagining what Sunita would be like. With and without clothes.

Shubhangi and Raj had courtship for three years before they get married. Though it was love earlier, later on the marriage was arranged by their parents willingly. Raj’s parents were not angry neither they were happy with their son choosing bride for himself. They however were able to convince Raj that after his marriage their daughter in law will be staying with them at their village, and Shubhangi left with no option, as Raj was not in a position to go against his parents. Though born and brought up in village Raj was very handsome guy and also a scholar in the collage. Shubhangi was 3 yrs junior, and became latto over Raj on the fresher party itself. They came even closer during their annual week function. Shubhangi proposed Raj and Raj was more enthusiastic to accept the proposal. Back in Raj’s mind was a fear that it may be difficult to find happy ending of the story because of the difference in their family backgrounds. Shubhangi brought up in quite a free atmosphere of a big city, was the only child of her parents. She had very nasty group of friends consisted mainly of girls. They used to party, dance and have fun watching movies during the collage days. Many of her friends had affair with boys to the extent of sharing bed, but Shubhangi was in her limits. She did not allow Raj to go beyond kissing, as she wanted to gift her to Raj only on their first night. She was eagerly waiting for the night when her beloved will be deflowering her on a bed decorated with flowers. The day came but not the way she dreamed of. Afraid of his parents anger, Raj did not plan their suhagraat well, neither could he plan honeymoon. They spent their first night in a corner room arranged for them in their village house. Above all her hopes got broke and dreams get shattered when Raj could not deflower her on first night, not even second, after a week or fortnight. She was composed and calm, had patience; she helped Raj very much so that they can intercourse, but Raj could not do so till his leaves got over and he had to leave for the city to do the job, where he was leaving in a sharing accommodation to save money. He was with very low sex drive, while Shubhangi had on the contrary high desire to engage in sexual activity. And being unfulfilled after her marriage, it ignited fire in her, she was craving for good sex, as Raj had aroused her inner senses by caressing her, but was not able to penetrate her. She felt wasted and cursed herself for not had any sexual encounter with Raj before marriage and getting any clue from that. Shubhangi had hard time spending in village lonely, she was trying to keep herself busy doing households during the day. But it was really difficult for her to spend nights. Raj doing job in remote city will not be coming back soon. He was not left with any paid leaves also. Even though Shubhangi used to call him frequently, asking him to comeback early and take her with him. Days passed and Shubha (as her in laws started to address her) got adjusted to daily routine and got busy in household work. Theirs was quite a big house compare to their social status, which was old fashion and built by their forefathers. There were five rooms and a store cum servant room too. There was plenty of space in front and a deep well and high walled boundary with old wooden gate. Rooms were side by side to each other. They were also having cows apart from having small piece of land in the outskirts of village with few workers farming there. Shubhangi used to wake up at about 8 in the morning, by that time her in laws would have already gone to their farm. Her mother in law used to scold her for that. But Shubhangi tend to ignore her and used to get up late from her bed even if she is already wake. This was routine until one day in the morning at about 5-30 she got up to pee, the toilet was outside and came back to sleep; She had just felt sleepy and she heard a noise outside. She got up and open the window of her room slightly, just to get view of outside. Her MIL was shouting at somebody for getting up late. It was winter time and quite a foggy outside, so she could not get idea who she was shouting at. She stayed there at window for sometime enjoying cold breeze coming from partially open window. After sometime her MIL went into the bathroom, and she opened the window slight more. She saw a boy in his teenage fetching water from well. Shubha had seen her for the first time. He was wearing a worn out brief and pent which was lifted above knee to prevent it from getting wet. He was looking young from his face but was with muscular body. Shubha later on found that, he was their servant only, who was earlier working at their farm and staying there at night to take care of it. He was an orphan and brought here by her FIL from near by village, when he was just 6. Since then he is staying at there farm. It was only last night when he was told to be now at house and look after the cattle. His name was Raju. Shubha observed him for sometime and then got busy in her daily routine for the day. Next day also, she woke up early in the morning and followed the same. She was feeling bad for him, for such a young boy, who was doing hard work. Her MIL was scolding him, because she wanted him to do hard toil at farm and her FIL wanted him to work at home as he felt that he is too young for that work. Raju was his favourite too. Shubha observed him for few days thinking how she can help him. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind that the housemaid, who was helping her in household work, is pregnant these days and she wanted to stay home. Shubha decided to free her of her duties earlier then decided and bring Raju in place.She also discussed about her decision with her FIL, he too was happy that Raju whom he was treating like his younger son would be at ease. Raju continued staying home from now and was helping Shubha in her work. She found Raju very honest and whole hearted and started taking care of her; she started offering him fresh and hot meal and sometimes deserts also. She also tried to infuse some good habits in him. She was not having any intensions for him until one day. One day in the after having meal in the afternoon and complete all her work, she was in her room, reading a magazine she used to. She heard some sound outside in the corridor near well. She got up from her bed and looked outside from the window. She saw Raju near the wall taking bath. Raju