Lucy Hale nude Fakes

I have had a few peeps ask about us posting some nude pictures of pretty dark haired actress Lucy Hale. Who am I to say no and she is a major cutie don�t you think? If you know her face but can�t place her she has had roles in Privileged, Scream 4 and the TV series Pretty Little Liars.
Obviously none of us have been lucky enough to see this little sweetie naked for real, (or maybe there is one lucky bastard out there who has!) but I imagine she would be fine as hell. These faked nudes are pretty much spot on to how I think she might look sans clothes.Would you like to see more? You can see over 250,000 celebrity fakes at Celeb Defamer by becoming a member of their site. You will then be able to see all your favorite female celebs nude and x-rated.

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