was wearing only his underwear and was fully covered with foam. She stayed at window for sometime enjoying Raju taking bath while he was under impression that nobody is around and Shubha is sleeping. After some time Raju started applying soap underneath his underwear without removing it. And his manhood grown in length and size become erect because of his rubbing, he started enjoying it. Out of fear and ashamed of taking off underwear he kept his manhood rubbing inside. Out of excitement and unaware that Shubha was looking at him, he took his erect penis out from his underwear for sometime and felt the sensual touch of cold breeze and light sunshine in the winter season. Here Shubha too became hot and started shivering. Raju’s was very thick and large penis compare to her husband Raj, which aroused her and caressed her senses. Raju finished his bath and started to wipe his body and started to remove his underwear covering with a towel which was too small that it could barely coming up to his knee. He covered his bottom half with the towel and tied the knot at waistline, but the big tent was still visible. So he hurriedly went inside the store room where he was leaving. This ignited fire in Shubha and got her wet. She became normal after sometime and become impatient. She followed him to the store room after some time, where Raju was leaving. The door expectedly was closed from inside. So, she went near the window, which too was closed but not locked. She opened it a bit very carefully without making any sound. Raju lying on his quilt was playing with newly found manhood looking at the photo of a beautiful model in a calendar that he had spread on his bed; he saw Shubha at window and was spellbound. He immediately covered himself with bed sheet. Shubha back in to her senses tried to pretend that she is angry with him and told him to open the door. Raju baffled by sudden arrival of Shubha open the door, he was not able to look in her eyes and his face was pale with embarrassment. Shubha asked him what you were doing. Raju was afraid that she would tell about the incident to everybody tried to plead her and said I am very sorry, please don’t tell any about it. Shubha told him she also know what he was doing while taking bath. Raju started shivering and told her that he was just cleaning his body parts, the same he was doing here in the room. Shubha decided not to make him further frightened but decided to tease the boy. She asked him to show how he has cleaned himself, she would like to inspect whether he has cleaned himself properly or not. Raju told him he is feeling ashamed. Shubha closed the door and window and told him that now only she would be seeing him naked he can be comfortable and show her his body and assured she will not tell anybody about it. Shy Raju hesitantly uncovered himself. Shubha started staring at his whole body, which was muscular, well built and fair. She found that his penis was still a bit erect and covered with bush around it. She went near him and acted as if she is inspecting his body. She also told him to drop the bed sheet so that she can observe him fully. After observing him for sometime, she went closer to him and took his penis in his hand. Raju felt current in his body and went back a step. Shubha told him he has cleaned his whole body properly but this part is not properly clean, he should clean this also. Raju said he had cleaned it while taking bath. Shubha said she had seen him doing it, but that is not enough, he should also remove these unwanted pubic hair and keep these part of the body very clean. She told she will come back the next day to inspect his body; he should have cleaned it by that time. While going back she also observed that his room was also not suitable for leaving, she decided to get it cleaned by other workers and came back to her room. She tried to get busy in her work, but her mind was still filled by thoughts of Raju and images of penis were zooming in her mind the whole day. The next day informing her FIL, she got the store room cleaned by two workers. After two days, when Shubha was reading a magazine, she read a story about how a housewife seduced his house boy and satisfied her lust. That story made Shubha feel horny and she started thinking about Raju. Images of Raju, whom she had seen naked, filled her mind. At first she thought it is wrong, she can not cheat her husband, and she loves him. But then she thought what is wrong in having some fun when her husband failed in satiate her need for sex. Lustful thoughts about Raju engulfed her whole day and even more at night and till next day in the afternoon; she could not hold her back and headed for his room. She tapped on the door of his room, after a while Raju opened the door and she went inside. That room was now tidy and clean compared to that day. She looked at Raju, he was in a shirt with short sleeves and Bermuda pent, which was seemed to be her husbands’ worn out cloths, he had worn any underwear underneath. Looking at the bulge in his pent, Shubha understood why it took longer to open the door. Shubha closed the door and said to Raju that she had come to inspect him and check whether he had followed her instructions or not and instructed him to lower his pant. Raju was shy to show her erect penis. Shubha went near him and lower his pant. Her mind bogged down seeing his penis it was much longer and thicker than she saw last time; it was so looking because Raju had trimmed his pubic hairs also. Shubha hold it in her hand and started moving it pretending to inspect it. These excited Raju and her tool grown further. Shubha admired him for trimming the pubic hairs, but said his tool is not yet clean enough and said she can do it for him. Raju was speechless; he can not understand what to say. Shubha kneeled down and looking in his eyes, lowered her head, taking out her tongue started licking his penis. She was doing it for the first time as Raj being conservative did not like her doing that. She had heard her friends doing these to their boy friends and also seen in some of the blue films she had watched with her friends during collage days. She liked doing these to Raju, who got shocked and stepped back; he had not imagined she will do these to him. He told Shubha what you are doing. Shubha explained him there is nothing wrong in doing this; this is good for you and continued licking his penis all over. Raju was on cloud nine and was enjoying every bit of it. Shubha too became very hot and lusty, she dropped the Pallu of her Saree and her hot cleavage became visible from her blouse. Raju could not take his eyes off the site. Shubha licked his penis for half an hour and was very wet by now. She felt, she will not be able to come back from here, if she will continue further. She got up and looked at Raju, who seemed to have enjoyed the process very much and expressed this to Shubha saying, you are very nice Madam, I like you doing this to me and enjoyed it very much. Shubha said him she will do it for him whenever he wants and she came out of his room fearing somebody may come any time and they may get caught red handed. Shubha liked the experience very much. Shubha now started thinking about Raju all the time. She now became very uneasy and started feeling the need of man, more than ever, she was desperate now to quench her thirst. She now started giving more attention to Raju’s needs, his food, cloths, his well being and his room. She started to dress sexily; she will give him chance to have a look at her cleavage by deliberately dropping Pallu of her Saree, while serving him food. She will intentionally keep the door of her open while changing or wearing Saree. It was however not necessary for her to seduce Raju. It was anyway very easy for her to make Raju obey him and satisfy her lust. But, she wanted more of him now and she wanted him to enjoy too and involve him more in the act. It was difficult to enjoy in full in the afternoon, as though she and Raju were getting the privacy in the afternoon, it was for only sometime only, so she waited for the chance. Her in laws had to go to a near by village for two days to attend a marriage ceremony, at their close relative. They insisted Shubha should also join them, but Shubha averted by saying she would have loved to come, had Raj was here. Without him she will feel odd, as she did not know anybody there. Here come that day, her in laws left early in the morning to attend the marriage, they were to come back only the next day by evening. That day she too got up earlier than usual and was looking forward to enjoy the day. She completed with her households and Raju, by the time came back from the market. Shubha locked the main door and went into the bathroom; she wanted to prepare herself well for the day. Shubha aged 24, having a beautiful face and a sexy figure too, in right proportion. She was looking well shaped almost in all types of dresses whether it is western or traditional, but she likes to wear Saree also and was looking sex goddess at that age. She took her bath with an imported soap having exotic smell, which was gifted by her parents. Knowing that no one is around except Raju, she came out of the bathroom without wiping her body and wrapping the towel covering her feminine parts only. She was wet and droplets of water on her fair and white body were making her skin more glowing in the light sunshine. Raju became dumb for a moment, when he saw his beautiful mistress in her new avatar. He cannot stop himself from looking at her, her sexy legs, and her wet upper body, water dripping on her shoulders from her dark, long hairs making her further wet. She came into her room, kept the door partially open and began combing her hairs. She then removed the towel and began wiping her body and then applied moisturising cream all over. She took out a pair of imported bra and panty from her wardrobe and put on them very leisurely anticipating Raju outside her room. Raju was a bit hesitant to follow for a while, but could not stop himself from being enchanted. He came inside the house silently and stand outside her room. Shubha was tying the knot of her petticoat then. Raju was double minded at one moment he was enjoying the site, the other moment he felt, he missed the opportunity to see her mistress naked. Shubha deliberately kept her petticoat well below her navel, then she put on her blouse, which was just fitting her and stick to her body like second skin. Blouse was slightly off her shoulder, with deep neck at front and back side with strings on sleeves and a string at back. She now knew that Raju is outside watching her dress, even though she called him loudly as if he is at distance. She asked him to come inside to help her in tying the strings and behaved as if she was unaware of him standing there. Raju, who was turn on already and by the time had reached near the door, looking baffled by her sudden call, came inside and stood behind Shubha. Shubha without turning up looked at Raju from the mirror and said “What are you waiting for, please tie the strings”. Raju with his shivering hands began tying the strings of her blouse. He got more excited seeing her fair and almost bare back from so close. He had not even imagine her so white. He now started tying her sleeve strings, he had to come by her side and now her cleavage was visible to him. He now hurriedly tied strings looking at her cleavage intermittently and secretly and got out of her room as he was no more able to hide the bulge in his pent. Shubha too noticed it and giggled when he was going out of her room. Shubha now put on her Saree, styled her hairs and gone into the kitchen to prepared the food. After about an hour she served food to Raju. She also served him sweets made from pure ghee sent by her parents and kesar milk. She was letting her pallu drop while serving him making Raju feel erotic. She also got her meal after that and finished her work fast. At about 2’O clock in the afternoon, she went near Raju’s room. Before that she had made sure that the main door is locked. She went near the window of his room, which was open already. To her surprise Raju was reading a book. She told him to open the door and went near the door. Raju obeyed her, and opened the door, but the book wasn’t there in his hand. She entered his room and latched it. When she did not see the book after having a quick look at his room, she asked him out of curiosity, “you were reading something, I saw a book in your hand, where is it?” Raju, though hesitantly, with his finger indicated towards the pillow and before he can reach to it, Shubha picked up the book, that he had hide below the pillow. Her eyes got wide open; when she found that it was erotica. “Oh, then this was going on” she said in her husky voice and looked at Raju with lustful eyes. “Raju, do you enjoy reading this book?” she said again. “Yes madam” said Raju with somewhat broken voice. “You also enjoyed what I did to you last time” “yes madam, very much” was his instant reply. As now she was taking him to the point of his interest. “Would you like me to do it again to you?” She asked the question rather in commanding tone. Raju did not say a word but smiled shyly. Shubha hold his hand and driven him towards his bed, which was small coat for single person. She sat on the bed corner and made Raju stand near her. Raju was not able to make eye contact with her. She smiled and said “don’t shy like a girl, I know you like it. Remove your shorts; I want to see your treasure.” She put her hands on his biceps in admiring manner and said “You have the most worthy property a man can have” Raju by the time had a bulge in his pent. Shubha moved her right hand from his hand and put it on the bulge above his pent. Then she moved that hand further and started massaging his thighs and suddenly slipped her hands inside his pants through the opening created because of the loose shorts. She held his erect penis. Touch of her soft and a bit cold hand on his hot cock made the current run through his body. She then opened the zip of his pent, inserted her hand from there and took out his cock and began licking it from top from her luscious tongue. This experience was sensational for Raju. She licked his cock all over and began sucking it now with her full mouth making sexy noises out of excitement. She sucked for sometime and said sexily “Oh common, free it now, I am dying to see it fully naked” Raju lowered his pant now and dropped it down and here came out his throbbing cock. Shubha was delighted to see yet another surprise, Raju had shaved his pubic hair clean and his monster was now looking even longer and thicker. Shubha now flip flopped, she made Raju rest on the bed, she herself set near his leg. “What are you doing Madam” said Raju. “Oh Raju, I am obliged to do this” said Shubha and began licking his testicles and sucked them one by one. She kissed his shaft madly, licked it again and began sucking it gently. She then tried to take his Rod in her full mouth as much as it was possible, but only quarter of it went in her mouth. Raju could not stop himself from making grunting sounds. His cock was now wet with her saliva and his own pre-cum. She sucked it for about half hour. She got immense pleasure doing this. She had seen the act in blue films she had watched during her college, but never thought of doing it herself. Her husband Raj never let her do this. She was enjoying being in commanding position with this young boy in his adolacence. She knew that, he will do whatever she’ll ask him to do, but she now had feelings for him from her heart and wanted to make the process enjoyable for him, and for that she only had to take the initiative. She stood up and held his had, inserting her finger through his hairs. She pulled his head towards her, so that it touched her belly, she moved her pallu to one side, so that her smooth, bare bally touched Raju’s face. Raju moved his head to feel her sexy tummy; he smelled her there and said “Madam, you are so nice and” and stopped “And?” said Shubha, who wanted him to express himself. “And beautiful” said Raju hiding himself in the Pallu. “I know you were watching me dress, you naughty boy” “You enjoyed watching me without clothes” said Shubha trying to shade his inhibition. “No Madam, I did not see you like that” Raju defended. “Like what?” Shubha asked. “Without cloths” Raju replied. “Oh so you missed that, do you want to view that?” said Shubha and remove the safety pin holding her Pallu from the blouse before he could say something. Raju was flabbergasted to see the display of this eternal beauty. Shubha again pulled his head closer this time pressing it against her boobs above blouse. He smelled her over there. Her body odour mixed with exotic deodorant made him crazy. The hot air exhaled by him was arousing her further. Raju began kissing her all over her breasts above blouse, pressing his head in between and smelling her erotic smell. He hugged her near waist line putting his hands on her bare back. Then he kissed her on bally near her deep navel and licked her navel for a while. He had never thought of doing this to his mistress even in his wildest dream. Shubha hold his hands with hers and put them on her soft but firm boobs. Raju kept them there for sometime and then moved from there. Shubha again guided them to her breasts and pressed her hands above his. She liked touch of his rough hands there and wanted to guide him to put pressure. He then began gently massage her rounds, feeling was exquisite for both. Shubha now given her Saree pallu in his hand, started moving away from him taking rounds until her Saree was completely detached from her petticoat. She again stepped towards him and said “Raju, I need your favour in untying the strings of my blouse.” She set on the coat near him. Before Raju follow her instructions she said “I would like you to untie them with your mouth without using your hands” Even though the blouse was with hooks at front and it was possible take it off without untying the strings, she said so and wanted him to do so to tease him. Raju now set on coat on her back side on his knees and tried to pull the strings of her blouse. In the process his lips touched her back. “Issshhh…” was her reaction and she cut her lips in erotic manner. After opening the back string, Raju now started kissing her on his back. Once the back string is untied Shubha made, her blouse along with bra strips, slightly off the shoulder and moved her hairs to other side, giving him hint to kiss there. Raju kissed her passionately there, looking at her now clearly visible cleavage. In excitement, he bites her there. “Avouch” she screamed in her sweet voice. Raju now grabbed her boobs from back and hugged her tightly and then pulled down her blouse from both shoulders lowering it further, continued kissing her back. “Raju, it would not be possible to take it off like this” she whispered in her husky voice. “First open up sleeve strings, you can use your hands now” she said. Raju one by one opened sleeve stings. Shubha meanwhile opened top two hooks, making it loose. With strings open, shattered hairs, and top buttons of the blouse open, she was now looking sexier nymph. She was now full of lust inhaling at faster rate, making her breast move up and down. The scene was very erotic. Raju now inserted his hands from the top of her blouse in the opening created by loosening of blouse. He held her milky boobs over her bra. Shubha opened back clamp of her bra making it easier for Raju to insert his hands below her bra. Raju did so, feeling her soft breasts. Her blouse was almost open now; she opened the rest of the hooks and removed it from her body. She instructed Raju to take off his shirt, he did that swiftly and hugged her from back holding her boobs in hand and gently massaging, his erect cock felt to her on back. Raju came in front now and stared at her two beautiful moons, firm, round shape, appropriate in size, milky white with pink coin size areola and erect pink nipple. “What are you looking at?” she questioned. He admired saying “Madam, you are looking gorgeous. I had never ever imagined that you will be so beautiful.” “Me too was having no idea, that you own this treasure” she giggled holding his rod in her hand. She began stroking his shaft with her soft hand. Raju screaming in pleasure hold her at shoulders. Continuing stroking along the length of his shaft, she also took its top in her mouth. She further bent forward to take more length in mouth; she could take half his cock, and began moving it in and out gripping tightly at root. Raju was on sky high with utmost erection built up in his penis and pre-cum coming out. Shubha now increased her speed as Raju’s cock was lubricated with his pre-cum and saliva. In ecstasy he hold her head and kissed her on lips, Shubha kept on jerking with her hand. It was now fifteen minutes, she was giving him blow job, but he did not ejaculate. Shubha now slide the foreskin of his cock back opening the top, she began sucking it again holding it in right hand and with her left hand kept on caressing his balls. This given him immense pleasure and started screaming “Oh Madam, this is really good. Please do it. Keep on doing it…” Shubha kept on jerking and sucking in rhythm for sometime. “Oh Madam, I feel like peeing, I’ll pee in your mouth soon, please take it out.” Shubha knew that his climax is building up, as it is his first time so he doesn’t know that it was his cum that is going to come out and not his urine. She told him “you can do it in my mouth, don’t worry” and carried on what she was doing, now even at more speed. Now it was unbearable for Raju, he began screaming louder with eternal joy which he was experiencing “Aaahhh, I have never felt so good earlier” He could not hold on for more time and shot his cum for the first time, in the mouth of his lusty mistress. Shubha could not catch all his cum in her mouth and it began dripping from her mouth dropping on her breast, she immediately remove his head from his coke on his very first shot and kept on jerking his cock. Rest of the cum he shoot on her petticoat. He was now exhausted. Shubha made him lay on coat and licked his cock and wiped it clean. Raju came into terms after sometime, looked content, but was amused to see thick white, sticky fluid that came out from his cock. Shubha explained him that he is now grown up and it was his cum. Raju expressed his thanks to her saying it was his most enjoyable time. It was 5:30 by that time, Shubha too got tired. She put on her clothes and leaved his room asking him to come at night, she will keep the door unlatched for him. She rested in her room for sometime thinking about Raju. She was still thirsty nymph, but she was sure now, that she will be able to quench her thirst through Raju. She was burning hot lying in her bed. She got up at 7:30 but was in no mood to cook and waiting for the dream night. She prepared puri and khir for the dinner though. Raju by the time finished his work. They got the dinner together. At about 10 pm in the night, Shubha lying on her bed was waiting for Raju. She was double minded; how can she cheat her husband Raj, when she was deeply in love with him, since her collage days. On the other side, Raj was not able to satisfy her womanly needs and she was very much attracted towards young but manly servant, she remembered the moments she enjoyed with him. Will it be right to indulge in sexual act with him and satisfy her lust? This question bogged down her mind. She felt sleep thinking about it. Here Raju, was in new world. He could not stop his mind from cherishing the moments, he had spent with her beautiful and sexy mistress and the pleasure she had given to him. He was now curious to feel the same if not more pleasure again. He was eager to go inside her room. Shubha, who already fell asleep, now started dreaming about him and his majestic tool. She had decided to go for whatever comes by instinct. She felt a touch of rough cold hand on her soft hand. It was Raju. “Have you closed the door properly, Raju?” She wanted to make sure; even though she already had all the windows of her room closed. And only white small lamp was on. “Yes Madam” said Raju. “You can call me Shubha, when we are lone” saying she lifted his hand with her and kept it on her Saree near navel. Shubha now had changed in very light sky blue coloured semitransparent Saree, which she used to wear as her in laws were not allowing her to wear nighty; her navel was visible through it. “Shubha, can I kiss you on your navel?” asked Raju. “Oh yes, I will be pleased by that.” “You can do whatever you want to do? I will not stop you” added Shubha to encourage him. Raju seated besides her kissed her on navel. Shubha lowered her petticoat to facilitate him. He moved towards her breast continuing kissing her belly. Shubha has got very smooth, hairless and flat tummy. Raju also licked her in between, near her cute deep navel. He reached to her blouse kept his both hands on her blouse above thin layer of Saree. Shubha guided him to sit on her thighs keeping his legs on either side of hers. He lowered his head riding over her and kissed her on neck. He moved Saree over her blouse aside put his hands on her both cups, gently pressing her boobs. “Aahhh, press, press them hard” whispered Shubha. He could feel her erect nipples, because she was not wearing bra this time. Raju began squeezing her boobs over blouse. He then unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her naked breast and squeezed them for while and began kissing passionately then. He sucked her pink nipples and teased them with his tongue making Shubha out of control. Shubha held his hand and pressed it against her boobs, in a space between two boobs, moving her fingers in his hair, cutting her own lips in excitement. Raju moved further up and kissing her bare neck. He then placed his lips over her and began chewing them. Shubha also reciprocated well and inserted her tongue in his mouth. Raju licked it and like a fast learner inserted his tongue in her mouth. Shubha too, very wet down there, sucked his tongue, making erotic sounds. Raju’s erect penis in his shorts was pressing hard on her making its presence felt to her. In excitement, she pushed him and made him lay on his back. She opened his shirt buttons, kissed wildly on his chest. She removed his shirt and pant soon making him fully naked. She held his throbbing cock with her hands, moved down the foreskin and began sucking it. She dropped more of her saliva and sucked it in rhythm, making more intense sounds this time. Half of his cock was easily going in her mouth. She sucked his rod, his balls and licked them for about 15 minutes. Now she bent over and pressed it against her boobs. She held his penis and rubbed its tip over her erect pink nipples one by one. She placed it in the place between her two rounds and pressed them from both sides with her hand and began sliding it between moving herself up and down. It was very exquisite feeling for Raju and he too started moving his hips in rhythm, making louder sounds. He cannot hold on for more time between her soft boobs and shot his cum all over her breasts and neck. Shubha gracefully applied it on her breast massaging them with his cum. She sucked clean his cock, kissed him and went to the bathroom, covering her self with thin blanket. She cleaned herself through. It was 12 midnight by now; still whole night was left with them. No body was there to disturb. She came inside the room shivering from cold outside. Cold breeze had already teased her pussy. She now wanted Raju to taste her pubic parts. But she was not sure; Raju would like to do it. Raju had put on his cloths by then and was resting on bed. Shubha too set herself beside him. Raju hugged her and said “Shubha, you are so sweet. Before you nobody had even called me by my name and you have done so much now to make me happy. I don’t know how I will return your favours.” “Oh Raju, you should not be obliged you too have made me happy. Though, I will be happier to receive favours from you and make you happy” she said. “Tell me Shubha, what can I do for you? I will do anything for you, to make you happy” told Raju hiding his head below her pallo and kissing her navel. “I know you will do whatever I’ll will tell you to do, but …” she stopped and said “Only if you like” Raju looked at her with questioning face, so Shubha continued “Raju I have seen you naked and your private part….” she posed for a moment and said without making eye contact with him “would you like to see mine as well?” Raju as if he had jumped with joy said “Yes dear, I too wanted to see your cho…” he stopped. “What did you say?” Shubha asked even though she got what he wanted to say. “Choot” Raju replied. “And what do you say to this?” Shubha asked him putting her hands on his bulge. “La…Land” Shubha smiled cunningly, she had heard these slang words number of times and hated them too earlier. But she loved to hear them from Raju now. She got up and removed her panty under petticoat and lay on bed. Raju set between her legs. She lifted her legs in such a way that Raju can view her pussy. She raised her petticoat above her knees making the site more clear to him. Raju stared at her clean hairless pussy. Raju rubbed his hands on her smooth waxed legs, massaged her thighs for a while in admiring manner. He now started kissing her sexy long legs here and there, making her excitement more intense. “Aaaahhh…” She moaned with pleasure, when Raju kissed her on thigh near her love organ. Ruju will start licking her thighs from her knees and move upwards to her cant. “Raju, if you don’t mind, I would like you to lick there as well.” she pointed towards her pussy, by widening her legs further. Though he understood, what she meant, Raju asked to tease “where Shubha?” “You naughty boy, on my choot, where else” she said patting on his back. Raju, hiding himself in her petticoat, again started licking her thighs now more near to her joints. He then began licking the area near by her pussy, making circles around without touching her clit or pussy. This teased her more and she screamed “oh Raju, don’t tease me; lick me there, lick my cant” But, Raju did not listen to her. He continued licking her around her love hole even more intense now. She could not wait anymore and hold his head gripping his hairs and burried it in her pussy. She got out of control feeling touch of his lips on her pussy lips for the first time. Raju licked her pussy along the slit for a while and up to her navel sometimes and making the movement of her tongue faster after sometime. He inserted his tongue inside her pink pussy and licked and sucked her clitoris. “Aaaaahhhh….” she screamed ejaculating her love juice. She had her first orgasm. Raju drank all her fluid. She was breathing heavily making her breast up and down creating very erotic scene. Raju now removed her blouse and cupped her spongy boobs. He continued licking her cant, squeezing her boobs with both ends and pinching her nipples in between. Shubha now was on sex ride with this dual stimulation. She got up removed his shirt and unclamped and opened the zip of his pant and pulled it. Raju helped her by raising his hips in taking off his pant. Shubha started giving head to his already rock hard cock. She sucked it hard and made it wet with her saliva. Raju meantime kept on caressing her boobs. They now came closer to each other. Shubha hold his penis, and rubbed it on her clit and along her slit. It was unbearable for her now; she wanted it in her wet hole. Raju too moaned louder “Aaahhh…Shubha, it feels great.” Raju ‘s cock was also rock hard and wet with her juices, her saliva and his own pre-cum. She wanted to feel her pussy with that. For that she only had to take charge. She made him lye on his back, and rides over him and tried to insert his rod into her tight virgin pussy. As both were wet, part of his easily slide into hers. But, it could not go further inside. She held it in her hand, rubbed it along her slit, and again gave herself downward push. Hardly one forth of Raju’s cock went inside her tight pussy, and it pained her. She knew it was her hymen, which was stopping it to go inside further. It needs to be broken first. She started moving up and down slowly making her pussy wetter. She pushed even harder now and half the cock went inside. It pained her a lot, but she did not scream so as not to discourage Raju. She waited till the pain subsided and then began jumping slowly. It was now pain with pleasure; she had lost her virginity through a boy nine years younger to her, her servant. A new feeling for Raju also; he was feeling tight grip of her pussy. He held her near her waist and helped her jump. Now as her pussy got more lubricated, almost his full cock was in, and they both started enjoying. Shubha made his cock in and out fully. She brought her hands on her back, leaned backwards, driving him to extreme pleasure. They both were sweating even if it was chilled outside. She then bent forward, kept her hands on his chest and moved making his coke in and out. She increased her speed of stroking. She was moaning with pleasure “Aaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, ummmmmhhh” Raju too was matching with her frequency. She stroked even harder, soon she had her second orgasm. She got exhausted and laid on him for a while. Raju had not ejaculated yet this time. So she rolled herself down with Raju, bringing Raju on Top. “Raju, now it’s your turn “make your tool in and out from my choot…” Raju began stroking in rhythm. “Yes Raju, it is so nice of you. You learn it fast” she encouraged him saying. Raju kept on stroking. “Aaaah, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, yes, yes do it, do it fast, and fuck me harder darling” and soon she had another orgasm. “Ohhh uuuuuummmmhhhhhhh, aaahhh” she moaned louder. Raju increased his speed began stroking even harder in missionary position. It hurt her, but she wanted him to continue, as she was near her fourth orgasm. Raju kept on thrusting her with full force. She had even more intense and longer climax this time. She was completely exhausted; she could not take any more. She hugged him tight. Raju takes his cock out of her cunt. Shubha gets up, and Raju on his knees, she holds her cock and starts stroking. She takes it in her mouth and sucks it hard for ten minutes. Raju can not withhold any more and shoots load of cum in her mouth, so much so that it spilled out of her mouth, she spat on his cock and again drank his cum. She drank his all cum till last drop; she licked his cock clean for another five minutes. Now they both were tired, it was two thirty in the clock and they slept naked, holding each other, covered with blanket only. Raju was still not in his sleep, she sucked her pink nipples and breast for another half an hour, while Shubha was in her half sleep. He then moved downward and licked her navel and pussy. His cock was ready for another session, Shubha also was aroused yet again, but she was not ready for another fuck. So, she gave him hand job and blow job. She tried to take his full length in her mouth this time, she succeeded well. Though, quarter of his 8” cock was still outside. After half and hour of her giving him head, he ejaculated, this time on her stomach. They finally slept at 4:30 in the morning. I spend my early days in a big house called ”EttuKettu”, having many rooms and two court yard inside surrounded by verandah and other rooms. On those days small family system was gradually replacing joint family system and as a result only during vacations other members of the family used to visit “Tharavadu”-the ancestral house which we were living in. In the Big House, Most of those days, we, my mother, my younger brother, our middle aged maid servant Naniamma and I- were only there. On weekends my elder brother who was employed in another town also joined us. Naniamma used to tease me whenever she got me alone with vulgar actions and slang words. To be frank I was enjoying those things though I was not dare enough to accept it. One day my elder sister who was staying away with her husband and children send a message to my mother to be ready to go to Guruvayoor temple for “Rice feeding ceremony “of her six months old child. Next week they all proceeded to Guruvayoor Temple leaving myself and Naniamma behind. I was not taken along as my examinations were very close. That night after my studies Naniamma served me the meals and then she went to take her regular night bath. Then from Bathroom she called and asked me to get bath soap as her soap was finished. I went to the bath room with the soap and called her to take it through partly opened door. But instead of taking the soap she caught my hand and drew me in and closed the door. She was stark naked and I was too shy to look at her. She laughed and asked me why was I so shy. Then she started kissing me on my mouth, on my necks, on my cheeks, on my fore head and so on. It was a strange experience as till then I had never saw a woman in nude! And nobody hugged me like this. Her breasts were heavy; her buttocks were big and pussy fully covered by hair. I was directed to squeeze her breasts and then asked to kiss her pussy which I had done reluctantly. But then I start liking it! Then she started to take bath. I was asked to soap her which I have done willingly. My hands were moving through her naked fat body, on her tits, on her pubic area, her buttocks, on her stomach and finally inside her pussy. Ha! What a thrilling experience. I never knew that touching a woman’s body can give such a pleasure which I had never enjoyed. She washed her pussy and showed me her clitoris-cunt in local dialect-which had swelled too big. “Do you want to lick it?” she asked me. “I don’t know” was my reply. “It is very tasty, eat it” Sitting on the ground I started licking her cunt. Really it was the tastiest thing I have ever tasted in my life. I want to eat it. It was growing in my mouth. “Your drawers have gone wet sitting on the wet floor. Remove it. I will wash it” Naniamma told me. I was embarrassed as member underneath had an erection and the fluid was oozing out through it.” No, it is alright. It can be washed tomorrow “I murmured – But by that time Naniamma removed it making me stark naked too! ”Ah ha, though the temple is small deity is quite big “Naniamma commented looking at my erect penis. Yes, it was really big enough on erection! , especially for a boy of my age. Naniamma took my erect penis-KUNNA in local language-in her hand and patted it gently .Foreskin was covering my glands. She carefully bared the gland peeling the skin backward as one removes his socks! Since had an erection it was so tight and I felt ticklish pain while she was doing it. There was a thick white substance around the gland. “Ayye, what is this? You never cleaned it?”Naniamma asked while removing that substance with her fingers. She washed my KUNNA thoroughly. Then she applied oil lavishly on my member moving the skin to and fro gently .I was experiencing a new feeling hitherto unknown. Something was happening inside. Naniamma made the move quicker and quicker. My staff was in and out of her fist like piston of a moving train. And penis started jerking robustly. Finally it burst. My cum filled in her hand. ” You ejaculated so quickly, you naughty boy made my hands dirty” Naniamma commended. But she started licking my cum and put the hand for me to lick too. I hesitated. She told me “tastes your milk boy. It is very tasty “.I licked, though reluctantly, whatever remained on her hand. It was not bad. “Try to hold your semen till your partner is exhausted and cry for it “She advised which I kept in my mind and practiced successfully in my life after. Naniamma told me to go and wait till she finishes her works in the kitchen after her dinner. ”But how to go-I am naked!” I yelled. “Why then-it is dark outside and nobody is there to watch-even otherwise your things are quite presentable and can proudly show to anybody “Naniamma replied smiling. Then I went to my room in ‘birthday attire’ ant put on another pair of trousers. I was immediately in the bed, impatiently waiting for Naniamma dreaming another congregation. But as she had to finish all petty works in the kitchen she didn’t turn up instantaneously. Waiting and waiting I was feeling sleepy and finally I fell asleep. I didn’t know how much time it took Naniamma to finish her works but when my sleep was disturbed and I was awakened to see myself naked and my staff in the mouth of Naniamma! She was nude too! ”Let us shave our pubic hair first” she said.. She wetted her pubic region and asked me to shave her with the safety razor she handed over to me. “Oh No I can’t do that.. I may cut your pussy” I pleaded. ”Don’t worry, it is my pussy and it has already exceeded its quota of fucking. Even if it gets cut nobody is there to agonize. Go ahead, I will teach you how to shave a pussy.” She gave me the confidence and there was no way to get away. I started to shave her PUR-i.e. her pussy. It was a wonderful exciting experience. I was getting ecstatic every moment.. I touched each and every minute part between her fat thighs. It was the first time I came to know how fantastically the pussy was made! On the guidance of Naniamma I have finished her pubic shave astonishingly well as an experienced barber and enjoyed every moment of that new job. The labia majora, labia minora, the clits,what to say, every nook and corner of her private part was captivating. It smelled good. It tasted good. Now it was her turn. After washing herself and the razor she came to me and asked me to keep my legs widely spread and I did so. She started shaving me very caringly. When she touched my balls I was euphoric. With a towel she cleaned the shaved parts. “Let us start the games now. Are you ready?”Naniamma asked. I was no more feeling shy as in the beginning .. I replied” yes I am ready.” We fell to the bed hugging each other. She put her mouth on mine and chewed my lips. Her tongue was in and out of my mouth. I responded with vigor. Our hands were also playing their parts. I tickled her clits with one hand and hard-pressed her tits with the other. Her hands were playing with my balls. She told me to chew her tits and willingly I obeyed. “Do you know 69?” she asked. ”What?”I couldn’t help asking because I thought her question was stupid. ”No, you don’t know, I will teach you.” She said. She climbed on me putting her groin on my mouth.. She adjusted herself to place her vagina exactly on my lips. The liquid of her pussy was flowing to my mouth. I swallowed it. I put my tongue inside her pussy and moved it in and out. Naniamma was screaming with ecstasy.” Do it…, do it my boy..nice..fuck… me …fuck me…” she was crying with joy. At the same time she was eating my LUND like a kid eating his ice-cream! I can’t keep any more…I was also screaming loudly. I felt my staff jerking robustly. Suddenly it happened…Lavishly my discharge filled her mouth she pressed her vagina on my mouth forcefully suffocating me. Still I was in seventh heaven. For some time we both were motionless. Naniamma got up and with a towel dried up our wet parts. I was feeling exhausted. Naniamma again laid by my side hug me tight. She was kissing me everywhere. Also she was playing with my tired penis. Slowly, very slowly it was waking up. It never happened earlier. After masturbation it never regained its hardness so quickly. When my penis became strong as a stick Naniamma sat on me guiding my Penis to her pussy tenderly. She started moving up and down on my KUNNA. The feeling was terrific. I prayed that moment never ended. Her movement was getting quicker and quicker, at the same time taking care not to hurt me. This time the course was longer. After a while Naniamma lay on her back and asked me to fuck her. Climbing on I put my manhood in her hole. She tied me with her legs holding me tightly down to her body. I was pumping…pumping… and …pumping. Naniamma Moved up and down along with me as she didn’t want my staff out by mistake. She then put her legs straight and tight as if she wants to squeeze my penis inside her. I was reaching the peak. I was feeling her orgasm on my member. ”I am coming… may I take it out?” I asked her fearing making her pregnant. She said “don’t worry, you can fill my pussy .I already had the operation.” Operation or no operation I was bursting inside her and the discharge was filling her hole to the last drop. ”Wonderful, boy…Wonderful- you are outstanding!” Naniamma patted on my back. Holding each other we lay motion less. I didn’t remember what happened after and when and how long I slept. When Naniamma came to broom the room next day she woke me up. I caught her to kiss. She was strange! She was altogether a different Naniamma from what I had seen yesterday. She didn’t allow me to do so and said “No, go and get washed yourself and start your studies. It is already 9’0 clock. Play while you play and study while you study. Don’t mix up things. And remember you should keep up your first rank in your class. Otherwise I will not allow you to fuck me. If your studies are well we can do it once every week. Anyhow till they come back from Guruvayoor we can play during nights, again provided, you have completed your studies well during day”. Calmly I proceeded to do my morning chores
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